Nikon D7000 kit – what’s in the box *updated*

Several readers were able to buy the D7000 from Best Buy today. Many stores will get in trouble for not keeping their sells embargo (October 17th). I could not even see the camera in my local Best Buy and they had several in stock. I even talked to the manager and they told me to come back on Sunday.

Here are several unboxing pictures for those who did not get one today (thanks Larry N. and many others who sent in pictures):

More after the jump:

Unboxing videos:

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  • George


    • John Doe

      Techno fetishism .. the camera aint sacred it’s a tool. what is it with you ppl.

      • Jason Hammond

        There is an art to science just as there is a science to art. The endless cycle will never be broken.

      • Dan

        Agreed…seems a little excessive. I was pretty excited when I got mine last night and today I played with it a little, only to realize hey, this damn thing hasn’t made my pics look any nicer (oh..except in low light situations :D). One poster mentioned you’d get a much better ROI spending $$$ on quality classes rather than on expensive gear. Once you’ve got the technique THEN go splurge on quality.

    • just posted an unboxing video of my new D7000

  • drumbo

    great stuff!

  • I feel a drift from excitement toward obsession happening…. [refresh-refresh-refresh]


  • Blake E

    Best Buy in Raleigh will get in trouble too. Just got 1 of the 4 there. Use the coupon from the other thread, it works right off your phone. Hustling home to play and cancel my pre-order.

    • Neal

      Where did you find this coupon? Can you post a link on reply. Thanks

  • Funduro

    I’m 🙁 but that guy is 🙂 in a big way.

  • Jacobo SC

    Please someone tell me about the focus speed with af or af-d lenses. And make a iso comparisson betewwn D700 and D7000. I’m diyng to know about those two things, and now some people may be able to do it!!


    • hah

      why are you dying? the D700 will wipe the floor with the D7000. they are not even close.

      The more interesting comparison is D90 vs it’s successor, D7000. and before you say the D7000 isn’t the D90 replacement consider the D90 is only on remaining stock sale AND that the D7000 cost the same as the D90 adjusted for the new yen exchange rate. read all about here


      • Jacobo SC

        “the D700 will wipe the floor with the D7000. they are not even close.”

        As i haven’t seen direct comparisson I can’t be sure about that, so im keen to know about the rumor of these cameras being close competitors in the iso area, plus i want to know the af speed against d700/d300s to see how alike are the guts of these cameras in terms of the torq deliverd by the buil in af motor.

        I like the D700 mainly for the possibility of the wider angle with less distortion, for arquitecture where you use a tripod most of the time the 24mm PC-e is realy 24 not 36 and then ode to the tripod iso is not that important, hand held and with moving objects things change.

        Other point in having a DX with iso alike the d700 would be really nice, it would be almost like having a 300mm 2.8 in your d700 just by using the 70-200 with the d7000 (almost, for breathing of the 70-200).

        I was thinking about a used D300 for the AF performance compared to the d90, so now i’m waiting to see if the AF is at least as good as the D300… If so -even leaving the iso aside- for me at least, the D700 will be a no brainer.


        • st r

          > it would be almost like having a 300mm 2.8 in your d700 just
          > by using the 70-200 with the d7000 (almost, for breathing
          > of the 70-200).

          Breathing is a forum problem, not a real-life problem.

          The 70-200mm is not a macro lens, so you don’t usually focus at the maximum focal AND the minimum focus distance at the same time.

          I don’t know anything of optics (or photography), so I am always amazed at how the complex compromises required to design a lens can be so optimally tuned to a specific purpose. The purpose of this les is not to focus close (it even has a switch to prevent this!)

        • ‘arquitecture’? Do you mean architecture?

      • D7000

        D700 is old, huge, heavy, but takes amazing pictures. No need to compare D7000 with d90 or d300s, we know the answer. Compare it with D700. I would love to shoot beside an old man using D700…i’ll take the sexy D7000:-)

        • …this “old man” will still have 2 more fps. ; )

          However, if it compares well, I’ll still pick one up.

          Remember, however, that such high pixel density will make you critical of your lenses. Unless you planned ahead with some nice primes. Like I did! : D

          • D7000

            …with more than 2 fps, the old man will be even bigger:-) I love the D700 but i want a young and sexy body with a beauty better that D300S sensor:-)

      • Mandrake

        Maybe if you don’t care about video. Plus the D7000 is newer tech.

    • Marvin Gardens

      I don’t have a D-300 to compare it to, but I would characterize the focus speed a touch quicker than the D-90. Testing based on 70-200 VR and 18-200 VR both at 200mm, starting with focus at infinity. Focusing on an object about 10 feet away. The D7000 was a bit quicker, but only slightly.

  • fordstr

    Went to 1 of the Best Buys in Birmingham, AL. They have several in stock (you can see them in the cage) but told me to come back on Sunday :(.


    • enesunkie

      There is a lot of lusting going on here!

    • panfruit

      Oh, d7k you sexy beast you.

  • alvix

    ok, and what about NX 2.2.5 ? will it open the D7000′ NEF ? …

    • Dan


  • Sexy…

    I said it outload when I saw the pictures, then noticed the first comment…


  • It’s very impressive the low light performance in my opinion is far superior than I had previously imagined. Been playing with it all night. Threw one photo on my flickr at 800 ISO with my 35 mm 1.8 I didn’t want too many people knowing I had the D7k already.

  • Nicky

    There are some more high ISO sample pictures on dpreview that someone posted…

  • Nick

    Went to my local Best Buy, asked if they had one, they said let me check. He looked it up, went to the back, got it, then checked if there was a street date in the system, no street date, so rung it up and used the coupon. Just got home.

    • Moe


  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Good for those who got one already. I called several BestBuy store and was told that they had 2 or three in stocks and will not sell it to me until Sunday and that they are still in preparation.
    I began to suspect that:
    1. Other photographer got their new D7000 because of bestbuy employee random act of kindness.
    2. It’s a random act of dumbness on some of bestbuy employee.
    I guess they are not aware of the sells embargo policy.

    • Dan

      I think it’s more a factor of money talks 🙂

  • DespisedIcon

    I’m so jealous! Are they not carrying the Body Only version?

  • PR

    i just got mine from best buy milwaukee, wi. ISO performance is awesome.. i was comparing my d90 and d7000 side by side.. iso 320 (d90) = iso 800(d7000) at various lighting conditions, yet to test more but bit disappointed with buffer size. it can only hold for 10 CL shot in raw mode.18 in fine jpeg. it takes about 8-10 seconds to write all 10 shots to class 10 sandisk card

    overall very good but does not have the prof touch to it.. sure we need d400

  • Zombs

    I work @ Best Buy myself, and our store doesnt even have them yet… i had a customer call asking for one, and another actually come in looking… a really attractive female, architecture student btw! (that was just a side note, sorry, lol.) I guess some got lucky and got some in, however, they probably will get in trouble for selling them early! we have since that say DO NOT SELL UNTIL XXXX DATE! anyways, grats to anyone who got one already, ive been itching to play with one!

  • So jealous… I’ll just wait for my body pre-order though 🙁

    • Zombs

      shouldnt be that much longer honestly…

      • Patrick


  • Rob

    Now we know why “Hitler” was so pissed off . . .

  • hah

    did the canon 60D took a tumble in price yet?

  • Don

    Got it at the Best Buy in Manhattan (NoHo). Called them and they held it for me until I could get there. Messy rainy night in NYC, but it was worth it!! Thanks for all the tips and heads up!

    • smh410

      wow they suck, i called them and they told me they didn’t have. and i went to the one in rego park, and their systems say they had 3 left. seems like the ones in the city got them first, and the one in queens and brooklyn and LI will get them tomorrow or saturday.

  • Alex

    I don’t think I’m breathing anymore

  • SGN

    Another request for the lucky souls who have it for a focus speed comparison with AF-D lenses 🙂
    Pretty please with sugar on top 🙂 🙂

    We hope to get D7000 with the 80 400, if focus speed is too ad, will have to go to D300S … 🙁

    • SGN

      I mean “too bad”, sorry

  • goose

    oh lord my d200 just got raped with this. but still waiting for full review/comparison.

    • Agreed.
      Theres less noise at 3200-6400 on the D7000 than there is on the D200 at ISO400…
      Well, I’m off to cry myself to sleep.

  • Zerocool

    Got mine from the Best Buy in my town tonight… Feels sooo nice! Thanks BB, youre supa nice! Amazon order cancelled, someone just moved up in their delivery date, so good karma all around! Ran into another guy behind me picking up another one. Store only had 4 to start with. Looks like theyre trickling in initially!

    Get em while theyre HOT

  • Zerocool

    Thanks alot to NikonRumors and the DPReviews Forums, if it wasnt for a chance stumbling on their post, I wouldnt have known my local Best Buy had a few.

  • I upgraded my Final Cut Studio and Aperture, and got the new 85 1.4.
    I am pacing the floor waiting for my order from B&H to say SHIPPED.

    • kithic

      Seriously! I keep checking my BH order.. lol.

  • frustrated strobist

    I am just wondering until now I cant find any unboxing video on D7000. I hope I could see one soon.

  • smh410

    Geeze got to wait till tomorrow to check the BB @ NoHO to see if they have one for me… I knew I should have checked them out after work, I mean I freaking work accross the street!

  • Dear lord this camera is amazing. The low light is as good as, or better than the 5D Mark 2. I’ll post the raw file ASAP. Also gotta love full metering with Series E glass !

  • ahughjass

    Wow- some of you need a date!

  • chuck

    Sacred mother of jesus the ISO performance!

    • D Garage

      any coupons that you can use at best buy?

  • Seshan

    Ugg, I don’t like how the stores are only getting a couple at a time. It doesn’t look good for my pre order with henrys. I hope it’s not like the iPhone, I still can’t get one of those.

    • You can be this product to work when held normally ; D

      • Ronan


  • D Garage

    for those that bought theirs from best buy already did they have any Body only versions?

  • rezonate

    Just received a notice from Amazon that I needed to approve a delay in my D7000 pre-order. I ordered within a couple of minutes of the link going live on September 14th. I pre-ordered the body only. The delayed shipment date is now November 13th. uugghh.

    • thinkthis

      That email is autogenerated because it has been a month since you ordered.

      Nothing to worry about.

      • rezonate

        Thank you for that – I needed some encouragement after reading the message they sent 🙂

  • Brent Schmidt

    At the store in Wichita Falls, TX they only had three (3) kits only…. no body only’s. I was the first to get one, with what seemed like an associate getting one of the others. I used the 12% off to get the price down to $1380ish after taxes, which saved us about 200 over Amazon with one day shipping.

  • Brent Schmidt

    Here’s another unboxing….

  • Zerocool

    Orlando Best Buy had 4 with kit, no body only… They checked for the Premier Silver on the coupon… Cest las vie, worth every penny! My 5 year plan in effect!

  • PhotoGradStudent

    I just got my D7K at Best Buy. My friend also picked one up. Actually I picked mine up cause of the envy of seeing him with one. Screw the D700 replacement, I am enjoying this now! Now to sell that D90 lol

  • BPR

    Those photos on Flickr posted by Workodactyl are beyond extraordinary. Those easily match a full frame sensor. Now, when I say this next thing, I’m certainly not calling Workodactyl’s integrity into question, but is it possible to “fake” the EXIF info??? I mean, that’s how incredible those high ISO pics are! I thought it wasn’t supposed to be possible for a crop frame to pull that off! But also, why shoot the photos at 4MP? I’d still like to see 100% at the full size.

    • Dreuben

      Holy f**k, had not seen that… if they’re real, canon is going to be so pissed… And I don’t even want to know what the D800 will be like…

  • Dan

    Well, when I saw this post I decided to call my local BB and sure enough, they had’em. So I promptly went and got me one. Would have preferred to not have to buy the kit lense (I have my own set of quality glass already) but needed the camera for my upcoming trip to Asia. Ultimately I would have preferred to wait for the D700 replacement but oh well. I’ll sell this one once it comes out.

    First impressions:

    – PS CS5 doesn’t recognize D7000 NEF out of the box. Need to figure this one out.
    – I had the D200 and the D7000 doesn’t have the same tank feel to it (lighter, shutter sounds “cheap” (ie lighter components I guess) when activated.
    – the 5fps is kinda iffy. It’ll shoot 4 then start slowing down pretty quick. Maybe cuz I was shooting raw, don’t know.
    – My MBP is too slow when reading HD files (has nothing to do with camera, just another reminder that Moore’s law is alive and well)
    – Anybody want a 18-105 VR kit lense? 😛

    • Tammy Dinsmore

      I would love the kit lens. I plan on getting the D7000 for Christmas. I am in Maryland. How much are you asking?

  • The Wayne

    I’m First?

  • Shivaswrath

    Good consumer body….excellent d90 replacement for sure….

  • Blake E

    If any are interested, here are some more high ISO examples that I played around with tonight. All of these were handheld from 1600 – 6400 ISO

    • Dreuben

      Holy sh*t that’s gorgeous… I really like that grain… This is the camera I’ve been waiting for… Thank you…

    • Dreuben

      BTW, they should call you Steady Hands Blake…

  • kithic

    Can someone take/show some high iso portraits (shoulders and up preferably) with their 50mm??

  • Yankees Suck

    If your Best Buy won’t sell you one you should go back and argue politely. There isn’t a street date with cameras. The in stock date coincides with the date when the product processing employees are supposed to put on display the new arriving cameras. It’s basically an internal administration date that tells employees when to do major tasks in a department. There are street dates on CDs, DVDs and games to deter pirating. Obviously this doesn’t apply to cameras. If it did apply the boxes they arrived in would have a clear date when they can be sold. They didn’t. Talk to a manager and explain this to them. You should be able to buy one.

    We received three today. Put one on display and sold the other two within an hour.

  • Ben

    Just wanted to say that I picked up a D7000 today at Best Buy as well. Thanks to the comments here at this site! An extra thanks to whomever suggested the 10% off coupon from the “moving pack” at the post office… although I did not even use it thanks to whomever linked the 12% off coupon at DPReview.

    • Tammy Dinsmore

      Where is the link for the coupon at DPReview?

  • Chong Pak

    Strange that some Best Buys are so rigid… I was able to call and get one from my local BB (Costa Mesa, CA). The salesperson I spoke with mentioned that there were no explicit release date on the computer, so they were allowed to sell the camera today. This was even after I mentioned that the 17th was the release date on the internet.

    I guess I lucked out.

    • Jeff

      I got mine a few minutes ago with no problem…didn’t want the kit, but like the 18mo with zero interest option at BB.

  • Tyson

    Can anyone confirm that the kit lens is the exact one included that came with the D90? I know it is the same focal length, but has it been revised or improved?

    Many thanks to whoever answers.

    • Walicek

      It’s, AFAIK, exactly the same lens, inch by inch

  • Comment Leaver

    I think I will use my new D7000 to record an unboxing video of my new D7000.

    Wait… does that work…

    • john

      I believe you will be rich enough to make it happen

      Just buy 2 D7000 and i will work

    • Dreuben

      it could be funny, start recording, put it in the box facing upwards, close the box, put a mirror on top of the box, open the box, and voila!

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