Nikon D7000 availability update

Update: a reader who placed an order for a Nikon D7000 kit on Amazon on October 7th, got an estimated delivery time of November 22-26, 2010:

"We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on October 07 2010 (Order#xxx): Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Nikkor Lens

Estimated arrival date: November 22 2010 - November 26 2010"

Amazon US probably sold out their first Nikon D7000 shipment in pre-orders. Currently, Amazon US lists Novemeber 15ht as the release date for the Nikon D7000 kit:

The rumor is that all major chains in the US got their initial D7000 shipment and could start filling pre-orders as early as October 15th.

BestBuy Canada will get their first shipment on November 3rd according to their website ("scheduled to arrive in our warehouse on 11/03/2010"):

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  • Shawn

    It’s funny, people putting so much stock in the “expected delviery dates” that are entered into the provideer e-commerce systems… these dates are simply approximate “placeholders” for the most part… I wouldn’t necessarily trust them very much to mean anything or provide exact information…

    • Mandrake

      Problem is there is not much else to go on.

  • Hojo

    I just spoke to an Adorama CSR about my D7000 “Body only” order I made Sept 16th. She stated they will be notified by Nikon when their initial inventory order has been shipped and on the way to their warehouse. They will then email customers that their order will be shipped, generally the week after the initial notification. The information was the same for the D7000 + Kit lens. To her knowledge, both were expected to be delivered at the same time. She said the word “back ordered” and “pre-order” are used interchangeably.

    She was not able to identify how many orders were placed before mine was, but felt confident I would be in the initial group as they had 50 “Body only” units on order for their initial batch.

    • Brent

      ONLY 50???

    • Nicky

      That is all? 50? Dang… I pre ordered from Adorama on Sept. 25th. Now I will probably have to wait forever to get mine.

  • I asked a french website (the one that had the cheapest price for the body only: redcoon) and they told me they wouldn’t be able to ship before end of december!!!

  • Philippe

    Nikon just asked me if I could hold on 100 Nikon D7000 body’s, they are lying in my basement right now.

    They are delaying everything so they can tease the people on Nikonrumors.

    • Phlake Off

      If you are going to waste everyone’s time with jokes of such low quality, could you at least learn enough English to have them make sense? Thanks

      • Philippe

        No, I will not

  • Don

    I ordered the body only D7000 a few minutes after the link became active on September 14th. I contacted Amazon today, and got the same old canned response everyone else is getting. I need the camera for a honeymoon on the 24th of October, so I was getting anxious. So I went to the Bust Buy website and they showed a preorder available for a 10/17 ship date. So I preordered the D7000 plus 18-105mm kit for $1499 plus express shipping. The funny thing is that I just spoke with a representative of Best Buy who confirmed my credit card order, and said that it would ship tomorrow the 14th with a delivery date of the 15th!!
    I will keep you posted, because this does not make sense with what I have been reading everywhere else online. I find it hard to believe, but I will post as soon as I can confirm everything. Good luck to all of us!

    • Dreuben

      PLEASE DO!!!!!

      • kai

        +1 I was told the requested shipping date was Oct 14 when I upgraded to express shipping (a week ago), but yesterday when I spoke to a different Best Buy rep she said in general preorders ship the day before the release date. I’m crossing my fingers mine ships tomorrow too, but wouldn’t count on it.

  • Brent

    BestBuy is only offering Kit sales at this point.

  • NRC

    Wow, this shipping delay really upset Hitler:

    • JackTenSpades

      That video is really funny, especially the part about Micro 4/3rds being for children.

    • I am in tears after watching this twice. Brilliant, and just what I needed to take some of the edge off.

    • hornagain


    • Nicky

      LMAO… That is hilarious

    • Funduro

      OH no NOT the Sony Alpha!! LOL

    • enesunkie

      If I wanted to f@#n buy a camera in Canada, I would have invaded Canada! ROFLMAOWTIME ! 🙂

    • human tripod

      OMG that’s f*****g genius! Good stuff first thing in the morning. Thanks to whoever took the time to put that together.

  • Akira

    I just ordered a body, not realizing that the kits ship first… feeling pretty bummed about that decision.

    • Beno

      I wouldn’t be so sure… I’m still holding out hope that the body will ship first, that the delay on the kits is due to a lens shortage. With a ground breaking body like this I would expect Nikon would have anticipated the demand… Their first full-HD video DSLR (I’ve been waiting since 2007 for this) and 6400 native ISO just to mention two key features. No update this morning yet on (US), but I expect by tomorrow we should know much more…

      • ƒalco

        Lens shortage? Where did you hear that from? I’m skeptical b/c it’s the same stock lens that is in the D90. There is nothing complicated about the glass in the 18-105 and it’s not a “new” lens.

        Based on history, either the kit will ship ahead of the body, or the kit and body will ship simultaneously. The body will not ship ahead of the kit.

  • Kutschman

    Hey guys, I got the individual information yesterday that will ship my baby in the first week of november. Another three week to wait… I pre-ordered a kit on 9/16 at amazon germany.

  • Jim

    Anyone got any emails confirming shipments? Thinking about a covert Best Buy visit…

  • NS
    • lightsaver

      They’re tired of pre-order people bugging their customer service reps asking for a delivery date.

    • That would tend to indicate that it HAS been released, but isn’t in stock.

  • lightsaver

    Amazon US says body is in stock!

    • lightsaver

      Sorry that was D700 🙁

  • dlp

    After emailing a whole bunch of stores, here’s what I’ve found out:

    Adorama, Buydig and BHphoto have already sold all their body only cameras from the 1st batch they will receive. Any orders placed with them now will only be shipped in mid november. I am still waiting to hear from ritzcamera.

    I was able to get on a list for a 1st batch at a local store, as someone suggested above. IF they get the amount they ordered I’ll get my camera before the month is out.

  • I’ve decided I can wait an extra few weeks and obtain through the Internet instead of buying locally and paying about $150 additional in sales tax.

  • What happen with amazon guys?
    Kit is not avalaible now… bad news???

  • Greg

    It’s all great – now I can order a slightly used D90 for about $600 and have a last laugh 🙂

  • Got Mine!

    When I saw that some Best Buy’s actually had this camera I took a chance and called my local Best Buy store in Leesburg, VA and sure enough they had them. They got around 3 and reserved one for me. I ran up an now am in possesion of my own D7000. Will the battery ever finish charging? :). It looks pretty sweet everyone.

  • NRC

    I finally got my email from Amazon regarding my body only order. I think Darth Vader knows how I feel:

  • Artalex

    I pre-ordered on Sept. 18th. I sent Amazon a cranky letter yesterday after I received a “We don’t know when you’ll be getting your order” letter.

    They wrote back promptly saying they still have no idea when they’ll get it in stock. They gave no indication of whether they shipped what they ‘d received or if they haven’t received any at all. They were very apologetic and although they never pointed a finger at Nikon, it was clear they are at the mercy of the manufacturer and were not getting any information they are able to share.

    I’m not sure how it is Best Buy is getting shipments and Amazon, which I’d think moves more product, isn’t. Although I’ll check with a couple local stores, I’ll just let my Amazon order sit, tell myself I’ll get it in January, and be happy if it arrives sooner. I have a D5000 which I enjoy (love the flip out display), so it’s not like I’m suffering. As I recall, when the Nikon 18-200mm lens came out it took almost three months to get one.

  • Tom Fleeman

    I ordered mine from B & H body only 10-07-10 still shows backordered have talked to them 4-5 times still no date. Do they really have there first shipment and shipping already???? I want my camera I bought a $1100.00 lens for my D3000 for a shoot I have coming up football game at night and it wouldn’t work on that camera so I bought D7000. I want it now!!

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