Nikon Q sign in Cologne? *busted*

Update: this rumor is busted, you can see the original picture here.

A reader just sent me this picture of a "Nikon Q" sign reportedly taken in Cologne Germany where Photokina 2010 is taking place. I am skeptical (red Nikon logo?). Has anyone seen something similar on the streets of Cologne or around Photokina?

Nikon Q in Cologne

click on image for larger view

Here is the error level analysis of this image for whatever is worth.

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  • lolcatmaster FTW

    It is a Nikon partnership with Quiznos :D!

    • Yum! Edible cameras.

      • LGO

        Edible delectable news! 🙂

        • dkat

          Is that all, a busted rumor? Nothing else? bummer.

    • LGO

      OK Nikon … let’s see what you have! 🙂

      • Banned

        Admin, it’s obviously a fake. Now you are going to receive tons of copycats from the first fake… People are just bored I think.

      • this says it all…! 🙂

      • Panda Jones


    • Mike

      REAL!!! That photo was taken through glass. Like bus or car glass. That Vodaphone reflection shouldn’t continue onto the frame of the advertisment, it shouldn’t reflect off of matte black. What you’re looking at is a reflection off of glass that the photographer is shooting through! That is why the bottom corner is blurier than the rest… the camera is not flush to said glass and therefor the glass being shot through is distorting the light more at the corner vs anywhere else in the image. Go try it. As for the Q symbol overlapping the fingers… that’s just a messy/rushed green screen edit.

  • samshootsall

    It’s Probably their new lens mount. Noticed how small it is!!? 🙂 Mirrorless camera on the way!! Yeah, Now I have to save $5000 to buy it! And Red should be the new Nikon color, they use it on all their DSLRs’ grip. Let’s cross our fungers and hope that Nikon will just blow everyone out of the water. Good luck and keep shooting away!!

  • jdsl

    and Canon will switch to yellow 🙂

  • brave new world

    that’s fun – no matter if it is a hoax or not!

  • Azmir

    hmmm, that’s a very small mount.

  • Discontinued

    The pic is fake.
    Not a bad one but have a look at the lower right corner of the display.
    As well suspicious: The amount of grainy looking noise in a picture that small.
    I often use a bit of grain (PS) myself (but much more subtle) when doing compositions.
    It really helps to make a composition to look like one native shot.

    • Suprchunk

      I looked at the lower right corner. What is it you think you are seeing, that you failed to mention to everyone else to backup your claim?

      • Discontinued

        Did you click for larger view of image?

        The rim of the display looks significantly softer, just as if the advert was placed there on top of the display and photoshopped to shape – with being a little unprecisely in that corner.

        • Rowen12

          I’d expected the linked forensic tool to be a bit cooler. It just brightened up the reds in the image…

        • nobody

          The lens is simply softer in the corner than it is in the centre. That is what you are seeing.

          • Discontinued

            Why is the brass corner I am talking of sharp elsewhere?
            Only the inner and curved border towards the white of the ad seems to be affected by the corner softness of that lens. Strange lens really.

            • Suprchunk

              Of course I clicked it. Do you pixel-peep this much on your photos?

              No one would spend that much time inserting the poster in the non-brass frame, adding drop shadows to the top right where they belong, adding a reflection of an actual establishment across the street, and another building spire, THEN forget about a soft edge. It is just that – soft edge.

              Why is the brass corner I am talking of sharp elsewhere?
              Not brass. And why is the top right area of bricks not as sharp as the rest of them? It is close to evening, ISO was bumped up, yadda yadda.

              Look, I’m not saying it is real. Just saying your logic for it being fake is failed.

            • Discontinued

              “Look, I’m not saying it is real. Just saying your logic for it being fake is failed.”

              How smart. Meaning I have failed as much anyway as you are right anyway.

              I like that kind of constructions. Now I am going to torture some witches …

            • Suprchunk

              Now that is just ridiculous. How is me saying that the one “flaw” you pointed out not being a reason to declare it fake akin to killing people based on religious FUD?

            • Ren Kockwell

              For what it’s worth, I work in Pshop every single day and the blurry edge in the lower right corner caught my eye as well. It doesn’t seem consistent with the sharpness of the content around it (frame). Convincing reflection at top left however. Shot at duskish so hard to tell. Never saw this forensic filter before. Not sure I understand the explanation for how it works. If it is a reliable tool, it would seem the picture is unadulterated.

              As for Nikon red, they’ve used it as the bumpout color below the shutter for years. Canon can’t own red. They can own ugly white lenses, but not red.

            • chrisq.

              everything about that lower right corner seems wrong. there’s almost no depth between the white and the molding i guess you would call it, and the angle of the corner appears different and it doesn’t look like barrel distortion.

            • ob1ne

              yeh, the lower right looks odd. bad PS job.

            • Suprchunk

              Still look odd now that the original looks EXACTLY the same? Bunch of forensic experts on here it seems. Yet you kept saying the same thing about the right corner that is exactly as it was from the camera. Awesome!

      • QZTRONIC

        The hand in the picture is from Apple’s iPod ad image. You can check the web
        It’s fake (fake in term of “this ad doesn’t really exist”). At the least, it has been digitally edited already for sure. ps.but still it doesn’t mean that the Q doesn’t exist.

        • Suprchunk

          I saw a similar but different picture for the iPod ad image. If you have a link to that particular image, it would be nice of you to back up your claim with it.

          • preston

            Suprchunk, it sounds like you REALLY want this ad to be real 🙂

            also, see above if you haven’t already – somebody posted the link to the original photo.

            • John Swan

              No kidding.

            • Suprchunk

              I really don’t care either way. But thanks for pointing out something hours after I posted. Way to show up late. I never said the image was real, was just countering the bogus claims. Which seemed to have panned out, hmmm.

    • Discontinued


      If I was NR-reader and would find something like this, I would do several shots from different angels to proof my finding. A single shot and looking relatively thoroughly composed, as if the photographer rather had the architecture in mind ? ? ?

      I say BS.

      • Suprchunk

        That would have been a horrible composition for architecture. At a horrible time in the evening. And who is to say that it is a NR reader?

        • Discontinued

          Of course it is not an “architecture” shot. It is a nerd shot that is neither architecture nor proof of the ad.

          Aren’t you stationed in germany? Just invade Cologne and see for yourself, if the ad can be found.

          ‘nough questioning sarge. I’m off now. See ya in Qologne.

          • Suprchunk

            I am.

  • Alain2x

    Where is Colonge ?

    • Discontinued

      It is Qologne actually.

      Just kidding. It is in the United States of Photokina near Paris. The USP is a former part of the Soviet Union and is nowadays regarded as a renegade country by Russia.

    • The invisible man

      “Cologne”, they are famous for the “eau de Cologne”, a perfume.

  • Pat

    Spelling mistake … “Cologne” and not “Colonge”

    • Roger

      Well, it’s Köln really, if you want to be accurate. 🙂

      • Pat

        Köln is in german, title of the post is in english. Please stop being picky… I don’t have the age to be in kindergarden.

  • Isn’t the “Q” from “Quiet” of the new D7000’s quiet mode?


      The D3s for one has the Q mode too. Same with the D300s I think… as well as some others. The D7000 isn’t the first to get it. So I’m pretty sure it’s not a reference to the D7000.

      • texasjoe

        I’ve never got this “Q” mode. To me it’s just a sham. I don’t think it’s makes that big of a difference. I have a d700 and I don’t thing it should have it’s own spot on the wheel. I guess if I worked for national geographic in the amazon shooting tiny bugs with a 200mm macro then it might make a difference…

        • Chris

          You think too much, just try it and then make up your mind.
          It does make a difference.

        • I have a D700 too, and sometimes I think it is a little bit noisy…
          But it’s just a too great cam’ for me to be bothered much more that this…
          We had some very nice prices here in Japan lately (180 000¥with 5years of warranty) I took the opportunity to upgrade from a D70s…
          And a week later, prices started to raise again… (213 000¥)

          About the picture it’s indeed weird on the finger…

  • Shasta_D

    Yumm, toasted Nikons

  • rg

    the Q cuts the top finger
    must be a fake or bad professional shot


      Exactly what I thought too.

    • Casey

      photokina should be lowercase as well, instead of Photokina.

      • nobody

        Not in German!

        • Gonads

          Actually, he’s right – all of the photokina branding I could find seems to have photokina in all lower-case letters, e.g.:

  • NikonFF&DxUser

    Q for 3 quarter of an inch diameter mount lens? Or possibly 4 Quarter or 1 inch. Look at the camera and try it yourself and measure it. Tiny camera mount for a tiny lens.
    I’m liking it already. This evil camera could be my spy camera.

    • NikonFF&DxUser

      I mean the picture of the mount, camera does not exist yet, so we thought.

    • Nikon’s “Four Thirds system” interpretation…?

  • YES !! the fullframe rangefinder is there 😉

  • Yeah! And there is black “McDonald’s” sign too…
    Is it mean that McDonald’s is finally going PRO…? 😀

  • Harry Couvert

    That is so fake!
    Those two men ar not even looking at the three women. Totally manufactured

  • ShadowDiver

    This is shot directly in the city of cologne where all the shops are. The streetname is ‘Schildergasse’ and it is directly in front of the big shop named “PEEK & CLOPPENBURG”.
    So maybe there is someone here from Cologne who just can have a look?

    Cheers, Chris

  • I’m also skeptical , why, Nikon in Red, not Yellow, also if you look at the “Q” it does not fit in between the finger and thumb, overlays the top finger.

    Keep up the great work


    • Gonads

      Yeah, I agree – the way it overlaps the top finger, with a white background in-between the top left/right Q parts, looks totally unprofessional. I’m not sure if they’d just leave it at “nikon – phokina 2010” at the bottom either, surely they could come up with a bit of teaser text if they were trying to build anticipation of a new product they were about to release. Then there’s the red text which doesn’t match the usual corporate branding. Nah, I’m not buying it.

      More cryptic clues? Yeah maybe – if you’re usually particularly paranoid and a bit of conspiracy theorist 😉

  • guy

    i live in cologne may be im gonna hava a look after my breakfast

  • It’s obviously a subliminal ad for Vodafone 😉

  • DX2FX

    Nikon has specifically chosen red for their new Q mount symbol, hence the red Nikon logo.

  • Valadice

    Engadget is also covering Photokina as well. While I don’t see a Nikon Q. But did find some of their pictures has a orange “I AM PHOTOKINA”. I think it changes color to yellow also.

    Why would Nikon change the color to orange/red?

  • Nikon Tandoori

    by the way, it not Cologne but Köln.

    • Suprchunk

      It’s both actually. And by the way it’s ‘it’s’ not ‘it’.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I told you already about Nikon Q but you wouldn’t listen … just wait for friday’s official announcement.

  • jdsl

    Nikon in red is not cool, but I like the girl in red 🙂

  • Friday i’ll be in Koeln and Saturday i’ll be at Photokina. I’ll be back with photos if i find Nikon advertisments of this type.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    The billboard has realistic reflections with the correct perspective.

    If it’s a fake it’s a well made fake….

    • Joe R.

      Except for the lower right corner, the cut off bottom of the index finder, the lack of perspective skew on the Q, and the different macro blocking of the ad itself vs the rest of the photo.

  • Kevin

    i say fake, for 2 reasons:

    the billboard is taken from angle, but the “Q”, “Nikon” and “Photokina” is not perspective-corrected to reflect that. i think the hand is from a real poster, since i don’t think the photoshopper is talented enough to come up with the creative on the billboard.

    also, unless nikon is coming out with a miniature spy camera, there’s no reason why they would choose to advertise their new camera with a female hand holding something so small. creatively it makes no sense.

    so my bet is that it’s for another unrelated product, but he photoshopped everything out except for the hand and inserted the sloppy Q, Nikon and Photokina.

    • Nikon Tandoori

      I say fake because of the overlapping, makes no sense.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    The reflection left to the “Q” is a Vodafone store.

    The only strange thing is that the “Q” is not fitting normally between the two fingers
    as the top end is overlapping a bit … why a designer would do like this ?

    • Nau

      it makes it look like an object, more 3D if u wish

      as far as poster goes it looks pretty convincing….

      • Ren Kockwell

        Bingo. If I were given this idea to execute, I would have the negative space invade the finger exactly as it does to give the illusion of space and weight. This is actually intelligent Photoshop work. IMO, this little detail is not a clue that this is a fake.

  • onodera

    Perhaps QX will be 1/4 (*q*uarter-size) of the full frame, like 4/3?

  • Nikon Tandoori

    Final proof it’s a FAKE :

    1 – load the image in PS
    2 – zoom on the “Q”
    3 – draw a line from left edge to right edge of the “Q” and see how it’s reached the opposite end in the exact same horizontal (or vertical, as you prefer) position….
    4 – you can also mirror half of the Q and see it’s a pixel perfect copy of the other side.

    If it was real there’s no way for the “Q” to have no perspective whatsover, not to mention the overlapping in the top finger that simply makes no sense from any designer’s viewpoint.

    • Suprchunk

      The billboard has realistic reflections with the correct perspective.

      Wow! That was said by you less than an hour ago. No there is no perspective???

      Make up your mind man. And tell us about Q, we can’t wait for Freitag.

      • Nikon Tandoori

        I was referring to the Vodafone reflection, not the “Q” logo.

        • Suprchunk

          If it’s a fake it’s a well made fake….

          You, same post. Were you also talking about the reflection?

  • woble
  • Gonads

    Here’s a shot someone posted of the actual poster-board:,6.73828&sspn=0.662014,0.487589&hq=PEEK+%26+CLOPPENBURG&hnear=Cologne,+North+Rhine-Westphalia,+Germany&t=h&layer=c&cbll=50.936404,6.952264&cbp=12,0,,0,5&photoid=po-5490204&ll=50.936419,6.95227&spn=0,0.00142&z=20

    Now, in the poster photo, there’s a large vodafone logo in the reflection. Question is – if the vodafone logo looks so big on the reflection, surely in reality the store should be right next to the poster, but there’s clearly a massive gap to the other side of the street in the above photo?

    Also, although it’s not definitive evidencem according to Google there is no Vodafone store on that street:,6.952972&sspn=0.004287,0.011362&split=1&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.3&hq=vodafone&hnear=&z=17


    • Stefano

      It could’ve been an adv on a bus or something else, it’s not necessarily the reflection from a store..

    • LOL

      Uploaded on October 23, 2007

  • Q is for quiet because with out a mirror or shutter the camera makes no noise.

    • The invisible man

      I heard you…

  • lowlander

    Mulder come back…all is forgiven!

  • zzddrr

    Again, congratulations to another company at this time Sigma.

    46 megapixel 24×16mm APS-C X3 Full-colour image sensor

    Where the fu*k is Nikon? Hello, Fuji and Sigma is stealing the show with real innovation?

    • Roger

      That’s not innovation, that’s marketing nonsense.

      • It’s not marketing nonsense. It’s innovation and experimentation called the Foveon sensor.

        Look it up.

        • Joe R.

          You forgot to divide by 3. It’s not a46MP camera. You do not get an image composed of 46 million pixels.

        • Roger

          Exactly, it’s a Foveon with all it’s unfortunate flaws. And calling it a 46mp sensor is exactly marketing nonsense.

    • Nikon Tandoori

      Relax man, just wait for friday’s nikon showdown … trust the Tandoori !

    • Nikon Tandoori

      By the way, they use a 15MP sensor with three layers that “combined” output 46MP and something … sounds very cheap to me .. even worse than P&S using interpolated 12MP looking like shit.

      The Sigma body looks junk by the way, a rip off of Sony Alpha i guess.

      I’ve never ever seen anyone with a Sigma dslr hanging on their neck, and i live in Asia where Sigma is very very popular being the cheapest option.

      • BornOptimist

        You are aware of how this is done on a bayer-sensor?
        A 12Mp sensor has 6 Mp green and 3 Mp red and 3 MP blue pixels.

    • alvix

      ah…what a nice FX @12Mp x3 = 36mp… fantastic Hi ISo and color fidelity –no bayer etc…!! I wish…

    • steve

      on dpreview it says that is a DX sensor….a 46 mega pixel DX sensor?!
      a wall might have better iso performance…

      • BornOptimist

        These pixels are stacked vertical, so each pixel has the same size as a 16 MP-pixel.

  • The vodafone reflection is shop frontage (its illuminated and it appears to be 3d). I believe there are no vodafone shops in that street, therefore its a fake.

  • Well, I see a lot of people have a lot of spare time to go about looking for it in a Google Map and so on. If it’s true, we’ll see soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Ren Kockwell

    The amount of grain could be explained by the fact that there is likely bleed-through because of the white. I do think it’s odd that the fingers are a ghostly white color when compared to the skin tones of the people walking. A company like Nikon would be very sensitive to vibrant and convincing skin tone especially when it’s such a prominent part of the ad. That combined with the apparent reflection discrepancy casts some doubt for me.

    My eyes went right to that lower right corner right away, so my gut still tells me there’s something awry here.

  • The invisible man

    I have been searching all night about that Q thing.
    Here is the answer:

    That’s the new 3 RGB sensor, it will give us;
    Quantity (pixels)
    Quality (color separation)
    Quick (speed processing by computing each channels independently).

    Well that was a nice dream, but who know ?
    People were dreaming about flying thousands years before the first flight !

    • Your dream last night was realised.. but in the teleportation.. it somehow ended in a Sigma body.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I just received another twitter from reps at the Photokina …

    IT’S OVER !!
    Nikon is NOT gonna announce anything at Photokina, they’ll just show off D7000 etc ….

    NO d300, d700,and d3 replacement will come out in 2010 !

    • Anonymous

      Well, as I said before, Nikon is not capable of producing its own sensors. I mean would you go the World’s largest photoshow without 1 ne Pro camera? In fact, this is going to be the first year for a long period of time that Nikon does not introduce a Pro camera. That is because sony has not finished the revision of its 24mp sensor.

      I think Nikon should and must discontinue the D3x. That is because it must be a mistake since 12mp should be more than enough.

      • Nikon Tandoori

        Many D3x owners are in fact complaining about excessive noise in their 24MP photos, same issue with the Sony Alpha sporting the same sensor.

    • Suprchunk

      Oh, but you told us to wait until Friday. You said that you told us about the Q already. You said you new what was coming Friday.

      Are you now saying you lied to us?

      And are you saying you are the only one able to get feeds from someone? ON TWITTER? haha lol.

  • Broxibear

    If you really want to you can watch live Photokina here:
    Photographer Joe McNally giving a generic talk on stage, it’s semi interesting…although at one point a rather attractive brunette appeared wearing sexy boots but she was just there to advise him on time left ?

    • Broxibear

      Apparently she was the PR lady from Giotto…they’re raffling Giotto equipment at their stand lol ?

  • Brian

    I just ran the image link through reverse image search and it came up with zero hits for all three categories: best match, most change and biggest image. Apparently this is the only copy of this image (or anything like it) in their database. Once again, can’t prove one way or another whether it is real.

    • C

      Oh thanks you prove it fake!

    • Anton

      The image:
      is definitely a fake!
      It was created in Photoshop from the image with the Q sign.

    • Broxibear

      Thanks Ro_Serpiente…can we put this “q” stuff to bed now…It’s not real !

    • BornOptimist

      Nooooo, it can’t be.
      This is also fake, because according to the pictures on google, there are no Vodafone shop there……
      Well the person who faked the Nikon pitcure, should have kept the colors from the original.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        I think the person who faked this used red because of the forensic photo test site NR admin uses, it says that the test gives false positive with red colors.

  • Theo

    Disappointing 🙁

  • niels

    it’s fake, if you look closer you can definitly see that it’s the work of Photoshop 😛
    And there also is a reflection from a vodafone shop. But it seems to me that the reflection is too big is such a wide street

    • Nikon Tandoori

      See i was right ?

      Reflection == real
      Q logo == fake,and gross !

  • Anonymous

    Where are the pro gears?

  • Nikon Tandoori

    More tweets coming in … there’s turmoil at the Nikon booth … there are rumours Nikon is flabbergasted by the 46MP Sigma dslr and some nikon and sigma execs are already drinking in a private booth to sign a last minute deal for … A BRAND NEW 46MP NIKON D4 !!!! ???

    • Nikon Tandoori

      Update : some nikon exec have been witnesses being drunk along with sigma execs … this can only mean one thing : DEAL DONE !!

      • Nikon Tandoori

        Unbelievable … i just received another twitter moments ago … a fight has started between nikons and sigma execs … there must be some problem going on … stay tuned !

        • Nikon officials are drinking, cheering loudly that D7000 is #1, D3000 is #3 and D3100 #5 at Amazon. 6/Top10. People here should take a break and go out, drink as well and shoot some images. There’s been enough already, lenses and cameras.

        • Nikon Tandoori

          Just got an SMS from a a trusted Nikon rep : the deal with Sigma is OVER.

          More rumours : The Tokina takeover by Nikons seems to be confirmed, Facebook is secretly launching a Facebook Phone and has deals with Foxconn for a FACEBOOK PAD in 2011 and get ready … some anonymous sources claim that FACEBOOK WILL SOON LAUNCH A DSLR MADE BY PENTAX !! (??)

          • zoetmb

            Keep your day job, because you definitely don’t have a career as a comedian.

            • Nikon Tandoori

              The Facebook phone is real, there was an article on TechCrunch yesterday.

            • jdsl

              Amen to that!

      • NikonFF&DxUser

        I think you been drinking with them. You sound so drunk and talked to0 much. Sigma? A BRAND NEW 46MP NIKON D4 !!!! ??? This is more fake than the Q logo poster.

    • Lolly

      Another wish list I see … keep them coming … maybe Nikon will notice some day.

  • Anonymous

    So where is the big f***ing surprise the asshole Nikon pres has been talking about?

  • The invisible man

    If nothing good show up today, I’ll get drunk tonight.

    • Anonymous

      @ The invisible man

      100% agree with you, I already got the booze

      • Nikon Tandoori

        Don’t rush.

        I can’t believe nothing new is really coming out from nikon and canon at photokina … they spent too much money for this kermesse to just come there empty handed … makes no sense ! Why then showing up the D7000 before Photokina ? Because they’ve something much bigger to show on friday and my reps keep telling me it will crush Canon once and for all.

        • Lola

          There’s nothing new from Nikon planned at Photokina, they won’t do the same as Fujifilm and announce a camera that’s not ready.
          Yo’ll need to wait until March 2011 at the earliest for the next Nikon.

          • Anonymous

            Well, many will say the F word to Nikon. This year I cancelled and stopped all my lens purchases because I no longer trust in Nikon. Nikon is just way too slow. So let’s see what others will come out.

            • Lola

              “I cancelled and stopped all my lens purchases because I no longer trust in Nikon”
              From my understand Nikon have been saying for months that there would be no new FX body this year, maybe you should trust what they say rather than rumours you’ve heard ?

            • Anonymous

              @ Lola,

              1) One can assume that after 2yrs Nikon would actually match the competition. Sorry I was wrong. Nikon is NOT capable of making an FX sensor beyond 12mp. If Nikon could make one we would have one.

              2) Remember the new Nikon president came out multiple times promising all kinds of things. Also, many Nikon execs were saying the same thing. It turns out Nikon has nothing.

              To sum up, Nikon cannot deliver. Simple as that. If you saw a high res. small FX made by Nikon please let us know.

              In the meantime, compare the resolution of the D7000 (final) at iso 100 with the D3s at iso 100. The D7000 provides visible more details. How pathetic is that? You can buy 4 D7000 cameras for the price of the mighty D3s and as a plus the D7000 has fairly useful video.

            • Char

              Of course Nikon is able to build a 24MP sensor into their cameras – look at the D3x.

              Besides, if you do not need the extra resolution, the D3s is by far a better camera for photogragraphy than the D7000 is. Pros who do not need more than 12MP (and there is lots and lots of them) can go for the D3s and be totally fine. If they need more, the D3x is also an option.

              To do the comparison D3s D7000 based on pixel count and video only is simply stupid. Nothing pathetic about this. When the D2h was out, noone cared and blamed Nikon for its low resolution. Either people did not now, or people just realized that it is a specialist camera, or, in my eyes most likely, Nikon did not yet have attracted so many idiots.

            • Char

              Sorry, I meant to say “did not know”.

        • The invisible man

          Here is my RGB 3 sensors Nikon DSLR……

          • Anonymous


            • CRB

              Hes already drunk…lol

        • Suprchunk

          Kermesse? Is this not in Germany any longer? Tool!

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