Nikon @ Photokina day 1

Four videos from Photokina (the first three are from the "I am Photokina" campaign):

Dpreview has a picture gallery from the Nikon booth at Photokina.

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  • Nice vids, some good insight. Haven’t heard much about new products yet though! Maybe, wishfully, another new DSLR with slightly more advanced functions?~
    Any sites where I can order the D7000 to Canada?

    • PHB

      You want even more announcements?

      Two new DSLRs and nine new lenses this year, including three completely new fast prime designs and two f/4 zooms not enough for you?

      I am very surprised not to hear the EVIL system pre-announced. But maybe Nikon don’t think they need to use Photokina for a communications campaign launch. The business of that type of trade show is talking to channels, signing up dealers, etc. It is really not about the specific products as far as the big wheels like Nikon are concerned.

      • Would you be opposed to more announcements? : P

      • another anonymous

        to PHB: we are all certainly very thankful to nikon especially for 3 primes updates, but there were still more long term awaited lens that we were glad to hear about.. basically 100-500 is hot topic for a long time hm, i`m very curious at it

      • jdsl

        you no longer want more announcements,
        yet you want announcement on the evilcamera.

        you’re contradicting yourself, bro :p

      • zzddrr

        PHB, the Pro gear was left in a limbo. I mean, do you think that it is acceptable not to address the need of those who actually have serious investments sitting in their bloody glasses? I am sorry but wish we could force somehow these companies to standardise the lens mounts. So it would easier for the consumer to switch brand. Believe me, we would have better products.

        Somebody wrote it on dpreview that it is very interesting that not one FX camera was announced this year by any of the manufacturers (sony, canon and nikon). What do you guys think of this? I find it a bit odd.

        • Gary

          I believe one reason for no new FX bodies this year is the worldwide economic environment. This is not the year to go introducing a lot of expensive new gear. It makes sense to appeal at lower price points.

          Next year will be FX heaven…but this year has been pretty good so far.

          • zzddrr

            Gary, I kind of disagree with you because when you look at the lenses Nikon and the others came out with, well they are not bargains for sure.

            • Dweeb

              I was using my old manual 28 2.8 yesterday. I sure wouldn’t replace it with a 2 grand lense to fatten Nikon’s pockets.

            • Gary

              That’s a good point, zzddrr, about the price points of the new lenses; not exactly cheap.

              But lenses have a much longer lifespan on the market, and thus the timing of a new release may not be so important to the overall sales. Plus the production numbers of these new lenses may be pretty low, whereas, I would bet that Nikon cranks out and sells a ton of D3100’s and D7000’s this holiday season.

            • zzddrr

              Gary, I agree with you Nikon will sell a bunch of those two cameras but I still cannot find any logical explanation for why none of these manufacturers came out with an FX camera this year.

              I think money and the economy are not necessarily the key. The way how I see it that you sell lots of lenses when you sell cameras. Maybe Nikon and the others think that it does not matter what type of camera but people will buy lenses. Honestly I have no better idea to explain this.

            • Anonymous

              Yes, Nikon’s new lenses are getting bigger both in shape & price.

            • ZZ, I think pros were attented to with so many new lenses. This is clearly the year of the lenses, Nikon has never released so many in a year, and the year is not out yet. Next year will be the pro camera year. D400, D4 and likely somethink updating D700.

          • Phillip

            Nikon’s aimed at rich enthusiasts market this year, that’s where the money is anyway.

            • another anonymous

              and madmen 😉 it took me 2 years of saving bucks into my piggybank for 70-200VRII and 24f1,4, but it’s on the way finally

          • cameramanben

            I work as a lighting cameraman and I’ve been holding off on the very tempting (from a video point of view) 5D for an updated D700. A great many production companies in corporates, TV, music videos and even movies ask about or have bought for themselves the Canon camera. There are two reasons – the shallow depth of field and the cost.

            To me the best part of £2000 for a still body is a heck of a lot but the cheapest video camera regularly used – at least in broadcast in the UK – is a Sony EX-1 at around £4000. Broadcast camcorders are mostly in the £20000-£50000 range for the body, with standard and wide angle HD zooms adding another £10000-£20000 each.

            From that standpoint a 35mm VDSLR as a working tool is a bargain, one that camera people can justify spending on, that production companies can look to to try to hold down costs in a tough economy while keeping up production values and that facility companies have had to go in to to supply demand.

            Maybe Nikon feel that this market has saturated on Canon for the time being but certainly anectdotally Canon has shifted plenty of 5Ds and 7Ds to colleagues of mine and to companies I rent from and work for.

            Come the end of October I intend to try out the D7000 and if it lives up to expectations buy one, but I dearly wish that it had one less ‘0’.

            • Heh

              I gotta make a point. The 5D has no video functions.

              The 5DII does.

            • Ren Kockwell

              GIANT +1.

          • If you ask me the reason why there hasn’t been a D700 replacement is that there’s not currently the sensor to go in it.It’s taken them quite a while to get demand met for the D3s but now that’s done hopefully they’ll release another FX body soon.

            • You know, that may be the sad, maddening truth. Maybe they can’t get video from the D3x sensor without major tweaking. That would be infuriating if true–screw video! I want the damn still cam! Why hold it up any longer for video?! I really hope that isn’t the case…

        • Twoomy

          Yes, very odd. Canon and Sony folks were expecting or at least hoping for new FX cameras as well. It’s as if they all formed a pact to put off new FX stuff for another year or so…

          • zzddrr

            I don’t know but it is very suspicious for me that 2010 is the year when the 3 was unable to produce an FX dslr.

            • aetas

              We dont often agree but I have to +1 that one. Granted the current economic is not the greatest but I do believe there are people wanting a replacement of a camera or two. If someone has the and the computer if nikon can keep high iso good why is it a bad thing to have more pixels. Tech needs to advance. I would like to see what nikon can do also.

            • Zoetmb

              It’s not suspicious at all. It’s that there haven’t been big strides in sensor technology this year, so they concentrated on the consumer market first, where, in spite of relatively low prices, that’s where the money is anyway.

            • jimmy

              It’s not surprising at all, the D3 isn’t due to be upgraded until next year, neither is the 5D mk ii. I don’t know enough about Sony to comment.

              It would have been unusual if Nikon or Canon had broken their release cycle.

              Hard to comment on the D700 as it is a bit of a precedent, but i can’t see it being updated before the flagship.

            • Nikon Tandoori

              No new FX lens and bodies for the simple reason they’re not making money on it.

              And frankly buyers have very good reasons to disdain FX because for the awful prices nikon is asking now it’s not worth the hassle.

              6000$ for a D3x is simply a scam ..

            • Canon may still release 1Ds4 later in the year, it’s even likely. Sony has been said to be dropping FF, not sure about that. Nikon is certainly on their 4 year cycle for pro lines, Thom has always talked about that, Nikonians have to adopt that as their cycle or go elsewhere.

              D700, in spite of all the talk, sells as much as 5DII these days. And D3s outsells 1D4. So, no hurry for Nikon, actually. Pros are happy, gearheads are just suffering from abstinence in the higher models.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Dude if Chase Jarvis shots with a freaking D3s in advertising that should give you a hint… :/ I have told you before that for you to brag the photos of your cat in DPreview you don´t need 24 megapixel cameras.

          Learn how to shoot and stop worrying about the megapixel count of your freaking camera.

          • Anonymous

            But what else can you expect from trolls? They can’t make good images, so they blame their equipment… you know the saying… bad workman always blames his tools. So very true in this case.

            • Charlie Martin

              I have to agree whole heartedly on this. I prefer to get it right when taking the photos rather than spend my time in front of the computer trying to fix the photo in PS/PSElements. It sounds like the majority of posters here want Nikon to do most of the work for them.

            • Nikon Tandoori

              Exactly and i had a similar discussion the other day with a friend of mine who’s spending tons of money on gear and keeps complaining about noise and bla bla bla when his photos are awful and he never sold a single one in his life … he probably wouldn’t be welcome even on Flickr i guess but he walks around with 10.000$ of gear on his neck and keeps trading back and forth old and new gear on eBay.
              Pathetic !

            • Ok, shoot: tell me my images suck. I have trouble finding negative feedback. And yes, I still want a higher mp cam, and don’t want to lay down $8k for it.

          • zzddrr

            I ate my cat. So please don’t ask me to take a picture of it (I mean what’s left.) The economy so bad 🙁

            • Ren Kockwell

              : )

            • Anonymous

              Can’t sell your photos so you ate your cat????? You really need D700 replacement to improve your shots, LOL!

            • zzddrr

              If Nikon does not do something really quickly then … have i told you guys that my dog just got puppies 🙁

            • preston


          • Victor Hassleblood

            @ localdisaster WTF,

            DUDE, if Chase or whatever celebrated photographer gets booked for a Nikon commercial and shoots a 12 MP Nikon in a Nikon commercial, do you really think 12 MP is all he ever touches ? ? ?

            Commercials like this are made to make people like you believe exactly this. And you are proofing just how well this works. Without a so called flagship (still resting at 12 MP) showing occasionally in the hands of a pro, Nikon could not sell any enthusiast teenage body. This is the exact reason, why higher res has shown up in cameras like D3100 (or D7000) first.

            “DUDE, my D3100 has even more RES than chase Jarvis’ camera, ain’t that cool. I could do just any job with it.”

            Dream on boy.

            Higher RES has its purpose and if not in need for high ISO (like sports-, wildlife-photographers and photojournalist) you can be sure of one thing: Many, many pros (and customers/publishers) are not satisfied with 12 MP.

            And you can be sure of one more thing: C. J. himself is not limited to 12 MP. You read by far too much into a commercial, boy. It probably makes you feel better with your D5000 or whatever you shoot.

            I am really sick and tired of this MP-debate. 12 is not doing it for many purposes. Believe it or not, I couldn’t care less.

            • Anonymous

              100% agree. That Chase dude anyway promotes whatever crap Nikon gives him. If Nikon had only 1 pixel cameras then our Jarvis friend would be all over it.

        • Banned

          Well, as a pro, tell me exactly what lens is missing that prevents you from making a living with photography. You have to admit it, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

          • Phillip

            +100. I constantly use my much older lenses without any issues. Who cares about 24 1.4?

          • Nikon Tandoori

            For the record i sold plenty of photos shot with a miserable nikon 18-200 VRII, an ugly 18-70 DX worth 200$, and believe it or not even a Sigma 18-55m barely worth 50 bucks !

            Here instead there’s people claiming if you don’t use at least the last super duper 5000$ lens then you’re amateur and bla bla bla.

            As they do with cigarettes they should do the same with cameras … putting a sticker saying that it’s bad for your health and if you can’t make good photos than go back to point&shoot instead of getting loans to buy the latest 10.000$ gizmo promising you wonders.

            I became a pro because starting with a crappy Canon Powershot and then later with a Nikon Cooopix i realized i had what it takes to make saleable images and only at that point i slashed some money for the cheapest entry level DSLR (at the time a D50), later upgraded to D90, and soon to be upgraded to D400 o D800 but without being in a rush as my photos are selling fine and i can’t see any urgency for more MP or higher ISO or a bigger body.

            I mean, there’s even people selling fine shooting with panasonic or canon P&S (G11, G12, Lumix, etc) .. how come most of you guys need to waste all this money to put photos on Flickr ?

            • hybris

              it think the guyes in the taliban will agree with you guyes!
              they rather have a goat than at car

              o` contraire i love development

              and i think if u guyes ask urselves why u hare here on nr.
              then the answer will be that u long for new equip otherwise u wont be here

      • hybris

        “You want even more announcements?

        Two new DSLRs and nine new lenses this year, including three completely new fast prime designs and two f/4 zooms not enough for you?

        well its not enough 4 me and not 4 u either since u long 4 the “evil

      • AlexV

        Not enought for us! Replacement for 80-400 VR and 300mm VR AFS f/4 should have been done already.

    • ukj
    • dkat

      Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous cooks by the way from the UK.

      • another anonymous

        and? do ate his cat?

      • Gonads

        Jamie Oliver is an irritating TV chef from the UK (where I live), who goes around campaigning for kids to eat healthier meals at school. I believe he’s just started doing a similar TV show campaign in the US too.

        Not sure how he ended up getting Nikon work – but apparently he embodies the type of person the d3100 was designed for. Idiots, then 🙂

        • Gonads

          And by this, I don’t mean anyone who buys a D3100 is an idiot, it’s a perfectly reasonable choice. I’m just questioning the logic of hiring a nutty TV chef to promote a DSLR camera 🙂

          I’m sure Jamie Oliver is in reality a perfectly nice person too, and very professional, at cooking.

          • He’s just fun to watch, who cares if his food is good. It looks good on TV, that’s all that matters these days. And he’s certainly rich. People are just envious, let him have his cake and eat his cat or shoot D3100.

            • alvix

              hey guys, this story of eating cats..chefs etc..reminds me of a wellknown italian chef/frontman of a famous tv show who got fired a couple of months ago.. for saying that in a city near mine here in italy people ate cats( dont know when maybe middle know) then he kept on saying ..” well the flavour is not bad either…” so the hi ranks of the TV (government) let him go…away..from tv scenes..he’s now reappeaerd in a much small tvshow..talking of special recipes ..(mmhh??) Its real I swear .. 🙂

            • zzddrr

              alvix, so what happened with the cats?

            • alvix


              this is the link, in fact I didnt remember exactly the terms..but now you may know better… 🙂

            • Mikils

              Alvix (Alvise?), this is pretty much off topics, anyway ”Vicentini magnagatti” (”people from Vicenza, all cat-eaters”) is just a popular nickname all over Italy. and no, this did not happened during Middle Ages; people did ate cats in Italy during famines, but they were made fun of because they used (maybe still do) to eat them as a delicacy. As to use a cook, a popular one, to advertise a camera sounds pretty clever to me; the guy is all over TV in UK and USA, has charities working around the world, a chain of restaurants in Asia.

            • alvix

              @Mikils, yes that’s correct , you’r right 😉

  • another anonymous

    am I 2nd here? that my best for now here 😉
    nice vids, but we’re awaiting lenses news hm

  • Jack

    I LOL @ Takayama’s welcome note. His eyes blink like crazy and said “We are so excited of our boobs…” Love his accent.

  • The invisible DSLR

    Very interresting, thank you for posting.

  • zzddrr

    Where the hell did they find this clown Takayama? Yeah, he looks to me “Deutsch” and he must have a deep knowledge of Europe. This a-hole did not even know when was the first Photokina. Very embarrasing.

    BTW, according to some sources engadget quoted, Sony captured in Europe 50% market share of the mirrorless segment. Good luck Nikon you are as always on time! With geniuses like this Takayama I can’t even wonder about why.

    Thank you Nikon for being behind two of your competitiors for over 3 yrs. Fantastic job.

    Guys, this company is clueless. Seriously, they come to the World’s biggest photo expo and they bring 3 years old pro gears. Yes, when you look at it even the D3s is basically 3 yrs old. I mean last year they enabled the nightvision function and that’s it. I mean how idiots these dudes are at Nikon that they bring out the cheapest DSLR which has higher resolution than the flagship. Huh? For havens sake, at least sony brought some mock up next generation dslrs but what did Nikon bring? Nikon brought us an executive who had no clue about how old Photokina is.

    This is just pure ignorance. I mean this tells me that Nikon does not give a shit about the customers. This explains why they have these excellent repair and warranty policies …. Oh, not to mention the “out of stock” issues. Sad, it is a sad day. Shame on you Nikon! Next time send an a-hole who at least knows when the first Photokina exhibition was held. I am sorry guys but this was slap in the face of the Photokina.

    Thank God this dude at least was not drunk!

    • another anonymous

      thank god that this 3 years old pro gear is still always valid pro gear yet.. how many companies can even dream about it? 😉 yes, it’s sad day for ppl waiting for new one, but thats not all you can do.. is it not better to go out and shoot something really worth than to seat sadly by your computer and produce this “really surprising” message? i think that nikon knows that

    • Anonymous

      You should really switch to Canon if Nikon gives you that much heartburn… or are you just a Canon mole trying to get some Nikon owners to switch?

      • zzddrr

        No, I am not a Canon mole Luke, I am your father!

        • ZZ, go and check how many cameras Sony is selling there. Then check about D7000. Nikon is selling more D7000 (no to say about D3000, D31000, D90, D5000) at Amazon than all these mirrorless Sonys and Pannys and Olys together. It’s laughable …

          • Anonymous

            Sony has over 50% market share in Europe in the mirrorless segment.

            • Anonymous

              read again, you did not understand the post of renato.

          • zzddrr

            rhlpetrus, how on earth can they sell the D7000 when it is not even available yet? Very suspicious! I have friend who already got it from some good sellers from Nigeria. Are you sure it is not the same source?

        • Anonymous


          when you cannot win an argument, start to cuss… good work kiddo. Your Nikon bashing is irritating but your right to express your opinions is fundamental. However, to cuss others is not.


          It would be great if you can delete zz’s post in which he cusses, maybe ban him if he has done this repeatedly.

          Thank you.

    • abo

      And to be honest, who cares?
      3 years old gear that works better than any new gear from any other manufactor… are we really in need of new stuff? absolutely. should we worry? neh… get a beer and relax, stop moaning…

      • There you go talking sense. Problem is, if he does that, it removes his whole reason for being.

    • An executive who doesn’t know when the first Photokina was, is Nikon not listening to their customers?

      I thought it was about how Nikon’s bodies, mechanics, and glass constantly out perform the competition and still amaze the world.

      Shrugs, maybe I have it wrong.

  • preston

    Isn’t it strange how our digital culture of NOW thinks that Nikon’s booth is boring this year (the general sense I get from comments to the previous photokina posts)? Aren’t they showing more brand new products than any other company!? People get the primes they’ve been begging for (85 and 35 1.4’s), a semipro upgrade that was given more pro photo features than anyone expected (I say photo because the ONLY gripe I’m hearing about it is the lack of 1080 30fps and 720 60fps, and yes – it not being FX is not a realistic gripe), a high level p&s that is finally worthy of being considered with other companies’ top compacts, and several other interesting lenses (primarily the 24-120 f4 for me). Does everyone really think Nikon isn’t doing anything just because they aren’t showing off a new EVIL or D900? As we experienced the whole first half of this year, sometimes it takes some time for the updates to come, but they’re usually worth it in the end.

    • zzddrr


      and at the same time Fuji just caught Nikon with its pants down. Seriously, it’s been years people are saying over here and in different forums how great a digital FM2 would be.

      In terms of the announcements, sorry but I cannot find them exciting however, I am happy for those who will buy the D7000. I am waiting for a small Pro grade FX dslr and what did we get? Nikon sends us a moron who does not even know how old Photokina is. I think that’s the big surprise everyone has been talking about. 🙂

      • preston

        Ok, fine, when you make realistic arguments I’ll respond 🙂

        As to Fuji catching Nikon with it’s pants down – not even slightly. People are waiting for Nikon’s EVIL (the IL part being stressed here). If it was a fixed prime lens design like Fuji’s (which I think is beautiful – much more refined looking than the M9) then there would be an outcry on the forums of “it’s a dx sensor and I can’t even use my dx lenses!! Dream on Nikon!”

        If the X100 was an interchangeable lens design then I would have to agree with you, but it’s not. This one feature – a fixed prime lens – effectively makes it a niche market camera, which Nikon doesn’t seem to be interested in right now.

        • zzddrr

          preston, this fix lens design made me think too. I have a feeling that Fuji did not want to commit to a specific mount. Maybe they are testing the waters. What do you think?

          OTOH, I am sure they had an interchangable lens version of this.

          • Denko

            The “Fujifilm Finepix-x100” is a fashion accessory get over it.

        • Richard

          It is a surprise that the x100 does not have an interchangeable lens. I wonder how long it will take Fuji to remedy that? It is an interesting camera otherwise. I wonder if Nikon has something along these lines up their sleeve? It is about time someone came up with something Leica sized at a price more people can afford.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Not sure I’d agree about the Fuji comment. The camera looks great but it’s months away from production. If you see that camera next summer I’ll be surprised. Nikon might just be looking to release and not pre-hype their mirrorless. Either that or they don’t have one!

        Jesus Christ, Tad. Get a bottle of Tear Eyes for shit’s sake. Blink more so you look like you’re A) lying or B) nervous and creepy. Take a public speaking course. Speaking of lying, where the hell is the big surprise Mr. Kimura? Do you know anything about setting and meeting customer expectation? Well, we still have a few months left in the year. But Jan 1, I’m coming for you.

      • Fuji’s X100? Are you kidding me? A fixed FL compact that’s supposed to sell for 1,000USD? They can join Leica and sell all of their 100 X1 and X100.

        • e6zion

          You must be rather new to photography…
          Back in the film days of yore (not that long ago), many of the camera manufacturers offered “elite compacts” for individuals who wanted premier quality in a small package.

          Nikon 28ti and 35ti
          Leica Minilux
          Contax T, T2, T3
          Minolta TC-1
          Ricoh AFM 35
          Fuji Klasse
          Konica Hexar AF (closest example to this camera)

          Many people LOVED these cameras, and were willing to pay a premium for them. The lenses (and in many cases metering) made their results indistinguishable from dslrs.

          To be honest, 1000 bucks is quite reasonable. I was guessing ~1300. It has a very complex viewfinder, appears to have a nice build quality, and a ridiculously designed lens OPTIMIZED for this sensor. If this lives up to the expectations, the results should be phenomenal.

          Now consider the nikon 35mm f2 AF (I have it). It’s a decent lens at best runs around $360. Add a D3100 for around $500, you are already at $860. You are already at $860 and you are looking through a subway tunnel–not to mention the sensor is not optimized for the lens, so the results will not be near as good. [Sorry but there is not 35mm equiv f2 for APS-C that is why the full frame was used–the cheaper 35mm f1.8 becomes a 50]

          I had the Leica minilux, a titanium brick of a camera. To this day some of the finest pictures I have were taken with that camera. Today the Konica Hexar’s are one of the only 35mm cameras to hold their value–because nothing like them existed in the digital world (until now).

          I for one am thrilled to finally have this option for a camera. And if you can’t shoot with a fixed focal length lens, perhaps you should give it a try.

        • e6zion

          My apologies, I see you started photography with a Leica M3 which you still use to this day… for the life of me I cannot understand why you don’t appreciate this camera, but oh well…

    • Twoomy

      I’m semi-excited about the D7000, but quite honestly, I’m waiting for that D700x/D900. I see all that good glass out there now: the 24-120 f/4, the 16-35 f/4 (despite its barreling), the new 85 and 24, that’s all great! Now I want a new FX camera to put it on! I’m not breaking down and buying the D700, I want the new camera. And until it arrives, I’m not shelling out thousands of dollars for FX glass.

      So I remain relatively happy with my D300 to D7000 upgrade and maybe next year Nikon will get more of my money if it ever releases a new low-profile FX camera.

      • Ren Kockwell

        So you’re going to wait until the camera is released and then just drop like $10K on a body and 4 lenses??!! Welcome to Nikon Rumors there, Rockefeller!

      • Nikon Tandoori

        I have a D90 and i can say that D7000 is a GREAT camera but honestly at the end of the day what’s gonna really change in my work if i upgrade ? I would do exactly the same photos are before, just in 16MP instead of 12, and maybe make some better pics here and there by night due to the higher ISO.

        Is it worth the hassle ? i say NO.
        Let’s wait for D800.

        • And, Tandoori, how exactly will D800 improve your photography, I’m serious now. Not a bit. If improving your photography is really relevant, concentrate on shooting and PPing skills. And shooting skills mean all aspects, from exposure to lighting choices to composition.

          Thom Hogan has posted many times about that: instead of upgrading gear, upgrade the photographer. Take classes, participate in workshops, talk and learn from otehr photogs.

          • Anonymous


          • Nikon Tandoori

            I’m slowly improving every day, don’t worry.

            But the more i photoshop the more i must agree with you that PS is becoming the most important factor in photography nowadays.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Let’s get this straight.

            It’s not about just upgrading your photography anymore, it’s about acquiring the ability to do video. Why would I buy a stop-gap just to lose money on it when I have to trade it in when they finally release the D700? And let’s stop saying “camcorders are for video.” If you’ve ever seen good low DOF video, it rivals video equipment that costs tens of thousands. Every moron on here trying to shout people down with “Just buy a D700, it’s better than you are,” doesn’t seem to understand how DSLRs have lowered the barrier to entry in the professional video market. So for $2500 or so, I can get a kick-ass full-frame camera AND a savvy, sleek video camera which separately would have cost me upwards of $15K. The D700 is a phenomenal camera, but why would I be stupid enough to buy one now when I know a video-capable replacement is underway?

            What the hell is there to possibly not understand about this?

            • Anonymous


              These people think they know much better what I need. Very arrogant behaviour.

  • preston

    I’d bet that if nobody responded to zzddrr’s provocations then he/she would eventually stop posting nonsense. He/she just likes the attention. I, for one, used to get upset (in the same way I got upset listening to Sarah Palin trying to debate) but now I realize it’s just a gig for him/her.

    • zzddrr


      Sarah Palin, I think she and this Takayama would be a great couple. We can be certain that both of them has no clue about how old the Photokina exhibition is. 🙂

      • Hamuga

        I agree, the high of understanding something is to know how old it is.

        I was in the grocery store the other day and they denied me my purchase because I could not tell them what year they opened their store.

        It’s serious business out there!

      • preston

        I’ve got to say that his lack of knowledge in this case doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because it has nothing to do with his ability to do his job. Palin’s lack of knowledge about how American government works is a completely different story.

        • zzddrr

          Let’s avoid politics here for a sec.

          Now, try to imagine that your little boy has his birthday party, you prepare so you buy gifts and his birthday cake and then you have no clue about his age. Nothing wrong with that but it could be rude. Now, this Japanese a-hole comes to Europe and displays his ignorance and stupidity. That is because 1) it is ignorance not doing the homework and learning a little bit about the history of this expo and, 2) he is stupid because he could have avoided by saying something else.

          But what he did in an interview was nothing else just clear display of having no clue about it. This dude failed miserable in this interview and it is an embarressment for Nikon.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Agreed. It’s not a public speaking crime to not know how old Photokina is. It’s a crime when you begin to craft a sentence during an interview and you don’t know how to finish it because you willfully built a sentence that needs content you don’t have. As a bonus, you also built a sentence that makes you sound ignorant of the event’s history and you came off overall as not too terribly bright. Don’t these guys receive media training? Do you just have to wear a black suit and a fruity tie to get a Nikon exec job? This isn’t 60 Minutes, it’s a friggin’ cush interview where you can guide the content! Take some tips from Chase Jarvis for shit’s sake.

            • zzddrr


            • You know, execs often come to a company because of their knowledge of business. They can pop in from any unrelated field as long as they know how to run good internal/external programmes. I doubt that nikon are any different; their execs come in from anywhere and are hardly camera or photo professionals or even hobbyists.

              They can make announcements, but id never trust them to know anything at all about the real nitty gritty of their jobs.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Fair enough shigzeo, but attending a conference and volunteering to do an interview you’re woefully unprepared for are two different things. Especially when your name is Blinky McBlinksAllDay.

    • another anonymous

      hehe too late, but i think he/she will even though go out and shoot no matter he/she doesn’t have top new exciting D700 successor, the same many of us are also waiting for……..

    • Twoomy

      You know people, zzddrr is just stirring the pot and yanking your chains, but there is some validity to his point of view. There’s more than one person out there waiting for a D700 replacement and despite Nikon releasing great new DX cameras and prime lenses, we just aren’t going to be too happy until we have the body to start with.

      I’m not excited about any of these lenses until I can get excited about the FX body that I’m going to put them on.

      • zzddrr

        Thanks Twoomy, you very nice summarized it.

      • No, there isn’t a point, all of his (ZZ’s) points are ridiculous. I don’t blame anyone wanting more pixels, no problem with that. But if you are telling me you are prevented to do your job or have fun because of that, forget it, the problem is you. KKKs os pros are happy with their D3s and D3x and D700 (and D300s, btw). Millions of amateurs are enjoying the rest of the lineup. Same from Canon, Oly, whatever, all dslrs out there are more than able to translate your photographic skills into something good, artistically or professionally. The problem is when the skills are not there…

        • Anonymous

          we all know that Renato. I hope you did not mean Ku Klux Klan with the KKKs because that would be really not welcomed over here.

        • zzddrr

          rhlpetrus, then go back and read it again. I am sorry I do not have time right now to explain my point again because I am kind of in the hurry. My favourite show is coming with Jamie Oliver and he’ll show how to cook the cats. As a bonus, I just learned that the whole show was shoot with Nikon cameras. Exciting, yamm

  • Gary

    I believe, in spite of the naysayers, that Nikon has already given us a great year in terms of new products.

    As to the pro gear…well, true pro’s are doing what they always do: using the current gear to turn out great shots. It’s amazing how you don’t hear any big name pro’s whining or complaining about the lack of a new body being introduced. On the contrary, they know they already have a lot to work with, and their passion is photography, not just always acquiring new gear.

    Also, pro’s get the benefit this year of all of those great new pro lenses released by Nikon.

    Look at Chase Jarvis, he seems quite happy with what he has, and notice, how he puts priority on the glass over the body. This is the way pro’s think.

    As to amateurs and serious hobbyists who buy pro equipment; again, their passion is photography, not just getting new gear all the time. They are out there enjoying taking yet more photos.

    • preston

      I agree. Thank you for putting it clearer than I could 🙂

    • gonzalo

      Gary, you’re SO right!

    • For the first time, I have read a good comment on this Forum, You said it Gary : )

      • zzddrr

        Canon Fanboism,

        Why don’t you try to read it backwards, it is even better.

    • Anonymous

      common guys, understand zzddrr & others. He can’t sell his photos thus always crying for the D700 replacement.

    • StickingZoom

      “Look at Chase Jarvis, he seems quite happy with what he has, and notice, how he puts priority on the glass over the body. This is the way pro’s think.”

      That is exactly what doesn’t fly for an enthusiast amateur. The focal lengths of good prime glass makes most sense with FF. But there is no cheap FF body. The D700, A-850 or the 5d are the “cheapest” FF.

      Cheap body and expensive/good glass was an option in analog days.

      • Jabs

        Have you ever really bought any Nikon gear PRO or otherwise?
        ALL prices are higher now than in the film days or analog days.
        TRUE, that you could put almost any lens on any body, but THAT was only due to the mount and NOT true in all cases.
        If you bought a relatively cheap body, then sometimes you could not mount exotic Nikon lenses on it.
        The F3HP body only cost about $439 – 450 US dollars in 1984. The MD4 motor drive cost $280 – 290 US dollars and the MN-2 Nicads (needed to get 8 fps)plus the charger cost additional money (maybe was $80-100 for batteries and you needed maybe 2 – forgot exact amount), so now you spent at least 439 + 280+100 at least with no flash, no data back and you are still limited to 35 exposures unless you bought the mega-bucks 250 exposure back (which cost more than many digital cameras today).
        The FA and FM-2n were cheaper but the FA only did all of its’ functions with the MD-15 drive, though you could use the older MD-12 from the FM-2 series.
        Many exotic lenses would NOT mount on anything BUT the F series as they came back too far into the body and would hit the mirror assembly in the semi-pro bodies – FACTS!
        I bought and used this equipment, so what you state is false.
        Many lenses would not meter with certain bodies or even work TTL with certain or any flash unit. If you had an F3, the flash shoe was different from the semi-pro series and thus you had an SB-16A (F3 series) and a SB-16B for other Nikon semi-pro units except of course the older F2 series. The point – you had accessories and add ons to do almost everything and by the time you had a camera that was the way that you wanted or required, it was very expensive PLUS the semi-pro bodies had little accessories.
        Today, a digital camera is expensive but when you add up all the built in features, it is not bad in price compared to the BEST of the film or analog days. You can take more pictures or photographs today than any film body could and you have built-in motor drives/ intervalometers, better built in metering, VIDEO, bracketing, Nikon CLS and TTL and so many advances that were either optional or did not exist.
        TAKE photographs – make money and pay for your equipment – THAT has not changed but gear is still expensive, so you CHARGE more to recoup your costs and you have more to learn and more to do, especially in Post Production. You don’t wait for your film to return from Fuji’s Anaheim Lab or Kodak’s Lab in America, but now, you have to buy expensive computers and software and then know how to use all that, so even steeper learning curve and prices.
        That is the REAL problem and not the gear.

    • Anonymous


    • 40yroldnewbie

      ++ to Jabs and Gary.

      -but I want to but an FX that can do 1080HD. That’s missing from Nikon’s line up. 5DMkII’s are on top in this area with no challengers from Nikon-yet. I work in TV commercial production/photography freelancing so a full HD DSLR is handy for MTV[I won’t be physically editing the stuff myself thankfully-not on my computer]

      The main reason for wanting FX HD are Helios lenses that create the swirling bokeh that’s cropped in DX on HD video. Buying new FX camera from Nikon with 1080HD at D700 prices would make me very very happy instead of buying a 5DMKII. [just feels wrong! LOL]

      • Jabs

        @40yroldnewbie – at least you are not named 40yroldvirgin – LOL!
        Yeah, almost everyone is waiting for an FX camera with 1080 video, but the D3S is actually better than the 5DMK2 to me in video quality. I have done both Movie making and Pro Video, so I know a few things about them. Video is quite easy to UP-res or mix and match with say – Newtek Products ( or even Sony Broadcast Products. I would rent stuff before buying the Canon 5DMK2 unless your are not as picky as me (lol), as the video quality is not that great to ME (though it is a breakthrough product). Pros mix different resolutions of HD and 720 is a HD resolution. The clean video of the D3S trumps the 5D by a mile to me, but what I would really like to see is a D3XS with the full 1080 or even 4K video on an equivalent sensor with the clarity of that camera.
        I’m really picky about details and picture clarity and thus a Nikon shooter for a few years (LOL). I am sort of a ‘perfectionist’ and from doing much, I have gotten spoiled by high end gear. I like the Newtek Video Toaster and all of their software like Lightwave 3D, BUT you need to know how to use it yourself or hire someone. Photography and videography are two differing fields with different requirements. In photography, you use all types of apertures and shutter speeds, but in video, you don’t use too wide an aperture or half of the person will be out of focus. In movie-making, to me that is where the DSLR really shines as you use selective focus and other such things to make a point. Too bad, many photographers do not have enough sense to go enroll in a Cinematography class and then learn a new craft. We have ‘gearheads’ here talking about much but unaware as to HOW people actually use this gear in their intended discipline. I have done much in life and am still trying to do more and learn more, so on a quest but have results to back up my goals – LOL!
        I would like to see a D700S with the sensor of the D3S plus 720 video – until Nikon gives us the D4/D400 series as clarity is paramount to me. Movie making actually uses 24 fps and thus that is fine to me in Nikons. In video, color clarity as seen when viewing on a Sony Trinitron CRT monitor is what I look for and so far the D3S is the best of the breed based upon the files that I have viewed on MY equipment using Ubuntu Studio 64 bit with Open GL. I looked also on Win XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate, but Linux trumps them all. Linux has the best 64 bit structure and Ubuntu Studio has a special ‘real time’ kernel that makes my work easier and color clarity easier to ascertain.

  • D3s is mind blowing FX body, why launch something that breaks the profit of a reccently added product?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Exactly besides if they do require more megapixels they rent a freaking D3X or a medium format system… An expense covered by the client BTW for those not familiar with this kind of stuff… But you see some of the people here like to make drama out of stupid things.

      • jdsl

        do u have a high-blood pressure?

        • Heh


  • DaveyJ

    I think the Nikon delivery was pretty good for someone whose primary language is not english. The Nikon offerings were excellent this year in my opinion. I have enough time shooting cameras from D300, D300s, D 90 and D700 to think Nikons work very, very well in the field, and the two cameras released were in my opinion what I would have produced first. I think getting people into DSLR at a serious level is important to our industry. I also enjoy the D700 a little more not having it blown out of the water already. Chuck Jarvis has done a good job with a wonderful assignment and soon we will be actually able to own one and ourselves put that HD video and serious still photo speed and capability to work. But lets agree to one thing for sure… get that D700 replacement produced and let us get that in action before we have spent all of our years and hard warned cash. Let this D700 replacement be excellent in video and fix some of the shortfalls the D7000 has for features in video and the still FX performance we expect will be worth it. Make 2011 the year of the FX!!!

  • Gary

    2011 will likely be the year that the Nikon Holy Trinity of camera bodies are updated, with a new D4, D400, and the D700 successor (whatever that may be called).

    • zzddrr

      Gary (ok this is gonna be a joke), be careful because there were quite few smartypants who predicted that 2010 will be “THE YEAR”.

      • Parci

        Maybe for a D700 replacement, but the D4/D400 are due in 2011 and anyone realizing that Nikon is on a 4-year update cycle (with a potencial “s” version in the middle, but we did get the D3s/D300s, didn’t we…? In fact, the D3s turned out to be much more than a simple “s” version, didn’t it…?) with their pro line could have said so years ago. So, still one year to go (because it will most likely be in August)…

    • jimmy

      What will be the difference between the D4 and D700 successor? I mean the D700 is basically the D3, so i don’t know if the D4 and the D700 successor can come out in the same year. I’m not sure where Nikon has to go with their FX range.

      • It depends on what Nikon is planning. Observe that D7000 came before D400 and I guess sensor will likely be same. AF won’t.

        • Anonymous

          Nikon’s president is planning to run around the Photokina building in a pink bikini. That’s the plan for 2010. And for 2011 he plans to sky dive in the same pink bikini.

          • Valonqe

            hahahahah That would of been the surprise that we have been waiting for so long form NIKON

            • Anonymous

              I think this is the case, Nikon already showed us that they have a smart guy on the ground (German Nikon exec, see video) who blinks faster than the turnsignal in my car. Doing this on the land of Volkswagen …

    • jason

      any idea of time scales as i’m looking to get a DX body would like the D300s tempted to get the D7000 but if the D400 is in the works i’ll hold out , its not life and death that i have to have one but im just looking for the benefits of DX over FX i only one issue and thats the iso performance of the d300s

  • aetas

    ok we know that photokina is a large important trade show for the photographic community. I just was really wanting to see something exciting that maybe our fantastic admin did not hear about. Im preety much set on a d700 because it fits my need and budget but i am always interested in new tech out there. At least to see where nikon is going.

  • Steve

    NR – Jamie Oliver is a TV chef turned TV personality, if you didn’t already know.

    • zzddrr

      He cooks cats very well.

  • carlo


    Great post! I love how Chase Jarvis described the d7000.
    Do you have any idea when will it be released in Asia?

    • zzddrr

      who Chase Jarvis?

      • Anonymous

        now i know why you don’t how to use your D700.

        • zzddrr

          you can’t read. Read it again.

    • jdsl

      October 29th in Japan.

  • I wonder if Canon, Sony and Nikon has some internal agreement not to introduce FX bodies this year. In any case, I’m sure they roughly know the schedules of one another 😀

    • So.. Nikon is not the only slow one.

      • zzddrr

        hey, that’s my point I made above. It does look suspicious that all 3 were unable to release 1 FX or Pro dslr this year.

  • dmgabe

    It always makes me laugh when I see people that are upset over the lack of a body replacement, whatever model it may be. The D700 replacement especially seems to get people going. Here is the thing at the rate technology changes, you will always be waiting for the next best thing. The D700 is one of the most amazing cameras on the market, and takes absolutely brilliant photos. Why wait for its replacement? But an amazing camera and get out there and shoot. I know I took full advantage of the recent rebates, and am very pleased with my D700 and could really care less about its replacement since this body already far exceeds both my my abilities (just as it also exceeds the abilities of most of the people whining about it not being updated whether they admit it or not.)

    Stop complaining and buy a camera. Can’t shoot with your dreams of a better alternative tomorrow.

    • zzddrr

      I just got new paintbrushes, it beats all the mp

    • jdsl

      laugh all you want, take your D700, take pictures all you want, nobody cares.
      dont whine if people whine 🙂

    • Anonymous

      zzddrr is a joke. Even if Nikon offered him the D7000 for testing, he would decline it and cry…”I want a D700 replacement”!

    • Panda Jones

      Good point BUT I think we are closer to a D700 replacement now than ever and it would suck pretty bad to say “Aw nuts to it. I’ll sell out and get the D700” only for NR to rumor the D700x the next month.

      So if we just bide our time a little longer, all that $$$ we saved up for the D700 now goes to the latest and greatest.

      Not that the D700 wouldn’t be the bomb, I just think we are too close now.

      • dmgabe

        True Panda, but that D700 replacement will almost definitely be quite a bit more expensive than the D700 is today. It will take several months if nor a year or more for the price to settle.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Yup. But all the more reason not to buy an interim body that you’ll lose another couple hundred on when you re-sell it after the D700 replacement emerges.

  • javaone

    Most people complaining about no new D700 just want to buy a shiny new toy.
    Some reasons you might want a D700 update:
    • You think you need more mega pixels – you don’t. You probably need better glass.
    • You want HD Video – Buy a Video cam.
    • You are afraid you will buy and 2 months a new one comes out – get over it that’s the tech world.
    FX sensors are not helped by Moore’s law. So FX sensors do get much cheaper. Don’t expect a killer FX body for $1K any time soon.
    Is there a specific feature you need? Or are you just a Tech junkie that has to have the latest?

    • jimmy

      You are kidding yourself if you forked out $2500 for a D700 and the D700(s/x) came out in a month.

      It’s easy to say get over it, but the reality is, your D700 would have just significantly decreased in value (i am aware it’s utility is unchanged), and your rush to get a new camera cost you getting a better camera (i don’t think anybody would argue the D700 successor will be a downgrade). Patience is a virtue – it doesn’t have what i want, i will wait til it does.

      Why would i buy a HD video camera? The reason i want HD video in a Nikon SLR is so that i can take advantage of my investment of Nikkor glass. As i want a new DSLR anyway, having HD video incorporated into it will obviously save me a lot of money.

      If you are happy with your D700, great, but i think the reason many people are urging people to buy the D700 now, is so that they can hide in the masses when the replacement comes out.

      • hybris

        i quattro that!!!

      • Panda Jones

        Agreed. Let’s play the waiting game and be satisfied, rather than sell out and be disappointed in a few months.

        Nothing wrong with the D700, but if we have to hold tight a while we’ll hold tight.

    • Too right – this bitching about the D700 replacement is quite irksome to say the least.

      Since when has usable ISO 3200 and 8fps not been enough for you? – if that’s true Nikon has a D3s waiting for you.

  • brave new world

    consider you are the CEO of a company – wouldn0t you expect people to respect you? like anyone else …

    please stop this.

    if any of you has a problem with Europe or Germans – let me know, I am … to me it’s just
    not OK to express opinions in such way. If you don’t like a behaviour – say so, but don’t start comparisons of this kind …

    regading innovation: Nikon brought a lot, but NO other camera than D3S – how many use it already? for those who do, enjoy it. For thos who don’t – try it to judge the product.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Considering how CEOs nowadays treat their employees like cattle—firing dozens of capable, competent, tenured professionals to save a few bucks to make the numbers look better at the quarterly shareholders meeting—then hiring younger, less qualified people to take their place? Eff all CEOs of large companies who don’t possess enough integrity to stand by the people who made their company great, and aren’t brave enough to take a loss for a quarter or two out of respect for their employees. Eff their golden parachutes which they receive whether they perform or not. Respect people who earn respect and who give respect in return. I don’t care if he’s German, Japanese or a Canon guy. Give me a break.

  • Zoetmb

    The complainers will never be satisfied no matter what. I’m convinced that most of the posters who complain about the lack of the D400, D800 and D4 would not buy the cameras even if they were released. And those that would use perceived equipment weaknesses to excuse their poor photography skills. They’re as bad as the people who, when seeing a great photo that we took, say, “oh…you must have a great camera!”

    Going by retail availability date (in the U.S.) and not by announce date, and assuming everything announced is available by the end of 2010, Nikon released 11 lenses this year:
    16-35 AF-S
    24-120 AF-S 4.0
    28-300 AF-S
    200-400 AF-S VRII
    24 1.4 AF-S
    35 1.4 AF-S
    85 1.4 AF-S
    200 2.0 AF-S
    300 2.8 AF-S
    55-300 DX
    TC-20 EIII

    That’s a RECORD! Up until this year, the most new lenses released and available in a single year since the advent of AF in 1992 was 9. Nikon did that in 1993, 1994 , 2001 and 2008.

    And on top of that they gave us two bodies: the D3100 and the D7000 and I think that it’s fair to say that the D3100 specs were okay and what was expected and the D7000 specs greatly exceeded expectations. Assuming they get the D7000 stocked before the end of October, I think Nikon is going to have a great holiday selling period.

    As for the Coolpix line, while we may all think they suck, Nikon beats their numbers every year and gains market share. So they’re doing something right.

    So in spite of the fact that there were no high end bodies this year and that there’s no large sensor, small form factor camera as yet, from my perspective, Nikon has had an impressive year. And who knows, there’s still a quarter of the year left and there could still be a surprise.

    While the Fuji camera is quite interesting, I don’t think a retro camera is what the mass market is looking for. It’s far from release and it’s going to be a niche appeal camera. But it does give them some bragging rights for awhile.

    • jdsl

      Fuji X100 looks great, but for the rumored price on a fixed lens,
      never mind. maybe this is just a test release.

  • Are all the Nikon presidents Japanese?

    • Nikon Tandoori

      Yes, they must be.

      Same for sony, hitachi, toshiba, etc etc

      • zzddrr

        You may want to check it again … Sony has Springer who is not Japanese or if he was Japanese then he is a really ugly one. 🙂

        • Suprchunk

          That’s for the American division genius.

          • Anonymous

            Again, you are wrong. If you have the gutts you would apologize! So before you call people names please do you homework.

            Please be kind and click on this link:

            His tittle:
            “Sir Howard Stringer
            Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sony Corporation”

  • Chris P

    I actually admire zzddrr, I really do, the predictability of the nature of his comments on any subject on this forum have a 100% hit rate; and his sheer grit and determination not to take any photographs until Nikon produces exactly the camera he wants is amazing.

    • gt


      +1 good sir

      • abo

        on top of Chris comments, i wonder if zzddrr could post one of his pictures so we can analize the need for more megapixels or replacement…

        • zzddrr

          The last picture I took was about my late cat. You do not want to see it (or whatver was left). Business has been really slow due to the economy and the missing new Nikon FX so I ate the cat.

    • Jabs

      Then BOTH of you are either deluded, curmudgeons or stupid.
      What is the point of pointless complaining?
      What has it accomplished here?
      Has it sped up the release of ANY Nikon products?
      Has it caused them to MOVE the goal posts in their complaints even when the megapixels became greater?
      Have we been constantly assaulted by the equivalent of a FEMALE dog – know what that is in English?
      Some people are ‘complainicons’ LIKE we had in the old Transformers Cartoons where StarScream would talk all day to or about Megatron and moan and groan JUST because they wanted to be the center of everything and was JEALOUS of the mad LEADER named Megatron who fought Optimus Prime.
      SAME exact neurosis!

  • Hey Guys,

    greatings from Germany. I visited Photokina yesterday. The Nikon stand is really nice and impressive but totally overcrowded. Had to wait 30 minutes to get a short hand on the D7000. It is nice to meet all the nerds and geeks there. But you will definitely get better information from Nikonrumors 😉

    • They all are searching for a box with “TOP SECRET” sticker on it… 🙂

      • another anonymous

        they should search here better 😉 NR knows more hehe

  • I’m saving for the d3100 for my wife who really wants to start shooting with me. That and the 35mm 1,8 lens should be excellent. I think nikon hit things pretty well this year, and though I wanted to hear something about the D700 followup, my excitement would only be academic as I am pretty stuck with my D200 till I can sell all of my headphone equipment.

    I am no pro (obviously), so a new camera is a big decision and one Id like to make only every once or twice in a decade.

    • Anonymous

      Well, your wife should have started shooting with you long time ago, if you know what i mean 🙂

  • BenS

    i think for what nikon has achieved this year, they deserve a big applause from us.

    Well done Nikon !!!

    • another anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Great Job Nikon, 2 out of 2 Sony sensors.

      Making the cheapest dslrs with higher resolution than the entire Pro-line

      Promising the “magic camera” multiple times by the new president that has never materialized

      Making 80% of your product always “out of stock”

      Running rebates 8 out of the 9 months year-to-date instead of setting realistic prices

      Being 2 yrs behind the competition when it comes to a small size FX body

      Did I miss something?

      Oh the lenses, yes I bet none of you would even guess what is the real reason of this recent plethora of lenese? Simple, the cost of producing these lenses are lower than the older models. Oh and make it even better they can charge more for it. So, F U Nikon and show us 1 Pro camera this year.

      BTW, since 2001 this is going to be the first year Nikon did not release 1 Pro dslr.

      I think this new Nikon president is a weirdo because he loves more the projector coolpix shit and Ashton than anything else. Oh, he also likes to tell fairy tales. What a loser.

      • gonzalo

        Go buy a canon.
        We are happy with the entry and prosumer releases, and the pro’s are still making money with their “outdated” bodies that still are technologically a challenge for many new canons.

        • Anonymous

          gonzalo, we need 1 huge pixel from Nikon. That would be perfect.

  • Landscape Photo

    The major 4 shortcomings & solutions of D700 with today’s standards:

    * 12mp – could be at least 18mp
    * 95% viewfinder – could be 99-100% still with built-in flash
    * heavy body – could be 200g light with carbon fiber solution
    * lack of a lightweight travel lens other than the old 28-200mm G – could be re-introduced with better qc & thus less sample variation

    Some people may include the lack of video in this list too.

    • Barbie RokWel

      At any given moment there are always camera’s that are no longer up to snuff regarding technology.

      Another reality is that companies are limited by resources (man,time,money,…) and thus need time to recoup investments.

      Based on Nikon previous update cycles fro PRO camera’s for the last few years only a minor update (to s) should be expected (in the line of d3–>d3s) for the D700. Same with D3x.

      2nd half of 2011 most likely will bring successors to the D3s/D300s

      and 2012 will be the year of D3xs and D700s successors.

      • Anonymous

        2012 for D800 is unacceptable, mate…

        • Nikon Tandoori

          Then buy a 5D mkII and go on Canon sites complaining about awful AF and noisy sensor.

          • Landscape Photo

            There’s nothing wrong with 5D II’s sensor or AF. I’ve tested it. Clean iso 1600 & instant spot-on af. So what? Some Nikonians tend to believe that tale to justify their investment. All you can say the build & ergonomics are inferior, or criticize the color rendition. D700 may be a good camera, but 5D II is neither a lemon.

            Nikon must update D700 asap: 21mp sensor, 100% finder, 1080p video, reduced weight.

            • D700 tracks way better. The 5d/5dmkii tracks more like my d90. At least in low light. In daylight, it’s still a much slower frame rate and not enough focus points. And maybe you got a magic sample or you’re not using fast glass wide open, but my experience and the experience of my colleagues who have shot with it is that the 5d cams don’t nail focus consistently with the f1.2-f2 lenses.

              I don’t believe that “tale”, I live it.

        • another anonymous

          i don’t know, but what will you be doing if it happens poor man? i will get one FX camera for my nikon FX lens (untill now i have only d300)

      • Anonymous

        12mp at FX Pro is outdated.

        • Anonymous

          for you!

          • Anonymous

            then go with 6mp. No, even better go with 1 big fricken size of pixel.

    • Landscape Photo

      Note on 28-200mm G: There is a high range of sample variation with this lens. As some are tack sharp at all focals, some have unacceptable aberrations so they must go to bin. Having tried a couple of them, I selected & bought one.

      It easily outresolves the D700 sensor at f/8-11. How do I know? It keeps giving reliably more detail with D300 which has more pixel density equivalent of 27mp if extended to full frame. It is almost as good as the 50mm f/1.8 at this aperture.

      A good sample of 28-200mm G can benefit on 20mp sensor with sharp image even at the corners of all focals if stopped down to f/8 or f/11. And no doubt for a 50mm or 24-70mm @ 5.6.

      • If you have only tested it on the d300, you can only talk with authority about the center, not the border performance. People compare the Sigma 50/1.4 to the Nikon all the time, but neglect to note the difference on FX. On FX, such comparisons fall apart because of the borders.

  • Nikon Tandoori

    Nikon == joke

    but actually so is Canon and Sony.

    the only one with the guts is Sigma adn their so called “46” MP dslr …. how sad.

  • Nikon should release a non-VR 70-200 F2.8 half the prize of the VRII. A cheap alternative for people who want to start sportphotography. The 80-200 F2.8 has slow AF.

    • Dave


      consumer bodies and pro lenses this year…

    • Mock Kenwell

      The 70-200 is faster, but I would hardly characterize the 80-200 AF-S as slow. What’s more, its AF is very accurate. Go ahead and jump ship to the Canon if you want slightly faster, cheaper and less reliable AF. If you’re not a sports journalist, the 80-200 is fast enough for you.

    • Nikon already made a bunch of that lens years ago. If you want one, buy it! Nikon is onto bigger and better things right now! (I hope! …?)

  • hah

    notice how nikon asks him to compare the D7000 and D90. any questions that nikon replaced the D90 should have been answered. yeah, nikons next gen bodies are just gettings started and they are that good.

  • Broxibear

    Some of the posts here are becoming more and more incongruous.
    Decide how much money you can spend and find the best camera inside that budget, If you feel a newer piece of equipment is worth waiting for then wait, don’t complain because it hasn’t appeared when a blogger said it would, it was your choice to wait.
    Don’t complain that it’s too expensive, there are plenty of things I’d love to have but can’t because I can’t afford them, that’s life.
    If I go to a Audi dealership and want to buy an A3 I don’t complain that it hasn’t got the same V10 engine that’s in the R8, nor do I expect the top of the range R8 to be the same price as an entry level A3.
    Some of the comments made here have no relation to photography and no relation to the real world.
    It’s a real shame that genuinely interesting discussions on this site are spoilt by “where’s the next this”, “this manufacter’s rubbish” or “this isn’t good enough”.
    Admin might be better of having one thread called complaints where people can complain all they want, and leave the rest of the threads for discussions.

    • Anonymous

      @ Broxibear

      Basically you wanted to say what?

      • Anonymous

        Basically, what is it that you can’t understand?

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            pity! comprehension problem.

            • Anonymous


    • Discontinued

      “Some of the comments made here have no relation to photography …”

      Audi and cars in general have a very strong relation to photography. Let’s have some more car-camera-comparisons please. I never ever get the point until someone finally draws the good old car-camera-comparison.

      Thank you Broxibear.

    • Jabs

      TRUE statements but people who complain often love to do that, as oddly, some people get their ‘happiness’ from making others miserable or feeling bad.
      It is called CRABS in a barrel syndrome – ever watched crabs in a bucket or barrel BEFORE you cook them alive?
      Well, they all try and climb over each other in trying to get out – apply that here.
      THEY are stuck in a barrel as in unable to do anything with or in their life, so they get weird pleasure from being outrageous or strange.
      It perhaps is a ploy to reach out to others who have lives and are fulfilled, because perhaps they have no wives, children or a career and merely live with their cats and dogs. They then complain as a means of making fun of those who do something in life, perhaps because they are jealous of those who do, or even to cover for their own self-doubts, laziness or inabilities.
      The Internet is filled with them and we call them losers with evil intents due to the ‘green-eyed’ monster (jealousy).
      Let them have ‘fun’, as that perhaps is the ONLY fun in their lousy and miserable lives.

  • Johnny Five

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  • Dweeb

    Instead of Chase Jarvis talking up Nikon’s current PK offerings, let’s see a video of Thom asking their president where all the lenses are.

  • The invisible kids

    I agree with everyone in this blog, but PLEASE tell me that Nikon will release some exciting stuff this week !

  • Baked bananas

    Well i sort of feel zzddrr’s pain…..well not really….. kind of. But the d700 replacement is not gonna be released anytime soon or this year. Now the d7k looks tempting enough to replace my d300. Its as if Nikon screwed people like me by upping up the specs of this series, which imho kills the d300s. At $1200 I could sell my d300, and get a d7k. No wonder this camera is number one on amazon. Its the most professional non pro camera ever made. Weather sealed, 100-6400 native iso, meters with manual lenses, autofocus motor, what more can you ask for? Well heres my bitch…..its not full frame, and it lacks 720p 60fps. I’m sure zzddrr would totally agree with me. Here’s an intersting question.

    Has it truly begun?

    N O P E !

    This is a taste of things to come. Congrats to Nikon for making a great dx camera. This will replace my d300. For me it eases the pain of the d700s wait!

    • Anonymous

      Calling a sensitivity setting iso100, Lo-1, or xyz is all of a marketing gimmick. They can choose to name it any way as they wish. There is no scientific guide for that. It’s there, like it-use it, or vice versa, up to the user. How can we tell whether it is native or forced? With this regard, all settings are pulled or pushed at some degree by the processor.

      Btw, underexposing or overexposing is somewhat analogous to working with higher/lower iso ratings.

      Does the name “100” suddenly indicate it is better than D300’s “Lo-1”? And why doesn’t the D7000 have any iso 50? Same applies for 6400 vs Hi-1. Yet the results will tell the real story.

      D7000 seems to be an epic camera that will fuel Nikon’s DSLR sales, but it is not a substitute for FX.

      • It’s native ISO 100, meaning that’s where you get full DR for sensor. Lo1 usually means you are overexposing sensor.

      • Actually, iso IS an objective measurement about luminance values at a given exposure. And most ISOs settings of todays cameras are indeed analogue electrical settings of voltage, NOT purely software manipulation.

        Want proof? Try exposing at scene properly at a camera’s base ISO (say 1/60th at f16, ISO100). Then try the exact same exposure with an ISO five or more stops higher (for instance: 1/60th at f16, ISO3200). Try making the two look alike. Go ahead. No software will make them look the same. Even shooting at ridiculous bit depths. The amplitude difference isn’t just beyond the A/D capabilities (which if the A part was the same, it wouldn’t matter, since it would be up to the math of the D). The difference is in the amplitude of the analogue signal, which is controlled by voltage. Remember, a sensor is actually an analogue device.

    • The D7000 is €20 more expensive than the D300s. So if you want a bigger body, better AF, better sealing and more options to tweak things then go for the D300s. If you want a newer sensor, smaller body (lightweight) and better filming options then go for the D7000.
      I think a D400 would make sense. A D300s body with the 16.2 MP sensor (tweaked), faster AF, aperture control during filming, 720p @ 60fps etc. Will be at least 2011 I think. I think it will be almost €500 more expensive than the D7000.

      • John

        So, how does the D300s have better weather sealing and faster AF than the D7000?

        • well the construction is stronger. Less plastics. It has more AF-points.

  • Nicola

    Tad,seriously,buy in stock the new 46Mpx Foveon.
    Co-develop it.
    That is REALLY quite a huge opportunity,come on,go for it.

    • Anonymous

      The number is misleading; 46mp Foveon is equivalent t0 15+ mp Bayer resolution with better dynamic range & color fidelity.

      Foveon may be the way to go in the future, but for now it’s a technology at toddler phase. Otherwise everyone would be rushing to buy the Sigma SD15 (5mp). Don’t believe me? Look at the internally upressed soooft samples.

  • jason

    does anyone who is in the know ! know of any info in regards to the d400 i.e when will it arrive , spec etc , as im almost ready to part with the cash for the d300s but i dont want to do that if its dead due to the release of the d7000 , id like the d7000 but body size is just that little bit small for my liking ! big hands you see
    so info would be nice

    • Broxibear

      jason, I’m not “in the know” as you put it, all I can give you is what I posted here last month…
      “a D700 replacement will be announced in the 2nd quarter 2011 around May, a D400 announced in 4th quarter 2011 and a D4 in 2nd Quarter 2012. All I know is the person who gave me this info isn’t lying, but that’s the info he was given…wether what he was told was 100% accurate I don’t know?”

      If you already own a camera and don’t need one urgently then why not wait?
      If you do need one, but are worried about a better upgrade announced a few weeks after you’ve bought the older camera then I suggest you buy a D3100 body for £410 to get you by, then when the D400 comes out sell the D3100…that way you’ll only have lost £200 and more importantly you’d have been able to take images meanwhile ?

    • Anonymaous

      To cover the risk of a possible update soon, you may buy a 2nd hand D300 already depreciated in price, so that you’ll have little loss in resale for the D400 (DX) or next FX or whatever you wish to get.

  • brave new world

    what else is needed after a 24, 85 and 35 prime? plus the 200 … plus the zooms and a relatively affordable D7000? that’s an amazing list of top products in a year. all of the people saying “waiting” should consider to stop waiting …

    I’m for 28 years a Nikon customer and the rate of new products is in 2010 the highest ever and more importantly: the price/performance has changed for cameras …

    • Anonymous

      what else is needed after a 24, 85 and 35 prime?

      A tiny & lightweight 18mm f/4, like the Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Color Skopar

    • Mock Kenwell

      These are all great lenses and I’m glad Nikon shored up the gaping holes in their prime offerings and I’d love to have them all, but I sure wouldn’t mind a 24mm and 35mm f/1.8 or f/2. The 1.4s are gorgeous but really expensive. The current 35mm f/2 is not a great lens and is getting up there in years.

  • RMT

    Today is the 22nd. Can anyone confirm that the 24-120mm lens is now shipping?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the canon version has been shipping for years now. Now this Nikon is a mystery.

    • Anonymous

      The ship loaded with 24-120 f/4 VR has sunk in Pacific ocean 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The new Nikon president’s friend ordered couple of them from Nigeria.

  • More annoyance than ever. Plenty of FX lenses, 2 new DX bodies, but no new FX yet. When’s the goddamn D800 coming? What are they waiting for? The end of world to release it?

  • D3100 and D7000 high ISO shots from Photokina (impressive):



    Stany says he thinks D3100 may be a bit better. Well, it’s a Nikon sensor … 😉

    • Good heavens! If they’re legit, the ISO performance on both is literally unbelievable!
      That D7000 at 25600 looks like my D70 at about 1000 (O_o)

    • Denko

      The images seem to indicate that the D7000’s DXomark would fall somewhere 89-96… which would be quite astounding indeed.

      • Andy

        Looks awesome…
        The only question is why a lower video bit rate then canon – can’t this camera handle it ? And not much hope for a future change, Nikon is not known for getting new features in a firmware update …:\

        at least I can hope they will improve the bit rate in the new d700 replacement

        • Denko

          I can see why the higher fps is not done on the Nikon and it most likely is due to rolling shutter problems. So rather than enable full blast on fps they tried to make the jiggedy jello motion substantially better behaved. “Educated guess” but I have far too little information to really know for sure. If one can’t do fast pans or follow fast objects… motor sports and such then the video functionality is wasted IMHO… so what if I can take 200 fps if the cars look like rhombs or if the background slants like a surrealist painting.

          • Andy

            I was not talking about fps – but bit-rate , which translates to worse quality, more aliasing. The Nikon files will be twice as small as the ones from canon, this means heavy compression.

            • Denko

              Fps has a lot to do with the bitrate. Preliminary finding is that D7000 is @ 20 Mbps which is fairly ok for 1080p/24fps. Canon would be 1.25 times more at 30 fps and 2.5 times more at 60 fps same compression (pending of how many I frame’s they actually use… so my values would be worst case scenario.)

              The Canon base rate I think was around 25Mbps for the codec if its the same as their camcorders… so in this case yes it’s not as good. But I rather have 1080p/24 at 20Mbps than 1080p/60 at 25 Mbps… it should be possible to have less compression artifacts in the prior… compression wise 1080p/30 at 25 Mbps is equivalent to 1080p/24 at 20 Mbps (I have taken some liberties regarding the math here but it shouldnb’t be far away.)

            • Andy

              Denko – did you check your info before writing it? :)))

              Canon’s bit rate is not 25

              For Canon – at 24 frames per second the file size is 330 mb a minute , which makes it 6600 mb for 20 minutes , the same length with Nikon will be 2900 mb… So , No, not the same bit rate , not even close….

    • Simpleman

      thats amazing iso preformence

  • james

    wtf that gut in the last video looks and sounds like hes been smoking weed and hitting acid all day.

    hes talking absolute shit

    • Mock Kenwell

      If he is, it’s not affecting his work. Are you commanding the same day rate he is? What shit are you referring to? I thought he was intelligent and appropriately self-deprecating. Or is Tad’s delivery more your speed?

  • Broxibear

    Well known Nikon user Scott Bourne (wildlife and nature photographer) is testing a new camera which he can’t talk about until Oct 3rd ?…hmmmm…

    • Gary

      From Scott Bourne’s blog:
      The D7000 ships in October and I will be testing this camera as soon as I am able. Based on initial reports, it has the potential to be one of the most significant cameras from Nikon since they introduced the D3.

      I would conjecture that Scott’s tweet refers to his getting his hands on a D7000 and then being able to tell us his impressions.

      • Broxibear

        I think you’re right…why didn’t he just say D7000 ? Thanks Scott !

      • I think it will be about the D7000, I cannot believe someone will announce a new camera a week after Photokina 🙂

        • ukj

          any more coverage from photokina admin

        • Jabs


          Here are some more quotes

          # HA I’ll tell you just as soon as I get the green light. 5 minutes ago via web in reply to nikonrumors

          # @nikonrumors I don’t know my tweet did not mention the word announce about 2 hours ago via web in reply to nikonrumors

          # I’ll be able to talk about new the camera on or about Oct 3. Should be a good time. Always wanted to photograph the balloons.

          My Comments:
          Seems like a NEW camera and NOT about the D7000 – to me, anyway.

          • Broxibear

            It does seem odd that he’s saying he can’t talk about it until Oct 3rd, but it’s already at Photokina and others have used it, so what’s the secrecy for ?
            If it is the D7000 he’s refering to Scott Bourne’s going to come across as an idiot for posting those comments because they just annoy people for no reason.

          • thanks Jabs, those were my tweets 🙂

          • I think he has the D7000 for review, not sure why this is a secret.

  • zack

    After I heard Tad Nakayama speak, I am no longer puzzled why Nikon had come out with such, arguably demeaning names for its new line of cameras.

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1 Or why it takes them so long to do anything.

      • Anonymous

        because they are doing it properly. it is worth the wait.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Blink, blink, yes I would blink, have to blink, blink, agree with you. Their blink, turtle-like speed is blink, blink, due to their extreme blink, attention to detail and not blink, blink, blink, their lack of vertical blink, blink, integration or their blink, blink, super-uptight and conservative blink, corporate culture blink, blink.

          • zzddrr

            I think the dude’s eyeballs got dry from constantly watching into to the flash. He’s been with Nikon for over lightyears but everytime he sees a friring flash, he just stares at in it.

    • JoshL

      all I could think about watching the video was…..muh muh muh mole!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is boring Admin. The Canon Rumors guy is actually attending Photokina (on his honeymoon!).

  • Gary

    My guess would be that if Nikon has announced all of their new goodies for the year.

    Vendors need to announce new products generally by Sept or Oct at the latest in order to get them in the stores adequately for the crucial holiday sales season. Think about it: manufacturing has to ramp up, there’s fulfilling the orders from the retailers, there’s creating enough awareness through marketing, there’s training of retail sales staff, etc.

    Logistically, you have to announce fairly early to have a successful holiday season launch.

    I also wouldn’t expect any announcements late in the year for new products in early 2011. That wouldn’t make any sense. Why undermine some of your holiday sales by telling some buyers to wait until next year? Also, much of the buzz normally created by a new announcement would be overshadowed by the holiday season. This would be the worst of both worlds: less marketing bang, but for those paying attention the implicit message would be to delay the purchase.

    I think Nikon, and also correspondingly, Canon, have pretty much showed their entire hands for the holidays. But that’s not a bad thing, for Nikon has a lot of goodies for everyone.

    • steve

      i agree with you, although this may be just partially true for the pro equipment…
      if you have to spend 3000$ on a camera (a D700X per say….) it makes little diffence if you buy it at christmas or whenever. in my opinion in much less important then it is for something like the D3100 or even the D7000, which will be under the tree as gifts! i don’t see a professional full-frame camera as a conventional christmas gift!

    • Nikon’s current financial year ends Mar 2011.. that will see 4 ~ 5 months’ contribution from the new gear. Also, Chinese New Year 2011 falls on 3rd Feb. It is the season for buying new things. Christmas may be the shopping months in western countries, but in Asia, January/ Feb are usually the best months. (Bonuses are usually paid in Jan/Feb, too.)

  • Nicky

    There is a Flickr group and they have a few photos that were taken with the D7000.

  • Gary

    The high ISO images from the D7000 seem to be amazing, especially for a crop sensor.

    I would label the D7000 as the crop version of the D700, in terms of capabilities and price to performance ratio.

  • lightsaver

    I was hoping for a d700 successor since I am ready to move to FX format now. Looks like that camera is not happening in the next few months at least. I have the d7000 on preorder though, and I am seeing that for all intents and purposes except sensor size, the d7000 brings what have traditionally been pro features to the so called consumer line…Nikon is blurring the line between consumer and pro with this cam. I doubt Nikon would have put the 7K out had there not been a 7D already.

    • Gary

      7 seems to be a lucky number when it comes to cameras!

  • Benjamin

    Here are some photos form the D7000. Also at high ISO and as NEF.
    But don t expect to much – most seem to be not good focused, but you can get an impression:

    • Anonymous

      The nef downloads are tif actually. I wonder which converter supports D7000 nef.

    • Gareth

      why the hell did they shoot at those f stops?

  • Jabs

    *** WOW ***
    I just looked at some high ISO shots of the D7000 and Nikon hit it out the park.

    I am glad that Nikon took their time and the new revolution (D3100 and now D7000) is really here.
    Time to get my money together and make some new purchases.
    Guess what?

  • Jabs

    Pointless arguments:
    Nikon usually goes ‘deep underground’ in Research and then when they come up to ‘the surface’, they stun you with the products they release. Their pattern over the years that I have been watching them (about 30 years) do repeatedly.
    I see the talk about WHO designed or even where the latest sensors are made as pointless as it is the RESULTS that count to me. I see a manufacturer finally doing high resolution or actually mid resolution as compared to the D3X, in a manner that shows better picture quality without the mess of previous higher megapixels except in the case of the D3X.
    I have looked at the files from ALL the previous high megapixel (say, higher than 10 megapixels) cameras and they were lousy (except the D3 and D3S) but now we seem like we are in a new era. High megapixels with QUALITY output and clean colors.
    Thanks Nikon – you are forgiven for your delays, as it seems it was worth the wait.
    Just my perspective on things.

    • Very nice. indeed!

    • Vladi

      well said!

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