No other Nikon products expected to be released for Photokina, except…

Note that I said "released" in the title - Nikon may still show their EVIL solution at Photokina, but I do not expect it to be available in stores any time soon. They may also come out with another press release (like they did at PMA), but there will be no other products released as far as I know. There could be another announcement by the end of the year, but it is too yearly to make any speculations yet.

Nikon Q

Now, the reason why I was holding up from publishing this post are the two pictures I received anonymously - no explanation, not details, just "Nikon Q":

Nikon did produce Q lenses back in the 50's (see some Q lenses on eBay) but I doubt those pictures were taken 60 years ago.

The second picture appears to display a camera with the letter "Q" on the front - is "Q" going to be the new Nikon mount? For their EVIL system maybe? I already reported that Nikon started labeling their lens caps with "F" which could be an indication that another mount may be coming soon.

Again, those two pictures could be fake or maybe referring to a different Nikon product. I do not know. I hope that by posting this online, we will get some more information on what "Nikon Q" really is.

Let the speculations begin.

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  • megafolie

    This guy seems to know something about a new hybrid camera…

    • Banned

      This guy keeps posting junk at DPR but not one thing he’s said in the past ever happened.

  • Doesn’t look like an EVIL, but does look like a D4 or maybe Larger Format camera.

  • Q

    Actually, I am Q. Don’t like Nikon biting my handle. Admin knows I’m telling the truth.

    Listen, if this is EVIL and the mount indicates a smaller sensor size, then Nikon isn’t paying attention to the standard Sony NEX just set.

    But, if it’s EVIL, the camera in shadow doesn’t make sense. It looks like it has a prism.

    So, if it’s Medium Format, the shutter release doesn’t sense. It’s chrome and high-end models are black shutter releases.

    • John

      Yes, it looks like the camera shown in the Nikon mirror-less patent. There is a viewfinder (electronic) hump in the center of the camera just like the Panny GH-1.
      Just because there is a hump on top doesn’t mean it’s an optical viewfinder. There may be prism, but it could just be to fold the light path from the LCD in the EVF to make it more compact (like in the patent).

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      You mean the Nex which is the worst ergonomically, the worst in terms of user interface, the one that has the worst lenses (all reviews pointing they are ridiculously soft even for kit lenses), etc.? well I´ll be damned but I´m glad they aren´t paying attention to a half assed camera from a half assed camera maker, if they should be paying attention they should do it with the micro 4/3 cameras, not Sony´s crap.

  • EP

    A nikon D90 replacements with 1080p 30fps video/ 720p video @60fps???? : ) And dual CF and SD card slots? Along with the other new camera features for a price of about $1400? Pleeeease :3

    I’m still pretty empty on the whole EVIL and Q thing, I’ll check into that later.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Buy a D7000 and STFU

  • canapé
    • Banned

      Interesting comment. The second image has a very clear square around it. I don’t know how accurate this thing is but it sure looks like a square with the “Q” has been pasted over that camera.

      • Banned

        I think Admin should start using this tool more often (at least for testing at first)

      • Well, there isn’t actually a big cartoon Q on that camera. The illustration on the screen has a photoshop overlay, probably not the photo itself.

        • Banned

          That’s not something the software would pick up, because it’s a photo. Now if you add the overlay after the photo was taken that’s when the software shows it. Ah well nobody will ever read that. But at least I’m vindicated because Admin just announced it was a hoax. You’re welcome!

    • tzb

      “It is worth noting that edges and areas red in colour are often depicted as brighter in the ELA tests. This due to the way the photos are saved by various programs. It is not proof that image was manipulated.”

  • Ren Kockwell

    I really hope Nikon realizes that they could capture one market that has remained untapped for years—the serious compact for photographers market. The camera you take with you when you don’t want to take your DSLR. As such, I hope it’s a NEX killer with big sensor and a line of light and fast pancakes. Not one camera company (save maybe Leica) has capitalized on this segment. I think that if they built it for pros and serious enthusiasts, the consumers would follow later.

    • jay

      Contax should make this camera, and use the Contax lenses …

    • Marcos

      That’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time! The only alternatives is something like a Canon G11, but is not good enough, or a Leica (too expensive!!!). I hope someone does something about it…

  • Lance
  • I prefer the option of a new EVIL camera in the Nikon´s line-up but there is a “Quiet shutter-release mode” signaled with a visible Q in the options-wheel in the new D7000… it could be a false alarm.

  • Hamuga

    I hope what ever it is is called “the Q”.

    So many jokes are ready to be be written, such as “I am in queue for the Q.”

  • Derek R

    Just noticed this:
    Look at where the lens release button is on the EVIL camera. It coincides nicely with the shape of the Q logo.

    • Huggs

      Good catch!

    • nikkor_2

      Agreed; very good catch.

    • maia

      Nice one m8!

    • Indeed.. It is Q shaped… I was thinking the same..

      A mirrorless camera is also Quiet.

    • tzb

      Very good point. The “prism bump” also kinda looks in place.

  • SGN

    Q for quick as mentioned in an earlier post fits well too….. in an “easy” , “guidey”, coolpix-y sort of way.

  • DX2FX

    What “Q” stands for isn’t important; worth noting is there will very likely be a new type of lens mount coming for a new camera body, probably the mirrorless system.

    • jay

      all these talk about a new mount makes sad. I want something so I don’t have to buy another set of lenses.

  • safeg

    Q = quality
    Q = quiet
    Q = quick

    Q is NEW Nikon MILLER LESS MOUNT!!!!!!

    I preorderd Nikon Q1 !

  • venancio

    get over it, guys, it’s Qoolpix… as in my fave S8100…

  • zzddrr

    Ok, done for tonight good night you all 🙂

    • Good Night

      Sure we’ll here from ya tomorrow.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      For tonight :(!? I hope you meant “For the next 10 years”…

  • you’re all wrong.
    Q doesn’t stand for a new mount, but a new lens-series for the f-mount. Like canon has it’s L-grade-lenses, nikon now will have Q-grade-lenses. Thats why the logo is white and red. White lens with a red ring *gg*

    • Iborv

      Nikon gold-ring is the equivalent of Canon-L. Although I agree it’s not as clear and well marketed.

  • I have the information about the “Q” project.

    It´s a new rangefinder from nikon, fullframe, D3s sensor, with a new line o rangefinder Q AF-S lenses.

    Wait and the see. Competition for Leica.

  • Floyd

    Perhaps Nikon is going into the business of Qs. Some companies specialise in T, some in Ps and I have a friend who keeps Bs. We need a specialist in Qs.

    We all need to lighten up before the tension gets to us.

  • Adam

    NikonRumors new slogan: You’ve got ‘Q’uestions, we’ve got rumors. 😉

  • Joe

    Okay, Nikon, you got me buying that D700, I want to take some nice pictures until next year.

    BTW: That Q-logo looks like something plugs into something else. Maybe some software product? Something for digital workflow?

  • If that Q or whatever stands for a new product, nikon will most likely have registered that design somewhere. In germany you can search for registered designs at the DPMAregister:

    maybe someone wants to give it a try…

  • Xscream

    Would this be the “surprise” that has been mentioned so often?
    If they change the mount for the DSLR line, that would suck monkey balls! If this would be a new mount for an EVIL, it would be a pity, but not more than that.

  • foo

    Do you track visits to NR? I’m wondering how many times Nikon has viewed this post 🙂

    • And also the rumours just before the announcements 😀

    • I do track visits, but not to that level and it really doesn’t matter how many times they visit the site. I know for fact that some high level people are reading it. How do I know? They subscribe to the email newsletter and when they go on vacation I get their auto-reply 🙂 Otherwise I cannot see any of the emails from the subscription, they are handled by Google – I do not store them in my database and have no access to them, which is very good.

  • kevin y

    does look like a camera in the back of 2nd pic.

  • boyd

    Looks to professional to be fake.

    The Q symbol reminds me of a mount and the red stripe reminds me of the red stripe on the Nikon handgrip. Who ever made this Q has been thinking and discussing about it. It’s not something you make up.

  • PPop

    Looks like a new mount. Everything sais Nikon will join in with their own EVIL system. The Q probably stands for “quarter”, and the logo looks like it’s divided into 4 equal pieces with the red piece the new size. (Too bad it is not quad.) If you think about it, a 1/4 sensor is small enough to warrent a new mount (thus the naming of the new cap…). The camera pictured seems to have a view finder (thankfully!) like something in the patents shown here… Very EVIL!

  • Jay

    Wild Speculation, 4 quadrants with one ‘blanked out’ 4/3rds.. points towards 4/3rds EVIL?

  • Jay

    And also the new lens caps stating F mount.

  • It would look like a smart logo for 3/4 (3 quarters)… instead of 4/3… (4 thirds)… 🙂

    Nikon EVIL is coming!!!

    • Gary

      I thought so too when I first saw the “Q”. Nikon cannot ignore the sales of mirrorless cameras in Japan. It is taking over like a typhoon. Though I too think they might go the 3/4 route and put a DSLR sensor in a mirrorless body. That way they can still sell their DX lenses with possible adapters along with the new system.

  • Alex

    It’s clear for me)

  • anonymous

    I believe that is “QX” and not just “Q”
    basically we’ll have FX, DX then QX, don’t you think?

  • Abhinav

    now waiting for this EVIL camera from Nikon 🙂

  • andrewsj

    Other poster nailed it. Look at the image of the patent. The lens mount shows a “Q”. This has to be a preview or hopefully a release of Nikon’s entry into the EVIL arena. Can’t wait!

  • fred

    Actually, the logo can be read as QX (with a little X in red, inside the big Q)…

    Smart or coincidence ?

    • ..FX, QX= medium format?

  • Distanted

    I’m pretty sure the screen indicates that small Canon fighters have penetrated Nikon’s defense shield. Either that, or the D7000 can play Star Castle.

  • bill&ted

    im sorry, but the evil system is for yuppies… i wouldnt spend a thousand dollars for a coolpix type body, then spend thousands more on all new lenses cuz they gotta be q mount. lame.

    and they want to gear this towards existing dslr users? you kidding me? who has the money for the dslr they really want, let alone a whole new system to accompany it?

    this evil crap will not stick around very long… 3-5 years max. the only reason nikon is doing it is cuz everyone else is. they should instead devote that r&d to more affordable fx.

    just wait for the new ashton commercials with this crap…

  • Barbie RokWel

    Maybe there is a strategical group running a programme to investigate future of sensor size and is called QX, as for ‘Question X’

    Question: we have FX, we have DX…do we need a 3rd ?X one?

    Barbie has spoken.

    • minivini

      hehehe, Barbie said “strategical”. That’s humorical :-p Guess she’s in a comedical mood!

  • Jim McJimmyson

    Don’t get too excited. With a suit like that, the pic was definitely taken back in the 50s.

  • Andy

    Q = Quality = Medium Format

    • zeissdarling

      i thought that.. remember the medium format questionaire sent round? The DSLR in shadow in the pic is unlikely to be another mount to replace DX. doesn’t look like one but if they bring out a crappy bridge camera i’ve gotta make decisions and it unlikely i will spend £5k on D3x and probably nothing else Nikon if thats the highest rez. Too much hype about digital, the only advantage is speed, convenience and clean files. but we have to go along with the market and tech. high rez is still out of reach.

  • Catastrophile

    QuickpiX (like CoolPix) and abbreviated to QX similar to DX &FX.

  • Shedd

    I’m going to call fake on this. Look in the first photo. There is a box of clearly different pixels around the “Q”, that are a completely different color than the black background.

  • plug

    It all seems rather Queer to me.

  • Derek R

    Worst case scenario: they will name it the “Nikon Qute.”

  • minivini

    Q for quandary; as in, “let’s pop up a random image with the letter “Q” embedded in it and see how much crazy, random speculation we can generate.”

  • brave new world

    I don’t want a new mount NOW … whatever the Q means. Let’s see, if Nikon is able
    to promote more than just components – real solutions … just compare camera, software (NX …) the productivity of the combo could be MUCH higher …

  • I feel Nikon is jumping into medium format arena or it is readying itself against of Sony’s SLT or Nex series

    I hate new mounts for sure ,but if they do jump into medium format ,then for sure they will need new lenses to cater that market,since FX lenses will be useless with those camera due to size of the sensor .

    Even Sony had to come up with new mount for NEX series due to the size of the camera .

  • Mhh… i doubt the Q is for the new EVIL-mount. The name is already in use by novoflex:–und-haltesysteme/schnellkupplungen/qmount/

  • Mike

    Gotta be an old picture…I can’t see Nikon using a 4 x 3 projection screen these days….

  • Geoff

    Better ask James Bond (007), bet he knows Q

    • salvador42

      To the casual observer, it looks like a simple Nikon DSLR camera, but once you pull this little lever in the back… A laser beam will destroy anyone in the viewfinder!!

      Also includes a toothbrush and suicide pill in the SD Card slots, a parachute the battery pack, and a blow up raft in the lens.


  • Anonymous

    Nikon filed for bankruptcy protection in Albania.

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