No other Nikon products expected to be released for Photokina, except…

Note that I said "released" in the title - Nikon may still show their EVIL solution at Photokina, but I do not expect it to be available in stores any time soon. They may also come out with another press release (like they did at PMA), but there will be no other products released as far as I know. There could be another announcement by the end of the year, but it is too yearly to make any speculations yet.

Nikon Q

Now, the reason why I was holding up from publishing this post are the two pictures I received anonymously - no explanation, not details, just "Nikon Q":

Nikon did produce Q lenses back in the 50's (see some Q lenses on eBay) but I doubt those pictures were taken 60 years ago.

The second picture appears to display a camera with the letter "Q" on the front - is "Q" going to be the new Nikon mount? For their EVIL system maybe? I already reported that Nikon started labeling their lens caps with "F" which could be an indication that another mount may be coming soon.

Again, those two pictures could be fake or maybe referring to a different Nikon product. I do not know. I hope that by posting this online, we will get some more information on what "Nikon Q" really is.

Let the speculations begin.

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  • Nissehult

    Nice, I´ll bet the EVIL will be behind glas at photokina!

    • Manne

      Keep the EVIL safely behind thick glass 😉

      • Jesus

        i dont get why there wont be an EVIL with a fuckin F-MOUNT!!!????
        Then we could use our ”old” lenses!!

        • Jesus

          • Catastrophile

            because EVIL use contrast detect AF while SLR’s and their lenses are designed around pahse detect AF,

            yes there is CDAF in DSLR’s in LV mode but that is very slow because the lenses where designed for PDAF and trying to make them AF by CDAF is like trying to teach ballet to a heavy-weight lifter.

            • Joe R.

              What does that have to do with lens design?

            • Catastrophile

              “What does that have to do with lens design?”

              by nature contrast detect AF (CDAF) achieves focus with much more trial-and-error than phase detect AF (PDAF). So mirrorless lenses which use CDAF need the elements involved in AF in their design to be as light as possible for the back & forth movement of the trial-and-error to be fast in finding the right focus point . SLR lenses didn’t need their AF elements to be light because they were designed with PDAF in mind and mfr’s didn’t anticipate Live-View or EVIL advents in which CDAF is essential. Olympus has talked a lot officially about how difficult it was/is to make classic 4/3 lenses AF acceptably fast enough on m4/3 bodies (not possible but for lightest lenses) because of the above-mentioned explanation.

        • Piper

          Because f-mount lenses are designed to accomodate the space in the light path for the mirror/pentaprism, and therefore need to be a certain given distance away from the film/sensor plane. Mirrorless systems negate that requirement, and so lenses can be designed smaller, and the distance between lens and sensor plane can be reduced. Using the f-mount would totally negate any smaller size advantage offered by a mirrorless system, because it would force you to have the same distance between lens and sensor plane as if you had a mirror in the way.

        • Will it have the ability to use F-mount lenses as a “native” option? No, for the reasons that Piper outlines above. However, Nikon — like Olympus and other manufacturers — will likely produce adapters for those who want to use F-mount lenses on their EVIL camera.

    • Banned

      Looks like a new mount. Notice how the “Q” is placed right where the mount is supposed to be on the camera body. Plus the “Q” logo really looks like a lens mount. Seems to indicate an announcement about a new “Q” mount is coming soon. No camera or lens announcement, just the mount, I think.

    • venancio

      Q O O L P I X…

      • chris


      • Paul

        please no!

      • The invisible wife

        Or maybe Nikon finaly decided to do a QUALITY control on his lenses !
        Yes please !

  • Gareth

    looks EVIL to me

    • Nikoniastu

      Looks DEVIL to me! 😉

  • Vladi

    Interesting. The outlines of the camera on the 2nd picture resembles Canon as far as i can see 🙂

  • Theo

    That camera seems to be too big for an EVIL.

    • iamlucky13

      Not necessarily. The F-mount takes up relatively a lot of real estate on a compact body because it’s designed for full frame.

      If Nikon is coming out with an EVIL that uses DX or smaller sensor, the mount could be a fair amount smaller relatively to a reasonably ergonomic body.

      That would leave me puzzled how an F-mount adapter would fit and accommodate the bayonet while providing proper distance between the mount and the sensor, but without needing space for mirror swing, maybe there’s room.

      I say this because I personally don’t believe (or don’t want to believe) Nikon will abandon hope of compatibility with F-mount lenses. An F-mount adapter will be their surest way to win sales among current Nikon SLR owners.

  • Has anyone seen those pictures online somewhere? Maybe they are from a different Nikon event/product? I could not find any reference to “Nikon Q”.

  • Cache

    That is why I LOVE and check your website several times a day!

  • preston

    Seems to have a bump in the top for a prism viewfinder like a traditional slr. Maybe the size will be reduced and that will turn into an electronic viewfinder? I’m hoping for this so that I won’t have to worry about bright light causing glare on the lcd screen when composing shots (very frustrating on my compact).

    To be honest the EVIL from Nikon doesn’t interest me that much because I’d only want a pancake lens anyway – so already having to buy a new lens – I don’t care if it’s from another brand. This is why I’m hoping the “Q” is meant to connote “Quality” and it’s really the prototype for their medium format entry!

  • jk

    The pictures do have some parts that look a little retro.

    • Banned

      Seriously how can you see that, the photo is like, dark as dark can be.

    • You can see the Q-DAS logo here:

      it looks different

      • jason

        maybe its for the D800/D900 so much needed RELEASE and the Q stands for quantum as thats the tech spec leap that nikon has promised the world it is going to deliver hence the Q
        by the way this is just a guess no its a wish

        • raj

          yes it wil be quantum

      • Banned

        Nah, too remote. Doesn’t even look camera related and the photo “seems” to show a camera in the dark.

    • iamlucky13

      I think that looks like a dead-end coincidence. The one picture really seems to show a heavily shadowed camera, not a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

  • ukj

    maybe it the new nikon Q400 and Q800 DSLR. the nikon evil is that new lens technology or new cameras technology

  • JB52

    The second photo to me looks very manipulated. The pixellation in the upper half of the screen above the Q looks fake.

    If the hinted-at image is indeed a camera, it looks like its got a prism of some form. That would be a 4/3 rival? Hard to think nikon would get a great foothold there, especially as a D40 isn’t too much bigger than a 4/3 Panny.

    I think Nikon should go for a M4/3 killer, with a bundled adaptor to take F mount lenses and an downscaled re-run of the 45P that came out with the FM3A. Failing that, a Sony NEX-killer with an F-mount and an APS-C sensor. But hey, that’s just what I want. Nikon will no doubt produce a P7000 with Q mount lenses with a 3x factor and a sensor as big as my fingernail.

  • I’m still so sad that we never saw the d700 replacement, or one that would replace it… sad, so very sad!lol

    • Maybe there will be no D700 replacement, but a new model between D700 & D3s… if that happens, will D700 owners be happier or sadder?

      • I’m a d3s owner and I have a d90 as a second body…. I just need a great fx body so I can lose the dx lenses and have strong iso performance and a great video. I can wait, but it sucks!

        • nikkor_2

          I use a D3 as a back-up to my D3S; the D3 performs very well in this role, I think. Have you thought about buying a used D3?

    • zzddrr

      Nikon simply does not have the capabilities to make sensors beyond 12mp. I am sorry, now it is 14mp because the D7000 is 100% sure that was made by sony.

      So, let’s hope that sony speeds up a bit so our lazy Nikon can finally use a high res FF sensor from again sony.

      I am also very disappointed since we’ve been waiting for almost 24months now or 2 yrs. For this very same reason I decided not to purchase any new lens and/or any accessories (basically nothing) from Nikon this year. Why should I, the d700 at 12mp is just fine with what I have. Once Nikon produces what I want I will buy their product that’s simple.

      • I waited for as long and decided to get the d3s…it’s incredible but I know I could have been as happy with a great d700 replacement and saved 2-3 k.

        • zzddrr

          Yep, I almost did the same. When the d3x was announced after the d700 price dropped (a little bit) and pulled the trigger. I thought that it will be a temporary investment (and that’s why i did not buy the d3) but it turns out that Nikon seriously does not give a damn about those who actually want more than 12mp.

          Now I am refusing to purchase any Nikon equipment until they produce what I want/need.

          • nikkor_2

            “Now I am refusing to purchase any Nikon equipment until they produce what I want/need.”

            Oh, Chuck (Westfall), please do re-consider!

          • twoomy

            “Now I am refusing to purchase any Nikon equipment until they produce what I want/need.”

            That is funny. So does that mean that before you were angry, you’d buy any random Nikon sh*t regardless of whether you needed it or not?

            • Anonymous

              Jeez, it seems to me none of you understood his/her point. I think he/she meant that no need to invest into new gear until you know what is available. Actually it is a very smart move considering that for example the D7000 has a new battery grip. I bet that for example the new flash systems will work better with the D7000. Same can be said about the upcoming new FX.

            • nikkor_2

              Anon: with due respect, I think you missed the point of our satire here, all taken at zzddrr’s expense.

      • great will u shut up until then? it’s the same stupid rant in every thread. we get it, either get a canon or go outside and leave us alone. I love my d700 and I print 40 ” wide so I don’t get why ur whining os it that you are shy and crop like hell? go away
        ugh and don’t come back with ‘no one asked you’
        cause I’m not answering, I’m telling

        • zzddrr

          @ fotosniper

          Sometimes I wonder about people like you. Yes, people like you are the biggest obstacle in the way of innovation. I am curious what will you say in 6 months when actually this lazy nikon will pass the magic 12mp? My guess is that for two days you will be dizzy. Then you will come out proudly and say that “I told you so! way to go Nikon!” But remember, if it were on you we’d be still at 4mp.

          • gt

            Look buddy, this isn’t about innovation.

            I think most of us agree that more megapixels are better because they offer more flexibility – and the ability to print larger. We may not value megapixels AS MUCH as you (we favor other features such as dynamic range and iso performance), but we all agree that more megapixels is generally a good thing. They make life easier.

            The problem here is that you are posting the same tiresome rant over and over and over again. Not only that, its littered with curse words and is generally unproductive and crude. Posting on here with “fu-Q nikon!” doesn’t make your dream camera appear any faster, and its a form of negativity that most of us don’t want to read.

            We’re not anti-megapixels or anti-innovation – we are anti-ZZDDRR…because your posts are repetitive, annoying, unproductive, and crude!

            I urge you to start contributing productively to the discussion – and, if you can’t, stop posting altogether.

            • Anonymous

              gt, I think that is why zz posts every single day the same thing. And you guys respond every single day with the same thing. I think he/she must have fun with that. He/she posts one and 10 of you responds back. I think it is hilarious.

            • gt

              haha I am being trolled for sure

          • JED

            Most of us do not have a problem with you wanting Nikon to release a D700 successor. Its what many many people want.
            The problem is that you mention it ad nauseam in every single thread. Nikon wont do it any quicker no matter how much you mention it here…

          • agh no, I’ll just keep shooting my d700. I am just tired of u that’s all.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Most of us who are serious about photography understand that more megapixels doesn´t translates into something better simply because there are compromises made when using a sensor that has a lot of photosites crammed in there. The stupidity of the megapixel wars is mostly followed by wankers such as yourself who can´t understand a thing about image quality.

            So far the D3, D3s and D700 are great because Nikon was conservative and there are plenty of pros who can tell you that and shoot everyday with them without a hitch, the most amusing thing is that 99% of you whiners don´t print and the rest never print beyond 8×10 inches… so stfu please!! it is annoying to see you go like a baby in ever post here.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm… looks like you don’t know how to use what you have. I advise that you sell your Nikon products and buy Canon… Perhaps the zillions of pixels will finally help you shoot better and you will stop trolling the Nikon sites.

        • nikkor_2

          Oh, dear Chuck (Westfall), please rest now; things will be better in the morning …

        • BornOptimist

          YOU zzddrr obviously doesn’t know the difference between a D700 and D3X.
          The electronics related to the sensor has nothing in common on these cameras. The D3X use a sensor with ADC onboard, while the D3/D700 sensor has external ADCs (yes, there are two of them), so they are as far apart as you can ever imagine.

          • nikkor_2


            The facts matter not here to Chuck (Westfall); our dear friend is on a mission; it’s all or nothing here.

      • Hi ZZ: I have knews for you: more knowledgeable people, including one that seems to have seen D7000’s development from early on, say D7000’s is a modified Sony sensor, but that D3100’s sensor at 14 MP is not. Check DPR and search for bobn2 and Iliah Borg. It seems decision fornD7000’s sensor was defined before development of D3100’s sensor.


        • zzddrr

          Good morning Renato,

          Yes I read Iliah and bobn2’s posts.

          I have a theory, I think the D3100 was developed in the last minute by Nikon and manufactured by somebody else than Sony. That is because Sony has supply issues with the 14mp sensor due to the unexpected success of the NEX.

          Nikon was actually really smart to early recognize that they may run into supply issues with the lower resolution sensor. I have a feeling that they tested both the 14 and the 16mp sensors. Bottom line is that Nikon looks serious about to address the “out of stock issues” and this seems to me an excellent move. I think this may also explain why the Pro line is behind a bit. I would not be surprised that Nikon had supply issues with the D3s/x sensors and they want to avoid that in the future. If so then I congratulate to them.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            In your fantasy land you think to mass produce a new product you do it in days… in case you don´t know it takes YEARS because of the R&D, legal paperwork around the world, tests, etc…

            Don´t theorize please you are only making a fool of yourself.

          • nikkor_2

            “I think this may also explain why the Pro line is behind a bit. ”

            You, Chuck, clearly do not shoot with pro Nikon/Nikkor gear; many make a living doing so, generating great stuff day in and day out.

            In the sports realm, many pros have ‘made the switch’ from white to black.

            It’s one thing to encourage N to innovate and update; it’s another to relentlessly belittle.

  • Denko

    How about this progression:


    F-mount hubs… QX something to do with quad? MF camera? 96 MP?

  • benS

    Is that Mr Q from the secret service (James Bond movie ) presenting the new Nikon Q camera ? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Top Secret Indeed 🙂 I bet the person who took that picture is a spy 🙂

    • SZRimaging

      That would be Mi6, not the secret service.

      • Banned

        Hey brainiac, “Secret service” is ok as the full name is “Secret Intelligence Service” a.k.a. SIS. MI6 is just a stupid moniker used by the mass media and its followers such as you.

  • JED

    Q for Quantum dots…..

    (well I guess not…)

  • pat

    nIkon Q = IQ 😉

  • D90

    D300s replacement!!

  • Ali

    I am willing to bet it’s the Medium format from Nikon – something like the Leica S2 … oh yeah!!

  • Mike

    Q mount??!! For the EVIL camera?

  • John

    FWIW – That’s what I was told by a local sales guy – the Nikon EVIL concept would be announced and shown, but not released at Photokina.

  • Ez

    Does the original image you received include any EXIF data? The online version you posted doesn’t, except to show it was modified on Friday, September 17, 2010 6:11:16 AM

    • No EXIF data, I just renamed the files before posting.

  • JC

    Seems like the little red part of the “Q” is forming a letter “X”, so i’m with the QX= medium format 😛

  • Has anyone seen this “Q” logo before – looks too good for someone to fake.

    • Ravncat

      Looks kinda like your standard power on off indicator – or like the rings on an xbox 360 with a slash through one. – Also – interestingly enough, at the nikon service center in Osaka – I saw a body cap with the new F mount logo on it

  • Derek R

    FWIW, didn’t return any image matches, so maybe these pics are new on the internet.

  • Whatever

    Am I blind? I see no camera in the second photo.

    • Derek R

      There’s just a very faint reflection of the top of the camera.

    • Maybe I am blind 🙂 I see a camera on the second photo.

    • Whatever

      Egads! How bright do your have your monitor to see that w/o manipulating the photo?

      Time to pull out the Spyder and see if I’m too dark.

      • Whatever

        Calibration came back good here.

  • Huggs

    I’m thinking medium format or EVIL. Or the same old stuff with a retro twist?

  • I just got info buzz and rumor that the D700 replacement i s gonna be announced by the end of the year. 😉

  • Bob

    The logo looks like “QX”. Or OX? Or is it Nikon’s “Big O” coming soon? Nikon’s version of tic tac toe XXOOO?

  • frank da tank

    its a new fx that can shoot full res with dx lenses… for under 2k.

    • frank da tank

      the ‘x’ is for crossover

  • Nikon Quality? Nikon Quest? Nikon Quattro? or maybe it has something to do with physics.. Q= charge or heat.

  • Ez

    Hmm… I found this under “Nikon OX”

    AF-S OX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.S-S.6G EO VR n

    Look at the HTML version of this in Google Search

    • jay

      OX – if the “x” , in a smaller font, is shift down to the lower right, it looks like the logo “Q”.

      So the right question to ask is what’s the new OX-mount? the document in the cache says 1.5x corp-factor.

      • jay

        Look at this page, you got references to “Nikon OX format CCD”, “Nikon OX series camera” etc.


        But these are OCR errors – DX scanned as OX

    • dragossani

      Something like Sony E-mount. Short flange distance, DX-size mount for EVIL cameras.

  • Gary

    Whether true or not, it would be a clever marketing move. The name “Q” is an awesome name, much better than micro 4/3 or NEX or whatever.

    If it is true, my guess is that the Q will stand for quality, as in high end quality in a smaller, more affordable package. Perhaps marketing would even use the Q to stand for multiple things, like quality, a quantum leap in technology, etc.

  • bikinchris

    I had written a post about the new body cap a while back. For 40+ years, no mention on the body cap of the mount, now it’s marked F mount.

    • Denko

      Quatro mount? Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Olympus all on one body.

  • Ez

    from online manual… in my last post

    “Thank you for purchasing the AF-S OX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G EO VR II lens. OX NIKKOR lenses are specially designed for use with Nikon digital-SLR (Nikon OX-format) cameras, such as the 0300-series and 090. When mounted on Nikon OX-format cameras, the lens picture angle is equivalent to approximately l.5x the focal length in 35mm format. Before using this lens, please read these instructions and refer to your camera’s User’s Manual

    • twoomy

      huh? Looks like somebody replaced all of the proper “D”‘s with “O”‘s — you post makes no sense. Put “D”‘s in place and welcome back to present.

  • Adam

    Admin – any idea where these pictures came from? America, Europe, or Japan? Maybe in the email header?
    Just wondering if this is some sort of sales rep meeting. Q could easily be some sort of sales initiative, not a new piece of hardware.

    • even if I had this info, I cannot disclose it – do not want to get anyone in trouble

      • Adam

        no prob. This one has my wheels turning

    • Banned

      Well I can see the people in the photo look Asian clearly, even Japanese. I have good eyes.

    • jay

      trying to find where the leak came from … this just made this rumor more creditable … hmmmm.

  • manimal

    Great logo. Qx sounds better than Ox, which sounds too Apple.

    • Bob

      Will I get in trouble with PETA if I’m shooting an Ox?

      • hahahaha

      • minivini

        Yes, you’d be severely punished by a couple of hot, naked celebrity chicks. The good news (better news?) is that you can post pictures of it with the same Ox!

  • Nick Korr

    I see a circle is devided in fours, and one of the fours is colored in red and slashed forming the letter Q. So, isn’t it obvious that the Q indicates ‘One Quarter’?

    • Denko

      One quarter from FX? That’s 9 mm x 6 mm which would be below 4/3 spec… EVIL offering would need to be APS-C size at the least to compete properly.

      • Nick Korr

        One quarter could be in term of the area, and that would fit the rumored 17mm dia image circle.

        • Denko

          Then it better be close to half the price of Sony’s NEX cameras…. and that would be in the Coolpix realm… also the lenses for wide will be really difficult to make… granted users of this might only think of the zoom factor. I don’t think EVIL be anything other than APS-C sensor and F-Mount it just doesn’t make sense neither technological nor economical.

          • BornOptimist

            I wouldn’t spend a penny on the NEX, but I will fork out big dosh for a good camera with 17mm-sensor and small fast primes.
            Small lenses does not exist for neighter NEX, NX or m4/3, nor will it ever exist. Because of the sensor size they will always be big if they are fast. Just look at the lenses announced for Samsung NX. All of them slow and big.

      • NikonGuy

        Actually, a quarter of FX (36×24) would be 18×12, which is comparable to 4/3 (17×13).

        • Zen

          Q is “quad”…or 4 [elements], in Nikon’s old lens nomenclature.

          Q could also meant to hint at the concept of quadrant. The stylized Q logo shows the First, Second and the third quadrant in white, with the Fourth quadrant kinda crossed out and in red…making a Q.

          Q could well be the new name for Q-mount…u4/3 mount.

  • Heh, Q for Quality. I hope something new and not just some viral marketing.

  • Adam

    OK – which one of you just ran and registered
    Domain Name: NIKONQ.COM
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.LINODE.COM
    Name Server: NS2.LINODE.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 16-sep-2010
    Creation Date: 16-sep-2010
    Expiration Date: 16-sep-2011

    • LOL, good one!

      • jay and are all useless, there is no reason to believe Nikon will register

    • ha that’s awesome, domain pirates

    • Whatever

      The fact that domain wasn’t registered before either strongly indicates there will not be a “Nikon Q” or that Nikon is web-incompetent.

      • Banned

        I vouch for option 2 lol.

    • Lance

      It seems like would be the domain to get. But I can’t believe that if this were for real that Nikon itself would not already have them locked up, except that they feed everything off of or, etc…

  • Merv

    Quantum Teleportation?

    Bit of a stretch though, and the link is from 2006

    • this is above my paygrade, sounds like science fiction 🙂

    • ukj

      wow my brain hurts

  • Pixel Peepers Unite

    NX-Q !

    As in neNX we Quit.

  • Oleg


    just look back at your previous posts

    “In addition to the new body cap, Nikon also replaced their old lens cap LF-1 with the new LF-4. The new version say “Nikon F mount”, which could indicate that there will be a new mount soon (EVIL?):”

    now we got the “Q mount”, why would nikon redesign the cap then…
    Quick mount, a lens that you can attach quicker then on the f mount, less twising or looking for that lock on point?

    If i was a designer and had to design something for the new Q mount thats (the picture you got) exactly how it would look

    • Denko

      This actually makes sense to me… intriguing prospect.

      • nikkor_2

        “This actually makes sense to me… intriguing prospect.”


  • Pixel Peepers Unite

    Maybe it’s Nikon Squares.

    In the center is KR. Circle gets the square.

  • Simon
  • lolcatmaster FTW

    What a “coincidence” that only a few days later than the official news about the D7000 this appears and also a “coincidence” that the shots are suuuper crappy to be indistinguishible… hahahaha sincerely you have to recognize the PR team working for Nikon is really brilliant, they are creating so much hype with this.

    NR admin it would be awesome to know which PR agency is working this 🙂 (as much as you don´t want to believe it).

    • I know which PR Nikon uses, not sure if this is them.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        Sniff, Sniff!! Smells like expectation campaign.

        By the way have you seen that all the shots of the D7000 are from a P25 back? -Check Chase´s Site-

  • Ashton Kutcher

    UMM DUH why cant you guys see it is going to be a new button on the D900? the button will have the function of making me pop out wherever you are and drop the panties of all ladies within 100 yard radius

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      It is also known as the Modelmayhemer or the OneModelPlacer, it will get the modesl naked.

      • Ok, ignore all of my previous I-don’t-need-to-upgrade talk. Perhaps I *do* need a new camera…

  • sjms


  • Ez

    okay.. well I think this are old pictures, First the quietly is poor even for a cheap cell phone. Second, it looks like this is a actual presentation that is being delivered from the podium… guy is is suit, not what most would be wearing to “setup” a booth.

    If someone was giving a “Presentation” on Nikon… anywhere on earth. By now we would have gotten something on the wire.

  • Rafa

    No D700x or D800?? Bummer

    • Dan

      Well from what I heard from the local rep SOMETHING is coming. To be specific 3 new DSLRs. No further details and I ain’t bullshitting…unless the sales rep is. That I have no control over!

  • goose

    maybe this one admin (Patent application 2010-026469 (filed in February 2010) is about a built in rear lens cover)?

    or too small of an innovation to have that kind of presentation??

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