Nikon D7000, 35/1.4, 200/2 and SB-700 available for pre-order (*updated*)

This post will also be updated as more retailers start taking pre-orders.

Pre-order @ Amazon:

Pre-order @ B&H:

Pre-order @ Adorama:

Other options:

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  • Rafakoy

    I just pre-ordered the D7000 body only. I hope to get it soon.

    • Oh dear, I couldn’t help it. Had to preorder the 200mm f/2.0 and the D7000.

      • Son of Steve

        I pre-ordered everything. I did it through a very helpful friend in Nigeria, who also has my lottery winnings and a unique investment opportunity. Let me know if you’re interested.

        • Anonymous

          I love this. Friend in Nigeria

          • Neogene

            +1 😀

        • PHB

          Well it sounds funny, but you would be amazed at the number of idiots who do precisely that.

          Basically the criminals recruit people to take delivery of the goods in the US and then forward them by DHL to West Africa. Some of the mules do it thinking that package reshipping is a job, others are conned into thinking they have a boy/girl friend who needs a favor.

    • PeterZheng
  • Thanks Pete. I ordered the SB-700. Can’t wait to get it. Woohoo!

  • gregorylent

    do not buy kit lens, going by my experience with it

  • Don

    Ordered body through Amazon! I cannot wait!!

  • JoshL

    ordered the D7000 yes! Thanks for excellent work admin!

  • ordered 35 1.4 — just received 85 1.4 today and very pleased. Thanks ADMIN

  • jon

    Any idea when pre-order for Canada will be available?

    • Curious Tired Monkey

      I’d guess at major camera retailers no later than Wednesday morning.. I’m going to check again.. when I wake up.. in.. oh 5 hours or so. Not having any interest in the last DSLR release, the 3100, I don’t remember when we could preorder in Canada.
      But MSRP up here is $1279.95.

      Maybe I better make sure to have a coffee before mistakenly ordering a D700 with all the fixin’s.

      • T140Rider

        If you did, you wouldn’t regret it. Unless you already have a D700/D3x etc…
        The D700 is one hell of a body. Even a Friend of mine who is a Canon fanboi admits that it is better than his 7D or 5DII. No, he does not shoot Video so the comparison is valid.
        The noise comparisons above 1600 the D700 leaves both Canon’s in the dust.
        We both did a shoot in a very dark Crypt. Then we compared results…

        • st r

          > The D700 is one hell of a body.

          on crop format d700 is only 5 MP.

          My 70-200mm would not have sufficient reach for my needs on full frame, and even lower resolution than my D40 on crop format. To me, D7000 looks a much better choice than D700, for half the price.

          To each his own…

          • To each their own is true. If you don’t OWN a d700 or any of the FX bodies, you never realize how good they are!

            In the best, brightest daylight, the reach is worth the crop sensor, when you need it. But outside that, my TC14 makes using a crop sensor pointless. Sure you slap the TC14 on a crop sensor as well, but you lose a stop of light, and the 12mp sensor does not keep up with FX at higher ISOs. Will the new 16mp sensor keep up better than the 12mp?

            The D7000 will have to be quite good at high ISOs to keep up with the D700. I kinda hope it is! I want one!

      • Anonymous

        It will be your luckiest mistake 😉

    • RobA
      • ukj

        i pre ordered from henrys today cant wait

  • PR

    ordered d7000 throu’ amazon, 1 day shipping 🙂

    • Peter Frans

      After a 30 day waiting period or what lol

  • PeterAlden

    will Amazon charge your credit card for the full amount now, or when it ships? The web site doesnt say.

    • NRC

      When it ships.

  • ok, signing off for tonight – more coverage tomorrow

    • Amazing work Admin 🙂

    • GvD

      Thanks for running this site and the awesome updates. I’ve been researching and struggling between the Canon 60D and the rumored (until now) Nikon D7000. If it wasn’t for your updates I would have made a big mistake IMO, but instead have a beautiful pre-ordered Nikon D7000. So agan, thank you for this site and I’ll continue to visit and support it. 🙂

    • Marco

      Good job as usual.

    • Great job done, Admin! Have a wonderful slumber!

    • LGO

      Thank you NR Admin … for helping us get advance info so we can make the right equipment-buy decisions, as well as for some fun and funny moments here! 😀

    • salvador42

      Thanks on top of more thanks for the awesome ride this last couple months! So addictive getting the next update here that my F5 button is worn away. Great discussions too, I’ve learned a lot. Can’t wait to get the D7000, as it will be my first DSLR. Yay!! G’nite 😉

    • zoetmb

      I usually criticize rumors, but you had these right on. Great work.

    • Jordan

      Awesome insight and website. Just pre-ordered mine using your link.

      Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • NRC

    Ordered my D7000 kit. I assume I have 4 to 6 weeks before it arrives to come up with a way for the wife not to kill me. Oh well.

    • Vandyu

      Your very first picture should be of your wife. Make sure it’s a good one!

      • robert

        Women waking up and looking in the mirror. Jesus christ I look like hell. Spends time putting makeup on then looks in the mirror..yea, now I look like me..

        • nikkor_2

          “…I look like hell.”

          Chuck Westfall’s famous last words?

  • D7000 body only to go with my D700 via next day shipping.

  • ukj

    what about canada

  • jdsl
  • D90

    There is no AF Fine Tune… just Fine Tune for Optimal Exposure. D90s have that under menus/metering

  • This kind of pre-ordering, is Amazon usually pretty good (means getting the product fast) at it? Or should I wait for other retailers like B&H, Adorama?

    • D90

      Amazon have warehouses across the country the size of aircraft hangers. They’re fast.

      • Tks! Just placed my order! =)

      • iamlucky13

        Amazon is fast at shipping, but they’re dependent on when Nikon can get the cameras to them.

        Based on the specs and anticipation, I suspect most people will still have to wait even once it officially becomes available.

  • George Richardson

    A month ago I had no clue of the D7000 and tonight I was up till 2AM to pre-order this thing.

    Thanks for the site Admin, without it I would have missed the boat on a great product!

    • robert

      What boat would you have missed exactly? George, they’ve just announced it, not discontinuing you think you would have been clueless for 2 years till the next replacement..?

  • Steve

    I think I’m probably one of the few people who isn’t excited about the D7000. The improved technology is good news but I was hoping for something priced similar to the D90 but with improved image quality. But it seems this is closer to the D300s in every way and it costs 30% more than the D90 at its release and has many of the D300s features. So it seems there is now a hole in the DX lineup – both the d3100 and d5000 are around $550, the D90 is about a $120 more, but the new D7000 is almost double that.

    So clearly, although the body size is D90-ish, this is really a D300s substitute, which is actually just $120 more.

    Will we have to wait a year for a downgraded D7000 to appear as a D6000 for $900 ?


    • Zupi

      Obviously you have no idea what is exchange rate to JPY. And obviously you just do not need pro features like AF Fine tune, 100% viewfinder, magnesium body ect.

      If you are cheapstake there si D3100 for you.

      Nobody cares if you do not buy, I know I will and millions of others

      • Rob

        D5100 coming soon.

      • bonzo

        HK street prices :

        D5000 $3900 (US$500)
        D3100 $4400 (US$550)
        D90 $5200 (US$680)
        D7000 tbc (US$1200)
        D300s $10500(US$1300)

        There is a US$500 gap between the D90 and the D7000.

        There is a US$100 cap between the D300s and D7000.

        D300s RIP.

        • WoutK89

          Bonzo, how I like your comparison, I would assume by the time the D7k is release it will already have dropped some in price, while the D300s will not drop more soon and the D90 might drop more by the end of 2010 while stocks last.
          This comparison is only valid at the day, or after the day of release.

      • Rahul

        Zupi, It was good to know that you are very excited about this new camera. Why shouldn’t you be? It indeed seems to be a great camera. However, your comment does seem like a bit derogatory. People have different opinion regarding what actually is a reasonable price. A D3x user would feel that its price is reasonable given its high performance. For him, D7000 might actually be junk. But does that mean he has the right to call you a cheapstake because you find D7000 attractive and D3x costly?

        • JoshL

          the original post was depressing (really debbie downer type of $hit) and zupi’s comments could be construed as being a bit harsh.

    • st r

      I think that D7000 is D7000, not D90++ or D300s–, just like D5000 was (is) D5000 and not D90–.

      I mean: product line-ups are changing, and new models are not comparable to those of 2 years ago.

      Prices are also changing along the lifespan of a product. We are comparing the suggested retail price of a new (not yet available) product with the actual street prices of products close to their end-of-life.

      The latter may be aimed at clearing the warehouses, while the former can be set at whatever the producer sees fit, thanks to the excitement raised by the feature list.

      • bonzo

        I agree with what you say, but would anyone buy a D300s now ? Apart from fps and flash sync, it mostly loses out to the younger, slimmer D7000 ?

        • I also think that nobody will buy a D300s anymore. As an underwaterphotographer i’m very carefull about when to upgrade to a new camera since i have to buy an underwaterhousing as well which normally is about twice the price of a camera body. I want to upgrade from my D200, but i’d prefer to have a camera like the 7d and Nikon just doesn’t have that (yet)… Come on Nikon, i’m waiting for a real upgraded D300 for more than 2 years now!

          • Thoppa

            My guess is that we will see a D90 successor (let’s say D6000) just after Christmas, that uses the D7000 sensor but with stripped down features, just like a D300 stripped to D90. Then 6-9 months later we’ll get a D5100 downgrade of the D6000 and about the same time we’ll see the D9000 – the upgrade for the D300s. Then in about 18 months the D3100 will become the D3200 using the D5100 internals or perhaps a new sensor…..and so on and so forth. The life cycle of Nikon.

            • WoutK89

              The D6000 seems already pointless at the moment in time, D3100, D5100, D7000, D9000 is what I predict, where D9000 is the successor to the D300s. All DX bodies in the Dn000 line seems to take out any confusion that arose, for some people that look at numbers only, when Nikon left their old numbering behind and had to start fresh.

            • Catastrophile


              i also think there is room for only one model in between D7000 & D3100. and since D7000 seems to be a D90/D300S replacement, maybe there will be a D5000/D90 replacement (D6000 might be a more suitable name in this case). will have the same sensor as D7000 but not the 39 AF points, maybe same AF as D90, articulated LCD as D5000, no AF motor, price in between D5000/D90 when each was launched = ~ 900 US$. D300S replacement might be simply D7000 + a D700 replacement.

    • hah

      the D90 was 999 when released. clearly the yen to dollar exchange rate has pushed the price up. this is priced similar to the D90 yet it is superior. so you’re point is moot.

      • Pixel Peepers Unite

        D7000 is $100 more than when I bought a D80 3 years ago.

        I’d say its worth $100 of improvement.

    • f/2.8

      I see this as a new class of camera slotted between the D90 and the D300 not the merging of those 2 classes. So there should be update of D90 and D300 in the future.

      • Catastrophile

        would be too many lines too close to one another to run simultaneously, at least one of the 3 lines needs to go into hibernation for some time, and when/if it comes back again, it does so by alternating the hibernation with one of the other 2 lines. IOW D7000 now makes it unnecessary to replace both D90 & D300S for the next 2 years.

  • Patrick

    Just ordered my D7000 body on Amazon! Thanks NR for all the great intel!
    Sooo psyched for what promises to be a big upgrade from my Ken Rockwell special!

  • Zorro

    Be prepared for a long wait for your D7000.
    The first three shipments (at least) will be taken up by Canon users, switching.

    • Canonknight

      Hahaha, guilty!

      • NikonFF&DxUser

        NikonKnight after the announcement huh?

    • robert

      I highly doubt that. The D60 is a great camera spec wise. Even besting the D7000 on a few and costs less. There’s a reason why Canon is Nikon’s competitor..

      Changing the subject to those looking at the SB700. Does it only go as wide as a 24mm? Sheesh! that’s going to be problematic for my 16-35VR. Why then have the built in diffuser and the stofen as well?

      • PHB

        The D60 is no match for the D7000. I was a D50 user for many years and it is a great camera. But the D60 loses the AF motor and its still only a CMOS sensor.


        • robert

          I don’t think Canon will have any problems selling as many D60’s as Nikon will the D7000. If you do you’re a bit ignorant. I’m not taking Canon’s side. I just think there’s a reason Canon is Nikon’s competitor. If they didn’t deliver great products people wouldn’t buy..As much as I think the build quality of their cameras suck, and their high ISO sucks, and many other things they could improve, but they still sell thousands.

          Btw, were talking Canon D60 to Nikon D7000. I’m replying to Zorro who said the first few shipment will be bought by Canon users jumping ship. I don’t think this is so..

          • PHB

            You mean there are people who prefer a Canon D60 to a Nikon D60?

            Well each to his own I suppose.

          • Are you talking about a Nikon D60 or a Canon EOS 60D?

      • Zorro

        That’s 24 on FX i.e. 16 on DX. Your 16-85 will be a fine match with the SB-700

        • robert

          What 16-85? I have:
          D700 D300s
          85 1.4
          60 AFD
          300 AFS..
          so it would not work well with the 16-35VR on the D700..Disappointed in that and the GN, but I guess I should have expected it….I’m getting some more 800’s. I am not buying a SB900.

  • robertkrasser

    Again Nikon placed the GPS USB socket on the bottom of the camera like at the D90. The GPS Cable plug is so long that if you are working 2-3 days as a Photojournalist the conection is broken. The camera needs to be send to nikon. Mine is now for the 3rd time broken at the D90 and I let it like it is. My conclusion Nikon is not learning from theire mistakes at all! D7000 complete nonsense and for me useless.

    • jdsl

      one unhappy soul because of the GPS socket 🙂

      • PHB

        I would guess that the original idea of placing it there was to enable the GPS function to be supported in a grip.

  • vallon


    I hope amazon kicks back to your website. Just placed my order for the D7000.

    • NRC

      If you ordered through any of the links above, you’re helping the Admin, as he’s got Amazon affiliate codes in the links.

  • Nikon Por Meung

    Cool…. I like Nikon ..taking 10-24 and 24-120 I would travel with ease

  • This is going to be a seriously good backup camera for the D700! Poor 7D users won’t know what hit them.

    Can’t wait to see some of the low and high ISO samples, i’m very tempted to pre-order one.

  • CE

    Sticking with my 5D… And definetely buying that 24 1.4 L now.

  • Simpleman

    admin , gr8 work , thank you !!! your the best !!

  • benS

    I think i have Nikon high fever, look @ that AF-S Nikkor 200mm f/2G ED VR II. That’s the sexiest lense for me. Reminds if of Kim K or J Lo.

    Ok i better get back to work. I have been Surfin Nikon rumors the whole day !

    • LGO

      That makes several thousands of us!! 😀

  • Rick

    awesome….this looks so sweet… I wonder how much would I have to pay for the grip and extra battery…
    Thanks Admin. This site is addictive.

  • Abhinav

    Man it has AF tune in too 😀 oh! gosh .I will loose my money on this now lol

  • Suprchunk

    Waiting for a different vendor to get it for pre-order. Amazon does not like to ship to military folks stationed overseas. B&H has no problem supporting people who have to live overseas. Amazon’s list of stuff they won’t ship to support the troops also seems to be growing. I couldn’t get a pack of guitar strings shipped over here, in Germany. Weird.

    Can’t wait to get this camera and start taking pictures of the winters around here. Hopefully I get it before my next trip to London. Will be nice to walk around testing out the candids, and architecture shots with it.

    Anyone want to buy a D90 so I can fund this purchase?

    • Ugggh so disappointing to read. We’re stationed in Germany to & I want this camera NOW. I can’t believe all of the shops who are not APO friendly 🙁

  • Just pre-ordered myself one of these and cannot WAIT to get it. I’m just depressed I have to head back to Italy without it in my hands. Let’s hope I have a friend coming to Rome when it ships!!

    Thanks Admin for keeping me maniacally checking the site, you do a great job here! My first post ever but a long time lurker!

  • Lance

    f/1.4 on the 35mm doesn’t mean much an a D3S, unless you want the super thin depth on a wide angle. I’ll stick with the tiny and light 35 f/2. The still unavailable 24-120 f/4 is tempting. It looks gigantic, but has all the pj lenses rolled into one package. Again, put it on a D3S and you might be set for life.

    • hah

      that’s why you buy 1.4 lenses. not for the speed since nikon is king of ISO. but for the look.

  • Vince

    Hi guys,
    any idea about when it will be available for pre-order in Europe?

    • Broxibear

      Already is available to pre-order in UK Vince?
      Warehouseexpress have them…

      Has anyone got information as to when the SB-700 will actually be availabe ?

      • Vince

        Thanks a lot Broxibear!

      • ewan

        Crikey. At those prices it’s only twenty quid less than the D300s.

      • WoutK89

        SB-700 in November

      • Phoenix

        Jessops in the UK are selling Body Only for £1099 in a pre-order with a case and 2x 4GB cards. They also got the 18-105 VR kit available for £1299 with the same pre-order bundle.

        While I so badly want to order it now, I’m going to wait until they drop the price slightly which usually happens about 2 weeks after release.

        • maceda

          Calumet UK – same price but with £75 voucher

  • Try it

    I was a nikon fan, owned almost all the pro lens. Tried the d700 and thought that’s the end of my camera addiction….
    Until I saw the images from leica m9…. The rest is history.

    So guys, if u do have the chance, borrow beg steal or buy an m9 and be amazed by the clarity and sharpness of the images as compared to the nikon. Yes, all manual lenses, no af, but you won’t be disappointed.

    • JoshL

      WTF does this have anything to do with the topic of this post? ooooh~ look at me, I got an M9, I’m so cool and rich~

    • zoetmb

      Apples and oranges. Why don’t you suggest that people shoot with a 4×5 view camera?

      How can you compare a $7000 body to a D700 at $2400 (or any of the even less expensive Nikon bodies)?

      And then there’s the matter of the lenses: the least expensive Leica lens is the 50mm f2.5 at $1400, but a full array of Leica lenses (since they don’t make zooms) will set one back from $25,000 to $40,000.

      And not everyone can focus well using a rangefinder.

      Leica is a great camera and if I were one of those super-rich people who didn’t know what to do with their money, I’d buy one. But it’s absurd to compare it with the Nikon DSLRs.

      • PHB

        It is going to be very interesting to see how the M9 stacks up against the Nikon EVIL camera. The EVIL format offers the flexibility of a DSLR with the lenses of a rangefinder.

        If you are shooting at 50mm or wider, the Leica has very little to offer. Their lenses are a little better than the Nikon lenses in some ways, but even a $1,400 f2.5 is not going to give you f/1.4 depth of field.

        If you are shooting wide, then the rangefinder design allows the designer to create better lenses. That said, the EVIL design looks like it will be more than a match in that range.

  • curlykale

    £1099 at Warehouse Express, it’ll have to drop to about £750 before I consider it!
    Do you all really need 16 megapixels? Can’t wait to see the noise results, if they don’t improve significantly over the D90, I’m keeping mine.

    • WoutK89

      They should be better at comparable ISO’s (200-3200) otherwise Nikon could not claim the 100-6400 as usable ISO’s.

  • James

    I agree with other commentators who imply this is not a refresh of the D90 but is positioned more as a halfway house between the current D90 and D300 models. I suspect that the D5100 will similarly be a significant improvement over the D5000 and be more of a D90 replacement. The new DX lineup could look something like …

    D3100 (aimed at beginners).

    D5100 (aimed at experienced amateurs and beginners with aspirations / more money – D90 replacement).

    D7000 (aimed at enthusiasts who have the skill to use advanced features – D90 / D300 halfway house).

    D9000 (aimed at pros – significant upgrade on D300).

    A lot of people will see the move D90 level to D7000 level as a natural step and be dragged up a level in functionality (a good thing for Nikon as it means they can charge more). It would take an unusually honest person to admit that they weren’t a good enough photographer to take advantage of the extra functionality and see the natural move as D90 level to D5100 level.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m a D90 owner and won’t be upgrading as I can’t afford it and so will wait a a further generation. But then I’ll probably pretend to myself that I’m a better photographer than I really am and jump up to the D7000 level (D7100 by then).

    • Richard

      It does appear that Nikon have chosen to bump the price point for the “D90 replacement” (D7000) which suggests a price bump for the “D300s replacement” (D9000 ?). The question is by how much and when. I am not at all sure where this leave the D300s in the mean time. Is Nikon going to withhold the replacement until the stock of D300s bodies is cleared out? It could be a while if a lot of people opt for the D7000 instead of the D300s.

      • hah

        there is this thing called inflation which ensures the latest newst dslr will always be more expensive than the last in terms of total dollars. plus the yen is up and dollar is down so yeah the D400 will be more epensive. welcome to globalization.

    • PHB

      Nah, the D9000 name would make far more sense on the eventually to be launched consumer FX camera.

      The consumer cameras have features that the professional ones do not. Like idiot dials for applying pre-set settings.

      Actually, I would love to have that on my D300, but with one proviso, I would want to be able to program it myself. Then I could instantly switch between my preferred portrait, landscape, action etc. settings. I could have a mode dedicated to setting up HDR shots and so on.

      I know you can do this with settings banks, but it is not the same thing as a dial.

  • Pre-Ordered the D7000 from Amazon. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks Admin!

  • Anyone know why Amazon has the list price as $1,350 and their price as $1,199.95? I mean, I thought $1,199.95 was MSRP on this. I was hoping Amazon would sell this a little below MSRP, but I guess that’s not going to happen. I guess I’ll just wait to pre-order from another retailer that offers cashback.

    Although it is tempting with Prime…

    • Broxibear

      Just be glad you’re not a potential customer in the UK Tom as the price difference is vast.
      $1,199.95 in the US converts to £772 in the UK…the actual price UK retailers are selling the D7000 is £1099 which at todays currency rate is $1709.
      I’d be interested to know what price differences there are in other countries ?

      • Crocodilo

        I’m guessing the price in Portugal will be just above 1300€ (body only), making it a lot more expensive than the D90, and nearly costing as much as a D300s.

        Considering the euro-dolar rate, US buyers are quite lucky.

      • Geoff

        Don’t forget everything quoted in North America does not include sales tax whereas it does in the UK. Doesn’t account for the whole difference I know, jump in before VAT goes to 20%!!
        I’m coming over in a few weeks I could bring a couple D7000’s with me, I’ll meet you in Terminal 3, I’ll be wearing the burqa!!

        • Broxibear

          Thanks for the offer Geoff but I’m not looking for a D7000, I was looking at the SB-700 though…got an email from and they told me although the SB-700 is expected in mid November they can’t give me a date as they don’t know when they’ll have stock.
          I’ll keep an eye on the prices of the SB-600 as I smell a real bargain.

          • Goyko

            I just ordered a SB-600 from a dutch shop for 189€, I think thats quite the bargain. The homepage is a bit complicated since its all in dutch but I think I figured it out. The SB-700 looks nice but the features don’t justify the 100+€ extra to me as I will only use it as a remote slave controlled by SU-800 or SB-900.

    • zoetmb

      There is no list price, so Amazon can make up any list price they want. Nikon quotes only “estimated selling price”. And that’s $1200.

      Nikon does this so they can’t be accused of raising prices. Which obviously doesn’t work, but they do it anyway.

    • boris pays 3% cashback for adorama

  • mehmet

    Anyone knows if D7000 is weather sealed ?

    Btw, there are some reviews but they are in italian.

  • Ajit

    Amazing new camera. For the D300s upgrade though, PLEASE let the AUTO-ISO be a function of the focal length… That would make the function just awesome!

  • Broxibear

    I just got some info that the SB-700 won’t be available until mid November for those interested, and mid October for the D7000…these are all for the US, other counrties will no doubt differ ?

    • Suprchunk

      Already mentioned here in the preceding articles.

  • Broxibear

    One more piece of information/speculation I heard was that the D300s replacement will have the same sensor as this D7000, but one of the big differences will be it’ll be the first DX body with built in drive like the D3 series ?

    • Suprchunk

      What do you mean by ‘built in drive like the D3 series’?

      • ewan

        He means the vertical grip. It’s a hang over from ye olde days of film when the add-on grips often had the motor drive for advancing the film in.

  • alvix

    I played a bit with Nik Color FX on the images provided by Chase Jarvis…(jpeg ..iso 320) and I must say I am impressed…this sensor reminds me of my d200 ,(not regarding noise but overall look) but has a lot inside for pushing -pulling..doing all sort of bad behavior..hehe…and the jpg’s are from 12 bit…seems that good times are come for nikon shooters…the new lenses seem nice also. the total package is finally harmoniously made, …even for those with tight budgets.. like me 😉

  • I got the body as well. Gonna experiment with my own lenses for the time being 🙂 now when does that MB-D11 available for preorder. That’s what I’m eying up 😀

    • JoshL


  • Sebastien

    Ho yes! I found the perfect camera to be my first DSLR!! I will call my local store tonight to order one!

    Now THE QUESTION IS: Wich lens should I buy?? The 18-200 lens is really interesting for an amateur point of view (Keep in mind that I’m upgrading from a point and shoot camera) but it should be over my budget (2000$ CAN taxes in)

    Maybe I should go with the 18-105mm Nikon kit……..and later, buy a good telephoto zoom lens (250-300mm) ??

    What do you suggest to me? (I’m a landscape photographier and I’m interested in the future to shoot wildlife.

    Thanks for you help and thanks to NR (without you, I was pretty close to buy T2i or 60D haha)

    • ewan

      The 18-105 is a great place to start; I started with my D80 and that lenses (more or less) predecessor, the non-VR 18-135. They’re quite capable lenses in their own right, but the focal length range covers enough ground to let you find out what you’re most interested in and where to spend your money on your next lens.

      And there will be a next lens; no-one escapes the NAS 🙂

      • Sebastien


        At 1600$ CAN the Nikon kit, I should be able to buy also a good camera case (slim backpack), basic filters, maintenance kit (cleaner etc..) and maybe a cheap tripod.

        • Terence

          I wouldn’t skim out too much money on a tripod. Get a decent one (doesn’t need to be carbon fiber) and it will last you 20 years.

          For lenses, if you are just starting out and tight on budget, you could try a combination of the 18-55mm II and the 55-200mm VR.

          I have the 1st gen 18-200 Nikon lens. It is a jack of all trades and definitely a master of none. I still use it all the time but the lens is not as sharp as I would like.

          You also would need to invest in a 35mm prime lens at some point in time, or you could spend ~100USD on the 50mm 1.8/f, which is an extremely sharp lens.

          • Sebastien

            My sister has a similar lens combination (18-55 and 55-250) with a Canon Xti, but I don’t like the limitation of this 18-55. When traveling light, sometimes you don’t want to always change lenses, just for a little close up on something…

            I would prefer the 18-105 and buying a real good zoom later for really specific photos or travels.

            But again, I’m an amateur… I know that a lot of specialty lenses are better in quality then “all in one lens”, but wha’t the quality of the 18-105 over the 18-50 in similar ranges?

            I’m also waiting my local store’s own kits. I’m sure they will offering a kit with 18-200…..but at which price?

            • poizen22

              at the lower ranges the 18-55 will dominate the 18-105 in its focal range. the 18-105 is the softest lens nikon has ever produced. i literally wanted to smash mine i got so aggravated by it. imo buy the d7000 body and try to find yourself a 24-85 or a 18-70 used online. either of those will be perfect for a zoom lens with out hurting the wallet. the 18-105 is crap and i wouldnt even waste time looking at it.

    • vallon

      I was in the exact same boat. Tired of shooting pics with a compact. Then I almost went Canon with the T2i because it had video. Found this website and just placed my preorder last night.

      I went with the body only. After checking all the reviews, I decided to skip the 18-105 and will order the 18-200 and a 35mm 1.8 prime. If you shoot landscape and outdoors, you may want to consider the 18-200.

  • Rabi

    Had to pre-order a D7000 last night. Couldn’t help myself. When do you think we’ll have word on the exact ship date?
    I really wish this thing wasn’t still a month away.

  • Geoff

    Looks like a great camera, just a little concerned that no images above 320 iso up on website.
    Would have to see what the performance is like prior to commitment.

  • So, what about the 20 October announcement? Is it real?

    • What announcement?

      • WoutK89

        He must mean the september 20 announcement.

  • Vladi

    Any info which battery grip does it work with? D90 one or D300 one or completely new one?

  • Glenn

    My local shop in the DC area told me they won’t have then until the end of October or some time in November. I suppose Amazon (due to their giant volumes) may have them somewhat sooner. But all of you excited pre-orderers are going to have a wait on your hands.

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