More Nikon D7000 coverage

"The rolling shutter is quite a bit better than we had seen in the previous cameras. There is manual exposure for shooting video.

The ISO and shutter speed can be adjusted while shooting. You need to set the aperture before entering Live View.

The microphone input has three levels of audio or auto levels, available through the menu.

ISO is awesome to 3200 and very usable above for photojournalism, weddings, live events, art, etc.

Great low light performance. Holds up for commercial to 1600-3200. Very usable for other applications at 6400. Same league as the D3 line."

  • Nikon D7000 hands-on video

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  • Mike

    Oct29? Too long to wait. But worth it. Hehe

    • man…. I hate waiting XD

    • Dan

      Well, this may or may not be related but I wasn’t quite sure where to post. I just got off the line with a sales rep asking abt the D700 and he told me they were all out of stock. Wolf Camera. So I asked if there were any new DSLRs coming out and he said 3 more (this is in addition to the D7000)…they just haven’t been leaked yet! He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me if it would be before xmas though. \:D/

      • WoutK89

        3 more this year, barely believe it is a DSLR then. D5100, D700 successor, likely, D300s and D3s successor unlikely. But, not for Photokina, I think we had all the DSLR’s Nikon had to offer for september.


    MB-D11 Fail… come one at least have it go to 7fps.

    • WoutK89

      With you on that one, it’s costing an arm and a leg, but doesn’t add anything but the grip (shutter, two dial, and the multi point selector + an extra battery)

    • SZRimaging

      $150 or $200 to get the second battery and a more comfortable position for shooting vertical, works for me. I have had my grip on the D200 for so long I can’t imagine shooting verticals without it.

  • Joe D

    Pretty noisy at full size, not so bad shrunk down. D3 level?

    Could be the photo was a bit underexposed anyway. might have been better to eversoslightly overexpose and pull back, noise wise.

    • mrphoebs

      chroma noise is ridiculous (prolly jpeg pipeline thing), but no way comparable to the d3.

      • binary_eye

        Most of the chroma noise is due to the underexposure of the blue channel due to the type of light in the shot.

        • Whatever

          Exactly. The absolute amout of blue-channel noise is actually quite low. The SNR ratio is high just because the signal level is also very low.

          • Whatever


            Sorry for saying signal to noise ratio ratio.

    • venancio

      chase said it was taken with noise reduction turned OFF…

    • Any Nonmouse

      It looks like they got the white balance wrong. Blue channel is down in the gutter, of course it’s going to be noisy.

      Unfortunately, you can’t conclude anything from that picture.

  • Vince

    Really? Wow!

    Great low light performance. Holds up for commercial to 1600-3200. Very usable for other applications at 6400. Same league as the D3 line.”

    • Richard

      I don’t think so. Take a look at the ISO 3200 image posted here:

      It is the first (top) image. There was a rather strange WB setting of Tungsten. (????) Nevertheless, I opened the image in PS Elements so that I could use the “auto fix” rather than in CS4 to take as much subjective judgment out of the correction as possible because the colors of the van (the white/cream background for the art work) were either completely wrong or otherwise quite unappealing. After doing that I looked at the image at 100% and I thought the blacks showed rather a lot of problems. Take a look and see what you think.

      • Richard

        He was kit lens for those picture and is took from street light which is pretty dim.

      • JED

        Correcting white balance on a JPG and then looking at the shadows will not tell you anything useful. Impossible to tell what is JPG compression and what is actual mushy shadows.

        • Richard

          Agreed, but it did not look good to my eye. The area I was principally examining was the face and such painted on the side of the van. I thought that it was too much to have been a jpeg artifact issue, but, without access to the original, I can not say. Frankly, I had to wonder just why he posted the image because it raises questions, the answers to which may not be favorable to Nikon.

  • Joe

    …if all this is as good as it sounds – I can’t wait to see what the D300s and D700 replacements will have in store.

    • 2cents

      Thinking the same thing. Just imagine what those bad boys will accomplish when they are introduced!

    • Richard

      What is your guess on the timing of the D300s replacement? Next Summer?

      • WoutK89

        PMA september 2011?

        • Where’s my…

          Didn’t D700 just replace D300s, it even 100% viewfinder and AI lens support like any self-respecting pro body.

          • Where’s my…

            Sry meant to say D7000, not D700

          • WoutK89

            It still lacks things the D300s does have. I dont want to repeat what has been said. I am still highly optimistic there will be a D300s successor (D9000)

  • jdsl

    D300s is still a superior camera than D7000.
    Yet today in Japan, D300s is cheaper.

    • Canonknight


      • MinnieMouse

        …nikon yes?

    • lowlander

      D300s is only £40 more than D7000 in the UK

      D7000 is in same league as D300s price wise!!

      Maybe D300s is not such a bad deal…;-)

      • Barbie RokWel

        Body only, Netherlands.

        D300s : € 1195
        D7000: € 1189

        Most likely D7000 will drop below €1000 in a few months after the first sales rush.

        • WoutK89

          Indeed, people comparing prices now, and stating D7000 = D300s because of that, are comparing apples to oranges. The D300s had a suggested price of 1949 euro at the release.

          • Steve

            I think people are comparing prices now because they are thinking of buying now; the price comparison makes people think the D300s and D7000 are similar cameras because if they buy/pre-order now, the prices are very similar. Of course the D7000 price will drop but exactly when the drops will occur and by how much each drop will be is less than certain. So if you were buying a D300s this month, or putting a D7000 on pre-order, which would you choose ? Why ? For me, if I get a D7000, it’ll be after it drops 20% – do you know when this will be ?

            • WoutK89

              20% of 1200 = 240…, seems possible within 1 year. D90 is 2 years old, and costs about 400 less than at release, that is almost 40% drop and lately it hasnt dropped any in price here in Holland.

          • DSLRMania

            And yet you are making the same mistake. The technology is improving and the quality and quality/price is getting better. You would not get a D300s equivalent for 1949€ now. It would be meaningless. Even getting the same for the same price would be meaningless. If you get better for the same or less price, then it would mean something. And this is not to say 7000 is better than 300s. I don’t thing there would be a fair comparison without using both extensively. I am just saying you arguments are wrong.

            • WoutK89

              What arguments did I give, it was a short message only. I am only stating that the D300s had a suggested price of 1949, and is now already so much lower…, therefor close to D7000 price.

          • jdsl

            because if i have to choose between D300s and D7000 now, at the current price
            i will definitely choose D300s.

            although it’s expected that D7000 will drop after the sales rush.
            just for those who can’t wait and have to decide now, D300s is a better choice imho.

        • WoutK89

          To add to my post below, the 1st week the D300s was available it already sold for around 1500 euro.

        • Manne

          D7000 is already listed for € 1099 at Foto Koch in Germany. They have the D300s for € 1330.

        • Pablo

          Not sure about any price drop. I was following the D90 for a year and never drop the price because it was always HOT. The same will happen with the D7000 because they’ve improved the video capabilities. I’m still waiting more reviews to decide on either D700 or Canon 7D. I prefer the Nikon for photography, but 7D killed the D90 in terms of video… let’s see what happen with the D7000 video improvements.

      • Broxibear

        This is a good site to keep an eye on what prices are doingin the UK, the D7000 body hasn’t been added yet (I’m sure they’re working on it) but the prices are updated 3 or 4 times a day, they’ve saved me £100’s:

    • jason

      a wish i could say the same in the uk price wise that is 🙁
      the d7000 is packed with great features i may have too have 1

    • Karlosak

      I would take D300s over D7000 any day. The missing external controls and features are too limiting for me. Once you are used to something better, it’s hard to go back…

      I’m waiting for D400 or a cheaper FX 🙂

      • ToniT Finland

        Karlosak, could you please list which external controls D7000 is lacking compared to D300s?

        I tried to do thorough comparison and could find only one item:
        The focus point model lever on back of D300S.

        Even for that what I read is that D7000 has the drive mode/focus point selection mode button incorporated inside the AF/M focus switch and the mode can be changed with the the dials while pressing that switch.

        So I’d say that D7000 has better controls than D300S.

        • steve

          to me it seems like it has roughly the same controls, organized in a different way…

          • steve

            i just thought this: because the new D7000 has U1 and U2 customized settings, it makes sense to get rid of the dedicated switches for exposure-metering mode and AF-metering, and sostitute them with the combination of button+dialrotation. in fact it is the only way to enable the camera to remember also these customized settings!

            • jastereo

              Great point (on the user banks)

        • kutsokutso

          zoom button? on d300 it zooms to 100% not programmable on D7000. you have to keep pressing. This a useful feature used with AF Fine Tune.

        • Jens

          They show the Focus Point button in the Engadget Nikon D7000 hands-on video in this post. I really like this solution.

        • jastereo

          I tend to agree w/ you… but it is missing the AF On button (though you can probably program the other button (AE-L/AF-L) to do that like on the D90). Also missing the 10 pin and Flash sync ports. Neither will make a difference for me.
          I would have liked to have had hard switches for the AF Mode and the Metering (like the pro bodies have so you can do them more by feel) but I can live with how they made them more accessible (button & wheel) over the D90. That plus the user banks seems like a pretty great solution at this price point.
          I can see where it would be very tough to “go back” though if you were used to a D3 /D300/s/D700 though. For sure the D300s and D700 replacements will probably keep all of these as hard switches.

        • Karlosak

          OK, I’ll try:

          – no AF-ON button. The AE-L/AF-L should be programmable to do so, but it is too far from the thumb.
          – missing connector for remote control and PC sync flash terminal.
          – although metering mode and focus point pattern seem to be externally selectable, I much prefer separate control dial/lever for each.

      • jason

        yes i agree its tempting too buy one but i myself enjoy the pro-kit too much, so i’ll be waiting for the D400 0r D800 too acompany my D3

    • hah

      my 2004 car is superior than many 2010 cars, yet 2010 cars are more expensive. so what else is new?

      • A 2004 camera with those specs used to be USD 5,000+.

        • Anonymous

          Renato, what’s the Amazon ranking of it?

          • JoshL


    • pete

      what makes you say that in what way ?
      i bet the IQ of the d7K will blow the d300s out of the water. not to mention the pathetic video on the d300s.

    • JoshL

      How so? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, just trying to see your logic.

  • i think i can wait till the end of october to get it 🙂

    Low light performance is a lot better than the d90 i use so everybody lets get our credit cards ready!!

  • jdsl

    I think the MSRP in Japan, is 138,000-yen.

    Bic Camera has it too (plus 10% points).


    The retailers at probably sell at 20,000-yen less.

  • EP

    Software update to support 720p @ 60fps? Pleeeeease, and I promise I’ll get it.
    Sounds like the manual controls for video are better then the D90’s, but still a tad bit confusing. Still want to see some real test footage. Exciting stuff.

    • Zouk

      agree with that. Without software updates to support video I am not yet convinced.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    This is also an interesting comment:

    “Just shot a 10 frame burst at 6FPS with 14bit RAW and Large Fine Jpeg turned on. 11 frame burst with 12bit RAW and no Jpegs.”

    The D300 could only do 2.5fps in 14bit RAW.

    Video bit rate seems low 🙁

    • The 6fps at 14 bits says this is not aSony structured sensor like D300’s and D3x’s. The parallel ADC Sony uses requires slowing down for 14 bits. Nikon says explicitly it’s a new Nikon sensor. Who fabs it is another issue, could be Sony or other foundry.

      • WoutK89

        DPReview just put some oil on the fire, they have only been guessing.

      • zzddrr


        Please, STOP IT! I am getting worried that you are becoming an “official Nikon Angel”. (Ok, and I am a Nikon basher :-)) Nobody has fricken 100% clue about it. My take on this:

        1) Silicon is Sony (with shared development costs with Nikon and possibly Pentax). This ensures that actually together they can develop a better and more affordable base. All of them and we (end users) benefit!

        2) Other customizable “ingredients” are “brand” specific
        e.g. Converter configuration
        or Toppings or microlenses etc.

        3) datastream managenment are also “brand” specific

        Look, there is nothing wrong with the above. For example, resistors or capacitors do they make a difference who makes them? Yes they could but … (many factors play roles: e.g. accuracy, quality etc.)….. I hope it makes some sense.

        • agreed, no problem with me, only it can’t be same structure as exmor sensors, design is different. That’s not a guess. What would that be a problem?


          • Steve

            Hey Renato,

            Other than 14 bit adc, what’s your take on the difference between the D3100 sensor and D7000 one ?

        • Whatever

          re: “datastream management”

          The limiting factor in “datastream management” would be the on-die components and the transistor switching speed of them. Using Sony-developed technology is != using a (tweaked) Sony sensor.

          The point made above about line dumping speed does strongly hint towards a significant difference in underlying tech.

  • ukj

    so oct 29 for world wide release or just USA

  • Yeah I have to say I think the D3/D700 ISO 6400 is slightly better than the D7000 ISO 3200.

    That’s VERY good for a DX sensor, but it’s not quite D3 territory.

    • As expected. They are paid to be hyperbolic.

      • Steve

        It’s a nice bit of marketing; like celebrity endorsement. We are being told we can trust these people’s opinions because they are pros and not Nikon employees. I’m sure many people will just accept it and fail to see that these people are being paid to talk it up.

        Nonetheless, it does seem like the D7000 may now rule the DX roost. I’m really looking forward to some serious testing of Nikon’s new sensors / Expeed2.

        I’m thinking the D3100 might have a slight advantage over the D90/D5000 and the D7000 should be significantly better than the D300s .

        • That I can buy, same as D700 no, and that’s alrwady very nice. When I compare to my D80 it’s like a compact now …

        • Zouk

          Let’s wait and see what Pentax brings before reviewing the dx panorama….

  • Susanne

    Yuck! I need it before the 29th.. sure hope they are wrong.

  • No GPS in the grip!
    That’s a little sad 🙁
    But otherwise that D7000 i’s a great beast and exactly what I wanted!
    I’ll definitely get one!

    • What exactly is the point of the grip? No GPS and as far as I can see no rise in FPS when using it either?

      Surely it can’t be £300 just for more battery space and being a bit more comfy taking portrait shots?!

      • WoutK89

        Afraid it’s just what you said it is.

        • It’s for longer video battery life, as Chad said.

          • WoutK89

            Yes, maybe that’s true, but why the premium in price? The MB-D80 was cheaper too, and did (compared in time) exactly the same.

      • Broxibear

        The MB-D11 Battery Grip is very expensive, it’s £100 more expensive than the MB-D10…you’re right Juanacho it isn’t £300 it’s £349.
        Buy yourself the stunning Nikon 24mm f2.8 D AF Lens instead and you’ll still have £20 left over?

      • RobA

        surely the grip price is purely to gouge those that need it all right away?

  • coolpux

    the iso 3200 sample is totally unacceptable. too much noise and lost details.
    i’m going pentax.

    • miau

      what are you smoking?

      open it up in lightroom 3. which removes chroma noise perfectly. if you than think it still looks bad i really dont know what is wrong with you ; )

    • zupi

      uber n00b, go with Pentax and enjoy there HUGE (not) collection of Q lenses

    • Ant

      IMO the ISO 3200 sample is pretty good. Difficult to evaluate against another camera without a direct comparison of the same image, but my gut feeling is that the noise is sharper and more aggressive (can’t think of another way to describe it, so sorry if that doesn’t make sense), whilst the noise on D3 images is smoother and less intrusive. Still it seems fine for my purposes.

  • hoomun

    Called Nikon Australia and they said D7000 will be available at the end of October. I asked when the sb700 will be available and she said end of October as well (not sure if she wanted me to get off the phone or not! i called in late)

    • WoutK89

      SB-700 is scheduled for (mid/late) November release.

    • Did she say how much is the rrp?

      • hoomun

        @WoutK89 thats what i thought too and i was surprised when she said it will be released at the end of October!

        the price comes out in the beginning of next month.

  • Neogene

    “The ISO and shutter speed can be adjusted while shooting. You need to set the aperture before entering Live View.”

    This means i can’t switch during movie from e.g. 1.4 to f11?

    If it’s true this really limit creativity in movies recording.

    • Just use non-cpu lenses. Works on the d90…

      • D90

        “If it’s true this really limit creativity in movies recording.”

        guess someone’s creativity is limited. hrhr

        • Neogene

          @D90 What’s the meaning of this comment?

    • danpe

      I don’t really see how adjusting aperture in 1/3 stops would be nice to watch? Zeiss and Samyang have special versions of some lenses with stepless aperture control and this can be used for some effects.

      • +1 !!!

        I’ve been curious how easy it might be to remove the spring that clicks into the little detentes. Although, if you think about it, extreme adjustments to aperture = extreme changes in depth of field with APS-C and bigger sensors. Maybe we’re used to small sensor video cams doing this, but this never happens in movies. Shutter is what’s changed, and if there’s such a big shift in exposure, either it’s planned to be lit and or aperture chosen in such a way that the range of shutter speeds available will be adequate as planned, or sometimes shots are just allowed to blow, which simulates how the eye reacts to such dramatic lighting changes.

  • Mr. E

    pretty standard stuff from the 3200.

  • jaja

    DX naja.

    Some cheap FX camera pls. You can keep video and high MPixels for noobs.

    • WoutK89

      Isn’t that the dust removal system? Didn’t know otherwise that a filter needed to be electronically connected.

      • it seems to be. but this system is in my D300 and i have not noticed a glass-colored-like-in-pictures in my camera chamber.

        • WoutK89

          can be angle of view and improvement over the years that has made Nikon go with this color??

    • Whatever

      Not going to pull out the textbooks to do the math, but as the pixel-pitch of the sensor changes so too would the wavelength characteristics of the low-pass filter. So I’m not sure judging by color cast is appropriate in this case.

      I’ll let someone who actually /remembers/ their schooling tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree. 😉

  • nuno

    WOW! The 3200 ISO is hard to beleive! It has the same quality of the D300 at ISO 1000.

    Indeed is hard to believe because if its true then I don’t understand why the D7000 doesn’t reach ISO 6400 and has an Hi1 of 12800 ISO.

    Can’t wait for the D700 replacement!

    • It is calibrated at 6400 and Hi1/2 are 12800 and 25600.

    • jason

      i’m looking forward too monday as theres supposed to be something else coming out apparently is it a D???

  • There are many aspects to low light performance, not just pure high ISO shooting. First use RAW and controlled lighting to compare cameras, different lighting will make for pretty drastic difference in performance. Secondly, if D7000 is one stop worse than D3/D700, it means it has similar ISO range performance, since it starts at ISO 100. That means that for landscapes and low ISO shootingbin general, dark area detail/color recovery will be similar to that of those cameras, no small feat.

    Re sensor, as I wrotebin the previous thread, it has built in 14 bit ADC that allows for full fps rate (6) at 14 bits, something a Sony sensor can’t do when using parallel Structure, as Sony explicitly says in their site about their sensors. And Nikon says it’s a Nikon sensor, meaning design, not fabrication, taht could be done elsewhere, including Sony.

    Not that it matters a lot, but when Nikon released the D3x, they were explicit in sayingbitbwas a modified Sony sensor (same as A900’s).

    • alvix

      yes, and for a 16 mp sensor that seems a very good 3200 shot, the raw files have a lot to be extracted, and then polished..

  • I still don’t see: is the mb-d11 compatible with the en-el4?

    • WoutK89

      Nope, AA or the EN-EL15 batteries only.

      • I won’t swear to that until I see if stated explicitly from a trusted source. Also, with the size of it, I’d be disappointed. Look at the pins on the AA carrier though…looks like the same connector that’s on the end of the the EN-EL4. If it doesn’t fit, so be it. They’re just great batteries for being able to shoot all day and not mess with em.

  • Mr Fab

    Okay, I give in. I will buy my first dSLR and it will be the D700 for the low noise and FX format. My question is about the lens to choose, I’m no expert but want the best pictures for the money, not having to upgrade later.

    My film SLR (Canon) has a standard 52mm f1.8 lens. As I understand it an f1.4 would mean I could use the camera in darker scenes without resorting to the flash. Considering the cost difference between the AFS 50mm f1.8 and AFS 50mm f1.4, is the f1.4 worth getting? I’ve been toying with getting a prime lens, or the AFS 70-300mm. Due to budget can’t get both at same time.

    How can you tell the FX lenses from the DX lenses? Do all DX lenses have DX marked on them?

    • Lance

      See my comment below. Get a 24mm f/2.8 or 35mm f/2 for 35 or 50mm FX equivalents. You only need f/1.4 if you want the super thin depth of field they give. ISO 3200 on this camera looks okay (with Lightroom corrections), I don’t know about 6400, and 3200 with an f/2.8 wide angle should get you through many lower light situations without a flash. Try not to use flash as it kills the mood of most any shot.

      • WoutK89

        He asked for the FX D700, so buy the 35/2.0 and 50/1.8, instead of the 24/2.8 that would be needed on a DX body. Also, YES all DX lenses are marked DX on the lens.

        • Lance

          Sorry, completely misread. I have a D700, 35/2 or 50/1.8 are perfect on it. The 50/1.4 is okay but a tad slow focusing and big compared to the 1.8.

    • hybris

      go 4 the 50mm,1.8 cheap and as sharp as the 1,4. super lens 4 the price.
      wides:depending on ur needs get and old prime perhabs the af 20mm, 2,8, still a good lense 4 the bug.
      long lenses: i would go 4 a af 70-200 2,8 , perhabs the old one af 80-200 still very sharp but heawy like a tank

      great and cheap lineup, wich covers almost all needs, exept macro
      all older pro lenses

    • Broxibear

      It’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned Mr Fab…buy the 50mm f1.8 D AF, it’s a super sharp lens, I’ve been using one for years and it’ll never let you down.
      The extra stop of the f1.4 is handy to have in certain conditions, but at double the price of the f1.8 for me it’s not worth it…if budget isn’t an issue then yeah get the f1.4 but personally I’d spend the savings on another piece of equipment.

    • Mr Fab

      Thank you to all who have replied about the possible first lens choices, you’ve given me some choices to investigate as a first lens for the D700. I know I won’t regret the choice of camera, that’s for sure, even though a higher MP would be nice, and full 1080p50 video would be nice with such fine (expensive) lenses as opposed to the cheapo camcorder lenses.

      Having said that, I have a camcorder that does 1080p25 so not too upset.

  • Lance

    Lightroom easily corrected any color problems in the ISO 3200 image and converted to a Tri-x 400 equivalent B&W with no problem.

    Put the 24mm f/2.8 lens on it (~ 35mm FX), set to aperture priority, ISO 1600, f/11, and Quite mode. Add a wrist strap and black tape on the logo, and you have a perfect daylight, small, light, and cheap, Leica like camera that you can carry all day. Images will be sharp with no VR required and you won’t see the grain unless you blow up to poster size.

    • Lance

      Oh yeah, forget the flash and movie mode and just go out and start shooting people everyday. While I’m at it, forget landscapes too.

  • m

    i would like to know if there will be something like “small/medium NEF” (loving this feature of the upper canons 🙁 )… damn, that original JPEG has 10MB.

    oh and D7000 is a must-have for me too….

    • the ‘upper’ nikons already have regular raw, compressed raw and lossless compressed raw. all the ‘lower’ nikons shoot lossless or lossy compressed raw only if i remember correctly.

      • m

        i simply want full quality raw with different resolution options…

  • WoutK89

    hmmm, Admin, I clicked reply to Barbie RokWel, but my posts ended as new normal post below it.

  • nicolo

    Pictures are not sharp at all and the contrast very poor. Great features but if the IQ is that poor I do not think it worse the upgrade

    • Anonymous

      Maybe deliberately kept at min sharpening and moderate contrast not to show any clue of noise at the sky.

  • D40-owner

    Although the Chase Jarvis ISO3200 pic looks good, I don’t think it is representative of the real quality of ISO3200 for the D7000.
    The image was captured in a crappy streetlight, probably mercury vapor. The color spectrum of such lights is very limited, with almost no blues.
    That would explain the blueish blotches in the photo, when the WB tries to compensate for the horrible light.

    I am sure that ISO3200 will look much better in dim sunlight, or deep shade in daylight.

    As for all the comments on low contrast and not being sharp: Remember when the D90 came out? Everyone freaked out, but then all came down to properly set the Picture Control settings. If the camera is defaulted to low contrast and low sharpening, guess what you’ll get?

    Let’s wait and see, when the usual reliable sources manage to properly review the D7000. To be honest, I only truly trust as they thoroughly test different noise reduction, sharpness, and other settings.

    • John

      Yeah, I remember the first high ISO pics from the 5DII gettting put out on the internet, and they were awful. Everybody was wringing their hands about what a noise monster it was. It was similarly bad conditions as this.
      Once more pictures surfaced, it turned out that 5DII is a very admirable high ISO camera for its pixel count.

  • D40-owner

    The Imaging Resource samples page already is in place, but no pics yet….
    Just keep pressing F5 all day!!

    • dave

      And right now it’s a Canon advert… how thoughtful of them.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    Does anyone know whether the support assembly for the lens mount is made out of plastic or mag alloy? in the Nikon diagram, it is black and looks to be plastic.

    Hoping it is alloy painted in black but if it is plastic, then that’s a BIG fail for me. No point in bragging about the mag alloy body when the mount support assembly is made out of plastic. I’ve never ever seen a plastic dslr getting cracked or chipped but I’ve seen plenty of lens getting snapped off from the camera body due to the weak plastic support for the lens mount.

  • JoshL

    darn….i was hoping to get it by 3rd week of October to take it to PDN Photoplus…..

  • Simon
  • AlexV

    Since the D7000 is so close to D300s, is it possible the D400 could be a full body (not frame) filling the gap between the full frame as the D3s and the D300s? This is missing for DX line since the D2X.

  • randyravener

    What i really would like to know is…

    does it meter with AI/AI-S lenses?

  • Argh Oct 29th, that’s longer than I would have liked. Oh well. Little upsetting that the grip is more expensive and does less than other grips out there. I’ll meditate on that purchase now.

  • POO

    will a 50mm 1.4 fx lens become 75mm 2.8 on dx?

    • WoutK89

      Nope, it becomes field of view wise a 75mm lens, and depth of field wise a f/2.0 if I am right

      • How do you calculate the DOF for DX . . .

        • WoutK89

          I dont know, I thought 1 stop loss of effective aperture for APS-C. The smaller the sensor, the more depth of field (see compact cameras). That’s why videographers like the VSLR’s so much.

        • binary_eye

          Depth of field can be calculated like any other format.

          The difference in depth of field between FX and DX (assuming the same magnification) is the same as the crop factor: about 1.52. So to get the DX equivalent f-stop, divide the FX f-number (number, not f-stop) by 1.52. For example the depth of field at f/2.8 on FX would be similar to about f/1.8 on DX. In other words, it’s about a stop and a third.

    • LGO

      will a 50mm 1.4 fx lens become 75mm 2.8 on dx?”

      50mm f/1.4x on DX

      Field of view: 75mm

      DOF: approx. f/2.0

      Lens compression effect: 50mm

    • Jabs

      Just multiply BOTH the focal length and the F-stop by the CROP factor of DX in converting FROM FX to DX with an FX lens.

      50 F1.4 = 50mm X Nikons’ crop factor for the new focal length.
      New maximum F-stop of an F1.4 Nikon lens = F1.4 X crop factor X maximum F-Stop number (F1.4 = maximum and F16 or F22 =minimum). All other F-stops are also multiplied by the crop factor of Nikon’s DX format.
      I believe that the Nikon crop factor is 1.52? (not 100% sure).

      50 x 1.52 for focal length
      1.4 x 1.52 for maximum F-stop

  • Joe

    Amazing! Exactly as the D90, the D7000 will be available exactly 2 days after my holiday trip has started.

  • Sept20 Announce

    any intel on that 3rd announcment coming on the 20th??

  • Rupert

    The Editor of Photozone told me that their future lens reviews will be conducted on a D7000 in place of the habitual D200 – quite a significant jump considering the superior cameras that have been available in the interim years, but rejected, as a replacement for that magnificent ‘old’ DX camera (D2x – D300 – D3 – D700 etc). Clearly the experts consider the D7000 a revolution in the Nikon stable.

    • WoutK89

      They use the D3x for FULL FRAME/FX testing, and the D3/D700 can not be used as a DX tester.

    • The Man from Mandrem

      Out of curiosity, should the 18-105 be a good fit to the D7000 or will the better sensor expose some weaknesses. Another way to ask it is how good the 18-105 is on a D300S body. I don’t remember if it was photozone or where, but I recall the review talking about that lense having good resolution , noticeable distortion, and some CA but a good compromise for a walkaround lense. The same article made a comment that it was a good fit to the D90’s sensor.

      With VR1 the kit lense looks long in the tooth, but I need something on my camera now so looking at a 35/1.8 and the 18-105mm to get me started (I already have some other lenses from my film camera that will cover portrait and tele on this body).

      Any rumors on 18-105 replacement timing would be useful.

      • WoutK89

        Rumors were about the 18-135 to be refreshed with VR. Maybe the D5100 is the lucky number to get this lens.

        Have you considered the 16-85, if quality is your concern, its a step up from the 18-105, but also more expensive.

        • The Man from Mandrem

          I did look at 16-85, but I was hesitant to spend too much for a lense that is not wide, constant aperture. I already have a decent 28-70/2.8 (Tokina), a 70-300mm ED, and a 50/1.8 so I was looking for a lense that would limit my lense changes for “casual photography.” I am trying to spend less on this lense so I can buy some additional lenses like Tokina 11-16/2.8 and Nikkor 85/1.8 in the next year or so.
          Frankly, the 16mm bottom end was tempting: I always found I wanted wider than 28mm on film; but the above factors motivate this decision. I also am sick of subjects being intimidated by large lense (the Tokina) so moving toward primes for all my critical picture taking needs.

    • John

      Hopefully they will test some of the same lenses done with the D200 as the D7000 to get a feel for the relative difference and/or equivalency of the results.


    • LGO

      This is good news!

      I like how Photozone test the lenses though lately, it’s FX grading seems to be much more conservative than the lens actual performance would reveal (e.g., the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR). This is likely because because Photozone is using a 24mp FX body instead of a 12mp FX. But I have also noted several D3x owners being very happy with their Nikkor 16-35mm (still 2nd to 14-24mm) so perhaps Photozone needs to check on this.

  • SimonC

    We need comparisons at high-ISO than just this one ISO 3200 sample before drawing any firm conclusions w.r.t. D3 performance. The good thing about this sample is that chroma noise is not spread all over the shot – only the shadow areas.

    The D3 is not clean at ISO 3200 either, showing some chroma noise in the shadow areas, too. (D3s would be impeccable here)

    My gut feeling is that D7000 will be no worse than 0.5 stops than D3/D700, and at best, the same.

    In any case, we users come out as winners since this pushes DX performance up another notch.

  • Daniel Larsson

    Regarding the sensor, in an interview with the Swedish photo magazine “Kamera & Bild” the Nikon specialist at Nikon Sweden, Lars Pettersson, answered on a direct question that the design/specifications of the sensor done by Nikon and the production is handled by Sony.


    Kamera&Bild: Och den sensorn den tillverkas inte av Nikon, va? Utan …
    Lars Pettersson: Nä, tillverkningen den är gjord av Sony. Det är en Nikon-design dock. Så, det är våra specifikationer.


    Kamera&Bild: And that sensor it is not manufactured by Nikon, isn’t it so? But …
    Lars Pettersson: No, the manufacturing is done by Sony. It is designed by Nikon, though. So, it is our specifications.

    The full interview can be seen here:

    • Denko

      Tackar! Väldigt bra och informativ intervju.

      So (with reservations) about 20 Mbit/s 1080p on the video… not bad but not spectacular.

      Shutter is much more silent in normal operation too and the Q mode is VERY quiet.

      The body looks very beefy in the hands 😀

    • The Man from Mandrem

      There’s enough competition in Image CMOS OEM suppliers (Sony won Apple iPod contract from Omnivision, etc), that I think sourcing makes good sense. Nikon will hold the vendor to a high standard and probably has the capability to incorporate their own IP into the chips’ design and noise reduction, circuitry, etc. It’s a great way for Nikon to maximize the value of it’s R&D [why spend on things you can buy cheaply?]. My impression is if a chip doesn’t live up to high performance level they will just sell it to someone else at a lower cost for a less critical application, so it’s like Nikon going to a farmer’s market and using their buying power to get the best pick.

      If it’s not Sony, I’d bet money it’s Omnivision or one of the other market leaders who is doing the manufacturing for Nikon. “Developed by Nikon” is very telling.

  • Pedro

    Let the rumors on D400 begin!

  • zack

    Dunno, it might be a great camera and all, but Nikon would’ve benefited much more if they called it Nikon D95 or something like that. 7000 is just a dumb down name. I can’t help it, but I hate it. Feel free to tell me that it doesn’t matter as long as bla bla, but it just doesn’t sound right. So, D400 for me 😉

    • Broxibear

      It’s interesting how a number can have such an effect, I know what you mean…dare I say it’s a subliminal marketing trick to get you to buy a more expensive camera?

      The D000’s have a beginner, amateur connotation
      The D00’s a serious enthusiast, semi pro connotation
      The D0’s a pro connotation

      It’s all about the money lol!

      • I totally agree though.
        The name D7000 really makes it sound amateurish, I can’t help it either.
        But then again, I’ve been waiting too long for that (at least apparently) great camera which is exactly what I wanted (a d300 for the price od a D90) to ignore it because of its name.
        At least calling it D7K makes it sound better. ..
        Maybe some fan boys should start producing a cool sticker to stick over the D7000 plate??? 🙂

        And anyway, Nikon has been terribly bad about names so they need to sort it out.

        Dx000 Amateur
        Dx00 PRO Dx
        Dx0 Prosumer DX
        Dx PRO FX

        That just made no sense. The Dx0 should have been better than the DX00 if they had any logic…

    • steve

      naming the camera d95 would have only post-poned the problem to the successor of that camera…
      i think they simply were running out of numbers!

      • WoutK89

        He will get a cold shower if my prediction of all DX cameras in the Dn000 series will come true and the D400 will be named D9000.

        • Richard

          Maybe so. Nikon does need to come up with a better naming convention though.

          • WoutK89

            exactly, it’s only a name, and price and specifications will not make it consumer anyway (I dont know much people choosing D300s as their very first DSLR). And people that NEED a D300s successor know what they are looking for/talking about, so a name is only a tag on their camera.

            • zack

              Name is NEVER just a tag. If you think so, then name your son Muhammed or..Archibald 😉 kiddin.

              They could’ve come up with something which makes sense. 7000 can’t be a successor to D80, D90 etc.
              Did Canon lose anything because they went with Canon 5D MkII? Nope, they gained a lot. But, it is a totally different spec camera than 5D right?

              Nikon should’ve maybe went for that option (adding numbers to the number Nikon D90 v.2.0 or MkII etc.
              You don’t need to change numbers every time, that’s my point.

            • WoutK89

              D100 couldn’t be the name too, and D90 mk II still places it above the D300s (D3-D90mII-D300s) If you really wont buy a camera because of 2 extra zeros, its your choice and opinion.

  • Broxibear

    D7000 available to pre order on with October 25th date for £1,099.99 for those interested:

  • Fred

    But I was just told that the Nikon 24-120mm f/4 should be released on the 22nd.
    We’ll have too see and find out.


    Admin, Its been asked several times but what about the possible Sept. 20 or possible 3rd announcement you announced. Why are you not replying. Is this off now.


    Where is evil >

    • jason

      all around use man

  • Chris

    I just sold my D300s yesterday after the announcement of the D7000. The D300s was great, but I found it too heavy, and disappointing above iso 1600. Also, I HATED how if I had the auto-iso enabled it would potentially shoot at iso 3,200 when I attached the flash instead of resetting back to base iso or manual selection. It had too many custom functions that served no real purpose other than to make the menus excruciating to navigate. I also had a problem with photos being 2-3 stops under exposed in low light settings. Plus, I had the memory card read error even after the firmware update.

    With that said, I loved the body itself, the ergonomics, and image quality from iso 200-1,600, but will be excited to get a D7000 to replace it. My only problem is that these sample shots look very poor! I don’t know if it’s because Mr. Jarvis’s style or the camera, but they are very unimpressive samples!

    Most of them look very soft, and the iso 3,200 shot looks awful! It is extremely soft and lacks any detail! I really don’t understand why Nikon doesn’t let places like DPReview take some samples instead of Chase Jarvis. Nikon’s been posting some questionable samples lately in general. Their new 55-300mm DX lens official samples are HORRID!

    • Aaron

      I agree with you. I am not impressed by the D7000 samples at all. Even the shots taken with high-end glass like the 24-70 look… meh

      With all of the potential that this body has, it would be a shame if Nikon blew the IQ. Even the little D3100 samples look better.

      The only thing that I can assume is that Nikon is still putting the finishing touches on the camera and, perhaps, that’s why we’ve yet to see any samples from other sources such as DPR.

  • One issue thatnwill show up is lenses for D7000. At 16MP it may well start to show the kits’ limitations, with the possible exception of 16-85. Anyone has some informed view on that, by just looking at res figures for the various kit zooms? Maybe keeping my 18-70 is not a bad idea, it’s better that these other 18-xxx lenses.

    • Richard

      you are right, if you wanna spend $1000 body plz don’t get cheap $100-300 kit lens is just won’t gave you the result that you camera capable.

    • ukj

      this will be my first dslr and i,m not gonna go with the kit lens, kit lens are great but for me a 35mm or a 85mm old or new will be my first choice, the other lens i think will be 18-200mm for the range the other kits lenses i’m not sure. please give me your thought

    • xfrodo

      See lens reviews and you will find out that your 18-70 is on the one side well built but on the other side it doesn’t reach optical quality of the rest 18-xxx lenses. It was surprise for me…

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