The pictures (Nikon D7000, SB-700, 35/1.4, 200/2)

The pictures appears to be real. All specs remain the same. No surprises are expected tomorrow. Official announcement: around midnight tonight (Tuesday, US Eastern time).

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  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    So none of you guys notice the top panel looks more like the D300? the area surrounding the metering and exp. compensation buttons is slightly contoured like the D300 instead of flat. Also, the red “format” label is now between the top LCD screen and the metering button like the d300, instead of next to the shutter button like D90. It’s hard to see in that photo but its there.

  • D80 user

    I like the back of my D80 better, actually, but then I never intended to get the D7000 or the D90 replacement anyway.

    Has Nikon moved away from the little piece of plastic that is attached to protect the LCD screen, does anyone know? Looking at how scratched mine has become over the years I’m really glad I have it and would like to see it on my next camera as well.

    • Get a GGS protector. You will never notice it is on . . . you will thank me later

    • d40-owner

      Over 3 years of abuse, I used only two thin protective films by 3M on the LCD. They are tough, transparent, featherweight and don’t add bulk to the camera.
      My LCD looks like new.
      I never intended to use a clumsy plastic protector even if the D40 had one.

      • Kelly France

        you’re right!!! those white thing looks like a diapter!!!!! ought!!!!

    • Kwartjuh

      The protector is plastic, while the actual screen is hardened glass. Plastic is much, much more scracth-sensitive than hardened glass, so it is not realistic to think that every scratch on your protector would otherwise be on your LCD display.

      I have gotten rid of the protector pretty fast because it also reduces contrast and detail when viewing trough it.

      • Manne

        Completely agree.

    • NYikon

      Plastic protestor protects from impact as well as scratches.

  • mrpassion

    I WANT TO SEE the back of the Sb-700. Thats where the main information is about the button layout. How much did it borrow from SB-900 and how much from SB-600

  • And look: Bottom left on the back, I spy another new feature: The dedicated Wimbledon mode button !!

  • Pity the 35/1.4 does not seem to have 77mm filter thread as 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 – comparative measurement of thread to bayonet contacts gets closest to 67mm :-/

    • hah

      going from big filter to small thread is easy. just get an adapter ring.

      • Manne

        With an adapter ring, you will most likely be unable to use the hood at the same time.

    • Manne

      Petr, seems that you’re right – it could be 67mm.

      I’ve just matched photos of the 24mm and the 35mm in PS. Both are almost the same size overall, but the filter thread of the 35mm is clearly smaller.

      • Bobby

        Anybody care to match the 24 1.4 filter size against the 85 1.4 G or the 70-200 2.8 to see if their pictures match up. Then you’ll know for sure how reliable it is to judge actual specs from photos regarding filter size.

  • eric

    It better take CF cards, or it’s no buy for me. My collection is too big to ignore. I guess I’ll get the 35mm 1.4 first. NPS should come in handy.

  • Whatever

    If the D700 doesn’t support TTL (ie only does i-TTl like the 900 and 400) expect a mad rush on 800s and 600s.

    • WoutK89

      *SB-700 😛

      • Whatever


  • human tripod

    If 25,600 isn’t Hi2, I’m going to need extra Intensive Care lotion tomorrow morning.

  • Jimmy McJimmyson

    Why do people think it won’t have microadjust? As nice a camera as it is, it’s a definite no-no for me if it doesn’t.

    • d40-owner

      Because Nikon wants to milk you for the money they make on the D300s.

      • WoutK89

        They could make it for 5 lenses, instead of the whopping 20 lenses in the D300s…

    • Anonymous

      This feature along with a couple of others will be reserved for a future D400.

  • db

    Will it have an internal focusing motor (like D90).
    ‘Thousands’ designation suggests otherwise, historically.
    What lenses will it meter?

    • Any Nonmouse

      It’s clearly a D90 replacement. The safe money is on D90-equivalence unless otherwise specified.

      It almost certainly will have an AF motor in-body.
      It almost certainly will not meter with AI-S lenses.

    • WoutK89

      ‘Thousands’ designation suggests otherwise, historically.
      Looking at numbers is not how to read what a camera features.

  • SA

    “Official announcement: around midnight tonight (Tuesday, US Eastern time).”

    Please, anybody explain this. What time it will be in London, for example, and I will understand. Thank you!

    • Broxibear

      US Eastern time is 5 hours behind London (GMT)…if the announcement is 12am there it will be 5am in London…

      • WoutK89

        Remember, London is in GMT +1 in summer 😉

      • SA

        So, US Eastern time is Miami, New-York, Washington etc. time. I was in Miami, Washington etc. OK, it’s mean in my country (Ukraine) it will be pretty convenient time (7 a.m.). I’ll set my alarm. )

        Thank you.

    • D80 user

      Around midnight on the US east coast would be around 4-5 in the morning, London time. I’m not quite sure what timezone London is in and can’t be arsed to look it up. 😛

      The announcement would be around 6 in the morning here in Norway, and England is either an hour or two behind us.

      • Miguel

        Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called “Greenwich meridian”. It may help you to know Greenwich is one of London’s boroughs.

        • D80 user

          English isn’t my native tongue, and I don’t know the word “boroughs”. I’ll look it up, though.

          What I do know… Well, what I have experienced is that some UK people think they are in the GMT timezone, which is only correct half the year or so.

          • Manne

            The other half of the year, you’re in ‘British Summer Time’ (BST).

            This doesn’t make any difference internationally, as most other countries, at least in Europe and in the Americas have similar ‘Summer Time’ regulations. The difference remains the same.

        • WoutK89

          In summertime GMT stays the same, but London has GMT + 1 in time 😉

          • Miguel

            Yeah, wonderful BST

  • Daniel Düsentrieb

    I need an opinion from you guys.
    Do you think the D5100 will have dual control dials? If it didn’t, I think Nikon would make a mistake because there would be no body for less than 1000$ with dual control dials as we see it now. That’s the reason why D80/D90 where so successful: You got dual control dials for much less money than you would have got with Canon.
    But on the other hand: If the D5100 has dual control dials, this means it’s probably not easy to operate for beginners. So Nikon would just have one model (D3100) for beginners.

    • st r

      A single control dial is not easier to operate for beginners. No control dial is easiest (they don’t touch anything), or two dials is a little less easy. In fact, 1 dial is the most complicated because you control at least 2 parameters with 1 dial.

      On the other hand, 1 physical component is cheaper than 2.

  • Biziclop

    Does it have an AF motor??

    • WoutK89


  • SDiggity

    Did anyone get to see the 2nd pic before it got pulled? Drool…

    • SDiggity

      Never mind…I see it now. Weird.

  • D300s user

    Will D7000 be an upper class camera than D300s?

    • hah

      no. the D300 has superior speed and AF system.

      • human tripod

        D300 is 6fps and 51 is not necessarily better than 39. This is a D300s replacement.

        • Lola

          “This is a D300s replacement.” no it isn’t.
          The D400 which you’ll see late next year is the replacement of the D300 and D300s.
          The D300s is £1115, the D7000 is rumoured to be £771, they’re in different price ranges.

          • human tripod

            D7000 is the D90 / D300s replacement. You’re getting hung up the price point. Take it out of the equation and it will make sense to you.

            The D400 (or D500) will be entry-level FF.

          • WoutK89

            No way that a $1200 camera will be below 800 quid at the release…, NEVER use exchange rates for release price calculations.

            • Anonymous

              My guess is that greedy nikon will charge 1099 quid for it

        • Iborv

          D7000 replaces D90, no question about it.
          “D400” will replace D300s in the future.

        • Biziclop

          Actually, the D300 goes to 8fps with the battery pack. The d7000 probably stays at 6 no matter what.

    • SimonC

      Without a dedicated AF-ON button, this can’t be a complete replacement for the D300s.

      Folks, why can’t you all get over the idea that there will be a D400 next year that will surpass the D7K?

      Nonetheless, the D7K is looking up to be an incredible camera for the price. A real winner in the making.

  • About de manual controls on video mode please Admin! Enlight us!

    • WoutK89

      You will know at midnight eastern time.

  • Simpleman

    dont want to ruin to party , but i just cant get my eyes off that GODAMN AF-L AE-L

    does this means no video full manual control again ? , or can it be diffrent than the d90 in functionality ?

  • Bobby

    No ED elements in the 35 1.4? I’m guessing the optical formula will be similar to Canons? Aspherical maybe? I guess we’ll fine out tonight!

    • WoutK89

      What for do you need ED in a lens like the 35/1.4? ED is used for wide-angle/tele lenses and zoom lenses because of their optical constructions. 35mm and 50mm are fairly easy to produce.

      • WoutK89

        BTW, even the 85mm didnt feature an ED element.

      • WoutK89
        • Bobby

          Yes I would agree that the 50, 35, and 85 do not need ED elements I was just wondering. I looked up canon’s 35 1.4 and it looks like it doesn’t have any of the ED equivalent elements either. Plus the fact that ED elements would probably bump the price up as well so I’m not complaining. I will definitely pick this lens up as it’s one that has been on my wish list form Nikon for a while now.

        • Enesunkie

          Thanks WoutK89!, that actually is useful.

    • Manne

      No, and I don’t think that it could be useful. But it is supposed to have an aspherical element.

  • Scott

    No AF-ON button? That rules out this body for me……..

  • Eric Pepin

    I bought the D300s for many reasons, a few of which this has a few that it doesent. There is still a clear distinction between the two in my mind other then a bit of resolution , one is / was marketed as a pro body this d7000 will be marketed at the consumer level in malls everywhere.

    • human tripod

      So you won’t buy the D7000 – even if it’s better, because it’s sold in malls and you don’t want anyone to think you’re a consumer?

      • Mike Gunter

        “So you won’t buy the D7000 – even if it’s better, because it’s sold in malls and you don’t want anyone to think you’re a consumer?”

        I don’t see much logic behind that either.

        My lenses on my D90 cost a whale of a lot more than the camera, not that it matters much either. The customer likely hired me because I was the right fit for the job.

        The lens and the camera and the samples and the referrals likely did a lot more than what was hanging around my neck – a curvaceous, blond Vegas showgirl, er, a D90.

        My best to all,


  • Mike Gunter

    It looks great to me. It seems to be a change in how Nikon views users, or at least upgrades a group amateurs and professionals are now perhaps amateurs, prosumers, and professionals.

    I, for one, always hated the word.

    But if Nikon could look into my mind, the D7K was made for me (assuming Nikon Rumors got it right. 150,000 clicks instead of 100,000 is a 50% increase in consumer performance for less than 25% MSRP, Weatherproofing – something that wedding and event people and a whole slew of others – tied to good weatherproofed lenses means more than just a little. We can continue to work in sprinkles and get the job done.

    There’s a bunch of other pro features that make this camera a bargain – a huge bargain – if it delivers. I would like to be able to shoot at ISO, well a zillion, but if I could get really, really clean noise free ISO800 -1250 – 1600? – something I think is beyond the reach of this camera, I would buy two of them, and let my D90 go (it was to be my back up).

    I know I’ll have my reading glasses on looking at the specs.

    And my credit card is on the table. 😉

    My best to all,


    • Lola

      “It looks great to me. It seems to be a change in how Nikon views users, or at least upgrades a group amateurs and professionals are now perhaps amateurs, prosumers, and professionals. ”
      Don’t think so Mike, Nikon have two groups Professional and Consumer and this is a consumer camera.
      The only cameras Nikon tag Professional are D700, D300, D300s, D3, D3s and D3x

      • human tripod

        You’re still hung up on marketing, Lola. Take the goggles off.

        • Al


      • @Lola: What makes a “professional” goes far beyond just their gear. I’m sure if you gave a top chef a set of dull knives, pots & pans bought at Wal-Mart, and a crappy hot plate to work with, they could still whip up something tasty. Likewise, a good photographer will get compelling results whether you hand them a D3x or an old Kodak Brownie. If, on the other hand, you don’t have (or haven’t cultivated) the skills, the eye, and the technique, you’re still going to get crap results even with good gear.

      • Any Nonmouse

        Absolutely. Nikon does not permit you to earn money from images captured with a non-Professional camera. The distinction is very important.

    • SimonC

      Agreed. They have upgraded the prosumer class to another level (budget pro?)

      What remains to be seen is how good the AF is and, of course, the IQ. Nikon NEEDS to bring DX performance closer to FX – the gap between the old 12MP APS-C and 12MP D3s is too large.

    • WoutK89

      We can continue to work in sprinkles and get the job done.
      I have been sitting in continuous downpour at the race track with my D80 (70-300VR lens), after 9 hours of rain and good drying when I came home, it still works like new. 3 months later, I got it splashed on with sea water multiple times (18-70 lens), immediate drying, and nothing changed about the camera. Also, have been in continuous snowfall with the 50/1.4G attached, not a hesitation by my cam too. So, I think the weathersealing might be a dealbreaker to some, I think its a marketing word for others. My D80 is weather proof enough for my uses.


    a size comparison between 24 1.4 and 35 1.4

    • Paul

      Smaller filter size? 72mm perhaps?

      • yes, 72mm

      • Bobby

        I believe canon uses a 72mm filter size on their 85, 24 as well.

    • Richard

      Interesting comparison, thanks!

    • WoutK89

      77mm is the standard for pro lenses, I dont think Nikon will give up on that so soon already.

      • Ken Rockwell’s Cat

        My 200 & 300mm lenses don’t take 77mm. Aren’t they pro lenses then?

  • steve

    the more i think about this, the more it seems to me that this picture is a confirmation that we well see both the D400 and the D5100…

    • SimonC

      Absolutely. Nobody seems to have noticed the lack of an AF-ON button. This is a dead giveaway that there will be a D400 next year.

      • human tripod

        Couldn’t it be up front next to the power switch?

      • steve

        it also appears to lack dedicated switches for exposure-metering and AF-metering. i was kind of hoping to get those…
        plus i don’t think it would be wise for Nikon not to have a professional DX camera, given the effort they punt into releasing DX lenses and the number of people using them.
        Also, it seems that for once Nikon is trying to get ahead of Canon. If the specs are true, the D7000 should be a more complete and appealing camera than the eos 60D, but maybe a little behind the 7D…by releasing a D400, they could get ahead of that one too…

        • WoutK89

          given the effort they punt into releasing DX lenses and the number of people using them.

          Lately all the DX lenses have been on budget/consumer level for DX. The 12-24 and 17-55 (and 10.5 fisheye) are still the only pro DX lenses existing. They put so much effort in these lower end lenses, because they can be easily sold in a kit for a low price. And the lower the price, the more people will think to add it to their kit if they didnt buy it yet 😉

          • Landscape Photo

            You forgot the 10-24mm… It’s on par with 12-24mm if not slightly better.

  • Anonymous

    There is print button. Why?

    • Any Nonmouse

      Where do you see a print button?

      • WoutK89

        Haha, made you look

    • Anonymous

      Right next to a big one just slightly off of the other.

  • MrHappy

    Hi, any thoughts on the weight comparisons between this and the D90

    • SDiggity

      All I know is I’ve been weighting for this for a long time. 😉

    • WoutK89

      This body should be slightly heavier than the D90 without battery, but I dont know what the new battery system means, maybe the new battery is much lighter.

  • Have been waiting for the past two years now for a D700 replacement. Now I can’t wait any more.
    The D7000 looks promising. Maybe I’ll buy one when it get’s released and later a D700 replacement (if it get’s released some day).

  • danny

    sigh, I just bought SB600 last month…but I may buy SB700 too if the price is right…

    • robert

      Don’t stress. The SB700 will be around $300-350, if the SB900 sells for $450..
      I would stay with the 600..

  • Video manual controls please, it´s simple Nikon, do it!!!

    • Ivan

      if they dont have manual video control, they are shooting themself in the foot.

      • ewan

        Fully automatically, though 🙂

      • ewan

        But fully automatically. 😉

        • Simpleman

          as ivan said , shooting them self , but not in the foot , but in the head

    • hornagain

      Better ISO/noise reduction than the D90/D300 and I am in. Nothing else really matters assuming the ‘basics’ are there.

      • Dreuben


      • Bobby

        I’m pretty sure the D7000 will have either equivalent or hopefully better ISO performance then the current gen of D90 and D300s. There was a pretty big performance increase from D3 to D3s so hopefully they’ll implement some of that technology into all of their future cameras.

  • Phillip

    The new 200 2’s tripod foot still looks as weak as the old one. Nikon hasn’t heard all the complains yet after all these years?

  • It won’t be the “pro- midsized” body and neither a D300s replacement as some speculate. For one, the body dimensions will still be closer to the D90 than the D300 (side vertical column of buttons have only 4 as opposed to 5 in the D300s – making the vertical height smaller) also as pointed out, no back-panel dedicated metering switch/slides or AF-access (only AF and AE lock), design direction for card covering is interesting however with hatch door slide lock from the earlier D300 is back as opposed the the slide-style opening D700 or the D300s, its also wider/taller… which is interesting in terms of the reasoning for such a big door since SD cards are quite narrow compared to CFs. Unfortunately I accept the Dual-SD rumors to be true despite my personal desires to have a CF-SD combo, since there is no space in the internals to waste on a CF card slot inside a D90 spec’d dimensions. Other design cues of top Dial and parts do indicate to an upscaling movement by Nikon on their product line (in par with Canon’s direction for product line development) the Shifting will indeed lead to an interesting future (esp. in 2011 with the supposed D400(?) and D4(?).)

    • WoutK89

      They are probably as speculated in this thread, stacked instead of next to each other, therefor the longer door. BUT, there is no doorlock button/switch on the body, that’s the AF focus point lock button.

    • Enesunkie

      The D3100 has 5 buttons along the left side, they’re just closer.

  • mlwadester

    Where is the rumored 18-135?

    • Anonymous

      There already exists an 18-135mm but it’s not VR.

  • RG

    Am I the only one that cares that the D7000 move up to the D300’s 1005-pixel RGB sensor for metering rather than stay with the D90’s 420-pixel RGB sensor? Am I placing too much importance on the improvement this would bring?

    I seem to only care about:
    1) 1005-pixel RGB sensor for metering (vs. D90’s 420-pixel)
    2) Multi-CAM 3500DX focus module (vs. D90’s 1000DX focus)
    3) AF lens calibration (doesn’t exist on D90)

    Everything else is gravy.


    • The metering too, I am very curious about, and the answer to that will only come with knowledge to the Nikon’s R&D and profit time scale. if they have extracted enough usage and profit to recover more than they planned with the development of the 1005 pixel, then it will be utilized in the D7000 (good news then! new Metering for the D400 and D4 coming next year!)

      focus module will apparently be something like the Multi-CAM 2500DX (?), a tier down from the 3500 but probably and advancement over the 1000.

    • Enesunkie

      You bring up some very good points. Having all the buttons you want in a convenient place is great, but these would be more important to me too.

  • tombstone tommy

    D300s sales are now officially dead in the water. I do not understand this move at all.

    • not quite. there are many unanswered questions about custom settings and fine-tune minor detail controls that can’t be answered by the rumored spec sheet and the picture alone. Menu accessed controls available in the D300s are almost two folds many in comparison to the D90 and many of those are desired tweaks that pros use and desire. That i believe won’t be available to the D7000 (as well as other hardware differences). Besides, who’s complaining about a upward movement for the better? … as long as its not step down like what canon did with the 60D to adjust the product line accordingly after the 7D launch)…

    • Anonymous

      Nikon has been rebating the D300s since last summer (almost) but for over 6 months now!

    • Bobby

      Nikon will most likey trump the D7000 with a D300s successor sometime within the next year or two.

  • Karlosak

    No AF-ON button… this definitely is not a D300s replacement.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed the exif data?, no? D800 anyone ?

  • 2cents

    It has done been begun already.

  • I’m a Toronto Wedding Photographer and I mainly use primes for my work. I just picked up the 85mm f/1.4G yesterday to replace my 85mm f/1.4D and I’m looking forward to the 35mm f/1.4G, along with my 24mm f/1.4G I’m in heaven. Looking forward to pro level 50mm f/1.4G or even a 1.2 and a 135mm f/2G.

    • Bobby

      Nikon would be totally awesome to bring back the 50 1.2 or better yet the 58 1.2 Noct with weather sealing. I like how Nikon is starting to fill the gaps in their lens lineup especially the fast primes.

  • Sebastien

    I want to see the official CAN price of this new camera!

    This will be my first DSLR but I want a camera with good features with enough performances to keep this camera a few years…….so an ‘advanced entry level camera’

    I hope the price will be really competitive with the Canon 60D, not the 7D. So with a budget of 2000$ CAN, I will be able to have a good camera, a good entry level lens, with some extra DSLR gear…

    • Merv

      Maybe the D7000 + a kit lens upgrade (e.g. Tamron 17-50 f/2.8) + taxes will get you close to $2000 in Canada, you could squeeze in the SB-700 or a prime lens after

  • ToniT Finland

    Why in earth they did decide to leave the totally useless focus point locking lever to D7000!

    That was the only useless control in D90. I would have so hoped to see the focus selector switch similar to D300 in place of that useless switch! I mean it costs money to put buttons to the camera, so why not use them for something meaningfull.

    It’s nice to see that the live view button is now a switch, instead of a button. I wonder what the ok, button will do in live view if the recording button is now incorporated in the live view switch…

  • Rafael

    does anyone know, the expected price for the 35mm f1.4 G lens?

    • dian


  • Jim

    Don’t know why the site is not updated……

    their RSS feed has more pictures of the D7000 and the SB700 flash. Its not M1 & M2 on the dial but U1 and U2.

    Check out their feed.

  • Jim

    wow arrangement of focus points

  • Jim

    oops. consider the 1st and last row of points centered

  • Anon

    Wish they’d included a dedicated AF ON button like on the fake pictures, it’s one thing lacking on the D90/D5000 for those who like using a separate button to the shutter for focusing.

    • Any Nonmouse

      The AE-L/AF-L button can be customized to AF-ON.

    • Bobby

      What Any Nonmouse said. This function can be mapped to the AE-L/AF-L button.

  • Dian

    If nikon was worth half a sultan’s weight in gold they would re-release the 50mm 1.4 afs with nano crystal coat. I want all my fast primes to have matching sexy N’s on them. One bad egg will ruin the whole bunch! Im joking of course. That 35mm will be mine one day.

  • MinnieMouse

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!! But the expected price of that 35mm is killing me…. ;-(

  • R.D

    whats the little button near the mode dial for? (sorry if this has been mentioned already)

    • Sam

      It’s a lock so you can turn the bottom dial. It’s similar to the pro cameras now

  • ukj

    this is for anyone living in Vancouver Canada broadway will take your name down on a list for the d7000

    • ukj

      Broadway camera that is

  • Ian

    Way to go NIKON!!!! I think it is almost time for me to switch to Nikon, when the next d700 replacement hit the market! Sick of Canon’s AF system.

    • jdsl

      probably, you might still be sick ’til next year.
      good luck 😉

  • Sam

    The more I look at it, the more weird it looks. There’s no room at the top of the screen, below the viewfinder, for the screen cover. The whole eyepiece bit looks, well a bit fake.

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