After the D7000, Nikon D90 will still be available till the end of 2010

  • It is interesting that the Nikon D7000 is considered to be a model between the D90 and the D300s. Almost all previous specs indicated a body superior to the D300s. Maybe we are missing something.

"Q13:- Is there going to be a D700x or D700s? If yes, then when could we expect it? – Dr. Parth
Ans:- Dear Dr. Parth,
At present, there are no plans to replace Nikon D700.

Q14:-When D90 replacement is going to be launched? I’m planning to buy a D90. Is it the correct time to buy it or should I wait? Is there any chance of D90 price drop in another 1 month? – Deb
Ans:- Dear Deb,
At present, there are no plans to introduce any replacement camera and no price drop can be committed.
My suggestion is that technologies keep changing; you have to decide when to buy. I suggest, do not wait, Nikon D90 is a hot cake, go grab it."

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  • It’s looking tempting to replace the D300s (as the backup) while I continue to push onward with the D700 (250k clicks later)

    But downside is I’d have to invest more in SD cards and new battery style.

    • I do not think that the price of D90 will drop.
      Just buy it if you want.

      • LGO

        Competing with the the D7000’s very impressive specifications, it is inevitable and unavoidable that the price of the D90 will go down.

        • iamlucky13

          I’m thinking not lower than $800 for the body. Even with the older sensor the better body merits a premium over the D3100.

          My opinion is the D90 will hang around until the D5100 (assuming that name) comes out. The rumor could suggest that will happen in time for Christmas, but I won’t be making any bets to that.

      • I think it will go on sell 🙂

      • D90

        if it’s above D90, it needs micro adjust

    • Paul

      I’m in the same spot. Looking to replace the D300s with a D7000 possibly.

  • I see there being 3 DX lines eventually:-

    Entry Level: 3000 series (D3000, D3100, etc)

    Mid Range: 5000 series (with the D5100 being more towards the D90 minus the built in motor)

    Advanced Amateur: 7000 series (between the current D90 and D300S in build quality)

    I don’t think we’ll see the Semi-pro DX continue after the D300S, just the way the market is moving. That gives them more space to have a lower priced FX between the 7000 series and the current D700.

    BTW: I don’t have any inside contacts in Nikon, but I do have an MBA, live in Japan, and watch the camera market quite closely.

    • Vandyu

      What I really want to know is– “Did you stay in a Holiday Inn” last night? 🙂

      • JoshL


      • THURO

        haaaaaaaaaaahahaha, awesome.

    • LGO

      Or it could be that Canon having come out with a Canon 7D, Nikon wisely positions a D7000 slightly lower than the 7D, and bumps the D300/D300s into a higher position above the Canon 7D.

      Anyone wanting a DX that is less costly would opt for the D7000. Anyone wanting the best DX would opt for the D300.D300s-successor.

      Nikon will likely have a new and better AF system in the D4. Nikon has shown in the D3/D300 that it is willing to share this AF system with a DX body. Given that the D7000 has a different and fewer focus points AF system than the D300/D300s, then the D4 AF system will likely inhabit a different and likely higher-end DX body.

      • I will purchase the D300s replacement.

    • I hope we will see a FX sensor in a D7000 body rather than D300s succesor.

    • RMPossible

      Your theory doesn’t seem reasonable to me given the success of the D300 and D300s, not to mention Canon’s success with the 7D and T2i.
      My more pedestrian guess and unsubstantiated rumor mongering is that we will see a D300s replacement near the same time we see the D700 replacement and soon after we will see a D5100. There is still ample need out there for a DX camera that does 7-8fps, has a top or the line AF system and supports CF cards and has basically the same feature set as the D700 series.

  • i_still_want_a_D900

    Now whenever Nikon say there’s no D700 replacement , I would believe.

  • Erik

    So far, all samples I’ve seen from the D7000 have been clearly inferior to the D90. Lots of high-light clipping for example. So it sort of makes sense to me to place it below the D90.

    • Patrick

      Where are these sample shots?

    • WoutK89

      And you are right, only numbers put it higher than D90, it is still the entry level DX line.

    • Zograf

      Yeah, that’s what I want also to know – where are these samples. I am curious to look at them as well.

    • Ronald

      show me the samples! show me the samples!

  • Dacoz

    So who all thinks the D300s will be without a successor? I think there is a 50/50 chance of this based on the D7000’s specs. By the way, if the D7000 has the rumored specs, similar focus performance to the D300, and lens calibration, I am on it. Wanted a D300 replacement or a D700 replacement, but I can’t wait forever.

  • Jack

    These Q&A sessions with Nikon make no sense. They never say anything and won’t give away what they’re planning to do in the future. They always just say “there are no plans…” They’re are always plans, they just won’t tell us or their competitors.

    • Vandyu

      Agree. Totally worthless PR to get Nikon executives in the news. Content value is useless. Marketing team stays employed.

      • King Of Swaziland

        Pretty sure NOTHING has EVER been revealed about the future in any of these Q&As.

      • Dan

        They want to keep selling the remaining D90s till EOY. Can you blame them?

      • Lolly

        You’re right, guys. Can we expect a Nikon rep to say otherwise ?

      • dave

        Hey, Takematewhatever did say that they would fix the auto-white-balance issue in the D90 successor in his interview earlier this year. So they do give us hints 😉

        And although they said there would be no D700 replacement, in the strictest sense, that does not rule out some other FX based DSLR It just means we won’t see a D700x or D700s, and if a new FX-based DSLR is announced, they will continue selling D700s (plural) for some time.

    • Neogene

      If someone inside Nikon will say “we will release a new camera” many customers will wait and their sells of the previous model will drop (and shops will have many cameras in stock without customers), so these answers from internals are useless.

    • AP

      Perhaps Opposite is true about everything that the Nikon Exec said.

      So in esssence that would mean that you should

      -not buy the D90 now. since it will drop once 7000 is out or just get the 7000
      -not buy the D700 even tho Nikon would like you to since they will replace that Soonish!

    • Roland

      Someone needs to ask some REAL questions.

  • The D90 will be around until the D5100 comes out, then we have a triple DX:
    D3100 / D5100 / D7000

    D300s will be updated to an FX model. This will be geared to high iso.
    The D700 will be updated to D800 geared to high MP
    D400 / D800

    Pro lines will be updated
    D4 / D4x

    • Huggs

      This makes sense when you compare Nikon’s product line with Canon.

    • George

      I think so too.

      The megapixel wars on DX sensors are only hurting image quality at this time.

      Instead of competeing with Canon on megapixels at the D300/7D level, Nikon will compete on sensor size.
      A DX sensor can never win against an FX sensor at this level – regardless of megapixel counts.

      Very smart on Nikon’s part if they do that.

    • human tripod


    • Bobby

      I think nikon has a couple of options here. Your view on what Nikon might do is possible but I also think it is possible that Nikon is moving the D90 up to around if not a little below the 7D target, which could also give more room for the D300s replacement to be targeted above the 7D. I just wonder if there will eventually be a D700s and if the D700 successor will share the same sensor with whatever is put in the D4 or not.

      • WoutK89

        There is so much spread possible, that Nikon does not have to put the same sensor as the D4 in the “smaller brother” anymore. It’s cheaper production wise, we will see what Nikon has up their sleeves.

        • Bobby

          In the end it’s really hard to even come up with a road map of the possibilities of what Nikon will eventually fill their DSLR lineup with based on one point (the D3100). Extrapolating data from one point will not lead to accurate results at all. Plus the D3100 is the entry level DSLR of the next generation so only time will tell.

          But I think for the AF array in the next gen pro cameras, there could be a better possibility of more, if not, all cross type sensors and possibly spreading out the points a little other than that the current 51 point AF system works pretty well IMHO.

          It should be an interesting end of the year for all camera manufacturers though. I think sony did have some innovative and interest concepts even if they don’t function as well as expected.

          • WoutK89

            even if they don’t function as well as expected.
            They show they are not shy to try to innovate on Digital grounds. Sony is capable of so much, but they just lack the people to give them the edge.

            • WoutK89

              At least, that’s my assumption…

  • AlohaEd

    “It is interesting that the Nikon D7000 is considered to be a model between the D90 and the D300s.”

    If D7000 is between D90 and D300s then shoudn’t it have micro focus adjustment capabilities and built in focus motor?

    • WoutK89

      it WILL have the focus motor…, more curious about metering on older lenses and the micro adjust. But don’t be like Nikon sells DX only to non-professionals and so is able to remove the focus motor. They would a lot of pro’s with older glass angry. UNLESS there will be a D400 DX as it should be, to end with a full line of Nikon cameras on the DX side (completed video, better live view and all other improvements we can expect), that would mean no metering with old lenses and no micro adjust in the D7000

  • Rajesh

    I think D90 will continue to sell only in India or,and other selected markets ONLY

    • It’s starting to look that way; D90’s are getting difficult to find here in the States.

      • Dean

        I was just at Costco. They had a huge stack of Nikon D90 + 18-105mm kits near the entrance, next to some Sony SLRs.

        • Tony

          Was in Cosco Today D90 2 lens kit 1459 18-55 and 70-300
          no 1 lens kit with 18-105

  • I still think that there’ll be a higher end model than D7000, seeing that it still lacks some features that are found in the top models 🙂

    • WoutK89

      The D7000 isnt even announced yet, how do you know ALL that it lacks?

  • King Of Swaziland

    You could ask a Nikon rep 90 seconds before they make the official announcement of a brand new model, replacing an old model, if there were plans to replace that model, and he’d still be telling you how there were no plans to replace that model, you should buy the old one now AS Nikon was unveiling the press release for the new model.

  • Jabot007

    I have a D300. I want video and clean raw iso 200 and cleaner iso 1600. Do you think the d7000 could/will acomplish this? Lower entry than d300 would be great

    • I’m very sure the D7000 will have cleaner ISO1600. It’ll be useless if it has a large ISO range of 100-6400 but poor performance from 1600 upwards.

  • eric

    No way this is true. The guy can’t be saying “Stop buying cameras and wait.” In the history of camera marketing, when has a Nikon executive said something about cameras and lenses being cancelled before they are?

    Like never?

  • Do you think the D400 will come out next year? If so, then when? And will it be FX?
    Please I have to know! I’m a current D90 owner looking to upgrade.

    • WoutK89

      on july 5th, 2011. They will also announce they have been the first company to take pictures of Big-Foot, the Yeti and a Unicorn.

      • Big Foot and Yeti are one in the same. I seens it myself!

        • WoutK89

          Hey thanks Suprchunk, love you too. 😉
          I am just getting annoyed with people that can not wait for Admin to get some info (especially asking “when” is the silliest question one can ask….) Then you can count on reactions like mine. If you can not take a joke, then you shouldnt read here anyway. Look through this thread, I make some good points, and if you dont agree point me on my wrongs, instead of calling me names!

        • WoutK89

          PS, who is this Ron?

  • P

    Well. They will have to have something between D7000 and D3.

    • Maybe 2 bodies, D400 and D800 😀

      • jason

        will nikon shock or rock the world with a D300x

  • BigTam

    Two large online shops in the Netherlands, who also do a lot of business in Germany, currently have no D90s in stock. It’s on back order, delivery time “unknown”. I would tend to agree that the D90 left-overs will be sold off in smaller markets, i.e. not North America or Europe.

  • Gareth

    The more i think about it, the more a full size Pro DX is needed. I’m sure there would be many (in relative terms) sales of a D3 shape DX camera with native 11+fps and a 16-18MP 1.5 crop sensor, longer life batteries and FAR more customization.

    I think almost all sports and many nature photogs would love it. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


    • +1 for a D2x revamp!

    • WoutK89

      IF it has same low light characteristics of the D3s, I think you MIGHT be right.

    • Zograf

      Hhm, what do you mean by “full size .. DX”??

      • jimmy

        clearly referring to the size of the camera itself.

    • jason

      i cant agree more & styled around the D2 series body so we dont get this nasty battery grip that only makes the camera look ugly

    • Mike Gunter


      Nikon requires two professional Nikon bodies to participate in their Nikon Professional Services Program – the D300s is the only DX body that qualifies. That might mean something to some folks. It currently is a “Free” program, you pay as you use services; what may change if there isn’t a DX “professional” body is that there would be a fee associated with the program.

      Of course, who is to say that the D7000 won’t qualify as a “professional” body? 😉

  • D90

    INFERIOR to D300s maybe because it will lack Fine Tune, it will have similar controls as D90, you still have to dig into the menu. And maybe –no manual AF on video mode.

    About AF on video: It will be impossible to shoot a short film project . Once someone walks in the foreground, leaves or snow falling, tracking / peeping shots behind the woods, the camera will shift focus blurring the subject. That’s why none of the $150K Panavision cameras have AF.

    • Daves

      “no manual focus in video” d3100 just AUTO iso..

      nikon guys have to learn or they should announce ” we won’t support dslr videos users, follow canon if you have to”

      see canon ads ” now 24p update on 5dmark2″ im sure we will never see such a videosupport by nikon.

      im also hoping for a high mbps rate

      canon 7d uses 48 mbps , d3100 just 18 mbps. okay it’s of course a matter of how the processor handle with the video compression, but d7000 should also have something around 48 mbps.

      sorry for my bad english..

      • WoutK89

        Yes, compare a top of the line FF 5DmII with the entry level APS-C D3100 😉 I think you just made your argumentation go up in smoke

        • Dave

          very funny woutk89 because the entry level dslr by canon already have 24p and the update was just for the older 5dmark2

          just come around with such comments when you already know the basic specs…

          • Gonads

            I’d rather have a GH1 with the firmware hack than a Canon myself 🙂

          • WoutK89

            Are you kidding me? Processing power of the 550D = 5DmII and has same 48mbps? 1080 24p is only a number…

          • WoutK89

            BTW Dave, if you are so happy about what canon does, what use of you being on NikonRumors anyway? As long Nikon makes great stills cameras, who cares that the video is a little behind on Canon’s. Canon has a long way to go to get on the same level of performance Nikon is on with stills

            • WoutK89

              Because I dont care knowing all about what Canon does, I have a life besides photography, I am a student, much more important to know my stuff about that dont you think?

              Suprchunk, this is strike 2, if you dont add to the discussion, then dont post at all, you are a newbie here in my eyes (or point me at some wonderful old posts of you that added to some good discussion in your eyes), and all I seen you post is about me.

    • st r

      > And maybe –no manual AF on video mode.

      what is “manual AF”?

      > About AF on video: It will be impossible to shoot a short film project . Once
      > someone walks in the foreground, leaves or snow falling, tracking / peeping
      > shots behind the woods, the camera will shift focus blurring the subject. That’s
      > why none of the $150K Panavision cameras have AF.

      I agree that AF is not good for video.

      However even my humble D40 has “focus on the closest subject”. This, along with focus range limitation on suitable lenses, can solve 90% of these problems.

      Not to mention that for filmmaking (of which I know nothing, mind you) I think you should rehearse before shooting, to plan the action but also to plan where to focus; you could do this with AF as well, so at the time of shooting there will be no surprises.

      This is to say that AF would be a second choice, but not an unreasonable one.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “what is “manual AF”?”

        Sounds strange indeed, but could mean something like manual choice of AF-points and manual AF-activating during recording instead of continues weird auto tracking, and having your camera performing wild guesses what might be going on in front of it. Even more annoying: performing wild guesses of what you really want (which the camera of course knows better than you do) in some manner of electronic dictatorship .
        Such features (manual choice of AF-points and manual AF-activating during recording) do make perfect sense IMO.

      • D90

        Yikes. I was typing too fast. I meant manual Focus as an option.

        “I think you should rehearse before shooting, to plan the action but also to plan where to focus; you could do this with AF as well, so at the time of shooting there will be no surprises.”

        On tracking shots or as long as the camera is following the subject, it can lose focus with AF. Again, that’s why it’s never incorporated in motion picture cameras. Pull or rack focus requires another person to turn the focus ring by hand to quickly change the depth of field from subject to background or vice-versa –to shift our attention from one thing to another.

    • Agreed! User adjustable focus fine tuning makes or breaks this for me.

  • Abhinav

    lol. I read the whole discussion given on tech2 .a guy asked is there D90 replacement he said no lol.of course he can’t say that or else he will loose his job.

  • AS

    Maybe the Nikon D7000 won’t have an AF motor inside like D90…

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Now that’s just stupid. If the D7000 is to be slotted between the D90 and D300s, then of course it will most likely have a AF motor. It is above the D90, not below.

    • hexx

      that’s the question I asked few times but haven’t received clear answer. First rumors about d7000 stated there’s no AF motor in the body (i think it was back in july maybe even earlier)

      I’m about to upgrade, I still have D40 (although 2nd body already, first broke) and want to upgrade to something with the motor built-in.

      I wanted to upgrade to d90 but knowing that it was released in August 08 the replacement must be coming soon (d7000).

      But if d7000 doesn’t have motor i will probably go for d90 or save some money and jump on D300s or maybe D400 (or whatever the replacement for d300s will be)

      I don’t need video honestly so I simply ignore all video related specs

  • I sense there`s gonnna be a surprise launch…. FX type….

  • martin

    Does anyone know if D7000 will have a 1/4000 shutter or a 1/8000 shutter?
    Also I wonder if it will have “time lapse” photography built in? (like D700 has but not D90 for example)

    • I’m guessing it won’t have an intervalometer.

      • WoutK89

        The D5000 did

        • WoutK89

          oops, DOES 😀

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    Admin, have you read this french interview made awhile ago with a Development director from Nikon?

    In the middle of the interview, the director made it pretty clear that the D90 successor will have an inbody AF motor. He further state that the “successors of the D90/D300” will go head on against the Canon 7D and will be small, fast and with a great VF.

    This interview was conducted earlier in January but the D7000 with its rumored specs fits the description.

    Interesting how he lumped the D90 and the D300s together. He could be referring to two different DLSRs, one succeeding the D90 and the other the D300s. OR he is referring to one body only (D7000) that will succeed both the D90 and D300s. Do we have a french speaker that can give a second translation or opinion?

    • WoutK89

      If that’s true, it will sit in size also in between D90/D300s

    • Zograf

      Google translates this like “The successor to the D90 / D300 must compete with the Canon 7D works very well. It is small, it has a good viewfinder, it is fast. The sensor is not everything.”
      Note, “The successor to the D90 / D300 must compete” which is obvious i.e. all this sounds like wishful thinking and a general assessment..

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        I don’t see how that can be interpreted as wishful thinking. Those are the words of Nikon’s research and development director. That interview was conducted earlier this year so the “successor” model(s) has already been developed as prototypes or even pre-production models. The comments about the small size, good viewfinder and speed is obviously based on those concrete models and not some wishful thinking or general assessment.

        Btw, it looks like the D7000 (if rumored specs are true) is going to be some serious competition for the 7D. Magnesium weather sealed body, dual card slot, 100% VF, 39 points AF system, D90 equivalent or better ISO performance, wireless flash, etc. It is as good as the 7D (except for 2fps slower) and all this for a significantly lower price than a 7D.

        • WoutK89

          mind you, the extra 2 fps might be by using the battery pack, or even 3fps extra… And the “wireless flash” is no news, commander mode is available in the D90 series and up already

          • Nukeon

            D80 already had CLS commander mode…so I would say D80 and up.

            • WoutK89

              D70 already had it…, so I would D70 and up, geez, you get the point, don’t you? I said D90 series (started with D70)

      • Dan

        I’m not too tek savvy wrt to DSLRs, but my french upbringing tells me that he’s saying the people in D90-successor market want to be able to use older lenses and that Nikon will cater to those demands. Does this mean no internal AF motor?

      • dashu

        “Les successeurs”… that is plural, google translate did some mistake.

    • Phil G.

      The article “make sense” now because of the the D7000 annoucement next week. Back then it was just some “Should & must” everybody can guess.

    • here is the link to the discussion from few months ago:

    • Max Rebel

      I’m French…

      He actually stated that “The Successors” of the the D90/D300 will have to Compete with the 7D. Which means every camera, of that level, will compete with the 7D from here on end.

      He also stated:

      – AF-I / AF-D and AF compatibly will not be removed from these bodies as long as the market demands it. That should ease a few 😉

      – Good management of noise is a priority, Mega pixels are not.

      Its probably safe to assume that the D7000 will have all of what the 7D has, Minus FPS on Video, Plus Something the 7D does not… Something new and not totally useless.

      • The Man from Mandrem

        Does that mean the D7000 would meter with old lenses like the E-Series AI-S (let’s you input lense data)?

        If so I can’t see any reason for a D300s replacement.

        If top of line DX is $1300 (D7000), you could have a $2000 FX and there’s no market for something in between.

  • brave new world

    If you ask a sales manager, he will always say: buy our products, buy now … such Q/A will not lead to disclosure of release plans. Who wants to wait? The USD is still going down, in Europe we can buy cheap … in the US … that’s bad luck, but you currently enjoy many special deals …

  • Spidercrown

    No replacement for d300 is bullshit, they will not let 7d from the other cam to monopolize the dx semi pro segment, just like d300 monopolize it b4 7d was launched.

    • George

      Arguably, the DX semi pro segment will be better served with an ‘affordable’ FX camera (if $2K can be considered affordable).

      As I said in my comments above, Nikon might have decided to compete in this segment with an FX sensor, which would easily give it the upper hand.

      • WoutK89

        A low res FX sensor will never replace a 12MP DX body…, has to be at least 24MP and same fps to make a “DX person” switch to FX. There is a reason why a lot of people stick to DX.

        • Suprchunk

          I’m a DX person and it would not take those stupidly outrageous specs to sway me to FX. I’m more concerned about the money aspect. Replacing a lot of gear is not cheap, which is why I slowly buy new lenses in non-DX form so the transition will be cheaper – I will only have to buy a body instead of a whole camp of new gear. And maybe new batteries, which is negligible.

          So your ‘reason why a lot of people’ really doesn’t pan out, in my case – or probably others, but general sweeping comments such as that rarely do, and just make the person look stupid. You don’t need more help in that department though.

          • WoutK89

            You are not a DX person in that case, read the lines, instead of trying to make your own words out of it. Think about why people like Bob Krist (I think he makes enough to buy a D3X) still shoot on a DX, I think even just a D90.
            Strike 3, I am going to read on, and if I see you again calling me names, I will contact admin. TROLL

  • Tare

    I still got no idea about why a D90 can still last for 2 years…….
    unless there is a plan:
    ( 1 ) Publish those with 11 AF first (D3100 and D7000)
    ( 2 ) Publish a brand new model with 3x AF to replace the D90

    It can create another mid-range class fight with Canon

  • Hank

    Management never will say anything to undermine current inventory…. never. One wrong word and the warehouse is full of D90’s!

    My expectations are as follows:
    D90 -> D7000 -> Photokina
    D300s -> D9000 -> Q2 2011
    D700 -> D8, D8x -> Photokina (yes I’m walking out on a skinny tree limb here…)
    D3s/x -> D4, D4x -> q4 2011

    segmentation got a little out of hand the last two years… time to consolidate.
    Now lets go take some pictures and forget about this for a while \:-)

    • Hank

      eh, I wanna nice happy face emoticon, not a purple unhappy grumpy one.

      ps D8x, D4x would be the pro versions and not released same time as a D8 or D4, rather after them. And the segmentation I refer to was having a Dx00 line that had both DX and FX sensors.

  • zupi

    Where in the post does ti say that it is a model between D90 and D300s, It does not say that

    • WoutK89

      Did you see a link to the post where someone is quoted from Nikon to say that exact phrase? It is a conclusion (opinion?) made by the Admin for this moment.

      • Actually the post contains 3 separate & unrelated news/rumors. I changed to format to avoid confusion. I received a tip that the D7000 will be placed between the D90 and D300s.

  • robertkrasser

    If the D7000 is like the rumors says it will be a camera nobody needs.
    – It does not have a pro body like D300s
    – it does not have a FX sensor what the most people are looking for.
    – it is more expensive than the D90 with a few more pixles and better ISO
    The only 2 camera configurations would make sense to take away huge n´market share from Canon would be:
    – a 900€ FX Camera like a D600 12mpix would be enough but ISO 25000
    – a 2200€ FX Camera successor of D700 (with Video, build in WIFI, GPS, and a lot more useful gadgets)

    Sorry with the D7000 I can see that Nikon is barking up the wrong tree again, that Nikon is not listening at their customers neither they know what photographers and Nikon fans want.

    A confirmation of this thesis (that Nikon ist more than stupid) is that now for the 3rd time in 4 years Nikon is not able to present a brandnew “pro camera” at the world biggest fair in the world (Photokina).
    Since 17. September 2008 we have a 2000€ FX Camera with Video: Its a Canon!

    • WoutK89

      Provocation is the only word I can put up on your post 😛 let me react.
      DX is still useful for pro-photogs too. You are not the entire planet, and so it makes no sense to state that an FX body is what MOST people are waiting for. The majority on NikonRumors might be right, but that doesnt make MOST people?!?
      I want to take a bet with you, that the D7000 will sell very well with the given specs, especially if it has similar or better IQ as the D300s with this amount of MP. Also your statement “it’s more expensive”, what happened to the other cameras that got replaced, they will never start at the same price point as their predecessor, and given the upgrades in the RECAP rumor, this body is MORE than just a D90 upgrade, its a redefinition of the middle-semiproish DX line.

      • Suprchunk

        The majority on NikonRumors might be right, but that doesnt make MOST people?!?

        But you mentioned earlier about most people not switching to FX because of a lack of MP. So you can generalize and state most people, but someone else can’t? I’m confused. Why are you the only one who can make broad sweeping generalizations?

        • WoutK89

          “A low res FX sensor will never replace a 12MP DX body…, has to be at least 24MP and same fps to make a “DX person” switch to FX. There is a reason why a lot of people stick to DX.”

          Tell me, where do I say MOST or a synonym of that? I only see “a lot” because DX is the majority of Nikon Digital photographers (pro and non-pro!). I didnt make a generalization whatsoever. Learn to read before trying to burn someone’s arguments.

  • Bread and Wine

    Hello, I’m French, so i’ll give my opinion about the Mr. Tetsurô Gotô interview on FocusNumerique website.

    Mr Gotô said : “Les successeurs au D90/ D300 doivent rivaliser avec le Canon 7D qui marche très bien.”

    A french reader will understand there are two differents dslr here. Because of this :
    “Les successeurs (…) doivent…”

    If Mr. Gotô spoke about one dslr only, he had say : “Le successeur au D90/D300 doit..”
    in this case, the “D90/D300” is considered as a class of model. The class of mid-range, or semi-pro dslr.

    But as Mr. Gotô said “Les successeurs (…) doivent”, he refered at the both dslr independantly ( do we say “independantly” in english? …)

    Well, hope it will help, but don’t forget it’s an “old” interview, it has been translate from japanese to french first, so don’t give too much credits to that..
    Recent news are more valuables.

    Please excuse my english, have a nice day,
    Bye everyone

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Bread and wine, thanks for your comments!

      Although that interview is old, it is still credible since those words came directly from Goto himself. The D7000 rumors specs fits almost exactly what Soto describes. Back then, they’d most likely already have prototypes/pre-production models going so he must be speaking from that and not some drawing board speculation.

      What confuses me is that if there is going to be 2 “independent” successors (say D7000 and D400), why are they both competing against the 7D?

      And can you explain Soto’s comments on how those successors will be small and fast? Does he mean both the D90 and D300s successors will have small bodies? Maybe this is a case of lost in translation when they first made the Japanese translation? well, we’ll find out in the next few weeks anyway. Getting a bit too impatience lol

      • Bread and Wine

        When Gorô said : “Les successeurs au D90/ D300 doivent rivaliser avec le Canon 7D qui marche très bien”, he’s actually speaking about two models competing against the Canon 7D. This looks strange (the fact two models competing a single Canon model), but it’s maybe a japanese to french translation mistake.

        Just after that, Gorô said:
        “Il est petit, il dispose d’un bon viseur, il est rapide. Le capteur ne fait pas tout.”
        Is actually speaking about the Canon 7D, “which is small, has a good visor, and he’s fast.” But Mr Gorô add: ” The sensor makes not everything” ( pointing at 18Mpix Canon 7D sensor), ie. the sensor is not the only thing important to make a good camera.

        hope my english explanation is clear 🙂

        • Bread and Wine

          “The sensor doesn’t makes the camera” > maybe the translation is better like this

      • Bread and Wine

        Focus Numérique : Beaucoup de nos lecteurs sont inquiets de la disparition de la motorisation pour les objectifs AF-D dans l’entrée, puis le milieu de gamme. Le remplaçant du D90 sera-t-il dépourvu de moteur d’autofocus ?

        M. Tetsurô Gotô : Les clients de cette gamme veulent pouvoir utiliser les objectifs AF plus anciens que les AF-I. Dans ce domaine, nous suivrons la demande du client.

        >>>> About the motor inside the D90 successor, Gotô is clear, he said :
        ” The customers of this (D90) level’s dslr want to use AF lens oldder than AF-I. In this case, we”ll follow customers demand.”

        So we can conclue that Nikon will keep the inside motor on the D90 successor. There is no doubt about that in the Mr. Gotô asking.
        (but still, don’t forget it’s an “old” interview so…)

      • WoutK89

        why are they both competing against the 7D?
        Maybe because canon’s line of cameras is in between the 4 Nikon lines? (550D, 60D and 7D cameras, as opposed to D3100, D5000, D90 and D300s)

        • NiknWontRepairMyGray

          I was thinking/hoping maybe the original Japanese interview goes something like “the successors (D7000 and D7000’s successors) of the D90/D300 (implying they will be merged into one high end DX cam in the future) will compete with the Canon 7D (canon’s high end cam). Thus, Nikon will release a $1700-$1800 FX camera in the near future. But then I wake up.

          • Bread and Wine

            You could be right !
            I thought Gorô was speaking about two successors (one for the D90 & another one for D300s), but as you said, it could be the successors of the “class” D90/D300s : the D7000 ; D7000s (or D71000), D72000, etc.

            If so, the new D7000 class will compete the Canon 7D class.
            Sounds more logical than 2 differents nikon cameras competing the 7D, as I said before.

  • Bread and Wine

    to “robertkrasser” :
    Well if the D7000 is like the rumors say, it’s very fine to me !
    I have a D80 and wanted to buy a D90 soon, but now I’m waiting for that “7K” (sounds a bit nicer to me than D70000″0000″…) .
    All the specs looks great( hope the definition with 16M pixels will be fine..)

    • robertkrasser

      dear “bread and wine” I am sure D7000 will be a grate camera for taking grate pictures like the D90 is. The only thing I want to say ist that this camera is not the desire of Pros, FX Photographers (who want a small/cheap D3x with video) even not Wildlife and Sport Pros who need a Pro camera with more Pixels and Crop 1.5.

      • WoutK89

        Every camera has its uses, DX is usable for pros too, like sports photographers can carry a smaller lens for achieving the same length (assuming ISO performance DX = FX). Wildlife pros want it for the same reason, FREE reach. As soon as FX is able to replace DX in both speed and amount of pixels in crop (D3x is a slug compared to the D300s), than indeed you may be right.

    • Mike Gunter

      @Bread and Wine

      It’s D7K from now on for me! 🙂

  • LAMP

    wait, there will be replacement of D90 right?

  • Simpleman

    Come on nikon d7000 video with full manual control , it cant be that they are really thinking that the d7000 is gonna beat canon t2i,7d with no manual control
    this AF-C is just no sufficient , and if it does work like the sony alpha which i assume it is the same

    it has a very unpleasent look while trying to find the focus
    nikon if you really want to surpass the 7d and get back in the game
    dont force us to use this , give manual control !!! plz plz plz !!

  • Bread and Wine

    Did you see this one :

    Gave me sea bellyhache.

    Lens and dslr motors should suffer a lot with this constant AF, don’t they?
    Hope new d7OOO will have manual controls.

  • Fotojw

    Maybe The D7000 Will be something really new , maybe à sensor with à Crop factor 1,25 . This would explain the 16mp , would give à Nice field of view, higher iso sensivity , greater dynamic range, use of all lenses . The right fit in between d90 and d700. Who knows ?!!

    • WoutK89

      DX lenses dont all support 1.25 crop.

  • In CZ shop told me few days before. There will be D7000 announced 15. september and 17th 9. 2010 will be introdution in this shop. It should be something midle D90 and D300s .. maybe D300 and DXXX cameras will disapear … unfortunatelly 🙁 But D7000 will be very closed to DXXX cameras 🙂
    I am looking forward it … so much 🙂

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      What do you mean by “be introduction in this shop”? you mean his shop will have it in stock on the 17th September?

      • No for sale, only for first look:-) But … u can touch this camera 🙂 unfortunatelly I will be on vacancy … .:-(

  • Dave

    im just hoping that nikon get in contact with consumers about ” dslr video mode ” like canon did it here:

    plz dont cry around ” you compare pro dslr with entry dslr ” … I just mean the marketing strategy…

    for example…nikon video ads are a joke (happy family filming bla bla)

  • Dave

    another question:

    who thinks nikon will release a 70-200mm 4 lens like canon? or does nikon just follow the “pro lenses have 2.8 – way”…i hope for aperature 4 in big lenses. im just a student (low incoming money ;D)

    • WoutK89

      You give the exact reason why Nikon does not need a Budget series of lenses, you are JUST a student, most people I heard from Canon, on here too, say it’s because of WEIGHT reasons.

      @ comparing the entry with pro model, that comparison said nothing about listening to customers. An entry level is always lower in quality and always lower in possibilities than the top of the line cameras.

      Cry me a river… Or go to Canon

  • Getting rid of the DXXX line = fail.

    D400 or GTFO !

  • Al

    Who is reliably saying the D7000 will have a focus motor? If you follow the naming convention, it won’t. Further, a DX-Pro model is essential for (2) reasons:
    1. Pro-quality auto-focus (ala F5, D3) and high torque focus motor for the DX pro lenses (ie. 70-200 VR1 – don’t think so? Use one…)
    2. Crop-frame lets me carry a 300/f2.8 vs a 400mm at $3000 more that has to be checked on planes (3rd piece).

    I think the D90 price goes UP when people realize it’s the entry-level Pro-IQ w/Motor…

    • WoutK89

      Why does an AF-s lens need the IN BUILT motor of a camera? I think the difference is in energy from batteries…, the higher end bodies can give more power to the lens, so it can autofocus. Sorry for you that you too are only able to look at numbers (i.e. the name alone) to say it’s not pro enough?

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      What naming convention? Can you give me a link from Nikon that shows the guidelines and convention for naming products? maybe it’s only inside your head lol

      On the other hand, Nikon’s director the of R&D department once stated that there will be an inbuilt AF motor on the D90 successor. Of course Nikon can change their plan but this is certainly more “reliable” than that imaginary thing inside your head.

      Anyway, there’s only a few more days left. No need to argue.

  • JBL

    Two reasons why we expect the D7000 to be a D90 replacement or something between both bodies (D90 and D300)

    1) We expect a D400 or something…
    2) The name… D7000 sounds like a cheap thing.. idk why I feel that way but just for the name.. my “upgrade” from D300 to D7000 will feel like a downgrade…

    • Lolly

      The future of the D300(s) will probably be FX … if not D400 then the D500. Hmm, these model numbers are pretty close to D700.

      It looks like the Dx000 series is aimed at the low end of the market and the D7000 being a ‘pro’ model in that market segment. It’s hardly likely the D7000 is the replacement of the D300(s). As mentioned by others already the D300(s) replacement will probably be phenomenal.

  • JBL

    The Nikon India interview is very funny, here’s a part of it:

    Q5:- When will Nikon D90 be announced? India? – Behzad Zamanian
    Ans:- Dear Behzad,
    Nikon D90 has already been in the market from 27-08-2008. Please note the prices.
    D90 with AF-S 18-105 mm VR lens MRP Rs. 58,950/- (Kit) ,D90 MRP RS. 43,450/-(Body Only)

  • Ron Scubadiver

    “DXXX will not be replaced this year” means nothing. They can always say that a new model is not a replacement but a repositioning of the line. My hunch is no new FX body this year and that the D700 will have a 3 year life as did the Canon 5D. I think Nikon is trying to time the release of a new FX body without a grip, be it a D700 replacement or not, to coincide with the 5DIII, or what ever it is called, sometime next spring.

    • Lolly

      Good point … Nikon has to compete with it’s arch rival too !

  • JakeB

    Can anyone remember how long after launch the D90 body had a price drop?

    i.e. if I wait around six months after D7000 body launch is it likely there’ll be a price drop, or is a year or longer more likely?


    • WoutK89

      Price drops over time in increments. Keep your eyes open till in your eyes the price is right 😉

    • Broxibear

      You can follow price changes here:
      The D90 hasn’t dropped very much since it’s launch in 2008…my advice would be to see what Photokina brings, see the effect it has on prices and buy then. There’s going to be a VAT increase in the UK in January and I’m sure many retailers will use it as an excuse to pump up their prices even more.

      • hexx

        thanks for the link, currently you can get d90 from camerabox for £549 – body only – will wait for the photokina announcements and if d7k doesn’t have body i’ll probably go for d90

        • hexx

          “will wait for the photokina announcements and if d7k doesn’t have body i’ll probably go for d90” – LOL

          i meant if d7k doesn’t have the AF motor in the body

  • Mike Gunter

    Hi all,

    In the the USA there is a list price (sometimes it drops after launch) and a street price, and unfortunately there is also a “close to launch” price (which is tragically fixed at announced list.

    The timing of the prices is like reading tea leaves, purely for entertainment and not to be taken seriously, regardless of what’s at stake.

    I’m fortunate enough to have squirreled away my cash and will pre-order my D7K on Thursday if the specs look as good as I think they will. My D90 has been used, very much so, every day since I got it on first launch. It will go to the shop for adjusting as soon as the D7K comes in so I can put it as my backup camera, and sell the D80 (current backup). I’ll likely take a couple of hundred dollars for my beating, but then I’ll have the camera and use it for my work.

    As for the D300s, it strikes me that the D90 and D300s could be melded into a single new camera, the D7K. I don’t know if Nikon is going to boost it to “professional” status – I kind of doubt it at that price point – but there really isn’t any thing keeping the two bodies from merging into the newer model for a better market share. If this results in the combining of the two models, I don’t see it as a bad thing.

    If the body has been beefed up to be weather resistant (that’s a big one for me) and has added some other essentials to promote it to a distinctly unique class of camera (getting the horizon right in a dim environment will be a big boon, too) – it would seem to have the D300s’s better qualities – I don’t know why Nikon or any Nikon users would hold on to any pretentious “professional” moniker.

    The FX cameras are darlings. Who wouldn’t want to play with one? Or own one? But my market – the people who pay my bills – won’t know the difference of the IQ of their delivered work from DX from FX – ever. Furthermore, inasmuch as I have FX envy as anyone else, I’ve carried cameras for over 45 years, some of those in fatiguing circumstances as a photographer for the newspapers and wire services, but wedding and even guys and gals have to carry the darn things all day long, too without respite. There’s a lot to be said for lighter (read DX) gear with great IQ for a huge market of those who buy and use cameras.

    My best to all,


    • Mike Gunter

      Typo — Wedding and event guys and gals —

  • Sven

    IF the D7000 is between the D90 and the D300s , will it have CF + SD instead of 2x SD ?
    And what about the switches like AF , focus and the metering ?
    I hope it wil have CF+SD and all those switches ….
    I cant wait until 15 sept …. ( what time will it be anounced ? )

    • WoutK89

      midnight EST if memory recalls. Like all (/most of the) previous announcements

  • Ronald

    Just 3 more days, and no more news about the D7000? No more leaked info? 🙂

  • Lolly

    Hey, I’m looking for a taxi in Cologne, Germany with the Nikon D7000 plastered over it. Has anyone seen one ?

  • I wonder if the D7000, if announced on the 15th, would ship out with the D3100. Think they’ll be on the market before the leaves change colors? It would be a nice chance to give these cameras a first good run here in the States.

  • PJ

    what would be the kit lens for 7K, would it come with 18-105mm as D90???

    • ckw

      Ya, curious whether D7000 will come with kit lense…

      • WoutK89

        A kit lens is not optimized for 1 single camera, Nikon has already a great line out there (18-55, 16-85, 18-105, 18-200), I don’t see much need for a new one, they have plenty to choose from. Rumor was for maybe a 18-135VR.

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