After the D7000, Nikon D90 will still be available till the end of 2010

  • It is interesting that the Nikon D7000 is considered to be a model between the D90 and the D300s. Almost all previous specs indicated a body superior to the D300s. Maybe we are missing something.

"Q13:- Is there going to be a D700x or D700s? If yes, then when could we expect it? – Dr. Parth
Ans:- Dear Dr. Parth,
At present, there are no plans to replace Nikon D700.

Q14:-When D90 replacement is going to be launched? I’m planning to buy a D90. Is it the correct time to buy it or should I wait? Is there any chance of D90 price drop in another 1 month? – Deb
Ans:- Dear Deb,
At present, there are no plans to introduce any replacement camera and no price drop can be committed.
My suggestion is that technologies keep changing; you have to decide when to buy. I suggest, do not wait, Nikon D90 is a hot cake, go grab it."

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  • Shawn

    The pro-line DX camera is nowhere near dead… there is a lot of demand for it under certain conditions, and I don’t see Nikon filling that demand with a D7000… there needs to also be a D400. I just can’t fathom ALL the features that would be required at the D300s level, stuffed into a D7000 and the corresponding lower pro-sumer price point. Nope, I just don’t see it…

    I see a D7000 as a replacement/upgrade of the D90… and a D400 to replace/upgrade the D300s with more pro features (and price point)…

    What, do you think Nikon is going to abandon the pro-level DX camera market that they practically created…? Nope… not anytime soon.

    Granted… there’s plenty of room for an entry-level (sic) FX body… but not to replace the D300s.

    I’m speaking of the new D600 niche, of course…

  • D7000 it’s an odd name. Is it that probable that it will be named this way or is it pure speculation. Dx000 is an entry-level series, to which a camera between D90 and D300s (or better) certainly doesn’t belong.

    About this “between D90 and D300s” thing… I hope it will be better than that. Look at the high ISO performance of the two cameras. Surprisingly and counter-intuitively, the results output by the D90 seem to be slightly better.

  • Mark

    Really interesting tread to think about.

    Some time ago Nikon went FX. Pros begun turn to FX.
    Now it clear that nikon blows away market space for $1600 FX body.
    Amateurs begun turn to FX.

    As a DX semipro shooter I like what is bodied into my D300s, but I can`t stand competition with FX-equipped amateur. So my next camera will be FX.
    If for no other reason, at least as pro lookin’ attribute.
    There will no room to grow after D300 except FX body.
    And last: No one went back to DX from FX. So no professional DX in the future.
    D300s/7D were last DX pro attempt, “swan’s song”.

    • Iborv

      Highly unlikely. Cost-wise an FX body can never compete with a DX if it has the same features. As we can see with the 7D and the D300s there clearly is a market for fast pro-DX cameras. Of course there is also a market for lower cost FX cameras, but to get to low cost you have to give something up – speed, AF, body strength etc.

      If you make D300s from DX to FX, what would differentiate if from D700 and it’s successor? What would be the cost differentiator to justify existence of both models?

      I am most certain that we’ll have a DX D400 in the pipeline. I am also most certain there is a successor for D700 coming. And if Nikon is nice, there might one day be an even lower cost FX model below the D700-class – but it will not compete with ‘D400’ nor ‘D700+’.

      • Don’t forget that prices are a result of marketing decisions and not necessarily figures resulted from production costs. Although I’d be thrilled if Nikon launched an affordable FX camera, I don’t think this would be a smart decision sales-wise. At least if they want to keep the current pro DX cameras.

  • Jens

    I just had a thought last night.
    Because the D7000 will be so close to the D300 in terms of specs, am I totally of if I think that the D400 will have a full size body like the D3?
    Maybe the carbon body…

    • WoutK89

      Doubtful, if research is going as we speak, but the longer we wait, the higher the possibility of a Carbon based body.

  • Fact of the matter is – Nikon have got their D… naming all ballsed up anyway. For it to make sense in terms of ‘quality’ the DXX & DXXX are the wrong way round.

    Maybe this is their solution – remove the DXX range entirely…?

  • Steve H

    If the D7000 comes in with the specs already mentioned at a body only price of $1199 then it’s already $300 more than the MAP of D90 body only. That’s probably more than enough dollars to make a lot of people think twice. If Nikon dropped the D90 price by another $100 then there would be nice price gaps from the D3100/D5000 to the D90 and then the D7000.

    As a dealer I’d rather see the D90 go completely away (one less SKU), but if the D90 18-105 kit is selling for $999-1099 then it’s still a very good camera at that price point. Its sales will taper off but it will be a good opportunity for some schools and institutions to pick up a solid camera and a discounted price.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    I think the plurality in the French article should be taken with a grain of salt. Alot of mistakes happen when press interiew people, especially when there is a translator.

    If a D7000 is priced at $1200 it is by definition between the D300s and D90. That’s not to say they have to overpopulate their product range with direct replacements for each of the old models. I know so many people who are semi-pro waiting for a $2000 FX, I have my doubts you can make a D300s enough people will buy if the FX pricing is moving toward that magic number. If you put metering support for old (non-chip) lenses in the D7000 and a screw, there is really no need for a D300s replacement. My take is the comments to the french market may be about supporting old lenses. My budget for buying lenses is more aligned with the French (looking at old AI-S lenses for good value) so I am hoping that is the case.

  • Susanne

    Ok, maybe I’ve missed it, but does anyone know when the d7000 will be for sale? I know it’s going to be announced on the 15th, but when can we buy it?

    • WoutK89

      We will know in under 2 days

  • SNRatio

    Clearly, the 7D has become the benchmark for Nikon DX enthusiast level development. And the plural in “successors” may reflect something real, within one year, we may have three models targeting the 7D audience from different angles:
    1. “D4DX” – purely pro DX
    2. D7000, which will get closer to the D300s than the D90 in specs
    3. “D5100”, which will be the successor both to D90 and D5000. Think “video and almost D90” (no screw)

    I doubt the D7000 will be labeled “pro”, therefore, the D300s will stay in the lineup as the pro DX alternative until the D4 releases next year.

    The messages about no D700 update anytime soon would normally imply the announcement of something else FX in the meantime. IMHO, they make it more likely that the D7000 will become part of a DX/FX combo, somewhat lower specified than the D300/D700 combo.

    The most unsure thing now, is the D700 update. Nikon may simply not get time to do it. On the other hand, the “at present no plans” clearly relates to the operational aspect: It means that the distributors are not working on D90/D700 replacements right now.

  • Bo Albertus

    Does anybody know when D7000 will be available i the shops in europe?

  • Ole Berntsen

    Look at this. No more guessing. D7000 it is.

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