Nikon 85mm f/1.4 & 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses now shipping (overpriced)

Willoughby's already got some of the new 85mm f/1.4 & 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses in stock and is selling them overpriced on Amazon.

I already mention that this time Nikon is ready to start shipping the new lenses only two weeks after the official announcement (compared to a month in the past).

A dpreview member already got his/her hands on the 85mm f/1.4 lens.

Reports came also from Australia that some of the new lenses are available in stores.

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  • Matt

    I live in Manhattan and Willoughby’s is NOT my favorite store 🙁

  • Canon Fan

    Being so over priced it is amazing they stay in business..

    • Fun

      Funny you say that, since Canon lenses cost the same but make you buy a lens hood later for $50.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Nikon or Willoughby’s? : )

    I was hoping that this lens would drive the cost of the old one down. But with the mediocre bokeh demonstrated thus far and the hefty price, I have a feeling I won’t be the only one on the hunt for the older version.

    • BenS

      patience .. wait til those who bought the this lens test it. I have heard somewhere that the production lens’s bokeh is better if not the same compared to the old one.

      It will be a disaster for NIkon if this new lens is worse than the one it replaces.

      • we tried it and hoped for more.

        Bookeh is comparable, but worse. It vignettes less, but i like real vignette. It have less CA, but it was never problem with old one already even at f1.4. Sharp it is about same wide open, sharper stopped down, but who needs it.

        It focuses faster, but not fast as 35f2 or 24-70 so no real reason to upgrade.

        So what is left is focus override. Hm, no thanks. Will wait for 85 G 1.2.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll wait for f/0.9 VRIII 🙂

    • LGO

      What mediocre bokeh? The bokeh of the 85mm f/1.4D is good while the bokeh of the 85mm f/1.4G is even better according to Bjorn Rorslett.

      • Roger

        According to Bjorn? Do you trust Bjorn enough to spend 1,800$ based only on his opinion? I dont.

        I trust my eyes much more than I trust Bjorn, Lloyd, Thom, Joe, Larry or Bubba. I’m waiting to see real pictures and comparisons with the old 85mm.

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          I trust Bjorn much more than I would trust you 😉 you know he is experienced you are … meh, he is a great shooter you are… meh, he doesn´t shoots cat, you sound like the kind that shoot cats…

          • Roger

            The point isnt that you should trust my opinion. The point is that you should NOT spend 1800$ based on what some guy you’ve never met in your life says.

            Dont assume to know what I shoot, or how experienced I am, you cant know that, to pretend otherwise is silly.

            • Global

              Its not $1800 unless you are buying at inflated street. The bokeh will be fine. I don’t know why people are saying the bokeh is hideous based on 2 preproduction units with busy backgrounds (one had a swirly background, where there were lots of angles in back, and the other with leaves in a tunneling long view).

              If people are nervous about nervous bokeh, then they can wait for the Portrait tests. But for people who just want a FAST 85G then they don’t need to be mocked by the bokeh nitpickers.

              I know that a lot of people feel they make most of their money off of the bokeh and not off the actual portrait, but they have too much self-doubt. This seems to be one of those biblical Sampson issues: If you cut off someones hair they lose all their power? I think not. Same with bokeh. Just don’t go cutting off the hair of your subjects!! 😉

            • LGO

              Bjorn’s comment on the sample photos that showed mediocre bokeh:

              “This example has already been commented. The stems act as a grating filter. Any lens will show something similar.”

              “Put something in front of the lens and this will act as a grating filter. Old news. used that approach 40 years ago. Modern designs haven’t changed that basic fact. I could swamp the thread with examples. You can disrupt even the bokeh of a 300 mm lens using that principle.

              Note the point “in front of the lens”. Ie., interrupting the light path from main subject to lens.”

            • lolcatmaster FTW

              The point is rent a lens before buying it, I do it all the time but if I had to trust someone I would trust Bjorn because my experience matches pretty much what his reviews say :D!.

              But I wouldn´t trust you… stop wearing sneakers please…

        • nikkor_2

          I took delivery of the 85mm f/1.4 AFS G late today. Shots taken indoors tonight: to date, no evidence of the concerns raised by some viewing the earlier Silverman photos. More photos tomorrow … 🙂

      • Rafael

        no AFS lens.. no way jose

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Then do a harakiri.. huh? what are you waitng?? *clap clap* chop chop now hurry!

  • andyh

    great to have you back, NR!

    sorry since this if off topic, sad to read the update on the d700/28-300 kit package…

    does nikon have time for another announcement in 2010 after photokina? is that even likely?

    • WoutK89

      november is usually the hot spot for another one

  • Ordered mine (85mm) six days ago from a dealer here in Switzerland. Until now no delivery date. Still have to wait and suffer!!!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the 24-120mm f/4 VR ?

    • Chris

      Available from 22nd September

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      The large boat carrying them was attacked by a giant calamari… sadly they now rest in the bottom of the ocean :´(

  • Anonymous

    For the new 24-120mm, there’s not even a single hands-on review, or samples other than from Nikon’s official site.

    Since it’s not available anywhere, I bet it’s not yet mass produced. The plant must be busy with the other 2 lenses.

    And because the 24-120mm is deliberately designed to be D800 kit lens and as it’s announcement will likely not be before Photokina, therefore it may not be Nikon’s priority now.

    Also with this logic, when this lens becomes available, it means D800 will be soon. Hopes are fading for a D800 announcement at Photokina, but it can’t be too far though. Let’s wait for Christmas time or PMA.

    • WoutK89

      You seem to know a lot from Nikon…, the only thing you do is using D800 a lot of times, just wait, and the longer you wait, the faster it comes, and the wait has been long, so probably you are right, but not because of the reason you give 😉

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Stop with this “I wNTZ D800!” or “IT sUCKz No D700X” most of you won´t even print… and I hardly doubt you are doing double page spreads :/ so it is IDIOTIC that you keep asking for more megapickles…..

      As for the 24-120 f/4, you people seem to think that cameras and lenses are produced the day the announce them… they are manufactured before they announced them… it is like the design of a new camera it isn´t like they came with the idea 2 days after the announcement… In your rumor world you think this things are done in days but in reality it takes years to develop this products (from R&D to mass production)

      • Ronald

        That’s your opinion. I like to see a D800 also.
        Now i still can’t choose between a crop or a FX

        If a D800 is coming, with for example 16 mp minimum, then it’s easier to crop some images (example given: wildlife)

        Plus I have de benefit of better iso performance.

        But also….. that’s mine opinion.

        • Ronald

          ehrm… opinion

        • Landscape Photo

          I wish it at least 18mp, better if more.

          16mp won’t give much linear resolution difference (only 15% increase).

          For cropping, the detail with eg 300mm on 12mp camera can now be captured with 260mm on 16mm, but just 210mm on 24mp (given the lens may resolve accordingly). Most lenses are able to resolve a 24mp sensor at the center, but may start to get softer at borders.

          Some people may say “why crop, get a longer lens, do better in-situ composition, etc” but it’s not the point, it’s the freedom of choices…

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Rent a 1ds MKII not to switch to canon but to have an idea of what would be the difference if you print (something 99% of the people at dpreview never do) the extra headroom is nice but for most of the people who don´t print (like most people here) the extra megapixel count is useless, just a feature to try to impress wannabe models….

            Now what´s with cropping geez… rent a lens that gives you the angle of view you want and call it a day :/….

      • Discontinued

        LOL, it has started again.

        @lolcatmaster FTW,

        this is a site about (Nikon) rumors. I don’t get these “don’t wish for”, “don’t wait for”, “YOUR IDIOTS” or “you don’t need” comments. If there was already everything from Nikon anybody could wish for, what would be the point in NR ? ? ?

        Right now I hope for many things (including a D800) . If you are entirely satisfied with Nikons current offers, why do you even bother coming here? Too much time on your hands or just afraid that Nikon might move on and make your beloved equipment look old?

        Well, I can only guess. You OTH seem to know pretty much about others coming here, their true inner being (idiotic whiners, of course) their lack of skills and their real needs (12 MP is already far too much for them, of course).

        And what do you mean:”… I HARDLY doubt (you are doing double page spreads) …”

        Does ItZ MeAnZ U Du nOt Doubt IT @ aLl ? ? ? WhAtZ uR Prob thEn ? ? ?

        • Lola

          “what would be the point in NR ? ? ?”

          I always thought the point of nikonrumors was for admin (and team) to inform the rest of us about the rumours they had heard from the various contacts they have in the industry. They make a judgement call on how reliable that information is based on previous experience.
          Unfortunately lately posters have turned it into “I want this, I demand this, I’m switching to this”
          In fact posters like you.

          • Ronald

            I demand nothing, but yes, I would like to see a D800, but I’m not switching to anything, and certainly I don’t demand anything.

            You’re right about the point of nikonrumors……. but also the D800 is rumored….. so infact, what is wrong to talk about that? I think for the rumored D800 this is the right place to speculate about that.

            • Ronald
            • Discontinued

              Thank you Ronald.


              I can’t see why rumored CAMERAS should be handled exactly contrary by commenters to rumored LENSES. That is a complete mystery to me.

              Expressions of hope for the latter to materialize get innumerable replies of agreement. With the other you can be a 100% positive to earn at least a few insults. Why?

      • Anonymous

        It sounds realistic, yet if your assumption is correct I can’t imagine a 100% leak-free world that ten thousands of 24-120mm were already manufactured 6 months ago, q.checked and boxed somewhere and nobody will have any idea.

        Who knows, same may apply to the D800 or so. Do you know where they are stored? At Sendai plant? 🙂

        And there may be photographers around already testing one of these. Taping? Sounds old fashioned. A D700 wouldn’t catch attention, while only the owner would know it is something different 😉

        Btw, I’ve read on dpreview forums, a photographer (who has a real name and website)living near Köln (Cologne) says he saw leaflets around the fair area definately reading D900 & D950. As he tried to take a snapsot, some guard forcefully took his CF.

        Credible story? I suspect, but at least another rumor…

      • pete

        it does not take years to develop a dslr. it takes months. do you think the 60d or d3100 was on the drawing board and in design rooms 3 years ago when we were still playing with the d70 ? technology is moving so fast nowadays that a camera concept thought about in terms of “years” is outdated after every draft review.

  • Broxibear

    “overpriced” …aren’t they all ?

    “Hopes are fading for a D800 announcement at Photokina, but it can’t be too far though. Let’s wait for Christmas time or PMA.”
    Wait a bit longer…2nd quarter 2011

    • WoutK89

      overpriced is higher than announced retail price maybe?

  • Gabriel

    Im not getting uptades on feedburner!

  • RealFakeKenRockwell

    My office is walking distance to willoughbys. I’d rather go a little farther to B&H or Adorama, Most of the time I order online at Screw Willoughbys.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, what is the big surprise from Nikon? I guess the price gauging?

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      It is a monkey with a helicopter full of diamonds! wait and see! the diamonds are made so they look like cameras and if they are left unrestrained they face the magnetic south.

      I´m on a horse.

      • Anonymous

        Huh? lolcatmaster FTW what did you smoke today?

        • WoutK89

          probably fairy dust, his horse probably had a horn on it’s head too

    • i_NEED_a_D800

      Looking at Canon asking ~US$1500 for the new variable-aperture dinky 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS, I think Nikon’s pricing for the latest round of lenses is surprisingly reasonable in comparison.

      The days of a good deal of Canon lenses being 10-20% cheaper than the Nikon equivalent would be gone. one less reason to switch.

    • preston

      Anonymous – I take it you meant gouging. Gauging means measuring.

      • Anonymous

        Typo … thanks for correcting me preston

  • Dustin

    After the hosting switch I can no longer get the feed in google reader, am I missing something? Already unsubscribed and resubscribed with no luck.

  • Broxibear

    On a slight side issue:
    I know there are rumours of a new speedlight but if you’re in the market for a Nikon SB-600 check out Amazon UK as it’s selling new for £182 inc delivery, that’s £50 cheaper than most other places…maybe they know of the new flashgun and are getting rid of old stock ?
    I might get one myself.

  • Tom

    Hi Admin,

    seems, that the RSS feed is not working since you moved the website.

  • I had just bought 70-210 f/4-5.6 AF-D for 200 $!

    Fantastic, quick lens, excellent price!

    Mine the only dream of consumption now is the D700s and the D7000!


  • Jeff T.

    Admin, same here… I use NetNewsReader on my Macbook Pro and my IMac for my RSS feeds and your newer information or posts aren’t showing up for some reason.. Just thought I would let you know in case you didn’t know. I know your working on everything as hard as possible and thanks for all you do. Cheers.

  • The new server is up and running. Most ISP have already updated their DNS tables, some of them have not. The TTL time set on the old server (that should trigger a refresh) expired yesterday and there is no other way for me to trigger a refresh. At that point we just have to wait. Make sure you empty your cache, even restart your computer.

    • the same is the situation for the RSS feed – the server changes have to propagate to them, not much I can do

      • The actual content of the site doesn’t seem to be loading in Google Chrome.

  • The RSS feeds are working now.

  • John M

    I just got notification from Amazon that my 28-300mm will arrive on 9/8. I pre-ordered it the day they started taking orders.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Be nice and do an article with your impressions about the lens and send the link to NR admin, many will appreciate it :D!

  • Kenny Son

    Does anyone know where I can get this from Australia?

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