Nikon D7000 will be the replacement of the D90


Few different model names for the D90 replacement have been floating around for a while. Today, I can say that Nikon D7000 will be the correct model name.

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  • FakeKenRockwell

    dammit, I’ll have to redo all my hand coded HTML with D95 in it.

    • daniel

      sed -i ‘s/D95/D7000/g’ *

      That will edit the files. Add recursion as needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Denko

        nah I would do

        find wwwroot -type f |egrep “(php|html|txt|inc)$” |xargs sed -i ‘s/D95/D7000/g’

        or some such.

        • mjskier

          Linux geeks!

          • youtah

            Where is the [Like] button for your two comments?

          • wannabe anonymus

            You gotta be ๐Ÿ™‚

        • joe

          dude, learn to use find

          ever heard of -name and -exec ?

          • Denko

            Not all implementations of find are equal… lowest common denominator wins. Not Linux BTW.

          • cl

            Easier to tell your web bitch to just fix it while I play golf

            • Richard

              +1 !

          • Anonymous Geek

            If you use find with -exec, then you’re going to end up initializing sed for each file.

            If you use xargs, you only have to initialize sed once (up until you have 4096 files, or whatever the limit you have configured on your operating system).


            • FakeKenRockwell

              You fancy geeks are too much for an old fart like me.

        • daniel

          Good point with the filter …. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Right, you don’t want to accidentally rewrite instances of D95 in binary files ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kevin


    • Peter

      AF fine tune! AF fine tune! AF fine tune!
      I wanted of it has AF adjustment storage! Also, an AF motor is within the body, but is not only an AF-s drive mode.

      We are usually talking about the AF-error, but the various lenses are actually showing the respective AF-error! It is not a singly AF-error on the camera body. So you will need the AF adjustable storage into the camera body.

  • Mihir

    Makes sense:

    Basic line: DXXXX
    Semi pro: DXXX
    Pro: DX

    • StickingZoom

      Yes, so they made a consistent model numbering.

      Wondering when the D5000 will be discontinued, IMO that should have already happened.

      • Antonio Rojilla

        Nikon D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90… D100, D200… What would you call a top of the line DXX? D91? D95? And then what after that? D96? Well, Nikon’s naming just sucks, but going to thousands for the low end may make some sense: 3000 for entry level, 5000 for intermediate and 7000 for top level, and then they can add hundreds for newer models, like 3100 (already happened), 3200… or 7000, 7100, 7200… They can name near 30 new bodies that way. Would make more sense than the current naming.

        • Antonio Rojilla

          My reply was intended for dashu below… ๐Ÿ™

        • daniel

          You are right. But d7000 sounds to much as the D700. I just wondering.
          But as you said: it make sense

          • Antonio Rojilla

            Yes, but we already have D300 / D3000, so it seems that at Nikon they don’t may care about that…

            • JorPet

              On the Dxxxx models it would make more sense to go D7000, D7050, D7100, D7150… with the “50” models replacing the “s” designator. That way you can tell that they are second iterations of a base model.

              The Dxxx could go with 10 as the primary model increment and 5 as the update designator.

              The Dx still has to use the “s” designator, but the people who buy those models aren’t confused as they track the models much more than your average consumer.

      • James

        > Wondering when the D5000 will be discontinued, IMO that should have
        > already happened.

        B&H hasn’t had the D5000 in stock for almost 2 months now. One could interpret that one of several different ways.

    • Iceman

      It still doesn’t leave much room for future product naming

      • kururu

        maybe they will replace D with G for gelded button, all touch screen.

    • zseso

      I think
      DXXXX – starter/semi pro
      DXXX and DX will become one middle pro/pro line
      + Nikon (d)EVIL.

      So, we have now:
      D5000 (soon replaced with D5100)

      and then?:) The long-awaited D700 replacement and D3 marriage will make a two/three pro level camera? Like

      and the (d)EVIL zerozeroone.

      • Richard

        If the rumored D800 is only a 16 MP sensor system, even one with very good low light/high ISO performance on par with the D3S sensor, one has to wonder just where and when Nikon are going to respond to the 5D Mark II or even if they will at all. Sooner than later Canon will be releasing the 5D Mark III and just what will Nikon have ready at that point or have Nikon simply conceded that market segment to Canon?

        • geoff

          If the D800 is 16MP and it shoots 1080P, then the only thing the 5Dii will have it beat on is resolution, and even then, only by 5MP (less than a 15% difference in linear dimensions). The D800 will end up being superior in every other respect (better AF, more FPS, popup flash w/ commander, etc.).

        • Nikkorian

          “conceded that market segment to canon”… lol. i don’t know the numbers, but think that the ole d700 still sells better than that 5dII. the latter is maybe nice for nature or portrait, but can in no way compete with event/people/street/night/sports photography where a decent AF and/or high-iso are needed. the 5DII is the niche, not the D700!

          filling the niche would be nice, but first goal is to keep going on the d700 route. i hope for a d800 with again 12 mpx, definitely not more than 16 mpx. and then for the niche they could offer a d800x with 30 mpx on top.

    • Joe R.

      Basic line: DX
      Semi pro: DX
      Pro: FX

      • paul

        FX stands for film cameras, they still exist ๐Ÿ™‚

        • He didn’t mean X as a variable. he meant FX = full frame and DX = cropped frame.

          • You missed the joke ๐Ÿ™

            • nikon D7000

              LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ZoetMB

          No, FX stands for the sensor size.

    • bijan2008

      That means there might be a semi-pro model that will be FX with DX crop to replace both D300s and D700. Since D400 will come only after D4 is released,
      there might be a D900 now with 14 Mp and next will be D400 with 24 MP later in 2011.
      No need to replace D300s now as D7000 will be here soon. Let us see…..

      • Lolly

        “… D400 with 24 MP later in 2011”

        If the D400 is FX then that will kill the D3x. The D3x came out around Dec 2008. I don’t think the D3x will be replaced by Nikon in 2011. It’s a big jump for Nikon to bring out models from 14 MP to 24 MP within 1-2 years. It’s not impossible but highly unlikely.

        • bijan2008

          D400 should come only after D4…which will replace D3x… it is logical…did D300 kill D2x? You can say yes to that….

          • Lolly

            I’d like to say “yes” too … but I think Nikon will drag out 14 MP, 16 MP and perhaps 18-20 MP before we see another 24 MP to kill the D3x.

            If you look at when the D1x, D2x, and D3x were marketed you’d see an increasing time gap between them:

            D1x (5.47MP) came out Feb-2001
            D2x (12.4MP) came out Sep-2004
            D3x (24.5MP) came out Dec-2008 (D3 and D300 Aug-2007)

            Many people are expecting D4 and D400 in 2011. If the D4 is 24 MP then a D4x should come out in 2012 or 2013. It will probably be the D4 that will kill the D3x.

            You may be right too. It’s just my humble opinion.

            • bijan2008

              Business-wise, Nikon will benefit more if they follow your sequence…Personally, I do not mind if Nikon brings out an affordable semi-pro FX body of 14/16 MP to replace D700 right now. But I hope it will have 100% view finder with all other functions intact. Defintely ISO performance will be as good at least. But I believe it is coming cause you can not have an amateurish D3100 with more MP than the semi-pro models. The general public belives that more MP mean more quality…

        • Richard

          NIkon needs to get off their hands and get some cameras out in the segment that competes with the 5D Mark II before it becomes Mark III and they are out of the game in that segment for good.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        This means you wonยดt be able to fake it with Model Mayhem and One Model Place models anymore ;).

    • Kordi

      Yes it is! DXXXX are new names for amateur DSLRs. Semi-pro still will be DXXX, and pro will be DX (but should be DXX ๐Ÿ™‚ – maybe in future!).

      So the replacemnts of D5000 will be probably D5100, and future replacement of D7000 will be D7100

  • dashu

    And the Nikon Dxx – just vanish?

    • Leaves room for the Dx series to go to double-digits. The Dxxx and Dxxxx have lots of “space” between models.

      • woble

        Dx series still have enough room. I have a feeling Nikon might use D10 and D20 for future D700-like cameras. And left overs from Dxxx series for the pro DX line.

      • Lolly

        D3 has a nice ring to it … maybe Nikon will do like Canon i.e. D3 MkII then running out of numbers will be less of an issue this century … if Nikon is still around, that is ๐Ÿ™‚

        • nikon D7000

          Nope! They won’t!

    • lich

      They’ve already used them up i suppose – can’t really have the number go down instead (like D20 something, rumored replacement of D70 back then) right?

    • LGO

      Here is one possibility:

      D x – fullframe pro
      D xx – fullframe semi-pro
      D xxx – APS-C semi-pro
      D xxxx – APS-C consumer

  • nadestyle

    Jep it makes sense.

    Hope we hear soon from the D700 replacement!

  • marco

    D7000???????? that’s the last straw. I am switching to canon!


    • woble

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Texasjoe

      Ummmm. That guy was dumb. Because if D7000. You can tell he didn’t have real nikon gear. Maybe a d60 kit with the 18-55. It should be easy for him to sell so he can go buy his g12. Or a rebel. Ha.

      • James

        I think your sarcasm detector might be out of alignment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • pixeldesk

    For a split sec, I thought a D700 replacement is announced

  • The invisible man

    Damn !!!!
    I thought I read “D700” you almost gave me a hart attact !

    • Same here… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • gt

      “heart attack?”

      • The invisible man

        Yes, I can’t spell right when I’m dying !

    • Anonymous

      Same ๐Ÿ™‚ For a sec. I’ve thought as “D900 will be the name for D700 replacement” Like another mirage on the desert horizon again ๐Ÿ™

      • Enesunkie

        Anonymous? They let you in here still?

  • Hmm. Easy to confuse with D700 name….

    • Joe R.

      Tiny bit of gaffers tape to cover the last zero on D7000 and you’ll be shooting like a pro in no time.

      • Son of FE

        Yeah, and the tape should solve any light leaks too!๎๎–

        • Funny how our plastic DX lenses don’t leak. Must be a pro thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Let’s not be so sure about that. The 24-70 light leak was found after *several* years on the market. Since this was a pro lens, people go out of their way to find the tiniest flaw in them. And it took a while.
            With consumer (plastic) lenses, people don’t bother pixel-peeping.

            My $0.02, at least.

        • The invisible man

          @ Son of FE
          Best joke of the day !

    • paul

      after the D3000 was lauched, many confused it with D300 when they saw it

      • panfruit

        I don’t see how anyone could mistake a d3000 for a d300. ๐Ÿ˜› The wrong-sided control dial is a dead giveaway.

        • Enesunkie

          I’m sure if you took a D40, D40x, D60… to a party, most people would think of it as a ” pro” camera.

  • Balaji M

    replacement will be named D90X

  • What else do you know about it?
    I mean, bout sensor size, video HD, or what else
    THANKS for keeping us with fresh news

      • tsnake

        If the price tag is really $1200, then it’s plausible that I could sell my D300 for a very similar amount and this could be my new DX.

        • dkittle

          It’s unlikely the D300(s) will be worth much once this model is announced…

          • Global

            Not necessarily. The D90 is a bad form factor for large hands. Most people who have D300/D700/D3 sized cameras don’t go back. Some due, because they were forced into the larger size (like many small handed people). But for big guys, a D90 doesn’t feel right. And the D40 just felt pathetic.

            It is strange that size should be an issue for people to get the features they want. Ideally, Nikon would make a D90 + D300 of nearly same stats/same price, just different size for different hands and different weight for different strength people. Same with D700.

            But that’s technology and manufacturing issues for you.

            • panfruit

              I agree: my primary reason for choosing a d300 was it fits well in my very large hands, whereas smaller cameras weren’t nearly as ergonomically sound and didn’t leave my hands too happy. (The Sony a700 was probably the closest one I found to super-long-fingered hand heaven. :D)

            • I used to think the Dxx bodies were perfect. Then I bought my D300. Heaven! Now whenever I hold a Dxx body, the thing feels like a plastic toy and I wonder how I ever got by using it.

              And my hands aren’t exactly gigantic.

            • Mark

              Global, not to digress from the thread’s main issue (I still think the D90 name will be replaced with something other than the D7000 so as not to lose good-will. The D90 is a great camera) but your point about size is bang on. Personally, I find the best fit camera body to be the F6. I wish Nikon had kept the F6 body form for the D700 and indeed the D300.

              I do not have big hands but the F6 just worked. The fact I find the non Dx bodies hard to manipulate (e.g. fingers banging between lens and grip) has prevented me getting a D300 or D700, in part. Can’t aford the Dx series.

              I agree – technology and economic issues most likely drive size.

            • Roland

              You know what they say about guys with large hands, don’t you?

              … They need large gloves… ๐Ÿ™‚

            • If it has 100% VF and dual sots, it’ll be the size of a D300s. My view is, contrary to what people are thinking, if these specs materialize, this is not the D90’s replacement, but the D300s’.

        • Ric

          3 letters.


          D300 wins. The only reason I upgraded from a D80.

          • Bars

            Yeh, is AF fine tune in or out?
            makes no sense to improve on D90 then make it useless in this area.

            Also, large body good, but stop the weight creep!

      • Do you see any chance that it will be an APS-H sensor?

        • Adrian

          Not likely; most DX lenses’ image circles don’t fit APS-H very well.

      • Del-Uks

        NR, does the Dxxxx model name mean no more AF motor ? ๐Ÿ™

        • WoutK89

          It’s only a name…., and wait 3 more weeks and you know alllllll the answers. Admin already gave all info he knows, he is not someone to take out a crystal ball and put up some smoke, when there isnt fire.

  • pher

    worst. name. ever.

    • Agree wholeheartedly. Terrible naming convention, IMO.

  • Kwartjuh

    I always figured Nikon would jump to naming scheme like this:

    FX1 (pro FX body)
    FX10 (semipro FX body)

    DX1 (pro DX body)
    DX10 (semipro DX body)
    DX100 (advanced amateur DX body)
    DX1000 (entry-level amateur DX body)

    And possible the following for a EVIL kind of camera:

    MX10 ( advanced EVIL body)
    MX100 (entry-level EVIL body)

    At least, i think that it would the most sence. Only problem is that it might be a bit confusing when you talk about a DX100 vs. the D100.

    • Bart

      +1, with slight changes: MX = medium format; EX = EVIL; VX = video

    • panfruit

      Ditch numbered naming altogether, ala Rebel KISS XSi Supremo. Nikon d7000 becomes Nikon Iconoclast Explorer. Nikon d300s becomes Nikon Grand Ballyhoo Mutineer. And so on and so forth in that manner.

      • +1. This. Panfruit has clearly channeled the collective gestalt/zeitgeist thingy they’ve got going on at Canon.

        Honestly, I could never grok the “5D Mk II SV 2.0 Deluxe with Special Sauce” naming nomenclature Canon adopted. It makes my head hurt.

        • preston

          those gots nothin on lens naming (since they like to put as many specs in the lens name as they can)! example: AF-S 16-35mm f/4G SWM ED VR N

      • lorenzino

        I want a Nikon Death Star Mark II…

        • Abhinav

          very nice bud

        • Enesunkie

          I’ll take a Nikon Mustang D7000GT.

        • Like someone said, why “Mark”? Who’s that guy? Some Canon stockholder?

          Why not D90 super duper John II?

      • joe


        total genius


    • Patrick

      DX1 – Pro DX body? Do pros shoot DX?

      • Alex Wong

        I know Bob Krist does. Almost exclusively too.

        • Patrick

          You’re right, but generally the idea of building a line of DX cameras for pro use seems like a pretty empty bucket.

          • Bars

            you clearly have no idea the use of DX vs FX

            • Patrick


        • A D90, from what he says in his blog …

    • Would’nt that just leave 9 pro dx names. dx1,dx2,dx3,dx4,dx5,dx6,dx7’dx8,dx9…then you would have semi pro.I like your idea though. It would make nikons models stand out and not confuse people who are getting a new camera and dont know nikon models.

      • Tony

        It would be only 9 major versions.

        Though, if you count ‘sub-vesrions’ DX1s DX1x, etc, and with ~3 years elapsing between a DX1 and DX2, etc, you’re looking at 27 years worth of numbering.

  • RMT

    Suddenly the D90 replacement feels like an amateur camera. A tad better than, but in line with the D3000 and D5000 ๐Ÿ™
    I hope we don’t get a “Guide” on the (right sided) dial.

    • The invisible man

      The D90 is an amateur camera.

      • D900

        Yes. Any camera that has a dial with presets icons as portait, macro, mountains, etc is amateur, regardless of its image quality.

    • Danyyyel

      I think that everybody is mistakenly thinking that this is the d90 replacement, I think it is more a d300s replacement. That is why it has a whole new name so that it is not confused with a d90 line. If it comes with the d300 body style as rumored with a magnesium alloy body and 100% viewfinder etc… will it be a toy. I think we all will have to get along the new Nikon naming and positioning and if I get a D400 for $ 1200 because it is called D7000 I am all for it.

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t they call it D400? Then the body shape will be between D300(s) & D90 probably.

        • iamlucky13

          They’re no doubt trying to re-normalize their naming scheme so it won’t be as confusing to customers. There’s getting to be a lot of models out there, so better consistency could help shoppers remember what they were looking at.

          I’m increasingly confident we’re in the middle of Nikon re-aligning their product offerings as they prepare an EVIL entrant. The D3100 will probably be the entry-level SLR, with an EVIL model featured below, and possibly one slightly above. The D5000 sales are going to be slow because the D3100 has a generally comparable and in some ways slightly better feature set, so a D5100 will probably come out in the next 6-9 months and be closer to the current D90 than the current D5000. The D7000 specs so far look only a hair below those of the D300s, aside from a newer sensor and processor.

          The big question in my mind is whether we’ll see a DX camera even better than this purported D7000, or if the next step will be a low end FX.

        • human tripod

          Because all of the Dx00 are going to be FF.

      • Eric

        And nikon would kill out an entire price group… doubtful. I see a d400 in the future. I think we are all over estimating the d7000 specs, but if it is mag body, full viewfinder, fast fps, good auto focus, dual slots and priced at 1200 then nikon puts itself in a bad spot UNLESS the new entry full frame fills the 1600 – 2000 price range.

      • Justin

        I agree, it seems as though Nikon is shifting it’s product offerings around and we aren’t seeing direct replacements to existing cameras as we used to know them.

  • Haystack

    But then there has to be a new battery-grip right?

    • paul

      if the body will be magnesium/alluminium alloy, probably

    • It could use a redesigned grip (similar to the MB-D10). The current Dxx-body grip sucks (ie- have to remove the battery lid & battery).

  • Ben

    Not that it matters all that much, but I think 7000 really cheapens the product. It very much makes it feel consumer instead of prosumer – which is a bit of a stretch for a $1200 camera.

    • Ben

      …but then again, when I first saw an advertisment for the D5000 with the flip out screen I thought it might be a new top level product for a moment – so maybe that is the effect they are trying to have on consumer level buyers – which then again feeds into my first point.

    • panfruit

      It’s just a name. So far it looks like it’s going to crap all over the already excellent and much-loved D90, so why fret over something so silly? (I don’t like how it sounds either, but I’ll get used to it, and a kick-ass photo-taking time will be had by all.)

    • gt

      you’re being superficial

    • limirl

      It could be worse, they could have called it something ridiculous like a ‘Rebel.’

  • Danyyyel

    I think the Nikon line puzzle is taking shape. We have seen lots of inconsistencies lately on the naming and product positioning from Nikon. It might be due because of product refresh and perhaps because of (sensor) supplier (if Sony) or other functionality, mainly video. If the sensor is from or modified by and from Sony, I am sure that Nikon is influenced by that. If you get a $ 600 A3, $ 800 A5 (strongly rumored) and eventually $ 1000 to $ 1200 A7 model. Nikon will more or less mirror it adding its own distinction. I guess we will see

    Two mirror-less model in the Nex mold sharing the D3100 sensor as entry level large size sensor

    Three DX slr in a D3100, D5100 (true d90 successor in the $ 800 range) and a D7000, which is a D300 successor at the $ 1200 range. The D5100 and D7000 sharing the same sensor 16.7 mega pixel sensor.

    Four Full frame sensor bodies. In the D400 (Full frame sensor of the the D4, lower megapixel but better low light, $ 2000 up) , D???X (Full frame sensor of the the D4x, higher megapixel $ 3000- $ 4000), D4 and D4X same price range and positioning as D3 and D4.

  • pethunia

    I am the kind of person that can actually laugh on such a post..

    • ditto

      I am the kind of person that can actually laugh on such a reply..

  • D900

    Makes sense. D7000 & D900 (odd numbers).

    I start to doubt if there will be the model called D400. This D7000 will possibly become the upgrades for both D90 & D300, having too many pro-like features as 100% viewfinder, 16mp sensor & magnesium alloy body (possibly bigger & heavier than D90).

    Now, enough for DX rumors. Let’s look forward to D700 replacement asap (24mp best, 18mp acceptable, 16mp too low to see any difference from D700 meaning only 15% linear increase)

    • MB

      Odd first numeral at Dx000 prosumer models is there to allow for up to 20 models in each line, but I doubt D700 replacement will be named D900. Dx00 models would more likely start with even numbers (D400 and D800) and will then follow similar sequence (D410 โ€ฆ) and Dx will continue with Dxx etc.

      D5000 is already more or less discontinued, but will be upgraded with better positioned D5100 model; no reason not to it was successful enough.

  • nick94

    I don’t like it.

    • Enesunkie

      You don’t like what? The number?

  • JMD, Northern VA

    …The D90’s replacement should have been,…”D100″!! This would have been a great model number designation to re-apply to a Nikon body.


    • Rob


  • STRB

    I don’t care about the name. But, will it have a focus motor or not? No Dxxxx has one and that scares me.

    • gt


    • robA


      • Stibbs


        • take


          • Rowen12


            • Enesunkie


            • It will, says the oracle!

    • Anonymous

      Dont worry STRB, a camera with such features will definitely have that screwdriver. It will be at least as big as D90. So why not…

    • jastereo

      If they know who they’re going after it will. Tons of folks w/D70’s, D80’s and even D90’s looking to upgrade who have screw type lenses that need it.
      I know it would make a clean break for Nikon that I’m sure they desperately want to make for lens sales (and this would be the place to do it – with the Dxxxx line) but man, talk about a backlash if it doesn’t have it.

    • Justin

      I would be keeping my D90 for a loooooong time if they remove the focus motor from the DX bodies.

      • Nikon will never sell a $1200 body without a screwdriver.

    • If it does not have a screw drive, then they better announce a few more lenses with it. Especially an AFS replacement for the 80-400!

      • STRB

        They could announce as much lenses as they want. I’m not wasting money swapping all my perfectly good glass for AF-S counterparts just because of a camera body.

        And, in any case, the 80-400 replacement will still be required.

    • Ant

      I have a D40x and am looking to upgrade, so D7000 looks great. I only have AF-S lenses, so for me the lack of focus motor is not a big deal. I guess it would be nice to have so I could choose some of the less expensive AF-D lenses, which are effectively the same, but cheaper than the AF-S equivalent, but I don’t see it as a deal-breaker.

      Everyone’s requirement is going to be different though, so I don’t think they’re ever going to make everyone happy. Cover as many bases as possible and drive people to buy new lenses is going to be the maxim I guess.

  • Nikon naming scheme sucks big time! ๐Ÿ™‚ At least cameras are good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Makoto Kimura

    I still don’t understand the naming scheme. Why are a D3100 and a D7000 being released at the same time?

  • Ren Kockwell

    What is the deal with unimaginative camera companies that never actually “name” a camera? Does everybody still have to use ‘D’ or ‘DX’ to signify it’s a digital camera? Really? Do we not already know that when our iPhones and Droids tell us it’s 2010? And these guys wonder why consumers get confused between a D70 an a 70D. It’s called product differentiation, folks. How about coming up with some engaging names for each product line that actually precede a number? You know, like Coolpix…

    Crap. Forget I said anything.

    • Richard

      Yea, now that Nikon no longer even sells a film camera (or even film scanners), what’s the big deal? Time for a “new beginning”.

  • yeyger

    can’t wait for d7999.9

  • Ralph Daily

    D7000 sounds like going backwards. Takes longer to say too.

    • PhilG

      In french it’s shorter saying D7000 than D90 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hehe, let’s see what the Brits here say about that :).

      • Teun

        In the Belgian, Swiss, and perhaps some other regions, version of French it’s less long. The Belgian French speaking population doesnt say ‘fourtwentyten’ as the French do, but just ‘nonante’.

      • Teun

        Well its their own fault it takes that long to say 90. For the non frenchspeaking people; the french say quatrevingtdix, whichtranslates to four twenty ten. You are supposed to multiply four by twenty and add ten. No wonder it takes that long.

    • Gonads

      Well d7k is as many syllables as d90, problem solved.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        Yes, well done. Now go on and solve your math problem.

        dee-se-ven-kay = 4 syllable
        dee-nine-tee = 3 syllable

        4 > 3

        • Roan

          I’d love to see someone pronounce the word seven as “Sev…ven” though.

          Although your maths is correct ๐Ÿ˜‰

          It’s a little like arguing about the difference between wet dirt and mud.

  • Vsevolod

    Have you read on that canon will release 39 (thirty nine) Mpix body next year?
    That is frigtening!

    • tsnake

      …and I seem to remember a comment from a Nikon exec that there will never be a Nikon mdeium format camera to compete with that. Big surprize.

    • Ant

      It’s like the horsepower war in the automotive industry. It makes for great marketing to have the highest number, but really how many people are going to have the skill and opportunity to make the most out of it?

      • Bars

        it’s not true. It’s the LACK of skill of users, who will buy a 39MP camera, then crop out the middle 6MP and use it as their picture.
        the same people that use digital zoom on their compacts, and probably set their camera on green mode

    • LGO

      Actually good news if true. Nikon will also have to respond.

      The more relevant question though is whether those who will be buying these high-resolution bodies understand that they will also need top-notch lenses? Already, many Canon users are complaining that their images taken with 18mp APS-C are “soft:. I am sure they would get better results if they use better glasses.

      At the pro-end, Canon and Nikon may have to release new matching glasses too if the corners and extreme borders are still to look sharp at this high-resolution.

  • WarrenG

    Maybe they are shooting to end up with:

    D3xxx The entry level DSLR line
    D5xxx Advanced-Amateur (assuming the role previously played by the D90)
    D7xxx The new semi-pro D300 replacement
    D9xxx The replacement for the D700 series

    Just thinking that would align the non-pro DSLR line with a common naming convention…

    • Justin

      I think you’re right on there for consumer bodies except for the D9xxx. I think DX will use Dxxxx names and FX will use Dxxx names.

      • Denko

        From a mathematical point of view I would go

        D3xxx : Entry
        D5xxx : Amateur
        D7xxx : Prosumer
        D11xxx : D700 line
        D13xxx : D3 line

        Keeping the numbers prime (pun intended too) is a good thing ™

        • joe

          I would go with:


          p = Sensor Format (5:DX 6:FX 7:MX 8:UX 9:ZX)
          q = Placement (1:pro 2:semipro 3:elitegoldclass 4:shitgarbage)
          r = Major model series
          s = Minor revision number, leave off for pro
          t = Always 7, leave off for semipro
          u = Even more minor revision number, leave off for elite gold class

          • Boy, you all have a lot of spare time in your hands … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • sloma_p

    Admin, if you make it to thias point of comments ;), I have few questions:
    – Any info on screwdriver?
    – Any info on battery (EN-EL3, EL9 or the new D3100 one) ?
    – Will it have flash commander?
    – Shutter speeds – 1/4000 or 1/8000 top ?
    – AF fine tune – any chance?

    I know those are quite specific questions, but if you have anything (even from new sources) it would be nice if you share it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • jastereo

      I’d also add AI, AI-S lens compatibility to that list if we’re talking D300 stuff that’s migrating down. Any chance?

    • Bart

      swivel display?

  • Bart

    Ok. Now i’m confused…

  • Mikner

    I love reading this stuff. Been in photography for almost 40 years and have never used mostly Nikon for film but must confess Canon for digital. Both are good. People need to remember it isn’t the name that takes good pictures it is the photographer. Also the lens is where it is at. I will confess I am looking forward to seeing what comes out in the near future. From the rumors Nikon may be making advances with their upcoming model and Canon may be going backwards with the runor about their newest prosumer model not having a mag body.

    • Mikner

      I blew it….I meant to say in my post that back in my film days I used mostly Nikon…. Unless my employer gave me something else and then I would usually bring in my own equipment…hahaha

    • I really thought, also after 35 years shooting people’s heads, that the name of camera was all. T2i? Really? Why not U4k? Nikon could also use some strange arabic scripts, or Kanji, for theyr names. It’s getting boring and I think I’m likely quitting photography, names are not taken seriously any more. Cameras used to have serious names, like Leica M3. That’s a name!

  • Raven

    Who cares about naming. Nikon just give us decent priced FX-format camera. I mean way cheaper than D700 is now.

    • Mikner

      Well put…..

  • Bryan

    If the camera specs are correct I really do think that DX will be reserved for the consumer line and the current D300 line and above will be moved to FX. Think about it. If you’ve got a 24+ MP FX camera that can do 12+MP in DX Crop mode, then you satisfy those that shoot telephoto and those who shoot wide all in one camera.

    • Sensor Size…


      A 24MP FX sensor is closer to 10MP in DX crop mode.

      And since it is a crop, not a zoom factor you’re gaining nothing insofar as telephoto reach when in DX mode.

      Expanded telephoto reach is all about the pixel density per unit of angle. DX totally rules in this category right now, not because it is cropped but because Nikon sells DX sensors which are more densely populated with photosites than the FX sensors they sell.

      Putting your FX sensor in crop mode won’t magically increase the sensor’s density.

  • Nikon! Just bring us a d1-d3 style body with the dx sensor and call it d400!

  • Philippe

    They’ve should have called it Nikon 98 2nd edition

    Now that’s a catchy name

    • Phil Gates

      Nikon will stun the photographic world with the ‘Nikon Bob’ featuring an interface so simple, a congressman could use it.

      • Steve Jobber

        Nikon Newton

  • Eric

    These specs do make it seem as if the D7000 will not only replace the D90, but also the D300s. It’s going to be interesting to see if the D300s is discontinued once this launches. From what we know, does the D7000 have any drawbacks compared to the D300s? I can only think of AF, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the rumored 39-points compared to the 51 on the D300s isn’t necessarily a drawback.

  • fan

    Here’s hoping for AF motor, swivel display, and flash commander! The time to replace my D50 may be at hand…

  • It makes sense, and Nikon likes “odd” numbers. They give them luck ;).

    Now, re specs, it’s looking like a D400, no? 100% VF? That’s one of the most expensive optical item in the body. In a 1200USD body. I’m getting one!

  • Gahl

    At this point, looking at the supposed specs of the “new D90”, could the new Dxxx (D400 or maybe D310 or whatever) model become the “entry level” FX camera?

  • Seems to make sense I guess. Seeing how close the specs put it to the D300, it looks like ‘thousands’ are now fully the DX range with this being the top end, effectively becoming the D300s.

    ‘Hundreds’ become a more expanded FX range with a new cheaper than D700 ‘replacement’ to the D300 and a new 800 (or whatever).

    ‘Singles’ continue to be insanely advanced technological test-beds that cost more than my car and which I’ll never own ๐Ÿ™

  • Kingyo

    Damnit!! For a second I almost thought it said D700! ๐Ÿ™
    This is very interesting though..on paper so far it seems similar to the D300s..why would they decide to include double-card slots with this camera? I can see that as being important to the DXXX line, but a D7000? And 100% viewfinder coverage? Seems a bit much for entry level models, but that could only mean bigger and better things await the DXXX & DX lines! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eric

    The name D7000 is excellent for something that’s meant to go head to head against the 7D ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Denko

    I like the D7000 name ๐Ÿ˜€ Collecting Nikon’s in the future too D70, D700, D7000, D7

    • STRB

      +1 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • DiKon

      I dunno. It sort of reminds me of the Minolta Maxxum 7000. Which is now a Sony camera. So when Sony comes out with their own “homage” camera to the Maxxum 7000 and call it Sony A7000, Nikon D7000 owners are all going to dump it. Then Sony will come out with the A7000i, which is when Nikon should give up the “D” sign and call it “DiKoN7000”

  • D7ooo, YEA!!! Especaly if the specs are better than the 300s as romered.
    Swivel back screen N F W!!!! Thats why it got droped from the d3100. it breaks the camera turns in to a Nikon brick.
    Going to Cannon just because of name change. Go ahead make my day.
    Last note. Intresting that what may be the last pro 35mm camera is a Nikon.

  • Ivan

    Call it D7k. sounds more pro, but still the same;)

  • Shawn

    I think they should just call it the Dฯ€.

  • Pellevin

    Why would all pros want FX? With the IQ, ISO and wide angle you can get out of a DX these days I do not see the advantage of FX. Bigger is not always better, but the light weight and long reach of DX cameras are very convenient.

    • LGO

      Try a D300 side-by-side with a D700 and let us know if you really think. Its unlikely that you will choose DX.

      The primary advantage of DX over FX is that it can use smaller and lighter lenses. But except for the Nikkot 17-55mm f/2.8, most of Nikon’s professional lenses are designed for FX. So pros who use DX bodies will still need to use the bigger and heavier FX lenses to get the best results. This negates the advantages of using DX by pros. There are pros who use DX (e.g., Bob Krist) but there are fewer in numbers.

    • LGO

      Try a D300 side-by-side with a D700 and let us know what you choose. Its unlikely that you will choose DX.

      The primary advantage of DX over FX is that it can use smaller and lighter lenses. But except for the Nikkot 17-55mm f/2.8, most of Nikon’s professional lenses are designed for FX. So pros who use DX bodies will still need to use the bigger and heavier FX lenses to get the best results. This negates the advantages of using DX by pros. There are pros who use DX (e.g., Bob Krist) but there are fewer in numbers.

  • Del-Uks

    I’m waiting to move on to FX since so long I might just get this one and keep it when the D700 replacement comes out as a back-up cam.
    The sooner the better…

  • Del-Uks

    Uhhh ?!?

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