Nikon advertisement fail?

Robbie Williams was part of the "I am Nikon" campaign:

Very nice ad, the only problem is that Robbie Williams may have used a... Canon or a Pentax camera (maybe this model) in the original video. Watch it here:

and the overlay of both cameras after the break:

Via Guerillaphotography

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  • Paul

    Don’t like the white. Nope.

    • Joe R.

      NR goes from Black to White.

      Robbie Williams goes from Black to White.

      • good one 🙂

        • Louis Rosenthal

          perhaps there is a rumor here – nikon goes from black to white?
          —>robbie williams is one of the famous coolpix testers?


    • Banned

      I like the white background, I’m tired of photo websites thinking they have to have a black background because of the “darkroom” or whatever! Black background is bad Web design as it induces fatigue for readers due to very high contrast! Outside of photo websites no serious website has a black background, and for a reason…

      • gt

        black background = internet in the 90s. throw on a midi loop of the indiana jones theme song and the transition would be complete

        • Joe R.

          Black background = less AMOLED display power draw.

          Once we all have the Nikon EVIL we’ll be under exposing everything on purpose just to keep the power the electronic viewfinder draws to a minimum

          • Miguel

            If AMOLED works like a normal TFT, then

            Black background = maximum power draw

            • Jeff

              Nope, AMOLED is nothing like LCD. Black draws the least power while while draws the most. The interesting thing is that even with “typical use” they can draw much less than traditional LCD. With a little bit of thought to graphic design the power savings can be substantial.

            • Joe R.

              A black OLED pixel is just turned off. Zero power.

            • PHB

              Amusingly enough, one guy managed to con people into using his Google page with a black background as an energy saver.

              Then he signed up for adwords and made a ton of money.

        • zack

          Retro is in fashion. Look around yourself. What haircut is ‘in’ these says? 80s. So it’s already gone. 90s black is a way to go. Don’t follow, lead. 😉

      • when you get on Nikon rumors (blog) you literally read the site for what…no more than 2 minutes, and that’s if maybe you haven’t been on for awhile. The fatigue argument doesn’t really make sense here.

        • Discontinued

          “The fatigue argument doesn’t really make sense here.”

          Oh yes it does. I recon many people get here when they are already tiered of working (in front of the screen) and looking for a short break from doing picture editing, writing invoices, doing annual or monthly tax declarations … whatever.

          • David Hasselblaff

            I must say I actually prefer reading on black background. But that’s what custom style sheets are for. Every modern Browser can be set to override the author’s style.

          • Karlosak

            Question: Why most of the professional CAD/CAM software use black background?

            • CAD software user

              Answer: Because it fatigues the eyes a lot less than a brighter background, when working with it for more than 4 hours straight.

      • Jack

        “Black background is bad Web design as it induces fatigue for readers due to very high contrast! Outside of photo websites no serious website has a black background, and for a reason…”

        Its doesn’t induce fatigue, WHITE does, black alleviates it. Haha, wow you are thick dude.

        • Victor Hassleblood


          do you mean sick or “thick” DUDE ? ? ?

          BTW, Banned is right, as your iris adjusts to both, the bright screen with white and the dark screen with black background. Means you look on black 2 stops more open, therefore the white writing should kick in much harder than round the other way.
          I still would like to hear an ophthalmologist’s opinion.

          • alvix

            I think there are more books with white paper and black printed text then the opposite.
            Catalogs and similar apart ..

            • Thomas

              I don’t know that many books that shine light into your eyes either…

            • another anonymous

              …and i think that text on paper is printed there and paper emits no light, it only reflect the light and moreover diffuse it.. opposite to that, the monitor screen emits the light (more light color, bigger amount of light emited) and it’s terribly fatiguing to let to point so much light from white screen background into your eyes! look into flash-light 😉 it’s better to have minimum white or another light color screen part shining into the eyes like flash-lamp when you use the monitor for longer time.. too much light emited makes blind and even if it’s not so much as from flash-lamp, it fatigues much and it’s enormous difference between diffuse-reflected light from paper and lamps of LCD emiting max of theirs power into your eyes from such big screen part as is the background.. if it’s not clear now, i’m capitulating 😉 hawk

        • Read my comment below – I said that I will provide an option for everyone to choose between white and black background. I am still not sure if the selection will be saved in the cookie file or you will have to click on it every time you visit the site (there will be a new selection menu on the right sidebar). I just need some time to make sure everything will work. The default color theme will be the current one. Problem solved. Thank you all for your feedback.

  • D40-owner

    I Am… waiting for the D95

  • Kenny Son

    Haha I have seen this ages before but never bothered posting about it.

    • Discontinued

      You selfish shellfish. I like this sort of thing and had not heard about it before.

  • Anonymous

    No more coolpix please!!!!

  • The invisible Man

    That guy need to stop coke.

    • Makoto Kimura

      Nikon has to realize that in order for them to sell more s1000pj(s), Ashton Kutcher needs to do an equal or greater amount of cocaine than Robbie Williams. They could sell at least 10 more s1000pj cameras globally. That guy is so selfish always tooting his own horn. he never shares demi either 🙁

  • Love the white text background. Much easier on the eyes and much more up-to-date.

    Now you just have to lose the black page background and the blog will look really nice 😉 although I do realise that black and yellow = Nikon.

    • I think we have a good balance now – the black background fans complained that the screen was too bright, this should not be the case anymore, since I added the black background on both sides. I may even add black background on the right sidebar and leave only ht text area on white. I am playing with a plugin that allows the user to change between two backgrounds. Be patient.

      • alvix

        yeeah! I didnt’ even notice…now that’s politically correct 😉 best of both wolrds

      • alvix

        yeeah! I didnt’ even notice…now that’s politically correct 😉 best of both worlds

      • Chris_M

        What about a grey background? Middle grey perhaps 🙂

        • another anonymous

          +1 please admin, give us grey background to have that “best from both worlds”, it will be not too contrasty nor shining into the eyes
          many thanks 😉

          • Tabitha Green

            I demand a red background!

      • Jack

        “the black background fans complained that the screen was too bright, this should not be the case anymore, since I added the black background on both sides.”

        We’re not fans. It hurts our eyes, especially those of us who have to work on computers for most of the day, and look at shitty white websites.

        Adding 1/3rd black on the page barely reduces light output by one fifth.

        Just make it black. Yellow + black is this website. You would argue mcdonalds should change from red + yellow to white + black because it looks better and that’s just completely retarded.

        Even if you want to be retarded and hard headed about a simple issue. Just put a fucking slider at the top, so people can decide. I’ve seen it on way worse sites than nikon rumors.

        • Wow, Someone wole up on the wrong side of the bed.

      • oh, great rumor for me and other black fans as well. thanks!

      • QuBe

        Yep, the black borders really seal the deal.
        Nice touch. I like it! 🙂

      • alvix

        ..for the ” workers in white”.. ..maybe they could set the LCD brightness down from 100 to ..say 20 ? 😉

        • another anonymous

          yes, i have 20 too, but i had it already.. i think the requirement for dark background is correct when you use the computer for many hours and that are many of us.. thank you
          this website was nicely readable until these days and i hope it will be also after the adjustment and to more people than it was – to be corrected for that not satisfied until now

  • Anonymous

    doesn’t seem to be that pentax. in video, the top three things are flat, not offset. maybe its a new nikon camera nd they dont want it to be shown in ads yet

  • I Am Nikon

    That’s a Canon S90.

  • Eric


  • enesunkie

    Nice compromise on the black and white admin.

  • f-stop

    why did you change it to white…the white with the black and the yellow? please change it back eyes hurt please..for the love of the Nikon family lol..

  • QuBe

    Nikon advertisement fail?

    You left out the word “epic”.


    • ELK


  • Jens Marklund

    If I remember right – Robbie Williams is actually a pretty great photographer. Shooting celebs in the studio

  • The invisible Man

    Here is a very cool tool to compare lenses’s focal from 14mm to 300mm

    The picture is at very high definition (8000×9000 pixels) so It will take time to show if you don’t have a fast internet connection.
    Right click on the picture if you want to save it.

    It’s made with Canon lenses (sorry !)


    Were the heck are my PUKY HASHBROWN KETCHUP ?

  • cirtap

    For all those gay people out there that come to Nikon Rumors…why not PINK? For all those Str8 boys out there..why not hunter green? IT IS a endless discussion…Pick one and keep it..IT DOES NOT matter what WE think..Just DO…And we all will follow along and just do also.

    Asking opinions from this large bowl of NUTS is futile. Have a great day and a pleasant tomorrow.

    • The invisible Man


      What’s wrong with you ?
      Did you just get a Canon or a Sony camera for your birthday ?
      We all feed sorry for you.

  • Tinners

    See 49 Secs into the vid..Flash is slightly off centre and big round mark on the right..
    also a few frames later lense has distinctive “points of the compass” marks on its front.

    Looks more like a Nikon s700 or panasonic FS style – but I can’t place the compass marks yet but I have seen it before …anyone?

  • Alex Bohner

    Considering this is a site of rumors about Nikon after all, why not come up with a scheme using red, black, and white?

    Text over a red background would be straining, and red text itself would be as well, but why not make the comment borders and whatnot red?


      me would like to see GREEN BACKROUND with YELLOW & BROWN puky DOTS

  • Zorro

    [NR] admin wrote: I am playing with a plugin that allows the user to change between two backgrounds. Be patient.

    What part of that do you guys not understand?

    • I Am Nikon

      The part where we missed that line.

  • Tinners

    Camera has lense glass slightly off center

    Distinctive “points of the compass” marks not seen in later frames so must be due to lighting unfortunatly

    So its either a Pentax A20 or Coolpix s700

  • Bob

    Blues Traveler would have used the correct Nikon camera.

  • Clark

    I am actually surprised how good they can overlay stuff like this.

  • AS

    The camera he used is a Nikon, if you scroll the movie and pause it you can clearly see for a moment!

    • ELK

      Ah, really? At what exact moment should I stop the video to see that it’s Nikon there? And how namy Nikon Coolpix do you know that have decentered lens line Pentax Optio S4, for example?

      • Nikonian

        In the first clip at second 05 …It’s definitely a Nikon!

        • ELK

          You kinda missing the point, dude! 🙂 What NR Guy wanted us to do is to compare videos 1 and 2, and below he even made nice screenshot comparing those 2 videos.

        • twoomy

          @Nikonian: READING FAIL!

      • dave

        Try the Coolpx S700

  • Slow Gin

    White is good, black backround with white text is awful. It is harmful for eyes. Ask any typographer, he will say the same.

    • Nikonian

      Totally Agree!

      Also a light gray may do the trick (look at the alpha-rumors or k-rumors)

  • sito

    The camera is this:
    Pentax optio A10

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