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I finally updated my WordPress theme to the latest version (I haven't done any updates in almost 2 years). LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors have already been running the new design for two weeks and I did not have any issues so far.

By default, the background is white... I know this will cause a riot. Let's just run like that for few weeks and see how it will go - I think the white background will be initially distracting, but with the time it will grow on you and you will like it better - at least I did. The last poll was split almost 50/50 between the black and white color choices.

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  • eric

    FACT: White text on a black background is harder to read than visa versa.

    • preston

      Everybody’s eyes are different man. There’s more than a couple “white on black is easier to read” comments here. .

  • Sammy

    White background looks just fine and you can stick to it BUT:
    99.9% of blogs out there use typical black on white theme. In the rush to post their thoughts online, most bloggers don’t bother with “blog branding”. Color theme is essential to blog’s brand. Your blog had that brand going with nikon colors theme.

    I suggest you continue with color branding.

  • Ding

    Should stay on the dark background. It saves energy anyway.

  • Nope

    Back to black with yellow writing please. Your blog was distinctive and interesting.

    Wasn’t broke, didn’t need fixin…

  • Mark

    Meet it in the middle – Gray, that is.

  • What happened to 18% grey?!

  • I just want to say again that I did not do this just to change the background color – I had to upgrade the template (theme) to the latest version, and the default setting was white.

    • zack

      I see. Hear this please…wherever one goes when surfs the web one sees lots of colors and whiteness. It makes for a positive change to come here, in the little black hole where rumors come to be heard. With white, you’re nothing but the surface. Less intimate and more intruding. See my point? ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers

    • Vandyu

      NR Admin I know you’re probably tired of reading these responses by now, but you want opinions, I think. I spend way too much time here and over at DPR’s various forums. And, to tell you the truth, I think the black background complemented theirs nicely. But, what they do differently, and I know you know this, is their basic website is done in black and very dark gray with white being used for the comments. So, would you consider this approach?

  • TTL



  • knight

    PLEASE go back to the old colors. the white is distracting and very generic. i agree with some above i like to sneek on later at times and the white is way to bright. the site looks so ho hum now. nothing seems to seperate it from anything else.

    on a side note thanks for the site i love it and browse daily!!!

  • JH

    Love this site but please go back to the original/old colors. Amazing how colors can enhance or mute the vibe of the information.

  • Ralph Daily

    It seems to be back to black with yellow. Thanks, much better.

  • Ralph Daily

    Oops, after I posted it went back to white. I like the Nikon colors.

  • The invisible Man

    Video explaining the light leak with the 24-70mm f/2.8

  • Ronan


    Bring Back the Black!

    Once you go black, you never go black (Nikon that is)!

  • Eco

    OMG im a web designer…i hateddddd the black backround

    whoever is bitchin about this clean white backround knows nothing about a clean web atheistic

    • eco whatfail

      Eco – I’m a web designer as well, and have done many black-background sites for those who feature graphics and photography on their sites.

      Clearly you are either new at this, or have never studied the craft which you claim to be so expert at.

      Just google “Swiss Typography” and see how many designs are on black backgrounds.

      For the record, the black background was an essential part of the NR brand – not quite sure why you want to mess with that.

      • Eco

        Lol i do plenty of black background sites for lets saw a photographer to showcase his work..

        what i meant was a black backround on a news blog is jus not clean.. im sorry..considering the fact that many people view blogs like this on mobile devices

        • I agree – this is probably why so many readers like the black background – it is great for displaying photos, not so great for text.

  • PJS

    I like the old style better than this bright white stuff – it reminds me of panties….

  • SaraWD

    The site looks clean, but I prefer the black background. I find the white too harsh!

  • Recent Convert

    The site is now more readable – and looks more like “work” when at work!!

  • I already said that the white background is temporary, I need some time to work on a better solution (maybe provide a choice between black and white background). I appreciate all the feedback, I did not realize that so many readers considered the black background as a “[NR] brand” and if that the case I do not want to break the brand ๐Ÿ™‚

  • daniel


  • daniel

    Once you go black.. you’re gonna need a wheelchair.

  • Son of FE

    I still liked the black better. Maybe I can convince The Strobist to post nikon rumors on his blog. ( kidding)

    I’ll learn to live with and maybe even have some fun, like the TOP TEN REASONS to have a white background:
    Here goes….

    10. It makes my iPhone a better flashlight.

    9. ??

  • WM

    If we don’t get the black back .. it will be a mutiny .. we will appoint a new [NR] Admin !

  • Guru


    i liked the black background much more than the white!!!

  • d300

    Nikon rumours should stay black ! please give us the dark side again!

  • Anonymous

    Pls change back to black. My eyes hurt

  • Picturetakerphotomak

    Perfect like this, Way to go. L Glass has always been fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Please… black as in nikkor lenses and yellow as in nikon brand… this looks like canon white lenses, and it is really bad as when compared to the previous background / font

    not only the colors but also the font…

  • paul

    it doesn’t look like nikon to me, it looks more like canon. bring back the dark side colors!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Febopp

    agree, back to black

  • Steve

    Back to BLACK!!!!

    White background is harsh on my eyes. Back to black and leave it that way – – no more meddling!!

  • anjz

    Used the white for a while. Just as easy to read as black. Maybe even a little easier.

  • Jack

    “โ€œmost of us?โ€ or are you just projecting?”

    Its actually most of us, get a wife dude.

  • RD-NR

    As a regular visitor, I do like your website very much , but for the record:
    – I do NOT like the white background-color (please revert to black or dark grey).
    – I do NOT like the new font-type, it looks old-ish (in my opinion, just use regular Arial or Verdana or whatever you used before, looked sooo much better then this).

    Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

    • SA

      Agree. I like Arial font as most ergonomic.

  • Darrin

    The white is a clean look, but I agree that the black and yellow are very distinctive of the Nikon Rumors site. Please go back.

  • Mr Black

    Which BG colour do we want? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • eric

    Might want to do what does and offer the user multiple choices.

    • Actually this could be a good compromise – make the empty space on both sides black and keep the text on white background. Thanks.

  • Gordon

    My preference is for the black background too, if we had the option to select our own theme that would be best.

    The white background makes me feel like I’m looking at some spam/phishing website Google loves to throw you to.

  • john

    previous layout was better.

  • JMD

    Pls,…pls,…pls go back! Nothing was broken,…so what-the-heck were you fixing? This new color scheme looks like a Progressive insurance commercial!…..looks to freaking sanitized!!!!


  • Scubabubbles

    Please go back……like they say “Once you go black you will never go back”

  • Zorro

    @[NR] admin. When dpreview made changes to their site, there were lots of complaints for about three weeks. Then everyone forgot about it. Give it three weeks and everyone here will forget about the changes too.

    If you can give a choice of black or white, that should satisfy both camps. If you can’t do that, making the background light grey will help those who think the white background is too stark.

    In Firefox going to View>Page Style>No Style gives the black text on a grey background and it’s very nice to read.

    The serif font is much better to read – non-serif fonts are for headings etc, not for bulk text.

    Claims that “black background = more Nikon” are just nonsense.

  • john

    black was just easier to read. white is blindingly bright ๐Ÿ™ and the color scheme doesnt flow right…. black yellow > white red > yellow black….. ?????

  • Zorro

    @[NR] admin. Another thought. Opinions on this subject appear to be fairly evenly divided. Those who prefer white-on-black have had their turn; it’s our turn now to have black-on-white.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    That’s it. I am switching to Canon. This white thing is ridiculous!!!!

    @admin – on a more serious note, I think you are on the right track. Black is not easier to read, not by any HIG standards. There is a reason most text heavy sites are white. You could compromise with a neutral-ish color but I find black challenging myself.

  • Art

    Back to black please . My eyes can’t take it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Muh-Kuh

    Yes, please back to black! – this white side is not nikonlike, look like Canot …aam, I mean Canon!

  • This is much better on my notebook. On my widescreen, it is too white. Perhaps making the sides black, as mentioned somewhere above, may balance things nicely. Anyway, after just 2 days, the white background is rather pleasant.

  • If it’s not broke don’t fix it. It really made Nikon Rumors unique… AND seriously, it was way easier on the eyes before.

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