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I finally updated my WordPress theme to the latest version (I haven't done any updates in almost 2 years). LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors have already been running the new design for two weeks and I did not have any issues so far.

By default, the background is white... I know this will cause a riot. Let's just run like that for few weeks and see how it will go - I think the white background will be initially distracting, but with the time it will grow on you and you will like it better - at least I did. The last poll was split almost 50/50 between the black and white color choices.

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  • yellow and black

    whatever… just leave nikonrumors in yellow and black

  • yellow and black


  • John Caradimas

    New format is much easier to read, especially for people with aging eyes.

    Please do not go back to the old one. There are other ways to create and maintain site recognition than the difficult-to-read color schemes.

  • spam

    I can’t see any reason for a black background as long as you mainly publish text. Black text with white background is what the eye is most used to. Dpreview, Luminous Landscape and some review sites use black background too much light around the images, but that’s not improtant for the product shots you publish here.

  • Imagine if the D700s came as a white body!!!

    • Another reason for black is that its sexy.

  • Kerni

    Much easier to read, not so “heavy” any more, it feels a bit more elegant und light,
    I like it.

  • Sven

    Common i want BLACK !!!

    1: A black background is easier to read than white ( at least for me )
    2: Black is much nicer than white
    3: White gives me a Apple feeling ( Windows guy )
    4: Nikon needs black , not white …
    5: I like the night more than day so , black …

  • Kontharo

    The white background just looks so out of place with the yellow/black/red colors in the top of the page.

    And I for one, think its harder to read black on white, rather than yellow on black.

    This white background looks so generic.
    The black and yellow colors made sense, as it is Nikon colors.

    If you are to keep this white background, then scrap all yellow colors, it looks bad with a white background.

    Look how Canonrumors make a white background look decent. They use like a frame and such… But do you want Nikonrumors to look like Canonrumors?

  • alvix

    Nice job, less energy saving but even less fatiguing for the eyes, like text on paper.. +1 for the white

  • Lardinio

    Personally I was in favour of a black background. However, I can live with white πŸ™‚

    One thing I am not keen on is the font. It looks a bit amateur ish, when this site clearly is not.

    Now I’m not massively gemmed up on fonts – but surely arial or calibri (that’s a great font) would give it a more professional look.

  • Mr Pink

    Once you go black you never go back.

  • Michael

    Rats, you promised weird colors and it all just looks OK…
    Anyway, it does not look that bad. In fact it looks better than I expected. The site seems to load a lot quicker. The tags look awful though. But as said before: white is not energy friendly and black is!

  • Jack

    The white background is good.
    Easier to read.
    I like it.

  • Where is my and who is this imposter?!?!?!?! Darn you aliens, I hope you are not probing him. I will never accept this golem substitute as the real thing!

    (PS, just FYI, there was (again) someone else’s name already filled in when I came to comment – but no email. Other than that, and this bastardization of your “brand” – kind of like MS Windows calling their next version “Doors” or Apple changing their name to “Kumquat” – keep up the good work admin πŸ˜€ – I do appreciate your attempts valiant attempts at Nikon prognostication)

  • Peter

    damn i hate white.. it hurts my eyes.. whats wrong with black? stupid admin..

  • benS

    NR Admin ! Bring back the black background. Please ! This white background tires my eyes easily. The black background is easier on the eyes.

    Furthermore, Nikon pro lens are have colors black and gold , not white ( cannon ?)

  • Anonymous

    for Nikon, it has to be BLACK!

  • TheIncredibleUlk

    maybe If you thinking about webdesign for mobiles check out canonrumors (on a mobile of course) and compare it to the normal version.

    The rest fine as usual but not much a difference.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for the white background.

    After reading white text on the black background for more than two minutes, my eyes would be straining. This is much easier to read!

  • NickRaven

    Was much better before, sorry!

  • Captain

    I like the change (including the font).
    But I think changing the background to slightly off-white would make it even better.

  • stb

    Thank god for white background! But I would prefer something pastel neutral, it seems that black & white are too contrasty for most people. Maybe 18% grey???

    • Zorro

      Yes. 18% grey background – there’s the photographic touch.

  • Excelent! The black background was tiring.

    Thanks a lot NR Admin!

  • Gabor

    Thanks a lot for the white background!

  • Gary

    omg, there’s just too much white for people with astigmatism, now i have to use sunglasses to view your site. πŸ™ or maybe i should get a decent pair of spectacles made.

    • +1 I have very bad astigmatism. After reading text on paper all day long, it was soothing to read white on black (without my reading glasses). Darn! left the glasses in the office.

  • asd

    Finally with white background. It’s much more easy on the eyes.

  • ArthurCH

    You were right, it’s about 50/50 πŸ™‚
    I don’t understand why people are complaining, I mean, you create a wonderful website, for us, for free, and people are still complaining.
    Even with a pink background, I’d still like it πŸ™‚

  • Rokk

    Finally!!! Easy to read, very good for eyes.

  • The invisible Man

    BLACK !!!!!!
    NO !

    • Discontinued

      What is more important, the background or the content? Now you have black content.
      Previously everything that mattered used to be white. That has changed. You should be pleased, bro. I vote YES for black content (and white background) ! ! !

  • Click

    I don’t care what “Color” or what “Font” is used, lets get back to more “Rumors”..

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site. Hoping for a new FX body by Photokina but it’s looking bad for 2010 unless it comes when we least expect it…

    Admin: have you ever looked at the way Sony rates rumors? It would be nice if you did the same or added something similar it. Just an idea….

    SR= Sonyalpharumor
    SR1=probably fake rumor
    SR2=rumor from unknown sources
    SR3=50% chance it is correct
    SR4=rumor from known sources
    SR5=almost certainly correct!

    • I like the percentage way of showing a runor. Admin knows the leaks and the likelyhood a percentage based system is easy for everyone to understand. Otherwise we would always be getting complaints from people not knowing what a certain number.letter ment.

      • I agree – I do not like the 1-5 rating, I find % a better representation of how reliable I think the info is, plus it gives me 100 rating options instead of 5 πŸ™‚
        100% is the official announcement, everything above 90% is pretty much a done deal (some small details could be wrong, lost in translation, etc.), 50% is… well 50/50 chance, etc.

  • The invisible Man

    Maybe CANON Rumors could be white, but not Nikon !
    Do you whant a D900 white ?

    • Silver + brown leather.

  • Wow. When your excepting a black background and get a white background it seems really bright.

  • chris

    I like the white background a lot better.. looks way more professional.
    ignore the haters! ; )

  • At last.

  • I love black background πŸ™‚ Want it back!!

  • Steve

    I like it! Nice clean look. Besides, the real question is – if you took someone who never saw either site, which way would they go? I’d bet the white background would win easily.

  • That it i am switching to canon! ..

    Well At least the forum is still black.. thank goodness!

  • Ok seriously.. I have said it before Black is too black and while is just not nikon.. why not a theme like this but tweeked a bit with some yellow coloured fonts.

    • preston

      Love the color scheme but I wish it’d lose the slight gradient. Looks like it’s trying to be too “slick”.

    • Discontinued

      “white is just not Nikon”

      I can’t recall to have ever seen a black Nikon website.

  • crimed

    Sorry but white is definitely NOT the new black.

  • Let me say: the black one was very good looking, and may be near to Nikon products, but it’s so hard to read on it on a lcd bright screen…I always read something and return on it after changing page…it’s really really “heavy”!!

    This white one obviously is something different, but I’d prefer something like this to taste better the blog…


  • Joe

    I like the new look. Leave it white!

  • The invisible Man

    By the way, I got my lens back Friday (24-70mm f/2.8, with variofocal issue) !
    Are you guys ready ?

    FIRST WEEK : Nothing
    SECOND WEEK : “On shop, moderate repair with major parts replacement (B2)”
    THIRD WEEK : On hold, parts not in stock

    – Thursday I call the corporate and ask if they have any idea when the lens will be fixed.
    – Friday morning I receive the lens (UPS overnight)

    “everything ok, focusing tested, do not need any repair”

    So why did they keep my lens 3 weeks if it does not need any repair, and why the “B2 moderate repair” & “on hold for parts”

    The lens still have the same problem (does not keep the focus when zooming).

    • preston

      wow, that would infuriate me! Please keep us updated on your actions. This really challenges my currently high regards to Nikon. I have a relatively minor problem with my D90 (focus assist beam stopped working, so no autofocus at night when it’s too dark for accurate MF) but I’m kind of worried to send it in cause I don’t want to be without my camera for too long. .

  • I find the white background very hard on the eyes and the font more difficult to read than the original one. I much preferred the old design: it was easier to read and the new one looks very outdated (1990s) to me.

    That said, thanks for running this great site, NR admin!

  • Carl

    Hi NR Admin

    This site should be for rumors and not for press releases. So don’t care about the background color that press releases have. Press releases are mass production items, rumors shouldn’t be. And rumors should keep a dark aura: the perception should be that they come for dark places – places not known to the public.

    • zack

      Absolutely agree. In addition, black background gave it some intimacy and well, ‘rumours’ atmosphere. I honestly think it is a bad move. Why fix it if it ain’t broken?

      • preston

        sometimes it’s good to spice things up a bit. you don’t always do the same position in bed do you? πŸ˜‰

        • zack

          πŸ™‚ I don’t like the white sheet though πŸ˜‰

  • Kerni

    Hey admin, this change seems to split the NR fans in two camps. On the one hand people are glad about the better readability, on the other hand for many it’s a very emotional thing to keep things the way they are, and also to recognize nikon colors. Maybe there’s a solution between this clean white look and the old black layout. What about a yellow background or at least a yellow frame? On my 1920p display, there is very much white space besides the slim text column…

  • Huggs

    I think 50% grey would be a good color.

    • Quote!

      Maybe grey could be a good compromise πŸ™‚

  • JorPet

    Oh, the Huge Manatee!

    I am going to miss the black screen. It was far more interesting that way. Every site is black on white. Oh well.

    • IMHO this is not a good starting point.
      Great themes are with white background…

      I think we don’t have to forget the aim of this site: it’s not a porfolio of design…

  • John

    I love the white background. Before with the black background I would always use my “zap colors” javascript bookmark to force it to a white background and black test. Now I don’t have too πŸ™‚

  • I will try to give options for white and black background, I just need some time.

    • Huggs

      1 more option: 50% grey. πŸ˜€

      • daniel

        18% gray

  • Ajit

    I prefer Black too… looks more polished than the white and is not so bright.
    I think yellow./ black is better color choice than white/red.

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