Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • I changed PhotoRumors and LeicaRumors to a white background. Stop by and tell me what you think (there is a poll on both sites).

  • Some more Nikon 3D setups - the first one is from this year’s Tour de France, screen captured by Mark Stothard:

The next 3D rig was captured on the USATF Track & Field National Championships in Des Moines, IA (June 26th). Both cameras are attached to a bracket and one is upside-down (images after the break):

Credit: Ezmeets

Check also this previous 3D post form more technical background (a lot of helpful info also in the comments section)

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  • As for the white/black bkgd, I prefer black. But that’s just me.

    • David Hasselblaff

      Yep, I’m a darkroom person too. Photos just look better on a black background.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        agreed on the black background and yes i voted on the site

  • nick94

    I like black too. easier for me to read for some reason.

  • nice.. =)

  • Victor Hassleblood

    I like the white and I like the type face chosen. Looks fresher and less screaming.
    Quote of Fried Toast: But that’s just me.

    A little confusing about this combination is, that PR looks a lot like CR now – just as it could be made from the same guy.

  • Paul

    Stay with the black.

  • I so want one of those!!!!!!

  • FakeKenRockwell


    I am not FakeKenRockwell but i see his Name and Email while i am posting this comment. Looks like it is happening again .

  • Funny thing, my local camera shop has hardly any lenses or cameras for sale. All the lens rebates have exhausted their supply and they haven’t been able to get any back in stock. They say Nikon isn’t shipping. They do have a fresh supply of hats and keychains in stock though.

    • I’ve heard the f2.8 hats are pretty sharp. The f1.4 hats are in short supply as well, supposedly.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        sharp yes, but the bokeh is unpleasant. ;- >

  • this was fixed a while back and it seems that it keeps coming back

    • It happens many times with me as well. I have to look to make sure I’m posting under the correct name.

    • Phillip

      I am happy with Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 and who needs AF-S version?


    I am SAD ASWELL : Beeing the orignal COOLPUX , I see my name beeing raped manytimes by other dudes = 🙁 ——-8–o ====I

  • Johan


  • Michael

    braked? or bracket?

  • Ralph Daily

    Oh well, Administrator,
    Problem is back.
    Jabs posting as this person.

    I prefer black background.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer white background. If possible, for NR as well. It’s just easier for my eyes to read.

  • D800


  • viTRifY

    Any word on a 50mm AFS 1.2 lens? I think a few months ago you had a rumor on it for the PMA launch (didn’t happen obviously). Possible it may be a photokina surprise?

  • Segura

    White background
    Doesn’t scream early 2000’s like black does
    Very clean and professional

  • f-stop


  • Wow. It happened to me now too!
    The white is nice, but I’ll vote for black.

    • Boy stubborn, doesn’t want to go away.

      • I hired a company to clean it up (sucuri.net) and even they are having a hard time – the damn thing keep coming back.

  • Tabitha Green

    White is much better, IMO. 🙂

  • Zorro

    I’ll vote for white background too (and for NR).

  • Son of Fe

    Keep the Black!!!!
    …( and don’t look back) 😉

  • Back years ago, had this discussion on Notebookforums.com. They ended up doing a setup where the user could select which background they wanted (black or white). I *think* that was vBulletin, but am not sure. Is that something that would be possible here?

    • I can do that easily, the problem is that it will be difficult to change the color of the contact form, banners etc. Then again the question is, what should be the default color 🙂

      • Default color = the color w/ the most # of votes?

  • The invisible Man

    White will reduce your monitor’s life and use more power.

    • Discontinued

      Depends on your monitor. If you still use CRT you are right. But how long would you want to use this one anyway?

      • The invisible Man

        I work all day with two 21″ monitors, I use to change the capacitors every 2 years (monitor started to blink).
        I now use black backrounds and they seems to work better.

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    such viewer and tests and TdF may indicate: 3d movies created with DSLRs … a big step forward.

  • Rob

    Black please. I have had damage to one of my eyes (the good eye too), white screens are painful, produce too much glare and dry my eyes out.

    On Macs ctrl,apple,alt,8 inverts the screen colors, I use this on white background text sites.

    • Discontinued

      “On Macs ctrl,apple,alt,8 inverts the screen colors”

      Many thanks. Didn’t know.

      But have you tried this on NR as well? It looks much better IMO and I am not so sure about the gentleness of a black background. Your Iris opens looking on a dark background which therefore is leading to higher peaks (the white writing) on your retina. I am not an expert on this and it would be rather interesting to hear an ophthalmologist’s opinion on this one.

      IMO white is better – looks better.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “(…) an ophthalmologist’s opinion on this one.”

        Would be interesting indeed. I too recon, that an ophthalmologist would favor white.

        BTW, the black background leads to massive reflections on the f**king glossy screen of my MacBook Pro. Turns that stupid screen into a real mirror. Wonder what might has crossed apples mind when they created that design.

      • Rob

        I damaged a tear duct so my eye dries out a bit after too many hours behind the screen. Staring at white screens seems to accelerate the drying out.

        All for being able to choose a color. White writing is a bit sharp on the black background but better than the reverse. Yellow writing on black is already used here as feature, I’d have to say that’s my preferred combo.

    • Good one! I did not know that.

  • Ren Kockwell

    The white is the smarter choice practically, but from a brand point of view, I know exactly where I am when I see the full black site.

  • gt

    I don’t like the disconnect between the buttons on the NikonRumors page and the PhotoRumors page. That might be a temporary thing but I thought I’d mention it just in case. Whichever background you choose (black or white), make sure the header + buttons look the same on all the related sites please!

    • Those will match independent of the background color – I just did not have time to update NikonRumors over the weekend.

  • gray background with black text

    • The invisible Man

      LOL !
      I guess you do only black and white pictures, am I right ?

  • cartoon11

    White with black is much more easier to read!

  • mehmet

    You should also add the review of 16-35mm from dpreview.com to the news.


  • photographers like black. for me black background as well. text could be a little bit darker maybe #CCCCCC.

    • Zorro

      Photography: painting with light
      Black: absence of light
      So why would photographers like black?

      • Denko

        Back in the day we used to be in the darkroom when we didn’t do any photography. Being on this board is that “dark” time.

        And I have to say that black with white text is easier on the eyes… in fact much easier. But then again one only notices this fact when reading heaps and mounds of text on the computer screen.

  • EnPassant

    I like the look of a black site. But white text on black make me see blinds when I move my eyes to another part of the screen or the telly.
    Why not just have the textboxes in white with black text and everything around in all black?
    That would be more in anology with the darkroomcomparision where everything is dark except the white photographic paper with its black print!
    The avatars also look better on white background in my opinion.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Is anybody going to talk about those wild stereo camera set-ups?

  • Zorro

    With just over 4000 votes counted on PhotoRumors, the split is 52% for a white background and 48% for a black background. That’s close to an even split – looks like the issue is black and white (no shades of gray here).

  • AR

    Just a heads up, I’m not “AR”, but the Name box seems to think otherwise.

    Admin, would you prefer us notifying you of each of these instances?

    • The issue was fixed this morning, but yes – please let me know if it happens again (I cannot reproduce it on my computer).

      • Enesunkie

        It still came up as another user.

        • Enesunkie

          Ah, it seems to be working now!

  • The invisible Man

    I think we should use both Black and White, I live in USA, where everyone have the same rights.

  • Aaron

    All these people TAKING 3D photos, but how come no one’s publishing them?!

    • The invisible Man

      You need 2 monitors (on the same video card), the effect is fantastic.
      When I’m hungry I watch 3D photos about food, I take a bite and it help me wait for lunch time.

  • camaman

    Just keep Nikonrumors BLACK!
    Nikon is all about black/yellow combination theme! :-D;-)

  • PTG

    I prefer the white background, but I prefer the old fonts and the old layout of the buttons.

  • I dig the white BG. Easier to read. The white text on a black BG burn my eyes and my monitors. See halo’d lines after visiting this site for too long.

  • CK

    Black background gets my vote, white is so… harsh

  • James


  • Dgm

    I’ d vote for ‘keep it black’ it is a) distinctive b) more “intimate” c) every other web site is white and it is tiring

  • CK

    also; i would buy that nikon shirt in a heartbeat if it didn’t have “Since 1915” on it .

  • Coming back from the white background on Photo Rumors, this is a lot more soothing on my eyes. Perhaps changing the thick grey borders (around the comments) to thin grey lines may make the page look more tidy and neat.

  • Sdiggity

    Once you go black….

  • solid_liq

    Definitely black! This site makes me wish more sites chose a black background. I have spent many hours a day, every day, staring at a computer screen for the last 25 years. In that time, I’ve found that white text on a black background is much easier on my eyes. Only for a little while did I prefer black text on a white background. All that bright light coming out of a white background on a computer screen has been linked to a statistically much higher rate of macular degeneration (old story, I don’t have the link, but I’m sure google can tell you about it; I think it was on physorg.com where I read the article). I really, really do not want to go blind, so please keep the background black!

  • broxibear

    “Sony Sensor Shakeup?
    July 26 (commentary)–I’ve heard from multiple sources now that Sony Semiconductor is about to drop FX sensors from their lineup. What I’m hearing is that high management in Sony is saying that full-frame cameras and sensors aren’t bringing the payback necessary to make them long-term profitable.
    But this has a Nikon component, too. I’ve been wondering why I’m not hearing rumblings on a D3xs model (the D3x uses a Sony sensor at its base). It would be due later this year (and I’m on record as predicting it to arrive in December). It very well may be that there’s no new sensor for a D3xs (one would have expected video capabilities to be added).” *** quote truncated by admin***


    • I will have to truncate this quote – Thom’s stuff is copyrighted.

      • broxibear

        Oops, should have added this © Thom Hogan
        Sorry about that.

        • I got in trouble once before for quoting/copy+paste-ing too much from his site. Let’s just use small paragraphs, to avoid any troubles. My personal opinion is that Sony will continue to produce full frame digital cameras with or without their own full frame sensor. If Nikon produces the sensors themselves, they will be in full control. Yes, there will probably be a delay and a financial hit, but on the long run it is good for Nikon to be independent from Sony.

          • Phillip

            My personal opinion is that Sony will continue to produce full frame digital cameras with or without their own full frame sensor

            The problem with that is finding a source for FF sensors. AFAIK, there are only 3 other companies that currently design FF sensors:

            Nikon (D3s sensor)
            Canon (1DsIII & 5DII sensor)
            Kodak (Leica M9 sensor)

            I don’t know that Canon or Nikon would sell their flagship sensors to another company, and I’m not sure that partnering with Kodak could keep Sony competitive with Canon and Nikon on price and performance.

  • Michael

    I prefer black. Besides, black is very energyfriendly, white screens consume a lot of power

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