First word on the Nikon D90 replacement

I just got some basic description of the Nikon D90 replacement:

  • 16MP DX sensor
  • same noise performance like the D700!
  • full HD
  • 8p/s
  • new video AF and performance
  • parts of the body will be aluminium

Stay tuned for more.

[NR] rating: 90%

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  • Magnuss

    It must be D300 not D90 replacment. Aluminium body and 8fps it is D400

    • Sven

      NO ! It is and it will be the replacement of the D90 !
      And it will also cost less then 1200$ …
      ( At least i hope so 😀 )

  • thefunk

    Hot funk, I want one.

  • Adam

    Will it use the backlit sensor technology? like in iphone?

  • Maybe nikon is merging the d90 and the d300 line? 8fps – better af – video af capabilities – better noise for indoor sports/gigs – aliminum: durable & lightweight like macbook pro`s ? (vs d300`s magnesium)

    just my 2 cents

    • Bobby

      But I kind of wonder why aluminium now when both nikon and canon have been using magnesium alloy for so long. I mean it’s not like aluminium hasn’t been around for very long. I wonder what % NR admin would give this rumor.

      • Recent Convert

        Aluminum is much easier to machine than magnesium. By foregoing some of the weight advantage, aluminum offers a cost advantage, as machining screw threads etc can be done in regular set-ups, rather than in special work-cells that fight the tendency of magnesium dust and chips to catch fire (which cannot be extinguished with water).

        • Richard

          With the use of precision molds (e.g. die cast) there should not be that much machine work involved. Though I am no machinist, I believe the alloys involved are actually easier to machine than aluminum alloys.

          For a short description see:

  • When talking of the “same noise performance like the D700” that can mean the D90 replacement will go now until ISO6400 (like Canon 7D). But that says nothing about the actual amount of noise in the image. Or it can be that Nikon just adds some kind of pre RAW noise reduction which means you will lose some details.

    The sensor of the D700 is 2.3x larger thant the one of the Nikon D90. And the expected pixel density of 16MP is 1.3x higher. So if Nikon would use the current sensor technology of the D90/D700, the new sensor would be exactly 3x (2.3×1.3) less good in terms of noise than the D700. Or in other word’s the new Sensor must deliver 3x less noise than the current lineup. Even though it uses BLI that would be too much of a revolution. So Nikon will have to do some cheating.

    One other thing: HighISO may be very attractive, but honestly – most of our pictures are shot with ISO200, right? And the main difference between D90-successor and D700 will always be the sensor format. You will never get the shallow DOF of a full frame camera with a crop cam. And you won’t ever be able to use the whole 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.4. For me that’s the main reason using a D700. More important is the question how good the lowISO performance of the D90 successor will be…

    If the rumors are true I think Nikon will replace the D300s and the D90 with just one new camera.

    • jack miller

      Most of our pictures are shot at ISO 200? Well for me at least they sure aren’t–if they were, I wouldn’t have purchased a D700. I have to agree with the posters that find that the D700 noise equivalency sounds like a stretch.

      Either way, Nikon’s updates are generally a good thing. We all have reasons for excitement.

  • But personally i think they should resurrect the d2 line with the dxxx and d2 series fusion (d300 replacement). some pro shooters still like the 1.5x crop factor like myself. (integrated grip, 9fps, etc) and raise the bar on the midrange amateur line with the fusion of d90 and d300 (d90 s replacement) – with keeping the pro FX line thus creating a new amateur sub d700 line.

  • NickRaven

    1. Same noise as D700
    2. 8fps
    3. Aluminium

    Sorry, but that sounds too close to the pro level cameras to be a D90 (almost entry level) replacement.

  • Anonymous

    same noise performance like the D700!!!!

    Just imagine what the FX noise performance will be like 🙂 2011 will be a great year!

  • Singapore

    sounds too good to be true (especially if you consider the (hopefully still moderate) price tag)

  • Peter

    Specs looks nice but so will also the price be, expensive with that good 🙁

    • Bobby

      I don’t think the price would necessarily be that much more than when the D90 came out. If they price it right, Nikon would be selling these cameras like crazy, and it would be hard to find one for a while too possibly.

      • Richard

        If Nikon were to use the D300 chassis, there would be relatively little new design work for the body itself which should mean that they would be able to bring it to market fairly rapidly with the electronics upgrades. As Nikon have recovered their costs for the D300 chassis I suppose that it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that Nikon could price it at the introductory price of the D90 and make a go of it (while taking things up a notch for the competition to match).

        That would still leave a gap in the price structure. Would Nikon introduce a slightly modified D700 and move it to the price point of the D300 with the D800 or whatever it might be called to replace the D700’s price point? I have a hard time seeing the timing of such a plan. It seems awfully aggressive for Nikon, though.

  • jbl

    Specs such high iso performance, mpx and video have little to do with pro quality body… Remember how the D90 outdid the D300 when it came out?

    However, the 8fps and aluminum specs make it sound like a higher end body.. I’d like that better though… I don’t want to lose that 51 points AF when I upgrade my body from the D300.

    I was thinking of upgrading to FX, but if the high ISO performances gets significally better, I could stay on DX a bit longer…

  • low

    wow this is killer…me likey this!

    great job on the rumor mill admin.

  • astrorami

    definitely a pro camera, not a d90 replacement.

  • love

    I’ll buy one only if it uses CF cards or dual card storage

  • sound good….
    but D3s is in 12MP quality and D3X in 24MP in the FF body.
    Seems Nikon will release a newer sensor disregards Sony whatever they want to do.

    Looking for Nikon DSLR trends the PRO cam were the first to introduced for the new type of sensor and features.

    I sold all my gold ring Nikkors due to slow camera innovation, and just waiting for new DSLR release or do I need to step to other brand.

    Mine, Myself, I can wait until my D300 and 50/1.4 can produced a quality images.

    Just me

    • LGO

      This sensor is from Sony.

      Sony is rumored to be announcing in August 4 new dSLRs, some of which will have a 16mp APS-C sized sensor, with HD video, fast AF on video, and high fps.

      • Astrophotographer

        This is interesting as Nikon is known to be developing a new type of in sensor AF. Sony and Nikon could be cross licensing technology for their chips.

        • The “fast focusing” that is referred to with reference to the Sony sensor has to do with the video refresh rate. To get faster contrast-based focus you need to speed up the video stream. The 24 fps on the older Sony sensors is restrictive in this respect. Some engineers I talk to want 120 fps video refresh rates.

          The “fast focusing” that Nikon has been rumored to be working on is the integration of phase detect sensors in the imaging sensor itself, which I fully expect first in a D4-type of product (no known cost to implement in production, so you do it in a high-end product first just in case you miss on your projected yields).

  • John

    I think that 16MP on a DX sensor is too much – there are few Nikon lenses that can take advantage of such a sensor – my D300 at 12MP has more than enough resolution to out-resolve most lenses. Diffraction effects will kick in even more quickly than they do now at 12MP.

    I think this new body is potentially a video-centric DX model that will have a dedicated AF zoom lens that will have wide coverage (like a new 18-200 kit lens for video), step-less aperture control, quiet powered zoom, etc., etc. Much more features like a serious video camera, but in a DSLR body.
    It will have a heavy price tag to go along with it.
    It could, however, have an FX sensor and be a really, really high end camera and that rumored 18-200FX lens is really a 28-200FX lens (a typo likely – the 18 was supposed to be a 28 – which would make sense for a FX sensored body)


    • Not sure where this notion comes from. With the pro level Nikkors I once calculated that 24mp was about the limit for DX to get any observable gains, and I’ve seen nothing that’s happened or been revealed in the past five years that changes my mind on that. No doubt that if you pixel peep you’ll see softer corners than center in many situations with many lenses, and the lowest quality lenses will not perform up to the level you could capture.

      But let me ask you this, which would you rather have: a sensor that can outperform your lens or a lens that can outperform your sensor? Think carefully before answering ;~).

      • John

        Wow – a chat with Thom Hogan – anyways I’ll give it a go even though it won’t be a fair match!
        This notion comes from my experience with my D300 WITHOUT using the pro level Nikkors and the lens tests I’ve seen over at I have the 16-85, 50/1.8, 85/1.8, 180/2.8, and 80-200/2.8 plus a host of select AI/AIS glass. From my experience using these lenses they really have to stop down to get to where I can see biting detail BEFORE any sharpening – and that’s on the center of frame – corners are a different story. Things would be better w/o an AA filter for sure.
        From the photozone test results done with a D200 (~10MPx) there are just a few lenses that meet or exceed the Nyquist limit of that sensor – mostly pro glass meant for full frame. Lenses that guys like me probably won’t own

        FWIW to quote “Assuming optimal conditions I would guess that a few, very few lenses may have the potential to go up to 20mp on APS-C but only with their center portion”
        So my overall supposition still holds – 16MP for a DX camera seems on the edge and potentially too much for most lenses (pro or non-pro).

        And yes perhaps theoretically 24MP on a DX sensor is the limit for observable gains, but boy it’s probably very diminishing returns for the increase in noise and file size, etc. Plus issues like CA, de-centering, lens sample variation, etc. become even more noticeable with these higher pixel densities for diminishing returns in gains. Now if we get to the point where the AA filter can be removed altogether, then great!

        Anyways, not to start a long argument, here’s an answer to your question:
        Neither – I want a sensor that is equally matched to my best lens – over-resolving things does me no good. Unless some fantastic new lenses come out that have even higher resolution, I’ll take the same pixel count and lower noise/higher DR capabilities of new technology. The only reason to have a much better sensor than my current lenses is if Nikon comes out with vastly better lenses in the future, which they are pretty slow at doing compared to their DSLR body development schedule – I.e., my lenses will be around much longer than my body will be.
        Having a better lens than sensor, though not optimal, is fine if the number of MP is adequate for MY needs. 24MP DX sensor – great if you need it, but good God man the average DX user will have issues coping with that many MPs! Pros will always take more MPs, but I assume by the time a 24MP DX sensored camera comes out FX will be the pro choice and DX will be relegated to amateurs with mirror-less systems with high end video features (and won’t be using pro-glass that can use 24MP).

        OK – I’ve rambled on enough. Suffice it to say that unless you are a pro, much more than 12MP on a DX sensor does not seem to make sense. If you are a pro, you’d need to use the top end pro gear to have some of your lenses take advantage of something like 24MP on a DX sensor.

        I will probably now lose the argument to Thom.


        • You have to remember that most places that “test” lenses with Imatest or other standard testing software are doing so at a fixed distance to a fixed chart (in the case of Imatest, basically a black/white edge at an angle). The chart is too close and the chart itself is a determinant of what you can measure (even the chart Imatest supplies for a price has limitations of what it can reveal). In short, most tests measure complete systems in an arbitrary way. That’s useful if you know what you’re looking at and have some idea of which parts of the system are contributing to the data, but I find too many people over rely upon those numbers. We even have a term for it “measurebation.”

          Can you see small differences at 100% view? Sure. Just as we could see small differences with a high-powered loupe on film. The question should be phrased differently, though. If I’m looking at, say, the maximum sized print a desktop inkjet can produce (13×19″), at some reasonable distance (even a foot away), can you see improvements from more pixels on DX with the better lenses? Yes, you do. And again, trying to do some sort of Zeiss-like calculation (account for magnification, eyesight, viewing distance, etc.) I come up with somewhere around 24mp where DX fails to deliver any meaningful “increase.”

          But as I’ve tried to outline in articles on my site, we’re well into the “diminishing returns” realm with digital. 12mp certainly is enough for most people (at least if they weren’t cropping 75% ;~). I’m not in disagreement with you on the practical standpoint, only on the theoretical.

      • John

        Oops, somehow replied twice when I just wanted to fix the last sentence to say: ” I will probably now lose the argument to Thom” instead of “not” lose the argument.


        Whatever comes out I’m sure we will be suitably impressed.

  • Sounds a little too good to be true, but I’ll hold off from buying the D90 for now ^^

  • hornagain

    Maybe they are collapsing the d200/300 line with the D70/80/90 line.

    Even thought I was waiting for the D300 replacement, if ISO performance is as good as rumored and it has, at minimum, the same ‘features’ as the D90…I’m in.

  • Patros

    … this indicates, that Thom Hogan was right some time ago…

    • Anonymous

      How so? At that point everything can be considered as “surprise”, no?

      • Patros

        … I am not surprised at all… altough, I would take the line “same noise performance like the D700!” with a grain of salt… 😉

    • Yes, I WAS right some time ago. Today I’m wrong ;~). Check back again later…

      • Patros

        … we will … 😉

      • I also have some “weak points” in the latest posts – the sensor of the D3100, the 18-200mm FX lens and now the D90 replacement info. Some details may turn out to be wrong, I really don’t know at that point.

        • Patros

          … yes… some details are wrong… but some are spot on…

        • Guess that’s why we don’t call this site Nikon Facts 😀

          Always have to assume that some specs or concepts are wrong until we have 100% verification. Not a big deal.

  • DD

    If this is true, then rather than maintaining separate lines, Nikon is more interested in increasing sales, which definitely would considering D90 success.

  • hah

    sounds like a 50/60D killer.

  • Wow 90% ! from the spec, it more like successor of D300/s instead of D90. But seems like we’ll see soon!

  • SZRimaging

    Umm….sold?! WOn’t be the rig for sports, but will work for studio/portraits/events.

  • Ron Rickles

    It will probably end up 14MB and 6fps. So don’t get so excited everyone. Oh, I forgot
    to mention it will also have a tiny toilet paper dispenser so you can all wipe your A*s
    when you shit after you see it.

  • maybe the ISO will not be exactly as the D700, but less-noise compared to the current D90 – for example a much more improved max high ISO of 3200

    • Did anyone believe that the D3s will have high – ISO of 102,000?

      • No. And everyone’s still trying to figure out how Nikon did that.

        But, still, the 12mp FX sensors have huge collection areas compared to DX. And more room to isolate electron storage. And more room to isolate signal paths.

        I don’t bet against tech progress, but to believe this particular rumor–especially if you also believe that it’s the Sony 16mp sensor like I do–you have to believe that Nikon can pull off even more than they did with the D3s AND gave that to Sony. Sorry, that makes it unlikely.

        • Richard

          Are you suggesting that Nikon have a new sensor supplier or simply saying that you think it unlikely? We all know that the Sony/Nikon sensors, though excelling at some things, appear to have been stuck at the 12 MP point for quite some time. As Nikon does a lot of work on the sensor design themselves, could it be that they have designed a new sensor in house and are having someone produce it for them?

  • pedepop

    I agree with those who suggest that there will be no D300 successor. I have a D300s and it is a tough and durable camera in a pro body. But what is the point of having a pro DX camera when there is almost no pro DX lenses? A magnesium-alloy body with a plastic lens attached – how durable is that? If the D90-successor specs are true and it will have the D300’s AF and metering system and same manual controls, I really don’t see any need for at D300 successor.

    Of cause you can use pro FX lenses on a DX body, but then you loose the most important advantage with the DX system – affordable, lightweight and compact lenses.

    • enesunkie

      Wow, you mad some really god points.

    • John

      Unfortunately I have to agree. Pro DX bodies are probably near the end of the line (which means I need to hold on to my D300).
      So there is going to be a split – DX for low and mid-end and FX for all pro models.
      So a pro-sumer-end video-centric DSLR will probably have a DX sensor to satisfy those wanting such a thing. Pro bodies will have FX sensors which hopefully means that a less expensive, semi-pro body will be available with a FX sensor.
      Nikon’s “EVIL” camera will sit somewhere amongst the DX and FX line as far as price point – hopefully it will be DX-based and be able to use legacy DX and FX lenses in a meaningful way. Perhaps the EVIL camera will fill in the high end of the prosumer market the way the D90 is now.


  • I also agree that Nikon may decide to merge the D90 and D300s product lines – they are very close already anyway.

    • Edson

      I’m hoping for the D90 replacement to have full frame. It looks like the replacement is going all out……

      I wonder if it will have Autofocus Fine tune? The D80 was excellent, the D90 blew the D80 away and now the replacement (perhaps D90x) is going to blow away the current D90.

      • Valadice

        I will eat bricks just to shat them if this stuff is true.

    • Richard

      I wonder about “merging” the D90 and D300 product lines. The D90 is plainly a consumer grade product and is priced accordingly. The D300/D300S has near Pro build quality (including a shutter rated for more cycles). There are other major differences as well which leave a fairly large gap between the two product lines, not to mention that the D300 line cost half again as much. The only way merging the two lines would make much sense would be for the replacement product to take the D90 price point. If it did, Canon would have quite a strong competitor to try to match. That would leave a void at the price point of the D300 line. Unless Nikon were to move the D700 replacement down the price scale $800 or $1,000 there would be no logical step up at an intermediate price point…unless Nikon were to make a D300 replacement with a full frame sensor from the D3S when the D4 arrives (and presumably a D700 replacement based upon the D4 in some way).

      Even Nikon must be feeling the price pressure of Canon (and the other camera manufacturers for that matter). It is in the nature of things that electronic devices evolve to lower cost with greater capabilities.

      • People are missing a key point in the discussion of D300 replacement or no D300 replacement. You have to think in terms of price points. Nikon wants cameras at (with some rounding and time movement in my generalization):


        If you drop the US$1500 one, you end up with a huge gap, which means the US$3000 has to come way down or something else has to take its place. I’ve not known Nikon to remove price points, nor have I known them to LOWER price points significantly. They like to refresh prices to the old price points at each launch.

        So if you project that Nikon will drop the D300 from the line and not replace it with a D400, you have to project how the new lineup will fill that gap.

        • Maybe the missing price point will be the small size full frame DSLR everyone is asking for? Again, I don’t know , I am just speculating but even if you take the D5000 is already very close to the D90.

          • Maybe. One could come up with this kind of approach:

            US$500 D3000 -> D3100 DX
            US$750 D5000 -> D5500 or if later D4000 DX
            US$1000 D90 -> D7000 DX
            US$1500-2000 D300s -> D400 FX
            US$3000 D700 -> D800 FX or if earlier D900 FX
            US$5000 -> D3s -> D4
            US$8000 -> D3x -> D4x

            It is possible to come up with a scenario. All I’m saying is that to everyone that’s proposing the D300 going away, they have to propose how Nikon’s line fills that gap.

          • Patros

            … this is a reply to Thom Hogan’s post at 4:03 PM … I can not see the “Reply” “button” beneath somehow… 🙂

            My “answer”: This scenario is exactly what I would expect…

            • Patros

              … if this is true… then I see no problem “Nikon D7000” to be 16MPix DX 8 FPS, indeed… :

              SONY Alpha Product Line – New Models to be announced soon:

              A55 16MP 10FPS EVF-1.44M 1.1X magnification 95% AVCHD full HD

              A33 14MP 7FPS EVF-1.44M 1.1X magnification 95% AVCHD full HD

              A560 14MP 7FPS MF recording AVCHD full HD

              A580 16MP 7FPS MF recording AVCHD full HD

          • John

            Maybe the missing price point will be filled with a mirror-less system. Just a thought. If Nikon did come out with this I wonder where it would sit in these price points.
            Lower if it’s going to be aimed at more of the P&S crowd, certainly much high if it’s aimed at those who already own a FX or high end DX body who want something small, etc. but still high IQ (hopefully not a 2.5x crop sensor!).

            Thom – where would a hypothetical mirror-less system be placed in your price points?


          • Richard


            If Nikon were to take a “parts bin” approach to the “lower” price points, it would be possible to aggressively spec cameras at the price points they are accustomed to using. Having already recovered their development costs for these parts, a substantial profit margin can still be had because the cost of goods sold is the driving force.

            Although the sensor is believed to be the major cost of the camera, it just could be that Nikon want the new sensor tech put into production for a higher volume, lower price camera where the expectations are less. This would allow them to work out the process so that its full capability will be ready to go when deployed in the D4 line. I realize that this runs contrary to Nikon’s long standing practice of moving components down when new components become available for the upper models, but it provides a lead time that may be necessary for the next big step. I am still a bit puzzled about this because it seems out of character for Nikon, but perhaps the man at the top has decided to shake things up.

  • AG

    If these rumors are in fact true… and we’re in fact talking about the D90’s replacement… another earlier rumor will come true as well… the one about D90’s successor lacking the in-body AF-motor…. In best Nikon traditions…. 🙁

    • More room to cram other stuff in! GPS anyone?

  • 8FPS? strongly doubting it.
    that would kill the d300s. (the d90 would have a better sensor, better FPS, better Video and would be cheaper)
    I have a d300 myself and know the benefits of a semi pro body and it’s ergonomics, but still don’t think nikon’s marketing dep. would allow such a move.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible.. just implausible
    We will see soon enough 🙂

    • AG

      Actually it is very plausible… Nikon will give you all of the above… even with some unforeseen bonuses… But! In order too keep semi-pro sales up, D90’s replacement won’t get the in-body AF-motor… I’m sure that marketing will be very happy this way….

  • Davor

    The only way to acheive that, 16MP DX sensor = 12MP FX sensor , is by using “quantum film” technology, just google “quantum fim”. It is not some kind of vapoware but ready to apply technology, tested with standard CMOS production.
    If you are wondering, yes it’s a revolution, a new semiconductor material.
    Technology advances at unprecedented level.

    Salute you all.

  • comicalalien


    The D700 is full frame, which has 2.5 times the surface area of a DX camera sensor. A 16MP DX sensor will have even smaller photosites than the D90’s 12MP sensor.

    How can that compete with a 12MP FX camera?

    I wish people would write factual information instead of merely speculation!

    • I Am Nikon

      Not everything is about MegaPixels.

  • James

    I am going on my Honeymoon in September – September 3rd to be exact. Any change the D90 replacement is out by then? Or do you think I should just get my hands on the D90 or D5000 today?

    Any retailers have generous return policies so I could purchase one camera today and upgrade it shortly?

    Any risk of investing in DX lenses if the D90-replacement is indeed FX… Would I be able to resell those?

    • ring-ring-ring-ding

      Costco, 90-day return policy.

  • Bryan

    I don’t think the D90 replacement having D700 quality ISO is that far of a stretch. In doing some research, the iphone 4’s camera sensor is a Backlit 5MP at a size of 4.54 x 3.39 mm while the D90’s is not backlit and a 12.3MP 15.8 x 23.6mm. If I’m doing my math correct, this means that the D90 sensor has an area 24 times larger than the iphone 4 and MUCH less pixel density. Here is a picture I found of an iPhone 4 shot at 1000 ISO:

    Now, I believe the iPhone 4’s base ISO is 80, so this represents a shot at about 4.5 times base ISO. Correct me if I’m wrong here (I’m a music teacher, not an engineer) but wouldn’t this be the equivalent of about ISO 2400 on a D90 (which has a base of 200)? Now granted, the D90 at 2400 by far looks cleaner than the iPhone, but doesn’t have anywhere near the pixel density. Given the area size of the sensor, the D90 would have to be 120MP to have the same density. Given that, I could totally see the D90 having D700-like ISO at 16MP with a backlit sensor.

    Again, please correct me if any of this is incorrect, I by no means pretend to be an engineer or expert at this stuff.

  • 16mp? nty.

  • jjolddahgoo

    I just wet my pants…if this is true. Too bad it sounds like the price is going to be pretty ridiculous.

  • HDZ

    Who want my D300s?

    98% 7000 shutter actuations.

  • Anonymous

    hard to believe but it’s not impossible. D3s was a proof for it.
    The questions should be focus on:”why we need 16mp?” 15mp of a 50D and 12 mp of a D90 did not that much different to buy the 50D.

    New focus system is interesting. But I don’t think the users of a D90 used all of the focus point of its.

    8p/s? I had a D90 and never need a 5p/s. I don’t shoot sports.

    • AS

      Yee, now that you can get more than 12 Mpix you are not satisfied, the latst time I read your posts you were very pist of because you needed more (much more) Mpixels LOL.

  • Smudger

    ……and the pigs are fed, watered and ready for take offf.

  • Jay

    I think the merging of the lines is very plausible.
    D90 and D300 are close enough in spec that manufacturing costs saved by merging them could be outweigh the loss of people who will say its out of their price range.
    Would be a killer DX sports/video camera if its still weather sealed.

  • Kevin

    D90 Replacement = Merge of D90 and D300 lines
    Then, continue pro- level body of the D2

  • I’m still hoping for a built-in GPS.. 🙁
    Is anyone with me?

  • DD


  • D700 (feels like F3)

    16 MPX for DX and video sounds like lots of cache for those who shot series.

    WRT noise – if the leakage of currents is reduced, then it might be possible.
    We’ve got two main factors: photon efficiency and leakage … if they’ve created
    a new generation of sensors taking new designs, why NOT?

    The key questions can be answered as soon as we’ve seen low light samples and attempts to generate exessive blooming. Before that it is all marketing wisdom (aka nonsense)

    The spec as such are interesting – they allow Nikon to raise the price tag!

    Let’s see, how much in-camera processing they provide. With video functions, there must be a significant investment i.e. software to continuosly take movies while extracting full size images (as a side effect of the codec used in the camera).

    • Nikkorian

      why not? you’re funny. because they’d introduce it in the D3 first

  • Nikkorian

    8 p/s, same noise performance as d700. what a cr*p. nobody believes that. 16 mpx, might be true, but I’d be sorry. that’s canon land. too much for me. so it looks like i’ll get a second hand d90 🙂

  • guasch

    make me one with everything

  • Martin

    Anyone have any thoughts on when a d90 replacement would be due? I am about to buy a d90 so want to know how long I would need to wait?

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    A new chip technology might be deployed first at 16 MPX and later for FX … the ley is to start-up production and justify investments made. If the design is bottom-up new, then this is financially the safest approach.

    Whatever happens in FX will be based on such models … to deploy the tech-stack end2end. If they would create the FX first, then the kill D3x and D3S sales. Now they upgrade the DX market and close the gap to competitors. Clever, if it happens … mot so clever, if they can’t deliver.

  • Serpiente

    I think it will be something like Sony will do.. a 14mp sensor and a 16mp sensor.. with ultra fast autofocus during videorecording and very fast fps.

    D90 replacement


  • Bart

    Doubt on the ISO thing. That would kinda kill the D300s sales and also take many sales away from the D700. If they had that kind of tech , why would they sell it at this pricepoint (600 euro’s) while many people are prepared to buy the D700 that costs 1400 euro’s more. They could easily price it at around 2000 euro. So I can’t find any reason why they would put this kind of tech in such a relatively cheap camera if they can sell it for much more money.

    Aluminum body also seems unlikely. Doubt they can sell a camera with D700 noise specs , aluminum body , 8 fps for a 600 euro price point.
    Only the 16 MP DX sensor and HD video seems plausible.

    I think we are looking at the specs of the D300s replacement.

    Seems way more likely. Also 8 FPS for a middle-class DSLR ? Seems unlikely.
    Sure , they can put it in cheap camera’s. But why would they if people are prepared to pay much more money for those specs.

    • Gruntosaure

      D90 was more 900-1000$ the day it came out.

      D300 can be discontinued (The D90 replacement would be a D90/D300 replacement).
      Plus it leaves some room for a D5000 replacement.

      The price gap left by D300 would be filled by a D400 FX

      D700 is FX format, nothing comparable to D90.

  • omy

    this camera will have the AF motor???

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