First word on the Nikon D90 replacement

I just got some basic description of the Nikon D90 replacement:

  • 16MP DX sensor
  • same noise performance like the D700!
  • full HD
  • 8p/s
  • new video AF and performance
  • parts of the body will be aluminium

Stay tuned for more.

[NR] rating: 90%

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  • nick94

    OMG!!! So excited! How legit is this admin?

    • LGO

      Heck … there goes my decision to concentrate only on FX body!

      • G.

        +1 🙂

        • Soc#PL

          Hope it won’t cost too much… 🙂 about 900$ would be great

          • Even at 1k-1.2k, this would be a pretty sweet body. I think I’d definitely consider selling the D300s and “upgrading” to this body if, compared to the D300s, and in order of importance:

            – Rolling shutter/CMOS Video readout was better handled
            – Manual controls (for video) were at least as good as on the D300s (not great, but better than the D5000 or D90)
            – Noise was not worse than the D300s (D700? Really? Sold!)
            – 60 fps!!!!
            – Different Codec or higher bitrate
            – 1080p video

            Last 3 are not dealbreakers, but awfully welcome. Bring it on, Nikon. 90% credibility sounds pretty tantalizing to me!

          • Oh, and Admin—When can you share the “more” in your last comment?

          • I do not have the “more” yet 🙂

          • I agree , I’d see it more in line with what the d90 sold for when new, in the 1100+ range. Well worth it if the specs are true.

      • The invisible Man

        Here we are;
        16MP for a DX sensor with D700 “ISO” that mean 24MP (16×1.5) sensor for D800/900 coming soon……………
        Now I’ll have to be very nice with my wife

        • Bob Howland

          A 16MP DX sensor has the same pitch as a 36MP FX sensor (16Mp x 1.5 x 1.5). I don’t believe the noise part of that spec. I think it’s a misprint and should be D300, not D700.

          • Kevin

            Let’s base all our future rumor accuracy ratings on what Bob Howland believes.

            If Bob Howland believes in monsters living in a closet, I guess it’s true!

          • Jose

            I also find unlikely that per pixel noise level is comparable to D700. In fact, maintaining D90 per pixel noise performance while increasing to 16mp is more in line with optoelectronic historic technology progress of past 8 years (see

          • Andrew

            wow Kevin, you got up on the wrong side of the bed. It’s an opinion. That’s what the whole “post your comments and opinion” thing is about.

          • Astrophotographer

            I agree, this sensor can’t be that good. Some people don’t understand that there’s a finite limit to ISO for a given pixel pitch. I expect the D3s with it’s 8.45 um pixel pitch is the limit for a bayer filter type sensor. This 16mp sensor would be half the size and a quarter of the area. So 2 stops slower.

          • Astrophotographer; the tecnology advances, you know … ever heard of Moore’s law …?

          • Jason


            Moore’s Law doesn’t apply to optoelectronic CMOS like it does to traditional CMOS technology. Moores Law states that the number of transistors roughly doubles every couple years (and is empirical). The current size for transistors is on the order of 32nm for flash memory applications.

            The wavelength of light in the visible spectrum is between 400 and 700nm —- so obviously you cannot use a 32nm process to capture this light effectively. Photosites need to be much larger than the wavelength of light in order to capture an image. If you do the math, current photosites are on the order of 5-10 um^2. If you were to double the amount of transistors repeatedly (and double the MP), you would have terrible image quality plagued by noise and diffraction issues.

          • iamlucky13

            I’d be extremely impressed if it really does match the D700, but two stops improvement is only slightly better than the difference between the D3/D700 and the D3s (looks like close to 1.5 stops based on DPreview’s RAW noise charts).

            AndreJ – Technology advances, but eventually they will hit limits on how much they can reduce the noise and how much signal they can collect. Technology isn’t magic, and Moore’s “Law” isn’t a physical law. It’s an observation of a trend.

          • Astrophotographer

            Andrej, In this case it’s the laws of physics and mathematics that is the limit. What counts is the photon count (pun intended). You need a minimum count of photons recorded to achieve a certain signal to noise ratio. A while back I made a rough estimate for the D3s and found it is close to the limit.

            As noise is square root of signal and a sensor’s max ISO should have a 10:1 S/N you need to capture at least 100 photons, period.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            Except even the old D90 has better noise performance than the D300 and D300s.

            Though this one would have more pixels of course.

          • Sai

            Why would the D90 go from having better high ISO performance to worse after an upgrade when Nikon should be knocking our socks off with new features???

          • choob

            The D90 already has better noise performance than the D300, only reason the D300s doesn’t use this sensor is that the recycle rate is too slow in fps terms so admin definitely doesn’t mean ‘D300’.

          • Anonymous

            The D90 has the same low noise as the D300S or better.

        • Highlight

          Her we are:
          The 16MP DX sensor for the EVIL!

          • nobody

            Except that Nikon EVIL will not be DX 🙂

        • c Benson

          Yes you do have to be nice to your wife and make sure you give her lots of flowers. Tell her she is right all the time, even though she may be wrong.

    • Alan

      Sounds GREAT

      • Joe R.

        Sounds like a D300 replacement not a D90 replacement.

        • dave

          I was thinking the same thing… 8 frames a second? Not in the arena the D90 plays in. If it is a D300s replacement, I’m in. Same Noise control of the D700? I find it hard to believe they could do that with a DX sensor, but isn’t that kinda what the backlit sensor technology promised? And nikon has had a few years to work on it. Or maybe the D90 replacement really will be a consumer FX camera. That would help explain the 18-200 FX rumors. Why make a 18-200mm FX consumer lens for bodies aimed at pros? Because you’re going to make an FX sensor camera for the consumer market. Hmmmmmm

          • I know this thread is pure speculative fodder, but I’m thoroughly enjoying rolling in it. Consumer FX body with the above specs? Killer. Plausible? No. Still killer.

          • Doesn’t it sound like they are dumping the midrange prosumers , liek d300 and the d400 talk by this camera announcement? I wonder if the recession or slowdown that they decided to pare down their models , just give us a a great few entry level dx bodies and continue pumping out the toss away generations of coolpix (they’re cashcow).

        • I Am Nikon

          I think so too.

          Those specs are too good to be a replacement for a D90 only.

          But if it’s true, then can you imagine how good the D300s replacement would be ?


          • Victor Hassleblood

            it will be 16 MP. At least this is for sure.

          • I Am Nikon

            Nikon D400
            -16MP DX
            -Full HD Video with AF
            -Magnesium Weather Sealed Body
            -Rubber doors are now the same as the D700.
            -8fps, 10 fps with MB-D20 Grip
            -ISO up to 25,600(H1), ISO 6400-12,800 usable.
            -Still 100% Viewfinder
            -51 AF Points and x cross type points

            Come on Nikon! Do it. 😀

          • twoomy

            @I Am Nikon: I’m right with you! But if it’s a D400, it probably won’t be out until next summer.

        • spidercrown

          we got to think outside the nikon’s box. D400 has to be better than 7D, and D90’s replacement got to compete with 50D or it’s successor. D90 line can no longer be squeezed between XXXD and XXD.

          • Eric Pepin

            and i just bought a D300s new 😛 i got it for 1200 though so i cant really complain.

          • You can “think outside the box” all you want, but Nikon’s position is not and will not be to compete with a ledger, line-items or spec sheets from competitors, even Canon. Nikon moves to the beat of their own drum, and IMO that’s what makes Nikon superior in so many ways, the least of which is image quality.

          • spidercrown

            @ Ron, if the spec here is true, than Nikon already think outside the box, to position themselves better to compete in the market, whether you like it or not..

            If Nikon’s moves to the beat of their “own drum”, they do not need the full-frame line up, they do not need to create the same focal length lenses, they do not need to increase the pixel, ….etc. They stay in their own dream, produce Leica-like camera (No offence to Leica, they are in the class of their own).

          • Assimilating Nikon’s inevitable move toward higher MP, native film sized sensors, or natural evolutions in focal lengths as technology permits to copying another manufacturer is just plain silly.

            I really do believe that Nikon’s decision making process is based mostly, if not wholly, on the ideal of what’s best for Nikon, the customer, and the market at the time, in that order. No, I don’t fault them for being a strategic organization who plans for survival while trying to satisfy a serious need in their market segment(s).

            For instance, Nikon didn’t move to FX until they could employ techniques to overcome the challenges of chromatic aberration and serious light loss at the outer 1/3-1/2 periphery of the frame, something which both the Canon 5d and 5dMii suffer from. Not only did they achieve better FX performance than Canon and the others, but they were able to also produce a market-shattering camera with ISO capabilities not seen in the highest-end digital cameras or traditional films even today.

            Nikon didn’t play the MP game until they could release the D3x, a flagship not just for Nikon, but arguably for the entire photographic industry, equally challenging DSLR’s and MF backs with it’s super clean 24mp chip. Nikon still holds the lead in highest DSLR MP count, and yet they didn’t get there at the expense of image quality. Instead, it’s one of the finest cameras on the market today.

            These are just a few examples of how Nikon has earned the classification of a visionary company. Of course they make their mistakes. They’ve had their problems, their flops, and their missteps. Despite this, Nikon really is setting trends. Like all underdogs who are willing to over perform, they are constantly being copied by the same people who would try to smear them at any chance they get.

    • The good news from my point of view is that If the D90 replacement is to get a 16MP sensor, then surely Nikon must be looking at 21-24MP for any D700 replacement?


      • SZRimaging

        That doesnt’ work. The D700 has 12mpix just like the D300. I would say you are likely to get 16MP.

    • Anonymous

      What a shame Nikon, you give us a 16mp in a dx, we all know DX format is dead

      come on? you want to sell a 14-16Mp for 2 years and then go to the 18Mp of present Canon 7D for 2 years again…. That makes 4 years of selling pure shit. If you know something about physics read the article

  • oh brilliant!

  • Sounds encouraging.
    One can assume the same features, and a few more will be in a D300/300s replacement, around the same sort of time frame?

    • Ash

      It’s interesting to think of new developments working their way upwards though… usually it’s the other way round.

      Perhaps the D400 (or whatever it’ll be called) will be released first, and the new D90 will share some of its features.

      • Agreed.
        Its always been the other way around.

        Maybe sources are more tightly lipped about the 300 replacement than the 90’s.

        I’d assume the same sensor, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

        • twoomy

          Agreed that a D70/D80/D90 upgrade coming before a D100/D200/D300 upgrade is weird.

          But… the D100/D200/D300 line has never followed strict time lines very well with the D200 taking FOREVER to be released and the D300 being released in much shorter fashion. With the D300s released fairly recently (no other “s” models for older Dx00 lines), it totally confuses the pattern.

          As a D300 owner, I’d happily upgrade to a D90 replacement if those specs are correct!

          • LGO

            The fact that the Nikon D90 is Nikon’s main bread and butter in dSLR may explain why Nikon will introduce the upgrades in a D90-replacement body before it releases the D400.

            • jastereo

              Exactly…this is where the real $$ is. It will generate the most excitement and be a great competitor w/ the Canon mid-range products. The D400 will have to follow (this time around) and be similar sensor specs but tougher, few more pro features thrown in for good measure + likely something new & groundbreaking handed down from the coming D4 (hopefully taking the sting out of those w/ D300/300s’s not having the new/hot DX sensor for a while). That…or, you know, they might just buy this camera too as a second body/video rig, etc. I’m sure Nikon wouldn’t mind that .

          • As well as perhaps Nikon has something up their sleeve planned for the D400 and it’s not quite ready yet. So release the hounds on the D90 crowd first.

      • DeeThree

        First real autofocus camera from Nikon was the F501/N2020 (not considering the weak F3AF attempt). First matrix metering was in the FA and only first went pro in the F4 many years later. D90 was the first DSLR with video. Low end models have always been a great testbed for new innovations. The thinking is that pro shooters are very conservative and want things to work 100%.

        • Hey, next D90 might have a projector built-in!

  • Rick


  • Same noise performance as the D700?

    If the MP went up but sensor size stayed the same I somehow doubt that is possible.

    • LGO

      Nikon needs another winner in its D90 replacement … tough but not impossible.

    • In video surveillance cameras 3D noise reduction algorithms are used and can do the trick: in order to tag a pixel luminance level as noise, the algorithms analyse the surrounding pixels in the 2 dimensions AND the same pixel in the previous and in the next frame. Using a high speed shutter/readout circuit allowing to perform multiple readouts of the sensor per capture, in can be possible to achieve high density 16Mp sensor with same noise level of a “low density” D700.
      My 2 cents

    • SimonC

      Same noise performance could be interpreted as after NR has been applied to jpegs when compared to the same jpegs on the D700. (Let’s hope not). Or it’s simply just a better sensor!

      Frankly, it is about high time DX get a high-ISO treatment. The gap was already too wide between DX and D3s. Even if they close the gap to 1-stop, it would be a huge improvement.

      With those specs, this looks to obsolete the D300s in still and video IQ.

    • The invisible Man

      New different sensor, like the 400 ISO negative films, less and less “grains” (no idea how to say it in English) for every new generation.

    • zanyninja

      Not if they put some of the insane tech of the D3S inside it! 🙂

    • Bryan

      “If the MP went up but sensor size stayed the same I somehow doubt that is possible.”

      Gee, it’s not like that’s never happened before. D90 12MP ISO Performance > D40 6MP ISO Performance

      Not really a stretch there. Better tech CAN equal better image quality. Go figure

  • Great, have really been looking forward to this one, i’ll buy it as soon as it is out 🙂

  • nick94

    any new word on a release time frame?

  • Anjz


  • Ihsan

    same noise performance as the D700? I’d be tempted to buy it, if the price is right ! and 8fps, my thats great for a mid-range DSLR !

    • Jesus

      the new d90 will never ever make 8fps.
      perhabs the the d400…

      the d90 will make up to 5 fps with batterygrip 7-8fps.

  • Noob

    I wonder how much this will run for once it’s out on the market…

    • Bob Howland

      I would say in the $ 1900 – 2200 range, which will be quite a jump from the current D90

      • Richard

        I don’t think so. That would not be a D90 replacement. That would be a D300s replacement, and a pricey one at that. Replacement products must keep to the general price point of the product they replace or the marketing plan falls completely apart.

      • Huba Buba


  • cristian

    great! more please!

  • Nikon Boy

    I am not sure about it. how it looks it will probably finish the D300s selling and Nikon will be in a problem.

    • Johannes

      I think the D300/DX-semi-pro line is dead in favor of the D700 line. But that’s not a problem for Nikon.

      • Richard

        Once again, think of the price points. There is nearly $1,000 separating a D300s and a D700. Nikon simply can not abandon their pricing hierarchy .

        • enesunkie

          Ya Richard, not to mention that the D90 seems to be at a popular price point now. They just don’t have to give a D90 8fps to sell it at $1000.

    • SimonC

      I don’t think Nikon would be that concerned about killing D300s sales. That camera has already been out for a year – those who wanted to get it already have.

      They’ll make a killing selling this D90 replacement, if these specs are true. (I’ll say that it even looks to be too good to be true) Just imagine what the D400 would be like over this D90 replacement.

  • Antony

    What about built in focus motor? Any idea?
    If it has then sounds like a good bet.
    if not then I’ll wait for the D400 (unless no focus motor)

    • Hendog

      I’d be VERY surprised if it didn’t have a focus motor since the D90 had one.

      • No. I’d be surprised if it had a focus motor IF it has full HD Video and decent video AF performance. You need to eliminate variables to improve contrast AF performance, I think.

        • Richard

          At some point Nikon will “abandon” focus motors for older lenses so that they can concentrate on improving performance with current lenses. Is this the point? It would seem so.

          • Conceivable since they’re doing away w/ aperture rings on G models.

    • Anonymous

      D90 doesn’t have a built in ‘screw type’ focus motor, does it?

      • jastereo

        It does (like the D50/D70/D70s/D80 did)

  • How is same noise performance possible with higher MP and a smaller sensor size than the D700.. I am wondering IF this is possible. Even more anxious to see 🙂

    • Hendog

      May well be possible – there’s been some new low-noise sensor technology developed by sony since the D90. Have a look in to “back illumination” here:

      Sony already have products using this tech. According to Sony it should give an extra stop of sensitivity. Maybe Nikon is using a new Sony developed sensor?

      • lux

        Yes, even the IPhone has this way of routing the wires/connections, so maybe now dslrs will too. One stop = 24×36 / 24×16 or FX/DX size. So it is possible to have as good or better sensitivity with a DX sensor

        • I think not. BSI works well for very small sensors because it helps them get above the random photon distribution noise levels. Collecting all the photons is better than collecting some of the photons when you’ve got Poisson distribution. As you get up to the big sensors, they’re already collecting so many photons that BSI doesn’t provide the same bang for the buck. You get an improvement, but it’s not a big one.

          As regards the assertion of 16mp DX with D700-like noise, I don’t see how that can be done at the raw data level with all pending sensor technologies and improvements that I know of. You can definitely put 16mp DX significantly beyond where we are with 12mp DX, but I’m not seeing the technologies that get you to the same levels we’re at with 12mp FX. 16mp DX would be just below 5 micron pitch, which implies 25 square microns in area. The D700 is at 8.4 micons which implies 71 square microns in area. So we’re talking about something with about one-third the area. That’s a lot to overcome.

          • hylton

            Thom, your figures have set my wondering…

            I understand that the D3s already performs at 1.5 stops better than the D700. They have the same pixel pitch, which means that since Nikon introduced the D700, they have worked out how to get the same performance per pixel in only 1/3 the amount of light….

            As you say, each 16MP DX pixel could only gather 1/3 the amount of light as on a 12MP FX, because of their smaller pixel gathering area.

            Could Nikon be planning to apply the same “only need 1/3rd as much light” D3s magic to this new sensor, allowing the new pixels to compensate for their smaller pixel size compared to the D700, and effectively meaning the same noise performance as a D700??

            Perhaps Nikon has already shown us they have to wizardry to do this?

            Personally, I think there is a more than even chance it’ll turn out to be true…

  • This sounds too good to be true!

    Anyway if it is I’m definitely getting one!

  • Johannes

    DX? Too bad!

    But “same noise performance like the D700!” sounds a D700 successor will have super High-ISO performance then.

  • 16 MP is pretty good for D90 replacement. 8 fps is very high for the place the camera is situated in. The D300s replacement will really have to have 10 bps then. Same noise as D700 is also strange (though mouthwatering). Seems a little to good to be true! Can you image how good the D400 has to be to make people choose that over a D90 mark II? Canon eat your heart out though ^_^

    • Richard

      What I want to know is what metering and focus changes there will be in the D90 replacement. The current D90 uses the same metering as the D40 and it is a far cry from that of the D300s. The focus points and etc need upgrading as well.

  • jerem

    wooo! hope it will be release very very very soon !! i can’t wait more!!

  • pulu

    interesting. to me this sounds like maybe nikon is planning to do away with the d300 line… otherwise why the tougher body for the d90 line? maybe the d700 successor will slot in where the d300 is now, so that the prosumer line will be fx?

    d700 line noise performance sounds incredible. does this mean nikon is doing its own sensors for dx now?

  • jerem

    it sound like a 7d! 8fps, 16MP against 18 for the 7d and HD video

    • «røøt»

      Indeed, i hope they did their homework. This avi (mjpeg) stuff is too outdated, even with 422 support. Nikon has fallen behind Canon. I really hope they are able to compete with 7d, 550d and even with those rumored micro fourthirds panasonic gh2. Nikon seems not be an big innovationsleading company. Best noise values aren’t enough for the mass market. Better build quality and those articulated screens might be some nice advantages in addition to the tech-spec-race. I’m curios about it.

  • “16MP DX sensor
    same noise performance like the D700!
    full HD
    new video AF and performance”
    5 stepts ahead, for only one camera? i dont think so, it’s to much
    maybe it’s the new d400 model, but not for d90 replacement

    • d40-owner

      I agree.
      These specs sound like a D300s replacement, not the D90.
      But hey, who am I to predict the future? If those specs show up in a D90 price range (~$1000), I will camp out at the store to be the first in line!!
      About time to replace my D40.

      • nick94

        maybe with the advancements canon has made in that price range, maybe nikon is trying to match them. 8f/s seems like a lot for the d90 level camera, but I sure wouldn’t mind it for shooting skiing and biking.

  • PsychoPhoto

    Sounds great so far! Some posters have guessed that the new D90’s specs will place it between the current D90 and the D300s (not really going out on a limb). Let’s not forget that the D300s was a rather half hearted upgrade ,perhaps the D400 isn’t too long off. Very excited to hear about this body though, as for when I’ll be able to buy one…

  • The invisible Man

    The AF-S 300mm f/4 is “currently back ordered from the Mfr”
    Finaly a replacement with VR for the Photokina ?

    • Alfredo

      Really really hope so…

  • yeah D700-like high noise performance seems a little crazy, maybe d700 noise reduction performance?

  • itemu

    hmm it think this one withut focus motor.

    * dear Admin : something wrong with auto Name and Email “again” .

  • itemu

    hmm it think this one without focus motor.

    * dear Admin : something wrong with auto Name and Email “again” .

  • SimonC

    The question I want to know is, who designed this 16MP sensor? Sony or Nikon?

    If it’s Sony designed, then we should expect the Sony Alpha A700 replacement to use a similar, if not exact chip. That would put pressure on the D400 design team to improve upon this 16MP sensor, which seems somewhat unlikely. Why reuse the same sensor for a flagship DX camera one year after the D90 replacement?

    If it’s Nikon designed (similar to D3/D3s), that would mean that Nikon has started to move away from buying Sony sensors “off-the-shelf”; instead, letting Sony just manufacture Nikon-designed sensors.

    Interesting times…

    • Carlos R B

      According to Sony alpharumors, Sony will release a 16mp camera with superfast AF during video and very fast fps? Does it ring a bell?

      • LGO

        I saw the same rumor too. This rumor from NR and that site adds up to Nikon possibly really having a D90-replacements with the specs as detailed here at NR.

    • Bryan

      I have a feeling that the successors of the D300 line will be FX. This will draw a more defined line between Consumer and Prosumer and help Nikon be able to push out more product with only 3 (D3100, D90, Dx00/Dx) different sensor types as opposed to the 5 different sensors they have now (D3000, D5000/D90, D300s/D3s, D700, D3x).

      • I’m not so sure about that. There seem to be plenty of pros who use the D300 line simply for the extra reach. Not sure that Nikon would want to push that group away.

      • Rob

        If these specs are true…

        Then there are no limits to DX. How about a DX portrait camera? Or a mega (D700 price) DX sports cam with video to kill for? This is what Canon are doing, instead of relegating DX to the scrap heap, elevate it. Cut the FX range to D3/x/s etc (semi medium format camera status).

        Dreaming of a whole new range of DX lenses already. 10mm wide prime to start.

  • Any mention of manual video?

    • Cripes, that’s right, there hasn’t been much anything mentioned about having manual video controls has there? I think not having them will make this camera a bit of a yawn

    • Bobby

      Well the D300s and D3s have full manual controls, so I would think any of the future HDSLRs from Nikon will have full manual controls at least.

  • N1DQU

    Just enough of an upgrade to make it worth it. Would be nice if the D400 has a 18mp or 20mp. And the D700 replacement get 24MP. That would give Nikon a real Canon killer stable.

  • le_eiji

    Just recall the time when Pentax K-x appears on the market. Some fans are bold enough to claim that it has *almost* the same noise performance as the D700. As it turns out, it is not very different from D5000, D90, D300s etc and is far behind the D700 in low light performance. Sensor technology is progressing but it will probably take 10 more years for a new 16MP DX sensor to catch up with a current 12MP FX sensor in low light performance.

  • bob

    Yes Administrator,
    Same here – Jabs posting.

    • thanks Jabs – are monitoring the server, I just contacted them – they can clean it up, that’s not the problem, but we have to figure out what the source is, because this thing keeps coming back

  • akvisuals



    • clean your shorts, d700 noise performance isn’t possible on a that little sensor

      • Kevin

        are you some kind of camera sensor scientist? if not, you don’t know what you’re talking about. stfu kthxbye.

        • C


          • Alfredo


        • Richard

          To have a noise performance equal to that of the D700 would require much more than just an incremental improvement in the process. There were a couple of articles about so-called “Quantum Film” sensors in development which talk about the difficulty of light penetrating the surface layers of current technology sensors. If Nikon and their technology partners have refined the sensor design to permit significantly greater light penetration to the actual receptors I could envision an improvement in the signal to noise ratio that would permit such an improvement. If that is the case, just imagine what the sensor for the D700 and D3S replacements might be like.

          It will be interesting to see if these details are confirmed.

          • Even the quantum dots idea doesn’t necessarily get you there. It’s the same problem as with BSI. If you’re at 50% efficiency at 12mp 30 square microns then 100% efficiency at 16mp 25 square microns doesn’t buy you all the gain needed to get from where the D90 is to where the D700 is. Even stacking ALL the possible known gains I can’t get there.

            Of course, allow me to run a NR routine on the data and I can ;~).

        • Astrophotographer

          I think Jesse is correct. If not impossible nearly so. This 16mp sensor would be half the size and a quarter of the area of the D3s. It should be two stops slower that the D3s. If the specs are true it would out perform the D3s!

          • Astrophotographer

            That should be pixel size would be half the size and a quarter of the area of the D3s.

      • akvisuals

        Based on what fact? CMOS technology is always improving. Besides, the D90 has a better iso performance than any other aps-c camera. Yes, even the 7d and the d300s, the difference is slight though but it’s still there. Nikon has always been more IQ/ISO centered rather than Megapixel focused. So I think its PLAUSIBLE at the least!

        • Yes, sensor scientist…or sensorist? I’m just saying I wouldn’t get too excited, or premature.

          • akvisuals

            okay mister phD sensor technology expert, or was it Nikon insider spy??

          • All this being said, if the super sensor does come out… I will at least loose bowel control, can’t say I know what the rest of my junk will do

  • Kevin

    make more money and buy d700.

  • Bexa

    Your assumptions about the most possible price for D90 replacement with 18-55 and 18-105??

  • Serpiente

    Wow.. would be perfect! With a D300 AF-system it would be killer! (I would definitely buy it) But if thats true, the D400 would be über killer. That one will be 2011 I think.

    I think Nikon will do the revolutionary thing they did with the D300 in 2007. That cam outclassed all of its rivals. Now they have to outclass the competition (Canon 7d) again. The D300s was evolutionary.

  • Simon

    Any info about AF-finetuning? That would be awesome.

  • mehmet

    If it will have D700 iso performance, it will kill D300s sales.

    • Bobby

      That may be true but the D300s was just a minor upgrade. Just wait till the D400 upgrade, that’s when Nikon will surpass the D90 upgrade, usually in terms of AF, Metering, and build quality.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Yep, Bobby makes sense.

  • kurotsu-kun

    I dont even have the lenses to REALLY RESOLVE the 12MP of my great D90 (only the 35/2) – even if Nikon (or Sony?) could deliver THAT semsor.
    I would be interested in a D90s with better high-ISO, same MP (or less!) and THE AF SYSTEM OF THE D300 series (!!). So basically a D300s in the smaller body of the D90, and keeping the D90 price point.

    I think Nikon should differentiate the consumer lines like they did with the D3s/x; fully independent x-line for low-ISO, low speed but high-MP for the tripod-landscape-shooters with top notch glass and an s-line for the rest of us: high-ISO, high speed, low MP and OK with non-pro glass.

    Just my 2 cents – kurotsu-kun

    PS: Yes I know I can downsize the high-MP images … but its not the same, there was an extensive review of this on DPreview some time ago but I cant find it right now.

    • I think they should take the D90 body (keep the size) and change the control layout similar to the Dxxx line. Make it basically a D300 sibling. Same camera, different size. Leave the automatic modes for the lower level cams. Have heard a lot of people (in person & on Flickr, etc.) talk about size issues (esp. handicap or injury-related instances). Haven’t we seen a lot of comments on here from people that would like a backup to their D3/D700/D300 only in a smaller size?

      Just really can’t predict what that would do to Nikon sales, though. And maybe that’s one reason they would be unwilling to risk it. Would be something that would differentiate them from the other brands. Don’t just assume that small hands/injured hands/handicapped hands want/need a beginner camera.

  • ZRH

    if only the d90 had a bigger view finder! if nikon is putting this kind of horsepower into a D90 replacement no telling what the d700 replacement will be.

    • An Objective View

      Maybe they’d put in a Medium Format sensor while they’re at it.

  • Denko

    “same noise performance like the D700!” and “parts of the body will be aluminium” doesn’t jive… it would be awesome but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • revol nokin

    i think that the misinterpreted message is that it isnt a D90 but more like a D900 , the d90 maybe the bread and butter for nikon in the consumer camera market but surely nikon puts its pro kit before its consumer kit
    if you look at the nikon dslr range its looking rather old and it needs an range update the d700 will be replaced with either d800 or d900 the d300s will be replaced d400 and d3s will be replaced by the D4 the only updated will be the D3x becoming the D3xs which i myself are looking forward too seeing
    but like the rest who view and take part in this nikon rumors website know that with nikon alway comes up with the goods

  • Jack

    This is definitely a 60D ass kicker!
    But 8 frames per second?
    It’s even faster than the D300s and it’s a BIG BIG jump from 4.5FPS.
    I think it’s reasonable to have slight improvement, maybe 5 or 5.5FPS, and everybody is fine with it as long as there is an improvement. Oh well, if it’s 8FPS, then that’s great. Hopefully Nikon is gonna make higher FPS for the high grade models.

    • Astrophotographer

      What if 8 fps is in live view mode. No mirror flipping makes it simpler.

  • stephan

    auto inputed Name(stephan) and email(b2c732210ec53cff92f0f5f635a86591)?
    mail is hashed by md5

    actually, my name is timenetworks
    first time to post

    if D90 have such great performance
    which means that Nikon is going to remix their product line

    I think there will no D300s replacement(pro DX line)
    it will be replace by the D90 replacement, and i believe i will be release after 2/8/2010
    so, for the D700 replacement(pro FX line), it will actually replace the pro DX product line,which means the D300(s) product line. So there may be a D300(s)+D700 replacement and replace by only one FX pro camera.
    I believe the FX camera will release after 2/9/2010

    Those predict day are base on the special sales program in Nikon Taiwan
    Finally, sorry for my bad English

    • stephan

      sorry is “i believe it will be release after 2/8/2010”

      • Alex

        Could very well be true, DX is gone from the pro range, finished with the D2x, They don’t have both a DX and FX in that market, they just replaced the DX with an FX sensor. So perhaps DX will disappear from the semi-pro D100-300 line. Sounds very possible! I actually hope it is true. APS-C is becoming the standard for consumer Handycams and EVIL cameras, and I think Full Frame will become the standard for DSLRs and professional video cameras.

  • snowtrick
  • Jermz

    Been planning to get the D90 replacement for some time now, and if some of these features are true, then it’s a done deal.

  • “same noise performance like the D700!”

    Is that even physically possible from a 16MP APS-C sensor? Does it use some kind of new sensor technology or something? :-\

  • Anonymous

    I doubt as good as the D700. But it could mean as “good” as the D700 up to 1600 ISO. And around 3200 and 6400 and 12580 or whatever gets Noisey

    • I had the same thought – I do not have any ISO specs at that point, the camera was just described to me in few words. “Same noise performance like the D700” could be interpreted differently. I am sure I will know more in the next few days/weeks.

      • cl

        Same noise is an option with the newer algorithms but likely with a reduced DR at higher ISO

    • Lolly

      Since I did not read all the comments I don’t know if anyone said that it could be full frame camera (FX). An 8 megapixel DX sensor into a 16 megapixel FX sensor … hmm, noise reduction at higher ISO is not a great technology leap with such a sensor. Don’t forget a rumored 18-200 FX lens coming out soon too … good for video. Put these two together and voila – FX camera !

      • Lolly

        Sorry Dave, I just read your comment … looks like we’re on the same page.

      • P

        A FX in prosumer is most likely on is way. But they must be business idiots if they dont go FX on the D300s replacement for one generation first. The spec can be a D400 with FX. And The D90 replacement will be DX. And a D700 successor will be a 24 MP and more or less the same.

  • An Objective View

    1. I doubt that this will come true. 16mp in a DX sensor? How do they keep the ISO performance good? The pixel pitch is higher.
    2. Remember the 7D and the 40D comparisons? I would prefer a 12mp sensor and a D90s rather than a 16mp sensor.
    3. Give us an extra stop or two of clean and usable ISO please! This is what we want!
    4. Look at Canon! Their 18mp cameras and 15mp cameras are so noisy at Base ISO, and their older 40D is better.
    5. So what if we have 16mp? How many of us print that large anyway?

    My predictions?
    Improved LV
    Improved AF
    Improved Video
    Cleaner ISO
    One or more stops of cleaner ISO
    Same Sensor as the D300s.

    • Gruntosaure

      Backlit CMOS?

    • st r

      >16mp in a DX sensor? How do they keep the ISO performance good? The pixel pitch is higher.

      The 6Mpx of my D40 is all that I need. I would change it only to gain AF on older lenses and have some more AF points; no other reason, certainly not for resolution.

      To me, 16 raw Mpx can be pixel-binned or otherwise smartly combined to yield 6 or 8 or 10 actual Mpx with very good ISO performance. I don’t need 16 or 12 Mpx (16 and 12 is the same image size).

      Actually, the rumor did NOT say “same high ISO performance as D700 at the same image size.”

  • MovieMan

    External Mic-Port please! 🙂

    • tnguyen

      yes please!!! would also be nice if Nikon made audio accessories such as a XLR adapter.

  • Conan

    I want to here the spec of D700 replacement

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