Nikon D3100 is fine, but how about the D90 and D700 replacements?

Reports are pouring in from all over the world that D90 is hard to find - here are some of the emails I have been receiving in the past few days:

"I work in *** and it seems that the Nikon D90 is extremely hard to get hold of in the 18-105 kit. The only kit we can get in is the 18-55 kit."

"D90 out of stock
Got a 100% confidence that Nikon distributor here in Italy, Nital, is in "rottura di stock" (stock breaking) for the D90.
My source also added that it will become available briefly again in the middle of the next week."

"Just wanted to share what has been going on in Slovenia for the last few weeks.
When Nikon D90 came out, it was all over the place. 2 years of silence, now it's back again, extra cheaper. Also, a very big electronics site at us doesn't have them anymore and usually when something like this happens at us (50D was also advertised), a new model gets out soon."

"Our store owner is on the buyers group for a large chain in ***.  He has said the D90 is about to be replaced.  Also the D5000 and D3000 are going to be replaced with a camera that would be between them."

"Nikon D90 Removed from Sams Club
The Nikon D90 lens and camera kit has been removed from Sams Club's website. A store employee told me today that a refresh is coming soon."

Now, about the D700 replacement: I do not have any credible information that the Nikon D700 will be replaced in the next two months. This doesn't mean that it won't happen, I simply don't know yet. Here are some related tips I got in the past few days:

"I was chit chatting with a friend who work in a camera store last Friday, and he told me that the Nikon sales person has told him that there will be no D700 replacement this year but a D90 replacement  and expect to be announce soon."

"I just wanted to buy a Nikon D700 but on most big web shops it's out of stock. Also the combination kits aren't going to be restocked. Only the body has a 'in delivery at supplier' status."

The Australian retailer ECS has a note on their front page that Nikon Australia has assured them that there will be no D700 replacement in 2010. Quoting the local Nikon headquarter on their main page should give some credibility to this statement:

European Nikon reps have been repeating the same story for months now (see here and here). If Nikon introduces a D700 replacement in addition to the Nikon D3100 and the new Nikon D90, then we will have three new DSLR in short period of time. Not to mention the upcoming new lenses, Coolpix cameras and EVIL system. Not impossible, but questionable.

More rebates in Sweden: buy a D700 and get a free SB-900.

Unless I post a [NR] rating above 90% for a given rumor, everything else should be considered only as informational posts.

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  • akvisuals


    • PHB


      If people think that the D700 and FX format is so great, they don’t need an upgrade.

      It is highly unlikely that Nikon has production capacity to allow them to update the D90 and D700 at the same time. A July announcement will be all about new consumer models for the XMas market. And that is the way it should be.

      I would not expect a D700 launch in addition to updates for the D3000, D5000 and D90 plus the EVIL launch.

      The specs on the D3100 are impressive. Though we don’t know the ISO performance yet. But the features we know are the ones most critical in the consumer segment.

      Most likely time for a D700s launch would be when the current stocks are exhausted and they need to make more. That does not seem likely to be very soon.

      I would not be surprised if we also saw a firmware upgrade allowing the D300s and D3s to do the new codec.

      • The invisible Man

        D90 and D700 are not made in the same country (Thailand for D90 and Japan for D700)

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        “Word on the street has it that the shooter will boast a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor, a dozen autofocus points and a fixed LCD on the rear”

        10MP is impressive ? … they are not going the right way in my mind, but to rach their own.

        • PHB

          10 MP is perfectly adequate to print up to 8×10. Its on the low side, but 12MP is really not that much better.

          Don’t forget that this is not much more than a glorified point ‘n shoot. But it is essentially a D90 with much better video and a somewhat lower resolution sensor.

          This is not a camera aimed at the typical readers of this board. But we can be pretty sure that it will be followed by even better models that are.

          • Zblorg

            Compare 10mp to 12mp, the 12 is 1.2 times bigger in terms of pixels, but this is 2D, so the height and width measurements are (sqroot)1.2 larger = 1.1 times bigger (rounding up)
            Big deal?

            10 to 12 is nothing. 10mp to 20mp would be 1.4 times bigger edge measurements, much more significant, but still not HUGE

            Someone please correct me if I am wrong about any of my #s above

          • Not just 8×10. With today’s chips, one could reasonably expect to print up to 20×30 or larger, assuming a decent exposure happened. I was getting 24″x36″ prints off of good shots from the Kodak DCS760, a 6mp shooter back in the day—and I’m a pretty nuts perfectionist. Even the best film shooters were hard pressed to see any significant difference between those images and the old 6×7 shots we were getting.

            Could you see degradation at 5″ away? Sure. Was the average customer phased in any way? Nope. They were looking at the prints as any normal human being would, from the proper viewing distance.

            Pixel peeping has made us a bunch of paranoid or angry naysayers.

          • PHB

            Quite so Ron, what the critics are missing is that this is the entry level camera. Yet the specs are pretty close to what was the top when Nikon moved to CMOS with the D3 and D300. And for the market that it is aimed at, the D3100 meets their needs better.

            The real point about it being 10MP is that it is a bit of a hint to nudge people who are a little more serious to step up the line a little and think about the D5100.

            Its like buying a performance car. The idiots buy them on the number of hp the engine produces. The more discerning look for the big brakes. I can’t go any faster than you can on I-95. But I can stop dead from 65mph in a quarter the average stopping distance for a US car.

    • Carlos R B

      +1. I dont fuc….g care about FF….

      • D40-owner

        +1. The only reason I (myself, my usage) would care about FF would be High-ISO. I don’t do Ultra-Wide, I don’t do Razor-thin DOF, but I NEED High-ISO. So a better noise in a DX sensor is the way to go for me.

        • Carlos R B

          The less DOF also annoys me (at EQ)…and other thing is the huge body..draws too much attention, is heavier to carry all day. If this D3100 has the same D3000 size body it will be very good…just hope for the same DR as the D5000….as for high iso, i printed iso2500 files (at 8X12″) with almost no sign of noise….(D300)…

      • Alex

        and I don’t give a rats @$$ about DX

        • +1 😉

          • Joe J


    • while waiting for the d700 replacement I’ve been using an F90X (N90S). It’s awesome. Can’t wait for d700 replacement… If it’s as good as f90x, but didgital I’ll be happy. In fact, I’d probably be happy with a d700! But, whats the point in buying now if replacement is coming…

      • Canon Fangirly

        You are wasting your time there. What on earth are you waiting for?

      • The replacement *is* coming. But no one knows when. Maybe it will come out in Fall of next year. How long are you willing to wait for a camera that you would “probably be happy with?”

        • everyone to the end of life…

        • Joe J

          Replacement will be worth waiting for, and it will be out within two months.

  • Nicholas

    I remembered i went to the Nikon Centre, Malaysia. When this man took up the D90 and ask the man in-charge of the centre, the man in-charge said, “Around August”.
    Then, my mind stop for awhile. There is going to be a replacement around August.

  • mrphoebs


  • mrphoebs


  • DX2FX

    The 2nd DSLR could well be a D700s, and not a replacement. The 3rd body should be the EVIL system.

    • Canon 60D

      No, second body it’s d90s , and third is EVIL, you see

      • rg

        i want that 60D, unless d90 has better AF and better vdo

    • if we should believe Nikon, they will just bring a prototype of the Nikon EVIL system – the real thing will come later, maybe even in 2011

      • Carlos R B

        Thats not good news………

  • Gordon


    • D40-owner


      • D3100, D90 replacement, yawnnnn…..

        • Victor Hassleblood


  • Anonymous

    Well, to be honest the entire Nikon line is a bit outdated. That is because if Nikon introduces a new resolution (higher – does not have to be much higher res) in any of its cameras then the other group will not be happy. That is why Nikon painted itself in the corner by only providing 12MP. I guess we can even call Nikon the 12MP camera maker. 🙂

    Besides, the D3100 must be significantly improved. The D3000 was a crap.

    Here is my bet, we will see the sony 14MP CCD sensor in it.

    • Zblorg

      Replace a CMOS with a CCD when the 3100 has (supposedly) a CMOS?

  • Jay

    So, is it a safe bet that the D90 replacement will be a DX sensor? It would make no sense to have a D90 FX replacement with no D700 replacement until 2011, right?

    Other than a FX sensor, the only features I’m looking for are an intervalometer and 14-bit sensor. MP increase? Meh, kinda low on my list right now, my 13 x 19 prints look great with my D90.

    • Anonymous

      I think it would be great if the D90 replacement was FX. Maybe it’s too early for that to happen. Eventually though, if it’s physically possible, I think (hope) it will happen.

      • SGN

        And what of all the wild life / bird photographer wannabes who can’t afford more than this, need the better af and all the pixel density he can get?

        FX has it’s uses, DX has it’s. so “FX-in-cheap-body” shouldn’t be at the cost of one of the most attractive DX options!

        • Joe J

          DX is substandard. Stop denying the true DSLR sized- sensor: FF.

          • PHB

            Unless you have well over $6000 to spend, the DX range offers vastly better equipment for the same money.

            Nikon has yet to deliver a range of high quality affordable FX lenses. The $2K each magic three are stellar. The kit level lenses are not.

            If you can manage with one or two lenses and they are available in exactly the right lengths then FX can be affordable.

            The market for a really low cost FX body at the moment is pretty weak and it is not clear that will change. The cost on the D700 is not the case or the electronics, its the sensor. When Nikon can get FX sensors in decent quantities then the D700 production will be shipped off to Thailand and the price will drop by up to a grand.

            Even if Nikon comes out with lower cost FX lenses, they are not going to be cheap or wide.

            DX looks like continuing to be a better choice for the next couple of years at minimum. Unless you have unlimited budget and weight is not an issue, then DX continues to look better.

            By 2013 I expect this will have changed because by then the FX resolution will have advanced to the point where an affordable 24MP FX body can be used with DX lenses without real compromise on resolution. Meanwhile the mirrorless trend will have DX beaten on size, weight and cost.

  • akvisuals

    I read on northlight images that the 60D supposedly also has some kind of phase detection autofocus in video/lv mode. The 60D is definitely going to compete with the D90 successor. But im pretty sure the high iso performance of the d90 successor will be mindblowing

  • “More rebates in Sweden: buy a D700 and get a free SB-900.”

    Are there such rebates in Germany, too?

    • YSH

      23000kr is around 2450 Eur 🙂
      while the D700 i just bought in Germany cost me 1900 Eur. You can easily find SB-900 for 350 Eur and spend the remaining 200 Eur in the bar celebrating your investment 🙂

  • Hm, that must really mean PT in a third world country.
    Because you can walk into (at least) half the stores selling cameras, and come out with your new D90 (any lens combo) or D700.
    Provided you have the funds, obviously.

    • gonzalo

      In my country, Argentina, a NEW D90 body only is USD1180 (import) and USD1674 (the only monopolic official dealer, udenio)

  • Luke

    Shotgun first D(Insert replacement D90 Model number here) in Australia with an 18-200mm lens.

  • I agree with the Admin that it’s very unlikely that a D700 replacment will be released in the next few months. The D700 is still the first consumer full frame camera and therefore it sells still very good. I think the successor of the D700 must have video and must have either higher ISO or higher MP. So it would be the D3s in a smaller body or something between D3s and D3x. Announcing it now just a bit more than half a year after announcing the D3s would be stupid. The D3s is still the most desired camera for many photographers and was badly available in the last months. As long as Canon has no successor for the 5DMkII there will be no need to upgrade the D700. But I think the 7D has reduced the sales of the D90/D300(s) so this needs to be upgraded first.

    As a D700 owner I’m still very happy with my cam and wouldn’t upgrade because I don’t need video and don’t want higher MP. I’m looking forward to spend my money on lenses like the 35mm f/1.4, the 85mm f/1.4 and/or the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII. The D700-successor will be skipped :).

    • PHB

      D700 is currently 20th best selling DSLR on Amazon. The D300s is only slightly higher and costs considerably less.

      The D90, D3000 and D5000 are all selling very strong. It is pretty much a Nikon/Canon shut-out of the top 20 spots. The only other entrant of note is the Panasonic 4/3rds.

      Consumer cameras get a refresh almost every year. Pro cameras get a major refresh every 4 years and a minor refresh every other year. That is because the consumer cameras get a cosmetic refresh even if there is nothing much to change.

      The signs still point to a D700s coming out very late 2010 or early 2011. When it comes it will have the D3100 video rather than the D3s video. So unless there is going to be a firmware upgrade for the D3s/D300s, I don’t see much chance of a D700s until the D4 is imminent.

      • Joe J

        Sorry , but you are wrong. THe 7D/ 5D MKII is all that is keeping Canon competitive, because of video sales. Nikon would be dumb not to updated the D700 with video, and release the D700s asap (within say two months). Do you really believe Nikon is that out of it?
        I know they are not.

        • PHB

          The consumer level cameras are and always will be a much higher priority for Nikon. Updating the D700 may sell a few thousand more bodies a month. Updating the D3000 and D5000 means knowing they can sell the two million bodies they are making for the Xmas market.

          A new D700 will be all about how much stock they have and when they next have a production window. It is relatively low volume compared to the consumer models. Someone was saying it was made in Japan rather than Thailand which would explain the delay. Assembly of D700s is competing with D3s and D3x manufacture.

          I would suspect that when we do see a D700 update it will be manufactured in the Thailand plant. Which is probably good news for supply and price.

  • jerem

    I’m in france and there are still a lot of d90 in shops! it’s sure that it will be replaced but it’s not because some shops are out of stock that the product will be replaced or that it is a sign!
    actually here there is an out of stock for the canon 550d and 7d and they are not going to be replaced for now!

    • PHB

      Crates of unsold D90s are probably not going to worry Nikon as most people who would buy a D5000 will be happy to have a D90 instead even after the replacement is launched.

      My guess would be that there will be a D5100 appearing for the Xmas market with specs pretty similar to the D90. It will probably lose the AF motor but gain a swivel screen and the D3100 AVCHD codec.

      What would be a much bigger concern for Nikon would be crates of D3000s sitting in warehouses. Much harder to shift them at a profit after the D3100 launches.

      Nikon can further extend the shelf life of the D90 if they can find a way to make the 1080p codec available for it.

  • Gordon

    Looks like those of us waiting for a D700X are going to have to give up the dream and look for something else. Nikon are dragging their feet a little too long.

    • gt

      save your money and spring for the D3s or D3x. Since Nikon has been “dragging its feet” for so long, you should have technically saved up quite a little hoarde of money there

      • Ren Smokescockwell

        yep. Save your dough…..get a d3s. But if the d700 replacement comes out soon enuff (like in less than a month or two)with d3s iso i will bust a HUGE NUT all over this keyboard . Cant wait…..aahhhhh…….uhhhhh………aaaaaaaakkkkkk………..eeeeeeeeeeeyyyyoooowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        cough…cough…..HEY what’s everyone looking at me for?

        • gt

          so what? you’ll be shooting wtih a D3s

  • Something more of my thoughts:

    Original DX Top Model: D300
    Low Budget Version: D90
    Minor Upgrade: D300s

    Original FX Top Model: D3
    Low Budget Version: D700
    Minor Upgrade: D3s/D3x.

    You can see that Nikon usually first releases the top model of a complete new bunch of models. After most of the pros have upgraded to the new top camera, the budget version will be released. Releasing first the budget version makes usually no sense. Releasing another minor upgrade for the 3 year old base camera is also stupid. The next cameras for DX and FX will be completely new. All will have video. Firstly the DX models will be replaced because of the higher competition. Soon after that the D4 will be shown and somewhen later a D800.
    Maybe in the DX segment the D90 successor will be released before the D300 replacement because of the 60D. We will see…

    • D40-owner

      I disagree that the D3s/D3x were “minor upgrades”, but the numbering sequence makes sense.
      And if a D90s comes now, then the next in FF will be a D700s.

    • Groosome

      “Releasing another minor upgrade for the 3 year old base camera is also stupid.” So you think that Nikon would release the only upgrade of the D700 (which has no minor upgrades at all) as a totally new model and what, 3-4 years after original release maybe?

      By then I can safely say I will have bought a Canon full frame with built in flash since they would have cottoned on to the hole that only the D700 fills now. In the mean time I already have a camera which I’m happy to keep using.

      You might be right though. Nikon: you’ll have to earn my money. Design away my minions or you won’t get a cent out of me!

  • The invisible Man

    No D700 replacement this year is actualy a good news.
    No stinky D700s but a real evolution next year with a D800/900.

    • zack

      Who told you that D700 is going to be replaced this year? I am pretty sure it won’t.

  • Anonymous

    So, based in your experience, would you bet for a D700 replacement within the next two months?

  • sjms

    do any of you actually go out and shoot with your acquired tech toys or do you just buy and b@#$h waiting for the next big thing?

    • Currently shooting d80 and F90X :). AND waiting for d700 replacement.

      So in short; yes!

    • Take a look on my Flickr photostream:

      I’m just reading NR during the boring daytime :). But I don’t know what the other guys are doing…

  • phil

    (X) dislike.
    gonna buy something used and cell it when the d700 replacement comes :S

  • The invisible Man

    I just called Nikon ;

    The D700 sucessor will have full HD with autofocus, stereo, and 30fps !
    They also said “we’re not sure but we think it could also take pictures”

    • WoutK89

      just like phone with a camera, my friend told me, “It has 8 MP” so I asked, and can you call with it? Every tool has its main use, but one shouldnt compromise or overshadow the main use!

  • Mikey5

    I was a Costco yesterday and they had stacks of D90(s). I don’t know what the hub-bub is.

    • The invisible Man

      D90s ?
      Cool, I’ll get one now !

    • Who is talking about Costco here? I said Sams Club.

      • Bonetti

        I when To Costco Yesterday and they Had EMPTY boxes but They Where OUT OF STOCK

        • Zblorg

          For items like cameras the boxes don’t mean anything, they don’t give you the camera until after you pay for it and bring your receipt and box to the claim closet.

      • PHB

        Costco having stock means very little.

        I have seen them have piles of D90s when they first came out, at Xmas and last week. They don’t always have it, but they always have either the D90 or the D5000.

        What is more interesting is when has pro grade Nikons. That tends to only happen at Xmas and when a model is about to be discontinued. They don’t have anything above a D90 at the moment. They do have the SB600 flash for $219 though.

  • anony

    aren’t you suppose to know all the details by now, admin?

    there were distributor conferences about a week ago,… that means tons of people have all the informations already.

  • Dweeb

    Is it a surprise that Nikon could drag out the D700 until early next year? It still sells and look how long the D100 was kept on the market after it’s best before date.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Ugh. The D90 will absolutely NOT be FF. That wouldn’t make any sense. And unfortunately, those of us itching to go FF will have to keep shooting DX a bit longer. Nikon just doesn’t have the motivation to focus on the D700 replacement right now. The market isn’t anywhere near as big as the D90 and D3100 markets and they don’t have the resources to build three DSLRs at once like that. Sigh.

    Well, when it comes out, it better be effing amazing. Like shooting lasers and cooking bacon amazing. They’ve taken long enough.

    • ZRH

      No kidding. Now I might have to buy that dang D90s thing just to bridge til the FX new model D700xyx comes out. Actually I think I will get a F5 and shoot film until then. Save $1000+.

    • Oooh, baconnn.

  • i_want_a_D900

    If they drag the D700S/D900 for so long, I bet a lot of folks might just skip it altogether, and wait for the D800 which would be the mini-D4 in mid-2012.

    My specluation is D700S might have some addition to D3S which takes additional engineering time. It is entirely possible that Nikon have been busy adding continous contrast video AF and 1080p video mode to the D700S sensor (aka the D3S sensor) which postpone it release date. If the D700S are to have 1080p video and D3S doesn’t, it would be in nikon’s best interest to delay the D700S as much as they can so it doesn’t cannibalize D3S sale.

    • WoutK89

      everybody that NEEDED a D3s has already bought/got one! There is no cannibalization issue

  • ZRH

    It does suck on the D700. So much for the two year lifecycle blah blah. The current D700 will make it 2.8 years (milking that puppy for all its worth!) at least. I hate my crappy D70s.Cant wait to drop it from a five story window. I just want to get the new D700 replacement that is coming and then I am done. It will last me five years no prob.

    • If you’re using a D70s, got get a D700 right now! You will absolutely not regret it (and you’ll kick yourself for having waited so long). If a successor comes out, then you can sell the D700 if you *have* to have the new bells and whistles. Why wait (possibly) another year?

      • ZRH

        I rented a D700 and the top glass zooms in May (cost me $350 for few days… maybe I should buy all the gear and rent it out, in a month I would be making fat profit. The shop that rents always has them out the door! I got lucky due to cancellation) and I have seen the glory! I didnt need a top camera until now for my work. No way will I pay top dollar for a camera that is at the end of its lifecycle. If they sold them for $1500 maybe, but now I will just have to manage with film or such.

        • LGO

          I am using 2 units of D700 but got myself a D70s so I could shoot at 1/8000 shutter speed with old Nikon flash on manual and no Flash FP. Its quite fun … you should try it.

        • Segura

          “No way will I pay top dollar for a camera that is at the end of its lifecycle” Was’t the D700 $2999 US when it was released, and now it is $2400? How is that top dollar?

    • The invisible Man

      I 100% agree with you, I’m holding my breath with a D90.
      The D800/900 will last me at least 10 years (if it reach my expectations)

      • WoutK89

        see you 2 years after the release of either camera here complaining again 😉

        • The invisible Man

          Please don’t do that kind of comment with no warnings, my wife could have been next to my computer !
          And I’m not lying, for example I married my wife because the have all the options I was asking for, and guess what ?
          We just celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary !

  • Chris P

    Admin, for those of us who have the D700 and are content with it, is there any news yet of likely FX lens introductions?

    • yes, new lenses will be announced – you know the regular candidates: 85mm 1.4, 24-120mm FX, a new super zoom, etc. I do not not have any details yet, but I am working on few leads.

      • I can wait on a new FX body. It’s lenses I am waiting to see!!!

        • plug

          Absolutely. +1

      • Chris P

        Thanks Admin

  • Anonymous

    out of stock in italian is “fuori magazzino” o “fuori produzione”!!

  • litebyte

    Who knows, we will see an other model besides the D700?

    • i_want_a_D900

      In Lawyer’s terms, a D900 is not exactly a D700 replacement.

  • nick94

    admin, do you think we will see a d90 replacement released before the end of august? How many weeks do you think until they announce?

    • Doku

      I’m going on vacation on September 2nd and I was going to buy a D90 for the trip but now I’d rather get the new one if it’s going to be comparatively priced!

      • WoutK89

        D90 is almost 60% of introduction price in Holland, I think it will be hard to have a comparable price at release

        • Doku

          Well, I decided we better go ahead and get it while it’s on clearance and get some nice glass rather than maybe spend more.

          What price did the D90 debut at? I got it for $1050 from with the 18-105mm VR. Seemed like a fair price.

          • Segura

            D90 w/ 18-105mm was $1199 US at release

          • nick94

            that’s what I was thinking, get some good glass, but I might not be able to pass up the new features and better video of the “d90s” if it only a couple hundred more. But I really hope there is a release before my vacation either way so I can decide which is the best deal.

          • Doku

            Same boat. Labor day vacations suck for cameras I guess.

            Oh well, I decided my goal was to come back with really good pictures, so I figured I might as well get a proven performer and a 35mm f1.8. No risk in a new release or possible lack of supply….

            My other options were:

            A T2i body + mid range Canon lens, but body + mid Lens was pushing $1300, and for what? 1080p video I can’t watch, megapixels I won’t use, and no pentaprism, no status screen, no solid build quality.

            A 7D kit, with promo code at $1699. Tempting, but no budget for more lenses, filters, backpack, and it’s heavy.

            As old as it is, the D90 with the motor for old lenses, status screen, excellent viewfinder, good iso, and easily affordable 35mm fast lens was the best all around buy, even right before it is being updated. Go figure.

  • Makoto Kimura

    Anyone know if the incoming D-EVIL is going to be VR / image stabilization in body via sensor shift?

    • Astrophotographer

      No one knows but from patents we know Nikon is researching sensor shift VR. So the current answer is maybe.

  • Anonymous

    enough with “a rep told me…” rumors, they’re just rubbish.

    • The invisible Man

      I’ve run a photo store for several years and I can tell you that Nikon/Canon rep don’t talk much about new releases (probably because they don’t know more than we do), but you can get some infos from others brands’s rep like pentax, minolta, olympus…

  • NikorRyan

    Guys, I am done waiting for d700 replacement this year. I will just buy more for my staff (pro wedding/studio). I now want a D3s though. I cannot find a US model for the life of me (that is not a demand-driven rook job marked up over 6 grand). Nikon just can’t make enough of their products. It’s been “for sale” since last Nov 2009 and still no stock?!?

  • Nikon, we don’t need any more prosumer camera bodies! Please. please update your lens line.

    • The invisible Man

      What lens do you need ?

      • mar

        A new 85 1.4, 105 f2 and a 135 f2 would be great. With VR and nano-coating.

        • WoutK89

          $1800 + $2100 + $2100 = $6000 in lenses, You want or need, and can buy them all?

    • Edson

      I’ll tell you what I’m waiting for, a D90 body with NO video function, same size and weight, but with Full Frame.

      • Alex

        Remember when EVERYBODY had a full frame camera? I want those days to come back again, in the digital world.

      • Artem K.

        Well, I recently read that FX sensor costs about 30 times more to manufacture than DX… So, I would be fine with original D90 for $500…

        • The invisible Man


          DX sensor exist because it was not possible (or to expensive) to make a full frame sensor back in 2000.
          If the first DSLR had an FX sensors we would never heard about the DX sensor and DX lenses.

  • folsombob

    Costco has a bunch of kits in store and online (slight discount online):

    Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera Body
    18-55mm VR Zoom-NIKKOR Lens
    70-300mm VR Zoom-NIKKOR Lens
    Versatile System Carrying Case
    4GB SD Memory Card
    Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
    Quick Charger
    Audio/Video Cable
    USB Cable
    PictureProject CD-Rom

    Online price
    Less -$40.00

    • Artem K.

      Well, Amazon has the same less 18-55 for about $1,170.00 Plus no tax for most…

      • astrorami


  • Anonymous

    No D700 replacement in 2010 – only the D4 in September with 30 MP i think.

    The D90 replacement comes in 2011 january or february.

    • Zblorg

      If the d3100 has 10mp, their bottom line dslr, it shows that nikon isn’t into upping resolution for the fun of it and will stay with 24. Seriously, has anyone ever complained that they have “only 24” megapixels?

      • nobody

        That 10MP CMOS sensor part is the least credible one in this rumour.

        Why would they spend the money to develop a new sensor for their cheapest DSLR, when they have a convenient upgrade path ready, the current 12MP sensor?

        • WoutK89

          maybe because its easier to develop a sensor from scratch to have these amazing video capabilities than to continue the line of “old” 12MP sensors?

  • Do you think it is possible that the d700 will not be updated but an entirely new camera will be introduced? For me I am holding out for the FF with manual control video as I am both a filmmaker and a photographer.

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    Looks like I will be keeping my D90 a little longer and feed my NAS with a piece of Nikon glass instead. Will smoother with the wife if I get the 24-70 late this year (when i will have an actual use for it) and a new body next.

  • Alex

    @admin, remember a while back I think you were saying 3 new DSLRs for 2010? Do you still think that? So, D3100, D90 replacement for sure. If there is a third, D700 replacement or D5100 – or neither of those two?

    • Yes, this rumor was from the the beginning of the year – I think it should be still valid (unless they considered the EVIL camera in that count). Nikon likes to make announcements in Nov/Dec timeframe – this was the case with the D3x and D3s. My last few posts were concentrated on the time before Photokina (September) and we may see another body at the end of the year, but nothing credible for now.

      • E

        Admin, any word on the D3xs?

  • shivas

    IF the D3100 has continuous AF, one of the larger gripes for video on any of these platforms, WHY would they release the D700 replacement without it?

    If the release it WITH continuous AF, they eat into D3s sales. . .

    So more than likely, after seeing the D3100 release, I’ll put my money on a D700 release AFTER the D4. . .

    • Shasta_D

      If the D700’s replacement model has a greater profit margin than the D3s, then Nikon makes a ton more money in sales if that new model is wildly accepted by the market. There still be features of the D3s not included in a D700 replacement that would compell the pro photographer to still buy a D3s instead of the D700 replacement. So, I don’t think a D700 replacement that has some killer laser shooting, bacon cooking features will kill D3s sales, if Nikon does their pricing right.
      Also, all those waiting for a D700 replacement, isn’t it probable that it will be priced at $2999? Just a thought.

    • Zblorg

      Raise your hand if you bought a D3 because you want to shoot lots of videos! (no hands go up) People with D3s do not buy them for the great video features, I think of video as a lower end extra for people who want one camera that does everything, that they pick up and go on vacation with. Yeah, it’s in the higher end models, but DSLRs are still for still-photographers,

      • CK

        Well me and the studio i work for..

        Adding features adds value, I dont understand complaining about people who have found a feature useful and hope for further development.

        • Zblorg

          Sorry, it certainly is a useful feature, but I don’t think it will influence someone’s (especially a Pro’s, since most pros buying DSLRs focus on still images) choice of camera when there are many other important factors for still photography.

      • I dont understand why he hate for the video in the camera, it`s very useful for a lot of videographers just like me, end the cinema feel is priceless.

  • minus28

    Still loads of both the D90 and D700 in Norway, body only and as various kits.

  • Is it really logical to bring the D4 as a possibility? It can be a rumor.

  • Denko

    Hmmmm… been thinking…. how about these scenarios

    A) Mid range only, with the new video capabilities + 14 MP SONY sensor
    D3100, D5100, D7100

    B) Full Refresh and ditch the high mid range:
    D4, D400, D3100

    C) Out of order because we were stumped update:
    D710, D7100, D3100

    The global economy doesn’t jive with scenario B being a good thing in the short turn but for the long haul would be for the best. Scenario A would be good for short term but then architectural refresh would definitely be needed around February 2011. Scenario C can only work if they have foveon type non bayer filtering sensor… personally I would be ecstatic with a real 14-16 MP sensor like that.

    The problem I have is that none of the above makes me happy… I am starting to believe Nikon does not have next generation ready enough and wont have for quite some time.

    Some may complain that Nikon is still best so why should they even bother to bump the quality… why not have better quality as the first reason and all the rest will follow? I am not a proponent of an incessant upgrade cycle as in the graphics card computer industry BUT the last couple of years its been a bit ho-hum in the advancements in the image department (too bad Fuji doesn’t want to play anymore.)

    I guess I am frustrated and some posts here indicate the same fundamental gripe… well… for what its worth it shows that we are not alone in a boat on the pacific ocean in the depth of night with a lantern on the verge of being puffed out.

  • Rodrigo

    Today i went to the shopping mall and there the D90 with 18-55mm vr was costing about U$2000! And I think it’s the normal price in the whole country (Brazil).
    Although, I’m waiting to buy the D90’s repleacement (only hope not to be scared with it’s new price).

    Do you guys think that the 18-105mm will be replaced too?

    • Wow! You should find someone in Japan to order one for you. Can find used D90 bodies for $500~600. Unless you have to pay crazy import fees, that is.

  • I shoot Nikon FX, DX and film cameras, love them all. I use a D700 and a D300 at the same time for my assignments, taking advantage of both formats. I don’t have a D90 but I have used them a couple of times and I can’t imagine a better camera for its size. If it had a mic input for video I would but one today. I mainly use FX for my 24mm PC-E. As far as megapixels go, I just did a big print order for a corporate client, 48″ prints with 12 megapixel files and they are stunning. I wouldn’t mind a little bigger file in FX for some of my work but I am more interested in file quality, dynamic range, etc. I have a ton of Nikon glass too, I love to shoot with my old Ai-s primes on my D700, amazing! I just wish I could use my old Contax primes on my new Nikon digital cameras, that would be fun. I consult for a Canon guy and I can’t believe the noise in his files, even at low ISO’s. Thanks for making killer stuff Nikon and thanks Nikon Rumors for the great info, cheers!

  • Peter B

    I cant wait for a nikon d700 replacement thinking about going old-school and getting a film camera. So hows the Nikon F5 or F100?

  • I love my F100 but I take a F3 HP along for film work. Shoot some photos with a nikon film camera, a 55mm AI-S macro or 105mm AI-S on Velvia and prepare to be blown away. Haven’t tried the F5 though all the Nikon stuff is great.

  • nick94

    Admin, do you have an idea what the price range of a new d90 will be with a kit lens?

    • nope, sorry – probably max. $100-$200 more than the D90, depends on the kit lens as well

      • Zblorg

        My guess is that they will keep the body below (maybe RIGHT below) $1000 because that gives them their “sub 1k dslr” status with all the mags and sites. Then, a kit lens is usually <300.

        • Zblorg

          Make that <400, but there's some benefit to getting a kit

  • Check out all of the Nikon’s in World Cup photo #12 here-

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