Nikon’s President comments on the upcoming mirrorless camera again

Artist's view of Nikon EVIL (photoshopped)

In an interview with Pen News Weekly, Nikon's president Makoto Kimura made few more comments on the upcoming mirrorless camera from Nikon (see the previous interview, where he dropped the bomb about an upcoming Nikon mirrorless concept):

Nikon plans to retain its "top position" in the DSLR market and create an "entirely new domain" at the same time.

"It will be a camera that may take photos of the world that the traditional SLR cannot reach."

"Nowadays digital cameras take movies, performance of cameraphones is rapidly advancing and demand for simple movie cameras for uploading video on the Internet is on the rise. Redefinition of photography may become necessary."

I find the last comment particularly interesting, since last week Nikon announced that they are looking for cooperation with online and mobile device companies. Based on those developments, I think we can expect some kind of  Internet connectivity built-in in the upcoming Nikon EVIL camera for uploading photos/video online. I've seen also few related patent applications filed by Nikon.

Via AmateurPhotographer/Image source: Focused

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  • injurytime

    this will be interesting to see how this thing goes

    • Joe R.

      I bet it’s not really interesting. I bet there’s swipe-panorama and built in HDR. Maybe HDR movie mode or something. I get the sick feeling in my stomach that Nikon is about to catch up but not leap ahead.

      I really hope I’m wrong and their lack of innovation in the past 2 years was because they are working on something revolutionary.

      • Anonymous

        Joe, I agree with you. Even we saw more innovation from sony. Ok it is not pro level but they did implement some sorts 3D and HDR. Not one Nikon camera can do that.

  • Formatted


    • right on nikon, just what we need. More P&S cameras with more gizmos. Direct upload to flickr, built in SIM card slot. yea. Because your P&S cameras are soooo goood and because your PJ model was SOOOOOOO popular and sooooo redefined the way everybody takes photos.

      oh god

  • Zorro

    I hope they give it a built-in viewfinder – otherwise, no deal.

    • broxibear

      That’ll never happen…look at the Olympus,Leica and Panasonic, their viewfinders cost nearly as much as the camera itself?
      Infact all the accessories to four thirds/ mirrorless cameras are really expensive.

      • Anonymous

        Panasonic G1/GH1/G2 all have built in EFV….
        I personally don’t like holding a camera at arms length to take an image 95% of the time. The Swivel LCD is plus when I most use that method. Hope Nikon introduces some great Primes at the get-go — FOV= 28, 35, 50 to start and at least f/2.8 or f/2.5. And a kit zoom pair… Plenty of buyers are advanced shooters, and this will be their 3rd or 4th camera. I wish Panasonic would introduce a 25mm f/2 for their m/43.. I’d buy it tomorrow the 20mm is to close in FOV to my 17mm Oly…. But, Nikon could have a duel market. with a few short primes and 2 kit zooms at the begining. IMO.

        • broxibear

          I meant the Panasonic GF1, Olympus PEN series and Leica D-Lux cameras.
          I agree I need a viewfinder to take images too but the prices are very steep:
          Viewfinder for the Lumix GF1 £175
          Viewfinder for the D-lux 4 £205
          Viewfinder for the Olympus PEN E-P2 £220
          As I said…EXPENSIVE.

  • RakeFenKockwell


  • “Based on those developments, I think we can expect some kind of Internet connectivity built-in in the upcoming Nikon EVIL camera for uploading photos/video online.”

    Maybe they should build a cell phone into it while they are at it. 🙂

  • layner

    “Redefinition of photography may become necessary” – Nikon is going to launch an all-new “Fotografic Camera”, thus redefining photography! : )

  • “It will be a camera that may take photos of the world that the traditional SLR cannot reach.”
    sounds like an endoscope…

    • SGN

      Good one….. I may get one if I specialize in gastroenterology …

      Not much use on my pet subjects, birds though!

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Now I get what high ISO is good for.

    • 😀

    • Chris

      > sounds like an endoscope…

      Olympus make those.

      – C

    • pethunia


  • Chris_M

    I guess it’s gonna be some kind of EVIL with video and wi-fi.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree, and the patents indicate a small sensor so we’re looking at a compact with a lens mount. Revolutionary eh ?

    • Roland

      Well, an endoscope IS evil…

  • Nikko

    Good to have FM3A body shape … silver color

  • xavier

    Not sure if this is news or rumors, but i spoke with someone working closely with Nikon last weekend and he let slipped that the new way to take pictures could be to take frames from the video the camera is recording.

    He elaborated on how the camera could record video continuously in 4K (consistent with the 17mm 12mpx the nikon evil camera should get) with the help of a huge buffer and let you take the shots out of the video.

    As well a going back in time with the help of the buffer if you missed a shot, you just need to “rewind” and grab the shot.

    This sound like science fiction, but this is perfectly managable, technically : 4K sensor, huge buffer, smart interface, this is probably how they plan on revolutionizing the photography…

    • Holly Looya

      Lets not forget, moving pictures is just a series of stills.

      • King-Pin

        Motion Pictures indeed! What would be awesome and revolutionary is if Nikon releases a new camera that would not record video per se, but raw stills right off the sensor at 24 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps, etc. That way video can be made by simply combining all the stills into a video stream.

        I would definitely give my left nut for dat!

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm….a 12Mpx sensor gives something like a 4mb jpeg file. Audio can be 250k/s which is negligible relative to the video rate -24 fps would mean 100mb/s data rate. Even with heavy compression, that’s quite a strain for a compact device due to size, power and heat problems. Many people have already noticed how hot some cameras get when doing a 5 min video at full HD…..

          • King-Pin

            Yeah, the data rate would be massive. Current sensor technologies would definitely be inadequate for something like that, especially for small compact cameras. Well, you never know, sensor technologies are always improving. There’s a company that’s developing a new sensor called QuantumFilm that seems to be looking really good, a lot faster than current silicon-based sensors, anyway. Here’s a link to an article I found on that:


            Oh well, a guy can dream, can’t he?

    • SZRimaging

      Not a revolution, it’s already being done thanks to RED. They only way they could do this, is make a RAW video format that shoots 4k and doesn’t need a freaking huge storage device connected. Then price that below the $2k mark.

      Good luck on that…..

      • Joe R.

        You don’t need to record the 4K video, you could just keep a buffer and store the still- like how Casio’s high-speed line works.

        You also don’t need to shoot in 4K, you can downsample to 1080 wor whatever you like.

        With fast enough wifi, you could record to another backup device. Think 3TB HDD in an external enclosure that’s got a built-in hotspot to talk to the camera.

    • PHB

      If you could capture the raw 4K feed via WiFi, you could then do the selection part offline.

      That would make a lot of studio type shots involving dynamic subjects much easier to take. Instead of having to get the exact fraction of a second that the model’s hair is bouncing up in the right way you simply shoot and then take the best shot.

      People who don’t want WiFi sound to me like the people who didn’t want a flip out screen on the D5000 – a feature the reviewers now describe as essential on that market segment. What they are saying is that they can’t anticipate the advantage of a new feature. Well, thats why they are not technology designers. Nobody could see the point of the Web early on either. Tim Berners-Lee couldn’t get a paper on the Web accepted at a hypertext conference in ’92. In ’93 they asked him to give the keynote.

      Format matters. The move from film to digital had a major impact on photography because you got to see your shot immediately, not a week later. Pretty much every professional news photographer is going to find WiFi changing the way they work. They will have a WiFi cellular modem in their pocket and their editor will be looking at the shots they take pretty much in real time.

      I would probably take a lot more photographs if they automatically downloaded themselves to my computer without me having to even think about it.

      • Char

        The studio thing won’t work, because you cannot make the flashes shoot continuously. So forget about that idea.

        About the WiFi, I don’t need that. I would probably not use it because I would need some software installed on my PC and would need time to set it up, which in the end would not be worth it for me. About the swivel screen: I don’t want that either. Maybe it is essential to the market segment, but I do not need something like that. Maybe that is one of the reasons why it is not the market segment I shop for cameras in ;).

        • Ennan

          Wasn’t there a patent for an LED based nikon flash which could provide continuous lighting?

        • PHB

          I have always used continuous lighting as I shoot video.

          Flash is the worst lighting system imaginable in my view. You can’t see the effect of the lighting until you take the shot. The flash upsets the model and is horribly intrusive.

          The fact that strobes discharge so fast is great for motion stopping photography and rubbish for the other 99% of uses. Because the strobe discharges in a fraction of a second you can’t use a fast shutter speed or the front and rear curtains will be out of sync.

          I predict that in the next few years strobe flash is going to be considered as obsolete as magnesium strip and flash bulbs are.

          LED lighting is vastly superior on every front. It takes a fraction of the power and can belt out plenty of light without heating up the studio (the one disadvantage of my rig). At the moment it is pricey but prices are going to drop like a stone as the EU forces the phase out of fluorescent lightbulbs.

          The intrinsic cost of manufacture for LEDs is actually smaller than any other form of lighting. Its only the insane volume incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that makes them so cheap. Between a quarter and a third of all power generated is used for lighting. If we switch to LED the power required drops by an order of magnitude. Less pollution, less carbon emissions, fewer new power stations need to be built.

          And if that was not enough, LED lighting systems could in theory offer a choice of color balance.All they need to do is to add in some extra LEDs that can be turned on or off as needed.

    • Joe R.

      4K is 12MP and we know for a fact Nikon loves 12MP.

      • Anonymous

        Joe R. – that is so true. Nikon cannot think beyond the 12MP. I guess they are happy because they find a way to use the same 12MP tech for another 5 yrs.

        • Kensmokecrakrockwell

          Its called a d3x. I recall its a Nikon camera with more than 12MP. So it is true that they think beyond the 12MP range. Ever heard of it?

      • Eric Pepin

        true 4k is 12 megapixels, not the 4k RED is doing. Nikon would have to give higher end video then RED in there own RAW format to even possibly do this. For a one hour shoot think 200 – 500 Gigs, if not more if you dont turn the thing off. For a sporting event think multiple Terrabytes per day.

        • Alex

          It depends what aspect ratio it is. 4K just means 4,000 pixels horizontally. If the aspect ratio is 3:4, it will have 12mp. If it is 3:2, it will have 10.6. 16:9 will have 9mp, and 2.40:1 would have 6.6mp.

  • CK

    F mount?

    • stepper

      Please oh please!
      I hope so!

      • Anonymous

        Patents indicate something smaller.

    • Hendog

      I think we’re all forgetting about the tiny little sensor in this camera. 17mm diagonal vs 29mm diagonal size in a DX format camera, or 43mm dia. in FF sensors. This would be an awesome concept if it were a DX sized camera (or larger!) with F-mount lenses. This will most certainly not be the case. Plus the low light capability will be rubbish – they will probably aim for 14+ mpix in that market segment (consumer) *shudder*

  • SP

    Well , it will probably have either Wi-Fi/3G capable, this is real simple concept together with a in built web browser. I don’t think thats a redefinition of photography.

    Keep it simple Nikon , give is a mirrorless camera that is going to smash Panasonic,Sony and Olympus in terms of IQ and video.

    I am Nikon Fan and want one soon

    • Joe R.

      How ’bout just an iPhone dock on the back?

    • serenade

      – full manual control over video! Sony (with Nex-5) made a huge mistake by not enabling it!
      – external microphone (which works well with the camera and doesn’t produce background hiss)
      – professional photos out of a video stream – I was waiting for it !!
      – a small low light lens – 50mm 1.8 or sth. in this range – to enable shallow DOF for portraits and to keep the whole camera set small and portable !
      – panorama out of the camera – standard by now

      I hope the coming out will be soon !

  • Click

    “Simple Movie Camera’s for uploading video to the internet”

    Does this statement indicate no their will be no D700 replacement until D4/D800 or until 2011 ?

    • Holly Looya

      Read into it as you like. Thats what everyone on here does anyway. No one here really has a clue.

    • David Hasselblaff

      There will be no D700 replacement at all, since the camera never was the success Nikon expected it to be.

      • Source? The D700 is an incredible machine, at a phenomenal price.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          @Rafael, concerning your last comment (6:51 pm) below,

          ALL A HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING. You should read the 1st and 3rd paragraph more carefully. Anonymous got it. As a matter of fact I share your opinion a 100% and therefore backed up your previous comments.

          The 2nd paragraph is just a mixed quotation of possible answers people get and have gotten here (including myself), for suggesting that Nikon should release a camera with more than 12 MP priced below D3x.

          I am sorry. I thought that was clear. Maybe you read it again from a different perspective?

          Yes, I do have a large format Epson 😉 but I publish in magazines as well. Either way, 12 MP doesn’t do for anything larger than A4.

          • T140Rider

            If 12mp can’t do more than an A4 sized print then I sure would like some of what you are smoking.

            There was some research quoted when the iPhone 4 came out with a 320ppi resolution related to the ability of the human eye and its abilty to see individual pixels.

            If 300 is the critical figure then AFAIK, you need a lot less than 12Mp to print at A4 sizes.

            Would you care to elaborate as to why you think that A4 is the max size for a 12Mp image?

          • Victor Hassleblood

            You see a difference in quality long before you start to actually resolve the pixels and see them clearly singled.

            Therefore I prefer not to go below 360dpi and this is a technical requirement of the magazines anyway. So my personal opinion does’t even count, nor yours.
            Even with just 300dpi – as you say yourself printed “critical” – an A3 would already require 3,508 by 4,961px. Again do the math yourself and then tell me if you can cover more than a single page A4 with 12 MP or not.

            This all are simple facts and is simple math. I sure don’t want some of what you are smoking. It apparently has negative affects on both, brain and eyes.

      • Rafael

        I agree and disagree.. the D700 has 2 years out there and its was very succesful camera , the only reason why it wasnt more of a success its because its not a ¨best in its class¨ camera, when it first appeared in the market it was superior to the then 5D mark 1, but Canon rapidly updated that camera and included more megapixels with the mark 2 and silly or not important, people go for megapixels. Or better said yet, CLIENTS who print, like photographers with lots of megapixels so in my opinion the D700 needs a re-do in order for Nikon to fight that Arena (the entry pro and pros) with a better camera. There are lots of photographers (nikon users) that cant buy a D3x but surely want a nice FF camera, in my opinion the gap between 2,400 usd (for the D700) and 8,000 usd for the D3x is a BIG ONE, considering that the competition gets their 5d mark II for the same as the D700..

        Nikon has lots of very impacient users in this range, I simply cant beleive they arent listening.

        • Rafael

          *possibly more than 2 years out there (my bad)

        • Anonymous

          100% agree with you Rafael. Nikon only caters the 12MP crowd.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Before someone else is going to write this, I might as well write myself, what is to be expected anyway. Here it goes:

            You don’t need more than 12MP and if you did, you could definitely afford a D3x. If you don’t buy it, you either don’t need it or you are an idiot. If you can’t afford it, you should rather improve you skills than blaming someone else. Your parents must be sick of you: it’s never your fault is it? You whiners are sooo funny. I print skyscrapers from my clean D700-, D3 and my D3s-shots and they are superior to anything any Canon delivers. Now tell me how big do you print? AGAIN: You don’t need more than 12 MP and if you did, you could easily afford it. Real Pros just buy what they need and I earn money while you whine and guess what, I earn it with 12 MP. I move fast, I think, fast and I shoot fast. That’s just my style. BTW, all my friends that shoot Canon are complaining all the time. Nikon is much smarter than you and this is why a D700X is never going to happen. Why would they hurt their D3x sales for someone like you?A D700s is much more likely and I’d buy one without hesitation, making my D700 my third backup. Nikon doesn’t care for cheap losers like you. Just buy a D3x or much better: GO OFF TO CANON, make yourself happy and leave us in peace. GO AWAY!

            I guess that’s about it. Everyone who feels represented by the above written comment could leave his “+1” now and save the time for writing it themselves. And you could thank me for saving you the work to do so. And you can now concentrate on your homework again or take a D3x prospectus to the loo and do some wanking.

          • RakeFenKockwell

            AMERICA F*CK YEA

            Victor shoots FAST, moves with the speed of a mongoose, and eats beef jerky whenever he damn well pleases. The only furniture in his house is a tripod you NOOBs!

            also, agreed with everything you said vic.

          • Anonymous

            Victor – That was a good one: ” I move fast, I think, fast and I shoot fast.” I think the only thing I would have added is that “all @ 12MP.”

            I think the reason why people don’t want to see affordable 20MP+ cameras from Nikon because they fear that their 12MP gear will lose significantly from the re-sale value.

          • Iceman

            +1 to Vic

            The club I shoot with on weekends is split between canon & nikon shooters. I’m always surprised at how loud the cannonites brag about MP but during reviews they can never figure out why the nikon images are so much richer, sharper and more colorful….Hmmmm. I sit and smile and take quietly take the accolades.

          • Rafael

            wow, another noob speaking as if he had experience, that Victor that is, first of all, I DO have a D3x , and a D700 and a D300 obviously when I say ¨print¨ yo think about your epson machine printer, but let me inform you that print to me is magazines and catalogues, and yes clientes demand more than 12 megapxiels.

            the funny part was ¨ I print skyscrapers from my clean D700¨ let me remind you that the size of the subject doesnt have anything to do with megapixels, go back to playing video games noob.

            In fact I shouldn´t bother answering your lame comment, which I will never do again, I have been a Nikon user for 15 years, I presented the Nikon D3s and D300s in my country, Nikon reps here respect my work and experience.

            I have posted images of my equipment here at Nikon Rumors before, but no need to do it now. I am just answering your comment this once, because I think disrespectful comments and posters should be banned from Nikon Rumors by the Admin.

          • Discontinued


            I don’t think that the loss of resale value is a major concern among these 12MP-guys. I do not think that they don’t care about money either, nor that they are wealthy. But still this is not the point. IMO and from what I’ve read here during the last month, this is much more a pride issue among (mentally or physical) half grown men.

            There is a lot of I am tougher than you, I do know better than you talk here, combined with personal insults. Not really mature. I guess it feels pretty tough for some adolescent, if the camera he has earned at some car wash or at MacDonald’s, the 12MP-camera he bought himself to impress others, if this precious item and fetish of high self-confidence means nothing to others.

            This is very much like a big bro telling the younger one that his brand new (and very first) RC car is just a piece of lame crap. SHIT, THAT HURTS A LOT ! ! !
            But once little bro has reached high school, he just swallows that down, stirs up pride and anger and fights back and this is what we read quite frequently here.

            I’ve one of these praised 12MP Nikons myself. I knew that better cameras with higher RES will come along eventually. What’s the big deal?
            Only thing I didn’t know is, that Nikon will be the one, NOT to bring better cameras along. I shoot MF as well as 135. Completely different styles of work, different purposes and possibilities. Just like Hasselblaff and -blood I am not dependent on a D3x and it is not worth it for me. And I am sick of the attacks you always get for saying this.

          • be able to afford it and want to blow senseless moneys on something are two different things. Why would i want to blow 7000Eur on 24Mpix FX camera when i can get for twice the price MF back which blows it away? They could release 3000Eur D700x easily if they would want, the just on purpose block it, that is what makes us sad, not fact we can or not afford it.

        • David Hasselblaff

          At our studio we spend a lot of money on equipment. But a 135 format camera is not supposed to cost as much as a D3x. It is the kind of all-purpose carry-around camera a photographer – pro or not – can take anywhere. I mean a digital medium format back easily costs USD 20,000 but it’s worth every penny. I can use it on the view camera and the Hasseblad. One or 2 sessions and it should have paid for itself. Is the D3x as replacement for that? Well, personally I see it as the camera that gives me studio resolution in a walkabout package and that’s not worth the 7k to me. Plus the body is way too bulky.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Exactly my point.
            Another one was, that you get violently attacked for such an opinion on this site. Beside my HB-equipment a D3x doesn’t make any sense. Still I wish for a higher resolving 135 (that does not get beaten by some cheap Canon APS-C) but am apparently not allowed to do so.
            It seems to hurt some feelings here. Don’t know why, I just don’t get it.

          • Jabs

            I have been following the comments on the D3x and about 12 megapixels not being enough.
            For some it is and for others it is not.
            The problem stems from people complaining that the D3x is not worth its’ price.
            We do NOT know what Nikon did to get such great files.
            We don’t know how much technology and research was put into that camera.
            We know that the D3x is a FIRST generation camera of 24.5 megapixels based upon a Nikon designed sensor built by Sony, so perhaps the cost reflects the R&D and what most people seem to be frustrated by is:
            1. Their inability to afford it.
            2. People claiming that Nikon is robbing us in this overpriced camera.
            3. People bad-mouthing the wonderful camera instead of USING it to make money – which is its’ purpose.
            4. Unfair comparisons to medium or large format cameras even when sometimes the D3x beats some of them.
            5. The arguments anger some people as some expect a D3x to be priced like an old camera technology like the Canon 5dMk2 and even when Nikon fails to release an equivalent D700x, people do nothing but complain and then are stupid enough to tell us about $20,000+ US dollar medium format BACKS and then act like this is a camera? What about the cost of the camera body toattach this digital back to, lens and accessories, then?
            6. Nikon is damned if they do (make a superlative D3x) and then expected to make a lower priced camera of EQUAL capability just to please them now.
            7. You can almost tell that MOST of you here do NOT purchase equipment for your Studio and are photographers and not business men or owners.
            8. Over twenty years ago, I had over $40,000 US dollars of Nikon 35mm gear that I bought with my own hard earned money and it paid for itself constantly over and over, so PRICE is not the deciding factor but suitability for an intended purpose is and NO medium format digital camera can shoot at the D3x’s speed, is as small and has the range of lenses that Nikon has, so when people make comments here, I inspect their reasoning and then dismiss them quietly, often.
            9. Photography is based upon a SYSTEM approach and each TOOL has a purpose. When another tool cannot do the job of another, then you get that needed tool and continue working plus making money and NOT complaining.

          • zzddrr

            Jab – you raised very valid points however, we do know that it is posssible to provide good quality 20MP+ at fraction of the cost of the D3x as it is evidenced by Canon 5DII and Sony A850. Also, we know that this is not the first time when Nikon is slow to release products. This was the case with the FF, it took forever for Nikon to respond.

            The whole point is that Nikon is impotent to 1) provide a little variety in the product line (either 12MP or you take a second mortgage to pay for it) and 2) to respond to the existing competitions’ offers and I am talking about being 2 yrs late now with a small size high res body. Other than these two minor issues everything is just fine with Nikon as long as you find everyhting in stock.

          • Jabs

            To ZZDDRR,
            Nikon is always late except in the case of the F3 series – F3HP and F3AF (first professional electronic camera and first pro-AF camera) plus maybe the old FM2 manual camera and FA that had 1/4000 second shutter speed and 1/250 sec flash sync. Nikon is always SLOW in blazing a trail and then they KNOCK you out – their History!
            To my mind from being a long time Nikon camera person, I see Nikon as very cautious and when they deliver, it blows everyone away.
            The D3 series plus D700 comes to mind and best exemplifies that.
            I see a need for a smaller and cheaper 24.5 megapixel pro body from Nikon, but I feel that one with the qualities and the performance of the D3x would probably cost about $6000.00 US dollars body only and thus might not sell.
            I believe that Nikon might slot a so-called D700x in between a D3s and a D3x, but that is unusual. More than likely, we will get a D700s for now and not a D700x because of cost factors.
            I also do NOT consider the Canon 5DMk2 or either the Sony A900-A850 as in the league of the D3x and frankly, the lower resolution D3S is a better camera than all of them. Both the Canon and Sony offerings are like bragging rights for the owners but they are NOT professional grade cameras. They are like high end amateur cameras with high resolution but noisy and slow to focus. They have their own unique market and I seriously doubt that Nikon will try and compete with them (but you never know). Nikon rarely makes a mediocre pro body!
            I also shoot too fast for a non motor drive camera and anything that shoots below 8 frames per second is useless to ME.
            Digital cameras are already all too expensive so asking for more and more WHEN you cannot afford the current crop of cameras is like asking to be hung like in ‘Hang ‘Em High’ – LOL!
            I think people have been spoiled by computer processors and expect the same price drops in cameras – with more and better features in each successive generation. They probably make in a few months more computer processors than they make DSLR sensors all year, so perhaps you look at that.
            Cameras as a sum of all their systems and not mere microprocessors.

          • zzddrr

            Jabs – 2 yrs passed by, let’s see what improvements sony will implement on its 24MP sensor. I assume they did not sit down and wait.

            Look, if the D3x would be sold from the beginning at the price of the D3 I think we would not be here to argue about the the high res body. I firmly believe that if Canon and Sony was able to put the 20MP+ sensor in a smaller body and sell it with profit (canon did it for sure with 5DII) then Nikon is a) either stupid or b) is unable to get engough of the 24MP sensor to make a little brother of the D3x. Bottom line is that it even looks ridiculous the Nikon website that there is only 1 camera that is beyond 12MP

          • Jabs

            To ZZDDRR,
            Perhaps let me spell it out for you!
            Nikon does not seem interested in releasing an inexpensive camera to compete with the Canon 5dMk2 or the Sony A900-A850 series as they are CHEAP cameras with limited speed.
            In the case of the Canon 5DMk2, the sensor is second generation and thus paid for in R&D already plus the whole AF module and focusing system is antiquated and even worse than their latest lowest priced DSLRs.
            The D3x is a first generation camera, so somebody has to pay for the Research and Development costs.
            Sorry, but you make the same mistake constantly in assuming that the D3x is just a camera with the exact same cheap sensor as the Sony A900-A850 and thus Nikon is ripping us off. As an example, the D3x probably has about twice (or more) the computing power of even the D3S!
            The electronics that gives the D3x its’ 16 bit pipeline is probably more expensive than BOTH the entire Canon 5DMk2 and Sony bodies combined, hence it is expensive and worth it as it performs superbly in a manner neither of them can dream about.
            You keep asking for an old generation camera re-released as a new Nikon competitor for the Canon 5DMk2 and it does not exist as the D3x is a first generation camera and hence nothing came before it from Nikon at that resolution to be passed down now.
            The Nikon’s D3x sensor is NOT the same as the Sony sensor and its’ pipeline is much deeper and better, both sensor wise and electronically wise.
            Please drop this and go buy a Canon or Sony camera – OK!
            I don’t know if Nikon will ever make a competitor for the Canon 5DMk2 or Sony A900-A850 and likewise I don’t expect Canon or Sony to make a competitor for the D3x anytime soon.
            They are for different markets!

          • all i know is that i am not Nikon sales person so i can say that A850 makes as good low iso files as D3x does. A850 + LR3 makes as good ISO1600 files as D3x does.
            So whatever Nikon makes behind the scenes is what said person above me = worthless. I have no problems they making worthless camera. I have problems with that they are robing their customers for opportunity and milking price dumping with canon as long as it is only possible. One of many reasons so many pros spending less and less on 135 system, having it only as backup / reportage kit, and put moneys where it makes sense – to MF system.

            Nikon is his own future killer. They are just screwing customer base.

          • Anonymous

            @ Hochzeitsfotograf – i think you’re right. Nikon really overpriced the crap and made the people think twice what to buy. It’s funny, I no longer look at Nikon the way I used to look at it. I more often see a gready company that is taking advantage of its most loyal F-mount owner base. It is really sad. Lately I sold quite few of my Nikon lenses because I no longer trust in them. You’re absolutely right, Nikon is his own future killer. One more crappy 12MP release from Nikon and another batch of people will leave this slow moving company. And at the end of the day Nikon can redefine whatever it wants with its mirrorless crappy coolpix.

          • Discontinued

            Hi Jabs,

            since you seem to agree, that there will be a Nikon with more than 12 MP but still priced below D3x eventually, why can’t you just calm down a bit?
            And if Nikon is allowed to release this camera, why aren’t we allowed to expect/demand it? That doesn’t make any sense.

            “somebody has to pay for the Research and Development costs”

            Reuse the sensor for a 700x. Instead of making somebody pay just split this among some buddies. Nikon would not just have more friends but more money as well.

            And BTW, R&D of a flagship design is often not even meant to be covered by flagship sales alone.
            Much, much more important is the effect on a company’s image and on the sales figures of all other products and not just lenses for the flagship itself. Again, much more important is the effect on sales off all other bodies and lenses sold with/for them.

            Let’s turn this around an look at it from another side. Imagine there was no R&D costs – meaning there was no 3Dx – no flagship providing Nikon users with the feeling to be with the best brand in any respect, no flagship giving the 12MP-Lovers pride and the others hope.

            How many loyal 12MP-Nikon-Lovers would still cheer the brand if it was not going to serve their pride issues?
            How many of us hoping for more would still stick around if 12 MP was still Nikons best shot in the middle of 2010?

            I tell you what: R&D of D3x has already long been payed for.

          • Jabs

            Hey Discontinued,
            Would you be willing to pay $6000.00 US dollars for a D700X?
            Do you expect a D700X at 24.5 megapixels to be more or less expensive than a D3S?

            These are the questions that you need to answer as Nikon has not released anything yet.
            Perhaps after the D3X is replaced with a new higher resolution D4 series, then what you state can be applied about re-purposing the now old D3X sensor.

            Everyone might expect a high resolution camera BUT how many are willing to pay a lot for it and how will it slot into the Nikon PRO camera lineup?
            That is what I am talking about.

          • Anonymous

            @ Jabs – That is why Nikon screwed up itself when it priced the D3x so high. Now it is in trouble because as you said the logic dictates that if Nikon and it is 24MP and not the D3x then it is 6 grand.

            I think we will sooner see a d4 than anyone smart people here expect it. And I think the D4 will be 24MP and it will be announced on second week of September 2010.

        • serenade

          People went for the video ! The Canon 5D Mark II became a major hit in the independent filmmaking community!
          – people expect – next to great photos – a video function – since it is only a software addition, it is very astounding and a bad marketing decision not to include it.

  • Anonymous

    This does sound like a redefintition of the coolpix line for me. That is because that’s where nikon got hammered by the phones. I think this will not affect the pro-line. The question is how much attention Nikon pays to the pro-line and its outdated res.

  • Thunder

    Hm, the only thing I’m asking for is D700s. Is it too much to ask for?

    • serenade

      no, not too much to ask for. A D700s would have been the most logic thing in the first place! 😉

  • It should also have built-in wireless camera control via PC or cellphone, or camera-control-camera.

  • Andrew Bannister

    The lack of a flash would further suggest video style shooting. I wish it least had a light for some subjects

    • Nicole

      Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but to me it looks as though there is a pop-up flash in the top right corner. 😉 I wish it would have an optical viewfinder of some variety though, I hate having to imitate a zombie to take a photograph.

      • stepper

        The picture included is merely an artists rendition so I doubt it will look anything like what we have been presented.

  • grumps

    Every seems to be concerned with it’s performance and specs and now I am too but even more concerned about the look of thing.

    Remeber the Nikon FM2 or Nikon FEs, well they looked cool… hate to say it even like a Leica style. I’m pretty annoyed that everything that comes out today reaches these unseasoned designers, and I really hope to see something timeless with the launch of a Nikon Mirrorless camera. Like this artist rendition looks so much like every big Nikon, canon Point and Shooot and even Panasonic GF1 looking!

    So far to even say, I hope Nikon launches a mainstay professional camera with this format.

  • Mistral75

    Admin, have you seen the date of the Russian news from which you extracted the above picture? April 1st, 2010.

    • Yes, of course – this post is not about the picture, it’s about what Nikon’s President said. The picture is there just for illustration purposes and is obviously a fake.

      • Alex

        @admin, it always amazes me that people don’t get that. Websites and magazines use stock photos all the time to illustrate a story, and people always respond if it’s an upcoming new car “that’s the old model!” or “how can you tell what changes are coming from that picture?” Grrrr.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer a camera-less mirror, but that is just me

  • Nobody Special

    Yes but is it full-frame (35) or smaller??? I’m not really to keen on the idea of selecting an image from a video/sequence – it’s not ‘still-photography’ any longer – yes, it’s basically the same as motor-drive sequence.

    The possible features spoken of (rumored) are intriguing. But I would really hope it’s FF….

  • Anon

    The photoshop looks like a combination G1 and E-P1. Great job, I’m sure Nikon intends to copy its competitors in this future line of cameras.

  • marco

    Its going to have a youtube mode and a facebook button. (oh and also a ‘like’ button.)
    thats about it.

    • Roland

      spot on! 🙂

      *pressing the ‘like’ button*

  • Ren Kockwell

    If Nikon actually does begin to innovate, this is wonderful news. This camera company can do so many more wonderful things with a little more courage and vision.

  • comicalalien

    Why would you buy this camera with such a small sensor?

    Come on Nikon! How could a sensor (17mm diagonal) smaller than even the micro 4/3s (21.6mm diagonal) produce a better picture than the Nikon D5000 (28.4mm diagonal APS-C sensor), which will be cheaper than this contraption?

    You can count me out!

    Nikon is running last in the EVIL race!
    I, and I probably speak for the majority, want a Leica M9 equivalent as an EVIL camera manifestation, and not another oversize compact as their solution.

    It is like Nikon is playing catchup in the scheme of things.

    • RakeFenKockwell

      uhh for the form factor? you’re assuming your opinion regarding cameras is an accurate reflection of the majority’s position. that may or may not be true, but im sure that the camera will produce significantly better images than other compact enthusiast cameras (lx3, s90, ex1 – which all have approx 9-10mm sensor). it may not produce better images than e-p1/2, epl1, or gf1 but its going to be good.

      if i may opine, the problem with these cameras – and i love my lx3 – is that the lens is fixed and thus the zoom range is quite limited. this hypothetical nikon can fix that while providing better images via sensor that is significantly larger. don’t buy it! plus you have no idea how cheap it is going to be in relation to d5000. if you don’t buy it, it will less for mee!

  • Al0n

    I just want to take pictures!

    If I want a video camera, then I will buy one.

    Anyway, the last time I looked, you can save a video frame in Jpeg on a D3s…

    So what gives? A live feed, why not sat upload while they are at it!

  • Camera phones are improving and will be eroding the sales of the Coolpix range and Nikon make a lot of money from Coolpix cameras, so a replacement is needed. This replacement willl be a DEVIL of a camera (Digital Electronic Viewfinder Interchangable Lens). It will be a new breed and sit between the Coolpix range and the DSLR range. It will offer silent operation and hight quality.
    I want one.

    • nobody

      “It will be a new breed and sit between the Coolpix range and the DSLR range.”

      That breed isn’t new, it was born almost two years ago. It’s called Micro Four Thirds.

      • New for Nikon.

        • MK

          im holding out for something smaller than m4/3 standard. silver e-p2 is a drool but no in-body flash is weak sauce. e-pl1 is too cheap feeling for me.

          i hope that nikons 17mm system will be about 25% smaller than m4/3 – based up on sensor proportions. lenses that are smaller than 2″ diameter = EPIC WANT

  • Derek R

    What does that mean, “traditional SLR cannot reach?”

    If he’s being accurate, I can only think of a few things:

    – Extremely high frame rate.
    – Extremely small size.
    – 3D imaging with double lenses?
    – Built in phone?
    – Built in helicopter wings?
    – Plenoptic array?

    SLRs are pretty versatile, they can “reach” pretty much anywhere. Or maybe his comment was simple hyperbole.

    • Denko

      How about infra red and 0 Lux capabilities. Would take wildlife pictures easier at night.

      How about ultraviolet capabilities.

      I wouldn’t mind ultra wide gamut 32 bit color definition. Now having a monitor that copes with that is another matter. Print on the other hand is slightly easier and that’s where it matters to me at least.

    • “SLRs are pretty versatile, they can “reach” pretty much anywhere”

      It’s on a big stick, so you can take macros of leaves up in trees and group shots from above!

  • ““It will be a camera that may take photos of the world that the traditional SLR cannot reach.””… Nikon is going to conquer the under-water world.

    • randini

      Oh GOD I HOPE SO and bring back the Nikonos!!!!!!!!!

    • randini

      But then DSLR’s already do go underwater, with an appropriate housing (that costs as much or more than the body).

  • Jabs

    In reading the numerous comments here, it seems that many of you are not technical.
    4K resolution in video is NOT the same as 4K resolution in still photography.
    Pushing 4K resolution through Wi-Fi is foolish at best. It requires too much bandwidth and who is going to PAY for all that ridiculous storage space needed plus the uploads?
    Nikon can give us a great new style camera but most here seem to be dreaming!
    12 megapixels on such a tiny sensor and then expect great results PLUS the same F-mount is pushing it or dreaming!
    The above ‘picture’ reminds me of a Sony NX series camera with a Nikon logo slapped on – LOL!
    What people are describing here would be more expensive than any small camera and thus useless.
    A Leica M9 is a novelty camera which is almost useless, so I don’t expect Nikon to deliver anything that limited or even aimed at the ‘fashionistas’ who crave a Nikon name on their shoulder.
    I see something more like what Sony delivered and maybe some pancake lenses added like the old Nikon 45mm F2.8 style.
    The problem with ALL the small cameras including Leicas’, is that the lens is too big in relation to the body, as no one has shown a miniaturized working high quality autofocus lens, so far.
    Costs factors would preclude most of your dreams here PLUS I agree with those who stand up for 12 megapixels as so far ONLY Nikon (D3x) has made a 35mm DSLR above 12 megaixels that is ‘worthy’ as a professional camera (and that includes everything from Canon, Sony and even Leica).
    People fail to realize that 4K video would have to have a more powerful image pipeline than even the Nikon D3x and thus perhaps expensive.
    The talk here is usually about more and more megapixels like some absurd addicted ‘crackheads’, but not much sense concerning engineering, COSTS and feasibility.
    How the heck would you look at the images of a 4K camera and focus with the current LCD screens on DSLR’s?
    People here remind me of Apple fanboys or fangirls who want the latest of everything shoved into smaller packages even when it makes no sense or technically is too expensive or not currently possible!
    Small cameras are fine BUT when the lens is bigger than the body, you now have diminishing returns and a lack of usefulness or functionality as in WHERE do you put all these controls or the ports to interface with!
    Come on – get real in our dreams.

  • regular

    Time for a poll! Who honnestly cares for (yet another) mirrorless camera?

    • Denko

      Agreed… I will take them seriously if the LCD screen on the back will have 300 ppi and print type of color gamut. For us that still use filters on our lenses, I guess I am old… but some filters can’t be done with simple means with photoshop… polarization filters come to mind.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    @jabs, agree on everything except the fanboy/fangirl bit 🙂 you can be a fanperson and still be technically savvy, high expectations is not the enemy, though that people are complaining that 18 MP is THAT much more resolution that 12 MP is beyond fanboyism. That’s just silly.

    • Jabs

      Hiya FakeKen,
      Howz da weather?
      Yeah, I was referring to the idea of miniaturizing everything to the point of it NOT being usable anymore, hence Apple fanboys and fangirls in expectations.
      I love Apple and all but smaller is not necessarily better, was my point.
      When you increase things or decrease size, there is a point where you have gone too far and the thing now requires miniature fingers or ‘zoom-lens eyes’ and tweezers or toothpicks to navigate with.
      Same in sensors – Canon has a serious problem of red channel response, or a lack of it and that needs to be fixed. Their sensors have some weird problems that need fixing also and so far no one has shown me a good high resolution (above 14megapixels) APS-C sensor, as the D90 and D5000 are the best APS-C sensors so far and the results are quite visible to me on real pictures.
      I also believe that Sony so far has the best idea on small cameras (hate the EVIL name – sounds diabolical -LOL!) but I don’t want another Nikon mount, but we probably will get one soon.
      The problem facing all manufacturers seems to be HOW to move forward without destroying the past?
      Me, personally – I don’t care for small cameras. I prefer bigger cameras, as I started with F3’s and MD4 motor drives as they balance well in my hands especially when I was shooting the old 50-300 mm F4.5 Ed zoom with a monopod . People change but people also complain too much and have conflicting expectations often NOT based upon any reality whatsoever.

    • Dave B

      Good point regarding resolution. One thing that I’ve seen over and over again in the Megapixel wars is the complete disregard for the actual RESOLUTION gains. The resolution scales as the square root of the number of pixels, not linearly! In actual terms, the resolution of the D3x (24 Megapixels) is only 41% greater than the D3s (or D3) at 12 Megapixels. The difference between 18 Megapixels (Canon 5DMII) vs 12 Megapixels (D3, D3s, D700, D300s, etc.) is only about 22%… not actually that much.
      Myself, I prefer advances in low light performance and dynamic range. These might be coming in a few years as there have been recent advances in fundamental sensor technology which bump “quantum efficiency” from about the current 25% limit to almost 90%. That’s almost 2 full stops! in any case, I’m only an amateur who’s very happy and productive with his new D300s!

      • Jabs

        Good points DaveB,
        The problem is idiotic consumers being fooled by Manufacturers.
        People are looking for megapixels as the standard no matter how the manufacturer gets there.
        I shot slides over the years and the results from slides is vastly superior to negatives.
        I am looking for this equivalent in digital where dynamic range is expanded, low light sensitivity is greater and the almost 3D look of slide films such as Fuji Velvia 50D or Fuji 64T is replicated.
        So you have more megapixels but blotchier files, little dynamic range plus horrible color response and now that gives you bragging rights?
        No thanks!

        • zzddrr

          jabs and dave b – if the 24MP D3x is crap because of its high res, then why does it cost so much and hard to buy it? Besides, this is another stupid argument because we cannot test the 24MP scenario since nikon does not offer one.

          • Dave B

            Geez, I didn’t say it was crap! I’m just pointing out that geometry dictates that large increases in resolution require “large squared” increases in megapixels. That’s just life. As for why the D3x costs so much…. well, you’ll have to ask a marketing person. I’m just a dumb old physicist. I’d love to have one though!

          • Jabs

            I think you got your wires or ‘whining’ crossed – LOL!
            The D3x is EXCELLENT and the best DSLR there is on the market.
            It is Canon that is not so great even when the megapixel count is greater than Nikon.

          • Jabs

            One more point zzddrr – I mentioned APS-C sensors (cropped sensors) and not Nikon FX sensors (full frame sensors), so perhaps that is where the problem arose.

      • illo

        thaks good. at last one user with comon sense. full agree with you

  • Not interested at all. I want my D900 !

    • Anonymous

      I want my 25 mp, 12800 ISO sub $3000 rock star.
      God damnit!

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    Continuous recording at a given frequency … not new.
    Sufficiently large buffer … not new, but demand is growing.
    In camera processing and transmission … not new, but productivity is still low.
    4K recording … on the market, but not for pro-sumers.
    All of the above in less than 2lbs and with a few proper primes … NEW!

    HDR, pano-swep … why not as an upgrade option? Have it built in and
    charge for it. The entire software industry uses such models.

    If all of the above are provided in a single device, that is becomes really an interesting 2010. If not, then we remain photographers as we are … images by image …

    However in product-mgmt is listening: start thinking of smart devices rather
    than just cameras having lots of features. Make them independent – provide profiles like a car: everyone in the family uses it in a different way.

    And finally: allow them to communicate and sync each other for 3-D and other applications … if prod-mgmt still doesn’t understand why, then you’ll be soon in a price oriented market segment …

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    oh – forget the 256K ISO and 20+ MPXL … not necessary … a proper sensor and fast postprocessing is all we need for a NEW camera. The D3X quality is sufficient unless a radically new sensor design becomes available.

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    To redefine Photography it must :

    use the F mount

    Have built in HDR

    iso quality 6400…. no make that 12800 or better

    1080P 30fps / 720P 60fps No jelly video

    Use the f mount use the f mount use the f mount

    14 megapix or greater

    did I mention use the f mount ?

    otherwise looks like a glorified shitpix pardun my french.

    Still waiting for the d700 replacement. I’ll wait………………….Still waiting.




    +1 to VIC

    • Makoto Kimura

      you have not eaten enough beef jerky to realize the implications of redefining a genre young grasshopper

  • longtimenikonshooter

    so much for so-called innovations.

  • Karlosak

    It has to be said, that to use the video footage as a source for picking out selected still images, the frame rate would have to be significantly increased, otherwise you would sacrifice cinematic smoothness or the still images wouldn’t be tack sharp.

    It is well known that to obtain smooth footage the 180 degree shutter rule should be followed, i.e. 1/50s shutter speed for 25fps, 1/60s for 30fps, etc. If you are shooting some action, then forget sharp images taken out of the video stream.

    Some further reading:

  • Wowzers! Everyone’s gone mad!! Okay, I really REALLY want a high megapix D700 type camera to come out in a bad way myself. Hopefully it will allow me to get a crappy D3s at a bargain price used or even new.12 megapix is all I really need in a digital camera. I do want to get into the big megapix game myself but I think I’m going to go the cheap route and just get a large format film camera and scan the negatives.

    • By the way, this EVIL thingie might be pretty cool depending on lens quality / cost / and overall quality of the images. It might be a great hiking camera.


    I WANT D800 … OK?

    D800 PLEASE !!!

  • D700s please with GPS and Video Recording..

    I hope the EVIL concept will be able to use Nikkor SLR lenses or at-least Nikon provide a converter that will retain the lens’ autofocus and VRII

  • Gary

    Thom Hogan writes on his blog that he believes the EVIL will be released early next year, that a D90 replacement is coming in the fall, and that Nikon does have a surprise for this year but it’s not the EVIL.

    Now Thom sometimes is right but has also been wrong…but he is a respected source.

  • That one guy

    If Nikon wants to keep a top position in DSLR, they’re going to have to at least implement a proper video mode on upcoming bodies. I’ve had several friends that were in the market for a DSLR and ended up going Canon because of their video capabilities. Although, I did have one friend switch from Canon to a D90 because he liked the image quality a lot more.

    These are people who are into sports and the capability of 60p is a must for them. 24fps is nice, but it shouldn’t have been limited to that. The least they could do is 24/30/60p without any jello motion, and if they really want to stand out, they could go for 120fps. Even if it were 120fps @ 720p it would still be amazing. The market for people into sports is large IMO and by having great video capabilities they could capture more market share.

    As for megapixels, I think 12mp is great, but a bump up to say, 14, wouldn’t hurt either…just as long as high ISO performance can be maintained. If entry level cameras had perfectly usable ISO 6400 and video capabilities of 60p at 1080p Nikon would have a great winner in their hands. Causing previous models to be more obsolete and a steep drop in resale price is a concern, but if anything, there are people are willing to upgrade to whats new. There will be an argument that people don’t always have to upgrade and just have to work on their craft, but there are a lot of people out there that don’t know what people on photography sites know. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was impressed with how many more Nikon’s were in the hands of people instead of Canon. I’d even say it was a good 8 out of 10 bodies seen there were NIkons. This showed me that Nikon is doing something right, but they will have to consistently innovate if they want to keep it going.

  • c.d.embrey

    Why does everyone, except the fanboy sites, call them MIL (Mirror Interchangeable Lens) cameras? The manufacturers, tech news sites like CNET, etc call them MIL cameras. Stop living in the past, EVIL is so passé.

  • 1) According to Reuters: “Nikon Corp. said on Thursday it intended to form wide-ranging ties with online and mobile device companies to provide more ways of storing and sharing photographs taken on its digital cameras.”

    2) Nikon’s president Makoto Kimura: “Nowadays digital cameras take movies, performance of cameraphones is rapidly advancing and demand for simple movie cameras for uploading video on the Internet is on the rise. Redefinition of photography may become necessary.”

    3) Nokia just announced a $200M-ish deal to sell its wireless modem business to Japan’s Renesas Electronics Corporation. Some of you may recognize Renesas as the company, that was said/speculated to produce the 12mpix FX sensor for Nikon.

    So; 1+2+3 = (first) Nikon mirrorless camera with built-in WiFi capabilities.

    Let’s wait and see …

    • Given the pres’s comments, I think you’re on the right track.

    • serenade

      I hate all the “we have to exhibit ourselves on the internet” crazyness. The internet is crammed with stuff nobody really cares for.
      If anything, than this kind of data will be misused.
      But what could thrive in the future will be video sharing in a similar manner photo sharing websites work now – with a focus on selected groups to ensure some kind of privacy and with a focus on quality, editing and all kinds of creative endeavours to enhance and individualize the films shown.

  • P-Roc

    What about an open sourced solution? You know like the Iphone & Droid. Obviously the hardware and sensor would be fixed parts but they could incorporate an OS and open the floor to developers worldwide and ENTER the world of CDII by Nikon (Customized Digital Imaging Interface by Nikon) …… I’m thinking an Infrared app, a lomo app, high speed video…. hell, you could even load Lightroom presets, PS actions and Nik filters into the thing for heaven’s sake!! Partner with Adobe and you are well on your way to pulling a “Steve Jobs” on the photography world. Yeah, probably a little far fetched, but who the hell knows what they have goin on over there?

  • They will show a SP-rangefinder based digital body
    at the Photokina

    very basic,back to the roots!
    so it will be not extreme expensive

    only ISO/shutter/lightmetering knobs
    no monitor!
    18 MP full frame
    only Raw
    first only 35mm/1.4

    as is the wish from a lot of nikon pro photographers
    for a good point and shoot/reportage camera

    I dreamed everynight about this camera

    Have a nice day!

    Peter Rothengatter

    • keep dreaming. If you will ever get rangefinder, it will be probably viewfinderless LCD only POS as most on the market. With not sun readable screen. Because even D3x cannot have it.

  • SNRatio

    I second P-Roc. I think something OpenSource-like would be a good idea, maybe even necessary. They can’t both introduce a camera-centric information flow AND deliver everything needed with the camera, software needs to be highly modularized, with openings for new applications and modules and automatic updates. And things like actions and filters and possibly scripts should be the same as users already use. But that should not require any special OS platform.

    A 4K 3:2 would be about 10.7 MP, on a 17mm sensor that means something like twice the pixel density of what may be expected in the D3X successor. Which should not give terribly bad IQ, but I still wish for lower res/higher IQ alternatives. Maybe they can achieve it by pooling at readout time?

    But I don’t think we should expect a release very soon. This talking from Nikon may be mostly for the investors, and to avoid “defection”, e.g to Sony.

  • yes in theory, D3x have MF-near quality. Well as in “picture it produces is comparable to 2001 MF digital backs with added low pass filter”.

    when such lol phrase comes from somebody at nikon, it is kind of expected, when it comes from “independent photographer” it is well at least funny.

  • bobo

    I do hope that ‘redefining photography’ is not a euphemism for ‘dumbing down’. A third main grouping between compact and DSLR could be an interchangeable lens compact with extra facilities for the compact market and youtubers, or it could be of genuine interest to photographers. If it’s aimed mainly at the former market, I hope they don’t forget loyal users in the latter camp.

    • serenade

      the quality youtubers need is provided by all point and shoot cameras.
      It would be hellishly stupid to focus on this market, it can always be served by the option to downsize a video – nothing interesting or revolutionary here

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