What are you waiting for?

Time for some polls:

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  • None of the above. I’m waiting for affordable tele primes.

    I know. It won’t happen.

    • woble

      Go with Sigma.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        He clearly wrote primes – not wobbling tele slimes.

        • Lars

          Still – go with Sigma.

          • Anonymous

            MF Voigtlander

    • Seppl

      Me too, none of the above.

      I’ve given up on the D700 thingy. I want the D700 but can’t afford it. So when the D800 will be released, finally, prices for used D700’s will drop to below 1000 Eur. But given the slow price decline of the Canon 5D MK I there’s no point in waiting for the D800.

      Further I checked the release dates of D700, D3 and D300 yesterday, and I’m rather certain that we wont see a D800 this year, possible the D4 or D400 but no D800. The D3 and D300 are 3 years old now and due to an update, the D700 was released just 2 years ago. Possible we’ll see a D700x.

      Just my 2 cents.

      • T1T4N1UM

        D300s isn’t even a year old. Very probably a D400 will be released quite far into the future.

        • Jars

          hope not. D300s was a stopgap with no new features or sensor quality, I’m waiting for a D90 replacement with 51pt AF, or the D400, and nothing else will attract me.

          • onefear


        • Seppl

          I just checked the release dates before the D3. The D2Xs was released June 2006, the D3 in August 2007, so 1 year before. We have a similar situation with the D300 and D3 now.

          Besides, I guess that Nikon isn’t selling a lot of D3’s nowadays, customers will go directly to the D3s. So an update would make sense.

          Also the “trickle down” strategy could be used again: release the D4 this year, and the D800 with the same sensor next year.

          • Anonymous

            Please release D800 asap, and the D4 may wait forever. Nikon doesn’t need the ugly flagship for new tech, as we saw with D90.

            D4=cargo ship,
            D800=elegant cruise boat

    • Sigmas old AF (screw) 400mm 5.6 is a good lens. I was thinking about getting one but ended up getting the smaller tokina 400mm just bc of the size.

      Sigma also has a 300 f4 but its not as good i hear.

      but sigmas 150mm 1:1 is a great lens!

    • 180/2.8. Sigma is for the birds and the Nikkor 180/2.8 is like the birds (cheap cheap cheap!) Seriously, used Nikkor primes are the best deal all around.

      Some of the older Tokina primes like the 300/2.8 are a steal too. Good stuff.

    • Sigma totally sucks, be patient and get good glass.

  • Anonymous

    D300 replacement und a AF-S 200 f4 Micro πŸ™‚

    • John

      Second that AF-S 200/4 Micro!

  • Jack

    My picks:
    D700 replacement

    I feel you guys!
    I feel the burning desire!

    • Yeah, the same ^^

      • edw

        same here..

        • YEAHHHHH the same for me!!! I need the d700 replacement!

          • Brian Davis

            Same here

    • Ken Smokescockwell

      My piks too…I’m getting the 24mm 1.4 . My d300 will not get replaced until the d700 replacement comes out. I can wait. One two three years…it matters not. Hell ive been waiting this long, its bound to come out….i can feel it!

      • another anonymous

        +1 with d300,d700 and 24mmf1,4

    • Ken Smokescockwell

      Oh…I have the 24-70 2.8….. It NEEDS to be updated with vr..Why isnt it in this poll? And please support my growing family with a donation.

  • I am waiting for a solid DX portrait lens (I guess the AF-S 85mm f/1.4 would count) and an SB-600 replacement.

    • Jars

      DX 70-200 f2.8 or even f4… yeah, it’ll never happen.

  • CK

    Waiting for the D4..

    • KFC

      Too bulky, I wish Nikon will abandon that design forever. D700 body + optional battery grip is a better idea.

      • Joe

        I actually think that a D3 ALOT more easy to hold and more comfy than a D700 with grip.

        • Anonymous

          I agree… if you put a gripped 700 next to a d3 the size is actually quite different.

          • +1 for D3/F5 ergonomics. Brilliant and not heavy for people who aren’t pansies.

        • Brian Davis

          Not to mention the dual card slots in the D3 makes it great for shooting weddings and even just backing up your images in the field. That’s invaluable, any pro will tell you that.

    • Steve

      Same here. After using a real pro body (not a D700 / D300 with a grip), you can’t go back. The only thing I can give my D3xes up for would be a D4(x)

      • KFC

        Once for an assignment, I was given a D3 with 14-24mm, otherwise used a D300 with Sigma 10-20mm. After a while, it felt too big, heavy, uncomfortable plus attention grabbing. Never got really accustomed. Call me a wuss πŸ™‚

        I said D700 plus grip (maybe a better ergo one) will give 2 options; with or without. But a D3 cannot be cut into two (which I really wished to) πŸ™‚

        • Anon

          you nikon users are weak, i hike whole day carrying my canon 5200mm f14 lens

          • jo

            yes, a nice and compact walkaround lens, but i never liked the closest focus distance, macro from 120 meters makes finding that bug quite difficult…

  • stepper

    I’m waiting for a top of the line SB flash unit that is powered by an EN-EL3e battery!
    That would be sweet!!!!

    • Mike

      That would be huge!

      • Stepper

        Not really… It would only get slightly bigger since the 4 AA’s already take up so much space in the current SB’s.

        I envision the battery pack to be semi exposed. Sort of like how some camcorders have their batteries – but with some sort of rubber seal.

        • Stepper

          Theoretically, it could be about the same size as an SB-600 with the fifth battery attached.

          • Stepper

            Sorry, I meant SB-800

    • D40-owner

      Wow, never thought of that!! Very good idea!

    • Lars

      Can Li-Ion cells handle the very high discharge rates required?

      • Probably not. Which is why alkaline batteries are required in the MB-D10 for the D300’s faster fps shooting. Nice idea, but probably have to wait for better batteries than the En-El3a type.

        That being said, I’m no battery expert, so that’s pure layman conjecture.

    • enesunkie

      I hate having to carry two different chargers and extra AA batteries!

      • EnEL3 packs MUCH less power.
        I would much more like to see LiPo packs. We already adapted cameras to it :-). Flash with 7,4V 5300mAh pack woohoo πŸ™‚

  • Jon

    D300 replacement

    • Jars


      • Anonymous

        Not a replacement. The D300S was simply an update.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, can you add D4 for the list of options. That is because it is very likely that Nikon will first come out with the new tech in the D4. Currently they cannot make a D700 replacement without the new tech.

    I think we’ll see a surprise of D400 and D4 releases.

    • I cannot alter the poll after voting has started.

  • Kinghorn

    I’d like to see what the D300s replacement is too before I decide if FX is my next step or stick with DX

  • Vahid

    where is the 70-200 f4 VR in your poll ????
    who want a 18-135 beside of 18-105 VR !!??

    • Jose

      The current 18-135 is not a good lense, according reviews from sites such as camera labs and Photozone. 18-135 with Vr , faster and more sharp should be a very good all around lense

      • D40-owner

        To be honest, Nikon could just drop the 18-135.
        The current line-up is plenty as it is:

        18-55 – cheap, for low end users
        18-105 – cheap, for users looking for reach
        16-85 – mid-range price, best performance
        18-200 – mid-range price, best reach
        17-55 – top-price, top performance (or is it? Maybe this is the one needing a VR and Nano refresh)

      • Anonymous

        For the price, size, and weight, the 18-135 DX is a terriffic lens. And while it may have some flaws (it indeed does), sharpness is not one of them. Ever used one, Jose?

  • Jai

    Am waitinng for :

    D3xs and a re-designed 18mm f/2.8 Lens – Good for Architecture photography !

    ps : A D3x can do, but the “s” version should not be too far off + want dust shake off system in addition to al the rear buttons to match the D3s !


  • I’m waiting for 70-200/4, maybe VR.

  • nobody

    Sorry, but what I’m waiting for is missing in this poll:
    24-105 f4 AF-S VR N
    70-200 f4 AF-S VR N

    • D40-owner

      I believe we can safely assume a 24-105 f/4 with be VR.

  • D300s replacement is missing in poll

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Personally I don’t care, but you sure are right. This silly camera came 1.5 years too late. 720 video and another 12 MP … WTF were they thinking ? ? ? Should be on the poll too.

      • I just bought two a month ago in addition to the D700 I have. Shoot weddings with two bodies and another is my backup… I take great photographs everyday. Don’t worry yourself with stats, make good images.

        • Jesus_sti

          I’m so agree with you.

          • Discontinued

            “Don’t worry yourself with stats, make good images.”

            Oh well, I guess one can always say that. Is this nikonrumors actually about what we don’t need, want or expect to be coming? If so, Jesus and Wandy truly are a smart couple. If not, what’s the point of such comments?

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I voted for 35 1.4 & 135 2. Those two are gonna set us back at least four grand I am afraid.

    • Similar. I chose the 135 2 and 50 1.4. Either way, Nikon’s into the two of us for 8 grand.

  • Invisible woman

    You are missing:
    18mm f/2.8 AF-S VRII IF G (with 77mm filters)
    300mm f/4 AF-S VRII IF G
    200mm f/2.8 AF-S VRII IF G
    And of course a free Nikon “plug-in” distortion-correction software for Photoshop

    • longtimenikonshooter

      You mean AF-S 200mm f/2 VR2?

      • Invisible woman

        No, the f/2 is way to expensive for me.

        • D40-owner

          So your 200 f/2.8 would be the update to the 180 f/2.8?
          That makes sense.. I would buy it!

          • bonzo

            Me to, instantly.
            On DX it is a perfect lightweight nature lens.
            Add TC’s or extension tubes and voila – all in one nature lens for DX – from 500m (35mm eq.) to 1:2-1:4.

  • I am very happy with my current equipment (D3s and D700). What would motivate me to purchase equipment is a body/flash with a built in radio trigger to replace the optical trigger system now being sold.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      Sorry but you will never get it. I heard from Nikon that they won’t able to enable their speedlights with radio triggers simply because of EU’s restrictive laws on radio triggers. Also due to EU’s ban on lead glasses, they came up with Nano Coating technology to deal with it. But, in the end, we end up paying twice as much.

    • eric

      Oh yes, that would be great. πŸ˜€

      As reliable as PocketWizard, as versatile as CLS/iTTL!
      For the EU frequencies, just add some GPS to the camera and select the right frenquencies depending on the location.

  • Dear Admin, saying only D700 replacement is not enough imho. It should have been differentiated into D700s & D700x subtypes.

    For example, I won’t be interested in a 12mp D700s, but waiting for 24mp D700x patiently for long years. Yes, stuck at D200, then D300 ! Any benefit from a D300s or D700 doesn’t sound worth switching for landscape applications. My personal threshold is 18mp which is though only 22% linear increase in resolution.

    I’m also aware an equal if not larger group is waiting for the impoved high-ISO together with full-HD video. If you just did so, we could have the chance to learn that ratio.

    Or when mentioned “D700 replacement”, shall we rather think of a magic D800/D900 which will make both parties happy?

    • Agreed. I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps a separate poll for the D700x vs D700s crowd. If Thom Hogan’s survey has any bearing, we should see close to a 50/50 split.

      • Discontinued

        I want to see a D700xs or a D800. Need no splitting.

  • Chris_M

    Affordable 24mm DX prime. I mean cheaper than the AF-D one. And with distance scale if they bother making it πŸ˜€

    • NanDub

      Ditto! I really want a DX 24 af-s! It better be as cheap as the 35 1.8. And I wouldn’t mind an AF-S 55 1.8 for cheap DX portrait use…

  • Rich_H

    Where’s the choice of full HD video with up to 1080p recording in decent, industry standard codecs, with a full-sized sensor?

  • D90 replacement + AF-S 85mm f/1.4

  • I’d be very happy if they redesigned the old 28-200mm adding VR function. It was a compact lens with good results when stopped down to f/8 which I prefer anyway. Only VR and a bit of better build quality was missing. And I wonder if it’s resolving power can match a 24mp sensor at corners.

    Btw, I think there are only few lenses out which can outresolve 24mp at very corners. Therefore any DSLR above 24mp is not really useful, as it will mostly end up with center-only sharp images. We may soon see them hitting the practical limit around 36mp.

  • I’d love:
    A camera with
    100% viewfinder;
    Flash commander;
    ISO performance similar to D3s’;
    Dynamic range of the D3x;
    HD video implementation at least as good as Canon’s;
    Same or better AF than D700/D3 (if it can be bested bring it on!);
    Built-in GPS;
    D700 form factor;
    The money to buy it! πŸ˜›


    • Built-in GPS… Smart idea, how big is the inside of GP-1 unit, they may easily fit it.

      100% viewfinder with built-in flash: Great idea

      Even D3X noise levels are good (though if not comparable to D3s)

      At least 18mp please. Even if sounds a lot at first glance, It’s only 22% linear increase. Resolution is not everything but it is something πŸ™‚

    • LGO

      To add to what have been listed above:

      1. An infra-red remote shutter release (lower Nikon camera bodies have this!) in front and at the back of the camera body.

      2. Mirror lock for use with timer (30 seconds mirror-lock auto release is too long a wait).

      • enesunkie

        Second on the remote release!

  • I just listed the rumored/expected products. I think D3s and D300s replacements will not happen this year. As for the lenses, there could always be a “surprise”. The only wild card I added is the full frame sensor in a small body – I just wanted to see if there is really enough interest for such product.

    • Ed

      I actually voted for the Small body with full frame. I have the 14-24 but I’m sure my D90 is missing out on what the lens REALLY can do. I voted for the 35mm 1.4 aswell.

    • LGO

      There is a real interest in a FF small-body camera (D3000-D90 size) but if we are given only one choice, most would vote for a D700 replacement.

    • Iceman

      We can’t be expecting a rumor of a D3s replacement when the current model is still unavailable/out of stock/backordered through out the US.

      • LGO

        Where I am, you can order as many D3s as you can spend and carry with you. πŸ™‚

  • Peter

    Full 1080p, Extremely high quality compression, 10-bit and little to no jelly roll.

    • Jars

      jelly roll <- CMOS sensor CCD sensor -> poor high ISO performance -> go buy a video cam.

      • Jars

        jelly roll <- CMOS sensor <- better performance than CCD for photos

        no jelly roll -> CCD sensor -> poor high ISO performance -> go buy a video cam.

        • bob

          think you missed another line…. ‘go buy a Canon’….

  • d700 replacement. NOW. not never. is it that difficult?

    • hybris

      second that

      • Invisible woman

        triple that

        • hybris


  • blurb

    I am waiting for the Mamia 7 replacement by Nikon :

    New R-G-B style FF sensor (better than medium format for detail & difraction) in a 24MP rangefinder – evil style body. (& rotative – strong lcd).
    Thanks !!! πŸ˜‰

  • Elena

    D300-D300S Replacement!!!!!
    (why is not in the pool?)

    • Elena

      uhm ok i’ve just read your answer…but changing almost all my lenses for a full frame will be a pity πŸ™

  • Lars

    28/1.4 would be nice too. Maybe too close to the new 24 for Nikon to consider.

    It’s about time we saw the D3x sensor in a D700 body, that’s what I voted for in a D700 replacement. Video OTOH is not a priority for me.

  • D700 replacement, preferably one with 20MP, no video,
    and a new 17-35 2.8. No VR needed, but a new design and new coating.

    • 16-35 4.0 VR no Option?

      • Anonymous


        it will be more compact

        • Exactly. More compact and very sturdy :).
          I used the 16-30 for a day. It works great, nevertheless the 17-35 still feels much nicer and I like a bright view through the lens.

    • The invisible man

      NO VIDEO (tha’ts what camcorders are for)

      • Iceman

        amen brother

        • jimmy

          Just because you have no idea how to use it doesn’t mean you should rubbish it. People are doing very impressive things with the video on DSLRs. It will almost certainly be standard in 5 years. Adding HD video capabilities is the biggest improvement Nikon can make imo (apart from stocking their existing range).

          If you wan’t high res buy a D3x. If you want extreme low light performance buy a D3s. If you want a great all-rounder buy a D700. If you want real video capabilities … *cough* canon? What you all want is available now, its just not in your price range. Video on the other hand isn’t seriously offered in any Nikon model.

          • Anonymous

            D3 series are simply too expensive and oversized, D700 is only 12mp lacking video. None of them are true options.

            Everybody is asking for a Canon 5D mkII equivalent. You can’t solve things by saying “if you want this, then go buy that”

            One link is obviously missing in Nikon’s chain.

  • KentuckyFreedChicken

    18mm f/2.8 G, ED, N (something better than Zeiss)

  • P

    Im waiting for D300s replacement and a 35mm F/1.8 VR.

  • bob

    D90x (8000 sounds cheap) with 6fps,dual card slot,decent video(continuous AF, variable frame rate),articulated LCD, inbuilt stereo microphone & controlled audio…. @1200 max with18 -200/2.8…. most of the features are even in their P&S cams.

    • Jars

      if you don’t know why a 18 -200/2.8 can’t exist, go buy their P&S cams

      • bob

        ok I would settle for 18-135…. fine?

      • bob

        aperture size or focal length? would you like to explain?

  • Ron Scubadiver

    IMO the polls are defective because they do not include a choice for nothing. There are some folks that are not waiting for anything. They are buying new cameras and enjoying them now rather than waiting for something for who knows how long.

    I have this feeling that with the leveling off in improvements in digital photography we are going to see longer product life cycles than before, and more disappointing refreshes like the D300S. My hunch is that no new FX anything will appear before next year.


    • enesunkie

      I think your right. I don’t see this increase in MP and ISO going on forever.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      If you are not buying, then the poll doesnt care what you want since you want nothing. Odd that you would think they would even put that option in a poll of wants/desires.

      • jimmy

        Why are you even on Nikon Rumors Ron? I don’t understand these posts that are going up daily.
        This is a site for people who are interested in upcoming Nikon products and i think the majority of its audience don’t need to be preached to as to the merits of ‘buying whatever is available at the moment’. It gets old quick.

  • Its an amazing poll. We all want the same thing.

  • plug

    300 f4 update and possibly 70-200 f4 with all the trimmings. Low bulk for walking but top quality performance.

  • Anonymous

    not waiting for anything because great photographers don’t wait.

    • KentuckyFreedChicken

      Wrong! Best photographers do wait for the best moment πŸ˜‰

    • Jesus_sti

      Don’t need to wait, just need to want!

      • jimmy

        Why would you buy a D700 now? It’s two years old and its replacement is imminent (if not this year, then the beginning of next year). If you’re not happy with the new features you will be able to pick up a D700 for a few hundred dollars cheaper.

        If you have a working camera at the moment, hold out til the replacement.

        • Anonymous

          still working with 5 years old D200 and it’s making me rich.

  • Anonymous

    D700 Replacement
    35mm 1.4
    85mm 1.4

  • Chris P

    I voted for the 24-120 because no 24-105 was listed, I would prefer the 24-105 as the smaller zoom range would, or should, result in higher optical quality. I also voted for the 80-400 as hopefully this will be built up to a standard and not down to a price like the Sigma 120-400 I have to use at present.

    Unfortunately because of marketing hype and Nikon’s seeming inability to think of any other option except to follow Canon’s focal length designs, we won’t see the two lenses that would really suit the D700’s size and weight, and be optically superior to Canon’s f4 offerings; a 24-85 and 80-200 f4.

    • LGO

      I would opt for an optically superior 24-85mm f/4 VR anytime over an average 24-105mm f/4 VR or mediocre 24-120mm f/4 VR anytime.

      • LGO

        But a new Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8 VR AF-S would of course be best … unlikely though this may be.

        • Chris P

          Yes it would, but it would also have to be large and heavy. In a way it also illustrates my point about Nikon slavishly following the Canon focal lengths for their lenses. Nikon had a brilliant 80-200 Afs, I know I have one. Yet instead of just adding VR to this they produce a 70-200, which wasn’t actually 70-200 and didn’t fully cover the FX frame. Likewise they had a very good 28-70 which they replaced with a 24-70 to match the Canon offering; but 70 mm is too short for a portrait shot so, like Canon, you have to use a large 70-200 lens. Given they already had an excellent 17-35 f2.8 changing the 28-70 to a 28-85 would have given a far more practical lens.

  • Kerni


  • Derek R

    Bring on the EVIL!

  • zeissshot

    Where D4 box? – thats the next one

  • DBF

    What about a 85mm 1.8 AF-S.

  • nz

    D4 — With full video capabilities
    200-400 f2.8

    • Phillip

      200-400 f2.8

      This seems unlikely- such a beast would probably weigh twice as much as the 200-400mm f/4 and would likely sell for three times as much. I don’t think there is much of a market for a lens that weighs 6.5kg/14lb and costs $20,000.

  • George Washington

    – Nikon F3 or F100 size body with high eyepoint finder.
    – full frame sensor 12MP
    – Sensor should have dual high and low gain readout for each receptor to allow 13 stops of range.
    – Full support to legacy AI-S lenses.

    I’ll take two.

    • Anonymous

      No, better smaller shape but more mp !
      Agreed with high DR and built-in AF motor.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon Nikon… listen !

  • Alex

    Now that it is blatantly clear what we’re all waiting for, I’m expecting Nikon to react by releasing more CoolPix cameras, and holding off on DSLR updates for the next 5 years.

  • zeissshot

    don’t care how big it is.. hi rez, nice iso, full-frame, full viewfinder and under Β£4k

  • Martin

    146000 exposures with my old d700 now. Really need new body. Why cant Nikon follow my speed?

  • bonzo

    Please add to the voting list:
    200/2.8 VR
    300/4.0 VR
    400/5.6 VR

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