Nikon D400 @Capture NX 2 screenshot

Update: the photographer posted this comment on his Facebook page:

"This has gone so far. I'm just joking among friends. I didn't write anything about it, just posted the photo, no description. But you have to wait for the news at the end of this month. There's a new model, not sure if it's this name (D400). Someone already tested it while I just had a look. Sorry for the panic. Let's talk again at the end of July"

Credit: Waran Suwanno

This screenshot was published on the facebook account of Waran Suwanno (pictures; websites: pixpros, pixproshouse) - a well respected photographer from Thailand. The rumor is that he did test Nikon equipment in the past. The screenshot is a Capture NX2 window showing Nikon D400 listed in the camera info window.

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  • akvisuals


    Isnt he breaking an NDA agreement or something by posting that?

    • Banned

      Boring, DX sucks.

      • Alexander


        • Banned

          Alright… DX is OK if you’re broke.

          • Nikon Canon

            Yes I am broke… : 0, from buying big glasses!

          • Alex

            No, DX sucks, you were right the first time.

          • Jon

            I own a D3, but would love a nice high megapixel DX for my macro work.

      • zeissgit

        die DX!!

        • pethunia

          DX is fine for telelens photography and some macro work.
          ..A good 7D competitor is nice, obviously.
          Still longing for that D700 replacement, though!

        • donde?

          FX is shit.. bulky, expensive, only for freaks

          • The invisible man

            If you don’t care too much about quality buy a compact, my wife have a NIKON Coolpix P5000, she make decent pictures with it.
            Now, if you spend Thousands dollars in lenses, it is better to invest in a FX like the D700. The D800/900 will be a killer, it will be hard to get one during the first 6 months and certainly not at a discount price.

          • QuBe

            LOL!! FX freaks! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Dad

            FX is so ’80s. If you donโ€™t care too much about quality buy a compact, my pet cat have a NIKON Coolpix P5000, she make decent pictures with it.
            Now, if you spend Thousands dollars in lenses, it is better to invest in a large format digital back like the _____. The ____/____ will be a killer, it will be hard to get one during the first 6 months and certainly not at a discount price.

      • I bet u dont even know how to use your fancy D3…

    • rich

      Why does the focal length say 400mm when the lens used is 70-200mm?

      • iamlucky13

        2x Teleconverter – assuming this is real (it’s not an obvious photoshop, at least). I believe you get a correctly adjusted focal length in your EXIF with a Nikon TC attached.

        Notice also the shutter speed and aperture. It’s highly unlikely anyone would be trying to shoot 1/25 at F/5.6 at 400mm unless F/5.6 was the best they could get. I’m guessing it wasn’t on a tripod or else why bother with ISO 6400.

        That must have been really dim lighting.

        • Anonymous

          My point was that you CANNOT make capture say what that says with a DX sensor.

        • 2X

          70-200 is a F2.8… so 2.8 x 2 is 5.6, he can’t get less if there is a 2X teleconverter…

        • bikeatt

          wouldn’t the exif say there was a teleconverter used if it was the case? For me this inaccuracy ruins the screenshot credibility

      • Why would someone use a 70-200 to shoot 6400 ISO at 1/25 and f5.6???

        • SGN

          Example situation, he is shooting birds at low light.

          Or may be whoever is breaking into his garden. ๐Ÿ˜€

          DX and FX each have different applications where they excel at. let’s not argue about that. it’s like arguing whether a hammer is better or a drill.

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            Wouldn’t it be more like a carpenters hammer vs a sledge hammer ? Both do the job, each does a specific task a little better.

          • Louis Rosenthal

            that would be one hell of a garden ๐Ÿ˜€

      • PJS

        It’s a con using a hex editor.

    • Anonymous

      What are the benefits & punishments of NDA. Is it so serious? eg, anyone who breaches the NDA will be tortured and killed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Focus 400mm ??? 70~200

  • Anonymous

    2x TC used and looking at the EXIF, he was photographing black cats in coal bunkers at midnight. Exciting!

    • Anonymous

      190mm (actual focal length) x 1.5 (DX crop) = 285mm (35mm equivlent FL)

      285mm x 1.4 (TC-14E II) = 399mm (35mm equivalent focal length).

      It’s very difficult to get the EXIF data to be exactly 400mm effective FL unless it’s an FX sensor with no crop and a TC-20 in which case it’s very easy to get 400mm effective FL.

      • Anonymous

        Also, assuming it was f/2.8 wide open the EXIF indicating f/5.6 points to a TC-20. If the FL was 400mm with a TC-20, it must be an FX.

        • the EXIF on my d40 and d2h with the 70-200+20tcE indicate 400mm. in some programs it also shows up as “equivalent – 600mm” but not all and not as the primary measurement.

        • Anonymous

          my d300+70-200/2.8+TC17EII in capture nx show me 340mm max

        • Johan Krรผger-Haglert

          But you’re assuming the program for some reason would show equivalents. I doubt it.

      • f/2.8

        Anonymous, DX does not change the FL. Your conversion statement, “190mm (actual focal length) x 1.5 (DX crop) = 285mm (35mm equivlent FL” is incorrect.

        • iamlucky13

          The Nikon EXIF data has a field for focal length (actual) and a field for effective focal length (based on equivalent field of view for DX).

          However, anonymous above indicates CaptureNX displays the actual focal length, so it looks to me like this is not evidence of a full frame D400.

      • Martijn Bouius

        nice math, but it doesnt work that way ๐Ÿ˜‰
        it always shows 35mm focal lengths.

        • Anonymous

          There’s no such thing as a “35 mm focal length” – focal length is a physical property of the lens. It’s got the same focal length no matter whether there’s a DX, FX, or MF sensor, or indeed no sensor at all…

          • Louis Rosenthal

            i think we all got what he meant.

  • alan

    The lens 70-200 F2.8G,,focal length 400mm,, HUM

    • akvisuals

      He used a converter.

      • Jesus

        no he did not

        with a tc20, u only get f5,6

        • Johan Krรผger-Haglert

          Which is what he got … Look at the image again.

  • also the ISO is 6400, the D300s goes up to 3200, ISO 6400 is Hi-1

    • akvisuals

      Nice catch!

    • Anonymous

      When I use ISO 6400 (HI – 1) with my D300, the exif states that ISO 6400 was used. Don’t know if Capture NX displays anything different. All of the software I use just says 6400.

  • don

    double ooops ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Of course after the D4 rendering now everything is possible – I think what is important here is the photographer – I was told that he is very well respected in Thailand and it seems that he has his own photo equipment store. Would he joke about something like that?

    • Daf
      • Louis Rosenthal

        check out the album “SEAL”

    • Banned

      Well I think he just lost his “respected” status today lol.

      • Don`t know why that would be. Perhaps he made it and put it up as a joke between friends. The 4th person posting was laughing- perhaps that person knew more about what was going on than the rest of us. Easy to take things out of context.

        • iamlucky13

          Maybe, but what’s the joke? The specs suggested by this data seem perfectly believable.

          Not to mention, consider part of yesterday’s rumor: Nikon sends cameras out for field testing 1-2 years before they hit the market.

          Is there really any doubt that a replacement for the D300s is coming in the next year or so?

          The only thing I don’t get is why he’d risk his relationship with Nikon by sharing proprietary information. Maybe the shot was taken by someone else without permission?

          • What`s the joke? Good question! Perhaps his friends, knowing that he`s a tester, were bugging him for info and he threw up a smokescreen (ie- specs for something that isn`t even close to what he`s been testing). I have no idea- just a guess.

      • Thomas Thai

        He is always a humourous guy and at the same time he is a very well respect photographer, nobody will blame him on this. Only person who doesn’t know him will get upset on this, because I think they take it too seriously.

        And he was not the one who start this rumor, so please.

    • Nikon Canon

      … and Olympians don’t ever take steroids……

    • Victor Hassleblood


      no he certainly would not joke about it. Who would want to draw attention to his or her own shop ? ? ? Everyone knows that the businesses no one heard of are the ones running best. Nobody does such things. That’s clearly a 100% impussyble ! ! ! Must be real then.

      • You could be right Victor, I just think/assume that professionals won’t do something like that just to attract attention.

        • Ronan

          A lot pf professionals pull crap like that… we see it on a weekly basis in different industries.

          • twoomy

            And it’s just a photo on his Facebook page. I take my photography very seriously, but I like posting silly photos and practical jokes on my Facebook page. Note the comments below his photo where his friends seem to be saying “ha ha D400 ha ha.” They think it’s funny.

          • Exactly- if he`s a pro, I think he`d know to line up the D and the 400. And if he`s a pro, I think he`s probably got enough sense to not post something legit on a FB page. Think this is just an inside joke that got leaked out to the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous

    D4 and D400 duo is coming

  • Anonymous

    Fake. The ‘400’ is clearly cloned from the 400mm focal length line. Notice the 400 doesn’t quite line up with the D in the camera name. Why do people bother.

    • jason

      exactly i totally agree, dont these people have any photographs to make we want facts not made stuff

    • Anonymous

      Clearly ๐Ÿ™‚

    • twoomy

      Agreed. But what I don’t understand… if you’re going to bother to fake something, why not try to do a much better job? The forger couldn’t be bothered by moving “400” to line up properly?

    • I think you’re spot on – when enlarged on screen, it becomes obvious…

    • Was just going to say the same thing. It’s the first thing I noticed when I saw the photo.

      If he was testing the camera, why didn’t he post a photo of the camera????

    • Banned

      Was gonna make the same comment.

    • Zoetmb

      I agree it’s a fake, except that i don’t think he cloned it from the 400mm or the ISO 6400 lines. If he had, it would have lined up better. Or, he did clone it, but he stupidly straightened it out.

      I put this into Photoshop and drew a 1 pixel line under Device and Nikon at the same angle. You can clearly see that the “D400” is not at the same angle (it’s perfectly straight.) If he had used the 400 from the 400mm, it would have been much closer to the angle of “Nikon”.

      At any rate, total fake.

    • Acend

      Could very well be fake, but it dosn’t look like a clone if you look closer at the pixels. It dosn’t match up with neither 400mm or ISO6400. Of course it can be cloned first and then have a work-over with a brush.. but who would bother? And why do I bother? Just release the D4 already ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Lucas

        Isn’t there a much more easy way to fake this? What about just changing the EXIF in the original file, and only then open it inside NX2? Then there’s no need for photoshop

    • Agreed! The alignment was the first thing I noticed.

  • Doubtful

    It could just be me but the text “D400” doesn’t appear to line up with the word “Nikon” before it.

    • Anonymous

      Totally. The D400 is level, slanted differently. All of the othe words have a slight slant. It doesn’t line up with the same line.

      • Iceman

        6400 doesn’t line up correctly on it’s own line. While not as obvious as D400 it is still skewed in comparision with the rest of the line…time, pixels and brain power all wasted on a fake

      • zack

        That is because you need to know a bit about geometry before you say saomething like this. It can’t be angled in the same way as Nikon because of the angle as well as the position of the camera.

        • Iceman

          Let’s degree in engineering, minor in mathematics and computer science, 35 years experience in construction industry….nah, I know nothing about geometry but I do know rude people when I meet them

  • twoomy

    Exciting! Who knows, this is quite possibly real. We know there are new test models floating around; just like there is very good evidence that the D700x (24mp smaller body, no movie mode) actually was floating around LAST WINTER.

    But related to NRadmin’s last post, when will this camera come to market? Judging by the death of the D700x and the lack of any news or releases from Nikon in quite some time, I’m not really holding my breath… ๐Ÿ™

    • Daf

      True – just because it’s being tested doesn’t mean it’s going to come any time soon.

      It’s inevitable that new cameras will come out eventually and that they will have been tested 1st.
      Means little without a time-scale.

  • Russia

    DX or FULL?

  • cla78


  • Denko

    I believe this is fake. The reason being that the 400 in the D400 is a couple of pixels above the base line in the font indicating that it is a photo-shopped image. The 400 seems to come from the 400 mm. Sorry to burst anyones bubble.

    • Simon

      If you compare the pixels from the two 400, they don’t look similar. Although the displaced 400 is irritating ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Denko

        JPG artifacts are within possibility.

  • nobody

    Wouldn’t any rumour with correct information on a new camera have to come from an anonymous source? If this Thai photographer really handled a D400, he would be under NDA and better keep his mouth shut.

    So I doubt this is real.

  • JMD

    This is the “fakest” fake I’ve ever faked to have seen. It is more fakier than the original fake that was found to be a real…fake! This fake literally faked-me-up! Pls,…no more fakes!


    • So what`s your opinion? Is it fake?

      • zack


      • zack

        ha ha

  • stepper

    After bringing the image into PS and adjusting some levels, it looks like this screen shot might be real. View the link and notice the vertical lines typically seen when photographing a monitor / tv are consistantly flowing through the “D400”. But then again, it could just be a photograph of monitor with the image already PS’d


  • Stevens

    Fake! a cheap publicity stunt !! I never knew this guy before, now he is world famous!!

  • 27man

    It’s the real screen shot. I m from Thailand and know this guy very well.

    • C Benson

      You say you know the guy very well. Could tell use why did Waran Suwanno break the Nikon, agreement not to show any information on the camera and did he not have to sign a non-discloser agreement with Nikon? It seems to be a little fishy to me, for this photographer to release information on Nikon D400 with out Nikon permission. Does he not know if he breaks the non-discloser agreement? As well Suwanno, is subject to a lawsuit if Nikon want to take it to the next level.

      • Oliver

        Not quite sure what kind of lawsuit would try enforce against him… He is an individual, Nikon won’t go chasing big dollars after him, no-one will send him to jail for this either… it’s not the USA … Worst case he won’t get to test Nikon cameras in the future – should this story be true.

        • C Benson

          If he brook the non-discloser agreement with Nikon, Nikon has the right to file a lawsuit against him where ever he lives. No person is above the law regardless who they. All Nikon has to do, is make an example out of him, so that other people will not do the same thing that he did.

          • Anonymous

            B.S. Are they going to put him jail because he posted something on Facebook – B.S. You have no idea how NDA works

          • C Benson

            To Anonymous:

            Do you know the definition of Tort Law? I give an example, so your mind can expand. Tort law in common legal spots is a body of law that deals with civil wrong doings. Meaning civil law. Nikon has the right to file in court, civil action against Waran Suwanno. base on the fact he broke non-discloser clause of his contract. If he even had a contact.

            Then tell me F.F, how does NDA work?

    • Banned

      You know him and? I know crooks too.

    • zack

      Itโ€™s not the real screen shot. I m from Thailand and know this guy very well.

      • enesunkie

        Yeh, he probably has a sister that does work for Nikon and she saw a D400 too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You don’t even need photoshop. Just use one of the exif editors and change the caption to whatever you need. If he has made a photo and retouched it, he must be an idiot!
    But I think the real question is: Why would he do it? If he really has test equipment from Nikon, this would be a bad idea to post this screenshot in facebook. If it’s a fake, what was his intention?

    Maybe Nikon has encoureaged him to post this screenshot because they know that such rumors are going through the whole Nikon Community and that this will detain somebody moving to Canon.

  • Anonymous

    Fake – it is a very bad attempt. Probably took less than 30 seconds to create it (at least the 400 should be in line)

  • Jimmy

    Admin, can you e-mail him about it?

    • Louis Rosenthal

      you mean message him on facebook? i think we all can, but he might reply in Thai ๐Ÿ˜€

  • coolpux

    hopefully the iso 6400 is equivalance to d3s iso200

    • Muh-Kuh

      In your dreams!

  • JorPet

    If you want a screen shot of a computer, why would you get out a camera to do it? Seems way strange when hitting Print Screen would have given you a better picture of what you wanted (or better yet, dedicated screen grab software).

    • I do that sometimes when I don`t want to fuss w/ software and want the shot *now.*

  • it is easier to have D400 than Capture NX2 which supports it… i think fake..

  • NK

    the 400 is not in the same horizontal axis as D
    looks like the 400 from the mm was pasted next to D

  • Mike

    Haha yeah, because you have never been able to edit exif…. hahahaha man, you have got to be a little less gullible here.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    This must be the replacement body for D700.

  • Catastrophile

    actually a d40 exif only needs a “0” added to become a d400 exif.

    • Louis Rosenthal

      but then i don’t think anybody who owns a D40 would own TC-20, 70-200mm 2.8 and so much as dream of putting them together, not to mention the 6400 ISO, D40 capable of that?

  • snorri

    Obvious fake, yawn.
    Besides, I’d rather see a D300 Exif in a NX 3 screenshot than a D400 in NX 2 …

  • Temple

    May be he didnt know that Grids can view in PS ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • It has begun!!…again.
    I hope this is real. Can’t wait for it to be out.

  • Anonymous

    obviously a fake, “4” isn’t lined up with “D” and two zeros. open the pic in photoshop and set for 0.2 contrast in levels. here’s an example.

  • nobody

    I suppose Waran Suwanno is having a laugh about all the people that care about the joke he has made ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bingo! Having a laugh at the audience that he never asked for.

  • Dru

    There’s a little truth in every joke, I’m not saying this picture is real but perhaps he’s just trying to say “be patient, something will be out soon”.

  • Anonymous

    i want to D400~


  • another anonymous

    hmm no matter if this is fake, I think that D400 is already in testing phase and will be anounced in standard timing, we just do not know the specs.. (or only me?)
    who would tell me why there are no rumours on the specs?

  • urgyen

    People People like few others had already said that this is photoshoped. Just cloned the 400mm to D300. And i also think the same.
    Nikon its time to realease a new FXslr

  • Weston

    As the d90 uses the D300 sensor, just modified to record video, I wonder if we’ll see the D400 before the D90 gets updated, the D300s update was worthless, however it’d be a break from releasing it alongside the D4, which likely won’t come out until the 2012 olympics as the D3s is a huge success and doesn’t compare to the D300s update. Hopefully somebody at the world cup can catch somebody testing out new bodies.

  • anilh

    did anyone notice??? the angle of the first line (which says d400) is different than the angle of all the other lines. FAKE!!

  • Peter

    IMO it’s pshoped… The two zeros are identical, smudged in the same way, because of the screen… it’s a composite of two photos one made with a d40… and adding a 0 the other with a D3 or smt…. something that has iso 6400 and then put together.

  • Matt

    AGREED.. pulled it in photoshop.. the 400 is shopped into the top row.. good eyes.. needed to magnify a bit but it is off text wise.. good catch..

    Label it FAKE

  • Yawn

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    1/25 s exposure at 400mm – what kind of VR is that? Let’s call it a virtual tripod :-))

  • Me

    The perspective’s off. Not a very good Photoshop attempt

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Not worth a comment.

  • Iceman

    Can anyone read the comments left on FB to see if there is anything relevant?

  • Dan

    So the people who get to test new cameras, do they also get the beta software to process their files with?

    I’m assuming he shot RAW as most professionals do, so he already has access to a new Capture NX2?
    Because software, without updates to “work” with new cameras, don’t really identify these new cameras by their names right?

    • Catastrophile

      if nikon doesn’t give them the cap. NX software, they can use Samsung’s NX for free.

      I guess Samsung were on to Somesing when they named their NX.

  • zack

    Guys, if you ever knew anything about marketing, you would’ve known that it is not a matter of is it fake or not. It is about talking about the brand, constantly. It is about exposure.

  • Iceman

    I wonder if his shots of the panda bears are fake too? Although I can’t verify them as I’ve never seen one.

    • Iceman

      …but that background looks a little too perfect

  • frage

    i think Nikon is starting the rumor mill and asked pro’s to post material that is produced by Nikon, maybe a deal: you test new devices and have to post such things.

    have we had seen this in the pas?

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