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Soon I will have the weekly Nikon news/links section on a separate blog on NR so you don't have to wait till the weekend to see the updates. The main blog will stay untouched.

  • Adobe releases Camera Raw 6.1 for Photoshop CS5 (Mac/Windows).
  • Next year the PMA show will be in September (8-10) in Las Vegas.
  • Nikon USA response to the potential focus issue of the new 24mm f/1.4 lens: "Nikon Service was able to reproduce your issue with your lens as well as another lens. They are currently studying the issue and trying to determine if/when it can be addressed."
  • New Nikon discount programs in France (D3000, D5000, D90 and D700), UK (free MB-D10 grip).
  • Why is the new Nikon 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens removed from the Nikon Imaging website (topics section)?

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  • Discontinued

    Hi NR,

    I really like the “Good read”. It’s just sooo true. Funny how some fanboys comment on this. Trues hurts.

    BTW, have been away for 2 weeks and really am disappointed by the perfect lack of any good news from Nikon.

    • The visible woman

      Yep, and no 3 sensors DSLR.
      I guess the invisible man was wrong…. :o(

    • specs

      Old news.

      Fanboyism is not the only rule to stick to a brand. Switching simply costs money.

      Even worse, switching to Canon full frame might cost me about the same as switching to Nikon full frame. However good full frame is, it would not make me a better photographer. Therefore it’s not worth the money to replace all my current lenses for new ones.

    • David Hasselblaff

      Quote: “Usually, these arguments are between men, because men will defend their ego no matter how slight the insult.”
      Best example: Anonymous comment farther down below.
      I think that’s also the point where women learn to mind-control us from early childhood on. They say something that conflicts with our ego and we stop thinking.
      How to become more than just a man? I have no clue. Maybe by acknowledging what fools we actually are …

      • Catastrophile

        How to become more than just a man?
        be wise, ie be balanced and don’t give anything more than it deserves, women are GENERALLY more emotional than men and find it harder to be balanced, so they too have weak points.

  • C Benson

    I like Nikon ad, Nikon did great job on the ad.

  • Zoetmb

    The D5000 w/ 18-55 is NOT discontinued. You’re simply looking at the wrong listing – one without an instant savings. Look at this one: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/615725-REG/Nikon_25454_D5000_Digital_SLR_Camera.html

  • Huggs

    Slow year.

  • Zoetmb

    Serious Shooting: I didn’t realize Nikon made gun scopes. This is considered part of Nikon’s “Other” businesses: binoculars and the such. The entire division is only 2.3% of Nikon’s revenues, which probably makes the gun scopes far less than 1%.

    There’s one shot (sic) on the site of a hunter holding an animal’s head by the antlers so that the animal (presumably a dead animal, even though its eyes are open) is looking directly at the camera. This is really creepy. Do they really need to be in that business? It seems to me that the better the killing equipment, the less of a sport it really is (like the clowns who think that killing animals in an enclosed area with a machine gun is sport.)

    If some madman ever shoots me with a rifle that contains a Nikon scope, I’m going to switch to Canon!!

    • Yeah, I must say I didn’t know about that Nikon also specialising in Hunting optics.
      And to tell you the truth, I’d rather have NOT known that.
      I am personally quite opposed to hunting and I’ve always thought of photographers (and especially wildlife photographers) as pretty much opposed to hunters…
      To be honest, I -as a customer- am not very happy to be financing a company involved in hunting gear.

      • Gonads

        I am very distressed by this. I had no idea Nikon was involved with hunting, and this for me is reason enough to abandon my Nikon equipment altogether. I cannot financially support a company which sponsors something that to me is complety abbhorant. I have spent many hours/days using Nikon equipment to photograph wildlife, and to find out that this same company is profitting from the killing of animals makes me feel utterly sick. Good riddance Nikon

        • torax

          Hunting is 100% natural. Animals does it too.

          • robo

            Ummmm. Devastated that nikon produce hunting optics. I had no idea. Feel very strongly about this.

            Torax, hunting is 100% natural, you are right. Provided you eat what you kill. So what are the chances…

          • If hunting is natural among animals, using optics and guns seems much less natural to me.
            Anyway, the debate about hunting would be a real troll but what I think is important here is really the image of the brand…
            I disaprove buying photography gear from a company that supports hunting.

          • Canon Fangirly

            I don’t get it. Where do you people think food comes from? If any animal was able to use the tools we have they would. You don’t let an opportunity pass by when it comes to survival. Killing is a part of life. Everyone who can’t live with that better stop eating any food at all.

            Of course, killing just for amusement is yet another topic …

          • Victor Hassleblood

            You need to kill it before you grill it. Anything else would be pure torture, right?
            And keep in mind, that gun scopes help to make it precise and easy on the deers. I prefer wild meat anytime to domesticated, medicated non biological grown mutants which had to suffer a sad life before being industrially slaughtered and finally served as sausages or minced shit in a cheap burger.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            OMG, I am talking about food on NR. This is just ’cause Nikon sucks right now. Want to see releases or at least rumors. And please not about focusing issues. This is pure torture. To quote the clash: should I stay or should I go now?

        • Simon

          Hunting sometimes is necessary to help protect certain species which otherwise would be replaced by other stronger species in long term. Hunting is sometimes also important to avoid overcrowded quite ill populations. Better to eliminate some ill invidivual and having a stronger smaller population with less food shortage. In a lot of countries one important aim of the modern hunting is to keep a good balance between the different species and produce healthy (and sometimes smaller) populations with enough space and food.

          I exspecially say “sometimes”, some sort of hunting is just pure sports with just killing and no nature aspects.

          But some arguments against hunting from people eating meat every day is just duplicitous.

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          ROFL at you who would leave Nikon over them making scopes. Thankfully we wont have to hear your tree hugging pantywaist comments anymore.

          and NO I am not a hunter

    • Anonymous

      Leaving Nikon because they make hunting scopes? Seriously?

      You do know that Nikon made glass (bomb sights, periscope glass, etc) for the Japanese military in WWII, right? Many people have lost their lives because of Nikon glass. They’ve done ‘worse’ things than making hunting scopes, if that’s the light you wish to compare them in.

      And to that point…. Better not buy anything made by GE either, as they used to be a huge manufacturer of components for nuclear weapons. Or fly in any aircraft made by Boeing, Northrop, Bombardier, etc; they all make aircraft and weapons systems designed to kill other humans. Or use medicines from any major pharmaceutical company – they all manufacture pesticides as well beneficial drugs. Or buy a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, GM, Nissan, etc automobile, as they’ve all played a role in making tanks or parts for machines designed for war.

      Point is, Nikon makes hunting scopes. Good ones, too. Yes, innocent forest critters have been killed by Nikon glass. Get over it.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps you could go and sit in the corner and evolve a bit before you next put finger to keyboard?

        • iamlucky13

          Hehe…the most coherent and thought out post in this subthread earns an empty insult.

          I suppose a lot of the posters above are vegetarians. It’s no skin off my nose if they don’t want eat meat. It’s interesting that they would boycott Nikon over their manufacture of hunting products, however. I can’t imagine it’s simply a boycott against any industry with a relation to eating meat. What about cutlery and cookware? Stores that sell meat? What about businesses that serve meat in their cafeteria’s or at company events? What about products like leather shoes and belts or gelatin? Sure, vegans avoid all those things, but most of the world considers that a pretty extreme position, whereas hunting has only ceased being mainstream very recently in terms of human history.

          If these other things aren’t problems, then I suppose it’s against the practice of hunting itself? In the US hunting is carefully regulated, with annual harvests monitored by state and federal agencies who set quotas when needed to avoid over-hunting. In the meantime, the animals live in the wild, which I gather from proponents of practices like free range livestock is much preferred by those deeply concerned with animal treatment over feedlot ranching.

          So I’m not sure where the criticism is coming from other than prejudices. I can understand that many consider killing purely for sport cruel, but most of us who hunt or fish eat what we take.

          And Nikon is well respected for the quality of the sporting optics they make: not just rifle scopes, but binoculars and field scopes, too.

  • Anonymous

    They have some points about fanboy-ism. But there are exceptions like myself. I know Nikon is a greedy corp, just like Canon and Sony. I can jump ship to Canon any time I want for very little investment. I could be in a pair of 5dmkii’s with lenses if I sold all my Nikon gear. But there are some significant feature differences at the moment. And there always has been in the two company’s lines. You just can’t do what I do with Canon right now. They don’t make a full frame dslr with 8fps+. The closest in feature set (ignoring sensor and sensor size) is the 7D or the 1dmkiv. The 1dmkiv is about triple what I paid for my D700, and the 7D doesn’t have the same focusing ability. I’ve used both brands professionally, but when if comes to investing my own bucks, Canon just doesn’t have it today. Maybe tomorrow.

    What I never hear fanboys talk about is market branding–picking features and making design decisions to inspire loyalty. Generally this is done to make the consumer uncomfortable using a competitors product. Food industry companies do this with unique flavors. So do the tobacco companies. Often flavors you wouldn’t necessarily like, but if you get used to them, you miss.

    Case in point: on off switches between Canon and Nikon point and shoots. Canon puts their zoom switches where Nikon sometimes puts on off switches–around the shutter button. Canon and Nikon give their dslr buttons different behavior: Canon you press, release, then turn dial. Nikon you press, hold, and turn dial. Canon fought adding a four/five way button to the back of their cameras forever, and I don’t believe this was a patent issue. Canon still has a wonky way of setting WB. Nikon has unnecessarily loud shutters/mirrors in their pro dslrs.

    Canon and Nikon also subtly shift button positions between their “consumer” and “pro” cameras. This is not a “feature”, this is done to make customers uncomfortable and favor one over the other–hopefully the more expensive one! Pros can afford to lose a second, so they’ll buy two pro bodies rather than straddle the consumer/pro cam feature divide. The D700 lcd is capable of masking the viewfinder like the D3 in DX mode. It’s a software issue, not a hardware one. Many Canon models have a light built in…why isn’t it an AF assist light?

    Many companies abuse their customers like this with their designs.

    I picked Nikon as the lesser of evils. If that makes me a fanboy, so be it.

    • That was odd. My info didn’t auto-fill.

      • Ok, one more try…

    • Joe

      You can set your Nikon to press, release, then turn dial in custom menu.

  • Reading the Nikon India Link, perhaps we should order our DSLR and lenses from India since we can’t find a decent selection here in the US.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    That “I am Nikon” campaign video is really boring.

    • Discontinued

      No, it’s just sooo much better than anything being released. I really enjoy marketing over content, it suites my dull brain.

  • ㅠㅠ

    D800 …..

  • nobody

    Would the 18-70 successor be the kit lens for the D90 successor? Finally faster than f/5.6 at the long end?

    D7000 + AF-S 16-70 f/3.5-4.5 VR 🙂

  • alex

    So you really believe a dude on dpreview forum quoting a so called email from Nikon……

    • Discontinued

      No it’s clearly unbelievable.

      We should take a Nikon gun scope and hunt this dude down, a subversive element, an iconoclast, a sea gurkin An issue with a Nikon product ? ? ? Certainly impossible ! ! ! And if there was one, I wouldn’t want to know. I’d rather blame myself for all the shots that went wrong.

  • Looking forward to testing out and using the new nik hdr software. Right now photomatrix and photoshop are my tools of choice but nik is usally steller. Be sure to give it a try if you are shoot or new to HDR.

    • amunk

      HDR is, for the most part, a joke.

      • No, HDR is often made into a joke. There have been several times when a great HDR-shot made it possible to satisfy a customer in a very horrid lighting situation. 🙂

      • I understand why people think a HDR image can be overexposed or unnecessary or even a joke. Seeing a bad HDR image hurts my eyes too but a well done HDR image done by a pro is very eye catching and entertaining in my opinion. You cannot say this style is pointless though, I mean some of the greatest photographers used this technique over the years. The problem these days is the software out there. In too many cases people bump up the affect and do not have enough exposures. I am trying to teach people the correct way to produce a HDR photograph so we stop seeing bad HDR photography. Get back to the roots of HDR which is detail and depth.

  • 18-70 gone? I am a bit sad about that news. I have one that came with a D70. I guess I have a good copy, because it is still capable of delivering me great money-earning pictures.
    Hope it’s successor will be a bit faster at the long end but as good and cheap as this old ‘girl’ was… 🙁

    • iamlucky13

      I honestly haven’t heard much criticism of the 18-70, so it’s probably not even a matter of lucky copy. The only substantial complaints I know of are the barrel distortion at the wide end and the awkward zoom camming. My copy is consistently sharp over its range and the frame, and well built. While not a pro lens, at the price it’s a great value.

      But apparently it’s not very exciting. It hasn’t been listed at Adorama for probably over a year. It’s not surprising that one of either the 18-70 or the 18-135 got dropped when the 18-105 VR came out, but I was hoping it would be the other one. Unfortunately, I suspect we won’t see a replacement.

  • Anjz

    Unless Nikon is making the scope
    to kill the critter
    to acquire its horns
    to make some fancy inlaid trim
    for the freaking new D400
    I am not interested in it.

  • David

    Ok, so, on the 24mm f/1.4, does this mean we should just wait and see before running out there and placing an order?

    • Discontinued

      “does this mean (…)”

      Yes it does. Very sad, isn’t it?
      And BTW, it touches the issue of fanboyism too.
      Did you follow the link to “Nikon USA response” and did some reading? Apparently the first person who reported this focussing issue on dpreview got torn apart by fanboys – before more reports and the Nikon response backed him up. These fanboys make me wanna puke.

  • Crow

    So… If I buy an AR15 and a Nikon scope, I get a free D3000?

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