Canon pro photographer who is switching to Nikon was told no D700 replacement in 2010

This is the email I received from a professional Canon photographer who is currently looking to switch to Nikon - I slightly edited the text to keep the privacy of everyone involved:

I'm working for GQ, Men's Health, Stern, Geo etc. and since these switches aren't cheap and easy (there's quite some equipment involved in my case) I had some serious talks with Nikon reps. First, at my local shop I was given a very clear answer from a Nikon rep: no full frame body in 2010. This was definitely confirmed by Nikon *** (name of country). He also spoke of the 85 f/1.4 lens.

Yesterday I had a long talk with another Nikon NPS rep about my switch to Nikon. I was told that pro level full frame body (a.k.a. d700) is definite, however not in this fiscal year. New model is to be expected after March 2011, probably with a split up of the line in s and x. That's all a bit vague but I trust him (he advised me to invest in a smaller number of bodies now (no/few backups) and to use the D700 bodies as backups as soon as the new stuff is out next year).

Regarding lenses: when putting together the list of lenses to be acquired with both 35 and 85 primes on it he said "there will be a 85 f/1.4 this year, wait for that but there won't be a new 35 in the current lens refresh, go with the 35 /2. There will be a new 35 over the next few years but not now."

I trust both sources and in particular the NPS rep who was very specific. I guess the only chance for a new full frame body this year is if Nikon Japan sent that info to the rest of the world on purpose and them surprised everyone.

I can confirm that the email was legit and it was really sent to me from that pro photographer.

The March 2011 time frame for a possible D700 replacement came up at least in two more tips from different sources.

Many Nikon authorized dealerships (mainly in Europe) are making D700 orders based on similar information from Nikon reps and if this turns out not to be true and Nikon does announce a D700 replacement in 2010, there will be a lot of unhappy dealers.

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  • Martin Johansson

    That’s a bummer. Am I really first?

    • sad is that it is almost word to word copy we got from very high level NPS dude here.

      • cameraland

        This is true.
        Heard the same from NPS Tokyo people: no remplacement for the D700 in 2010…

    • iamlucky13

      Taken by itself, a single pro’s conversations would mean little to me. The reps he talked to may have the best intentions, but be misinformed. However, since our Admin has posted other leads for a similar time frame, the evidence seems to point to more waiting for the next D700+ body.

      However, I’m curious why photographer for big dollar magazines who no doubt works in a mostly studio environment would be so interested in a D700 replacement.

      Granted, a D3x costs a lot more, but videos from a D700+ would have little value to magazines, and it’s certainly not like he’d be hurting from the noise in images from the current D700 lit by strobes.

      Possible upside: Our illustrious admin also shared some rumors last week about a new full frame coming out before Photokina. Today’s rumor is about a *professional* full frame. Could we see an FX body that’s even even more affordable than the D700 before this fall???

      • Daf

        Big Magazines have high traffic websites and these like mixed media content i.e. video.

    • RyanTV

      Well it makes me feel so much better about my D700 I got this week. At least I have a year before it’s obsolete!

      • aetas

        Dont even joke like that. If you say your d700 is going to be obsolete ever no matter what your subject you are going to have to put up with 10 PROS telling you that your camera is good enough for you and that it will take as good as a photo when the new replacement comes out as it does now 😉 I think I am looking at doing the samething myself. I have been holding out for a replacement but I think I may pull the trigger on the 700. Or I might just invested in some more glass I have been looking at and see what nikon is going to do next year.

  • 27man

    I do want the 35mm 1.4, please

    • PHB

      I really don’t see how a 34 f/1.4 is likely given that the 24 f/1.4 has only just come out.

      While some people would buy both, it would make more sense to update the 85. While the ideal would be to have all three lenses, the gap between the 24 and the 50 is rather less significant than the gap above 50.

    • k1nG

      Luckily us canon people have the ability to use nikon lenses not the other way round. bet thats a bummer eh?

      • dian

        Why would anyone want to put Canon glass on a Nikon body? That’s like putting a turd on a piece of gold. Although that piece of gold needs to be refreshed soon or then you’re just putting a turd on a turd.

        • GlobalGuy


          Nikon and Canon are both very good. A few years ago, it made sense to go Nikon if you were just starting. If you are starting right now, you should go with Canon. In about a year, if you are starting, you would probably be advised to go Nikon.

          These brands are NOT lifestyles or very different in quality. They are both excellent. The idiot war doesn’t make sense and if Nikon and Canon ever agreed on standards for parts, I would gladly mix and match and feel great about doing so.

          • I’m glad I’ve gotten over the Nikon vs Canon argument, personally.

        • It is just like if someone has a Ford vs Chevy or Toyota vs Honda war. How many of you Nikon vs Canon people *hate* your friends` cars because they`re made by a different manufacturer?

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    Bummer on no FF this year. I was hoping to change from DX. It is also slowing me down on lens purchases since if I do stay DX I wan the 17-55 and if i go FF i want the 24-70.

    • Joe

      the 24-70mm range works well with DX. unless you really really need that WA in the zoom

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        I was looking at what would be most useful for those family shots during holidays. the 17 on my DX (i looked using my 18-135 kit lens) gives quite a bit more coverage in a living room situation than when I zoom to 24.

        I would really like to have a D700 and have been watching the prices on them. If they ever hit near fire sale prices I would probably make my move.

        Ideally I would like 18-20MP on a FF D700 body type. I do not wish to lug around a D3’s weight all the time.

        Thanks much for the replies about the 24-70 on DX, I appreciate the time taken to offer insight.

        • t1t4n1um

          I have a 24-70 on dx right now, and it simply isn’t wide enough for most uses.
          That’s the way it is right? on dx you get better tele, and on fx you get better wide.

        • Tad

          16-85 for dx. Beats 17-xx any day, except for the f2.8 tho.

      • Maeka

        Dumping out a report on focal lengths from lightroom shows >50% of my indoor shots are sub 24mm on DX.

    • I think the 24-70mm f/2.8 is a pure ingot of gold. I used it on my D90 for a couple of months before I bought my D700 – trust me, you will love it. 24mm is still fairly wide even on DX if you shoot landscapes but for a portrait lens it is beautiful. It also gives you a good reason to upgrade to FX when you feel the time is right but if you don’t get on with it (trying to find a 2nd hand one is a tough gig) you’ll get back pretty much what you paid for it regardless because investing in good glass repays you in more than one way.

      • Pat

        same experience here. I got a 24-70 when I was with a D80 a few years back.

        I upgraded to D700 so I can use 24-70 in its rightful wide angle range. Yes, I upgraded to D700 so I can use the 24-70 in its native focal length. enough said!

        • shivas

          agreed – get the glass now, I think even advises the same. . . .I use the 24-70 on my D90 and it’s literally leap years ahead of the 17-55 2.8 I used to have (which I thought was amazing at the time!)

          You’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where the effective 36mm (short end of the 24-70 on DX) isn’t “wide” enough if you’re doing group shots, etc. Yes, for landscape, some would prefer wider – and if that’s the case, you can get the Sigma 12-24 4.5-5.6, which is also FF capable ($899) or the Nikon 14-24 ($1799?)/Nikon 16-35 ($1299?), which should be plenty wide on DX (18mm, 21mm, and 24mm, respectively).

          I’m waiting for the “next gen” FF body as well – Nikon certainly loves testing our patience!

          But last time this happened, they rolled out the D300/D3 back to back, so I guess we shouldn’t complain!

          • Joe R.

            Wide isn’t for fitting stuff in. That’s back moving your feet is for.

            Wide is for getting close.

          • Problem with the using-feet-to-zoom method is that there are times when walls and things of that sort interfere. Understand (and mostly agree) with your point. Just have to consider that this answer does not fit *all* situations, unfortunately. Sometimes one needs a wider lens.

          • Anonymous

            Joe R

            a big fat WRONG! getting close is what a macro is for lol… wide can certainly be for fitting stuff in ask any pj photographer… the point of any lens is for fitting in the frame whatever you want and not only the distance

          • Just thought I’d throw a spanner in the works here and mention that moving your feet changes your perspective, too. Something that should be considered when choosing focal lengths.

    • David

      I don’t know if you read the same nuance into as I did, but it seemed to say no new FF Pro body this year. Does that mean there might be a FF hobbyist body (something more in line with the 5DmkII? – not that pros don’t use the 5DmkII but due to build quality/ruggedness and autofocus module I imagine Nikon engineers do not consider the 5DmkII as pro). I heard that Ken Rockwell was predicting a D5000 FF or something like that. Maybe he’s right……

  • Iceman

    If this camera is as hot as the D3s it’ll be 12 months after the announcement that we will be able to get our hands on it.

  • I don’t understand why the 85mm is upgraded before the 35mm. The current 85mm is pretty darn good but the 35mm really needs a replacement imho.

  • The deals announced previously in several countries around the D700 are still running. I bought on 1st May and I have no regrets either way, but I do know when I got a good deal. I got a price drop and free battery grip – a new D700 for £1650 including grip; doesn’t look much better than that. I think people should look at those deals and consider carefully what they need over the next year because I can’t see all of them continuing in real terms.

    I will most likely upgrade to the new body in mid-2011 going on this, which means I should still get a very good 2nd hand sale price at that time because my D700 will only be a year old – just as I sold my D90 after 12 months too.

    As the admin and others know on here – this seems to have been the undertone for a long time now – no FX body (D700 replacement) in 2010….

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      This amazes me about Nikon camera’s and glass. People selling them for near new prices. For me, unless it is 25% less I’d just as soon have a new one. Saw a guy offering his 70-200 vrII for 2000$ … heck I’d pay the difference for a new one before buying a used lens that close to retail. (current new price at Amazon is $2220.00)

      I guess there are people that pay nearly new prices for slightly used gear. 10% difference is not enough to get me to risk taking on someone else’s problems. 😉

      • Anonymous

        I got my 70-200 for $1600 cdn new 1 year ago at henrys of all places

  • chuck

    Why does this suprrise anyone? D3S and D700 kick the pants of anything Canon has. Now that Nikon got a mug too why would any real photographer consider Canon? yeah I know video. Its amazing how back and narrow thinking the Nikon engineers are. It is very simply to spin the sensor and incorporoate 1080 vidoe, get on it Nikon get over your phobia!

    You also need larger production runs. Its just wrong and bad business to have the so many good lenses and bodies sold out.. duh that is money you aren’t making!

    • Of course you’ll now be presented with 4000 replies on how the 5DMKII has +20MP and Nikon is ten years behind for not offering competition which directly matches the 5DMKII feature for feature. Personally I have everything I need in the D700 and I get to use amazing glass too – something which every Canon shooter knows deep down is their undoing 🙂

      • tim

        Hehe, thats so true.

      • Anonymous

        RussB – Just because you’re happy with 12MP it does not mean that everyone is happy with that. Go and figure it out.

      • twoomy

        Close your eyes and imagine a D700 with the resolution of a 5dmkII/a850/a950, high-res video, and still retaining all of the winning Nikon features like build, focusing, ergonomics. That would be absolutely wonderful to so many of us!

        But you can’t picture that? Apparently Nikon can’t either.

        • Joe J

          You, and everybody won’t need to picture it in your head- you’ll be able to see it come August. A FF 16+ MP camera 8 FPS 1080HD video camera wil be released then, watch. Stop listening to all the reps who are trying to sell the current cameras at full price until it’s release announcement. I don’t think they are wrong for doing it- if I had an investment in a stock of $2+K cameras, I wouldn’t be telling anyone to wait for the new release in a few months either.

          • So far rumor-wise, it looks like Joe vs. The World on this one. My money`s on the dark horse.

  • Iceman

    Also remember that Nikon’s Fiscal Year ends in March.

  • Sorry, I’m not buying it… The D4 isn’t predicted till summer 2011, so you’re saying they’re gonna upgrade the D700 BEFORE they upgrade the D3s? That sounds highly unlikely. I do however believe that the 85 ƒ/1.4 will be replaced this year.
    However, my sources within Nikon Europe concur with you on the part that no new FX body will be coming this year.

    • “…so you’re saying they’re gonna upgrade the D700 BEFORE they upgrade the D3s?…”

      Yes. I can’t see upgrading a camera that’s already an upgrade as a priority before they release a new Flagship….

      • PHB

        What this would mean to me is that the D700 is no longer going to be simply the little brother to the flagship with all the same capabilities but at much lower cost.

        If the rumors of higher resolution consumer level models (14MP, 16MP) are right, I would expect the D4 to be a minimum of 18MP. Lets say for the sake of argument that the D400 is also 18MP which puts it a cut above the consumer models.

        Simply recycling the D4 sensor in the compact pro format body would work but leaves Nikon with the same sparse FX lineup it has today. A better approach would be to use updated versions of the D3s and D3x sensors. So then the FX lineup would be:

        D800 12MP (i.e. D700s)
        D4 18MP
        D900 24MP (i.e. D700x)
        D4x 36MP (or higher)

        I can see the value to having an FX body that sells for more or less the price of the D400. But moving from a magnesium body to plastic would probably not save all that much given the volumes involved.

        Going above 24MP is certainly possible, at least in the center of the frame and with very high end lenses (i.e. the new primes). I would see any camera aimed at that segment being an flagship body with a price to match the necessary lens investment. At the moment the 50MP range requires a $20,000 ‘blad and the same again in lenses. So a $10K Nikon with $8K in f/1.4 primes (24, 35, 50, 85) is going to give them a run for their money.

        Given the emphasis placed on measured ISO performance rather than actual low light response, I would expect future 12MP+ cameras to offer a mode where the picture resolution is downsampled internally to produce a 12MP JPEG which can be used for like-for-like ISO comparisons. That would allow all the FX cameras to claim an ISO rating of 6400 or above.

        If Nikon was going after that type of lineup it would certainly make sense to update the D700 earlier in the year.

    • Andy

      Actually, that may make sense. This way the upgrades don’t step on each other.

  • venancio

    I spoke to God and He said there will be a D700s this year. He also said that if I don’t have the patience I can go the Ken Rockwell way and salivate on 5dMII. Ah, but I am a sinner so I will stick with the D700 and let it work without a day of rest. But, oh boy, are the pictures fantastic!!!

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon works a lot like Apple. While Nikon may not have the level of paranoia that exists at Apple, there is a lot of secrecy and in spite of rumor boards like this one, Nikon actually seems better at keeping secrets than Apple does (perhaps because there are fewer people who care.)

    So as with Apple, I think Nikon reps are the last to know about new cameras. You would think that NPS reps would know more, but who knows?

    As far as retailers are concerned, the entire world has moved to “just-in-time”, low-inventory management (Nikon obviously takes this to excess, which is why everything is always out of stock.) No dealer should ever inventory more than a month’s worth of product. Therefore, it should not be a problem if Nikon “surprises” with a D700 replacement this fiscal year. It would be priced higher than the D700 anyway and would become a viable product for those who want something between the D300 and the D700 replacement. After all, the D700 is still a very fine camera, especially for those who insist they don’t want video.

    In Fiscal 2010 (ending March 2010), Nikon sold 3.55 million DSLRs. For fiscal 2011, they are predicting 1.9 million in the first half (through September) and 2.3 million in the second half. So where are these extra 650,000 units coming from? There has to be new models. Even the first half predicts sales that are more than half the fiscal 2010 sales, so I believe there has to be at least one model coming very soon. Even if that’s not the D700 replacement, it seems to me that the D700 replacement would have be available by October or November or Nikon can’t make their numbers. And they always make their numbers.

    • PHB

      The D90 upgrade is the one that is going to drive volume. Sales of the D90 outpace all the Nikon Professional models (D3s/ D3x, D300s, D700) put together.

      If you don’t know anything about cameras, all you have to go by is the numbers on the box. Last year Canon had 1080i HD and Nikon did not. As a result Nikon sold an equivalent kit for almost $100 less at Costco. This year Nikon will have parity on all the measurable features on the consumer models plus a better lens selection.

      Another strong possibility is a further refresh of the 18-200mm DX to further reduce production costs and allow it to be offered as a kit lens with the D90 replacement. It is not the absolute best IQ lens in the world, but it is really convenient.

  • tim

    Im guessing the pro switched, like most who switch, realizing that accurate focus makes better pictures than MP fanboyism?

  • Pat

    I still think EITHER ONE of D700S or D700X (or its variants in the name of D500X, D800 or D900) would show up this summer. it makes no sense otherwise. remember what the Nikon head of spain said late last year.

    The only reason the D700s/x would be delayed to March 2011 is Nikon’s readying 1080p video for both, versus the crappy 720p on D3S/D300S. it wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Pat

    oh another thing, if i remember correctly even NASA got burned by Nikon a few years back. They bought a whole bunch of D2Xs right before the D3 was announced.

    you think NASA is not a big enough customer versus 1 pro?

    • tim

      Yes, NASA ordered 6 of them.. not such a big customer sorry. Press agencys order a couple of times that, just for big events.

      • tim

        Yep ur right, 6 made it to space!


  • viTRifY

    That’s okay, looks like I’ll be waiting for another year for the D700 replacement as there’s no way I’m spending $3000 on a camera when it’s 2 years old and is about to get replaced soon. I’ll continue taking pictures with my G7 and my gf’s rebel (focus is really off when you start putting fast lens on!).

    • donde?

      What are you talking about? You’re not even spending $1000 to get a more than decent DSLR body. What are you complaining you’re not going to spend $3000 on…

      And a G7…. come on! That’s like driving a Mini and complaining that there isn’t a suitable Porsche for you.

      • viTRifY

        I’m sorry, but who are you to tell me what I can and cannot buy??? I know what I want, have used the D700 before, but I would like the best bang for my buck – and I have plenty of time to wait.

        • TOd

          He’s calling a foolish choice a foolish choice that’s all, nobody’s forcing you to buy anything.

          G7 & rebel? Neither being a proper DSLR, don’t know why you think you have the ability to jump to a FF semi/pro right off bat. Or maybe you have lots of DSLR experience using rentals?

          • AnonymousCoward

            What a joke.

            What is viTRifY going to drop the clutch too early?

            Considering I only have an old VGA Mavica FD-91 and P&S digitals, should I assume I don’t have the ability to justify a D700 (or its successor)? Mind you I’ve been doing film (shooting & developing) for about 15 years.

  • tim

    BTW i cant wait to see what zzddrr is gonna say!

  • Sonix

    If the information came out of Australia, just for your info, the Financial Year Ending, is on the June. So, It could be July, the new FY comes, and a few new models… Hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    They can take however long as they want as long as they get it right. I am still very happy with my D700, and I think it suits my need really well.

    But I do want 35mm 1.4!

  • D

    I agree that >12MP prosumer body is unlikely now.
    But no reason why not make a D700s with 720 video and D3s sensor.
    What I really want are those primes though…

  • donde?

    Yay, put the D700 rumors to death, I’m so annoyed by all the drooling internet folks that would like to have them, but not going to buy them anyway because they neither get off their computers nor do they take the money to really buy one. There’s so much that settle for the faint possibility of buying one.

    More affordable DX!! Cameras that we can actually buy! And also more affordable Lenses!!! Every single lens in the Nikon lineup is 30% too expensive!

    • Alex

      I didn’t realize we couldn’t “actually buy” full frame cameras. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I’m not going to buy it because it is only 12MP and an old model. ;->

      • TOd

        so go buy a Canon/Sony if you want new MPs

  • cirtap

    What the Cluck is going on with Nikon???? Why? WHO? What? Man i am trying my damnest NOT to buy a Canon…but Nikon sure wants me to….I want to upgrade…Do not need Video..Will not spend 8 grand on a D3X…Don’t want to spend 5 grand on a 12mp camera ie D3S…COME ON NIKON…get with it….

    Where is my Full Frame 18-20MP Camera? These countless never ending rumors of what? NIKON wake up…..

    • zeiss darling

      Its seems fuckin ridiculous but there isn’t a proper-fieldable DSLR over either Canon or Nikon’s rez (unless u count a teensy bit of Sony) Technology is just not there/sellable at a reasonable price yet and we are really in the crux of the wider digital revolution so i find this fascinating. But it IS a pain to wait. If there’s nothing by September i will consider Pentax.. but a second hand D3something is definite attraction.


    I work for a major retailer and promise my information is good. Everyone who works for Nikon USA or any other country outside of Japan is out of the loop. We probably know more than they do unless something is imminent and training/testing has started on a new product. Maybe he spoke based on what he believes will happen, but nothing leaves Nikon HQ in Japan unless they want it to.

    One major reason is they don’t want to have to repremand Nikon USA for a leak. The relationship between Nikon’s branches in other nations and Japan is not exactly warm either, especially in regards to Nikon USA/Japan.

    • Eric

      My thought exactly.

      Given the reputation of nikonrumors, it might be hard to distinguish what comes from official Nikon sources and what comes from nikonrumors.

      Put a rumor here today, you’ll get 10 “independent” confirmations about it tomorrow.

      • This is true, the only difference is that I wrote about it after I received several tips that there will be no D700 replacement – I did not start this rumor, it was clearly started by Nikon reps in multiple European countries. Yes, they may not know much but as I said already they risk their relationship with existing Nikon dealers if they provide them with incorrect info. This rumor was clearly started by Nikon Europe.

        • Joe J

          Well, Nikon Europe is incorrect. There will be a new FF release (whether it’s D700s/x/D800/etc. TBD) with 1080 HD by September. Put that as a post; it’s more reliable than any Nikon Europe rep rumor, guaranteed.
          Nikon may not want this known, but it will happen. For everyone who has doubts, just sit back, go into common-sense mode, and think about why it is necessary for Nikon do do so; it’s pretty simple why.

          • It’s entirely possible they are right, but trust me those reps are on the bottom of the totem pole. The tech reps are usually very nice, but sales/tech reps will be the last to know because they are constantly in contact with retailers and consumers and Japan wants no chance of a big leak.

    • Gordon

      This makes sense to me to. Why would Nikon risk exposing themselves to their competitors by mass announcing to all their reps in all countries about their upcoming releases? The less people they tell the less risk of something being leaked.

      My company works exactly the same way when signing on new clients, only very senior management knows what’s happening, everyone else gets to know once things have been signed and released to media. I imagine Nikon would operate the same with their reps.

  • low

    admin : you just sent a slew of people over to canon by publishing this….

    oh well let them go 😀

    • That means less whining and more people out shooting (what they ought to be doing).

      • Christina

        Please, Fried Toast, give it a rest.

        People can ‘want’ a new camera, and still be out shooting every darn day.

        • You missed my point. If they went out and bought Canon (which so many seem on the edge of doing), then they could be out shooting with all the MP that makes them happy and not have to want a new camera while shooting. Imagine that.

      • if you don’t want to hear people whine about new cameras then you should be out shooting and not reading/responding to a rumors site

    • Anonymous

      let them leave, it’ll be faster queues for us when the d700s is announced 😉

  • shivas

    all this hype about FF – does anyone even own suitable FF glass?

    I’d say buy the glass now (something I’ve been doing this year) and then wait for the used prices of D700’s/D3’s to hit ebay/the boards. . . .THEN, grab ’em up.

    I refuse to pay that much for a body that’ll be worth nothing in a few years – the D2xs, hallowed body of the early 2000’s was $5999 at release? NOW, can be had for $1500 or so. If I could score a D3 for that much in a few years, I’ll be ecstatic – the things LAST forever!

    • Joe J

      You, my friend, are a smart man. More people should follow your lead. Wait- maybe not, since it will drive up the price of said items… 😉

    • Christina

      Yes, I do have FF glass, and am eagerly awaiting a FF camera to properly make use of them.

  • santela

    fine, i’ll stick to my sigma 24/1.8 for now, but roll out that 35 next year for me, would u, nikon?

  • Anonymous

    Even if Nikon releases new cameras this year, they will be f***ing out of stock for another 8-10 months. I am getting fedup with this company. I just want to buy what they introduced already. Oh, we can get Nikon lens mugs 🙂

  • Jaws

    With Canon the last two years coming out with 15 MP and 18 MP Digital Rebels with video modes, I have a feeling Nikon will be replacing the D3000 and D5000 next to remain competitive in that area.

    The D700 is supposedly still selling very well, and Nikon may not want to replace that until they think that the sales for that model will start to slow. Not that a D700S wouldn’t have tremendous sales if/when they were to come out with that.

    I wonder if maybe Nikon still hasn’t developed a better video feature (720p vs. 1080p), and are going to wait until they have that ready to go before coming out with another high end camera.

    The D90 is the oldest camera in their line, and that would usually be up next to be replaced. But unless they simply do something minor to it such as adding 1080p video and a few other small things and calling it a D90S or D8000 or whatever, I don’t see them replacing this yet. The main reason is that I would expect the replacement D90 to follow the D400. If they were to put a new sensor in the replacement D90 and come out with it before they come out with the D400, that wouldn’t make sense.

    As long as they do come out with a D700S then in March 2011 I’ll be happy. But I shoot a lot of real high ISO stuff and hopefully I won’t have to wait too long to see this. In the meantime, if they can at least come out with a 24-105 f/4 VR this fall that will at least give me one of the two things which I am hoping to see from Nikon the most.

    • Gordon

      Actually the D700 is older than the D90, only by a month mind you.

  • nobody

    The question that arises with a post March 2011 introduction of a D700 upgrade is, would that be still the D3 generation? If that is the case, who would buy the last D3 generation cameras in spring 2011 when the D4 generation is supposed to start in summer 2011?

    But this all seems to deal with pro gear. No D700 upgrade this year does not necessarily mean no 18-24MP FX camera in a D90 type body which is rumoured here as well as elsewhere.

    BTW, no D700 upgrade this year is what I was told from a German NPS person, too.

    • Anonymous

      nobody – there is a little problem with your logic.

      1) If Nikon releases a camera D90 type body 18-24MP FX then who will buy the D700 and the D3?
      2) If Nikon waits until 2011, there is no way they will meet they promised in their financial reports.
      3) If Nikon does not release anything this year for pros then Nikon can forget about a huge chunk of the market to ever get back. Many of us will never look back a company like that. Especially since it cannot f***in’ deliver the shit it already announced. So you mean, that March 2011 announcement and Aug-Sep 2011 earliest time products will not be out of stock.

      I believe that no D700 upgrade, it will be a different camera but I do not believe that Nikon will not release pro gear this year. It will be a suicide.

      • nobody

        1) Anybody who wants a pro body or pro AF system and doesn’t need more than 12MP.
        2) An 18-24MP FX camera for €/$ 2000 would sell very well. Ask Canon about their 5DII.
        3) Pros make the reputation, hobbyists make the sales. Don’t forget, 90% of the DSLRs sold are APS-C and smaller.

  • Meh

    I’m switching to Nikon and the executive Nikon rep I’ve talked to said there will be a D800 this year.

  • Alex

    I will buy what we are calling the D700 replacement. D3x sensor in D700 body with 1080p video. If Nikon brings it out tomorrow, I will buy it. If I have to wait till next year, then so be it. I’m not buying a D700 today – though I wish I had done that two years ago.

  • King Of Swaziland

    It’s gonna be a D3xs, and nobody is going to give a flying rat’s rear end. Nikon could have made a D700x (whatever they called it), instead, they choose to hit a dribbler in the dirt to allow team Canon to make the triple play, instead of swinging for the fences.

    • yep if Canon rushes they will release 5DIII at the same time or shortly after Nikon’s D700 replacement. Maybe Nikon is waiting on purpose.

  • Richard

    Nikon had better get something out before the Canon 5D MK III or it just might be adios. Nikon service has annoyed me recently anyway which has done nothing to improve my attitude toward them.

    Take a look at Tom Hogan’s page today. Reading between the lines of his thoughts, I see a migration away from Nikon if they do not rapidly “get with the program” both in terms of getting up-to-date products announced and, even more importantly, getting current product on the shelves of retailers…you know the first law of retailing, “you can’t sell what you don’t stock”. Nikon is just not looking all that capable.

    • Nikon Yokohama has !!#$%`d up my D700 repair, so like you, they`re in the doghouse with me as well. Not happy at all. Canon is definitely benefiting right now, I think.

  • thefunk

    Picking up on an earlier point about not over egging the d90, I kind of like that theory. If they push to 1080 it will upset the higher cameras. It would make some sense to push the high end machines first to re-establish Nikon as a contender with pro’s ? Everyone is so sure about the d90 because it’s been two years, but across the range does it make any sense ?

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I think it would make sense. Let the consumers work out all the kinks in their 1080i then pass it on to pro’s. Also, some that bought the new D90 with video would upgrade to the pro series FF when they announce it later. two sales for them with some people.

    • the person buying a D90 class camera is not buying a d3 anyway – or a d700 class camera – no more than a volkswagen person is choosing between the VW and a high end mercedes…

      Updating the D90 and getting it in stores with good glass that you can buy is what Nikon should be doing…

  • Sheesh

    Nikon reps know nothing and are not told anything because they can’t keep their gobs shut.

    • I agree, and I am still not convinced that there will be no D700 replacement in 2010 but this is the info I am receiving every single day.

      • The invisible man


      • Joe J

        See my post above, and assume you heard it directly from Nikon- new FF DSLR in Aug/ Sept w/ 1080 vid and 16-18MP. 😉

  • Chris P

    I am quite happy with my D700 and don’t need to upgrade. If the earlier rumours are correct about an upgraded 80-400 and a new 24-105 f4 of at least the quality of the 16-35 f4 I won’t have the money for a new camera anyway.

  • thefunk

    Well said.

    I have just one further prediction to make.

    That no-one has a funking clue about what the funk is going on.


    • Joe J

      the Nikon R&D dept does… wait, maybe you’re right, no one does!! 😉

  • Scubabubbles

    I am soooo glad I purchased my new D700 a couple of weeks ago. I just wish I had done so back in 2009 when I first got the fever to buy it. That being said,I have learned to never ever look back…be happy with what you have today…

    • Proof to the thought that one should buy what one needs *now.*

      • jimmy

        We’ll see everybodies response when the D700 replacement gets announced in 3 months. What you want today, might not look so good tomorrow.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        I agree on the need, however many of us are in the want category and can wait and gripe that it is taking so long. LOL

  • nebus

    I agree, I don’t think anyone has any idea what will happen. But seriously if Nikon don’t up the ante on the D700 they’re going to feel it with the pro league.
    I’m a pro – I’m so close to pulling the trigger on a 5dII because in all reality it gives sharper detail on studio shots than the D700/D3 even with the lack of handling skills.
    the 35 1.4 is a big loss if it doesn’t happen this year – it’s really one of the lenses that Canon have over Nikon below telefoto (as well as the 50 1.2) . If this company after this many years can’t realize current and upcoming trends/needs of pro photogs then they WILL loose even more clients.
    Auto focus aside (it’s really NOT that big a deal to me and all my colleagues) Canon has the current margin over Nikon and it’s a real shame. I will keep my big Nikon glass if/when i switch because i can (it’s not like you can go the other way) and probably change some to the new Zeiss glass too.
    I have no idea if anyone from Nikon reads ay of these comments on this blog but if they do you guys NEED to get your game on. Really.
    FWIW I still shoot with my Contax 645 for product shots, my D700 for fashion/photo journalist shotz and occasionaly my G2/GRDIII too..
    Otherwise for me , and a bunch of colleagues it’s end game for Nikon bodies.
    What a shame.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I have already said this before. Look, kids, just buy current Nikon stuff now. You don’t want to wait forever.

    • King Of Swaziland

      Which stuff? The D3s? A supertelephoto? That hot new 24mm f/1.4? You can’t buy the stuff Nikon purportedly offers right now, and they don’t seem to be in any rush to offer the stuff people are clamoring for (that they don’t purport to offer at the moment).

      • longtimenikonshooter

        It seems to me a lot of dudes are waiting for D700 upgrade. BTW, just has some 400mm VR2, 200-400mm VR2, and 500mm VR as of this week.

  • The invisible man

    I’ve retail Nikon cameras and lenses in France for 10 years, I can tell you this:
    Nikon don’t give a dîme about his retailers, like eveyone else we found out the new gear reading the photo magasines.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      They do not want the sellers to tell people to hold off, that is why I would not alert my resellers to a new item until the last minute. Letting stockpiles dwindle down should be an indication. The fact that at least one retailer (AAFES) is no longer selling the D700 tells me quite a bit.

  • thefunk

    Here, here.

    Life is too short.

    And too funky.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    This makes sense. Remember the original 5D went 3 years. Nikon probably views it as a mistake to produce a body that was 95% as good as a D3 for half the price, only 7 months after the D3 was released. The D700 is still a screaming deal compared to everything else out there. They can’t make the D3s fast enough, so why put that sensor in a body that costs half as much? A half price D3x would be over $4K.

  • Oh for f***s sake. The 5d mkIII will be out before Nikon get their act together. I really hope this is just reps knowing nothing.

  • Lthole

    2 weeks ago at a dealer set up” try anything” at the local zoo I had a conversation with the Nikon rep after using a D3s and 70-200 vr11 for 1.5 hrs. When I asked about D700 replacement his comment was Sept for Photokina show. I don’t even remember if this is even the year for one. When I commented that that totally misses the USA summer shooting season, he just rolled eyes. My take is that any rep would have to be your brother before you might get a straight answer.
    Next comment that video is not an issue, most who are whinning do not have software or computer power to do anything useful. To get quality it is a whole new ballgame, not cell phone video for utube.

  • Lex

    Cr@p, I should have bought a D700 long ago… I generally don’t shoot digital for work… but I have been jonesing for a great DSLR to replace my ‘what the hell’ D40 vacation camera. Was asked to shoot a friends wedding last week… I covered it with an F3 and an F100 all B&W as per the couples request… I was wishing I had bought a damn D700 for that favor alone!

  • Click

    Canon Rumors (CR) announced yesterday that Canon in Canada is now offering a 500.00 rebate on the 5dMark2 (The largest rebate ever). It was also noted that Canon has reduced or shortened the usual refresh cycle (3 years) for the 5d2 by 6 months. The 5d2 is what, 2 years old now? So possibly within the next 6 months they slap in the greatly improved AF system (being used in the 7D, 1D Mark IV, T2i) and then combine it with their already potent full 1080 HD Video and Dual Digic 5 processors and bundle software in the box instead of a teaser 30 day trial (like Nikon does) and they will hit the ball out of the park.

    Do you think within 6 months that their will be enough stock of the Nikon 24mm or the D3s that was launched on Oct. 14th (8 months ago) too where we can actually order and get one shipped? I would surely hope so, but you can’t buy either today. I am afraid that Nikon has dug themselves into a hole that they may not be able to get out of. Can you imagine if a 5d Mark 3 was announced before a D700 replacement, It could be entirely possible….

    It could also be pure propaganda announcing that their will be no D700 replacement this year. Maybe they are hoping that we will all give up, and buy a D700 so it will clear out inventory. I know one thing for certain, as good as the D700 is, I will never be purchasing one because surely something much superior is in the pipeline already. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Bryan

    Part of me wonders if maybe Nikon has taken the advice from Thom Hogan and other people and will release a camera body with a modular and interchangeable sensor. This may be why production has slowed or stopped and the rebates keep getting extended. Nikon normally recycles bodies each generation with new guts, but if an entirely new line of bodies is coming out, i could explain why they’re trying to get rid of all the older stuff or have stopped production on it. Maybe it’s true that there is no real replacement for these current models, but rather an entire new line coming out.

    • Click

      The Micro 4/3rd rumor site reported this week that their was a very strong likelihood that Olympus was fixing to announce a similar Modular type Olympus body. Could this be a future trend shared by various manufacturers? Time will tell…
      Surely we will know more in the next few months leading up to Photokina, I think things are fixing to get warmed up… Hope so anyway….

  • Phillip

    I’m skeptical that sales reps in most large tech corporations have much information about future products.

    FWIW, the cameras and lenses that Nikon does manufacture and supply are wonderful, their problems arise when they fail to create or supply what customers demand. If they were selling cheap items, this might not be a problem, but when it’s cameras and lenses that run in the many thousands of dollars, people start to feel jerked-around and resentful. The lesson Nikon should learn is that they need to better communicate with customers- the lack of information just leads to festering, negative rumors.

    Right now, people have no idea why the shortages of high-end gear exists in the US and when, or even if, the shortages will end. If Nikon were to say: “there is a shortage of lens X for reason Y, we expect the shortages to ease in the Zth quarter”, people would grumble that they’d have to wait longer, but they could plan their purchases accordingly and wouldn’t feel as if Nikon was incompetent or hiding something.

    Likewise, potential customers are confused about how Nikon is arranging their FX body lineup. Because the D3 was followed by a D700, many people expected the D3x to be followed by a D700x (high rez FX sensor in a D700-style body) but we haven’t gotten it. Nikon then surprised us with the sensor upgrade in the D3s, so many have come to expect the D3s sensor to be used in a D700s, just as the D3 sensor was used in the D700. But it’s not clear why Nikon hasn’t yet released a D700x, despite demand, so it’s imaginable that they won’t release a D700s either. If Nikon delineated how they see the relationship between the “pro” and “prosumer” FX cameras, and the FX lineup evolving in general, people could more rationally weigh the trade-offs between buying now and waiting for a new model. As it is now, potential customers are left frustrated and somewhat paranoid about Nikon’s plans and competence, and some fraction of them will either pass on purchases they would have made if they had more information, or will buy Canon products instead.

    This isn’t to says that customers are always justified in waiting for the next big new thing; some people are always going to complain, no matter what, and besides the goal a of photographer is to take pictures, not to buy gear, but when photographers are considering spending thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses they expect to use for at least a few years, and want to squeeze the best out of them they can, it doesn’t help Nikon’s business to keep the status of current products and their future directions so murky.

    • So true. I shoot stock with a D300 and was expecting a D700x well over a year ago. If Nikon had come clean then and said there will be no D700x I would have bit the bullet and got a D3x. I would then not have to uprez for getty and my images would have a longer shelf life for micro. Nikon need to start letting customers know the game plan.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        12MP is not enough for getty ?

    • Christina

      My word,

      your post is the best post, by far, that I have ever read here in Nikon Rumors.

      It is not only written intelligently, but makes complete sense.
      And what I like best is that you haven’t ended by saying:

      “go take pictures” with the camera you already have.

      Thanks for being eloquent, and level headed.


    • aetas

      This was the most well written post showing what many of us are feeling I have seen In awhile. Well done.

    • Click

      Thanks for your excellent Post. You have truly told it like it really is.

      Possibly Nikon can not do what you suggested due to the competitive nature of their business with Canon and others in the industry. Surely they all play cat and mouse with each other for market share.

    • Daf

      Hear hear.
      Better transparency for the customers would be a great thing.

  • Vladi

    im surprised about this: there won’t be a new 35 in the current lens refresh, go with the 35 /2.
    is the old f2 lens better than the current new 35 1.8? im thinking of getting one of these myself and cant decide which one to get. is the f2 better built or?

    • Vladi

      Ok i read the article again and i see the guy is going for FX body so he needs FX lens, the 1.8 is DX. Still on DX body, which one would u go for if you could choose one?

      • Maeka

        The 1.8 @ $200 is a no-brainer if you have to ask.
        The 2.0 is softer in the corners, even on DX, and doesn’t have AFS.

        IF you go to FX next month you can still sell the 1.8 for 90% of what you paid for it. So you’d be out $20. Big whup. The cost of money on the 2.0 over the 1.8 over any sane time period is higher than that $20.

        Buying the 2.0 if you’re only shooting DX is a waste of money – there is NOTHING for DX the 2.0 does better. (It does most things “well enough” – but that is != better.)

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I’d not pay you 20$ less for a lens. For that 20$ I would buy a new one. What person is so poor that 20$ makes the difference ?

          • Maeka

            Look at used prices. ~$10 drop on that lens is going rate in the US.

          • Maeka


  • Grumpy

    Odd story. If he really is such a Pro, his motivation would be his clients.

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