More fiction than rumor: Nikon D3Xs specs

I would rate this rumor @ 1% probability. Nikon D3xs specs:

  • 24 MP ISO-100 to 3200 with Lo-1, Lo-2, Hi-1, Hi-2
  • 5 fps. (12-bit), 3 fps. (14-bit), 9 fps (High-speed crop), 1 fps (16-bit)
  • New NEF Metering mode and JPEG Metering mode
  • Full HD with RAW mode
  • Available in June 2010 after Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Click on image for larger view.


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  • fork()

    A new camera from Nikon would have the (INFO) button. This one doesn’t.

    • josh

      its there.

      • fork()

        Sorry, should rephrase that: A new D3 model should have a dedicated (INFO) button like the D3s, located below the (OK) button. 😉

    • Mark

      What a hell purpose for this button?

      I had this button for 3+ years with d40-d90-d300s and never press it.

  • Where is the speaker?!?

    • Paul

      In the D3s Nikon placed the speaker under the memory card door latch.

  • showman

    1% probability !? only 1 %???

    • Anonymous

      why post it if this is only 1%?

      • Sloooooooooooooooow news day.

        • Global Guy

          Why not post it if there is nothing else to post? It always is amazing that there are a bunch of people here who would rather see an EMPTY blog for days on end rather than take 5 seconds to understand something isn’t a real rumor. Its really strange. Who visits dead blogs that sit empty for weeks on end? Nikon doesn’t make a new product every day, so the rumors obviously are going to be few and far between. The flush articles are filler. Everyone knows its filler. We like the filler. Its better than coming to nothing.

          • Marco Ro

            I agree

          • I don’t disagree, either. Doesn’t bother me. Guess it’s those that don’t have any patience that can’t handle it.

      • jason

        never say never with nikon , why is it been talked about, this camera is on the way , ok its at 1% but in a few months add 99%
        the real thing nikon needs to do is drop the prices

  • Kwartjuh

    admin, why post this nonsense if you know its a made-up thing?

    • Anonymous

      Im sorry, is the site not named NIKONRUMORS?
      The second half of that being rumor; A statement or claim of questionable accuracy, from no known reliable source.

      • Kwartjuh

        might as well make it nikonbullshit if you post rumors that are not even remotely based on anything reliable…

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          Why do you bother reading them then ? Nobody forces you to read them.

          Though on a side note, my rumor is

          • abret

            You can’t complain about something you’re not forced to do?
            Fuck that.

  • What a horrible design… I mean all D2, D3 series look awkward & scary big. I feel an urge to chop the lower 1/3 of it.

    • Global Guy

      If you did, you’d have the D300/D700. So just go buy a D700. Sheesh!

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        Add 6-8 more MP to the D700 OR drop the price another 500$ and I likely would.

    • AR

      It’s actually smaller than the D300/D700 / MB-D10 battery grip. And frankly, I love the size. Big/heavy means comfortable and stable. Obviously you’ve never held a D3

      • ArtTwisted

        I prefer smaller as well. I Like heavy but smaller like the DXXX series. Remember though that the DX series is meant for sports photographers mainly and photojournalists which need the high frame rate and large battery that the bulky build allows for.

    • so 1% is too much…

      • fork()

        Yes, far too much. A three-year-old could have done a better job painting in the “s” after the “X”. 🙂

        • Dazzling

          My thoughts exactly. Surely someone interested in photography would have a little better PS skills 😉

  • Stop it – please

    let’s hope the battery of this sample and the rumor are gone very soon … 1 frame at 16 bit – even Hasselblad is at least at 1.2 frames/second

  • Fake, as said before no info button

  • Amit

    You are right. This is fiction not rumor.

  • low

    this is a monster

    • NikoDoby

      That’s what she said! 🙂

  • Some have questioned the post – but I’d like to defend the admin here for a minute. Despite it being less than 1% chance – even if that’s generous – the thing I love about posts like this is to see everyone’s speculation as to WHY it’s a fake. I learned a lot. Like the info button…didn’t catch that myself.

    All moot, I’m sure…but I have fun with these type of posts. Thanks NR.

    • D900_Buyer

      The rumor buzz adds just a bit more interest to my day… even if the “rumor” is nothing more than a silly posting. The truth is, the posting of this picture WILL generate rumors… So NR is 100% justified in the post.

      No one said rumors have to be true. (In fact, most are not.)

      Rock on, NR.

  • Hahaha, and it will have RED stamped on the side!

    Seriously, this is a bit much of a leap for Nikon to make given what the specs of its previous cameras have been able to make. It would be nice for sure but outside of 99.9% of Nikon shooter’s budget.

  • coolpux

    what? iso 3200 only? i’m going canon

    • fork()

      That was pretty funny…:)

  • Steve

    It’s 100% true. I just got a second D3x, so a D3xs is bound to come out within the next month…

    • Iceman

      You buy exactly the same way I do. Bought the D90 as a backup the day before the upgrade rumor came out.

  • Anonymous

    what a nightmare, no 20 + mpx til nex summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buyin 5D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • longtimenikonshooter

    I hope it’s above $10K to break the record.

  • alvix

    duh..I’d trade iso3200 for 16 real bit they want to design a specialized camera for particular projects? 50-800 iso max, plus Hi1@ 1600 just in case, 16bit jpeg, RAW only…(not to stress the engine.) and some more architect. lenses (less geom. distort. etc..) and I’m done, for at least 3-4 years.. ps: ok, they could even add FullHD video 24-30fps, I wouldnt complain..

    • Yea, I’d like a nikon studio camera as well– with ISO 1600 for those rare occasions that a location might demand.

      • Jim

        iso50 and 16bit for a studio cam? yes please!!!

        • alvix

          hey guys, lets sign a petition: we are already three of us..maybe with a couple of million dollar each we can support some R&D .. 😉

          • ArtTwisted

            4 of us. Actually lets make the base ISO of all nikon cameras 50 or even 25 but especially are new super studio D3XXX mark 5 edition that were dreaming up.

  • Looleylaylow

    Hiya. Longtime reader, first-time poster. Big Nikon devotee. But seriously: good developments have become pretty few and far between for our kind, haven’t they?

    • fxed

      Hey there. I’m a long time poster, first time reader…

  • Sorry folks but this thing is for reals!!! I was using a top secret test version yesterday to photography unicorns… LOL.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist!

    • guasch

      you look like batista

  • The visible woman

    What about the 3 sensors ?
    Admin promissed me a beer if the Nikon 3 sensors was showing up before my birthday (May 25th).
    I guess I’ll have to buy him a beer…..

    • Nikodoby

      Somebody say beer? I like me some beer too please 🙂

    • enesunkie

      I thought May 25th was The invisible man’s birthday?

      • The visible woman

        True, I have several computers in the house (I work on computers) so several names.

        • Anonymous

          That’s the weirdest Rumor I heard so far…, you are not bound to one PC per name 😉

          • The visible woman

            You’re right, I would have to delete some “cookies” but I’m too lazy.
            In an other hand, by having differents names I know on witch computer I was when I typed the comment.
            I have’nt go on Nikon’s rumors while been on the kids’s computer, but I let you guess what the screen name will be….. 😮

  • Ray

    Then why the hell post it.

    • cirtap

      Because he got sick and tired JUST like we did..seeing that same ol bs picture of that photographer holding a D3XBS camera

    • No new posts = no traffic. Gotta have something for the rabid masses to chew on (even if it doesn’t taste that good).

  • Dan

    This would be an entirely new (not just modified) sensor – the reason the D3x is slow at 14 bit is that it oversamples 4 times to get there. A 3 fps 14 bit camera would have to have a sensor that reached 14 bit without oversampling (and it’s not oversampling from 14 to 16 either – if it were, it would either be 4 fps at 14 bit or only 0.75 fps at 16). I would imagine that any D3xs would use a modified D3x sensor – keeping the bit depths intact. A 16 bit Nikon is probably more of a D4x…


  • Leaking Starfish

    **** that POS. I’m not buying it. I’m gonna freeze myself, come back from the dead and buy a D10xs.

    • enesunkie

      Yeh , but it wil be 50 MP , ISO 1,000,000 (or so) and 30 fps and people will still be threatening to switch to Canon if Nikon doesn’t come out with a camera that composes the image correctly for them!

      • jason

        the dogs pmsl

  • NanDub

    No built in GPS? No cigar lighter? No ass-wiping toilet paper? Damn, I’m going canon!

    • Canonknight

      Good decision. They will release a DSLR with built-in photo shredding machine for out of focus pics:-)

      • fork()

        And what about all megapixel-whiners who think that their blurry photos is the result of a low pixel count? They won’t have any photos left at all if such a device were to appear. 😉

        But when I think about it, the world would be a better place. Legislators, please make this device compulsory in the next version of ACTA!

  • Next up, the Nikon D3HXsII. I love my D300s but also want a D700/D3/D3s full frame too. I hope something comes out soon so people sell off their “crappy” 12MP cameras for next to nothing.

    • Ryan

      haha, so true. once the next high mp range comes out, i.e. 24mp, and it is readily available, 12 mp becomes “sh*tty”.haha, i tell you, some of you people on here are just absurd.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        says the guy with a 4MP camera ?

  • new lens!
    AF-S 24-105/4 VR
    AF-S 80-400/4.5-5.6 VR
    AF-S 85/1.4
    AF-S 300/4 VR
    AF-S 400/5.6 VR

    • The visible woman

      ESCUSE ME ???????
      AF-S 300/4 VRII sound better !

  • f/0? That’s one fast lens!

    • longtimenikonshooter

      No f/0, that’s for sure. But they’ve got f/0.9 if you need it.

    • David Hasselblaff

      f/0 is impossible. The maximum theoretical f-number for any lens would be f/0.5.

      • fork()

        Everyone knows that with an f/0 lens you will overexpose even if you photograph a black hole 🙂

        • The visible woman

          What do you mean by black hole……?
          BYW f= lens focal / lens diameter.
          A Nikkor 50mm f/1 would have a 50mm diameter front lens element.

          • fork()

            I did some kind of a scientific joke. Let me explain: f/0 would mean either a vanishing focal length or infinite aperture diameter. Since f/0 is an infinite number of stops faster than any “normal” aperture, it would also mean infinitely more light passing through the lens and to the sensor. I therefore concluded that such a lens would produce completely white images, regardless of subject and shutter speed.

            Oh, and now I ruined the joke by trying to explain it 🙂

  • cirtap

    Dear Nikon

    I am a Nikon User…and I am also a a Nikon Consumer…I am tired of waiting for Nikon to get off their butts..and give ME and tons of other Camera buyers out there what we all demand..

    A Nikon Camera that DOES NOT have Video..if i want Video..i will purchase a HD DRIVE DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA…

    I want a new Nikon Camera to have 18 plus MP that will not cost me 7 plus Grand….I don’t need a ISO of 102,000 is LAME.

    I just want my digital camera to be semi-fast 6fps or more…
    Two Card Slots.

    and Please make this happen before this Summer….IF not…I will start looking to buy…DO I SAY THAT NAME HERE…..???? C***N

    • enesunkie

      It has been a while since they’ve come out with a new DSLR. October for the D3s and July for a very subtle update of the D300. Hopefully their engineers have had some success in whatever they’re working on!

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I’m with you on this (though i dont care if they toss in 720p video as i might get a wild hair and shoot a vid clip for kicks) Keep it UNDER 3500$ also.

    • alexy

      Cirtap, you are NOT alone
      Do you hear, Mr Nikon?

    • Chris

      Get a Sony

  • mark

    Hey admin, what kind of BS is this ? Yes we know it is a slow time and you don’t have any rumors to post but that doesn’t mean you can just post any crap with the word “Nikon” in it and qualify it as rumor. This is nothing but dirty attempt to create traffic to your site

    • Canonknight

      Hey, make your own site!

    • mark

      Hi admin, can i have your comments on this?

      • Why are you concerned with the traffic of my site? What do you do when you don’t like something on TV? Here we go, you got my answer now.

  • mark

    Hi admin, since you have decided to post fictions instead of rumors (oh yeah itz gotto have “Nikon” in it), shall we discuss about possible new nikon condoms?

    • Anonymous

      With the contoured rubber grip?

    • No 15fps (faps per second) and I’m outta here!

      • Anonymous

        i wud prefer magnesium body and weather sealing with dual slots

    • fork()

      Well, I’m going Canon unless Nikon comes up wth the 1080″ version soon.

    • JorPet

      I was just wondering if it would cover my canon (note lower case there…)


  • Anonymous

    I could have done a better job of putting an “S” on that camera in photoshop

  • RyanTV

    Is that an SD icon on the bottom there? that would be nice 😉

  • Pat

    Full HD with RAW mode? Even Canon land who has been doing video for decades don’t have it. Indeed I seriously doubt if Nikon would even bring out 1080p video capable DSLRs before the D4 generation.

  • Dan

    Someone wants hits for their blog!

  • honestly

    It’s sad that you have to succumb to the assimilation tactics and mandate facebook as the only means of voting on a thread. Facebook is a Fad, albeit possibly a widespread and long lived one – still a Fad. Sites should not act like it’s such a mandatory method for everyone – it’s as if it’s being forced down everyone’s throat. Wonder how much they convinced (Paid) you…

    • David Hasselblaff

      Yep, I totally agree. I have never had a Facehook account, yet I am still alive. Don’t forget that Microsoft and the CIA are both behind Facedoodle.

      • CIA

        why dont you trust them ?

        • I just would like to remind you that only a fraction of 1% of all readers vote on the different posts (with the old voting system or with facebook). I already explain the reasons why I switched to fb in previous posts.

    • fork()

      Read the following link for more info about the deceptive “Like”- buttons”


  • Vallejo

    Yo me conformaría con 15-18 Megapíxeles y un mayor rango en las ISOS, sobre todo altas…

  • HDZ

    Thank you, that is my web.

    (Sniff, Sniff)

  • shimano

    this is simply making noise for the sake of it. Might be good for getting site hits but certaintly is not for credibility…

    • mark

      I am waiting on admin’s comment on your post, but looks like he doesn’t want to.

  • Acend

    Nothing but wet dreams… will there be a new pro body this year or not? I need a D700 replacement or a D3s pricedrop NOW, please please 😛

    • ArtTwisted

      As others always say, if you need a pro body your clearly a pro which means just buy it now. Busineses should not wait on the whims of the nikon executives.

  • roland

    No integrated tripod? WTF?
    I’m going canon!

  • I would love to have true base ISO 25, without having to boost ISO (low etc).
    Ie; the ISO with the most dynamic range.

  • hax

    no liveview?

    • hax

      ↑ sorry , that’s d3x -_-|||

  • pius

    highly unlikely nikon would put raw hd on a 24mp camera. it is very unlikely nikon would change from mjpeg. considering, I already sold everything and bought canon. and it is not that bad. I even expect them to come up with a aps-c video camera.
    I still regret the stills quality from nikon, but you can’t have it all.

  • getanalogue

    like the non-rumor posted here. Something to read at least and I like the comments very much! funny…..
    Frankly, I am waiting patiently for new D 90 successor. No matter which IQ, it will be better than D 90 which is still the best APS C cam in the world. Only one stop more noise than D 700 and better resolution due to smaller pixel size. Do some Denoise work and you have super quality.
    Everything better than D 90 would be revoltionary. It is still extremely difficult to beat Nikon’s DSLR’s in picture quality. The problem is the glass, 20 or 24 MPXs cannot be resolved by actual glass, in particular not the DX lenses.

  • Gary

    What a totally awkward name as well…D3Xs…that “Xs” at the end is just a poor way to name any device. I realize Nikon has done that before, with the D2Xs, but it still is a poor naming convention.

    I realize this is a non-rumor and more someone’s wish list, but if Nikon does come up with an incremental upgrade to the D3X I hope they choose a better name.

  • I think the most useless button on my camera if the QUAL button. Does anyone seriously change from RAW to something else constantly? This could be a much more handy assignable button imho.

  • DX2FX

    Agree. That QUAL button could be better used for direct toggling between the Shooting Banks A,B,C,D.. in conjunction with the command dial.

  • venancio

    the long wait is over, guys, for your dream machines… nikon’s china and thailand factories are closed, so it’s up to the sendai facilities to bump it up… the long wait is over, the longer wait begins…

  • I just would like to remind everyone that the comments after each post are just a very small fraction of the total # of [NR] readers (currently we have around 50k-60k visits a day, you do the math).

  • chuck

    Makes pefect sense to me as we are still a year+ away from D4. Continue to upgrade the line with little changes
    D3 –> D3x
    D3 –> D3X
    D700 –> D700?
    D300 –> D300s
    D3x –> D3xs

    Milk it babeeeeee

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