Nikon D4x (design concept)

Industrial Designer Marc Levinson created a Nikon D4x concept (click on image for larger view):

See more Nikon concepts here.

More pictures after the break:

Note that this concept was created by a designer who is not affiliated to Nikon.

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  • guasch

    dial underneath still has images and logos? what the fucking shit is that going to be for if you cant see those fucking shit icons for?!?!?! other than the fact that pro bodies never had that dial… hope this guy never fucking graduates

    • Anonymous

      He may graduate, but please Canon buy this guy before Nikon does 😛

  • RMPossible

    Ugly – yes- very… but the ergonomics are quite good. Minimizing the twist of the right wrist is good ergonomics. Just talk to anyone who has repetitive motion problems. the angled view finder also allows a more natural angle for the neck and allows the camera to sit a bit lower allowing the elbows to be closer to the body in a natural manner.
    To me, the size is not as big a deal as weight. Given that camera makers like weight as a way of indicating its worth, this would probably be too heavy! Besides, such a concept would not make it to the light of day… so I will look forward to a D3 like body that will still weigh too much… sigh…

  • biggerbettermore

    We must really be scraping the bottom of the bucket to put this on the site.

    I can’t decide whats a bigger waste of time, posting that pointless article or me typing about it?

    Help me out!

    BTW NO NE NIKON TILL FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GlobalGuy

      Everyone knows this kind of post is to kill time in between rumors. Why do you guys need to be so negative. The admin can either LIE to us and make up rumors on a daily basis, or he can report the real rumors and kill the time in between with funny posts.

      This is just entertainment between rumors. Don’t be so serious about it.

  • O.K., O.K., now I understand the vintage camera designs have become trully popular-both Olympus PEN and the Leica M series are proof to that.

    But, Oh dear, this stuff has taken us back to the stone age of photography. I am really, really surprised a camera can look that ugly. Ok, there is some idea behind this design for an “In studio” camera design, but, no, no, no…nooo.nonono…
    NO… Even Pentax did better with the design of the 645D. Can you believe that Pentax actually bankrupted last year and were acquired by HOYA??!!!!

    This guy calling himself a designer should be banned. Forever!

  • Anonymous

    If Nikon produced a camera like that it would be time to switch to Canon!
    That said, if Nikon don’t introduce an AF-S replacement for the 80-400 F4.5/5.6 lens soon I’ll be switching anyway!

  • carew


  • Malibu

    This guy has done his homework. A tripod screw that is off-center from the lens/sensor? Truely a design novelty for a SLR.

  • XD! LOL!

    It’s not the first time…There are just way too many self proclaimed designers who think they have come up with an ingenius designs but in fact only a bunch of utter crap

  • Just relax everybody, I did mention that the designer and this project are not affiliate with Nikon in any way. Good or bad, this is someone’s idea for a future camera. If you have a better one, please send it to me and we can have another discussion. I personally find all concept cameras very interesting (even when they are not very practical). I am preparing a whole post, full with concepts for Should be online tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, NR Admin what is our sin that you threw this ugly thing one us? Can you post something else for us before somebody harms him/herself looking at this beast.

  • haha

    It looks very uncomfortable. It looks as if they took a hasselblad and bastardized it to make it look different.

  • DTX

    Why he want users to hold the camera that way? I mean the right hand… and it is ugly… NR’d better don’t post these kind of things anymore…

  • biggerbettermore

    I think the guy must have been absent the day they taught designing things.

    Anyway, I checked his website and he is a zero, probably still in school, and from the looks of things should stay there.

  • JohnGG

    My sincere advice to Marc Levinson: The sooner you remove this set from your Portfolio, the better. Can’t you see how unprofessional this is? Ask your friends or your teachers!
    Seeing this, I never would have hired you.
    Seeing this sh**, all these words came to my mind… and more…
    Disfigured, evil-looking, fugly, grotesque, monstrous, hideous, repulsive, ill-favored, scrofulous, unlovely, unpicturesque, unsightly, displeasing, unattractive, awkward, surly, ugly, despicable, vile, slimy, unworthy, worthless, wretched, evil, atrocious, frightful, horrifying, horrible, alarming .

  • Anonymous

    I like it a lot!!!

  • Temple

    Sorry, i cant go and shoot a wedding with this camera. ;(

  • Chris

    Man, I can’t believe how harsh people are being. Totally excessive.

    To the designer: Just brush it off. Take the constructive comments and ignore the rest.

    my feedback: I like the idea of a medium format nikon, and that you recognized that digital allows for changing up the body shape (since the body no longer holds film.) I also like the minimalist approach. Maybe adjust the ergonomics so there is a more natural way to hold the body. Your design is innovative, and there are good ideas here. best of luck!

  • Dave B

    It had better come with a supermodel to pose for you for being so damn ugly!

  • JBL

    Where are my buttons? there’s a scene wheel and a shuttle button… this looks like a HUGE compact camera.

    So many flaws.

  • Could pass as a mini xerox copier design…

    Not a bad idea to improve upon the grip but… This looks like a lazer printer and a maymia ZD had a baby that couldn’t possibly fit into the human hand …

  • JorPet

    Wow, that made me throw up in my mouth a little…

    The grip looks to be most comfortable for the Chimp and Delete mode, not for taking a picture. The designer tried to make it work like camcorder, but the D4 will still be primarily a still camera with video. Not a video camera. I see very few pros who sho0t standing flat footed and pointing straight ahead. Most shoot angled towards their left shoulder for stabilization and the current Nikon design is incredibly comfortable in that position.


  • Mr. Levinson should stick to *industrial* design.

    I have little use for his brick.

  • good.

  • Anonymous

    What do you get when you cross a cow and a brick? This piece of crap.

  • B2

    Looks like an updated E2 to me!

    Take a look here:

    While it may have an F mount, IMHO it’s not an F camera!

    B2 (;->

  • JBL

    I just read some comments and I never thought about how important it was that the tripod hole had to be centered with the sensor/lens.. Probably because I never used a camera where it wasn’t centered.. but then I imagined myself using this camera with this huge offset… and started laughing at how bad it would be…

    The designer of this body did not think much before making it… he probably shoots a D3000 with his 18-200 and phantasms that he would take better pictures with his silly body.

  • All I will say is that if we got only the third picture (with the Nikon logo) it would be a nice Nikon MX (medium format) rumor 🙂

  • Wondering if Nikon Legal has sent him a letter asking him to forebear from using their trademarks on his mock-up and on his page layouts.

  • Jaap

    So has anyone wondered how you are supposed to slide a flash on the thing? Looks to me as if the eyepiece blocks that completely…

    Also; looks to like the dial that’s below the grip couls all to easily get rotated with your thumb changing the mode the camera is set to. Oh and do I see some green on the dial? Could it be that the D4X will have an auto mode, for those professional photographers that will spent x thousand USD but do not want to bother with ISO, shuttertime and F settings?

    Nah. Don’t think so…

  • ArtTwisted

    This designer doesent get paid real money to do a real design job does he ? no photographer would ever do that.

    Heres my free design advice to nikon, give me a FM body style with a shutter dial and the D3 / D700 sensor and do whatever you wish for the rest of the details because I will mail you a check today.

  • Anonymous
  • Frank

    Well a prototype for D4X? – DX Lens f1.1 – Square back – Made in Thailand.
    (Try VIDEO and maybe a tasty sensor – f1.1 = Video)

    I wouldn’t loose a bet if Nikon come up with a prosumer (what a dreadful word) camera/video this year. The next biggest thing will be video using currently available lenses while retaining the ability to record good stills. A professional Video camera (like what they make movies with) cost a massive amount of money, wheras a D3s sensor beats the quality hands down. Use the same technology for advanced consumers (better than prosumer) and you have a ready made market which means profit. Current DSLR models are just not useful enough to be practical when you are paying wages to staff while stopping to check that you focused properly – Just wait and see!!!

  • jake2

    I love it so much..the shape…the ergonomics…..the way it simulate a medium format camera…..i like it available in the market?…love it man….

    • Chris

      That boxy Medium format look – perhaps MX is finally going to see the light of day.

  • Mr. E

    My wrists hurt just by looking at this picture.

  • John
    • I saw those – I will post them on in the Camera Concepts Part 2 tomorrow.

  • Orb

    The touchscreen is nice…but nothing new.

    The rest of it looks like a prop or shuttlecraft model from the first Star Trek series.

  • Ronan


  • fxed

    I guess if it’s on a tripod you could set your coffee cup and donut on top of it. Not a bad idea.

  • Bad-Grip

    That is the worst ergonomic grip design possible. You would no longer be able to hold the camera one handed with any sizable lens.

  • Dave B

    I think it was just some kids science project. I hope his prof didn’t read all our pissing. He’s either going to get an “F” if the prof is a photo enthusiast or he’s going to cry himself to sleep.

  • Hmm- he seems to have incorporated that LCD display we saw a couple weeks ago into his design…

  • Holy wow, this is one ugly design.

  • mumbler

    that’s just wrong!

  • Anonymous

    and what about tilt shift lenses?

  • Way

    looks like a Medium Format camera

  • Mauricio

    Wow, not only ugly, although very lean in design and by that I mean, no bulbous aspects but at the same time, that thing is just begging to fall off your hands.

  • C Benson

    All I have to say where is CF card slot, USB connector, so you can connect to your computer, video plug in and few other few other plug ins on side of the camera?

  • Bob

    Uglier than sin! Just how do you hold on to it?

  • In response to several comments above – Yes, the ergonomics of Nikon are much better, but that does NOT mean that they can’t be improved, even with a radical design.

    The form factor of DSLRs has been stuck in that of film SLRs for too long. The F5 needed its shape for a reason – so that it could physically transport the film across the frame at 8 frames per second. Now, without that constraint the biomechanics engineers at Nikon are free to make the camera nearly any shape they find most appropriate. Yet, here we are more than a decade since the D1 came out, and we’re still using the same basic form factor.

    You know why that is? Someone mentioned it already – the conservatism of pros (and serious amateurs). That means all of you whiny-a** people here who are afraid that something might change on your beloved cameras. Consumers could care less about how familiar the design is as long as it is compact and stylish, but pros just don’t want things to change except for a better version of what they already had.

    So what would a new grip design be like, regardless of its actual ergonomics or what you or I think about it? A big change, and one that many pros and serious amateurs would not be happy about. That means you, the people who think that this design is the worst thing they’ve ever seen. They’ve (and you’ve) been so busy sticking their elbows out sideways or contorting their wrists to odd angles that they’ve become crotchety about any change to their beloved cameras.

    But think about it – your wrist is most comfortable when your hand is aligned straight with your arm, not at an angle – even a slight one. When you apply a load to your hand, the (mechanical) advantage of having your wrist straight is even greater. And your arm position, of course, depends on your shooting habits and gear. Some people shoot with their elbows sticking out to better support the weight of a heavy kit (and get a better wrist angle) – is that natural? It certainly is tiresome for any length of time.

    So where does this form factor stand then? Well, its shape should allow your wrist to remain in its natural, neutral position – where it is most comfortable and can take an off-center loading easiest. You arm would remain in the natural position that occurs when you hold your hand in front of your face. Try it! Raise your right hand to eye level without anything in it. That’s how we ought to be holding our cameras – and it IS how professional (and many consumer) video cameras have worked for years.

    Speaking of video cameras, I bet it wouldn’t be difficult to add a custom-built shoulder mount for more stable walk-around shooting. Maybe we’ll see the return of modularity in Nikon’s pro cameras yet again!

    Now of course, there are plenty of other issues with this design. They’ve all been mentioned already – but the basic idea here (an alternative form factor) is sound.

    One thing I would do differently that hasn’t been mentioned here yet is instead of a rotating sensor, have a square one. The sides and top/bottom could easily be blacked out for vertical/horizontal shooting just like in the D2xs crop mode, and you’d have an even larger sensor for square shooting.

    • guasch

      ” Well, its shape should allow your wrist to remain in its natural, neutral position – where it is most comfortable and can take an off-center loading easiest. You arm would remain in the natural position that occurs when you hold your hand in front of your face. Try it! Raise your right hand to eye level without anything in it. That’s how we ought to be holding our cameras”

      as far as i remember, proper ergonomics is present where you have an equal distribution of load, the object being act upon and the person doing the action. doing this in the natural position will lead to an unbalanced distribution which in the long term will lead to unusual muscle pain/stress

  • Aliperti

    One of the most disastrous designs that I saw!

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