Nikon D4000


The rumor is that one of the Nikon DSLRs to be released this year will be falling in between the D3000 and D5000 models. I am not sure what this will mean in terms of features/specifications, but I think the model will be called D4000.

[NR] probability rating: 50%

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  • nik


    • iamnomad

      Second yawn.

    • so it will have 12Mpix, but picture quality like D40x, display will only flap down a little and be still bad. Will shoot videos at 15fps too. To make sure nikon dont canibalize Sony sales, they will also make live view yet a bit worse then it is and viewfinder will be made from spare keyholes.

    • C Benson

      One big yawn.

    • justin

      Yawn Yawn YAWNNNNNN

  • Priceman

    great… another paper weight

    • The visible woman

      Good one o:

  • tferroato

    yeah…i’m not impressed.

  • John

    Whatever a D4000 might be, it’s got to be better than another Coolpix. But please, Admin, throw us another D900/700s bone. We’re hungry for a juicy FX rumor!

    • fork()

      Just a thought: I would find it a little strange to have products differ by only one trailing zero. For instance, having products named D80 and D800 would just confuse customers. Same with D40, D4000 and…D400! I find it a little strange that the D3000 (or D5000) would see a replacement so quickly, could it instead be a rumor about a D300 replacement? I seem to be arguing against myself here, since a D400 would get confused with the D40…but just throwing out an idea…

      • Discontinued

        This is so very kind of you: Just throwing up on me.

        (Just kidding)

      • Zoetmb

        Since the advent of the DSLR line, Nikon had always done this. Lowest level at 4-digits, next up at 2-digits (although they seemed to have used those up), then 3-digits, then 1-digit for the pro line.

        Can’t say it all makes logical sense, but “we” know what it means.

      • Pedro

        I totally agree with you. But It looks like they are trying to fixe this, from D(x) top of the line to D(xxxx) the cheapest one. However it’s going to take a will until all models became coherent.

        I also think there isn’t enough gap between D3000 and aD5000 for a new model. Most probably this is a new D300

  • Steve

    I really don’t think there is a need for something between the D3000 and the D5000… Something between the D90 and the D300 will be nicer, I think.

    • jjolddahgoo

      I couldn’t agree more. Or at least an update to the D90.

      • flo

        a replacement for a D90 is coming eventually, what does it have to do with this rumor? and btw entry-level is a huge market, now that almost anyone can afford a DSLR everybody wants to be a super-pro photog so they are going to buy the D4000, carry it around proudly and shoot in auto mode while complaining there’s not enough FX rumors

        • Discontinued

          Your are right. A D4000 with full HD (1080) for the entry-level-market an consumers shooting video of their babies, pussy cats or whatever makes great economical sense.

          I don’t want it, but I don’t mind. Just want to see Nikon moving. Bring it on.

          • PHB

            That would definitely be my expectation, a D4000 being a D3000 with a slight bump in the processor speed necessary to support full 1080i HD.

            Might possibly be a sensor upgrade as well if the production situation favors it. With the D4 series on the horizon, bumping the old D90 sensor onto the D4000 would make sense.

            The D40/D40x were good little cameras. Small, light, uncomplicated. For most of the market that is exactly what they want. More interesting perhaps is what a D4000 would mean for the D5000, would it simply disappear? Perhaps with the D90 due for replacement there will not be so much room in the range.

    • andres

      please…maybe if we keep saying that line it’ll come true.

    • Seppl

      Fully agree. I don’t see the point of a D4000 either.

      But maybe the sales numbers suggest that in the entry level market you can’t have enough models …

      • Johan krüger-haglert

        I’m not into Nikon models but I just assume that the next gen would had been D4000 and D6000 and that D6000 would be better than D5000 and D4000. Whatever D4000 would be an inbetween modell between D3000 and D5000 or just “worse than D6000” doesn’t matter much then.

        And I assume it would be better than D5000 in some way because it would be newer.

    • JBL

      Of course there’s no “need” for it.

      However, Nikon makes money with these entry level bodies..

      When Nikon releases a new body its always to compete with other brands by making their bodies better or like the D3000 and possibly the D4000, making more money by rebranding some old technology..

      The D4000 is probably a D3000 with video.

    • Richard

      Unless the D3000 is “bombing”.

  • Sorry to disappoint you folks but those are the latest rumors.

    • Marco

      No worries some people are looking for an entry level dSLR or a back up keep reporting on it i’m interested.

    • bonnar

      Wow….your crystal ball really hit the nail on the head here. NO ONE saw that coming.

      • The rumor again is that the entry level body will be between the D3000 and the D5000. If this was a known fact, please let me know – I must have missed something 🙂

        • BirdsIView

          If Nikon continues to lure the semi-pro crowd without the wow factor they will end up being a pro line only. Canon will knock them off because they simply have more bucks to throw at it. The fact that Nikon relies on Sony spells trouble. Nikon needs more resolution with better circuitry and chipsets at a competitive price with improved lenses that don’t cost three times the body. I don’t think Nikon is keyed into the consumer the way Canon is. Nikon is a pro line with nothing to offer the average buyer who counts splashy numbers.

          • donde?

            I don’t need more resolution.

    • sqeener

      it’s not that we’re dissapointed, but if you’re going to throw out something as a new camera D400 is coming out, atleast give us some more content other than simply stating that a new camera is coming out. Otherwise, you can arbitrarily throw out there that a d4, or a d700x is coming out.

      furthermore, is it a coincidence that the day you release probably the most obvious rumor that you take out the dislike button? i would have pushed that thing like theres no tommorow.

      • The old like voting system was removed last week (Saturday). Why? You just answered that question: “I would have pushed that thing like theres no tommorow.” Now you cannot do that unless you have multiple facebook accounts 🙂

  • I still get a lot of reports that the D700 will be replaced in 2011 (3 years replacement schedule) and I still don’t believe it. Either way I do not have any “good” news for now.

    • Admin, How long did it take for the D700 to come out after the D3 was released? (That D700 replacement isn’t popping its shinny little head anytime soon before the D4 comes out) Also, do you think Nikon will go for higher MP than just 18 MP with newer AF system but same ISO performance as D3s and 1080i just to compete with the Mark IV? Or do you think they will just stick with 18 MP and compete with Canon’s specs? I can imagine Nikon will gain the upper hand if they just up the MP to 21.5 MP and revise the AF system (which is already superior to Canon’s system) and tweak ISO performance. 1080i will be the norm on the D4 but a more cinematographer oriented camera will be on the D4s. I’m really curious to hear your insights on this…

      • I think there was 1 year between D3 and D700

        • Richard

          By then Canon will have released the 5D MK III. If they should get the autofocus right, Nikon will have their hands full.

          Sooner or later Canon is going to get things right and then Nikon will have to suffer the consequences of their slower product development cycle.

          Right now it seems that the portion of the nature/wildlife crowd that shoots moving things have adopted a lot of Nikon kit, but the segment that is predominantly landscape/things that don’t move much still has a strong Canon following. The new Canon 24mm tilt-shift lens will hold them in the mean time.

          • donde?

            You worry too much about what Nikon is doing and what Canon is doing.

    • amunk

      It’s not your fault. You’re doing a great job with what you have to work with – please keep it up!

    • Pat

      What the heck? 2011? Nikon want all of us who want to upgrade our D700 to buy a D3S if we can’t wait?

      • amunk

        or the D3X

    • I think some of you should spend a little time reading the Canon blogs before complaining about MP. Those guys are all complaining that Canon can’t compete with Nikon in color, noise and ISO so they try to make up for it with MP and frame rate. If you have a D90, D300 or D700 just use it, enjoy it and know that it still has far superior color and high ISO performance to the similar Canons. Would you rather that Nikon rushed out something that takes worse pictures than the model it replaced (50D vs 40D)? I am salivating for the D700 replacement too, but my D300 and D90 still take better photos than anything from Canon short of a 5D4. That is not speculation, my uncle uses a 7D and he even admits that my lowly D90 has better low light performance than his camera. And the D3s has crushed the 1Ds. Let’s keep looking forward, but know that the Canon guys envy you and think that we are all snobs looking down on them, so act like it.

      • I had a typo in the above post. I wrote “my D300 and D90”. I meant to write “the D300 and D90”. I own a D90 but occasionally rent a D300 for the mirror lock up and 9 frame auto bracketing. I have seen no reason to upgrade since the picture quality is identical. Sorry for the rant.

      • Stephen

        Well I guess if your uncle says so …

        • He admits it, reluctantly, after spending a lot of time comparing shots taken in the same conditions. Below 800 ISO the 7D has an edge, 800 and over it develops more noise and has lose of sharpness. Again, this is not speculation. Maybe he has a bad sample, but I doubt it. BTW I am an old Canon user and like them alot, but I like the color and ease of use on Nikons.

      • Discontinued

        Well, from time to time I did some reading there too.

        My impression is slightly different to yours. Right now they celebrate that their 70-200 apparently performs even slightly better than its Nikon equivalent. Regarding IQ of sensors and bodies a major concern I found among the comments was, that Nikon is not moving away from 12 MP policy for quite a while now, leading to fears, that Canon will rest on its laurels longer than technically and R&D-wise necessary.

        Act like snob an be silly if you want. Equipment is just plain tools to me, nothing to show of with.

    • Markus

      Both Hogan and Lammerse expect a new camera this Summer. A bit odd time period for a D700 follow up. Maybe the evil surprise we are waiting for ?

    • Cisco

      this just means Nikon does not have a sensor yet. They do not want to use the D3s sensor for the next D700 model. I think they are waiting another year to give you 20mp FX camera.. the D4will be 24 mp..

    • longtimenikonshooter

      If that were the case, Nikon would haven’t done any rebates on D700+lenses.

  • joe

    Why not call it a D4999.

  • John

    Agree, no worries! I appreciate the job you do bringing us rumors of anything Nikon.

  • CE

    Something in between a D3000 and a D5000 is an unbelievably ridiculous idea. I hope it’s not true (For Nikon’s sake, not mine, because I took off to Canon’s DSLR a while ago anyway, because couldn’t stand the stupidity with which Nikon is dealing with video in their cameras. Still no 1080p and no Manual Controls!!!).

    • amunk

      If you are a canon user, why are you getting worked about this? Go shoot your canon camera.

      Also, 3 DSLRs are supposed to drop at the same time – and this is only one of them. Even less reason to get worked up.

      • Well, I don’t remember hearing they would be dropped “at the same time”…
        They just said “in 2010”, didn’t they?

      • CE

        I still shoot film in Nikon, and have a bunch of lenses. So I’m still part of that world.

    • glen ryan

      what do you mean no manual controls? D3s has full manual controls for video…

    • inteliboy

      This is the truth. The Canon 5d/7d market, user base, hype, productions, third-party addons etc is snowballing into this huge industry – all because these 2 cameras can shot pro-quality 1080p. There is a revolution happening, and Nikon are no where in sight.

      • Erik S

        Nowhere in sight? The Hanson video was shot with nikon lenses 😛

  • amunk

    Interesting that they would create a product that is “not as good” as the D5000 when a whole new line of sensors is expected to drop….

    How does that quite make sense?

    • Erik S

      Probably a D3000 priced and size camera with the D300/D90/D5000 sensor for people who don’t want swivel.

      • I think that would be a great idea!

        People can complain about small&cheap consumer cams all day long, but when the rubber hits the road, a D3000 with the D90 sensor would be wonderful for many uses.

        The D90 sensor is still after all this time the best APS-C sensor of all manufacturers, if you trust dxo, and a D3000 with this sensor would
        be a great travel cam: Cheap enough to not worry about it being stolen,
        but yet good enough to basically get the picture quality of a professional
        D300. And light enough to carry it around all day.

  • amunk

    man this is pathetic. Admin, please delete!

  • Cyron

    Hello guys. I ‘ve talked to the guys who make the movie with the D3s in Barcelona. He Said that there will be nothing new at the photokina 2010!!!! Ahhh! Bad News!!

    • Discontinued

      Sounds great ! ! !

      Gives us almost 1.5 years time to have some “and there is no need to, because Nikon is great and MP is unequal IQ”-talking here in the comment sections. This will be so much fun, much better than shooting.

    • amunk

      this rumor rating: [.005%]

    • Somebody is spreading rumors that the D700 will not be replaced. I have heard that already a dozen times from different sources and I have written about it but still do not believe it – I think this is done by sell reps who have to meet their quota.

  • ArtTwisted

    No possible way our camera store would stock the D3000, 4000, and 5000. The only reason some people buy the 5000 over the 3000 is for the video, thats it folks. Another camera would just confuse the line even more. Also enough with the ridiculous naming nikon, i love your cameras but it confuses the heck out of ordinary people. TBF canon is no better in that regards.

    • Mark

      You got a point about confusing the customers, but I could see this D4000 replacing the D5000. I would see adding an audio in connection, some other features and keep it priced under the Canon T1i by a few pennies and it could hurt Canon Rebel sales.


  • Breenston

    What utter tosh. The D3000 and the D5000 have difference sensors; the D5000 shares the same sensor as the D90. Additionally, it has improved frame rate, higher ISO capability and tilting screen. So, not just additional video as you mistakenly quote.

    • ArtTwisted

      I actually sell these cameras to ordinary people for a large portion of my income, trust me, to the retirees and that 15 year old girls mom the difference is video. Im not talking about what I think about the cameras, im saying what will sell in the store I work in. Read what im saying before you get upset.

      • Mark


        I believe you. I use to do photo sales and what buyers think can result in sales that often do not make sense.


  • Chris P

    Just a thought, D4000 to replace both D3000 & D5000 by having 1080 video + D5000 features. This would leave room for an EVIL type camera between the D4000 and the Coolpixs.

    • amunk

      if it completely replaced both lines, I’d be cool with that!

    • joni

      +1 good point
      maybe a cheap EVIL

    • tobi

      I agree with that thought.. because there is too little difference between the D5000 and D90 line. If the D4000 replaces the D5000+D3000 It would make a nice comfortable space for a D90 replacement. ie back to the old D40 and D70 levels.

      Still it would go against the current trend. in which case the D4000 would be a replacement only for the D3000 ie a D3000 with the D5000 sensor. leaving space for another D5000 replacement with similar specs to a D90 replacement.

  • Derek

    some new model is better than none.
    although many of readers (and me) ‘d like to see d800 soon.

  • Alain2x

    One zero too much 🙁

    • andres

      second that!

  • dude

    between d3000 & d5000. dun bother launch it. canon 550d alredy outperform d90.

    • psychophoto

      There is no omnibus test. You have to qualify that statement. In some respects (e.g., MP, video ), yes, but, in others (IQ, DR), no.

  • jay


  • eru

    D4000!?!??!??!?!?!??!!?!??!”!?!?!?!?!?!??!?’ WHOOTHEHELLWANTSIT????!?!?!!??!!?

  • Erik

    I bilieve nikon is a Japanese/Asian company. The number 4 is rarely use to Market a product in Asia. It is not used because it can be pronounced to mean death. So a d4000 or a d4 may not be the next number up.
    However, the number 8 is a widely used number to mean prosperity. I think the next number may be an 8 somewhere. But it will be the coolest product…
    That’s only what I’ve noticed anyways… We’ll wait and see…I’d get a d800 or d8 anytime…

    Saying that…I own a d40….and it’s a good camera…so i might be BS-ing…

    • Anon

      I call BS on this, they’ve already created the D40 which was one of their most popular SLRs ever. So much for superstition.

      • RThomas

        Not to mention the famous F4 35mm camera.

  • Fredrik S

    Finally! I’m waiting for a replacment of the D3000 with the D90 sensor. I need the extra step of ISO but the D5000 is to big.

    • Rob

      Yep D3000 with the 12mp CMOS sensor sounds good to me too.

    • the d5000 is tiny. what the hell is wrong with you?

      • Fredrik S

        The D5000 is huge compared to a D40.

        It’s not so fun to have these huge bodies in my backpack when i’m travelling. Give me a digital EM or FM3a

      • Rob

        An affordable bottom of the range Nikon DSLR. Great beginners camera with autofocus 720p HD video. What kid wouldn’t want that in his Xmas hamper? There is a God.

  • For the fact that Canon is running circles around Nikon right now, Nikon seems really slow and bringing in competition to the 5DMarkII or 7D. Its a little bit disappointing. The D300s and D90’s video is a disgrace and going all the way to a D3s, sorry Nikon that is not going to happen even for many professionals. They really have to wake up if they don’t want to lose out on this one.
    If I could afford to make a clean jump to Canon, I would have done already. And I just don’t mean FX, actually I like the DX and I got used to it over he years, but the D300s is just not good enough ( in digital terms its an ancient camera ).
    So please Nikon, get your things together and grace us with a nice DX upgrade still this year then I’m your friend again. But right now I’m wavering.

    • disco

      not good enough for what?

    • Unfortunately, I agree. The Nikon is losing the train of semi-professional machine.
      Nikon D700 and D300s are not superior or even equivalent to the Canon 5D or 7D. It is a shame because I like a lot of Nikon and I would not change. Hurry NIKON

      • Nikondreamer

        Yes they are not EQUIVALENT ON VIDEOS!!

        Why are you still here then?

      • ArtTwisted

        Hold a 7d in your hand, then hold a D300s, i promise you that you will notice the very big difference. The D300 is an incredible machine and the D700 is its big brother.

      • @Gusto.. this be the link to the ranking you mentioned below?

      • Jose

        Ohhh, what happend with the marvellous Canon Camera with a lot MP they were selling worst than nikon aged cameras ???. some one wrote in old post, nikon have 35% of the market for 7 camera models, may be most of the sales are in low levels segment, D90, D5000, D3000.
        Other question, How somebody can explain that more expensive camera with less Megapixel are selling better than others mentioned in this post?

        • JorPet

          That was me, and yes I think it would be safe to assume that the under $1,000 models are the lion share of all sales. Most likely true of Canon as well.

          Nikon is starting to look at lenses as that is the bigger growth area as people buy new DSLRs. If the ratio of DSLR sales is 4:1 consumer to pro, then you can expect that they will concentrate their lens advancements in that same area. It makes brilliant business sense regardless of what those around here think.

        • Mark


          Just to let you know, presently Nikon’s D3000 sells for less than the lowest cost Canon Rebel (the XS) by about $40 to $50.

          Also, the D5000 is the lowest costing Nikon with video ability and the Canon T1i (500D) cost about $50 to $70 more, again Nikon is the better price.

          I think many people are seeing Nikon makes great cameras and that they can save a few dollars.


  • Right… One D90, D5000 and D300 senzor in one D3000 package. This is one “big surprize” for me. :))

  • Gusto

    Many of you are missing some important info.

    Do you know the D90, D5000 and D3000 are running circles around Canon’s T2i, T1i and 7D in terms of market share within the Japanese market? See April sales figures in BCNRanking. As a Japanese market, Nikon pays a lot of attention to their local market.

    It’s rare for Canon’s latest Rebel to own less than 20% of market share within the first six months of its launch. This should tell you something… Nikon is definitely doing something right.

    I am not surprised Nikon replaces their D3000 with D4000.

    Go, Nikon, go…

    • King Of Swaziland

      1) Japan isn’t the world. Also, the T2i is very new on the market, I’d be interested to see what time period the data was collected over, and how they stack up going forward (April figures could mean for data collected in March, T2i was just becoming available in Mar).

      2) The 7D is taking the D300s to the woodshed in sales, as the 5D II is the D700.

  • edmund

    wow!…is d3000 upgraping to d4000 like entry level???

  • Andrew

    D4000 is an entry level FX camera … with video …

  • Paulo

    I Need know news about the new Nikon FX.
    Canon cleaner market with the 5D and 7D … Nikon needs to make a best move.
    I want change my Nikon D70

    • uhhhh. cleaner? I guess you haven’t seen any 800+ ISO 7D photos LOL! also it isn’t an FX sensor. Learn english or at least make sense.

  • Paulo

    D4000 is another entry level machine, and nikon need better moves on D300S and D700

    • They don’t sell enough D300/700 to “need” to do anything. They could lose the entire market share in that area and still be very competitive. But they won’t. Don’t worry. Just be patient.

  • Ola

    D4000 is not a likely name, we are currently on odd numbers, D4000 would be next generation cameras (D4, D800, D400, D4000).
    An s or x version is more likely!

    • Também conto com isso… mas.. estamos a perder o comboio relativamente à Canon

  • Gorgonzola


    omg this is getting better and better…..

    NEX5 is starting to veer up on my horizon actually nice cam cant wait to see review seems very interesting…..

  • spinthma

    D4000 ??? – disappointing news 🙁

    • Mark

      disappointing news : maybe not

      A D4000 with the D5000/D90 12MP sensor at the right price could kick ass and take name within the market.

      I, like so many, want to see the update of the D700…..


  • sloma_p

    This would make a great backup camera (if it comes with D300/90/5000 sensor) – small, lightweight, cheap, good IQ. Or it could serve as good remote camera – you don’t need super-hyper cam for that, just one with good IQ and small size (so it doesn’t need complicated, heavy, expensive support).

    Also imagine this + Voigt 20/3.5, 40/2, 58/1.4 – perfect travel set-up for me 😉

    • RThomas

      I’d use a lens kit like that! It would probably even make my D300 ultra-portable.

    • Fredrik S

      Agree! I use all of them on my D40 but will change the 58/1.4 to a 90/3.5. Give me a D4000 right now! I need the extra step in ISO

  • Timo

    I would love to see the D4000. Why? I would like to have a small and neat camera with the image quality of the D5000/D90 but without the swivel lcd screen of the D5000. Sure, there is the D90, but it’s more expensive and I don’t need the extra features like AF motor, larger viewfinder, etc.

    So, a D4000 with the IQ of the D5000, mabye without video and swivel screen and cheaper than the D5000 of course, would be perfect for me!

    However, I do unterstand that many people would love to see more upgrades on superior cameras.



    • plug

      +1…..a great camera for my son to learn with and not too expensive.

  • The D3S has 12,1 Mpx at 36mm x 23,9mm sensor size – that means 1,406 Mpx / sq cm.

    For a DX sensor size, at the size of D5000 sensor, of 23,6mm x 15,8mm, for the same pixel density, the sensor should have 5,243 Mpx, if you want the same or better quality.

    It’s true that D5000 has good high ISO capabilities, but at ISO 200 is worst than D40.

    I’l buy the D4000 or the D7000 (the expected D90’s succesor), if it would be:
    * 6-8-10 Mpx Sensor size, with excelent Lo and Hi ISO capabilities; with ISO 6400 (not Hi-1) and ISO 100 (not Lo-1) available.
    * bigger viewfinder, eventually up to 100% coverage;
    * without video;
    * improved AF in terms of speed;

    Considering the 14 Mpx of the S8000 P&S (at 0,28 sq cm sensor size), I really think they could easily launch an DSLR with about 100 Mpx, for the megapixels fanatics. In fact, consindering only the sizes, for mantaining the same quality they could go up to 186 Mpx. :))

    • preston

      absolutely no chance. I am quite happy with 12 Mpx (but realize that it doesn’t sell well any longer) but if you drop it down to 6 Mpx I won’t be able to print high quality 18×24 images or maybe even 8×10.

      i’m sure that less than 1 out of 1000 people interested in a small entry-level dslf would buy a smaller Mpx model.

      And I hope you’re joking about the 100 Mpx, because most computers wouldn’t even be able to process it, let alone the camera. I can imagine the burst speed of. . . 1 frame per 3 seconds.

      • Beside me is an 8½×11 from my D700 shot as a test in DX mode at ISO200. Looks great.

  • Steve

    Nikon,,, “The Master Of Super Consumer Products”.
    Products that suits mr. and mrs. Jones.
    The D4000 will be super wellcome for russian tourists, who seek corny shoot on a sunny beach,,,,, and thats a big market.
    Is there a site called ?
    Ohhh YES!!! great!,,,, cool pictures, video, prof. gear and more…
    ciao ciao….Nikon!

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      Ciao Steve.

    • .. and are we going to see 2 new nikonians .. from pentax
      RiceHigh’s Pentax Blog

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        Let’s wait for a serious review for the 645. Never thought i would be interested, but right now it looks really tempting. And they have some other mfs in the pipe. But the 645 took its time too. so i guess i have to wait, drink some tea, drink some more tea…
        About ricehigh: what makes you think that?

        • It’s on that blog.. 2 diehard fans switched.. apparently diehard contributors in the pentax forums. Oh.. the 645 has been delayed.. news on photorumors.

          • TheIncredibleUlk

            Ok, they delayed the 645, but only for short. Not Duke-Nukem-2 alike.

  • no new/renewed lenses AGAIN!

    I bet D4000 will come with a brand new 18-99mm plastic lens!

  • Jay

    I have a feeling this will have 1080p recording as a test for the market.

    • Exactly my thought as well!

    • amunk

      what’s to test? Isn’t it a given that everyone who does video is a fan of 1080?

  • The invisible man


  • The invisible man

    Sorry, no D800 !

    • Jose

      According Admin, next year we will have a replace for d700, with the amount of MP that many people would like to have, with a very good quality in high ISO, etc but the price probably will be around 3000 bucks.

      At these moments you will see a new kind of claim:

      3000 US$ Oh! is to expensive, Canon are cheapper, etc , etc, etc

      • The invisible man

        $3000 for a FX 24MP I’ll take it.
        It’s much cheaper than the D3x, plus there will be improvements compared to the D3x.

        • Jose

          Invisible: I hope you are right if will be true I am in the line two or three days before this camera arrive to the store, such as IPad, but probably 24 MP sensor has a price over 1.0k add to this 51 AF points, 100% view range, Iso over 6400 with good quality, sensor cleaner, magnesium body, etc . A probably replace for d700 with 24 MP should be around 4000 US$ or more, base in the price for sony alpha 900 US$ 2700 with much less characteristics. May be Nikon will have a camera between D700, D3S and D3X with less MP in the same segment price for d700.

  • nik

    Great point Jay

  • Mauricio

    Grow up.

  • Mauricio

    Although far from interested on the model. I am happy to see Nikon is starting to roll the ball again. Remember, the entry level is really their bread and butter in the DLSR game. Not everyone can/or is interested in buying a full-frame camera. Just like the Rebel is Canon’s DSLR bread and butter. And why? Because they are cheaper than a D7+ or a D700+.

    In the end, It is certain to help them raise their bottom line.
    As we just saw in their financial report, it could use a little raising.

  • Nikon: Yaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn.

  • Carlos

    Nikon: best IQ on Dsrls( worst on compacts and sleeeeeeeeeeping while mirrorless cameras are selling like hot cakes on Japan) and super CONSERVATIVE and boring company ever….serious, if this D4000 is true, what would have that makes a difference between its simblings? Only thing would be video since they will not have more than 12mp and probably not better DR than the D5000….(the best among APS-C cameras)

  • Carlos

    And one more thing for the people who brags about super IQ from Nikon and that Canon is this or that ( and i dont have a Canon, have a D50 and a D300)….by the time Nikon will be releasing their D700x or D800 or whatever….Canon will be at 5D mark III ( already known as Canon rumors stated)…..Nikon is way behind the game now…….and probably will be even more next year….

  • SimonC

    Nothing wrong with having the D4000 release. Obviously, it’s not targeted to 99% of the readers here, (most of whom appear to be worry mongers that Nikon is falling behind in every category…LOL).

    The only thing to worry about Nikon is are the lens releases. Particularly in light of the recent AF issues with the 24 f1.4G, this is a more serious problem than worrying about MP deficit, video, etc. Trust me, this will all be resolved in the next gen models D4/D400 in 2011. Patience!

  • This is as underwhelming as Ricky Martin announcing he’s gay earlier this year. We know this already, Nikon releases a new entry level DSLR every year, this isn’t really a rumor or speculation, cripes.

  • Fredbare

    Given Nikon’s current losses and their anticipation of doing better for the rest of their financial year my guess is that they will look at the bigger volume sales – the cheaper cameras – to boost sales.
    I would therefore expect a mirror-less design – maybe the D4000 (D40,000 seems a bit much) mentioned and an upgrade for the D90 this year.
    To me it makes sense to have:
    1) Mirror-less body
    2) Amateur body (D90)
    3) Semi Pro (D300, D700)
    4) Pro (D3S, D3X)
    I’d be happy to have a small, mirror-less DX body and an FX SLR body. My choice of having the best of both worlds.

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