Nikon D4000


The rumor is that one of the Nikon DSLRs to be released this year will be falling in between the D3000 and D5000 models. I am not sure what this will mean in terms of features/specifications, but I think the model will be called D4000.

[NR] probability rating: 50%

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  • Paul M

    boring !

  • chuck

    Why, lower end drives volume which drives sales. D3X and D3S are glass leading as is D700. Those that know their pixels could care less whether they have 12 or 18 or whatever. Those that have small balls need more pixels and can be excused for feeling to Canon.

    The Mothers and Fathers who buy DSLR to shoot amateur Nikon must capture. For those the Ti1 and Ti2 and the other manufactures offerings kick Nikon at the entry level. D5000 nice but a bit steep for what you get. The D3000 cheap and garbage compared to the competition. What they need is a D4000 using 12 Meg, 4FPS, D5K focus, 3FPS, no flip screen priced, MUST HAVE 1080P, and at 499, drop D3000 to 399. Keep D5000 as low volume flip screen. ANy Marketing monkey can see this coming!

  • Brian Davis

    How can you have a camera between the D5000 and the D3000? It’s retarded. The D3000 sucks….the D5000 sucks a bit less. Now introducing the D4000…equally sucking between the D3000 and D5000…

    • Jose

      Sucks for you but not for Japan customers, You can not ignore statistics Nikon is a camera best sellers in Japan, may be in US an other countries, may be canon sale more in spain bu I don´t know , please ask you way?

      • Carlos

        Japanese costumers are now very into the mirrorless systems….where is the mirrorless system from Nikon? who knows, maybe 2012….even sony managed to launch their system before Nikon….

        • Jose

          According survey japanesse customers are interesting in Nikon DSLR products.

          • Carlos

            Thats not what i have said….obviously japanese are interested on Nikon products…LOL…please elaborate about what is written…if you agree or not…isnt that hard

  • Brian Davis

    How can you have a camera between the D5000 and the D3000? It’s retarded. The D3000 sucks….the D5000 sucks a bit less. Now introducing the D4000…equally sucking between the D3000 and D5000…where’s the info on the D700 replacement? That’s what I want to see!!!!!

  • Chimay

    In May of 09, I decided I would get a full frame DSLR to replace my D90, and decided to wait it out for the D700 replacement, because I love that camera but wanted better resolution for cropping and architecture shots. I gave myself a deadline of May 1st 2010 for a replacement to come out. If not, I was switching to the 5DMkII. Well, I even waited a couple of weeks after my deadline and still nothing (not that our friends at Nikon would care or even know about my deadline). So last night, I finally ordered a new 5DMkII and three EF lenses from Adorama. Au revoir, Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    arghh man! not expecting d4000!!!! i want D90s/x or D95!

  • james blonde

    it is ridiculous that there is no effort to strenghen the FX line-up. D700 is the only handable FX camera, there should be a successor soon.

  • R!

    I bet you Its a 12 mpxl with video : they should have skip the D3000 they re stupid at Nikon If they were nt so greedy they would have make the economy of the D 3000 developement,they really need to change all they philosophy in the developement project other wise they really gonna Fall…

  • R!

    I think I ll wait the D4 !!!!!!!

  • le_eiji

    i predict this is going to be a D3X in a smaller body that everyone was hoping for. APS-C format DSLR will soon die out.

  • R!

    in 2 years LOL!!!!!

  • rsm540

    What I would like to see from Nikon:
    1) D700 replacement (To stand up against the 5Dii and make Nikon look good)
    2) D90 replacement (Which I may buy)

    • I would wait another year for a D700 replacement.

      I don’t do video. There is nothing wrong with my photos, they look amazing even at high ISO settings and I have made 30″x40″ prints on an Epson 9800 that look amazing from both a D300/700.

      Those of you who do video and don’t need a more expansive AF system please go buy a 5DII and stop wasting our time. Different strokes for different folks, but seriously STOP FUCKING SAYING “NIKON NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING NOW”

      99% of photographers like myself could pick up a D40 and take an amazing photograph. Equipment just makes our life a little easier and yes a D700 upgrade would be nice, but honestly do you NEED it? I know Nikon has a lot of other things to worry about right now like making sure they stay competitive in the entry level DSLR market.

      Additionally, why do you idiots keep posting “IM SWITCHING!” ??? Do you think we care. Do you think Nikon cares? You D300/700 owners are a tiny part of the market… Nikon will provide, but your suicide notes will not make a difference. lol

      • Alex

        Nikon needs a D700 replacement NOW or I am switching! Tee hehehe 🙂

      • nikkorman

        I’m sure Nikon cares… 🙂

      • Nikon’s big mistake was making the D700 in the first place. It is so good, I don’t care if I never need to replace it. It is the first digital camera I could use for years without even thinking of replacing.

        I expect that a large percentage of those moaning for an upgrade in this forum, do not own one and have not used one. I really can not think how Nikon could improve it in a way that I would trade.

        More pixels? Not with only a 17″ printer, plus the fact that I mostly shoot for the InterWeb.

        Better high-ISO? Able to shoot stopped down to the sweet-spot of all my lenses when shooting available darkness. In deep-dark tests, ISO25,600 is roughly equivalent to ISO400-800 with 35mm film.

        Movies? Nope, that won’t move me to wave my plastic.

        Faster frames per second? Rarely use 5 fps now. If I needed more, I could just add the MB-D10 for much less than a new camera.

        Do I acknowledge that the D700 is the best all-around camera of the dozens I have owned in my life? Yup.

        I also see nothing wrong with Nikon providing entry-level noobs with a wider range of choice.

  • Wildlife Shooter

    From my experience selling cameras to the unwashed masses, what is hurting the D3000 the most is the lack of a live view function. The low-end entry level buyers are all coming from point & shoots and want to shoot through the LCD screen regardless of whether it makes sense or not. It makes the upgrade to a DSLR far less intimidating.

    However, I can’t see how they could position a D4000. If they improve the sensor then it becomes likely better than the D5000. If they improve the video then it would likely be equal or better than the D5000. Would a D4000 with 12mp, live view, and a tilt screen fly when Canon will probably be updating the XS in the next year as well? I don’t think so.

    What Nikon needs is a big leap forward with a D95 or whatever they want to call it and then quickly position two entry level cameras below it.

    • nikkorman

      a D90s maybe? 🙂

  • What ever happened with the 35 prime and 85 replacements? We don’t need more cameras we need good lenses.

    • I am asking the same question, every day.

  • Embody

    Quick question

  • Embody

    Quick question,
    I have a friend that is selling me his d700 for $1825, in pristine condition and only 3500 photos, is this a good deal, please respond asap.

    • nikkorman

      a fair deal IMHO…

    • ArtTwisted

      Yes thats a deal.

  • InfraRed

    C’mon Nikon: D4000; where’s the beef?
    I understand the market is wider for a mid range DSLR than for an entry-level pro camera but if you believe I’m going to buy a D700 now , your marketing guys need a serious upgrade.
    Just everybody on the market is expecting a 700s, x, or 800, 900, 7000… just name it and we buy it but don’t expect us spend over $5,000 for a D3s that’s gonna be end of life mid 2011. It all depends if you really want to increase the company revenue in Q3 and Q4!
    My two cents,

  • VanSmak

    I think we also need to look at how the admin positioned this rumor….Its only 50/50 and like many others on here, unless Nikon’s plan are to discontinue to D3000 and the D5000, I don’t see how a D4000 makes any sense for Nikon without seriously limiting the marketability one or both of those camera’s. My ‘guess’ (and isn’t that all what we’re doing here?) would be the next announcement will be a D90 upgrade/replacement with a few more megapixels and 1080p video. But then again…..what do I know?

  • Mark

    Ok, about time, so this is the 16MP FX Nikon I have been waiting for! Price right between the D3000 (about $460) and the D5000 (about $650).

    So for $599.95 I will have my new Nikon and for those who want a movable swivel LCD, they can pony up the extra $50 for the D5000.

    Make sense to me.


  • Greenwood_Geoff

    toss out an 18MP FF D700 update , keep it at 3k$ and I am in for one. I don’t care if it has video

  • Anonymous

    No new camera this year from Nikon. Until 2011 they will stay at 12MP.

    • litebyte

      I wonder, there are several reports from nikon itself that they will surprise the market this year. And several people at the dpreview forum mention that Nikon will come out with a new camera this summer.

    • InfraRed

      So just playing devil’s advocate: How do you explain why (according to NR) it is impossible for the channel to reorder the existing 700? Not to speak about the existing discounts on kits?

  • Nikonier

    Who the f…. needs a D4000?
    Bring the D700 replacement or let it be. After two yeard i have enough now. Damned!

    • edch

      What the h… is Nikon thinking about?

    • Totally different markets with a vast gulf between prices.

  • Chris

    Just give me full frame and 1080P please nikon, thats all Im asking for. Megapixels I dont care about as long as its above or at the current 12 to be honest.

    60FPS and Raw video would be nice too 🙂

  • zzddrr

    Let’s start a bet here about the next camera(s). Of course there will be people who say 12MP is more than enough but technology may allow that crow to tone down a 24MP sensor. So, let’s see what we can expect

    1) D4 >> I think they will move away this time from the 4yr cycle. Now, I am not saying that this will be the first that will come out but I say this will happen in August. It will have 24MP. It will have mirror but no shutter mechanism.

    2) D400 >> 18MP DX with a similar structure (no electronic shutter) In August

    3) D4000 >> Mirrorless, No shutter, 14 MP with basic Video. First in the raw, it will be announced next month (June)

    4) D8000 >> June. It will be a kickass replacement for the D90 and D5000. 14MP DX (or maybe 18MP but you’d have the option to set the output) Kickass video of course (actually all will have video with different rates)

    5) D800 >> This will be an oddball because this should be the D700 replacement. So it may have a 24MP sensor but again you would have the option to set the output resolution. Similar design as the D400. Release would be October.

    I think Nikon has put all the efforts to replace in 12 months its entire product line. That is because when you look at their financials it is clear that the imaging part of the business keeps the company floating.

    So, what’s your view?

    NR Admin, can we run a quick survey on this? Let’s run a quick vote about the cameras we’d expect.

  • eric

    my dream:

    8 mp. 6 would be fine. no more than 10, please.
    but make them count: low light/high iso & dynamic range champion
    1080 video with autofocus and no rolling shutter weirdness
    pentaprism viewfinder
    live view with reasonably quick autofocus
    built in gps/geotagging
    as light as my d40
    just for kicks: auto panorama stitching mode

    HA! not in a million years! well I can dream.

  • Audyssey

    Something like D3000/D5000 will be very hard to sell.
    The Sony Nex3 kit is at similar cost and appear to be easiler to use to many people. With similar kit lens and image quality

    Nikon please make something good. Don’t just slowly giving up DC market and Entry DSLR market and become another niche expensive seller like Lecia.
    Then we will suffer from limited choice and expensive lens.

  • Nesid

    Come on guys…

    Just because you’re waiting for pro a D(X) or D700 replacement it doesn’t mean that there is no need of a new entry-level nikon.

    Don’t forget, that the D3000 still uses the very old 10MP CCD instead of the CMOS. D80, D40, D40X, D60, D3000. That’s enough, Nikon! It’s time for an entry-level body with a better sensor.

    Believe it or not, there are people out here, that prefer a small and leightweight DSLR body over tons of features and buttons! I’ve got nearly everything from the Nikon product-line. Pro-bodys and pro-lenses too! I’ve sold them all, staying with a small Nikon and just the 35DX.

    The competitors aren’t sleeping.

    Just accept that there is more than the “PRO”s out there.

  • taufan

    I am waiting D4000 as Full frame entry level DSLR, with no motor on the body … sorry just guessing …… 🙂

  • rhlpetrus

    That’s the easiest gues to make, D3000 body with 12MP sensor and video, D3000 dropped.

    My interest is in the D400 (new sensor, D300s body-like, fulHD video).

    But: where’s the high MP D700? Will it come or just the D700s (D3s sensor update)?

    • Me too, waiting for the D400 to upgrade my D60 😀

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