NikonRumors turns 2 today

Exactly 2 years ago I posted several small messages online on upcoming Nikon products. This is how NikonRumors started.

Today, on the second anniversary, we have 1,212  posts, 56,170 comments and... 24,296 spam messages.

Over the past two years we had few million visitors form 225 countries/territories. I did receive several thousand emails from readers with information on Nikon products. It has been a lot of fun.

I want to thank all of you for being [NR] readers. Special thanks also to the forum moderators  - the [NR] forum now has over 2,400 members with 32,702 posts in 1,670 topics.

We have again some quiet time ahead of us and I will be posting some "non-rumors" topics in the next few weeks. I will also make some small changes to the website design and maybe even change to white background one day 🙂

You can follow NikonRumors on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and the [NR] forum group on flickr.

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  • longtimenikonshooter

    Happy Bday!

  • Tadas

    25k spam messages ;d

    • yea, no kidding – for every 2 comments, I get 1 spam msg 🙂

      • Mark

        Happy Birthday!

        I just mailed out your b-day girft, a brand new D800!


  • Alex Cornes


    Ahhh hahaha. Keep up the good word admin.

    So we’re looking at photokina for potential new dslr announcements? The D800, 700s etc no rumours for a near future release?

    Would really appreciate a reply if you have a sec! =) Thinking I might go all for it and suck up the money for a d3s if the rumours or lack of point to a potential end of year release. =)

    • I do not have any reliable info at that point. I hate to give buying advice – if you don’t have a camera, buy something now, don’t wait.

  • C

    Congratulate! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birth day, thank you for the effort 🙂
    we all appreciate it!

    • nir.e

      that’s nir.e responding 🙂

    • eric


  • Trad
  • ANJZ

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the intel!

  • Teun

    What’s the estimated guide number of the 2 candles? Are candles the future for flashphotography?

    • preston

      only the short-term future. Next year I see 3 candles becoming the new standard.

      • T140Rider

        For UK readers and other fans of ‘The Two Ronnies’

        Fork Handles or Four Candles!

        Keep up the good work NR Admin.

  • Jivee

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for all the rumours, updates, and general news. Thats a lot of dedication on your part! Many appreciate it. Looking forward 2 more.

  • PTG

    Happy birthday!

    Admin, please remove some of the old comments.

    • yes, some of the first posts are embarrassing… good that nobody is reading them 🙂

  • Tom

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks admin for all of your efforts behind the scenes, it is appreciated.

  • anil

    please no white background!

  • JorPet

    Happy Bday #2. You have been a great help, thanks for all you do.

    (how can you tell which is spam and which is a comment? Just sayin’)

    • The spam filter automatically blocks all the spam and I just have to go over all the comments and make sure there are really spam. This is why sometimes certain comments are delayed until I approve them, but in general the spam filter (Askimet) is very good.

  • Dennis

    Congrats, I am really looking forward to a new style(Design) of NR!!

  • Jon Paul

    Thanks, admin. It’s a great site with a fun and informative forum!

  • Iceman

    Thanks for the site….I enjoy your posts, the rhetoric and seeing everyone, like canabals, turn on each other when the trough is empty. Happy Birthday.

    Admin. Does this mean you’re moving into the terrible two’s?

  • Zorro

    Nikon should have released a NR Anniversary model: a D40s perhaps.

  • nau

    GO SPAM! lols impressive number “24,296 spam”
    maybe its time to get better forum ? 🙂

    • I am not aware of anything better at that point. The spam filter I use (Askimet) is pretty good.

      • Nau

        not talking about filter, talking about forum interface

  • Charles Carstensen

    Excellent, congratulations on all your good work.

  • Happy Birthday! NR is definitely one of the very best photo sites on the Web. Thank you for getting all the info out there!


  • Nikkorian

    Happy Birthday! It’s been fun. Keep going 🙂

    I’m kind of glad that you put that smiley behind that “white background”. Cause if it would end up like CanonRumors with their buy-sell-and-exchange style “we are big” full of personal ads and headlines PLUS white-like-serious poser background website, it’d be sad. I know you’re buddies and I still look at CanonRumors myself, but I tend to get eye cancer there. So please keep the nerdy black background – Nikon shooters are photo nerds anyway and like to be this too. This is my approach, at least. And on top we get the better nerd equipment, too 😉


    • Ok, I will keep the black background. There are not many sites left with black background. I guess this will make us unique.

      • alvix

        ..ultimately.. WE ARE the dark side, right? 😉

      • T140Rider

        At least you don’t have Blue text on Black!

        Keep the forum readable. Not all of us have 20/20 vision you know.

  • Donald

    Happy Birthday, are the candles to avoid red eye from the flash , I presume they are genuine Nikon candles from Japan ?

    • let me tell you – it was not fun cleaning up the hot wax from the camera 🙂

  • Son of FE

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see you also use the NIKON CLS lighting system. (Candle Lighting System)

    Many Years!!

  • Phil

    Even though I haven’t been able to contribute to’s forums as of recent, I still visit here multiple times a day.

    Happy 2nd NR, and many more to come!!!!

  • Happy Birthday 🙂

    I was really surprised to find that NR is only 2 years old! Anyway, it was really fun to read some of the first few posts of NR when it just started off. I can’t remember how and when I found out about NR, must be sometime in mid 2009. Thanks a lot for all the rumours and non-rumours. They are nothing but fun 🙂

    By the way, how did you come up with the idea of a NR blog at first? (Just curious to find out about the beginnings of NR)

    And….no white background!! Perhaps better threading of comments. At times, I can’t figure out which replies go to which comments.

    • I started like many other sites – I was on the market for a new Nikon camera and was curious if something new will be released. I couldn’t find one place that provided all the information I needed. After one month of research, I gathered so much information that I decided to share it online.

      • NikoDoby

        So after doing all that research back in 2008 you ended up buying the COOLPIX L16 right? 🙂

        I’ve been lurking in the shadows since the very beginning when a young NR admin spammed my website with links to this place 🙂 But it wasn’t until I was in a leg cast and got tired of spying on my neighbors through the Rear Window that I decided to addition for the role of moderator.

        Thankfully admin really liked my rendition of “The Pina Colada Song” on the demo tape I sent him and he gave me the job. I’ve been a full-time nuisance here ever since. True Story!

        Happy Birthday Nikon Rumors 🙂

        • Niko thanks – your help and support is appreciated.

        • tobi

          Never Believe anything Niko says… .. True story!
          ( BTW I use a different id on the forum 🙂

          • NikoDoby

            “tobi” is a really really swell guy. I think very highly of him 😕 Just remember “tobi” that we can see your IP address so using different usernames hides nothing 🙂

            Anyway admin, seriously, thanks for bringing me on board. And thank you Adamz for all of your help and advice. I hope we’ve got many more years of rumors and forum adventures together.

            Now excuse me while I go lock a certain forum member out of his account… 😉

          • tobi

            LOL ! Not called the terminator for nothing ! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply Admin. Appreciate it. Great that you decided to start a rumours site from the beginning, or we won’t be here today! Hope we don’t stress you too much by demanding rumours everyday :p

        Please keep up the great work 😀

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Muh-Kuh


  • Click

    Happy Anniversary NR..
    Thanks for all the hard work you do. This website is like a Christmas present, when you open it up, you never know what your going to get. Please keep the black background, the contrast makes it special and it is easy on the eyes. We all wish you all the best in the following year, again many thanks…

  • Sam

    woooo! I check this more than my emails hahaha, but dont change to white!! black uses less power, eco man, eco haha, keep the posts coming I say!

  • Joe

    Happy birthday!

  • enesunkie

    Happy Birthday NR. Heh … blow out that candle, but don’t tell uswhat you wished for or we may never see a D4 !

  • Happy birthday…..but please leave it black……

  • th

    black bodies, black background… nuff said

  • viewfindr

    Happy BDay…

  • Thank you all

  • Hyperphokal

    No, please, leave the background in black, as black and yellow are nikon colors and of course it would be eye harming to put the background in yellow…. hehee.

    Congratulations for the website, I visit it almost everyday.

  • NR fan

    Congratulations!!! Keep up the outstanding work 🙂

  • NanDub

    Happy birthday NR! : )

  • disco

    Happy Birthday [NR]!

    kudos to the proud papa Admin! ;-D

  • Congrats !! Keep up the hard works!!

  • Jivee

    Well, it seems the consensus here is ‘leave the background black’. I agree. Keep the Blackground :).

  • JM

    Is that a D900 in the photo with the candles? Someone should investigate!

  • +1 Happy BDay!

  • Happy Birthday #2. Your dedication and hard work is appreciated and thanks to the moderators too.

  • preston

    Happy Birthday NR!

    I was actually surprised when I did my daily check before bed tonight because the first thing i saw was your photo on this post (i guess we’re visual people), and at first i thought you were wishing ME a happy b-day! only difference is i turned 25 today. what’s the conversion factor for people years to website years?

    Thanks for all the hard work – it’s much appreciated.

    • Conversion factor – 12.5 human years : 1 website year 😀

  • Chris P

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the information. The candles are appropriate, as far as Nikon gear is concerned, you have indeed been a ‘light in the darkness’

  • Digitalux

    Happy birthday, NR !

    Fun and informative. I love it 🙂

    Nice balance of posts too; nice bunch of folks around.

    There’s a rumour that you are up for another year. Can you confirm ?

  • Happy Birthday Nikon Rumors! I do believe I have been visiting the site regularly since it was only an infant.

    Getting a year older is nice as you see the numbers grow. It inspires you to grow with it. My own photography blog turned one last month and although it isn’t nearly as large as NR, I’m pretty happy with the growth it has had since it’s inception one rainy April day last year.

  • erth

    Happy Birthday. It’s great to have a website for this pure and divine purpose.. as for the change to white, you’d have my support on that one. I know the cameras are black.. but black on a website seems quite old skool. I’m just sayin’..

  • eman

    happy birthday!!!!

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