Rumors started to flow: 3 new Nikon DLSR cameras in the pipeline

I can definitely tell that the rumors chatter started to pick up in the last few days after it was dead for a month. Something is definitely coming - I already started to see the first signs of an imminent announcement (Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED VR lens) which could happen as soon as the end of April. The next step will be to get the exact date for the scheduled Nikon press conference.

This is the latest info I got: 3 new Nikon DSLR cameras are in the pipeline. One of them will be an entry level model (probably D4000).

The second camera will have:

  • 39 AF points
  • it will be 16 MP with 6400 ISO + HI2 position
  • 24 fps 1920/1080 video
  • it will have an optional (new) MB-D11 grip

I do not have any info on sensor size, exact model name or release date - this could be Nikon's plan for the whole year (2010).

It is interesting to note that the current PRO DSLR line from Nikon has 51 AF points. The Nikon D90 has 11 AF points. The AF of this rumored camera falls in between, which means (if true) it will either be:

  • the replacement of the Nikon D90 (DX sensor inside)
  • a new product line that will fit between the D90 and the PRO level cameras (I consider the D300s, D700 and D3s to be PRO level)
  • Nikon D700 replacement - that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video and 4 extra MP.

FYI: Nikon D90 and D300s have a standard ISO of 3200, the Nikon D700 has a standard ISO of 6400 (same as the rumored camera).

No word on what the third camera will be.

Update: another option could be: the entry level camera is the Nikon D90 replacement (I know the D90 is not really entry level), the 16MP camera is the D300s replacement and the third camera is the Nikon D700 replacement. I was not directly told that the entry level will be the D4000.

[NR] Rumor rating: 75% possibility

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  • D900_Buyer

    C’mon — where’s the D900?!

    • Joseph

      That’s what I’m saying. I’m really hoping for a D3x sensor in a D700 body. plus 1080 video.

      • Global Guy

        16mp is a slap in the face. 18mp or go home. if its 16, you might as well just get the D700 and not over-pay Nikon for whatever more this is going to cost. The D700 already does 6400 and Hi2, no one can tell the difference between 12mp and 16mp. So whats the point. Video I guess.

        Whens the 5DMII killer come out? I don’t think Canon is losing money on that one…….

        • nick

          ugh, now you megapixel freaks are complaining about 16mp versus 18mp. give me a break.

          • David

            The difference between 16MP and 18MP is minimal.

            I’ve read that best film is/was equiv to 16MP. Also, depends on if we are talking DX or FX. At 16MP on DX we are challenging the resolving power of our best lenses.

            If its FX, 16MP is still prob enough although there is still room to grow(as the D3x shows us), but really, the 4 MP above 12 is welcome, but I would rather them work on dynamic range and keeping ISO performance rather than reaching for 2 more MP at that point.


          • GlobalGuy

            I’m not a megapixel freak, Nick. Don’t be a jerk. The point is that 16mp is not sufficient an upgrade from 12mp to generate my interest, and I am expressing that.

            An 18mp or higher (I was hoping for 21mp) at 6400 ISO would definitely perk my interests, however.

            I am expressing interest and will be keeping my D700 for a very long time, thank you. As for the D3s, I find it to be an amazing camera. If they had been able to make it 16mp, that would be been absolutely fantastic.

            But if Nikon is going to jump into more pixels, they might as well do it at the level of current outstanding standards. The 5DMII has a quite a few more than 16mp and performs quite well. It makes no sense that with D3x and D3s technology that Nikon could not operate at this compromise point as well as the D700’s performance. Therefore my statement “18mp minimum”.

            16mp is sort of like just adding megapixels to try to shut up the crowd. It really doesn’t get you to where you want to be. And it definitely is not what the PREVAILING technology allows for.

            No one is asking for 40mp for goodness sakes!

          • Zoetmb

            I agree.
            Besides, it’s ridiculous to ask for more MP without evaluating the resulting noise tradeoff. The extra MP don’t come free: that’s why we have two cameras in the D3 line.

            So if someone is saying, “Based on the technology and sensor available, I expect 24MP, but with no more noise than an 18MP sensor,” at least that’s a logical request (even if the technology isn’t there yet), but if someone simply says, “Well, X camera has NN mexapixels, so it’s a fail unless Nikon replicates that,” knows nothing about digital photography.

            It’s like clock speed in microprocessors – it’s an almost meaningless number without evaluating bus speed, the number of cores, etc. That’s why, in spite of promises made several years ago, we’re still not seeing a lot of 3 GHz and above processors.

        • R!

          D 90 is already better than 7D 18 MPX so 16 wil be better than 5D ,,???

          • LordMax

            D90 Better than 7D, are you serous??? I am a nikon fan boy but man i have to accept than 7d is in several points even better than D300s….

          • Really? All I see in real pictures I’ve taken with both is that the 7d has a couple more mp, which amounts to not a heck of a lot more detail. And higher res video. Everything else and the d300/s and the d300 is equal to or better than the 7d. For sports I’d take the d300 in a heartbeat, even without the grip. The AF system is just plain superior.

            The D90 has the same sensor, which is just as good at high iso as the 7d sensor.

            But yeah, to say the d90 is flat out better than the 7d is kinda whacky.

          • The invisible man

            I have the D90, it’s a piece of crap !

          • Richard

            If Nikon were to apply something close to the sensor site size of the DX camera sensors to an FX sensor, it should be fairly easy to get a greater than 12 MP FX sensor for a body to compete with the 5D MKII even if the numbers are not exactly the same. Somebody can do the math on what the sensor site size of a D300s sensor would translate to for an FX sensor.

          • Anonymous

            Canon ‘s Apsc 1,6 x ,Nikon’s sensors are bigger:1,5x that’s all!!!!!!

        • Toby

          So on the one hand “no one can tell the difference between 12mp and 16mp” and on the other hand “18MP or go home”. get your story straight.

          Why is it that every time a news story mentions megapixels, people treat them as a linear measure? For tose struggling to keep up – twice the resolution of 12MPx is …. 48 MPx. Twice the width, twice the height. Four times the megapixels.

          • le_eiji

            Consider this. When you compare a man with 6′ 0”height with a man with 6’1” height, the difference in height is barely noticeable, The same is true of a comparison between man with 6’1” and a man with 6’2”. But when you compare a man with 6’0” with a man with 6′ 2”, then the difference is clearly visible to the eyes of spectator. 16 megapixel count will certainly give you more resolution than the 12 megapixel count physically, but the difference won’t be so apparent phenomenologically as when you compare 12 megapixel count with 18 megapixel count. And remember that Dxo Mark doesn’t take resolution into consideration at all, so you should not be fooled by the data they offer. D700 is nowhere close to 5D Mark II phenomenologically speaking. Same can be said about D300s and 7D.

          • nick

            I want to kill myself everytime people complain about megapixels on here. I guarantee none of these people print anything ever.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            I’m surprised you are still alive. Seek help and stay with us.

            Actually I’m 6’2335958″. How many MP do I need. I wish for 24 in FX-Body priced below D3X. Is that correct ? ? ?

            12 MP is a single page 24 delivers a double page at same quality. Pretty simple. Cause 2 is not 4 its just a half?? Concerning your definition of resolution, yes it’s correct, but who cares? No one ever said you can print four times the size (squareinches) with just doubled MP. So what’s your point ? ? ?

          • Tom Something

            I agree with Toby.

            Victor, a double-page vs. single-page photo is a matter of doubling resolution in _one_ dimension only. Usually, we’re talking about a photo that is twice as wide. However, doubling the megapixels doesn’t double the width _and_ the height. Instead, you’re only getting about 1.4x width and 1.4x height. You really do need to quadruple the megapixels to double the width or height.

            Now, when we talk about “DPI” in print, that’s a linear measurement. Therefore, doubling the DPI will double the horizontal _and_ vertical pixels.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            @Tom Something (+Toby),

            still 12 MP is only a single page (of a magazine) and you need to shoot vertical to cover it at printing res. 24 MP serves a double page when shot horizontal.
            Are you both unable of turning a camera 90 degrees?
            Well I guess then you both better wait for the 48MP and grow a very long beard meanwhile.

        • RyanTV

          I really don’t care about the MP#… 10 or 12 is plenty for me. Video would be nice but it isn’t a must… I just really hope Nikon doesn’t water down the D700’s core features just to add video recording. I was really hoping for a next-gen D700 overhaul rather than just a peppering of features.

          I’ve been waiting to get a D700 for months and waited because it’s lifecycle was so old. It will be a major disappointment for me and a lot of other people if Nikon doesn’t come correct with a refresh.

          • RyanTV

            I also want the D700 to come with a dual card slot CF/SD like the D300 has… that would be fantastic.

        • PHB

          I don’t think it very likely that the 16MP is going to be an FX body. Nikon has two FX sensors it has not yet released in a compact body. Why would they go off and create a third FX sensor midway between the two with the D4 series going to launch next year?

          The ISO 6400 strongly suggests that this is the D90 replacement. Which is what Nikon should be concentrating on since the D90 is by far their most important camera revenue wise. Looks like it is going to be a very capable camera, almost but not quite a D300 focusing system, plus video to equal Canon and a few extra MP to boot.

          Going from 12 to 16 MP is not exactly a major priority in the Pro market. In the consumer market it matters a great deal. The D5000 was selling at $120 less in Costco than their Canon rivals just on the lack of 1080HD video. I suggest that the low end model is likely a D5000 replacement with 1080i video.

          The other camera might well be a replacement for the D3000 (maybe add video?), or might be a D700 upgrade. I really would not read a lot into whether the D700 upgrade is being rumored or not. My guess would be that it is regarded as such a sure thing as barely worth a mention. Once they run out of older D3 sensors there will be a new D700. Possibly there will be a D700x at the same time.

        • Rafael

          I have to agree 100% with global guy

        • Mark

          I must respectfully disagree, sure I would prefer an 18MP but a 16MP would provide me the following (an estimate):

          16MP file size = 4896 x 3264 (16.32×10.88 at 300dpi)

          I want at at 10×15 at 300dpi and this would surpass that by a bit.


      • you want a d3x sensor in a d700 body??? get a sony A900

        i really dont care about the number of MP but want them to really work on Dynamic range and awesome video for making creative videos and shooting sports

        • And do what? Duck tape your Nikon glass to it? Get real…

          • you dont need anything then 35 and 85mm anyway, so you can as well sell some nikon lenses and get nice Carl Zeiss!

          • Mmmm nope! Wrong answer. Try again.

            And also, the best glass in the world won’t improve the sub par implementation of the 24mp sensor in the Sony bodies. (par being set by the D3x). Really the files shot raw just don’t compare. D3x looks superior, and I expect a d700 with 24mp would as well.

      • How stupid can Nikon be??? Give me (and a million other photographers) the D3x sensor in a D700 body and it will instantly be the top selling Nikon DSLR of all time.

        And Screw Video!


        • Bob Wilber for President!

          I do want to upgrade my D300, and I have almost bought a D700 so many times. I am so close now, they just have to release an upgrade for that soon.

          • It’s a great cam! Get one! Unless you’re just plinking around for fun and not using it as a tool for profit. It’s more than worth the price of entry.

          • rs

            I just bought one why wait. All i can say is WOW

        • jason


    • The invisible man

      next to the 3S

    • Richard

      I have read that a “film equivalent” is somewhere north of 25 MP.

      • dave

        first, it depends on the film, and second it depends on how you measure it. All film has grain. Slower and better films have finer grain. If you think of each grain as a pixel then digital surpassed film a while ago. But the grains on a frame of film are not arranged in nice neat rows and columns like digital is… so it still looks just as good as a digital image with more effective MP. It’s not always how much data, but how the data is arranged, if you will. But I have an 8MP image (cropped from a 10MP Dx sensor) blown up to 16×20 on my wall that is sharper than most of the 11x13s and 8x10s I’ve made from slides and negatives. And it’s as good or better than any image I’ve seen in any magazine.

        • Richard

          True enough, but Lowry Digital, or whatever they call themselves these days, which did the digital restorations of the Star Wars, Indy, Bond and a bunch of movies has a pair of scanners (which cost several hundred thousand dollars a piece 5 or 10 years ago) extracts “all the data that is there” at something in excess of 25 MP per frame of 35mm film stock.

          It is generally regarded that digital images are “cleaner” than film prints because of grain and other factors. Some of the other factors involve the widespread use of digital prints of film that are not really very good and then there is the problem of securing good film processing and so on. One of the reasons I lost interest in photography some years ago was the terrible state of film processing. It seemed that there was little point in bothering when most of them (including Kodak, unfortunately) did their best to destroy your film and make the whole experience aggravating. It was that experience that made me realize that the future of photography rested with the development of digital image capture.

          Don’t get me wrong, I still love my film and hope it never goes away, but I do look forward to digital image capture that can rival the film experience, especially in landscape photography. That said, I have been to a few airshows this year and shot a great many more images with my digital camera than I could ever have done with my film cameras (even ignoring the expense of film) and can sort out the ones I really liked and have prints made of them. (Those experiences also pointed me toward a body with a higher frame rate…what can I say?)

          Oh, back on topic, If Nikon would have Sony make an FX sensor for them that use slightly larger photo sites than the current DX sensors (to improve IQ and ISO performance) I think they would really be on to something that enthusiasts would embrace (buy).


          • PHB

            The pro photographers started to defect from film when digital reached 6MP. That was the first point at which I saw people starting to argue that digital was a better medium. Even though film offers more resolution, there are variations in the stock and differences in processing that make it less repeatable.

            But the time the digital cameras reached 12MP I was seeing almost no arguments for 35mm film giving better results (different, yes, better, no). The argument seems to be pretty much over.

            If we were still using 1980s lenses there might be no value to having more than 12MP. But the modern lenses are considerably sharper and better all round. And more MP is not just going to allow for sharper focus, it is going to allow smoother bokeh as well.

            I think you will find that the new FX primes that come out are all capable of being used at up to 50MP. That is the point where the medium format cameras have reached. It is the highest resolution that is in common use in the publishing industry.

          • josepH costa

            i can understand that by scanning and digitizing a film slide may create more pixels…it has to keep the resolution up scenes how film isn’t originally measured in pixels. so in other words with my d300s or d3s, I can couple some great lenses on them and even only at 12mp, can produce images really large and look as good if not better in some cases, than film.

      • Wherever you read it, you read wrong. Unless you are talking black and white.

        I’ve seen some decent 35mm scans of Velvia weigh in with around a 16mp file’s worth of detail. Mind you Velvia is contrasty as all get out and has very unique (but reproducible with digital) tonal response. It’s so contrasty that it’s really only got about 5 stops of dynamic range. If what you want is in those five stops, you’re golden.

        Everything else for color film in negative and reversal stock is lower res. Reala (which I was once in love with) compares evenly to a D3x shot at 6400 ISO (at least with my work flow). Shot at the D3x’s base ISO, there’s just way more information there, with practically no noise.

        But you don’t have to take my word for it. (sorry LB)

        (try it!)

  • achton

    Swivel LCD Is a MUST for Video. hope the New D90X or D400 has it !

    • Paul

      Disagree, at the pro level a good viewfinder is a must for video. Not some moveable, breakable swivel lcd.

  • Ronan

    Sounds like a upgraded D90. The ‘grip’ rumor is ether wrong or has the wrong name.

  • Anonymous

    Please let this be the rumored FX camera in a D90 sized body, and no higher than $2000!!

    • Global Guy

      Now there’s a good idea.

    • A D10!!! FX for the enthusiasts!

    • Paul

      Doubtful but would be interesting were it to happen.

      • Ahmet

        I hope that too. They can make this one as 16mp for lower price and less AF points and release D800 later for 24mp.

    • Richard

      An FX sensor in a D300 quality body? I’m for that!

      • dave

        I believe that one was called the D700

        • Paul

          haha nice

    • Mark

      That is a great idea, that could change the mega pixel full frame marketing/sales battle for Nikon. Imagine a FX Nikon body for $1800 to $1999. A flood of sales for Nikon with no harm to the FX cameras over $3500.


      • derp

        That explains why Sony has run away with the 135-format market with the $2000 a850.

  • Max

    thanks for the info. hope there will be no more “ffk” on the launching of new DSLR. i have been waiting for the good news since Dec2009.

    but if the replacement of D700 is nearly the same, what the heck they announce it for? wasting ppl time, wasting ppl $$ …. =.=

    • dave

      … and trying to get rid of old stock before announcing the new body

  • Joe

    maybe is a 39 cross type AF. or some what better placement of the cross type other than at the center.

    • Paul

      I thought of that as well. Wouldn’t mind this change from the 51 point.

      • Richard

        Thom Hogan as recently written about using fewer than max auto-focus points when shooting birds and such because the “extras” tend to pick up extraneous background features and lead to an out-of-focus image of the desired subject.

    • Paul

      Also, the center weighed focus points on FX always bugged me a little.

    • priceman

      Yea, that does make sense… they could easily get away with 39 points over 51 if they are properly spread across rather then half assed coppied from the DX sensors and all jammed in the middle…

      • Ed

        yupp!!!! It would be good if it is well spaced apart

      • Ola Forsslund

        Due to physical constraints in the mirror-box, I doubt it would be _possible_ to get wider AF spread than current FX bodies have!

        • Toby

          Details please.

      • le_eiji

        Try 7D. Focus points are distributed horizontally.

  • chinese_ys

    If that is the D90 replacement, My D90 purchase will be the definite good decision…(Only new 39 AF is attraction for me over my D90)

  • foxx

    Nikon D700 replacement โ€“ that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video.

    if the above is true then someone at Nikon ought to be shot for the decision.

    • Weston

      agreed, I would find it very hard to believe the D700 replacement wouldn’t be the same D3s guts (not the D3x guts, not less AF points, and not 1080p). The D90 replacement would be the first to have 1080p, since the D90 was the first DSLR to have video. I hope its sooner rather than later, let the rumors begin ๐Ÿ™‚

    • :(

      ditto to foxx

      the D90 replacement seems to be on the only body benefiting form this news…

    • Omar

      yeah, that would be a REAL DOWN for Nikon, I would trade video for D3s high res. Seriously, that’s stupid for video we lose 51 points.

      Looks more like D90 replacement due to the pressure from the competitor and I’m pretty sure the batter grip is wrong.

      • Anthony

        It’s not like 51pt mode is usable anyway

        • IvanatorHK

          You’re kidding, right? Clearly you’ve never used it.

        • mkII friend was just lamenting ~2 hrs ago the fact that his AF didn’t have the 51-pt AF that Nikon does.

    • YouAreCorrect

      Yeah. That’s one step forward and tw step backward.

      Nikon D700 replacement โ€“ that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video and 4 extra MP.

      • Agree with these comments – the D3/D3s/D700 AF is the best out there in a DSLR and the beauty of the D700 is that it’s a D3 in a smaller form factor; I would expect / hope for / want the D700 to be a D700s – a D3s in a convenient travel size ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Geoff_K

          A well spaced 29 (all cross type would rock) would be good enough for the majority that would buy this.

          • Geoff_K

            oops .. meant 39

        • Omar

          well to credit the rumor contributor, if Nikon dropped the amount of AF points and replace all of it with double cross and spread it more evenly across the whole viewfinder then I guess it is ok?

          • Joe

            Yes that would be even better as long as the speed and accuracy remain the same.

          • Anthony

            As long as speed and accuracy remain the same? Please, no! The lag of tracking in 51pt mode makes it unusable on the D700, and AFAICT tracking can’t be enabled in the modes using fewer points.

        • Zograf

          From your mouth into Nikon’s ears!!

        • le_eiji

          Try D3. It isn’t at all like D700. The finder is much clearer, not yellowish like D700. FOV is 100 percent, not 95 percent like many entry level camera. The D700 sensor is also not as good as D3 sensor. D3 sensor is self-made sensor. They carefully inspect the quality of D3 sensor and all those sensors that failed the test for D3 are used for D700.

          • tobi

            Your 2 statements are contradictory..
            If they are different sensors then the failed D3 cant possibly be D700s ๐Ÿ™‚

          • LGO

            Good catch Tobi. This person is obviously knows zilch about what he is talking about.

          • le_eiji

            just borrow D3 at any nearest camera store and compare with your D700, you will know exactly what I mean. I tried several copies of D3 as well as D700 at studio and D3s came out better under the same condition every single ocassion. My colleagues say exactly the same thing. My guess is that they made tons of sensors when they released D3. But for every product, there is a sample variation. They carefully inspect and pick out the better sensors for their $5000 fragship model and the remaining sensors they sold with cheaper D700 body.

          • le_eiji

            I am sorry that you haven’t owned D3. Every D3 user in my neighborhood doesn’t consider D700 to be D3 in a smaller body. Those two are completely different cameras optically as well as mechanically.

          • LGO

            You are right. I do not own a D3 because I own a D3s instead.

      • Mark

        Only 4MP and video is a big gain. It will (mostly) sooth the angry Nikon villagers like myself. I will take the 16MP and others will take the video and we will go off an play until we hear about the new toys around the corner and we will get angry again!

        : )


  • John

    Well, the conclustion that if a D700 replacement “that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video” is incomplete if the rumored specs are accurate – in that you’d gain video and a slight resolution increase from 12 to 16MP. Personally I’d rather have the D3s sensor with it’s high ISO performance, but same ISO performance with some resolution improvement is interesting. Why Nikon would reduce the # of AF points is beyond me, though.

    • correct, you will also gain 4 extra MP (updated the post)

    • R!

      THIS IS FOR DX!!!!! stop complainin 39 points to compete with 7D!!!!!! The new D700 will have to compete with 5D !!!! and it will have 51!!!! doooh!!!!!!!!!!

      • hcm

        5D2 only has 9 point lol,, either way its win to Nikon

        • Anonymous

          I know that ‘s why exept for sensor the 5D and 7D compete with the D90!!!! All pro Nikon body are better, even the D300 semi pro body!!!

    • Mark

      If I get a 16MP D700 replacement then I would settile for 32 points and if I get a 18MP D700 replacement then I would settle for 31 points!

      That’s the way I roll.


  • N1DQU

    Would like to see it be a step up from D90. BUT PLEASE!!! NO swivel screen (aka. D3000/5000). And 39 AF points,16mp & 1080 video would be worth a D90 upgrade.

    • WoutK89

      Swivel screen is not featured on the D3000 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Great work Admin! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Let the 3rd body be a D400! Fat hope for me…

    It has begun!!!

    • Omar

      D300s just released last year, wouldn’t D400 only make it appearance next year with D4?

      • That’s why it’s fat hope for me :p
        But Nikon is good at giving surprises. I sure hope they do the same this time.

  • Please deliver the D700 before June

    • Anon

      Going on my travels on the 16th June so I would be so so so happy if it came out in time for that. Definitely not holding my breath though…

      • Richard

        I’m sure Nikon is planning production to fit your travel plans so don’t give up yet!

  • Bert

    I think Nikon realized their “mistake” in giving the D700 the same AF and sensor in a significantly less expensive body. The D700 really put a beating on D3 sales. I don’t think they will give a D700 type body with the same insides of a D3s. There will be a definitive line between bodies in the future.

    Don’t really care, just want my 35mm 1.4 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • santela

      +1 on the 35/1.4

      • b

        ++1= 35/1.4

        • nicolaie

          +++1 on the 35 f/1.4

          • Zograf

            ++++1 on the 35 f/1.4 — yes keep on adding!

          • chriz

            +++++1 on the 35mm f1.4. c’mon nikon (or we’ll move to canon)

          • lonio

            ++++++1 on the 35 f1.4!!!

          • R!

            buy the Ais!!!

          • That guy

            -1 on the 35mm f/1.4

            f/0.95 or im moving to Pentax!

          • Mark

            D716 (16MP) DSLR or I will get EVIL and jump to Panasonic!


    • WoutK89

      Yups, the D3s really got a beating too, being sold out most of the time after release. People that NEED a D3s buy one, people that WANT D3s but dont have the money, or have very good patience wait for D700s (which is not coming soon I assume…)

    • anon

      i really doubt the focus points had that much affecct on the d3 sales. and honestly.. i don’t think it hampered the d3 sales at all.. the people who wanted d3s already had them when the d700 was released, and people who wanted the d700 weren’t going to pay double the money for the d3 ever anyway.

    • Apeman

      Once you open the can of worms, there is no way to go back…

    • PHB

      When Nikon showed the sales of their flagship bodies, the introduction of the D700 had precisely zero effect on the sales of the D3.

      Nikon would not care if it did either. The D3/D3x is priced as it is because they are production limited. They are halo effect models, the point is not to make money on them, the point is to make the absolute best.

      Sharing components between the d300 and d700 lets them save money. I don’t think there is the slightest chance that the 16MP camera would be a professional body for the simple reason that Nikon’s roadmap would put a new D4/D400 to come out next year. I would expect the D700 and D3x to get the same tweaks as the D3s and D300s got. Like adding VRII to al their current lenses that is just a minor production tweak.

  • JED

    Perhaps the MB-D11 grip is just a revised MB-D10 grip with some extra button(s)/control(s) to for easier video shooting? (I have no idea what that could be though)..

    • Photokid

      Well when would you need to take video vertically? I don’t see why they would need a new battery pack. Perhaps it’s just better built…

      • JED

        Hah. Yes its a Friday afternoon. Extra buttons then – but not for video.

        Very little they could build better because the MB-D10 is very solid. Maybe tune the joystick nub a bit but that would not require an entirely new number.
        If its real then I am assuming an extra button or two to match something changed on the main body while still allowing the MB-D10 to be used if you have it.

      • WoutK89

        Why cant they do the same as with the LCD screen protectors. There is no real order in that too. MB-D11 is more easy than MB-D7000 or whatever!!

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “Well when would you need to take video vertically?”

        Good question. Maybe to stitch two of them to get Full HD and be comparable to canon ? ? ? Desperate people do all sort of things.

        • Alex

          I don’t know how you would “stitch” two of them together, remember video is made up of a scanning dot, and there is no chance they will be in sync without a genlock input at least. But there is a market for vertical video. Often LCD displays are mounted vertically for advertising or providing information. Usually at places like malls or airports. They are filmed with the camera sideways.

          • derp


      • PHB

        You may not be showing the video on a TV. Web video is now very common. Why stick to a cinema format?

        There are two possibilities for a grip. One would be that this is for a D90 series replacement and so the D300/D700 grip would not fit. The second is that they are adding a WiFi connection and/or GPS to the grip and not just batteries.

        I would think it highly likely the WiFi/GPS turn up as standard features in the D4/D400. The cost is small, the benefit is huge. If you are a photojournalist you can carry your MiFi in your bag and your pictures are being sent to your editor as you are shooting. And the editor can be telling the photographer what shots he wants more of and what ones he has.

        OK so maybe not the greatest feature for the photographer. But the guy who controls the budget is the editor.

        • rs

          Perhaps the grip swivels to give you a handle for video.

        • Dr SCSI

          +2 @PHB,
          WiFi/GPS in the battery grip makes LOTS of sense. Take it one step further, the new battery grip will be built for the camera model replacing the D300S (D400??); but with an easy firmware upgrade, it can also be used on the existing D300/D300S/D700 models! The new battery grip will cost $100 dollars more, and the features will be standard in the new camera model replacing the D3 series. When the D700 replacement finally hits the street, buyers will have another device to spend $389 on. The other possibility you point out, a D90 replacment camera and battery grip for it also makes sense, but I personally think it is still early for the D90 replacement. But who knows, Nikon has to sale cameras based on economies of scale. The DSLR craze is gaining momentum. And I see more and more amatures moving from Point+Shoots to DSLRs, and the D90 is a hell of package is a small DSLR format. Nikon knows this segment is expanding, and in order to sale more of their Chinese made glass, they have to keep things exciting. On the other hand, I look forward to replacing my current D3 with the D4 next year. I strongly suspect we will see a combination of a two stop ISO gain and a minimum of 30% more pixels over the D3.

          • PHB

            Being early for a D90 upgrade probably does not matter in this case as Nikon has to clear the decks for their EVIL launch, which I would expect to be the only thing they would want to announce at Photokina. Contrawise Nikon has to launch EVIL this year because next year is the D4 cycle.

          • Mark

            PHB, you make a great point about the EVIL announcement. I think Nikon needs an EVIL camera (or a mirrorless APS sensor) camera is needed, Nikon and some others are missing a hot ticket item that they need to have in time for the holiday season.


  • iDunno

    Let this be the D90 replacement!
    But I doubt it. 39 is more than triple the AF points of a D90!

    • NikoDoby

      Why? The D200 had 11 points versus it’s replacement the D300 which went up to 51 AF points!

  • Ken Rosswell

    To me it looks like a samart D90 replacement if true I will buy one (pre order) if the body only price is no more than $1,100

    • Shuai

      Do you really think the new sensor new AF will keep the body less than $1100….? I really doubt Nikon will offer that sweet deal.

  • Nutty4Nikon

    Thanks Nikon Rumors (Admin)
    Sure appreciate all of you effort and reporting.
    Keep em coming……as you get em…..

  • santela

    I’m gonna say this is a DX body. Canon has been making a lotta noise with their new 550D, and it’s obvious Nikon needs to come out with something better, so they are giving us a 16MP camera (the 550D is 18MP) with full HD, and a much better focus system than Canon’s. Makes sense to me.
    A 16MP FF body with 39 points focus system sounds good too, especially consider how the old 51 points are all squeezed together. If they spread the points well and make them all cross type AFs, then it’s certainly an upgrade from the old system.

    • Omar

      yeah, 550D is one heck of a camera, though I wonder how its replacement will be and what will happen to 60D.

      IMHO, I actually felt that 550D is over specced and those spec should end up in 60D at the first place.

      • R!

        wrong place man….LOL,550D is a “Sex toy” evrything is fun but It is not a usable pro camera like the D 90 is already ,the new D90 will have to compete with 7D ,and will be usable by pro, yipee ya yo Nikon::!!!!!!!!

        • Omar

          erm….the 7D is targeted towards D300s, heck look at the price point.

          D90 is targeted towards the xxD series and the D90 is by no means a pro camera -.-

          • Richard


          • R!

            You don’t understand….wvr I said usable for pro aplication!!!!and It is like a D 40 by the way.No Canon is reactive enough to be shoot by pros till 7D!!!!! keep playin playstation man!!!

    • nick

      “canon has been making a lot of noise with its 550D, its obvious needs to do come out with something better”

      Nikon has repeatedly proven that it doesn’t care what Canon is doing. Nikon works on its own time table. If Nikon updates the d90, its not because canon has released something that they feel threatened…its because its been about 2 years and the release fits with their long term time table.

  • Anthony

    seems like good planned timing since the D700 and D300s rebates end may 1.

  • CanPhoto

    I wonder if it will have the built-in motor.

    • Toby

      Good question and, if this is a D90 replacement, I would guess yes. It seems that only the low-end models omit that. On the other hand they may decide to push people towards AFS lenses and drop it – would be an unpopular move. Another reason to drop it is if the video is seen as crucial and if it has decent puilt-in stereo mic (or mic jack). AF noise would not sit well with video if audio is being recorded at the same time.

      • PHB

        True, but the current DSLRs don’t autofocus while shooting!

        Or so they say at any rate.

  • iDunno

    Interesting. As for the new battery grip, how about one with a built in SD card slot so you can use 2 cards at once? Which should increase how many continuous RAW pictures you can take….

    Without a(nother) price increase. Please!

  • Sean Dackermann

    I was going to say how the new 16mp camera is going to be the competiton for the 7D, but Santela beat me to it. It would be great if this was the new DX body because it would destroy the 7d in all categories (not the same mp count, but if you’re worrying about that, quit photography now) and offer a great range for AF points now. Basically, the d90 would drop in price and go against the t2i, and the new dslr would compete with the 7d. Canon wanted to great a new camera category, and as usual, Nikon is answering with something better.

    • JED

      The 7D is a direct D300 competitor. The D400 when it arrives will pick up that battle at a slightly higher price.
      If this new camera is DX then it would appear to be Nikon continuing its preferred approach of bracketing the Canon equivalents. If this is a D90 successor and pitched in the price range below the 7D then it will be a terrific seller.
      7D will have more MP, probably higher FPS but this Nikon could be a bit cheaper, but with similar AF and maybe better IQ.

      • santela

        7D is 18MP, the rumored camera is 16MP. i doubt if anyone’s gonna be fussing over the 2MP.

        • JED

          Well I wouldn’t fuss over it either but the fanboys will make it seem like grand canyon type difference ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Basically this will squash a 50D/60D and tread heavily on the toys of the 7D – just the way Nikon likes it… nicely in between.

          • Sean Dackermann

            Have you ever held and used a 7d and a d300s? the 7d is more a d90 (with a battery grip) competitior than the d300s. the fit and finish doesnt even compare.

          • JED

            Yes I have. My point is not what you or I might think but how most will perceive it. And the 7D is and was designed as a D300 competitor – whether or not it succeeds is not the point.

  • Geoff_K

    If it is FX I really want to be in … if it is DX, not sure it is worth it to me as I have the d90

  • priceman

    Keep in mind, the post speaks of THREE cameras… the first would be the D4000, the one everyone is talking about is probably the D90 replacement, and the Third would be the FX one… the D700 replacement… That’s the one I want to hear about… but I’m guessing we’ll get some more info from admin about that one over the next couple days =)

    it’s good to split the rumors up over a couple days,… it keeps us all excited! =)

    thanks admin!!!

    • santela

      I sorta doubt if there’s gonna be a D90 replacement. I sense Nikon is going with the Dxxxx series, and might stop the Dxx lines. But I’m only guessing.

      • King Of Swaziland

        Since they are out of numbers for the D70/80/90 line, that’s kind of a given (that they will stop the Dxx line). The D90 is the DX camera best positioned for replacement (no D400 until we get a D4 to share the new AF and whatnot with), 16MP and ISO 6400 sound like good DX numbers, etc…

    • I agree with priceman. I think the one everyone is talking about will be the D90 replacement and I’m HOPING that the third one we know nothing about will be the D700 replacement. I have a D80 and I’m looking to go full frame, but have a strong interest in HD video, so I’m waiting for the D700 replacement. However, if the test footage i see from the D700 replacement (when it comes out) has that annoying scrolling problem, I’m just going to get a reduced price D700 (which will be nice cause it saves me money, but a real bummer because it’ll mean at least another two or three years before I get a DSLR with HD video.)

      • BTW, how about the fact that this rumor announcement comes RIGHT AFTER the April 15th Tax deadline. hahaha. Nikon wants you to hold on to your refund check and not spend it elsewhere until they can hold out a little longer??

        • T140Rider

          The Nikon Sales world is a darn sight bigger than the USofA.
          Please give us fact as to why you think this rumour has anything to do with something that is local to the US?
          Next, we will see items being released in France before Bastille Day because 50% of the population of Paris go on holiday then. Or in Germany because of Oktoberfest? etc.

          • Dr SCSI

            Special K’s comments about timing and taxes do have some merit. The US is the single largest market for Nikon in terms of sales. Timing a product launch to a time of year when many Americans have extra disposable income does make sense. Many companies advertise heavily around this time of year for this very reason. And I strongly suspect the recent Nikon rebates were meant to capitalize on some of those tax returns. With that said, the liklihood of Nikon trying to time a product launch with a post 15 April (US Tax filing deadline), doesn’t make sense. Most Americans who wait until 15 April to file, is because they OWE money to the tax man and don’t expect a return. Most others, who were expecting money back, filed back in February and spent it by March or early April! One final thought…Christmas is a holiday where many companies give their employees Christmas bonuses (i.e. disposable income). I doubt anyone would argue the fact that many camera companies time product releases in September, so the products are on the shelves by Thanksgiving, so they are in your stocking by Christmas, so you are shooting by New Years.

  • iamnomad

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    At this point it seems like Coolpix are the only thing Nikon has on it’s mind.

    • WoutK89

      Coolpix are Nikon’s cash cows ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • JED

    Obvious question is where is the sensor coming from?
    16MP is not a common size – no Sony ones like that (unless someone corrects me).

    Could this be another solely Nikon (and contracted fabricator) affair using the knowledge and tech refined in the D3S.

    • Dr SCSI

      and @many others,
      Nikon may have Sony fabricate their sensors for them, but by no means does Nikon have Sony engineer their sensors. Some of the Nikon sensors are fabricated in the Sony plant, that is all.
      BACKGROUND: Nikon has an imaging division that makes the lithography stepper systems; these systems are VERY expensive. Big companies like Intel and Sony have bought these system to fabricate microprocessors and camera sensors. I am certain that Nikon wrote a deal with Sony on some fabrication equipment, at a great price point, in exchange for services (i.e. Sony fabricates Nikon parts). From a buisness perspective, this is ingenious. Nikon a smaller, yet highly speciallized company, doesn’t need to shell out the $1 Billion required for a semiconductor fabrication plant. Also, don’t think for a second that the only thing Sony is producing on their equipment is camera sensors; I am certain they are producing processors etc for their cell phones, playstations, and whatever else they sell. I think many people make or have made the false assumption that the D3x and the A900 share the same sensor. Sensor sizes, megapixel count, photosite sizes, all factor together in the world of photography, very much like ISO, f/stop, and shutter speed. It is a constant game of compromises to achieve the desired results. I believe Nikon, which strives for quality, will continue to sacrifice MP count in favor of ISO sensitivity, with the exception of task oriented cameras like the D3X which was targeted at studio photographers. Thus 16MP may not be common now, but I bet it will be very soon.

      • derp

        Some Nikon cameras use Sony-designed sensors. If I recall correctly, the entire current DX lineup uses Sony-designed sensors. The D2h, D3, D3s, and D700 use/used Nikon-designed sensors.

        The D3x is a sort of a hybrid, as it uses a Sony-designed sensor with Nikon-designed microlenses and color filter. This contributed to the situation in which Nikon got better picture quality with Sony’s 24.6Mpix sensor than Sony did (D3x vs. a900 or a850).

        Nikon’s sensor designers really seem to be on top of their game lately (consider the noise improvement of the D3s sensor over the D3 — where the D3 was already best in class). For that reason a 16Mpix Nikon-designed sensor, whether DX or FX, will be worth watching.

        Your comment does raise one very significant point that’s worth reiterating: with technology and sensor-size held constant, there is a very real tradeoff between noise and resolution. Nikon’s sensor technology appears to be a couple of steps ahead of other sensor-makers, so it would make sense for them to branch out in that space. Example: with D3s-level technology, a 16Mpix FX sensor with D3-type per-pixel noise should be possible.

        Another interesting question is whether Nikon will manufacture its own DX-format sensors in the future or if it will continue to use Sony-designed sensors.

  • John

    The part that would be the most surprsing if it is a DX body/D90 replacement is the “6400 ISO + HI2” support. Not many would choose the D300s if that’s the case.

    • King Of Swaziland

      Like I said above, the D400 won’t be ready to come out (whether it needs replacing or not) until the D4 series comes out, since it will likely share technologies like metering and AF with the pro FX series.

      Now watch me be dead wrong, sigh…

      • @KoS

        A DX camera release won’t be tied to a FX camera release…

        • Cody

          The D3 and D300 were announced on the same day.

  • AlexFoo

    This is interesting. I am almost sure about the prediction that one out of those three dslr is gonna be a D90 replacement. Why? Coz the price of the D90 plummeted like crazy recently in the country which I live in. In USD terms we’re talkin about a DIRECT drop of $200. Being a D90 owner, oh, it hurts. =)

  • longtimenikonshooter

    where is my baby D3s?

    • WoutK89

      Still in the womb, it’s like a baby elephant, takes almost 2 years to develop

  • Pat

    A 16MP FX sensor at ISO6400 might very well be a scaled version of the D700 12MP sensor. The D3S sensor likely used some pretty expensive toppings that would not be carried into the D700S. Nikon probably figured out they could stretch the D700 sensor to 16MP without much of an effort.

    The new AF might as well be re-designed to facilitate video shooting.

    The only other FX camera that was 16MP was the Canon 1Ds Mark II.

    If the MB-D11 name is right, that means it is for a Dn00 camera.

    The very best news of all, Nikon’s finally having 1080p video on DSLRs.

    • Omar

      If Nikon sacrificed AF performance for the sake of having AF in video mode, then I am pretty sure many photogs will be REALLY MAD

      • Kwartjuh

        But what if we get some less AF-points but placed all across the frame like the D300? With video? I wouldnt be mad. I have a d700, great camera and i dont see me replacing it for years. but sometimes the position of the AF-points is edgy.

        • Omar

          well that is a no problem, what I meant was if the AF performance become like slower or less reactive then before, something like that.

          The AF system I’m interested to see so far is the one found in Hassies, the APL or something where the focus point follow the subject where u click focus on, so when you focus-recompose, the plane of focus stays the same.

      • I believe that there’s a big difference between the entry/amateur levels and pro ones. Every pro photographer would be furious, of course. But entry level cameras are not meant to be for pros, they are meant to be for people who would be VERY happy to get af in their videos. It’s pure marketing.

    • R!

      May be It is new continuous Video AF ,I hope so cause GH1 is kickin both butts (Nikon & Canon)!!!!!!!!!

    • T140Rider

      My guess is tht the MD-B11 is identical to the MD-B10 plus microphones and would use the EL4 batteries as standard rather than the EL3’s.

      • Dr SCSI


        “My guess is tht the MD-B11 is identical to the MD-B10 plus microphones and would use the EL4 batteries as standard rather than the EL3โ€™s.”

        The idea of putting the microphone in the battery grip is actually a pretty good one; Nikon are you listening?

        As for the EL4 vs EL3 in the grip, I own the MD-B10 and the EL4 fits perfectly in there. So taking the comments of others, let us design the perfect battery grip.

        EL4 series batteries supported (naturally).
        All of the existing knobs, wheels, and buttons on the MD-B10, but an improved D pad in favor of the joystick!
        Add an additional memory card slot (preferably CF)!
        Add WiFi and GPS capabilities!
        Add built in microphone and external microphone jack!
        Add a backlit LCD panel which is configurable through camera, to display your most important settings!
        Add Pocketwizard radio support for remote shutter release!
        COST: $599 – Sounds like a lot, but it isn’t when you consider buying those features individually.

  • DX2FX

    Wonder what that D90 replacement would be called ? D9000 ?

    • Omar

      Holy smokes, it’s the D9000!!!!!

    • It’s over D9000!!! ..Sorry, I had to do it.

  • Honestly, why does Nikon keep replacing new-ish lenses like the 300 2.8 and now the apparent redo of the 200-400 f/4? Can’t they get a little more serious and actually make new lenses, like a 50-150 ฦ’/2.8 DX (sigma has one, nikon should do a better one) or maybe an 11-17 ฦ’/2.8 DX instead of Tokina’s.

    If they don’t do that, can they at least update the D series lenses before they update the G ones. I’m a D300 shooter, but my girlfriend has a D3000 with no motor drive. I would love to see an AF-S 85 ฦ’/2 as a second shooting option for those who have the 35mm ฦ’/1.8 DX.


    • WoutK89

      The reason why, is so they have all the lenses with the same specs in the Pro line-up. Those lenses are most easy to redesign, because it’s “minor” tweaks to get them up to date = low R&D costs. The tricky part is, you are pretty much stuck with an upgrade in body, how else would they make money? The average D3000 (and the others in the series) are designed for people sticking to kit lenses mostly.

    • nick

      because there are only certain focal lengths that consumers demand. all that other stuff doesn’t really make them money, so they just keep updating their popular lenses.

    • 50-150mm f/2.8 AF-S VR DX lens would be great..
      or even 50-135mm f/2.8 AF-S VR DX..
      or 24-120mm f/4 AF-S VR DX.

      Another nice lens would be: 135mm f/2 AF-S VR DX.. or even f/2.8, but I really doubt that we will see something like that ever.

      All of them: with fast focus.

      • Dr SCSI

        @Laurentiu Ilie,
        “Another nice lens would be: 135mm f/2 AF-S VR DX”
        Buy the 85mm f/1.4 G AF-S VR when it comes out! You get an extra stop, fast AF, and a pro lens that will keep its value better. So… its only 127.5mm equivlent on the DX body (just take two steps forward), but you could actually shoot it at f/1.4 and end up with better corner to corner sharpness vs. others shooting the same glass on an FX body. As for the other PRO-like specified lenses you mention in DX format, I doubt Nikon will develop those kinds of lenses; they would be too expensive for the masses. They might be well suited for the highly enthusiastic amature, or a PRO wanting to travel light, but this would be a niche market (which explains why Sigma is there). I think f/4 zoom lenses with VR is the best we will see in the DX format from Nikon. Most of your DX shooters are happy with the Kit lens, especially the 18-200 all arounder. When they are not happy with the Kit lens, its because they figured out how to use the camera and learned its limitations in low light. Typically a DX shooter’s second lens is a fast prime, or another zoom lens with more reach. When a DX shooter is wanting the pro specs in a zoom lens, they are typcially contemplating the purchase of an FX camera as well. This is exactly where Nikon wants you to be, a DX shooter, with one or two FX primes, desiring the FX camera. These DX shooters will typically sell their DX camera and kit lens, to finance the D700 (or whatever replaces it), or they will keep their DX as a reliable light weight backup camera once they graduate to FX. I trully believe that a great deal of Nikon’s success can be traced back to their F mount for their cameras. Their customers love the modularity, interoperability, and upgrade path from DX to FX. In fact, as the current DX base of enthusiastic shooters mature and their incomes increase, we will see increased FX sales over the next several years. If you watch the patent patterns of Nikon, you can see that their version of the EVIL camera will probably have the same F mount, allowing these new shooters to use either MX, DX, or FX lenses. So as your point and shoot users move to prism-less/mirror-less DSLR like cameras, they too have an graduation path to follow PS>MX>DX>FX.

  • Zorro

    The third camera will likely be the long-rumored D40s at last.

    • psychophoto


      I’ve been waiting 3 years for that!

    • There will be no D40s, mabe the D4000.. and probably later.

  • Photogradstudent

    If this is the D90 replacement, then screw the D700s/x/800. I’ll buy 2 of these instead at hopefully 1100 each.

  • Rafael

    I really dont think Nikon will produce an amateur FX camera, that will only hurt their DX lens market, but I truly hope for an FX camera around 14 to 16 megs and improved high ISO

    Maybe a whole new D800 instead of improving the D700, maybe a 16 megs D800 with 24 fps 1080 video FX camera .. and also maybe un upgrade for the D700 to a D700s (same specs plus video)

    That would work for me.. (Just an opinion.)

  • Chris P

    I’m surprised that so far no one has mentioned the other possibility for the second replacement camera, the forums have been full of people screaming for a Nikon version of the 5DII, FX in a D90 quality body with 1080 video; although how many of them will actually buy it is open to question.

    As a D700 owner who, like the majority who actually own one, isn’t interested in video and finds 12Mp more than enough to produce A3 prints, the rumoured camera is not going to make them change and it isn’t intended to. D700 sales are holding up very well, at least in the UK and my money is still on a D700s with the D3s sensor some time in the Autumn. I also don’t think that the D700 damaged D3 sales, it carved out its own market among people like me who would never have bought a D3, too heavy and too expensive, but wanted FX, in my case to use Ais manual focus lenses at their proper focal lengths.

    However there is one camera, which unfortunately we will never see produced for obvious reasons, that would make me trade in my D700 immediately it came out. A full frame 12+12Mp version of the Fuji S5 based on the D700 body.

    • tobi

      Shut up…! (sob) You are breaking my heart! You know that will never happen. sigh….

      • NanDub

        +1 on that… Holding on my S5 even tighter than ever before…

  • Jens Marklund

    An AMOLED touchscreen would be a nice touch to a pro body. You pay pretty much for it anyways, and it will save battery (maybe not if its touch, but amoled vs lcd).

  • mochapaulo

    Hope that it is a break through, at least for the marketing strategy. The weakest part of Nikon is not the products themselves but the lack of product refreshment.
    The most recent update products are just D300s and D3S without significant change but improvement. That might be not enough ignition for the old users to upgrade. Even the new users may have a thought of those product are transitional and getting speculating a better product to come.

    I have no bad feeling to Nikon but no doubt Canon has a better timing of renew their products in a right time and a reasonable upgrade. For example, from 500D to 550D, it seems that the changes are minors but obvious enough to let the old users think about it, such as resell the old and get a new one. How can Nikon convince the user that keep using 12MP because it delivers best quality for over 2 years and believe that “improvement” means “upgrade” ? Nikon should think about the POV of consumers. Education may not work all the time since finally, she would upgrade the pixel in the future. So, please do it gradually rather than a sharp jump.

  • akvisuals

    Thank you Nikon. Thank you.

    Thank you for not raising the megapixel count on the D90 successor to 18mp or even higher. Thank you for firmly believing in the fact that a higher megapixel count does not equal higher image quality. Thank you for improving High ISO performance instead of adding more megapixels which would, directly or indirectly, reduce the High ISO performance of the camera.

    Did I sound too much of a fanboy?

    • Ola Forsslund

      I surely hope you are sarcastic, because given the same technology, higher MP count gives BETTER hi ISO performance.

      Don’t get fooled by comparing images at different sizes! (That is, do not compare at 100% if the MP count differ!)

      • rg

        given the same pixel quality, higher MP means better hi ISO

        given the same photodiode manufacturing technology, higher mp means bad hi ISO

        • rg


          given the same photodiode manufacturing technology, higher mp means bad hi ISO per unit pixel

          at same print size, that may or may not be worse.

          • le_eiji

            I also want to add that High ISO performance of 550D is better than any 12MP APS-C cameras right now.

          • sometimes_always

            Not according to dxomark. The D90 outdoes the 550D in Low-Light ISO by nearly 200 points.

      • nicolaie

        sure, like the “stellar” high-ISO performance of the 7D canon, with chroma creeping at ISO200. great.

        we do not need 21 MP FF just to keep up with the bunch. i prefer pixels rather then noise reduction artefacts, thank you very much. i’ll stick to my D700 instead of a 5D2.

        • le_eiji

          try 550D. D700 is by no means superior to 5D Mark II in terms of image quality, not only because it has low MP count, but because they had to use very thick lowpass filter for the extremely wide pixel density of D700. So the detail, if you compare it with EP1 or GF1, is completely blurred.

  • QuadraPixel

    Nikon, 1080p/30 fps (not 24). ‘Nuf said.

    • Nasty. Go to Canon if you want soapy footage.

      • Lee


      • R!

        yeah !!!Canon’s filming like soap!!LOL with 63 points for colors analysing this is really not hollywood!!!!
        I prefer the jello mode of nikon’s with full colors,same for pictures by the way.I can take a black & white picture with nikons get it colorized in photocheap,lol, and make them look like Canon’s color picture lol!!!


          Watch, and learn, genius. Watch and learn.

          When Canon’s evangelist Philip Bloom is smack talking the Canon 5+ times in the course of a half hour show, and drooling over how “organic” the Nikon footy looks, then you know you’ve got a “no contest.”

          Nikon smokes Canon time and time again, and the funny thing is that since so many people are focused on only 1 factor in determining value, they fail to see the truth right under their noses. Looking at stats as the only factor in determining value is almost always a fools mistake.

          Sure, Canon has 18mp cropped sensors. And the images/video look like dog vomit. What matters more?

  • hybris

    yes you did!

    thanks for not serving ouer needs

    pros needs resolution.
    and some video two

    if we need more light , we bring it
    dont care about iso250000 as long as it hasent the same resolution, as base iso.
    only sports pros needs iso preformanse

    the d3x is too big and heawy and ofcourse the price is just too much

    • nick

      hey crazy guy,

      Pros need high isos. ask any wedding photographer. Ask photojournalists. Ask joe mcnally, neil van nikerk, ryan brenizer. In fact, pros who shoot for magazines or stock, DONT need higher megapixels. Even national geographic only requires 10MP images for their print work. Even Less for their online photographs! Read Bob Krist’s blog if you don’t believe me.

      I have a strong feeling you are not a professional.

      • nicolaie

        hey now, what about us pros’ in fashion, modelling, stock ? 5D2 guys are kicking ass out there.

        • IvanatorHK

          You should be shooting medium format.

  • WoutK89

    Simple answer, NO, but why, I don’t know, just like to answer dumb to a dumb question.

  • PhotonFisher

    A nex FX camera with improved cache for images and two slots is welcome. If the sensor it the one used in D3s or a newer one – I don’t think, that’s the key feature for now. Versatility is the key-word …

    … finally a question: what about a major upgrade of the software being provided? It’s hard to believe, that Nikon produces equipment but does not invest into software. Where is the built-in HDR, images series for constant t, F-stop or changes in distance (and finally adding distance info to the metadata).

    GPS included and a direct load via GSM/UMTS/LTE … that’s innovation not adding Mpxls. Performance is great – productivity should be targeted next at Nikon …

    Finally for video: it’s all about software … isn’t it? so why are there no updates to firmware of the current cameras ?

    • gd

      Wow … if the second camera is DX .. .. 16 MP … HD video …. with ISO quality near the D700 … then this will be one hell of a camera for the amateur who doesn’t want to invest a fortune in FX bodies and glass along with a gym membership to actually carry all the kit. Not sure it will encourage D300s sales but perhaps the fact it will compete so aggressively with Canon means nikon is happy to sacrifice the D300s.

      FX is dead …. long live DX ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • nicolaie

        FX will not be dead as long as there will be a prime lens around, or the need for a large viewfinder, or the need for quality megapixels. a 24×36 chip might is virtually irreplaceable for the professional photographer.

        • tobi

          LOL… sorry but FX IS dead, it just doesn’t know it yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ go ask the MF guys. I am sure they think MF is still alive.

    • seed

      HDR??? lol:-)

      • gd


        • seed

          @gd, it’s for PhotonFisher about his/her built-in HDR comment.

          • gd


          • Anonymous

            High Definition Radio for the masses, or wait D’oh, High Dynamic Range ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

            Why is it so funny to want to have that feature?

      • I’m assuming you’re laughing because you’re under the impression that HDR= over-saturated, ungodly images splattered all over the Flickrverse. Those are examples of one way of using HDR software; doesn’t mean that all HDR looks like that. Done properly, you shouldn’t even know that it’s an HDR image.

        I think HDR would be an excellent option to have in a camera. Shooting landscapes w/ bright skies and dark valleys would be a natural fit, IMO. I’m sure a lot of other shooters in here could give plenty more examples of where/when it would be useful.

  • seed

    I love my D90 but when I dropped it and suffered a crack on the body, I want a magnesium alloy body, preferably DX so I can maintain the 1.5x factor. D300s is a good option but basically ISO performance is the same.

    Keep the rumors alive!!!

    • IvanatorHK

      Though the ISO performance is the same, the handling of the D300s is far superior to the D90. I upgraded from a D80 to a D300 a while back, now I never want to have to deal with a Dxx series camera ever again, they’re just inferior to use.

      • Anonymous

        Far superior for you maybe. For others, the extra weight of D300s makes the D90 handling superior.

      • I’m in total agreement here. The Dxx bodies can’t hold a candle to the Dxxx bodies for usage. Anonymous does have a point, but that’s a size issue for certain people (small hands, disabilities, etc.). If Nikon could bring out a Dxxx-based body in the Dxx size, I think they could grab a good corner of a market that isn’t being served by anyone (that I know of, anyway). Sure, leave the beginner controls on the Dxx bodies for beginners, but what’s wrong w/ bringing out a Dxx-sized camera using the Dxxx layout?

  • Fyle

    Well, I think it will be new D700 and if so, it will be my new camera… I really do not believe they will improve D90 that much. If they had, D300s sales would suffer greatly…

  • nick

    what the hell is wrong with you?

  • Peter

    MB-D11 with XLR input and HDSDI output, would be nice…

    • alvix

      yeah!! +1 here ..and +48v ..with the opamp smd dimensions right now you could even stuck a decent preamp with some nice burr brown or analog devices .. in there…I suppose..

  • If 16mp is the replacement for the D700 I can really see a sony a850 in my future. I shoot stock and could really do with 22mp. Ok 16 would mean I wouldn’t have to uprez for getty but come on…
    Also there is no mention of 60fps for video (even at non HD). The canon 550 has it. That would get me interested in video, super slow-mo.

    • Anonymous

      SUPER slo-mo at 60fps? More like regular 2 times slower slo-mo, you need to have at least 200+ fps for something SUPER slo-mo like

  • zygao

    I think it maybe the killer of 7D, new product line between D90 and pro-DLSR. FX and 1080P Video, 16MP not 18MP/24MP, 39 AF not 51 AF,…, the new one and D700, just like 7D and 5DII.

    • Ahmet

      yeah, I am thinking the same, and hoping to be about 1800 usd.

  • Karlosak

    If the rumored specs pertained to a D90 successor, then it would be a terrific camera and my lust for FX would be quite cured – I would buy one in a heartbeat. On the other hand if we speak about a D700 successor, then sorry, the specs are somewhat boring with insignificant improvements.

    Hopefully, we will also see a worthy D700 replacement – D3S sensor with superb video would get my vote first, but I could also see a minor push to megapixel count. Though I’m not ready to pay more than $3000 for that camera.

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