Nikon Rumors giveaway #8

Update: the giveaway is now closed. The winners will be picked on the forum and I will announce them later on the blog.

In this giveaway you can win a Nikon D700 or a Nikon D3s/D3x book by David Busch (bibliography). The rules are again simple – just leave a comment to this blog post indicating which book are you interested in. One entry per person, one book selection per person (if you have both cameras, I assume you don't need a book). I will close all comments next week and one of the NR forum moderators will randomly pick the winners. I still don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and will ship this book anywhere in the world. Make sure you enter a valid email address.

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. is not responsible for anything.

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  • joacim bengtsson

    I own a ageig D80 and have the hit zoom 18-70, and also a nikkor 80-200 2.8 and a nikkor 20mm 2.8. I am keen to get the full use of these lenses and plan a FF update within this year. If I sshould win, I would like to recieve the D700 book.


  • Hairulns

    D3s/D3x book’s is poison, shall be get 1

  • Kelsey

    D700 book would be awesome 🙂

  • Pascal

    Reading you from France, I’ll pick the D700, Merci beaucoup, many thanks.

  • Dave

    The D700 book for me!

  • basil_555

    Wish me luck 🙂 I would like to have Nikon D700 book.

  • Matteo

    Since I have the D700 for more than 1 year now, I would love to win the D700 Book. Thanks NR for all these nice giveaways and for including people outside US 😛

  • I am interested about Nikon D3s/D3x book
    Congratulations for you great site!
    Regards from Spain

  • I have 2 Nikon D700 body, wounderful cameras, I would like to win the D700 book.


  • Kim

    Just bought a used Nikon D700 for my Wife, so i can have my D3 for my self.
    She would be happy to be the owner of the D700 Book

    Kim .. Denmark.

  • I’d like to win the D700 Book

  • ben

    I want the D700 book please!!!

  • Akeem

    Proud owner of a D700 in need of a nice supplemental book!

  • Jop

    D700 would be awesome!

  • Leroy S.

    The D700 one would be great !

    Keep up the news feeds ! great info !

    thx !

  • Jerome Bitun

    I would like the D700 book please.

  • Love_my_D700

    Need tha D700 book, although it is not a 20 Megapixel book……
    Good job NR Admin, keep the faith.

  • Sam

    I want D3s/D3x book, thanks!

  • Just got a D3s – so lets go with that.

  • Josh

    I love this site and the giveaways you do. Again thanks for all you do for this community of photog’s. I would like to submit my entry for the d700 book.

  • Just got my D3s 4 days ago, So I would like the D3s/D3x book.

  • D700 book is going to me 😀

  • manos

    I’d love the D700 book, thanks a lot!

  • Would love to have the D3s/D3x book.

  • Tom

    I’d like to win the D700 Book.

  • I just bought a D700 a month ago, and I just love it. However I was wondering if buying a book would be a good idea?? If I could win the D700 book, it would be the answer!

    Thanks, and count me in the D700 giveaway! 🙂

    Ben Audet

  • Anonymous

    D700 – the body does matter!

  • SimonThornton

    A D700 book would help me work out how to load film.

  • Walter Weyburne

    Wow! It would be wonderful to have either the D3S or D3X….alas, my skill level is more suited to the D700. If provided, I would certainly read the book and no-doubt would learn quite a bit about this great Nikon camera. Thanks.

  • I would certainly like to have the D700 Book

  • bernie javier

    i’m saving for the D700. The book can keep me busy and ready while waiting for that day when i get a whiff of the fresh camera smell.

  • Tom

    D700 Please

  • D700. Thanks

  • Oswaldo

    I’m a happy owner of a D90 an would to have the D3s book.

  • That D700 book needs to be mine.

  • Ken

    I’d love to have the D700 book. Thanks!

  • Pierre T.

    Seriously considering the D700 so that’s the book I am looking for. Cheers.

  • Gary

    d700 d700 d700 😀

  • Justin York

    Hi, I love your website and check it multiple times a day. I’m a D700 owner and am interested in the D700 book.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I don’t have a Nikon yet but I will be buying a D3X with a couple lenses soon.
    Would love to read the book beforehand!!!

  • Alain

    I just got a D700! The D700 book would be great!

  • NSXType-R

    Hey, I don’t own both cameras, but I’d love to read about them anyway. 😀

  • @lvin

    The D700 book will be a great supplement to my photography diet!

  • Rob


    I would love to win the D3s book. Thanks for making this a global give-away.

  • Gonzalo del Rosario

    I just bought a D700 (after waiting and waiting for a replacement announcement that is still to come). I’m trying to move up in my skills so the D700 book would be most welcome and helpful.

  • Yes please! 🙂

    The D700 is my 3rd Nikon body and still going strong!

  • Chip

    D3S/D3x please


  • shasta_doug

    Hi, D700 Book Please. Thank you.

  • Thiru

    I would like the D700 book since I am on the upgrade path to D700 (or its replacement) from D90.

  • I prefer the D700 book… 😀


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