Nikon Rumors giveaway #7 (ThinkTankPhoto backpack)

The giveaway is closed now. The winner will be announced shortly.

What can I win?

Today I have a ThinkTankPhoto Shape Shifter backpack valued @ $249 to give away (click on image for larger view):

More info on this backpack can be found here.

How do I win?

The rules are simple – just leave a comment to this post. Let's be creative this time - tell me why do you need this backpack, what is your experience with other ThinkTank products (if any), what are you looking for in a camera backpack or just a funny story. Basically anything backpack related will be fine. One comment per person please. Don't forget to add your email in the comment section - it will not be used for anything else but notifying you in case you are the winner. I will close all comments at the end of the week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

Following our tradition, the good people of ThinkTank Photo agreed to ship this backpack anywhere in the world, so this is not one of those "US only" giveaways.

What if I don't win?

You can always get a free bag from ThinkTank Photo with a purchase of $49.50 or more (follow this link, when checking out, you can make you free bag selection - currently the free bag list consists of Cable Management 20, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Modular Pouch, or Security Tag products and is subject to change).


What else?

While you are on, you can register for their newsletter.


Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Shipping will be paid by ThinkTankPhoto. ThinkTankPhoto is an affiliate sponsor of NikonRumors. I did not receive any payment to run this giveaway.
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  • Marty

    Nice looking backpack. The current backpack I have works OK for my D40…but I have to take the hoods off my lenses in order for them to fit inside. If I buy the D300s and 70-200 in the next few weeks…yikes!

  • Eric

    Ooooohhhh, shiny new bag! 🙂
    I currently use some soft Eastpak which really doesn’t fit the bill….

    PS : Wow, Admin, you look damn good today. Have you been working out? 😀

  • JC

    I need a backpack after changing from pentax crop to nikon fullframe… my old one is too small again.
    I always wanted to use a thinktank beltsystem, but never really had the chance to try one. maybe a backpack is a good start into this great (i heard so) system.


  • Mr Cayne

    It’s always the same with hobbies: your start small, collect gear, it becomes more and in the end you don’t know where to put it. That’s the point where this backpack would come in handy… 🙂

  • Leonard Lim

    A shape shifting bag. What else you could ask more?

  • Shing Ma

    I like camera bags that do not look like camera bags when I travel and rub elbows with pickpockets, scam artists, etc. This ThinkTank bag looks like a backpack for lugging worthless textbooks. Who wants to mug a poor college student? Cool!

  • Gary Fugate

    Am new to photography and unsure what type of bag to use. I do hike a lot so a backpack seems like the bag to have. Have not used ThinkTank products so do not have any prior experience with their products.

  • Calvin Han

    Why I need this backpack? Because I’ve never used a ThinkTank and I’m dying to use one!!

    My name is Calvin. I am a Chinese/ Australian freelance journalist/ photographer living in China, currently studying at Tsinghua University (recently named as the prettiest University in Asia!!! WooHoo!! ) Beijing. I’ve heard a looooooot about ThinkTank’s amazing bags, yet they aren’t common in stores in China, even if you can find them, they cost a lot more than the price in the States.

    Ok, so you see….I’m interning in Xinhua News Agency this summer, hoping they would offer me a job in future, and I want to be professional in every way I can….And I really want to get rid of my stupid KATA bag!!! I know I’ve never won anything in my life 🙁 , but I’m feeling lucky today : ) !!! I really hope I can win this great TT bag and be a big-ass show-off to my future Xinhua News Agency colleges, or at least scare them to hell by sending them a message: I might not have your photography skills yet, but I make taking photos look good !! This bag would be a perfect fit for my D200 + 24-120 + 70-200/F2.8 I have now, and my future D700x / D800 I’ve been waiting for months now!!!

    Thank you Nikonrumors and ThinkTank for this great giveaway~~ I hope I’m lucky!!
    P.S. Nikonrumors, I visit your site every day!!! Keep on with the great work!!

  • Arnd

    Looks like ideal when going by train + bicycle. Not too thick when being in a commuter train, while everything is protected against bumps from the ground while riding the bicycle. Greetings from the land of Rucksacks.

  • I need the backpack to fit my new D700x when it ever comes out – my current bag houses my good ol’ D70 and after getting the new camera I’ll be to broke to get me a backpack as well:)

  • ap3

    The ThinkTank looks great and I would love one for carrying my photographic gear in the trips on the mountain or the trips I make in other towns.

    I would like very much to test its endurance.

  • Audrey Koh

    my camera equipments are starting to grow too big for my petite frame, and I really like packing everything when I go for a trip (including the dslr, the slr, lenses, laptop, and toy cameras and film). also, the airline restrictions of allowing 2 small bags onboard is getting on my nerves. A good padded backpack will ensure that my shoulder doesn’t fall off while trying to balance on cliffs for that perfect shot!

  • Wojciech

    Once my cat peed into my camera backpack. Happily my dslr with my main lens was out of the bag, but my flash still smells cat’s pees. On the following day I won a huge photo contest and a prize of almost $1000 in cash. So if win the thinktankphoto bag I hope my cat will pee into it again.

  • polarbeardali

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • TDavid

    Very nice! Like that it can compress down to hold just the laptop and accessories and then open up to carry all my gear. Nice design and visually its not an obvious camera bag.

  • I really need something like this. I currently sling my camera equipment around in a lowepro backpack – seriously! Besides the fact that ThinkTank is waaaaay better than lowepro, I need something that says ‘professional’ and not ‘student’ 🙂

  • Sam

    Something that I really need. I bought a bag when I first got my camera (last October) and I’m already out of space, also need something to carry my gear on my honeymoon.

  • Matteo

    What a bag! No excuse to leave a single piece of my gear at home. Should be better to start train the back muscles.

  • Richard Fong

    Using Thinktank StreetWalker® HardDrive and Skin Component Systems now.
    Nice to have a slim profile backpack if i am shooting with my gears in a crowded place.

  • Simon

    I need decent backpack. I’m realy tired using my old camera bag, which has one major weakness – my shoulder is in hell of a pain 🙂

  • At the moment I´m using a Stealth Reporter Sideback for carrying my equipment. For longer tours it´s a pain in my back. A backpack would really be nice!

  • Mark van der Wal

    Looks to be a popular size not too bulky and with the option of storing small tripod. Doesn’t scream camera bag and having used a Speed Freak with it’s high quality finish (especially Zippers) would certainly consider owning such a bag.

  • Char

    Okay, here is the thing: I do not own a backpack at all for my camera or lenses. The reason is that I used to think that I did not really need one, that I never found one that I liked, that they were too expensive and some other things.

    Now, I own my camera since more than three years. Over time, quite some stuff has accumulated (starting out with D80 and a Tamron 28-75/2.8, I added over time: The Tokina 12-24/4, the Nikkor 70-300 VR, the 50/1.4 AF-D, the 85/1.8 AF-D, the 35/2 AF-D and recently the 135/2 AF-D DC. Still got my good, old D80, though. I also added two tripods, a set of Cokin filters, a remore release and so on.

    Now, quite a big amount of the time I just carry around my stuff in a regular backpack, which kinda is not the optimal solution. I also carry it around sometimes in a big hiking backpack, which basically is the only option if going hiking in the mountains, simply because I cannot carry a dedicated backpack there.

    However, for other occasions I would really love to have a decent backpack. Especially for the future, where I plan to complete my equipment with a D700 or a D700 successor and probably the new 16-35/4.




  • Nice bag !

  • Vincent Thai


  • I need this bag because I wanted this one for my birthday but I got a cheaper lowepro.

  • Martin

    I’ve never used ThinkTankPhoto products so this would be a great. My Slingshot is on its last legs (and is a little short on space) so this contest is perfect timing. Looking at the website now and I will need to consider these bags once I’m ready to buy a new one.

  • Piotr Zygmunt


    I was looking for a good think-tank over the whole internet to solve our problems here at our university. We are in big trouble because of bureaucracy that forces us to fill all that pointless questionnaires instead of making good science here. Al we can hear from them is “All your taught are belong to us”. This is helpless. Please send us one backpack with a portable think-tank to help us finding solution for our problems. You are the last chance for us.
    To answer your question if we have any experience with think-tanks I must admit that in our country we are still in the process of developing good quality think-tanks.

    Thank you


  • Joseph

    I want it too!!

    Nice to have a backpack that could carry a two DLSR Body plus several lens when travelling then tranform it into a smaller profile when shooting with your main cam on assigments. If I will this then i just need to buy the belt system to complement my new backpack .

    Thanks in advance!!!


  • Dan F

    I only have one camera and one lens but my 4 Speedlights are the real problem. This ThinkTank bag would be super useful and will save me from having to carry them around in my pockets.

    Thanks NR, you’re the bestest!

  • Once I was taking pictures inside a building in construction. I took my Lowepro Slingshot with me, along my two lenses: a wide-angle Tokina and a Nikon 18-200 zoom. I left the backpack alone in the ground, with the 18-200 inside, while I was taking pictures of the surroundings with the wide lens.

    When I finished, while lifting the backpack in a rapid movement to my back, I saw the 18-200 flying into the air, and landing in the hard, rough concrete. My heart stopped for a second while I remembered that I left the backpack’s side pocket open.

    I never used that backpack again. Now I use a cheaper and “safer” bag with a Lowepro Mini Nova inside for extra protection. So… yeah, I need a new backpack.

    P.S.: fortunately, the 18-200mm is fine, after going to repair (didn’t break anything, only the auto-focus stopped working).

  • Tiago Charneca

    I need this thinktank bag because my wife always complain about:

    1 – the bag i use doesnt match with her sexy wardrobe, so she avoids giving me moments of warm fuzzy feelings.

    2 – she says my camera is so big, that everyone just looks at it, instead of her, now that may be fruitful in a way, but you cannot stand against women and their female ego.

    3 – she says that my current bag is too flashy (heck she doesnt even know what a sb900 is…) so that one might convince her to stay off my back

    And finally:

    4 – since im not married, it would be a great wedding ring proposal, to stuff the diamond engagement ring inside that bag and just tell her i dropped my contacts in there so she could look for it.

    I know this was long, but… hey, you know women… 😉

    (This was intended as a joke, no offense intended to all the beautiful girls out there)

    Take care,

  • Andrew

    I do hope to have one but I don’t. If I do, it makes travelling with gears much easier. The name ThinkTank may be alien among my gears, but if I do own one, I may fall for it and use it till its time.

    I know everyone want this backpack… coz it is brand new and most importantly, free giveaway.

    I’m just like everyone, having ‘wants and needs’.

  • Need a bigger bag as mine is a cheap copy of a camera bag! 🙂

  • Richard Dean

    I need a back pack to carry my D300 and accessories as I make my trip to Germany and Italy this summer. What I have now is totally insufficient.

  • Ukyou

    Going to travel very soon.
    The biggest problem I have is how to get all my gear to fit with me.
    I would love to have the think tank to help me keep my gear safe and sound.
    This is situation where ytou can”t just get any bag, a good qulaity one is needed and hopefull the think tank will live up to its name.

  • Joe Corporon

    I own a small, well thought out, camera backpack sold by Burton Snowboards a couple of years ago, and could use something a bit bigger if I make the move to the replacement for the D700 I’ve been eagerly awaiting,

  • mk

    Why do I need Think Tank? Because I’m too sexy to use another brand 🙂

    Anyway I have never used any of Think Tank products however I’m very interested in Think Tank Hydrophobia 70-200 raincover.

  • I bought the V2 acceleration for aircraft to transport my gear i think it’s perfect. This backpack look like very good.


  • Antun C

    I really need a bigger backpack. Haven’t had any experience with TT but I would like to test it.

  • I need a Think Tank to keep my Think Fish in – they’re finding my Crumpler a bit cramped.

  • I really need a new backpack cause mine is really not assorted to my shoes..

    And more… I can’t put my laptop inside mine…
    All i can put inside my backpack are potatoes…

    The kind of brown backpack totally useful for the redneck:'(

  • To be honest, there is not much photographers using ThinkTank around me… But I always heard that it is one of the best photo bag manufacturers in the world! Would really glad if I got an honour to try one of their nicest photo bag!

    All the best for everyone and myself… May the luckiest win!

  • stephan mantler

    Good lord, I am so in need of a decent backpack (and from what I’ve heard, Think Tank stuff is so far superior to plain ‘decent’ it’s almost a sin to call them that).

    For historical reasons I’ve got three that are all just a bit too small on many occasions, and I often end up hauling two or three bags just because I couldn’t fit that extra lens or flash into one bag. Now imagine also carrying a tripod (of course none of the bags I have are designed to carry one), and maybe trying to open a door at the same time. Awkward deluxe!

  • I never had the chance to try ThinkTank products because of lack of distributor on this area of Europe. But it definitely looks durable and comfortable and thats what I need.

  • Jan

    Think tank make s the greatest most useful photobags out there…

  • Patrick Boland

    Why I need this backpack.

    A few years back when I was a studying fledgling wanna-be photographer I got wrapped up in the feeling that I needed to own EVERYTHING photographic straight away. This included a super duper backpack to hold that imaginary pro-DSLR I didn’t even own. All this, before I had even assisted another photographer.

    So I chose the very best and most expensive I could find and it came in funky colours with rugged sort of water resistant fabric and great cartoon character marketing and life was great. I felt soooo professional. Eventually I got a decent camera and a couple of lenses to fill it but something just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was because the backpack I had purchased so long ago with little thought or investigation was a turtle.

    Yes, I bought a turtle. Specifically, when I put it down to get my camera out, a turtle on its back.

    A round, roly-poly, never sits flat, wobbles all over the place, completely unsafe to rest my gear on, frustratingly uneven, teetering turtle on its stupid back backpack.

    Please. Please for the love of Backpack Gods. I just want a well designed trustworthy backpack that carries my gear in safety and doesn’t make me feel like I belong in a swamp.

    And that other bohemith? I’ll give to my two little kids and they can use it as a see-saw in the backyard.

  • jbr

    As everyone , I would like to win the backpack because :
    – I need one and
    – ThinkTank seems to be a very good manufacturer.

    That’s all folks !!! 🙂

  • Andrew

    I need this backpack because I don’t have one! I currently have a UD35 and while it’s great for the 70-200 and short trips, I sure could use a backpack to haul my gear around. Flexibility is my biggest concern as well as the ability to use the backpack for non-camera related items. The shapeshifter sounds great.

  • Roger Bernardo

    I need the ThinkTank Photo bag because it will make me a better photographer, I could carry most of my gear will be with me on trips. I have always dreamed of a large ThinkPhoto bag 🙂

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