Nikon Rumors giveaway #7 (ThinkTankPhoto backpack)

The giveaway is closed now. The winner will be announced shortly.

What can I win?

Today I have a ThinkTankPhoto Shape Shifter backpack valued @ $249 to give away (click on image for larger view):

More info on this backpack can be found here.

How do I win?

The rules are simple – just leave a comment to this post. Let's be creative this time - tell me why do you need this backpack, what is your experience with other ThinkTank products (if any), what are you looking for in a camera backpack or just a funny story. Basically anything backpack related will be fine. One comment per person please. Don't forget to add your email in the comment section - it will not be used for anything else but notifying you in case you are the winner. I will close all comments at the end of the week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

Following our tradition, the good people of ThinkTank Photo agreed to ship this backpack anywhere in the world, so this is not one of those "US only" giveaways.

What if I don't win?

You can always get a free bag from ThinkTank Photo with a purchase of $49.50 or more (follow this link, when checking out, you can make you free bag selection - currently the free bag list consists of Cable Management 20, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Modular Pouch, or Security Tag products and is subject to change).


What else?

While you are on, you can register for their newsletter.


Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Shipping will be paid by ThinkTankPhoto. ThinkTankPhoto is an affiliate sponsor of NikonRumors. I did not receive any payment to run this giveaway.
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  • Djonah

    So here’s the thing…I thaugt that a modular system would be real handy…
    AND IT IS!
    So a little friend for my other little friends (the digital holster 20, the holster harness, the steroid speed belt, the speed changer, the lens changer 35, the pixel pocket rocket and the lightning fast) would be a joy! One additional mouth to fill won’t be a problem and since all my other little friends are so happy with the things I trow at them, I’m sure that little backie will be trilled with his new home…

  • I could use a Think Tank Shapeshifter backpack because i am leaving on a 10-day trip to Europe and want to take both cameras (Leica M8 & Nikon D700) lenses and my laptop. If I take my big Lowepro backpack, they might mistake me for Quasimodo and lock me up in the bell tower of Notre Dame. Please save me from a life of bell ringing!

  • Michael

    Unfurtunately I don’t have any camera bag right now, my previous Lowepro backpack was rubbish. My only experience with other ThinkTank products is simple – there are now ThinkTank products available in my country – Poland so I can’t buy any of them.

  • hmmm… the backpack I use these days to travel to work simply can’t hold in a secure way my d700… so, a TTP would let me take the camera with me on my daily commute, and shoot more often 🙂

  • I would love this bag because right now I am using a pillow case and socks to fit the spare lenses in it. You might think I am exaggerating, but sadly I am not.

    I have never used a product from thinktank before but I would imagine that they may be slightly more professional looking than my current offering.

  • John

    I don’t have a decent camera bag but I do have some gear. Instead of constantly worrying about them getting damaged in the tattered sling bag of mine, I would love for them to be lying comfortably in the padded compartments of the bag instead ^^ I don’t have an experience with any Think Tank products before but i guess here’s my chance. What I look for is just good housing for my camera gear in a camera bagpack. Hope I’ll get the bag =)

  • FF

    This thing looks like a photo pack from the outside, which isn’t really a good thing. But I’d be interested to test it none the less – Photo bags/backpacks really can’t be judged well if you don’t test run them yourself according to your own needs and habits.

  • Dan

    I am currently serving on active duty in the Army. Having this bag would allow me to capture images of my experience along the way. I currently do not have anything rugged enough to withstand the heat, cold, dust, and general rough treatment that my gear will have to endure on a year long, all expenses paid vacation to the Middle East. This would be one less thing to worry about on my next deployment.

  • Global Guy

    As one who frequents trade shows for my industry quite often, I’m never far away from my gear and am constantly handling bags — bags of luggage, bags of samples, and bags of my gear. ThinkTank is one of most widely recommended brands for toughness, ergonomics and sanity of design, however, almost everyone I know have purchased that no-reputation bag that looked like a good idea when they started photography, but functionally just has not worked out. ThinkTank offers the solutions photographers need while on the move at events, traveling from state to state, or just keeping our gear safe.

    The ThinkTank Shifter backpack allows me to take two or three pro-lenses and two pro bodies and the laptop I need to get the job done. My hands are free and I’m secure in the knowledge that the parts are up to the high standards of ThinkTank. The slick profile is no-nonsense, helping me retain a professional image while on business travel and not likely to get caught on anything in the airport. Light-weight, flexible and secure means I can stay focused on the job. The ThinkTank Shifter is what you look for in a bag to complement your hard storage bag or travel rolling bag and for just getting out to location while keeping your hands free to make art.

  • I actually only have Lowepro products and love them… but I’ll kindly accept a backpack from Thinktank! 🙂

  • papadope

    On Friday i purchased a new fantastic vr zoom lens and the guy told me that d700 price is gonna drop like a rock very soon.FACT.I gave this guy 2000 eu.He wouldn,t lie to me.Now give me the bag…

  • What do I need? Again! What do I need? A Think Tank Shape Shifter backpack!!! 😉 I promise that I will shift shape 2 if I win… and that is a promise!

  • go thinktank!

  • ekg

    Count me in pls. I have been considering Think Tank products for a while and this bag seems a very good fit for my D3, 24-70 and 70-200.

  • T-Mac

    I’m basically a broke student who would really like a new camera bag to use…that would fit my camera body, two lenses and a couple of old speedlites. This bag would be AWESOME for that!

  • luxi

    i am using the thinktank belt system , i always find regular bags way too small, and will be looking forward to have one of the thinktank bags 😀 i hope i will win the bag 😀

  • Ethan Huang

    I understand that this could be the 300th++ post. You must be tired from reading all these posts. There are definitely compelling reasons why some need this bag. For me, I need this as a nappies bag….at least I don’t look like a sissy carrying a tote bag. This bag is compartmentalised very well for various baby stuff, eg nappies, clothes, wet tissue, etc. The leftover space is for my 20+ year old rangefinder with 1 lens, for me to take constant pics of my growing newborn. Thanks for your time. I appreciate the 12 secs you took to read this post. 🙂

  • Bob

    I’ve just moved up to a DSLR and haven’t yet figured out a good way to carry my (slowly) growing equipment collection. I could use this backpack to help me be more organized as well as protect my equipment.

  • Finger crossed 🙂

  • jim

    I have recently got a 5d, along with my original d60, it’d be nice to be able to carry both bodies and some glass together.

  • Jeremy

    Wow. I’d love a ThinkTank Backpack. I’ve heard they are fantastic.
    I’ve got a bad back (slipped disc) and would REALLY appreciate something like this.
    Thanks so much for putting together all these competitions.

  • dale

    Paper and garbage bags do not work well for carrying camera eqipment. It would be nice to have a backpack like this.

  • Ed

    I lost ALL of my camera equipment last month while photographing the Mavericks Surf Contest in Half Moon Bay CA! Everything. 2 bodies (D700 and D200) and 4 lenses (20-35, 17-55, 28-70, 80-200) and all the bits that go along with that! I got hit by that ‘rogue wave’ that took out a lot of people. Actually I feel quite lucky that I didn’t get swept out to sea!

    It seems like my insurance is going to replace my gear and my current bag isn’t going to hold it all. That’s why I need this great bag!

    For extra sympathy you can watch me lose it all here:

    I am to the left of the tent in the center of the frame with two cameras up in the air….at least for a while!

  • Dan

    i really, really, really need this backpack. i am on a two week, back road, rugged terrain vacation in northern vietnam. i actually have to take some family members with me to carry my gear. i mean, this is how is sound… “dad, give me the 24-70 f2.8 – it is in you back left pocket. brother, i need a polarizer. belt pouch, front. sister, do you have that other camera body? should be in the little baggy thingy you slung over your shoulder, under that plastic bag you are carrying for me”
    i mean, will that work? and thinktank is the way to go… well, so i’m told. i’ve never had the privelage of even holding a bag like that!!!

  • Habitak

    Thats a cool bag

  • bast

    I think my beloved 24-70 won’t drop on the floor of a parking lot one more time with this nice backpack …

  • simon

    I need the shapeshifter, cause I’m going travelling soon and still don’t have a camera backpack!

  • Kuv

    If I had a backpack as cool as that one, I’d buy a camera just so I could carry it in the backpack.

  • Karan Aggarwal

    I need a backpack so that I can give my aching back some rest and take my camera out more often. I am in love with my D300 and love carrying it around everywhere but with the amount of weight I toss into my Crumpler 5 MDH, my back starts to yell at me after about an hour or so resulting in me being extremely uncomfortable and crabby. It got so bad that on long trips I would snap at my wife for the tiniest of things. She even dragged me to 5 different camera stores in the city and we looked for a backpack for me (so not her to spend the entire day at camera stores) and we narrowed down to Think tank products but I could not muster up the heart to buy one.

    I hoping that I will be able to win one and surprise my very concerned wife with it!

  • plug

    My old bag is definitely worn out. It’s time to replace with a new, more attractive model.

  • Jens Marklund

    Nineteen years old, turning twenty this summer. Currently saving up money for a long trip to Asia this autumn, backpacking with a friend of mine. Tired of this weather here in Sweden, gets worse every year now. Planning on upgrading my gear before the trip to possibly a D900 (?), so I want to protect that gorgeous shy beast.

    Keep up the good work with the site! I will help as much as I can, as a translater. Matter of fact, there was one interview with Nikon in a video for a magazine here a few months ago, I translated the important parts on dpreview. Short story:

    – They didn’t think that 1080p was worth the extra size.

    – More then 11fps would almost be impossible, cause the sensor didn’t get enough time to get the light it needed for every frame.

    – There was no hardware bottle neck for 1080p, the processor could write that fast to the memory card if needed.

    Can’t remember much more, but I could try finding my whole translation if that’s any help. Cheers!

  • j0elc

    Need a new bag to house my new macbook ::D

  • Tom


    now this would be such a perfect gift for my younger brother, he’s 20 and just had a major crush into photography. He really needs a good and reliable bag for his small nikon arsenal. I know you’d make this kid very happy 🙂

  • Marcus Wong

    The ThinkTank Shape Shifter is absolutely what I’ve been looking for.

    A discreet backpack that stores all my gear safely and more importantly, with enough flexibility so that I can get through crowds without having to worry about taking someone out with my backpack!

    Why not have a backpack that’s smart enough to match my needs?

  • Filippo

    I’m currently using a Lowerpro bag, nice but it is now small for my gear. I’d like to have a compartment for my laptop also. It would be my first photog backpack. Hope i can try it out 🙂

  • I really need this backpack because it will be the perfect reason to buy a 14-24, a 70-200, a D3X and another lens… 😛

  • Vincent Chow

    I am running out of space in my camera bag and I need a bigger one. My roommate currently uses one and I have see how useful it is for him.

  • Bauke Zwart

    Wow, that would be a great bag to accompany me on my trip to Zambia next August.

  • Mun Siong Yoong

    Can’t think of a better reason to replace my Lowepro than with a kickass ThinkTankPhoto holdall 😉

  • Knfoto

    My cameras and lenses are starting to look pretty banged up, since i have to carry them, without having a decent bag, around my neck and shoulders all the time.
    I desperatly need this back to make them feel comfortable again 🙂

  • Jonathan K

    The Think Tank Shape Shifter is the ideal bag to work out of in tight quarters – its transformer capabilities make it ideal for just about any situation. It’s not only well made – it is classy, comfortable and chic. I really want one. I truly NEED one! This backpack will greatly complement my Think Tank harness system.

  • I’m getting pretty tired of my colleagues and friends going on about their Thinktank gear. They’re getting under my skin about their backpacks, bags and hell, even memory card wallets.

    I currently have nothing from think thank but I’ve been looking for a backpack because I’m shooting a lot of snowboarding, which means that I’m hiking or riding in deep snow, difficult or extreme conditions. That sort of stuff really asks a lot from the gear and how I can carry my equipment to locations. Carrying a lot of gear while walking and running is difficult but snowboarding is a whole different game! If your pack is bad, it’s going to hurt, in more ways than one! I’ve felt it with bad quality backpacks from various manufacturers..

    I’d like to know if the Thinktanks can cut it or not?!

  • Why a backpack? ‘Cause i’ve had always the dream to look like a turtle 🙂

    neogene at tin dot it

  • I need it because my bag is too little to bring with my camera a cup of coffee and a dish of lasagna 😉

  • Alex

    Some people have some funny stories. I think giveaways are a great way to pass the time while we wait for more rumors. I have had only great experiences with the Street Walker HD, the shape shifter would be perfect for when I would want a slimmer more discrete bag to travel with. I believe this bag would be an excellent way to house my current gear as well as future gear as I continue to shoot my for school newspaper. I also love the concept of this bag since it can shape shift, I mean who wouldn’t want a bag called the shape shifter?


    Thanks [NR] Admin

  • Jitou

    Wow a genuine Thinktank, not very easy to find this brand here in France you know. Do you provide the 2 fine bodies and the big guns shown on the photo as well ? OK I’ll take the bag only to fit my D700 and laptop and tell my country mate how cool is this bag.

  • Ty

    It would be great to win a thinktank bag. I’ve been looking for a bag that can transport a 17″ laptop as well. My current laptop bag is literally a purse (thanks to the GF). Being able to use this instead of the purse would be awesome.

  • Thomas

    I would really like one, because i have not yet found the ideal backpack. And I have never tried a ThinkTank. Dont even know where to get one here in Norway…So the only way to try one is if I get this one…

  • James

    I want it please 🙂

  • Ray

    I have never used a Thinktank product before. I have a lot of colleagues raving about it so I am really eager to try one for myself 🙂

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