Nikon Rumors giveaway #7 (ThinkTankPhoto backpack)

The giveaway is closed now. The winner will be announced shortly.

What can I win?

Today I have a ThinkTankPhoto Shape Shifter backpack valued @ $249 to give away (click on image for larger view):

More info on this backpack can be found here.

How do I win?

The rules are simple – just leave a comment to this post. Let's be creative this time - tell me why do you need this backpack, what is your experience with other ThinkTank products (if any), what are you looking for in a camera backpack or just a funny story. Basically anything backpack related will be fine. One comment per person please. Don't forget to add your email in the comment section - it will not be used for anything else but notifying you in case you are the winner. I will close all comments at the end of the week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

Following our tradition, the good people of ThinkTank Photo agreed to ship this backpack anywhere in the world, so this is not one of those "US only" giveaways.

What if I don't win?

You can always get a free bag from ThinkTank Photo with a purchase of $49.50 or more (follow this link, when checking out, you can make you free bag selection - currently the free bag list consists of Cable Management 20, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Modular Pouch, or Security Tag products and is subject to change).


What else?

While you are on, you can register for their newsletter.


Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Shipping will be paid by ThinkTankPhoto. ThinkTankPhoto is an affiliate sponsor of NikonRumors. I did not receive any payment to run this giveaway.
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  • Kamil


    I’ve never used thinktank. My only experience with camera bags so far are Crumpler. They’ve stopped my camera getting stolen once so I’m grateful. However, a sling bag isn’t the use all do all for camera equipment so a backpack type bag like this would be a great help for me.

    Here’s hoping!

  • WInner

    It’s me, pick me! I’ve touched many camera bags in shops, but haven’t actually seen any thinktank before. Maybe they don’t sell them here, in which case it’d be good advertising for them to send one here!!!

  • Tanarak

    I just love it! All Thinktank bags I have it’s the best 🙂

  • I need this bag because I broke my lens yesterday and I need something to cheer me up.
    Also my poor d90 is bagless and needs a warm bagpack to sleep.
    A very nice bag like this one would make us very very happy.
    If I win, I promise to buy a new lens and take many pretty pictures of the thinktankphoto backpack. I’ll do hdr, dave hill style, everything… and a nice short movie as well. I’ll start writing the script now.


    It’s a cold winter night. On the bed, Carlos(29), cuddles with his new thinktank photo backpack.
    He smiles.

  • Ranger

    It’s hot up here, I need a big bag to keep me shaded, one like that thinktank

  • dj

    Need a new camera bag since my old one is getting tired!

  • th

    i have tried the flipside backback from another manufacturer. not very worthwhile.

    switching to thinktank is the next step … 🙂

  • Well, I have my camera with me almost all the time. So when i win this ThinkTank backpack it will be with me all the time, too. So if one day i will find myself in nevada desert, nuclear testing range to be more specific, and there won’t be any refrigerator nearby i could quickly hide in the backpack and… boom! I’ll survive the nuclear blast.
    So, giving me this giveaway backpack you are actually saving life!

  • Jack

    Please let it be me, because there’s no way i can reach Think Thank Photo products in my strange country without paying tremendous shipping charges.

  • Churn

    Oh I so need this to relieve my aches, just went out today carrying 3 bags to carry my gear, so messy and everything flopping around…

  • Lilien

    Why do I need this backpack?
    Ask my painful back. 😉

  • Leica

    This looks good, I think it’ll carry some MF gear w/o troubles too! Hope the straps are well padded for 15kg of gear!

  • yewbang

    I am come from Australia. Never won any competition past 23 years.
    Need this think tank bag because I plan to buy another Nikon DSLR within these 3 months. With this think tank bag, I can carry my D90+70-200 F2.8 + D700 ( may be newer version) + 14-24 F2.8 with no issue.

  • exposure

    Lucky I found this comp still open! Last minute (day) entry, will I be lucky?

    Ya know, I wonder why DSLRs and bags are always black?

  • dusant

    Looks nice.
    And with me it will look even better.

  • The only backpack I own is a crappy old Crumpler that loogs great but is a bummer stuffing things in. I need this one!

  • I’m a long-time, loyal ThinkTank user. Their modular belt system is pure nirvana when you have to walk around for hours with a bunch of different items, and their “Airport Acceleration” has traveled with me from Bal Harbour to Botswana and Terre Haute to Tierra del Fuego.

    But the side walls that make the AA so comfortable for schlepping a ton of gear from Country X to Country Y also make it more visible, and it gets a lot of attention when I’m out on the street shooting city life… too much attention for the low-profile approach. This bag would be a welcome addition!

    My thanks to Think Tank for helping out people like this site and being willing to contribute a bag like this.

  • jastereo

    I’d love to win one, my Tamrac Adventure is getting waaaay too small and Iove my TT Holster 20!

  • smarterchild

    I would like this bag for airline travel. I have a fastpack and a Aw trekker and i still cant fit everything in my trekker. Plus, im getting a laptop soon and will need a camera bag that holds a computer. I have grown away from the fast pack and prefer everything layed out in a pack how it was shown.

  • Aero Windwalker

    Well, I guess I need a new bad since my old one is too small. :/

  • I LOVE ThinkTank. This bag would make my life so much easier!!!!

  • B Lucas

    Although I can’t fit my VAL inside the bag (he’s eight,) I do believe this would be a great way to cary the rest of my gear. I might even be able to keep a few snacks for the voice activated light stand too. I know he’d like that.

    Think Tank Experience?
    My only experience with a Think Tank is reading about the RAND Corporation in grad. school. I would like to have a more intimate experience with a much more exciting Think Tank.

  • wow que buena iniciativa de este blog, esta linda la mochila.

    ¿porque esta mochila es ideal para mi?
    tengo equipos nikon como el 80-200mm f2.8, 18-200mm y otros grandes lentes, ademas de la d100 y d300 y tambien siempre ando con mi studio portatil, un macbook pro de 17 pulgadas por eso seria genial tener esta mochila.

    y al que se lo gane que buena siempre hay premios para todos

    Un abrazo

    Dario Vargas desde chile

    wow what a good initiative of this blog, this beautiful backpack.

    Because this backpack is ideal for me?
    nikon teams have like 80-200mm f2.8, 18-200mm lenses and other large, besides the d100 and d300 and also I’m always with my portable studio, a 17-inch MacBook Pro so it be great to have this bag.

    and which is what that good always wins awards for all

    Un abrazo

    Dario Vargas desde chile

  • ZDM

    Why me? Because I need something to put my only Think Tank product, the Pixel Pocket Rocket in – for the protection of course. Do you think something with wheels might be a bit overkill?

  • Mikael

    Well. I was going to write a witty little rhyme, but I’ve got a final to pass!

  • Sandra

    I need that backpack cause my kids have ruined most of mine so far. This seems to be a lot more “stress-approved” 🙂

  • Photog

    I need a backpack for my gear, and this would fit the bill perfectly. I am very impressed with the quality of ThinkTank’s gear. It is made by photographers for photographers, and so they really know our needs, and they make everything really well – it’s strong and extremely durable. Would love to win this backpack!

  • Sasha

    I take my photo gear everywhere I go. Love to capture those little unexpected moments. A few weeks ago was skiing in Norway with a female companion. My friend is not a very experienced skier, but she looks great in her ski jumpsuit. While we were up on the mountain she became desperate to pee and couldn’t hold on until she got to the rest rooms at the bottom of the run. So she scooted off piste and out of site in the trees. I decided to pull out my camera and tack some shots of the scenery and passing skiers while waiting for her.
    Meanwhile, in the cover of the trees she needed to unzip her jumpsuit and shimmy the whole thing down to her ankles. However in her haste she made a fatal mistake… that’s right, she did not take off her skis.
    Yep you guessed it… while in this vulnerable state she started sliding and then before she could react she was out of control. When I first heard the screaming I thought she was fooling around and then I saw her shoot out from the woods on to the piste… naked, arm flailing, and her jumpsuit flapping in the wind from below her knees. My mouth dropped open. I guess I wasn’t the only one that was caught by surprise, because a rather round Danish gentleman was so distracted that he lost sight of where he was skiing managed to crash straight into me.
    Luckily neither myself or the large Danish gentleman was injured. My friend also escaped unscathed except for very bruised ego. Even my camera and lens survived undamaged. However the shoulder strap of my camera backpack was broken and now I need a new backpack.
    But worst of all… it all happened so quickly and I was taken by such surprise that I never got a shot off of the action.

  • Jeff

    I’ve used lowepro all my life.. love it… unless you want to prove me wrong… 🙂

  • Arjen


    I’d like to win the ‘pack cause I don’t have any, and am as many other entries, a grad. student.
    I now take my D40 now-and-then with me, but a proper camera back would let me take my camera with me more often, meaning more opportunities for pictures.

    Reason enough, methinks 😉

  • Thops

    I don’t have that much gear yet, but good to have a big pack!

  • Yulia

    I am a mom of 3 and trying to start a photography carrier…I need a good backpack for my camera gear so i have my hands free to catch those 3 little monkeys! 🙂
    thank you!

  • Hands

    I remember going to a friend’s wedding, and having different bags for lenses, chargers, laptop etc, it was so disorganized. If I had a good bag like this, I wouldn’t have missed so many shots trying to change kits and do things!

  • Blake

    My wife is addicted to purses and shoes – I’m addicted to bags. Except she has like 10 purses and at least 25 pairs of shoes… but I only have one bag. I love my Think Tank Urban Disguise, but I need a backpack. Got three trips this year 1) caribbean cruise 2) NYC and 3) family reunion. Winning this bag will help ease my bag addiction… and help schlep my stuff around on my trips. Thanks for helping an addict…

  • Valentin Leung

    I need a new bag… to put all the gears I need and take pictures of my new born baby.
    Thanks helping me 🙂

  • hoops

    A nice padded bag like this that’s safe to throw in the luggage? Great! I’ve heard of the quality of Think Tank but never used one. Last time my camera hood got banged up by the lack of padding in my backpack (not a camera backpack)

  • A great bag as my Crumpler 7 million replacement.

  • A great bag for my Crumpler 7 million replacement.

  • Marcy

    I’ve been looking at ThinkTank bags forever, but they have always been too expensive for my budget. Unfortunately I’d rather save my ‘poor starving graduate student’ salary for new lenses. I’d love to have a new bag for my beloved camera gear!

  • Wolf

    What a terrible day I’ve had. If I could win this it’d be much better!

  • Kevin

    I’d feel much safer with a backpack than placing my camera in my daily carry bag unprotected

  • Ryan Christensen

    I’ve always wanted a Think Tank backpack!!

  • JM

    because i know that living in the Philippines, a 3rd world country with lots of social, criminal and pedestrian hazards – i can give ThinkTank backpacks the abuse they need to constantly show that they are what they claim: tough, innovative products that protect our valuable gear and prepare us to be ready to shoot “Before the Moment.”

    oh, previous experience with ThinkTanks: nil. which i hope to be rectified this time around. 😉

  • Michael

    I think I should win this bag because I have never one anything despite the hard work I have shown throughout my life. I don’t come from much other then good family and the idea that if you work hard for what you want, you will reach your goal. I believe that. I am working to become a professional photographer and this would be a great tool to help me out in that conquest.

    Please pick me! You won’t regret it!


  • nh

    “Does my butt look big in this?”

    Subsequent posts should thinnk before answering…


  • Ronin

    I would look nice with it on my back! No but i think it would be a great bag for my shoulders. I dislike my crumplerbag that only brings pain to my shoulders.

  • tank

    Great deal from ThinkTank Photo, good to see we have a good comp that’s not only for US. More stuff please!!

  • I have a ChangeUp bag from ThinkTank, which can be used as a shoulder bag, a belted waistbag, or with two straps to form a harness. It has been extremely versatile and useful – obviously designed by working photographers.

    But, as my kit grows, I find that the ChangeUp is getting a bit small. I cannot carry my lenses AND my camera body to a location, all protected inside the ChangeUp.

    IOne of the problems with a backpack is that, while great for carrying my stuff TO the photowalk location, it isn’t very useful DURING the shoot. I love to explore new places, and would find myself needing to stop, take off the pack, and find a spot to rest it to change lenses.

    So, I find I really need two different carrying systems. The design concept of the ShapeShifter backpack would fill this need. Once I get to a location, and begin my photowalk, I can take the camera body and a lens or two out, while leaving those items I’m less likely to need right now in the backpack, like my 10.5 Nikkor fisheye, which I love but only use infrequently. And, with the ShapeShifter, I can now make the backpack “shrink” to a size, so that it isn’t sagging and misshapen under the weight of the remaining gear, but still protects my kit while staying small enough to avoid bumping into those I’m passing by.

    I appreciate the design and function which ThinkTank has put into this product, and I would love to win this contest!

  • Lionel Arteaga

    Just to use and know if they are as good as they deserve to be, practical and useful, somehow investing in one seems to be a long range shoot vs a more sound investment within a reasonable way of thinking.

  • Philip

    I would like to win because I wanted to try their speed demon and their products look pretty good and high quality.

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