Nikon Rumors giveaway #7 (ThinkTankPhoto backpack)

The giveaway is closed now. The winner will be announced shortly.

What can I win?

Today I have a ThinkTankPhoto Shape Shifter backpack valued @ $249 to give away (click on image for larger view):

More info on this backpack can be found here.

How do I win?

The rules are simple – just leave a comment to this post. Let's be creative this time - tell me why do you need this backpack, what is your experience with other ThinkTank products (if any), what are you looking for in a camera backpack or just a funny story. Basically anything backpack related will be fine. One comment per person please. Don't forget to add your email in the comment section - it will not be used for anything else but notifying you in case you are the winner. I will close all comments at the end of the week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

Following our tradition, the good people of ThinkTank Photo agreed to ship this backpack anywhere in the world, so this is not one of those "US only" giveaways.

What if I don't win?

You can always get a free bag from ThinkTank Photo with a purchase of $49.50 or more (follow this link, when checking out, you can make you free bag selection - currently the free bag list consists of Cable Management 20, Pixel Pocket Rocket, Modular Pouch, or Security Tag products and is subject to change).


What else?

While you are on, you can register for their newsletter.


Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Shipping will be paid by ThinkTankPhoto. ThinkTankPhoto is an affiliate sponsor of NikonRumors. I did not receive any payment to run this giveaway.
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  • Gordon Prokes

    I still remember my first camera bag that I got just in time for a trip to Australia. Multipurpose bags like this new one from ThinkTank are amazingly useful. This Shape Shifter looks particularly well thought out. Like many reviewers, it would only encourage me to buy more camera gear, but I wouldn’t complain. I would be incredibly grateful to own a ThinkTank backpack. It may also convince my local photo shop to start carrying them.

  • Love Think Tank Bags! I would love to have this great bag!


  • Mark Selig

    I’m upgrading from my D70 to either a D90 or D300S this summer so i need a new bag big enough to fir two dslr bodies, three lenses, my SB600. I hear these ThinkTank bags are well made, easy to use, fit lots of stuff, and carry well. I think this one would be perfect for me!

  • Bob D

    That’s a decent size bag. I don’t know if I could carry two bodies like that, I prefer to have my stuff ready to go. I guess the insides could be moved around though, so that the bodies could have the lenses on them and were ready to pull out. Then there’d still be room for a small prime lens and a speedlight or two. I still have my old Think Tank camera “holster” bag and it’s great for carrying one camera and some misc. accessories around without having a huge camera bag.

  • nico

    my oh my…. this bag will surely be a nice reason for me to shop for more gear… 😐 ,

  • reaction

    this is a pretty cool site and now all these comps make it even better! hope it keeps going, and would really like that cool bag!

  • Colfax Mingo

    I’ll be retiring in a few years & this would be a great bag to carry my ever increasing assortment of camera gear when traveling.

  • I shit bricks when I’m travelling, because here in Calcutta,India the crowds on trains and buses are intense, we are like sardines. I’m always feeling like my equipment is going to get squashed like a tomato. With the thinktank, if it lives up to its reputation, my mind will be at ease and I can enjoy this living circus.

  • underthere

    With a bag like this I will finally be able to take great snapshots and become a truly great photographer extraordinaire. My lack of this bag is the only thing holding me back from stellar images and iconic pictures. If only this bag could trigger the shutter release as well, then I would never even have to take the camera out of the bag. I could just leave the camera stored on my back, and let the backpack do its thing, just be a back pack.

  • Dennis

    I like to win because i need urgent a new bag for my D700 and my D300s with all the lenses :-))))

    Thx 🙂

  • Aakash Kambuj

    Wow, I would love one of these ThinktankPhoto backpacks to hold my D90 + assorted lenses! Please, Santa?

  • That wouldt be a great supplement to my Airport Security™ V 2.0 🙂

  • Tim

    I live on the bloody underside of this planet. No one ever sends anything cool or useful down this way. I’m stuck trying to pick something from an anemic selection of LowePros or Tamracs that probably still come with somewhere to store your glass plates. Sure, we’ve got Crumper and they look cool and all, but have you tried to carry a D700 and pro glass over one shoulder? Unbelievable.

    You know, if someone way back when just drew this thing the other way around, we’d see who had all the cool stuff.

    I want to have an awesome bag. Something to make the others in the camera club suffering with their LowePros sob in their VB and beg me to know how I got it. Something with enough awesome to make a dingo sit up and take notice.

    Yea, dingos. That’s what we got.

    I could have an awesome bag for my kit instead.

  • Besides the fact that the name ThinkTank realy appeals to me, this camerabag would eliminate the dilemma what equipment to take with me and what to leave at home. In fact it give me room to spare (and hopefully to fill in the future)


  • Anubis

    This ThinkTank is as smart as Albert Eistein, as sexy as Pamela Anderson, as tough as Bruce Willis and fortunately, more durable than Michael Jackson. I bet that with some creative arrangement of its internal, it can ‘accommodate’ more gear than Tiger can accommodate cocktail waitresses. Why wouldn’t I want it??? In the world of camera backpacks, its the best thing since slice bread. I want one now!!!

  • binary

    Think Tank really created a very useful product and an extremely versatile bag. It’s perfect for traveling, especially on trips that are not solely planned for photographing. That’s also the reason I would want one, I go on this kind of trips a lot.

  • Tom Vandas

    With all that gear in it, the pack would make a nice alternative to body armour, which I could use when filming alone in Kibera and other slums here in Nairobi. Plus, the thinktank products are a perfect marriage of form and function, why wouldn’t I want to get one!

  • I need this backback, because my metal Spiderman lunchbox can’t hold all of my Nikon gear anymore!

  • Gabi

    I have a Think Tank roller bag to transport my gear while traveling by air.. it’s great.
    Why wouldn’t I want another one of their quality products????

  • Chris Lipscombe

    My backpack is not large enough. My Nikon 10-24 is too wide to fit in the camera slot. I need to upgrade my backpack. I have always heard very nice things about ThinkTanks, have not owned one yet.

  • I want this backpack to pack all the cameras that i would love to have, because then i can make all the picture’s i would love to make! Until then, I’d have to do with my (though more than capable) simple setup with a simple bag, and a simple photographers mind. I guess I need more money for my plans. But then, why do I need this bag again? Because I like quality stuff…

  • Roberto

    I really like the idea of a collapsable backpack. I can put in exactly the equipment that I need.

  • Przemek

    Greetings, Earthlings.

    This bag looks exactly like my shape-shift-transform portal. Can I get it back?

    D6x robot from Nikonians planet

  • Brad

    I have a Thinktank speed freak bag that I love. I am a huge fan of Thinktank and their products. I took it to Rome and to Spain. I’m headed to Prague next month and it would be great to have a new bag!!

  • .:!:.

    I hear that these are really good bags and I want one.:!:.

  • Wow, what an awesome giveaway. I’ve been trying to find the right bag for a while now. I’m presently using a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home I found on Craigslist, but this would be awesome.



  • ali ghanty

    Greeting everyone! am ali from mauritius island, indian ocean 😀 well this bag is looks reallllly cool and professionally designed! could really help against the humidity from my tropical island :S, if am not selected, just too bad 😀 well good luck everyone! cheers 😀

  • SupSoc

    Looks like a hell of a bag!! I’m always in for a bigger bag. Have to think of all the future gear that is possibly coming! (Although not as quick as I would like)

  • John L

    No matter how much you flip your lenses, or how hard you flip them, the Lowepro FLIPside just doesn’t cut it. Sure, I save about 1000 brain cells each time I bring out my gear, knowing that the person behind me is failing hard trying to get their hands on my lenses. But not being able to hold that 70-200 along with my other lenses is a huge disadvantage.

    Therefore most of the time, the camera and lens is out of the bag and it just screams pro even though my picture screams amature. Which brings me to the point that, I have friends who use the Think Tank Urban Disguse. From a mile away it looks like a ordinary bag, and from 10 feet away it looks like an ordinary bag. It’s as big and tall as Mount Everest and holds that 70-200 like trying to fit a pebble into a black hole. I’m guessing they put alot of THINKing into the design, and thing’s built like an TANK. No pun intended.

    Therefore.. I need a bag that would hold all my gear without me dissecting apart my camera. A bag that doesn’t have a “STEAL ME” tag written all over it.


  • I’ve got a UD30 right now that I LOVE. You can read about it here:

    I’m a very active guy that’s always traveling, skiing, or sailing with a bag full of camera gear. I’d love a TT backpack for this purpose so PLEASE PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!

  • Rober Balala

    Why do I need this backpack?… hmm… well I have never had a ThinkTank product… I keep seeing their fancy backpacks on Craigslist and Ebay but they are sooo expensive… I try to bargain with them you know.. “Hey man, hows about you knock off a $100 bucks?”… they’ll reply “How’s ’bout you *&$# OFF!”… But here’s my attempt to score.. Hows about it… NikonRumours… “Can I get one for free?”…

  • I have just changued to nikon, so it will be perfect to win the price for keeping it save. Thanks.

  • Brynn

    Across the icy dales and frozen tundras, this pack will surely keep my gear safe!

  • Helge Nareid

    Backpack related story?
    I’m afraid I’ve never used a ThinkThank backpack, but they certainly look interesting. I am always looking for the “perfect” camera bag, and the TT range look good.
    Anyway back to my story – it is photo, Nikon, and backpack related – but no ThinkThank, I’m afraid:

    I spent the mid-90’s living in Japan – 1994 to 1996 in the greater Tokyo area to be specific. I did try not to gather any worldly goods in the process, but Japan is not only consumer heaven, but particularly camera heaven – Yodobashi, Bic Camera, Gin-Ichi and other photographic retailers received a disproportionate part of my disposable income in those years.

    So in June 1996 it was time to leave Japan. I discarded, sold, gave away and otherwise got rid of as much of my wordly goods as I could stand, packed a lot into boxes to be shipped back, and packed a “minimum” into my flight luggage. My boss wasn’t very understanding, and demanded that I did a disproportionate amount of work in the last few days. This resulted in my last night in Japan being spent in packing my bags. It was a total of 4 bags, including the backpack in this story. It was a large Tenba backpack, holding my Wista 45DX 4×5″ folding wooden camera, My Sekonic spotmeter, 150mm Schneider Symmar-S, 210mm Nikkor-W lenses, a Nikon FM2, 24mm, 50mm and 80-200 lenses (with the exception of the Symmar-S, all purchased in Japan). My poor Pentax 6×7 outfit had to go in checked luggage (but survived).

    I had to cross Tokyo in the morning rush-hour with all that luggage, with a couple of mishaps in the process, such as the strap of one bag breaking at the bottom of long flight of stairs leading up to the railway station for the airport train. Narita airport is one hour by train away from central Tokyo, and I spent that hour in utter misery, knowing that I was not going to make the check-in for my flight.

    Anyway, I arrived at the airport, got the lift to departures and found the appropriate check-in desk. There were no remaining passengers, only three ladies working for the handling agent looking rather suprised at my late appearance.

    What could I do – I duly walked up to desk with my ticket.
    Check-in lady: “You’re late”
    Me: “Yes, I know. I got stuck in Tokyo traffic” (true, but …)
    Check-in lady: “And your bags weigh 60 kg – your quota is 20kg!”
    They hadn’t even weighed my backpack, which probably accounted for at least 10kg more … I had no defence.
    Check-in lady: “The NEXT time you do this, you’ll have to pay extra!!!”
    From that point I was saved. One of the other ladies took me in charge, led me past all the queues – security, emigration and so forth – I was the second to last person to board the plane.
    And to top it all they told me: “We’re going to give you a business class seat because the plane is full, but you won’t get business class service”.
    As if I cared – I seriously feared that I would lose my flight and be stranded in Narita airport with altogether too much luggage. I could finally sleep …

  • Kevin Olsen

    I love, love, love my Digital Holster 20, and used it for 2 months while traveling in Europe. Used the raincover often in Salzburg, Austria, and always had it on my side through Slovakia, Czech Rep, and Germany. I have never felt comfortable carrying my camera bag around until I switched to TT, and now that I am buying another body and a 70-200, I am in love with the idea of a convertible backpack that matches my daily shooting needs. Hook a brother up!

  • One thinktank for meeeee 🙂

  • params

    This would be good to avoid all the stares and attention when one carries a sling type camera bag. Everyone knows you have a DSLR and sec guards are quick to stop you from doing anything just on principle.

  • As much as I like my cameras and using them I hate the fact that I always have to compromise when I pack my stuff, you know how it is.
    You don’t want to miss “the shot” but you don’t want to have the hassle with gear being packed away when you need it or stuffed in another bag because you couldn’t fit it all into the same bag in an orderly fashion.

    That is ’til you get a thinktank and a stronger back! 🙂

  • Well this sure looks like a handy bag… perfect now that it’s finally warming up enough outside to start going out longer…

  • Hi! I’d love one of those, for a long time I have been looking for a compact, yet “roomy” camera backpack, and this one seems perfect! Now I just use my regular backpack and stuff everything I need in it with t-shirts in-between, really inconvenient! 🙂 Would be great to have a quality backpack when I’m travelling to the Philippines this summer for three weeks visiting the orphanage of my two adopted cousins 🙂

  • tripod

    At last a bag that holds everything including tripod. That’s always been the hardest thing to pack.

  • Seng Yee

    I like to travel. My only companion is a backpack bag, and ThinkTankPhoto backpack is my ideal choice, due to its lightweight and flexible.

  • bjt3

    I have a few cases and a pack for my camera and lenses, but still haven’t quite found ‘the perfect one’. This one looks large enough, yet small enough (treading on oxymoron territory here) to perhaps be just what I need. I like the size and space. Enough that I’m more carefully considering them as a possibility.

  • I’d like to find a pack suitable for overnight hikes with camera and tripod. It needs space for a down sleeping bag, an inflatable mat, a little food, a water bottle, a camera body and 3 lenses plus a light tripod. Camera packs usually don’t have space for other stuff, and day packs usually don’t have good camera capacity.

  • jaime

    Se ve super buena la mochila, para transportar de todo…

  • Max

    Yes please! I would really like to have this bag because I just got my 4th film camera, an f5, as well as some more lenses, and I could really use a bag larger than my lowepro dual camera bag. Plus, the backpack style bag would make it much easier to carry when I go on photo hikes.

  • TM Chan

    I haven’t had the pleasure of owning a ThinkTank bag, I would love to have one!

  • Michael Carney

    I’ve never won anything in a contest and there are already over 1600 entries in this one, so I’m not holding my breath.

    Why I deserve to win: I’m a broke college student using nothing but my will and a minimum wage job to finish up so I can chase my dreams when I graduate.

    Previous think tank experience: Lusting 80% watching my friend use his 10% watching pros use theirs 10%

    I had a tamrac backpack, hated the feel of it. I’m using a shoulder bag now – it works, but its cramped. can’t fit all my gear in it, so I’m lugging 2-3 smaller bags to locations. I’d like something to keep all my gear in one place so I can grab it and go without having to repack and sit down and plan out exactly what I need (even then i’ll still forget stuff).

    Hopefully you found my story heart warming and insightful. Again, 1600 entrants before me, so I find it doubtful, but hey, I gotta keep tryin’, right?


  • Mike

    Oh my !
    Someday will be the lucky one !
    Hope to be a proud owner of a new ThinkTank shape shifter backpack soon!

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