Google found Nikon D700x, D800 entries on

Halcyon Habit from sent me this interesting info: if you Google d700x you will get two results (this search is looking for D700x keywords in all pages):

This could mean that at some point of time Nikon USA had the following link online:

Currently this URL points to the Nikon D3x product listing (because of the product #25442, the D700X.html portion of the URL is irrelevant) but Google cache did capture the full D700x URL:

If you search for D800 you will get one result that currently links to a Nikon support page.

The part that is not clear is whether Google really cached this page/URL or just created this search result entry based on external links pointing to that D700x URL (for example the same D700x link was already discussed on Fred Miranda forum and maybe the Internet traffic to that URL from FM was enough for Google to create those entries). Unfortunately nobody knows for sure how Google search algorithm works and this D700x entry remains just another rumor.

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  • Krzyś

    uffff Begins again in August hihihihihi

    • geoff

      They’re even coming out with a D600, D700xyz, and D789! All of them work equally well in that URL.

    • yes, this a known fact – you can add any character at the end, but this is not the point here – the question is how did this URL made it as a google search result?

      • au8ust

        Well, you can put the link like that on a page with high PR (pagerank) and there you go.

      • twoomy

        Well, posting the URL (real or not) on nikonrumors definitely helps! Get a few hundred more robot and mirror sites to display this link, and you’ll make the Nikon page even more real, then they’ll be forced to release a D700x sooner than expected.

        Google games… yep, you can do all sorts of cool URL tricks.

      • Banned

        Rumor feed rumor type of deal…

      • another anonymous

        Hi Admin, I think that there is very simple explanation. When you open that cached pages from each of that found results, you get not only cached pages, but also some google made frame on top of the cached pages and in that little frame is the last sentence someting like “These expresions does match only in pages that point to this page”. I don’t know the exact statement in english as th google writes to me in Slovak, so I only translated it.
        The result is THERE IS NO MAGIC HERE.

        • another anonymous

          …and you have the statement on your second picture as “These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: d700x”

      • Hi admin,

        As technical point of view, This is called URL rewriting available in Apache web server and later version of Windows IIS server …

        In fact, these are the dynamic page generated by the CMS program or whatever running behind Nikon web site. It just read the ID number, (probably 25442 is product ID number of D3X in their SQL database) without looking at other keywords.

        Nowadays, web developer and web master are using these kind of urls in their website, instead of passing these ugly urls like

        Just like your Nikonrumors blog, it is using WordPress and I noticed that your blog post url are end with .aspx which is common usage for Microsoft’s .NET page… but WordPress has permalink that can set either .html or .aspx or .php or .whatever … or even without file extension…

        I dont want to explain too long here … Just google it “URL Rewriting”

        Best regards,

        Myo Kyaw Htun

        p.s: I am a web programmer and developer 🙂

        • thanks for the explanation, btw the aspx extension on NR is to make hackers think that there is a Microsoft engine behind this site 🙂

    • Gonads

      The point that you can put any random number/character in there isn’t relevant. What is relevant is how Google managed to spider these pages and attribute them to the Nikon USA website.

      • Exactly my point, the fact that only the model # is important in the link and not what is behind it has been covered here over a year ago.
        The question is how this D700x URL end up on a Google search result as a cached page.

        • Someone made a link to it? Even if the page is non-existent google spiders will go to the D3x page and see something, therefore report it as a link & page.

          • This is a possibility, but it is hard to believe that Google will base their search results on made up links – in other words, when Google returns certain search results, I would expect Google to have seen a real keyword on that page and not what other links are saying about that page. I understand that Google builds its results on the number of links that point to a specific web site, but I cannot believe that they will include also non-existing links (like the D700 for example).
            Maybe we should do a small experiment:
            if enough people click on this link:
            do you think it will show up in the search results for NikonRumors @

          • Gonads
          • fiatlux

            Amazing! It indeed works already! We rule Google!!! 😉

          • Twoomy

            So what the heck does this mean?…

            Admin- make some more specially-crafted URLs for the D900. This will FORCE Nikon to announce it sooner!

            While you’re at it, could you make a page for a 24-105 f/4 and a new 85mm 1.4 as well? Awesome.

  • hybris

    fingers crossed! (-:

  • Snooozey

    LOL, ya i was gonna say that doesnt mean much, you can type almost any random number in there :p

  • Anonymous

    here we go

  • Boring 🙁

  • >_>

    …has it begun yet?

    • Anonymous

      Probably not. Wouldn’t be surprised if we had to wait until end of summer for something. But i really hope im wrong on this one.

  • Lei
  • Well, if you key Nikon D900, you’ll see an Ebay seller, so I don’t know if your information about D700x D800 is reliable.
    Anyway, I want my D900 and nothing else !

  • Nikon…pssst….D700s. Give us that D3s sensor at a price for us amateurs, please!

  • getanalogue

    never trust Google, but it’s a nice rumor / speculation, even though I’m not interested neither in D 700x nor D 800. It would certainly show Nikon’s interest in further developing their line of bodies.
    Am waiting patiently for D 400

  • For the D800 one, if you click “cached” it shows this message: “These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: d800 “.
    This means it’s probably not something nikon did.

  • Wow: Nikon has taken over Canon: Look at this URL:

  • Steve

    LOL, I just don’t know anymore. Each month or two we’re thinking a D700x/s/ D800 is coming and it never materializes.

    I am seriously starting to think that D700 type cameras are simply going to be one shot deals based on the sensor of the current, standard D-whatever model.

    You may not see the next generation of this type of camera till the D4 has been out a year.

    • I think you’re completly right here. Basically my D200 is still extremely useable, but a step to D700 or D300s is not unthinkable.

      What should be really an upgrade after the D700?

      Saying that I had that same feeling with my iPaq 6340 untill the Nokia N95 came out. That was top of the bill. I thought. Have an Iphone 3GS now. Nothing beats that….

  • Sorry, it hasn’t begun yet 🙁

    But I’m very optimistic that we’ll see a D800 within 2 months. It seems unrealistic to expect either D3s or D3x sensors directly implanted on D700 body this early just for marketing reasons, not for technical issues.

    D800, 18mp Kodak sensor, native ISO 200-3200, 1080p video, 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 lens bundled, for $3900.

    Everybody happy?

    • Nikon F100+velvia+Nikkor 24-70mm+Nikon scanner.
      That help me to wait for the D900.

      • Tibor

        which scanner do you use , coolscan 9000 ?

  • Darkness

    Gerard, its true check here:)

  • Scott
    • Anonymous

      NICE a picture of the D3/s/x with D700 + x of the D3x lettering, applause for you 🙂

  • Bob

    They are selling tons of D3s and D300s. Maybe they are in no hurry to bring out a new camera. I know a guy who just bought a D90. The local newspaper photographer just order three D300s. Also remember the economy sucks right now and people are spending less. I think a $3,500 D700s would not sale well right now.

    • JorPet

      Have to agree with you on every point. I decided to order the D700 last week for these reasons. I do think that the new D700s will be in the $3,500 range (about the same price bump as the D3s compared to the D3). With other items I wanted to get that extra $1,100 for the body was more than I was willing to risk. Actually it would have been $1,400 more when taking into consideration the 24-70 “kit” that I ordered.

      I tend to get a new camera body every 3-4 years. The D700 will server for everything I need until then. At which point I will get Nikon’s 12 MP/ ISO 1,000,000 camera… :o)

      • JorPet

        Hmmm, you cant do a clown face in the comments…

        : o )

  • Scott
  • Scott
    • Anonymous

      please stop spamming with old pictures and bad photoshop jobs 😉 its not like its the real deal. Come up with something significant, real pictures and information that does tell us what IS coming. You could just post all these links in 1 post and put a title on them (bad photoshop job D700x, ugly old D800, D3 body with D700x lettering)

  • LGo

    I am no longer waiting for Nikon to release a high-resolution D700 type body.

    All these waiting and speculation has made me realize that rather than wait for Nikon, Canon already has an affordable and 1080p HD-video capable 21mp camera in the 5D Mk II.

    For landscape and travel photography, Canon has its excellent TS-E lenses in 17mm and 24mm focal length that are not only less expensive than Nikon’s, but can both tilt and shift at th same time whereas one is limited to one or the other with Nikon.

    I have decided to add a Canon system to my Nikon system and simply get the best that both companies have to offer.

  • Gribben

    Dont buy the Canon 5D2. yes I know it has megapixel, but it is also mega blurred.
    I bought a new one 3 months ago, along with 24-105, 580 EXII flash, 300mm L-series F4, 50/1.4, and I sold the lot as fast as I could get rid of it.
    The autofocus is so bad the camera is useless. Every second or third picture was blurred. And no , I did not do anything wrong. Try Google “5d MarkII blurred” .
    hey…Buy one if you insist….. This crap cost me a lot of wasted money.
    I will never ever go back to Canon.

    • LGo

      Thanks for the heads up. With a lots of things on my plate, I am not in a hurry. I will then just wait for Canon to release a successor to the 5DMk II which is expected to combine the strength of this model with the significantly-improved focusing system and weather capabilities of the 7D.

      More than Nikon’s lack of a compact high-megapixel body with HD video (expected with the D800 or D900), I recently realized that what really prompted me to consider Canon is its series of TS-E lenses to which Nikon has no equivalent.

      What I find “liberating” is the realization that I need not stick to just Nikon and to make use of all that the other companies (including Canon) have to offer.

      • Anonymous

        Wait for Sony 😉

        • LGo

          Sony has upcoming lenses that can tilt and shift?

          • Anonymous

            You said waiting was no problem….

          • LGo

            And that is why you hide under “Anonymous”?

          • WoutK89

            I didn’t even know, sorry, I am not “logged in” at this laptop. And why does it matter that I was anonymous?

          • LGo

            If you had to ask, then ……

    • Interesting. I know sports photographers with this camera. No complains, sharp photos. Tried it many times (I use a 50D) and its auto focus is good. However, this is electronics; some just happen to be bad.

      I think ‘blurred’ is the wrong word..Soft would be more logical, because blurred photos happen because of you.

  • Alain2x

    Rumors about rumors !

    This is great 🙂

  • Will there be complaints anymore if the camera above is announced today within a reasonable price range? Will it interfere with Nikon’s other products? No!

    D200-D300-D90 owners: Happy to get a first reasonable chance moving to FX. (D700 was questionable due to its limited advantages at low-ISO side).

    D300s owners: If recently purchased for video, it’s ok because of a lower price. If purchased for wildlife, it’s still a reasonable purchase due to the reach achieved by cheaper & less bulky lenses.

    D700 owners: They may keep going with it, or chose to get a D800 is if they need video or higher resolution at a little trade for very high ISO setting.

    D700 potential buyers: Happy, since 2nd hand D700 prices may drop by %10-20.

    D700s expecting people: They like the D700, but complain for the lack of video. So a D800 with video will fit into their expectation.

    D700x expecting people: It would be nice, but marketing dynamics will unlikely allow it at least for now. 18mp is a sweet spot especially knowing the fact that most lenses are not up to 24mp resolution, and slighest error in technique will cancel its advantage.

    D3x owners: Not a big threat since they will still be keeping on the high point for at least one year. The price will have been justified.

    D3s owners: It’s a professional product with superior sensitivity, frame rate, and video. They won’t care much with the new camera’s introduction

    Entry level dslr like D3000 & D5000 buyers or owners: Somewhat a far reach due to price tag. It will neither effect the sales rate or cause any regret.

    From other brands: A D800 will appeal to masses and will likely be such a success that, it may even cause migration especially from some Canon owners and potential buyers.

  • janeboyd

    It is nothing. Google serch always show similarities. nikon rumor is now nikon investigator?

  • you can do this with any Nikon camera on the site if you just replace the model name with d700x in the URL…I did it with the D5000 wand just took out D5000 out the URL and replaced it with D700x and the same d5000 still came up…nothing new..find something that isnt a website glitch

    • Anonymous

      Learn to read, he knows about that, he is just trying to find out how GOOGLE works, not NIKONUSA

      • where does it say he tried that on NIKONUSA? yeah thats what i thought

        • WoutK89


          “Currently this URL points to the Nikon D3x product listing (because of the product #25442, the D700X.html portion of the URL is irrelevant) but Google cache did capture the full D700x URL”

          someone must be real blind if it didn’t see there was the D700X.html portion is irrelevant 😉 He did say he tried it

          • WoutK89

            And to add, he also says the product number decides which camera shows up

  • venancio

    new firmwares for d700 and d90 and all will be well till the next installment…

  • Uhhh…hate to burst your bubble admin, but everything you type after the 25442 part is going to point you at the D3x, because that five digit number is the identifier for the D3x on the nikonusa site.

    • Anonymous

      am I the only one reading his posts?

      • No, you’re not getting it.

        Look, you can do it with the d40:

        • Micah, the link destination is determined by the 5 digit model number, the rest of the link doesn’t make any difference – I have covered that over a year ago and I agree that this is not news. The point here is that Google returns 2 entries when you search for D700x on site. To me that means that at some point, Google captured those keywords on, which means that had the word “D700x” on their website for whatever reason.

          • The cached versions say d3x “only appear in links pointing to this page”

            That’s pretty self explanatory. Yes, google does sometimes tag the content of a page based the text surrounding and in the links pointing to it. That’s how google image search works, and also why it works so poorly.

        • WoutK89

          Yes yes, and so he already said that 1000’s of times before, check your sources before telling me I am wrong!

  • gravity84

    I love how this gets more likes than an actual Nikon ad campaign whose success could fund more DSLR research/dev.

    “but I neeeeeeeeeeed more MP in full frame now!!! I’m a pro who can’t take good pictures on any nikon gear that’s out now!!!!”

    • Arne


  • le_eiji

    To be a Nikon user, one must be very patient. D900 may be released this summer or next summer. You never know. But you must be aware that Nikon is about 3 years behind Canon in digital technology.

    • Anonymous

      yes, Nikon’s autofocus is so bad, its almost as if they copy Canon on that one before they even have put it in a camera 😉

      • le_eiji

        It used to be very bad, but they manage to catch up with Canon.

        • Catch up?! They’ve surpassed Canon!

        • WoutK89

          CANON Fanboy alert!!! 😛

    • gravity84

      5 years? BEHIND canon? really? You’re saying that Canon has an advantage better than the jump from the d200 (2005) to the d300s (2009) in all tiers of their camera bodies.

      Let’s compare flagships shall we?

      Sure the nikon has less res here but it pwns the canon w high ISO. If you want more res you can get the D3X which better than the best canon in res. Res is moot though, anyone who really needed the res can afford to shoot MF, hell, even if you just want to dabble in MF you can get a 645 film system that can take a digital back when you can afford it for < $1k USD. Even a full 67 MF system like the Pentax (albeit with no digital future) can be had for chump change compared to the D3X.

      • gravity84

        oops, misread. you said 3 years, still, that’s a long time in digicam world.

      • le_eiji

        No, I said about 3 years behind. Canon released 5D in 2005 and Nikon has D700 released in 2008 to catch up with it, Canon released 5D MarkII in 2008 and Nikon will release D900 in this or next year to catch up with it. After all, everybody wants higher resolution and a FullHD video capability in your camera now. High ISO performance of 5D MarkII is already sufficient for most photographers.

        • gravity84

          You can’t say that Nikon is behind w/ digital tech then compare trickle down offerings in smaller bodies. These don’t count as catching up w/ digital tech, it’s catch up with prosumer offerings. All canon did was strip features form their flagship model, likewise, Nikon with the D700, that’s just business. Nikon beat canon to producing a DSLR, they also beat canon to producing a full frame DSLR all while still using the same lens mount so that that old great glass can still be used. No contest.

    • Ray

      Don’t we screen people who can post here? Clearly this tool is a Nikon hater and will fail to see anything positive in what Nikon does.

  • Chris

    swap for and you get a find too – just points to the imaging home page in japanese though. doesn’t give any resutls.

  • Kevin

    I have news for you canon is behind Nikon if anything in technology. This is why Nikon sports the DSLR with the best IQ and best images are higher ISO ranges. All canon knows how to do is cram megapixels on to a sensor.

    I also had similar issues with the 5D Mark II. the autofocus has issues in a variety of different scenarios. Granted this is what happens when you stick a state of the art sensor in a 6 year old camera body.

    If you are waiting for a 5D Mark III I’d highly suggest you’ll be waiting until the very least 2011. I’m highly speculative that Canon will actually ever sell another 5D in the price bracket that the 5D Mark II is in. If they were smart they would have kept the MSRP in the $4,000 range similar to what the original 5D was in. People still would have paid it and now we see these cameras going for $2,500 on some sites.

    I’m still one of the few that truly believe a Canon 3D series is going to born which would be a full frame version of the 1D with a resolution in between the 1D and 1Ds and a price point that would be just about identical to the 1D.

    There will not be a D800 until next year bare minimum. The only thing we’ll see this year is a D700s.

    • le_eiji

      No, they are clearly behind Canon. It has been Canon cameras that are known to have better higher ISO performance from the dawn of DSLR. Nikon still can’t create an image sensor on their own. They’ve been using the same 12megapixel Sony sensor from D5000 up to D300s. If the pixel density is the same, Canon can easily beat Nikon in noise performance as the high ISO performance of 18 megapixel t2i is shown to be better than that of 12 megapixel D90 in a recent test. The only advantage Nikon has over Canon was its autofocus system. But 1D Mark IV surpassed every NIkon camera in this competition as well.

      • gravity84

        ” Canon can easily beat Nikon in noise performance as the high ISO performance of 18 megapixel t2i is shown to be better than that of 12 megapixel D90 in a recent test.”

        you keep saying things without citing sources:

        looks to me that the D90 beats the T2i ever so slightly in signal to noise, dynamic range, tonal range and color sensitivity. But the T2i does boast an unusable 12800 ISO so, yup, you’re right, it wins.

      • Markus

        **No, they are clearly behind Canon. It has been Canon cameras that are known to have better higher ISO performance from the dawn of DSLR.**

        Yes, in the ISO department they were ruling. About overall image quality (DR) and also lens quality is an other story.

        ** Nikon still can’t create an image sensor on their own.**
        They did (D2H(s) and actually they do the design their self, it is just not produced by Nikon anymore. The sensor design is 100% Nikon.

        **They’ve been using the same 12megapixel Sony sensor from D5000 up to D300s. **
        That is not the complete story. The base of the sensor is the same, sensor build up and sensor data processing (as important as the sensor itself) is different.

        **But 1D Mark IV surpassed every NIkon camera in this competition as well.**

        Both autofocus systems are very close. Finally they got it right, after the whole Mark III tragedy.

    • “There will not be a D800 until next year bare minimum. The only thing we’ll see this year is a D700s.”

      We’ll see anyway… [sigh]

  • Marco

    I know that the new D700 will be called D800

    • Marco, I appreciate all the info you are providing, but you have no previous track record. I receive a dozen emails every day about the next Nikon camera – from D700s/D700x to D800/D900 and everything in between. I will need some solid evidence in order to post it online. Can you take a picture or anything that can prove your statement?

      • Ceiling Cat

        Ceiling Cat is watching Marco paint D800 on his D40 with Tipp-ex…

  • What happened to the taped camera at Vancouver? Below were the last words from “Secret Shooter”. Is this an evidence of the D800 coming soon, or is everything simply a con?

    Secret Shooter

    Posted February 15, 2010 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    I am under agreement not to reveal specific details. When I wrote “make sure the video works as well as the stills” I mean that the stills work fine (it is a Nikon, that stills are great) but 24P video is currently in beta. I was looking for “wiggles” in the image from the camera movement.
    I used a 50 because its quick, easy, sharp, quiet and light.

    That is more than I am “supposed” to say.

    • I exchange few emails with that guy – not trustworthy and decided not to post it here. He basically said that the D700 replacement will have a very sophisticated video function with full manual control.

  • I won’t be here for a while. I must be back to photography !

    Btw, rumor mill is about to stall nowadays. Please remind me when the D800 is on shelves :))

  • Cock Renwell

    Film vs Digital (12mp) – Billboard size, guess which one is the winner?

  • Kevin

    You know what’s funny about that, is they printed a mamoth billboard image on a D700 and it didn’t look all that bad. Funny yet people seem to NEED said D700x.

    I love how that guy is spouting incorrect information regarding Nikon. Last I checked the D3, D700 and D3s are all Nikon designed sensors. Who cares who makes this and that, all that matters is the end product quality. Right now……..

    Nikon has better pro bodies and a freakishly better flash system. The canon flash system is in the stone age compared to Nikon.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes, Kevin …

      judging IQ on you tube …
      You ‘re right, nobody needs a D700X.
      Let’s say that often enough and it finally will come true.

      I can only say, that if I don’t get it within 9 month I’m finally a lost customer
      after 18 years of loyalty. If not to Nikon itself at least to FX-bodys and some lenses I had in mind.
      I rather buy CFV39 for 10K (€) than D3X. You must not forget, that this is not just between Nikon and Canon. That’s a pretty limited way of looking at photography.

  • Mynameisdave

    For all Megapixel.junkies who thought 5d2 is to blurry -> go get a MF
    New Pentax with 40 MP and a price close to d3x or 1ds3

    • Mynameisdave

      Hope that ll end at least some of the bitc*ing over some missing MPs and XXXx’ses.

    • Mynameisdave

      Besides, the Pentax 645d seems to be a pretty cool one too. Not as capable as a Hassi, but still some awesome features for a MF : 1600iso, 1/4000…

  • zzddrr

    I have an idea, what if people start spreading news about Nikon that their cameras were designed by Toyota engineers and to avoid a recall they do not release them. 🙂

    I mean it makes perfect sense, that is why you cannot find enough D3s in the stores because they have to fix the accelerating MP pedals. Now if we start spreading this rumor then at one point Nikon has to come out and say something.

    Or we can just start sending emails to all possible Nikon email addresses every day until a) either their mailbox will be full or b) they will again come out and say something.

    But seriously, Nikon deserves some really creative prank from us to pay back their “I am Nikon” setup. 🙂

    I think this would be hilarious when the customers trick the company, any thoughts?

  • Stephen

    The answer to your question in right there Admin. If you click on the cached link it will take you to a cached version of the web page that has the search context. At the top it will say that it was only referenced in pages that pointed to this page. In other words. Someone out there mention D700x on a web page and then had a link to this page.

    • Daf

      What he said.

  • Kock Renwell

    You guys are pretty desperate…this post confirms it.
    Just get a Canon meanwhile or go shoot some pictures with your old camera.
    Digging up Google links…get a life…

    • mikey

      but you yourself have posted to this thread?

      sad – o

  • Gorgonzola

    Nikon D700x <<>>> I AM LIAR

  • Daf

    I thought this kind of thing had been discussed on here before.
    It’s called Google Loading i.e. you can give it a fake link if it indexes your site.

  • getanalogue

    I take my Contax 645 (and Zeiss lenses), shoot Kodak E 100 G, have it scanned on a Hasselblad X5 scanner (400 MB files), and have them printed 1 x 1,50 m. No Dxxx will ever compete.
    Am using my D90 for layout shots and location scouting – also great results.
    Just go and shoot guys, and have nice prints to impress the audience.

  • I remember last year in July, I just bought the D700 and a week later Nikon rumors announced the D800 “for next month” I almost killed myself !
    Good thing I was only injured because this time it’s for next month, for real !
    Yes ! Next month, April…………….2011 !

  • +DR.L+

    Guys, I’ve just found something more… but with russian “finder” –

    see in results!!!!


      Well what did you expect that they would stop making cameras? “Soon” is subjective lol.

  • Claudio

    In this italian web shop if you buy a D3 in promotion you have SB-900 free…
    like italian promotion of D700

    Is D4 arriving?

  • Anonymous

    Isnt it well early for a D4 now? Wasnt many months ago since the D3s really.

  • kevin

    The updated cameras really never seem to apply to the demographics. I’m suspecting a D4 is released in the Fall around the same time the D3s was. Only reason being that the D4 will be different than the D3s and the D3x and will likely be some sort of hybrid of the two.

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