“Nikon will provide a better balance between resolution and high ISO image quality than in the recently launched D3S”

This is according to Nobuaki Sasagaki, General Manager of the Marketing Department of Nikon Imaging Division. Read the whole article @dpreview. Two more key points:

  • Nikon is working hard on video integration/implementation
  • Mirrorless systems from other manufacturers are not a threat to Nikon, described as "one solution, but not the only solution."
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  • Bob

    Working hard? How long will it be till we see the finished product!!

  • Bob

    it’s coming!!!

    • Mynameisdave

      So is world peace

      • mnm

        I highly doubt it.

        • photogradstudent

          World peace is likely to come before a D700s/x/800/900.

          • disco

            nah… bye bye world on 2012

          • Mynameisdave

            So the end is nigh?
            Nearer than a d700x? Hell no…

  • Anonymous

    i just have to say, if the camera will be launched this year. they would be long past done designing the camera. They already have the camera ready. and its in production right now

    • Anonymous

      believe me I am Anonymous

      • AnonyMauss


        • Richard

          What I do believe is that something must be close for Nikon to have shut down the D700 production line so as to clear out “the pipeline”.

          What concerns me is the “one solution” comment. Is Nikon so arrogant as to believe that they can ignore this rising market segment and not lose market share? I can just imagine the predecessor to Nkon saying that silver halide film was not a threat to daguerreotype images.

          • PHB

            Given the relatively small volume of the D700/D300 compared to the D3000/D5000, I would not expect there to be a permanent production line.

        • Anonymous

          No! I AM Anonymous!

          • Anonymous

            let’s call it a draw

          • Anon

            Then who am I?

          • Anonymous

            you’re Anon, as simple as that…

  • Matstar

    They really need to make 2 sensors, one high MP and one high ISO. Do not compromise and make an all-in-one pleeeaase!

    • Seppl


    • They really don’t. Downsampling high-res images tends to result in cleaner images than sampling at low res in the first place. See DxoMark’s assessment.

    • Paul Rivers


    • Canon Fangirly

      Interchangeable sensors – how cool would that be!

      • PimpMasterFresh

        Oh So you would be confident carrying a sensor around and changing them freely? Interchangable lenses is a horrible Idea lol.

        • mi.le

          Just look back 10 years. Interchangable sensors came in nice “batteries” of 36 units, had to be replaced after every shot and Lightrooms were still darkrooms, then.

      • PHB

        It is probably easier to design a sensor so that the balance can be adjusted electronically.

      • Anthony

        Interchangeable sensors would be problematic. Alignment issues would be critical and an ongoing thorn in everyone’s side.

  • ViperGeek

    I don’t want a balance. I want it all! Give me 24+MP at ISO 6400 with zero grain … NOW!

    OK, I’m being facetious, but wouldn’t it be cool? 🙂

    – Dave

    • Geoff

      I’d be happy with 18MP and those other stats.

    • C Benson

      Yes but are you willing to pay the price for this 24 mega pixel camera? For example: $4000-5000.00.

      • frankchn

        That’s what you are paying for the D3s now anyway.

    • Rico

      Well, maybe not 24MP at 6400 ISO but how about 16-18MP range with 6400 ISO. Now that seems more in the realm of possibility and something I would jump on as soon as it hit the streets. As for a single sensor that can switch priority between resolution and ISO that seems hard to do given the current sensor technology. The size and sensitivity of the photosite would always have to come first and then at the point you would take the highest max resolution you could squeeze out of the sensor.

      • Anthony

        Actually, in-camera pixel-binning could go a certain distance toward that goal, but I agree that the end results would likely still be a compromise.

  • NikoDoby

    You forgot to mention “the company has ‘good news’ on the way for its enthusiast DSLR customers”.

    I think Nikon is finally going to ad a direct print button just like canon. AWESOME!

  • zzddrr

    “….Nikon will provide a better balance between resolution and high ISO image quality than in the recently launched D3S….”

    At 12MP?

    I am getting sick and tired with these execs who come out and say tons of BS. It is clear that Nikon is not capable of coming up in timely manner with competitive products! I wonder perhaps they are really worried about the 32MP Canon.

    Second question, when are they going to deliver?

    I can tell you many will switch boat if the new products don’t hit the stores before the end of May.

    • tim

      I must say that you mention 12MP on every post here.

      Go stitch your gigapan and leave us poor Nikon users to our super crappy cameras if you have a problem.

      • zzddrr

        What else do we have? 24MP D3x thanks to sony! Since Sep 2004 Nikon is unable to produce higher resolution than 12MP. Sorry the new Coolpix has 14MP but that’s again another sony sensor.

        It is time for Nikon to wake up! What do you think why did this Nikon exec come out and say that they will focus on better balancing the resolution/iso area? Simple, because the D700 does not sell! 5DII is outselling 1 to 10 in many places. Make it worse, many retailers no longer carry the D700 because the feedback they got lately was that the resolution is not there.

        Besides, is it hard to recognize that our favourite brand is late again? What’s the big deal?

        • Anonymous

          Personally, who manufactures the camera components means virtually nothing to me – as long as they do the job, they’re in.

          If Canon is outselling Nikon I think it’s probably for only one reason – price.
          A buyer might be willing to stretch for the extra price of the body, but when in the higher glass cost gets factored in, it kills the momentum of migration.
          It has done so for me for a long while… 🙁

          • zzddrr

            But at one point you will have to replace your glasses (if you use them). Often people switch gradually when it comes to high priced systems.

            Interesting, but it starts at the Coolpix level. I know many who switched very slowly first they needed a pocket camera then….

        • ArtTwisted

          Show the stats for this 10:1 please. Also the mark II is the newest camera in town for that kind of buyer, so of course it will outsell. The D700 is still a remarkable camera, it should be priced at 2,2000 though not 2800

          • zzddrr

            You’re right! That 2800 price tag is the #1 reason why many retailers do not want to carry the D700.

            #2 is resolution
            #3 is the video
            #4 arguably more lense option at lower price

            Ask around and verify the above …. you may find the data as well…

          • Marco

            hello! Nikon’s lenses are much cheaper than Canon.
            About the sensor Canon will have and advantage in the future when the cost will drop down…Till then Kodak and Sony will keep the market…Remember that today when you buy a Leica you buy a kodak!!!

            So bottom of the line we like the camera because the way we feel it, the way it makes us to shoot. And Nikon and leica owns the first place.

          • Vladi

            nikon lenses beying cheaper is not true. example:

            70-200 f2.8 IS – canon is cheaper
            (and got another 3!! 70-200 lenses if f2.8 IS is too xpensive for you)
            24-70 2.8 – canon is cheaper

          • marco

            well in Europe nikon 24 70 is 1200 € and canon 1650€ check on amazon.fr
            And the quality of nikon is superior. Check on dpreview or whatdigital cameras
            Probably this is due to a different price policy

          • CDM

            Just checked prices in France: Canon’s 24-70 is roughly 400 euros cheaper than Nikon’s. I am sure though that whatever replaces Canon’s will cost at least 400 more, if the 70-200 F2.8 ii is of any indication.

            The real advantage to non-pro shooters on Canon side is the F4 line of lenses and the smaller prices for pretty much every other product sold (with some exceptions). I will say it once more: the first company which will offer both a relatively affordable, light and very high quality lenses (read F4 lenses) AND a good AF/sealing/etc. camera will take the market by storm. Right now, Canon has the lenses (almost, I regard only the 70-200 F4IS as a very good one, less so the other two), but a crap AF on its only FF small camera, while Nikon has the dream camera (OK, some would appreciate a resolution increase, I don’t really need that), but only one F4 lens so far.

        • Tomas

          I for one hope my next cam will be under 15MP. I’m already looking at my pics on screen at 30%.

          If Canon is outselling Nikon I think it’s probably for only one reason – retailer bribes. Retailers ALWAYS recommend Canon, and get kickbacks for doing so. We have clueless sales saying how a 1.6x crop is superior etc.

          • zzddrr

            You know Tomas that if you have a camera that can capture 24MP images you can always set it to lower resolution. But in case you would need the juice, you cannot set 12MP to 24MP.

            This is the reason why I do not really understand why people are agianst the higher res. (Ok iso but if iso wouldn’t be an issue)

          • preston

            i’ve visited every camera store in boston (at least 6 of them) in the last couple months and EVERY one of them recommended nikon dslr’s over canon dslr’s saying they were “more reliable”, “better picture quality”, and “easier to use”.

            by the way, i own no bodies or lenses and am looking to make my first purchase, so i am not partial to any system at the moment. i’m looking for a full frame model but don’t want to start with something that’s going to get replaced shortly!

          • JorPet

            Not sure how you shoot at less then full resolution when shooting RAW. Once you shoot jpg then you have already lost so much resolution that the size of the image is really pointless. Since jpg is lossy compression and it is incremental (each save loses additional information), you would be way better off shooting RAW at 12 mp than shooting jpg at 24 mp.

            I for one would be happy with a 700s coming out with higher ISO sensitivity, adding movie mode (780p is fine), a second memory card and a few of the other tricks in the D3s.

        • Anonymous

          5D2 selling ” 10 to 1″ ????!! Not here in Australia I can tell you.

          I sell in a camera store.

          Trust me, the D700 outsells the 5D2 even though it costs more.

          The biggest selling DSLR in our store, and after consulting with other neighbouring stores? – the D90.

          Everyday people come in one after another and ask for the D90. Not the 500D or a380/a550 etc.
          The simple fact is the majority of folks coming to our store for a DSLR ask directly for a D90.

          I have taken to asking why they want that – the usual answer is – “I have done my research”.

          • Richard

            The D90 is a fine camera for what it is…a two year old design and sensor. Nikon seems to be caught in a trap where they have to take other people’s leavings in the sensor market. Sony’s recent announcement seems to make it clear that Nikon has nothing to announce because Sony hasn’t told them what they can have. It is not that I think there is anything wrong with using technology partners, but Nikon is in a hard spot. Samsung’s NX10 has a 14 MP APS-C sensor and Leica has an 18 MP (Kodak) APS-C sensor that could have better high ISO performance, but puts out marvelous images, and Canon seems to have an 18 MP APS-C sensor ready to go. While the Canon 18 MP sensor has not been subject to independent evaluation, the sample images on the web certainly do not look bad.

            It may be that Nikon will be using the Sony APS-C sensor for the, as yet unnamed, EVIL camera which was announced with non-functioning prototypes for demonstration of the concept.

            The problem Nikon faces is that everyone else seems to be moving in the direction of higher performance cameras in the enthusiast/prosumer market price points and Nikon is not even announcing their intentions. It is getting lonely out on that limb.

          • zzddrr

            Look, most enthusiasts do not know how to frame properly. Then they sit down front of the computer and play until they can make it look ok. 20+MP gives you more room to do just that. That is why many asking for it.

          • I haven’t heard of anyone having problems selling D700 cams for *any* reason here in Japan. I just went on a boat ride to shoot drift ice in Northern Japan and the boat was full o’ photogs. I was surrounded by black. Very little white. I saw on 7D and 2 or 3 other bodies that I couldn’t identify. Other than an Olympus, Nikon ruled the day.

            When I go shooting in Tokyo, the meetups have generally been Nikon-heavy. A couple of the Canon owners have lamented having a Canon or have openly mentioned changing (one of those people being a 5DmkII owner not happy w/ his low light AF abilities after using my D700 for a few minutes).

            Maybe XYZ lives in a black hole or something, but I *seriously* doubt any of his “facts” about how little Nikon sells exist anywhere but in the little area that he frequents (in which it may very well be just like he describes!) My experiences are directly opposite. And judging from other responses, I’m not alone in that.

            As for D90s being popular, they seem almost impossible to find used in the Tokyo area. I’ve been looking for a friend in Malaysia. Nikon truly hit a home run w/ the D90. I bet that body has paid for itself a few times over now.

          • Anthony

            Where does the D700 cost more than the 5D2? It’s been a couple hundred bucks cheaper for a good while now.

          • Jay

            dslr sales charts posted by ganref says otherwise, 5d2 outsells d700 by a vast majority. The d90 is however one of the top ten dslr’s sold. The first place still goes to the 500D however.

        • Rico

          Do you have actually industry sales numbers to back your claim that the Canon 5DII is outselling the D700 10 to 1? If not, then don’t spout off at the mouth with factoids you can’t back up. If you do, then give us a reference. I agree Nikon needs to bump the resolution but I will put my D700 images up against a 5DII any day. And I would win….

          • zzddrr

            Which country/region/etc.? Do you really think that I will get my source fired? Anyway, just take a look at sales data available in the public domain. Even if I post data here you wouldn’t believe in it.

            Also, it you can ask Joseph on dpr he quoted some figures such as canon sold more 5DII in 6 months than 5Ds in its entire lifetime. …

            Yes, I know … here comes the bashing … go ahead

          • Jay

            lol rico so its not about the photographer and his eye its all about a camera? You are totally lost lol.

    • zzddrr

      AnonyMauss: I did not call you names! Did it make you feel better?

      I only buy second hand plastic items. I refuse to put on my camera a glass that costs more than $50. 🙂 Happy?

      • bakka

        24mp only gives a 40% increase in image size, so is 16-18mp even worth it? + what is the obsession with FHD?

        • ArtTwisted

          40 percent is a lot , id be happy with 16 megapixels, but I would prefer lets say 20 to garantee a purchuse.

    • Switching is expensive, but if clients want video you can get buy with a nice 7D or 5D Mark II + 1 or 2 lenses for video until Nikon catches up. It will hit your camera/lens budget, but I’d rather be able to compete for clients now then lose out on business because they want “video” as well as photos. So in the end Nikon loses out on a sale.

      That said for me its a race between Nikon DSLR with 1080p and RED Scarlet. Which ever comes out fist which I can get my hands on will likely get my money – simply because it would be cheaper to by a D80 or used D700 + RED and get the business with clients wanting Video + Photo then lose out because your only at 720p (even though 720p and 1080p isn’t much of a difference and upscaling can be done in post), clients don’t care and want fast and cheap, rarely “good”. Don’t make me draw out the triangle.

  • fiatlux

    I think you summarized the article. Nikon is not “working hard on video integration/implementation”, rather integrating still and video editing feature in their software. They said not to consider video a priority for the high-end market and would not compromise still image quality for video features.

    • fiatlux

      I meant to say “I think you summarized the article too quickly”.

    • I disagree. Somewhat. I believe they are working hard at it. However, they aren’t taking the quick-and-easy road and implementing shoddy crap. They don’t have the history of video like Canon does, so it’s naturally going to be a bit steeper learning curve for Nikon to get it right. A year and a half ago there were *no* DSLRs with video. Now everyone expects the ultimate video crammed in w/ the ultimate camera for a budget price.

      For the people that need cheap and fast video, go buy a $500 camcorder and be done with it.

      • Rico

        Amen Fried Toast, I wish they would quit trying to give me a feature (video) that I don’t want and focus on what high end consumer/prosumer users buy DSLR’s for…photography! My iPhone 3GS does all the video capture I need.

    • Anthony

      The sort of videographer who’d want to use a higher-end DSLR to shoot isn’t going to want to use camera-vendor software for editing anyway — they (and even me) are going to use something like Final Cut [Express]. All that’s needed from the camera vendor is a way to get the files off the camera, and optionally a way to transcode them into something that mainstream editing packages can ingest.

  • Anonymous

    thread? or threat?

  • twoomy

    He says so much and yet so little…

    So we’ll see more F/$ walkaround lenses if the public is interested? Do I have to shout really loud and then wait 5 years for that 24-105 (or 70 or 85 or 120) F/4 to finally emerge?

    • My bet would be on you having your 24-105 & 85 sometime this year.

      70 or 120? Can’t help ya there.

  • In other words, they’re trying hard to match the Canon 5D Mk II.

  • Canon wants Nikon to chase the video carrot….
    and they are falling for it, which is putting them way bhind in the res war.
    I don’t video in my camera!

    • tim

      Same here. If i want video ill go buy a REAL camera.

      • Acend

        Being a $50-100k short for buying a “real” motion picture camera, I eagerly await a successor of D700 with video feature, unless RED Scarlet is released soon. I do video with a 5DII with borrowed glass at the moment but don’t like it for doing stills. It’s going in the bin once I get video in a D700 like camera.

        • Tomas

          Go spend $200 on a P&S for your HD video. Use your DSLR for photos.

          • Acend

            Because non-standard codecs, all-auto-exposure/focus, miniature sensors and fixed lens with f6 or whatever is exactly what I need for me HD video. And then they often ship with a fully functional editing suite, right?

      • Richard


    • Paul

      It looks like you’re going to get video anyways. Nikon can’t leave this out of new DSLRs.

    • but for some people, video is a must-have in their next camera…

    • Jay

      nikon released video first lol, canon retaliated.

    • nikkor_2

      “…way behind in the resolution war.”

      I shoot a D3S; I’ve recently shot several indoor and outdoor sporting events side-by-side with a 1D Mark IV; the D3S produces outstanding images.

      If Nikon is losing a ‘war’, it’s not readily apparent to me.

      I won’t comment on the images produced by the Mark IV 🙂

      • Rico

        Amen Nikkor_2 as I said earlier I would put my D700 images up against anything shot on a canon any time.

      • Richard

        The pictures I saw of the photog sections at the Beijing Olympics were overwhelmingly Nikon. I saw several posts afterwards indicating that the reason was autofocus followed by low noise high ISO performance (especially at indoor venues). The D3s is even better now so I doubt that Nikon will experience any losses in the professional sports/action market segment.

    • aetas


    • Bob

      Why not? If it works good it will be a nice tool to have. If not don’t use it, but I think from now on all DSLRs will have video

  • nate

    If Nikon was *really* working on getting something out the door, I would think we would have seen it by now. Everyone I know has switched to Canon because they have more options and slightly lower prices with comparable quality. I’ve been holding out for the D700 replacement for nearly 10 months (since then, Nikon Rumors has said “wait – update expected”) and frankly I’m sick of it. These aren’t even rumors anymore. They seem to be little more than wild speculation and hopeful dreams. How many false alarms can we bare? If a camera is really right around the corner, how come we haven’t heard/seen ANYTHING tangible about it? I hope it’s coming, but I simply cannot wait much longer.

    (and for all those of you who like to stir up trouble on the forums, i know i can purchase a d700 now and it will be the same quality as when it’s replacement comes out… but seriously, nobody wants the just-replaced camera. If you’re of that opinion i’ll be happy to have you send me the money for it now, i’ll buy the d700 and when the successor comes out i’ll pass the d700 on to you…)

    • Chris P

      I don’t really understand your position. You say that you have been waiting 10 months for a replacement for the D700, so what do you expect/need the D700 replacement to do/have that the D700 doesn’t; and what camera/lenses are you using in the meantime? Secondly you state that everybody you know has switched to Canon because they have more options, slightly lower prices and comparable quality, do you mean quality of digital output or quality of build? If the former then they/you apparently prefer oversharpened, plasticky looking skin tones and noisy shadows. If the latter then I cannot believe you have actually handled a D700 and a 5DMkII, the relative build quality is that of a tank to a supply truck.

    • Marco

      well here is a trick
      u buy the nikon D700 now on a shop where the camere is sold, u will get the last one in the shop and you sign for the gold warranty. Then you break the camere with in the next 6 moths and they will replace it with the new one!! ;).
      And Chris please don t make the mistake to buy something you don t want…the worst thing for a photographer is to feet bad within his own tools. U want a camera that makes feel everything good, that when you turn the while and the barrel you feel perrfectly on line with what you have in mind, U want a D700x
      yes that s your CAMERA!!

      • Banned

        You’re one of these people thinking they can really beat the system by using one of these store guarantee scams. I can tell you that these things are not working the way you think.

    • David

      I have to disagree with you on this. My brother in-law switched in the last 6 months to Nikon from Canon, without me even prodding him. Nikons still hold up very well against Canons, with the 1 exception being the 5D mkII and they just need to fill that gap.

      Nikon needs a higher res camera in a cheaper body, yes, but that is only 1 segment. They have everything else covered very well. Canon’s 7D slightly ekes past 300S in some reviews and from what I have seen the EOS 1mkIV and D3s are neck and neck in reviews and winner is decided by whether MP are more important or ISO is more important.

      Do I wish my D300 was 14 or 18 MP? Sure if I get the same ISO quality, but I am happy with 12 MP right now and 14 or 18MP won’t make me run out and upgrade unless there is ISO or dynamic range jump to go with it.

      Nikon is on their evolutionary cycle (the ‘s’ models) and when the revolutionary cycle kicks in they will be ahead of Canon again. So no worries here.

    • nobody

      nate wrote, “I’ve been holding out for the D700 replacement for nearly 10 months”.

      10 months back from now? That was April 2009. In April 2009 you were holding out for the replacement of a camera that was introduced in summer 2008?

      That is just ridiculous. The D700 isn’t a p&s that’s replaced every year. It’s a pro camera, and Nikon’s life circle for pro cameras is 4 years (minor s upgrades not withstanding).

      • PHB

        I find it rather funny the way that every time Nikon makes an announcement the perfect blend of price/performance suddenly becomes something else.

        Going for 18MP as the absolutely perfect resolution for a camera is probably their best bet. While it is quite possible that the D900 will turn out to be a completely new camera, I tend to think it more likely that they would just bring out the 24MP sensor from D3x. A new sensor would cost a lot to develop but not a great deal less to make. Most customers will be at least as happy with a 24MP as an 18MP

      • nate

        nobody wrote: “10 months back from now? That was April 2009. In April 2009 you were holding out for the replacement of a camera that was introduced in summer 2008?”

        around that time was when NIKON RUMORS posted on the “Price Watch” page “wait – update expected”. THAT IS WHY I HAVE BEEN WAITING. Along with many others following this specific thread, a 5D mk ii competitor is VERY NECESSARY. You and agree or disagree but explain me this: why are so many professional photographers (those making their entire income doing photography) switching from “pro” bodies to the 5D mk ii??? Most clients are looking for web images or images for letter sized pages. Occasionally a banner/poster or two. There isn’t the demand for $8k bodies. Pretty much everyone on this site realizes it aside from the few who argue just to be the devils advocate.

        I am waiting because every time i’m about to just get the D700, this site posts something new saying “wait wait wait, the D700 will be released in tomorrow’s press conference” “great things are around the corner – two weeks away!” and everyone collectively rejoices… the date comes and goes and we have nothing new. No one is following the D700 threads to find out when the new cool pix will be released… and i’d have to imagine those buying cool pix cameras couldn’t care less when the new one will be out…

        All i’m asking for is a little more legitimacy to these “rumors”. I realize rumors can’t be truth due to their definitions, however crying wolf every time… who does that help??

        • Rico

          For me it isn’t really about resolution as much as it is the higher iso performance of the D3s. I would be content to own a D3s but thought I would wait to see if they come out with something with that level of iso performance with a slighly higher res chip. For me its for prints that I would like to have a slighter higher res sensor, but iso is far more important and the MarkII will never compete with a camera that can do that.

    • Geotag

      People only switch brands if:

      1) they’re pros and really need a feature – in this case they’ll own both brands
      2) they’re crap at photos and think it’s a hardware issue – “if only I had XYZ I’d get good photos”
      3) they have too much $ and too short an attention span

      • Sean Dackermann

        Someone on here is using their brain! and some others too, dont worry.

    • Been waiting for a D700 replacement for 10 months?

      Let’s see… it came out ~July ’08. Say 5 months of 2008.
      12 months in 2009.
      We’re currently in Feb. 2010, so… you started waiting for a D700 replacement not even a year into the body? Apparently you’ve never paid a single whit of attention to previous release schedules for Nikon bodies, eh? If you had, you’d see that there’s generally a pretty good stretch of time between major updates. You could’ve saved yourself a lot of pain and agony.

      And nobody wants a just-replaced camera? Good luck with that. A solid pro I know in Tokyo *just* upgraded from a D300 to a D700 last month. I don’t think he bothers with rumors, etc. on what’s coming out. He uses the equipment that he has to full effect. I don’t think not having 5 billion pixels in a super-hanky-panky-fancy screaming video machine stopped him from landing Wall Street Journal gigs or any of the other jobs he’s gotten. Amazing how a PRO can do just fine w/o all the crap that the minority here are crying for day in and day out.

      For the video peeps, how did any of you make a living before the D90 came out? Did you draw pictures on a pad and flip through it for motion and now that’s just too tiring to deal with? Reasoned statements for video are fine (and I’m all for supporting them!), but those of you that just come here to cry and whine about how terrible Nikon is for withholding OMGVIDEO!!1! from you, suck it up and go buy a Canon. Easy as that.

  • So what is the other solution besides mirrorless? A really small DSLR? A rangefinder? A really hight tech point and shoot camera? I have hard time understanding that comment.

    • Paul

      Maybe shrinking the mirror? Nikon may come out with a 1.8 or 2.0 crop factor sensor while keeping the f-mount. The smaller mirror box can reduce the size & depth of the camera.

      Or option number two, Nikon Coolpix division has been working diligently and will have an answer to the Canon S90. Not exciting news but if they pull off HD video on that people would be happy.

      • Anonymous

        You can’t reduce the mirror box depth and retain compatibility with F-mount lenses, as you need the same sensor-to-flange distance.

        • Bob

          Pellicle mirror? Wiki says F2H (FILM!!) from 1976 had pellicle mirror.

          Or maybe a “LASER” (in Dr. Evil accent and quotes).

          • NoNoNo

            Going with a pellicle mirror would not change the issue brought before you – the need for a consistent sensor:flange distance.

            It also would wreck havoc with an autofocus SLR as the amount of light reaching the AF sensor would be reduced by half. You though AF with an f/5.6 lens was bad!

          • LOL @ the “Laser.”

            Bob wins +1 Internets.

    • zzddrr

      Paintbrush! We will have the highest resolution paint kit with brushes etc. at a 500MP.

      • Good idea. In theory. Except that if you try to put your eye to the viewfinder, you’ll poke your eye out.

        • zzddrr

          No, you always keep the brush in your hand! Sometimes holding it up to measure and properly set the DOF. 🙂

    • Juergen.

      The problem is that the dpreview article has no cites of what Mr. Sasagaki said, but what they think he has said – so the article is next to useless.
      Or does anyone really think the General Manager of the Marketing Department of Nikons Imaging Division would have said a sentence like “Nikon will provide ‘better balance’ of ISO and resolution”?
      C’mon, that’s only what the little boys of dpreview think what he has said…

      • zzddrr

        Good catch Juergen! This article smells like an informential or a paid ad. It would be really interesting to see the transcript of the interview. No matter what it is very suspicious.

      • Bob

        dpreview is owned by Amazon, so it’s about making the manufacturers happy. For example, DPR’s review of Canon’s 1d Mk4 glosses over the unusable results at ISO 100K (the Nikon D3s soundly trounced it), and does not mention the poor AF noted by Rob Galbraith–as it stands, the DPR review is merely an informercial, not a critical review. But I can only imagine what would actually happen–Canon might call Jeff Bezos (Amazon), who might just call DPR…

        • zzddrr

          Bob, I guess we don’t want that to happen. 🙂 It is indeed suspicious how and when actually reviews are done. I am not saying that they are “playing” around but it is much more profitable for them if they are nice.

          They make profit when people visit the site. I was laughing the other day when on the dpr site an amazon ad was placed with canon camera. The same day or a day after when the MKIV review was posted. I guess maybe that phone call did happen….

        • Markus

          Bob: I think you are a bit keyboard farting with that comment about DPR and Amazon. DPR more or less explained you the results and the reason about the focus testing results in their review. It is not their strongest point. And yes, you are right, it is infotainment, really testing cameras’ if it suits your needs (especially in this part of the market) you do yourself.

          • zzddrr

            I don’t think Bob went far. I raised that question on dpreview and got banned! 🙂

            Try it out, start a thread at dpr and ask them… 3-4 threads were closed and/or removed that questioned them.

    • inteliboy

      My FM2n is pretty lightweight and small. Always dreamed that Nikon (or Canon) would release a digital version of such classic cameras, just like leica with the m9. ie. Simple physical controls, low key features, classic design.

      In fact I don’t see why they haven’t done this already. They’d be hugely popular imo.

      • Anonymous

        That’d be brilliant!

      • Nikon F digital!

    • Banned

      He didn’t say they were not going for mirror-less, he just said it was ONE of the solutions. They can still offer it along their usual lineup.

  • Paul

    “Nikon is putting a lot of effort into reconciling still capture and video ergonomics in its DSLRs”
    To me this comment seems to suggest the possibility of tweaking the form-factor or at least the shape/grip of new DSLRs? This could be interesting.

    • iUzMahBrayn

      huh? did you even read that? Video ergonomics would include issues like the ‘jelly’ motion or the non-existent AF in video. Nikon cameras are IMHO the best grip/feel on the market hands down.

      • preston

        once you put your hands down you’re not going to be able to grip it well anymore though, so i’d refrain from that 😉

  • I suppose we have to go through the same old ‘Nikon isn’t on top’ ‘Canon are leaps ahead’. I have been shooting on Nikon’s D3X for over a year and the files are nothing short of spectacular. Nikon are doing a sterling job and giving us tools for the job at the right time. Canon have brought out some very good contenders lately, but Nikon will prove again that when their replacements come out then all this mindless bashing again proves pointless – consider the impact the D3 and D700 sent through the industry.

    • Bob

      But I want a Nikon that gives me D3X files at a D40 price! And I want it now. And I don’t want Canon to outspec my Nikon, ever. And I want a million dollars. And I want….

  • hallo

    Bla, bla, bla … we hear much or less much of Nikon managers, but where are the products??? Many of us want clear defined pro lenses and NIkon come out with a 50/1,4 (new optic construction) which is in optical sight not better than the former one, but cheaper to manufacture, as the diaphragma ring is abolished. Why is there no semi pro 700x or D800 with 18 or 24 MP? I think many of us would buy it and this model would blow away any other model on the market (with a reasonable price tag, of course)??? Announcements, announcements …

    • low

      the products are the D3s and the new lenses…do you have them?

  • Well as a long time Nikon user I finally gave waiting and changed to Canon. With a Nikon I could upsize everything as a workflow option but seriously.. Life it too short.
    21mp is the minimum requirement for me.

    • nick

      Question: Why is 21MP your minimum? How big are you printing exactly? What are you doing with these files?

      • Bob

        I bet he prints murals of his cat…

      • Photosage

        Consider this, with a 24mp camera, and a light, reasonably priced highly corrected, high sharpness Nikkor f2.8 105mm lens, one can crop in at 3x (to get the equivalent area of a 300mm lens) and still print a 6″x8″ print at 240dpi. Last time I checked, a heavy 300mm f2.8 Nikkor was $5800. The 105mm was under $1000. That’s why I want at least 24mp. To give me digital zoom that’s actually useful to an extent.

        • nick

          Lack of “digital zoom” is a poor reason to toss out ALL of your lenses. Besides, the D3X accomplishes what you need

      • We want it, because we know we could have it, yet still dont have it…

        it is because of those reasons:

        1) we know it can be done (D3x, A900)
        2) It is available on market (many months)
        3) we would justify higher price (Nikon tweaks, etc)

        yet we cannot have it.

        It is like knowing that there is solution for your problems but you still cannot have it, because of politics and marketing planings

        • nick

          That’s ridiculous. Go buy the D3X then. You can have it now…

    • nick

      Also, why didn’t you just buy the D3X? 24.5 MP…

    • rs

      So you regressed in the name of megapixels. Threw out all your gear for what?

  • high iso is fine, but D3s already pushing it over where it is beyond really useful even for dark gym sport photogs.
    We dont need more cameras able to shoot with cheap lenses in midnight we need something to use in studio or with controlled light.

    • rkas


    • nick


      How are you speaking for all photographers? I shoot with fast glass, and believe me, for event photography, High ISO is a GOD SEND.

      Also, why do you think the D3S or D3x can’t handle controlled light?

      • Bob


      • take it for what it is worth, of course not all photographers.

        they can handle controlled light, but not good enough. I need base iso 100 or less and higher resolution.

        d3x: fine camera but still not fully there. Yet to it, for many people it is price / size / weight overkill. As backup camera it is as impractical for those reasons as well.

        D700x with 24Mp, base iso 50 or 25 and sync speed 500 – 640 would be dream. Perfect MF backup, perfect for running around all day in studio, perfect to carry around.

  • Darin M

    “He also told us that Nikon is set to expand its DSLR range in the near future, but would not be drawn on details, hinting only that the company has ‘good news’ on the way for its enthusiast DSLR customers.” (expand + enthusiast)

    “Nikon AF-S 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens patent” (consumer superzoom)

    Hmmm… surprised yet?

    • Darin M

      make that (FX consumer superzoom) 😉

  • SimonC

    Note this comment:

    “He also told us that Nikon is set to expand its DSLR range in the near future, but would not be drawn on details, hinting only that the company has ‘good news’ on the way for its enthusiast DSLR customers.”

    In reference to the upcoming D900?

  • mantom

    I’m curious to know the definition of “better balance”. Sounds to me like ISO may regress a bit for sake of improving resolution to match Canon. That’s how I interpret it.

    The guy says image quality won’t be compromised for sake of having video, but he doesn’t say still image quality will be preserved while improving image resolution. Those are different issues entirely.

    As for the soon to be announced DSLR enthusiast offering….again, sounds like some compromises will be made to appease hobbyists. Sounds to me like this rumored D900 will be a beefed up D300 instead of an improved D700.

    I get the feeling Nikon only sees 2 market segments in the DSLR range: hobbyist and pro. I don’t think they see a segment for entry level professional / highend hobbyist. Sure the D700 fits that market, but I don’t see much push in that direction from Nikon.

    I’ve been holding out for a D700 improvement all this time…now I’m not so sure what I’m holding out for. If ISO quality goes down for sake of the “better balance”, then I’d rather pop for a D700 now.

  • Still waiting, damn it. Will switch back to Canon by summer if no new manual video hd dslr comes by then. Yo Nikon, listen; how about a headphone jack in the next camera? That’d be well smart. To have a stills, video and audio capable unit in something the size of a D90 would be a hardened hack’s dream come true. PLEASE? I have some delicious old, old Nikkors and I’m just not keen on the idea of sticking them on a Canon. Nikon files are simply too gorgeous. Canon’s files are just too, too saturated and glossy. COME ON!

    • Geotag

      You would give up CLS and all your gear for slightly higher res jelly-video? OK then.

  • Hobbit

    Does better balance mean less ISO performance in future models?

    • Geoff

      I hope so, who the heck needs 102k ISO ? Drop that back to 6400 or 12,800 and give me 18MP FF for 3k$ and I am likely in for 1.

      • nick

        As long as it can still handle 6400 well

      • SquamishPhoto

        Took the words right out of my fingertips.

      • Adam

        yeah, many don’t need 102k high ISO, but what it usually means is that the native ISO is expanded.

        But I like where Nikon is heading, cause truthfully speaking. What’s the point of having a super high res camera if it cant resolve those details at higher ISO.

      • dude

        even D3s the high iso isn’t good enough. it starts to lose details @ iso 6400.

        • Christina

          That’s what the man was trying to explain: they will be striking a better balance between MP and ISO.
          I think he was trying to say that the D3S doesn’t have a good enough sweet spot between High Res and good IQ at high ISO.

          I think everyone agrees that the D700 has a great balance. For the level of MP it’s at. But people are screaming for higher MP.

          At least I believe that’s what he was trying to say. I am now really looking forward to the next DSLR based on this comment. We could be looking at a new DSLR where a Higher Res like 18-24 will also come with great USEABLE high ISO. The ISO might still be in the range we are witnessing now, but the IQ will be better.

          • Scott

            18mp FF, 8 FPS, full video, D700 size body, pro AF, that’s what I am looking for, the sweet spot.

  • D900_wanted

    More balance between high iso and pixels: does that mean a 18-20MP D900 with D700-like high ISO and with more MP is coming to us soon?

    Integration of still/video interfaces: does it mean the D90 successor would be more like a video-camera/DSLR hybrid?

    According to the full version of his interview, he does seem to suggest more consumer-wanted zooms are coming. I take it as more f/4 zooms in the pipeline: 24-120VR soon this year, 70-200 constant f/4 VR style zooms perhaps later 2010 or 2011.

  • Alfredo

    Nikon already has the entry-level DSLR (d300, d5000,etc..) and the PRO DSLR (D3s, D3x) now we need something in-between those categories..
    Exuse my English

    • JPG

      They already exist. The D300 is not an entry-level camera. It, as well as the D700, are cameras (crop and full frame) that are between the D5000 and the D3.

  • Alfredo

    Thats how i think the new lens lineup should be:
    16-35 F4 // 35-70 F4 // 70-200 F4 // 200-450 F4-5.6 //

    • Mike

      Why on earth would you want a 35-70 f/4? They already conquered that 15 years ago with a 2.8 version. 35 is way too limiting even the 24-70 at 2.8 has a bigger range. Why swap 3 “heavy” 2.8 lenses out for 4 “lighter” f/4 lenses. 16-35, 28/24-105, 100-300 would be the f/4 trifecta. 35mm is 1980 wide angle. After using the 24-70, the old but great 28-70 seems limited on the wide end. 24 at the least is the new mid-zoom wide end benchmark. If Nikon came out with a 35-70 f/4, they would be the laughing stock of the industry next to Canon’s 24-105.

  • The new D900 will show up when my wife will have finish to pay off her credit cards, in 254 years !

  • Dweeb

    Why are Nikon so obsessed with sports shooters all these past years? Remember the D2H when everyone just wanted a D200? Why didn’t DPR ask him why he showed up empty handed?

    • AnonyMauss

      Because sports shooters are highly visible at these huge marketing jamborees that are the olympics, so of course the prima donnas will be catered to.

  • Morten

    i bet they will use the kodak-manufactured leica m9-chip but modified

    • JimF

      That is exactly what I am thinking and hoping for. I want to upgrade from my DX D200 to an FX something before summer. Want a D700 but can’t get past the fact that a more capable version should be coming soon.

      • rs

        That is where I am, D200, which still is great BTW, but want to go to FX. I will wait just a bit longer to see what happens. D700 would be great though and I may buy one anyway when I see how much this D900 will cost. I have a feeling it may cost over $3000.
        Now all you people who say, but Canon 5d2 is only this much $, remember the 5d is built like a rebel with a big sensor and is built to lure rebel, 50D users, and dumb Nikon users who think about MP and nothing else. Nikon I doubt at this time will make a D3000 with a 24mp sensor. The Nikon will be high end.

  • Morten

    they did not work hard on video, they “putting a lot of effort into reconciling still capture and video ergonomics” – that’s not the same!
    and mirrorless systems are “a threat to Nikons low-end DSLRs”.

    • to me this has not much to do with the imaging aspect, the video is the feature that needs improvement – that’s why I wrote that they are working on video implementation/integration

  • I did some comments clean-up, let’s stick to the topic without personal attacks please. Thanks!

    • Morten

      i never would ride personal attacks against somebody, sorry if you feel attacked by me

      • Morten, my comment was not for you – it just happened to show up under yours. This was for the usual suspects – they know who they are 🙂

  • tkr2099

    Just curious – about how long does it normally take between a camera’s announcement and it hitting stores?

    • rs

      6 months at least and usually 2 years between models. so the D700s or whatever would be early.

    • NikoDoby

      Once Nikon makes an announcement it usually takes about a month for shipments to get sent out, usually. Often times though very popular items will take several more months until supply catches up to demand.

    • D300 was announced in Aug, but released at the end of November.
      I think the D700 was announced in June and released in July (don’t recall exactly, but I seem to recall it being fairly quick).

      So hard to tell how the future ones will play out. I bet a lot of it depends on the market conditions at the time, how much inventory they’ve got ready to roll out and whether they feel they’ve done enough testing to release to the public.

  • rs

    Everyone who is complaining about MP not being high enough, i know several Canon shooters who regret buying the 7D and the new 5D because their lenses are now practically worthless and they don’t have the money for L glass. They basically are stuck with one lens they were forced to buy because their cheaper lenses are now horribly flawed and useless. They wish they had stuck with their rebels.
    MP don’t mean everything. Perhaps Nikon, in sticking with 12mp understands this.
    Especially on the consumer and prosumer bodies.

    • Jay

      sorry your full of shit lol

    • even old 35-70 resolve on D3x good. Nikon glass is superior to canon.

      • Jay

        okay and so does canon
        *rolls eyes at ignorance*


    But that’s the canon way … I just turned my back on canon! There shall not be a compromise between ISO and MP, I forbid it >:| ! If I want noisy high MP images I could have stuck with canon all along. God damn it I hope they don’t mean it. If the next camera let’s say the D4 is @ 16-18 MP and the ISO performance is worse than on the D3s although it will probably still be an FX camera would you buy it? I just don’t understand it, image quality is the most important factor for me and the more time I have to invest in images because of noise etc. the more money I’ll not be making. Or am I just too slow with PS? Is it right to throw out 5000++ euro for a camera if I have to go through time consuming corrections at the PC? I certainly don’t accept it. Maybe I’m alone with my opinion of what kind of image quality a high end camera should deliver. But god I’m pissed right now, tease us with great and promising ISO performance just to say “oh well, back to the MP hype then”. Bring out a 50MP camera if you want, make it noisy as hell and while your at it add some extra noise! Why not, people don’t seem to mind. Ok ok that should be enough drunken rage for tonight. I’m very happy with my D3s and the nikon glass, it sure beats the horrifying experience I made with the canon gear. To hell with it I’m going to sleep. Oh one last thing, I agree that there is a need for high MP cameras no doubt about it, but there is also a need for good ISO performance, why not make two cameras? One high MP and one high ISO. Good night!

    • rs

      D3s and D3x? Sweet dreams

    • dude

      yes, I am very agree with you. I want to see ISO 819200 on D4. dun care is 10mp or 12 mp.

  • Rhyan

    Well…so it is about time for the D90 successor. The D300 is the semi-pro, or even low level pro camera, but it got ‘updated’, so forget about the d400 in the next 10-12months.
    D700 is definitely not a enthusiast camera.
    Then it means D90 is coming this way. As you know it was the pioneer of video DSLR, so I suppose nikon will do their best to outperform canon in this segment again, so the D90x will have a larger sensor, or at least as big as 15mpix, and a high -res video with possible / probable autofocus, which will be the thing that dslrs lack in video now…
    I doubt that nikon will put in the new d90x some stuff like 100 af points, or artificial horizon as the d90 will kill the 300s if it does….
    As long as it regards the sensors, Sony is the largest maybe seller of sensor nowadays. Pentax, Nikon, Sony share the same sensor in their entry to mid level lsrs. Nikon however develops and designs its FX sensors and manufactures them in Sony facilities. This is not the same as Sony to develop and sell the sensors to NIkon.

    • rs

      Later this year I would guess. wonder what they will call it? Nikon does need to work on its model naming.

    • Vladi

      Nikon will hardly outdo Canon with video, but you never know the next D95 might have RAW video, that would surprise some people 😀

    • Bob

      I think a D90s would be a good bet too. Upgrade to 1080 HD 15 min record time and no overheating like the 7D. Little less on the photographer side than the D300s. $1799

  • Nikkorian

    Good news for me the enthusiast would be an FX camera for my budget, say $900. If they now think of “better balance” as higher resolution, they can sell me their old 12mpx rubbish 😀 I’d even be happy with 10mpx if it’s FX and cheap.

    • rs

      Good luck the sensors are still to much $ for that. Wait about 2 years and you will be able to buy a used D700 for that price. If you only have 900 for a body what are you going to use to buy all new lenses that the high MP cameras require?

      • Nikkorian

        that is why i only want to spent 900 on the body – i need the rest for the glass 🙂

    • twoomy

      Wait a year and you’ll get a used D700 for that amount.

  • Like so many others, I’ve been holding my crop frame waiting for d700 replacement. Two points:

    1. As I begin to work more, I NEED a full frame with video (preferably 18+MP), I like my glass, and i like nikon, but if they don’t get this camera out the door before summer I WILL jump ship to 5dMKII. Seriously, it’s time. And im sorry, d3s/d3x don’t satisfy my needs like a 5dmkII would, or hopefully the d700/5dMKII killer will.

    2. I’m okay with balance: 18+MP, video, and little to no grain at 1600 ISO and im in for under $4,000! This should be a studio camera after all, because where exactly is the reasonably (>6k) priced studio camera in the Nikon line? But we know, at 4,000 it will hurt sales of bigger cameras (d3s/d3x) and not compete with the 5dmkII in terms of price point (~2,500). So, I sit back and cross my fingers hoping for my wishlist (above specs) at d700 pricing (3,200 at release)

  • dude

    damn it! that means no hope for ISO 819200 in D4! nikon sucks.

  • Nobuaki Sasagaki

    And this is just a smoke to Kwanun. Hope them to release an immature EOS3D camera. Actually we just plan to announce a 15mp version of D700;)

  • Hi-ISO

    “Better balance”??? I don’t want the Nikon equivalent of the neither-here-nor-there Canon 5D Mk II, I personally want a D3S or, really, a D4 with even better high-ISO performance. If I want more resolution, I’ll just buy a D3X or D4X or whatever.

  • Distressed that Nikon may feel they should have gone for more MP than quality w/the D3s. No Nikon, you got it right for wedding, event and so many other photographers with the D3s.

    • ArtTwisted

      yes and no. Resolution is always nice, look at the large number of higher end wedding photogs that use MF cameras. Id say a compromise is the best thing, i almost never use above ISO 200, i know some do off course and thats fine but if there achieving iso XXX,XXX means i get less resolution all so that that one kind of photog gets there iso thats a poor trade off for me.

  • F-stop

    Thats so vage….that means nothing to be…of course they’re working on something better thats the point of being a company..tell us something that we don’t know like the release date and price point!

    • Photosage

      I agree with f-stop, this so called rumor is simply stating the obvious. Of course Nikon will release better cameras and lenses in the future. As for those folks wondering why we want more megapixels when most of us rarely print anything that requires more than 10MP. Well think about this, with a 24mp camera, and a light, reasonably priced highly corrected, high sharpness f2.8 105mm lens, one can crop in at 3x (to get the equivalent area of a 300mm lens) and still print a 6″x8″ print at 240dpi. Last time I checked, a heavy 300mm f2.8 Nikkor was $5800. The 105mm was under $1000. That’s why I want at least 24mp..

  • In effect, he says that Nikon will improve both resolution and noise in future cameras. Isn’t this rather…obvious?

    No, it has *not* begun.

  • ikonic

    My sources tells me, the production of D700 will last until March/April. So, that should give you a good idea of when the replacement is due. I have no technical specs at the moment, but I am hoping for one with FHD capture that is equal or better than the Canon. I shoot professionally and I am totally happy with my D700, but need to use a DSLR to shoot motion films, and is in a desire urgency to get one soon. Been holding off, to see what Nikon has to offer, but if there new model(s) doesn’t have FHD line up, I may have to consider a Canon or two.

    • ikonic

      Just to clarify. I am not sure, by what they mean by ‘production’ it could mean – “as in the last of the batch to be produced in March/April” or it could also mean, that “last the production batch will only last for March/April”. If the latter is true, than it could mean the replacement is already steaming ahead in production.

      BTW, I had a played around with the new Canon EOS550 last week, and think is pretty good. Think it will give the D90 are real run for its money, considering the specs is much better and basically it is a whole new camera (closer to the 7D, rather than the 500D).

      • zzddrr

        Well, I guess NR can help us out in the timing but let’s calculate. I think if Nikon has something seriously ready to go, by now we would have some leaks. I mean, some preparation has to take place and this can take months. This what NR can verify how long it normally takes between reasonable leaks to products on the shelves and announcements.

        On the other hand, I more likely believe that Nikon will come with a D700s. Adds Video and the Batman (c) iso or aka D3s sensor. This option can go under the radar since the D700 and D3 shared so many bits and pieces and requires minimal retooling.

        Then again, the interview with the Nikon General indicate that somebody farted in the paradise. They must have gotten terrible feedback when they admit that they overused the 12MP. So it is possible that they pulled the plug on the D700s completely. You know what, I think nobody would blame at Nikon if they would come out and clearly said that they did screw up. I would give them credit and would restore my trust much more than keeping us in the dark and thinking how we going to switch if there is a delay. Look Nikon should learn from toyota. At least they admitted and finally took responsibility.

        • Richard

          Nobody would care that they skipped the D700s if they introduced a better camera with a higher resolution sensor and said “look what we brought you!”

    • chuck

      Huh use DSLR to shoot video.. LOL

      • ikonic

        Chuck, I am not sure if you realize the allot of the professional movie markers and wedding videographers are using the 5DMKII and 7D to shoot their film. They have forgo all they’re video cameras and stocking on lens and bodies! Its opened up whole new industry.

        • Chris

          ..but they don’t auto-focus while filming. Do you just ask everyone at the wedding to not move from your pre-focused vantage point? lol Video in DSLR is useless unless you have paid actors you’re instructing. Real life, uncontrollable situations… it’s a waste of time.

      • Anonymous

        To get Interchangeable lenses, some as low as f1.4, and low light shooting with no noise, the choices are $3,000 to $50,000 video cameras or $2,800 DSLR.

  • jorkata

    I’m surprised to see very few comments (just one?) on the following part of the DPreview article:

    > He also told us that Nikon is set to *expand* its DSLR range in the near
    > future, but would not be drawn on details, hinting only that the company
    > has ‘good news’ on the way for its enthusiast DSLR customers.

    The way I see it, replacing an existing model is not considered an expansion, right?
    Does that mean that Nikon is planning a new model in the lineup?

    The D300 is the enthusiast’s model in the lineup (the D700 is more of a pro model really).
    So, it seems to me that Nikon’s surprise would be a camera in the D300(s) price range but with a surprising feature – like a larger sensor maybe ???

  • jorkata

    Don’t know where my previous comments go.

    > Nikon is set to expand its DSLR range

    Doesn’t expand actually mean new options in the lineup – rather than just replacing existing models?

  • chuck

    D700 is the last affordable camera with high ISO. Next camera will be a high gigapixle to match Canon 7D. Get the D700 while you can or spring for the D3S for a few grand more.

    Looks like the marketing monkey and measurabators have won

    • zzddrr

      I would not bet on this Chuck. i think Nikon at this time will not raise its prices. It will keep it at the D700 level for a similar camera.

      What is different now is that Samsung and Sony both want to play roles. Ok, it will take some time for both but what if they do a great job and chip away just 5-10% from Nikon just because Nikon did not properly do the pricing?

  • venancio

    Nikon will still retain the D90 for a little while as an active product against the competition. The DXOmark ratings of the D90 surpass those of the EOS 50D, EOS 7D, Nikon D3000/300s. Best bet for the “upgrade” is the D700.

    • ikonic

      Yeah, the think so too. The D90 will be here for at least a few more quarters. But, I think Nikon needs to act fast, as the new EOS 550D is solely aimed to kill off the D90, and Nikon knows it too. I think this announcement has catched Nikon by surprise, as the EOS 450/500 cycle has been rather short. It just seem like Canon has been playing the catch game, and they finally got a model that will out do Nikon’s long standing top seller.

    • Adam

      DxO rating doesn’t tell the whole story actually. If it’s the standard like what they claim, then I guess all MF users will start throwing theirs and get the no.1 camera listed in DxO.

      And I dont consider the 550D as the same league as the D90 (although its priced the same) cause the D90 is more like to compete agains the 50D line (I wonder how 60D will be considering how good the new 550D)

      • preston

        i’ve got news for you – the VAST majority of people looking to get a dslr for just under $1000 are rich soccer moms/dads that don’t read ANY reviews or online information about the camera before they purchase it. What goes into the decision then? The specs (this is the only thing the Best Buy salesman knows anyhow)! When they compare the similarly priced D90 and 550D it’s not even close. I can guarantee you most consumers will agree with you that they’re in different leagues, but they will think the D90 is the one that is way behind!

  • DC

    I don’t think Nikon are calling the shots – they will have to go where Canon lead.

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