Nikon’s PMA press release – nothing new

Update #2: also don't hold your breath for the Nikon press event in Japan next Tuesday - it will probably be similar to this one.

Update #1: I think Zoltar misunderstood this press release. In this announcement Nikon is talking about two DSLRs - the D3000 and D3s, but those are not new. I also got the time right (almost - I was expecting it @ 12 instead of 11 am, I still think the actual press event @ PMA will be at noon today).

I knew that there will be a press release about two DSLR cameras today from Nikon, but I did not expect them to have a press release about products that were already released! This is the story.

This just got published on Nikon USA press center - I guess there will be no new products. Sorry, I screwed up this time!

Nikon Exhibit Highlights First Look of New COOLPIX Line-Up, Nikon D3S, and Legendary NIKKOR Lenses

PMA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW, BOOTH # 2200, ANAHEIM, Calif. (Feb. 21, 2010) – Attendees of the 2010 PMA International Convention and Trade Show looking to experience the latest innovations in digital imaging will visit the Nikon booth where a vast array of award-winning digital imaging solutions will be on display. In addition to the impressive line-up of products, the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) appointed Nikon Corporation President Michio Kariya as PMDA 2010 Person of the Year. This year, Nikon will highlight seven new high-performance and stylish COOLPIX digital cameras, the easy-to-use D3000 D-SLR and the professional-grade D3S, Nikon’s first FX-format camera to offer HD video recording. In addition, visitors to the Nikon Booth # 2200 can also experience the popular COOLPIX S1000pj which is the recipient of multiple industry accolades, including the Popular Mechanics 2009 Breakthrough award. Also, the Nikon D3X Popular Photography Magazine’s 2009 Camera of the Year, and a selection of high-quality NIKKOR lenses will also be on display.

For nearly 40 years, Nikon has been a landmark exhibitor and brand presence at the PMA tradeshow. Nikon’s participation at PMA 2010 serves as yet another opportunity to interact with its retail and channel partners, photographers, journalists and loyal consumers about the latest trends in the world of digital imaging.

This year, PMA marks a momentous occasion for Nikon, as Nikon Corporation President, CEO and COO Michio Kariya was named 2010 Person of the Year by the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA). The 2010 Person of the Year award was presented to Kariya prior to the opening of the 2010 PMA tradeshow to honor his dedication to Nikon and the industry for more than 40 years.

NIKKOR lenses and the extremely versatile Creative Lighting System (CLS) represent an integral part of Nikon’s complete high-performance Digital Imaging System featured at PMA. Visitors to the Nikon Booth # 2200, can experience a wide array of NIKKOR lenses, including the recently announced 16-35mm f/4 VR and Ultra-Fast 24mm f/1.4 as well as the versatile AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom and professional AF-S 300mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. Nikon’s series of CLS products, including the flagship SB-900 Speedlight and other lighting accessories, will also be on display highlighting the agility and overall effectiveness when used in-studio or on location.

Nikon’s complete line of digital SLR cameras, COOLPIX cameras and accessories, high-quality COOLSCAN scanners, world-renowned binoculars and other accessories will be accessible for PMA 2010 patrons. With a spotlight on Nikon’s series of COOLPIX digital cameras, Nikon’s “theater-on-the go” display showcases the capabilities of the revolutionary S1000pj camera, the world’s first digital camera with a built-in projector. Lastly, visitors can experience the complete Nikon imaging solution with instruction and demonstrations of Nikon’s Capture NX2 photo editing software.

As in years past, Nikon will bring to light some of the latest works and projects from its dedicated base of photographers. With images from various COOLPIX and D-SLR products, the Image Gallery calls attention to the overwhelming capabilities of the cameras and the creative possibilities.

Attendees are encouraged to experience Nikon’s entire line of photographic, digital imaging and optical solutions, including Nikon’s sport optics products, on display at the PMA 2010 tradeshow, from Feb. 21-23 at exhibitor booth # 2200. For more information, please visit

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  • Aw…what a pity… 🙁
    But it’s ok, I’ll still continue to wait :p

  • full frame freddie

    Thats ok NR admin- you had me excited though! I am just going to put my money back in my wallet….

  • Louis Rosenthal

    pity indeed – i guess i can go back to work now – that very much pisses me off though…..

  • hellosunday!

    There still gonna be anymore releases planned for PMA? Or is this the summary?

  • Anonymous

    so still waiting for d700 replacement
    it’s must come in this year , isnt it?

  • Louis Rosenthal

    perhaps if i get that grant for my book i’ll get a D3s and call it a good year 🙂

  • Absurd Burglar

    Zoltar is a lying POS!

    • WoutK89

      that avatar says it all 😀
      And nobody is lying, there were two DSLRs in a press release, lol

  • Admin, you win some and you lose some. Don’t worry about it and keep up the great work!

  • I think Zoltar misunderstood this press release – they are talking about 2 DSLR – D3000 and D3S, but they are not new. I got the time right (almost). I knew that there will be a press release, but I did not expect them to have a press release without new products.

    • Duhhh


      • Global Guy

        Or Nikon is trying to figure out who your sources are.. 😉

    • WoutK89

      Nikon did this to hurt your credibility, but I am not buying into it, I still trust you 😉

    • zack

      doing a press release about the products already out is showing that Nikon is doing some silly things this year. Another silly thing is obviously giving Canon the lead on VDSLR issue

    • rhlpetrus

      Admin, feel sorry for you, but how would TWO NEW DSLRS be missed by the usual suspects, including Thom. Lammerse, Jeff-C and yourself? At least some hints would come. No new camera announcement has had such leak curfew, ever. Even the D3 got some advance news (Thom), not in details, but in the form “it won’t be what people are expecting”, since many thought of a higher res FF then. But people know there will be a camera announcement at least a couple of weeks before it happens.

      So, April seems to be the earliest we’ll see new cameras from Nikon.

  • KT

    The fact that all european D700 rebates extend till April 30th suggest that nothing on the DSLR front will be announced till then. That means the 12 MP sensor in the D700 would have seen life for close to 3 straight years. That in itself is an achievement in this day and age. It’s still good though

  • C

    Hi NR,

    Don’t get discouraged, you have done a great job on the right track~ 🙂

  • tibor

    NIkon are extremly slow, they surely dont know how to improve the video function & need more & more time to compete canon. A Big shame…

  • Nikonian

    alright….so I have a few more months to make money for the D4.

    I just sold my F100, D700, D90 and my F6 on Ebay for few peanuts in order to be able to buy that new Nikon DSLR !

    • Twoomy

      Well, now you can enjoy eating your peanuts.

      • I was the one who was kidding 😮
        BTW, I just returned my brand new Nikkor 24-70mm to f/2.8 (I won’t mention the name of the store).
        It is not acceptable to get a lemon when you pay $1739 for it.
        Compare to my 105mm f/2.8 micro, the 24-70mm look like a lens from a disposable camera !

        • ArtTwisted

          A macro prime lens should be sharper and overall better then a zoom, thats how these things go. If your copy was THAT bad though then why not get it exchanged for a new one that doesent have the same issue, unless your saying there all bad and all those pro photographers dont know any better….

          • I already sent it back for an exchange… we’ll see.
            I’ll let you guys know if the new one is better.

          • Ron Krapwell

            Mine is excellent. You had a lemon. Better luck with the replacement.

  • Nigel

    Hi NR,

    Well Done. Although I am expecting an D700 replacement …

  • alexcornes

    I can’t say I’m not bitterly dissappointed.
    Not with you admin of course. Nikon are really letting themselves down.
    There is literally no mid range camera. Where is the 5DII’s rival?!
    Any idea when we could hope to see a new release? What is the best educated guess as to when it would be? Within the year perhaps? Summer?

    Looks like I’m going to be having to bite the bullet and purchase a D3s, which works out well for Nikon, but to say I am annoyed with them is an understatement. Not acceptable.

    • Educated guess = May 1st when the D700 rebate will have ended. The 1080p video feature must be slowing Nikon down. Otherwise we could be shooting with the affordable D700x already.

      • alexcornes

        A tougher question. What do we think on specs?
        They wouldn’t release a body that really competes with the d3s iso sensistivity would they? I would like to assume we will see an increase in pixels for a small loss in iso sensistivity compared to the d3s. Although if they were to knock the d3s out of the market on everything other than being a tougher body I wouldnt have many complaints…

        • ArtTwisted

          Why wouldnt they. The d700 had the same performance iq wise as the d3 and it did not cannibalize its sales. The D3s is a sports and photojournalism cameara, a D700s would be a landscape, portrait, and broke pros camera. A pro considering the D3s doesent put the D700s in the same league if the only similarity is the sensor.

    • My guess would be late May/early June announcement w/ a late July, early August release.

      No facts to back that up. Just pulling magic things out of my hat.

  • Adam

    No, you didn’t screw up. It refused to begin.
    Keep up the good work. This site is fun.

    • plug

      My sentiments. We all still love this site. Keep posting anything and everything. I still want new glass, and not so much new bodies. My D700 is still awesome.

  • AJ

    Gutted…the prospect of a full-frame, 18MP+, 102,400 ISO-enabled D700 replacement had me reaching for the nearest bank loan form… lol

    Oh well, good things come to those that wait…

    • PHL2CZM

      I’m with AJ. Time for some more waiting.

      • kp

        Yep i was hoping for the same as AJ …. the longer it takes the more money i can make towards it without a loan …. and the more STRESSED i get

        C’mon Nikon… I’m waiting for the right kit to be released to retire my olympus for good

    • Geoff

      I dont even need the high iso give me decent up to … 6400 with those 18MP and at or under 3k$ and i was likely getting one … now i will peruse the Canon camera’s. Nikon best hurry up if they want my money, I have 18 MP in my head as the magic number.

  • ZinhaEq

    I don’t know why so many people expected two new DSLRs from Nikon. It just doesn’t make point to introduce DSLR at this moment, just two weeks after the lens. And further more, the Nikon D700 special offers end mostly at the end of April. I would say the new DSLR wont come out untill May or June.

    • standk

      i agree with u

  • Alex

    Oh well, no new DSLR for me yet. Even if ZinhaEq is right about May or June, I still want to know about it now!

  • Anonymous

    haha lame very lame Nikon…

  • Hmm, so I think I can buy D700 DSLR, even if it’s a bit old…

    I had some hope to get some informations about its successor, but in spite of that, I think I don’t gonna make a mistake with D700… 🙁

    • The D700 is a great camera, the only improvement could be more pixels (around 18MP ?).
      But for anything else I don’t see why that camera would need any improvement.
      I had x10 times better pictures with the D700 than with my D90.
      If it had more pixels I sure would have keept it !

      • zack

        I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you have 10 times better pictures with D700 than with D90? The first is a professional cam and the other is a prosumer cam with a badly compressed wobbly video.

        • ArtTwisted

          Idk about 10 times, the d90 has the same image sensor of the D300 lets not forget and a lot of pros are using those. The d90 isa great camera, the only reason i want a D700 replacement to come out is so I can buy a cheap used or discontinued D700 and then use the 90 as the back up body.

          • anonycrow

            HDU question the 35mm dogmatists! To the inquisition, go.

  • Tim

    when will that damn D700s come out!?

    • killa

      And that damn D95 (D7000 etc.)

  • If I had a sponsor, then I could build a working D700x prototype out of a D3x & D700, and show everyone (plus Nikon staff) at PMA 🙂

  • Bob

    Well maybe they are going to surprise everyone later today!!

    If not does this mean I need to get the D300s or the 7D? Please ask Zoltar

  • All is good. I read this rumor before the one below it so i knew hoe the story ends before I read it. As for Zoltar…you’re fired, pack your bags and go.

  • alexcornes

    So early summer sometime we will possibly see a release.
    Specs are anybodys guess, but what are our best educated ones?
    Could Nikon really release a fast camera with close to d3s quality noise sensitivity, more pixels (16-18 perhaps) and 720 or 1080 video? Whilst not expecting to completely wipe the d3s out of the market – other than for having a tougher body and a few more shutters per second?

  • hybris

    im still hanging on to my d2x.
    my 6 years old 14n is still nr two resolutionvise with nikkors.
    ill keep my money for a serius update

  • JBL

    ahhh so lame.

    I still believe they would have released the DSLR at the same time as the lenses…

    when is the next announcement?

  • zack

    Next thing Nikon will do is to make announcements about the future annoucements

  • Adam

    Its OK NR Admin! Nobody is perfect. We all still love you though! (in a straight kind of way, geez…some ppl get misunderstood soo easily, LOL!)

  • Jon Paul

    Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground for us, admin.

  • zzddrr

    I love this sentence “…to experience the latest innovations in digital imaging …” Duh, since Sep 2004 Nikon is at 12MP! Oh heil Sony! Without sony we wouldn’t even have D3x!

    Thank you Nikon, let’s see what Canon will offer in the 1DsIV. Also, I bet Canon will be out sooner with the 5DIII than Nikon with the D700 replacement. If those rumoured specs are true and it is not worse than the 1DsIII then they just got a new buyer because many of will not wait another year or two for the impotent Nikon to market products.

    • zack

      I’m thinking the same.

      • Geoff


        • aetas

          I am thinking the same thing

          • zzddrr

            Ok, then I was not the only one who has spotted the BS from Nikon.

    • Ron Krapwell

      Then you’re all thinking bollocks. Anybody in line for these top end cameras has a bagfull of glass to go with them. Very rarely will a pro switch systems if the current one does the job.

  • Man, every day I look here for my update, every day for a year now hoping that I can find a great DSLR to replace my D90. I do cinematography and photography, and my D90 won’t cut it, nor will the footage from the D3s or D300s. PLEASE NIKON, PLEASE I do not want to sell all of my gear and lenses to get a 5D mkII. AHHHHHHHH

    • zack

      I’m in the same category. Might even go and buy 7D

    • Bob

      It is getting to that point

    • mikey

      exactly the same, seem to have been waiting for an eternity for a nikon capable VDSLR that can compete with the 7D, but really wishing i had made the switch now.. this wait is a joke

      • Why switch from one to the other? Just run both Nikon and Canon. Canon has better video at the moment in 7D and 5D2 – plus the 5D2 gives an OK 20MP + option that’s a little more affordable than Nikon. But for pure stills quality and responsive camera operation (particularly) in low light) – the D3s and even D700 blow them away. There’s no one perfect solution – so just get whatever works best…. (I run 7D, 5D2, D3s and D700 – all great for what hey do best)

        • Ron Krapwell

          ‘Just run both Nikon and Canon’

          Yeah, just go out and lay down 10K plus on cameras. Then add in lenses and flash, etc. etc. Whilst your comment is funny, the bunch of whiners about aren’t in the market anyway. They just like whining.

  • low

    no worries admin. sometimes we gotta go for broke. beers are still on me!

  • My D900 = Gently upsized plus smart sharpened D300 NEF’s or via stitching 🙂

  • Let’s not lose our hopes,D700x & D700s, or two trends met at one body, the D900.

    Nikon may keep it for the last day of PMA !

    • zzddrr

      Following your logic, we should start believe in fairy tales. I guess this is just another old Jedi mind trick from Nikon eh? ….you do not need more resolution, yes we do not need more resolution…. 12MP is more than enough for all YOU, yes master 12MP is more than enough for all of us.


      • Ron Krapwell

        That’s right, it is. However, you can have 24MP if you like.

    • Bob

      Do companies do that often? Go to a trade show then wait till most of the people have been there then bring something out something new?

      Maybe Nikon can get Steve Jobs to walk out at the end and say “one more thing”

  • zzddrr

    I think we just got our big surprise from Nikon. Nikon finally learned how to make the most loyal customer base disappointed. Congratulations Nikon, keep up the good work! Jeez, I bet an iPhone will have more resolution than the D3s in less than 1 year.

    • Prosumer


      Isn’t the new Coolpix S8000 even 14mp. That’s more than the whole range of Nikon’s professional products, except for the ludicrously priced D3x.

      We all know mpx doesn’t equal quality, but it’s still absurd.

      • Bob

        Maybe Nikon is going more like Sony. Just products for the masses

    • alexcornes

      here here, haha. too right though yes. I dont mind Canon, I’m not a Nikon fanboy, but a 5dII felt unnatural to me when I used it, so I’m happier sticking with Nikon.
      The tide is going to turn again though and in a big way if they don’t sort themselves out sharpish.

    • rhlpetrus


      “Nikon finally learned how to make the most loyal customer base disappointed”

      Most ridiculous comment ever here. Disappointed, speak for yourself (are you a Nikon user? I doubt it.)

      • alexcornes


        He’s not alone. Look around you.

        It’s alright for some photographers, I chatted with one of gettys main staff photographers just last week and he’s still over the moon with his two “d3″s. They fit his needs perfectly shooting LFW, the Cannes festival and whatever else. Happy Nikon user.

        But there are an awful lot of us who want to see Nikon competing for the mid-range market too. They’ve covered the top end yeah great. But where is a 5d Mark II or even 7D rival? They just doesnt exist!

        The D700 and D3s has 10megapixels less and no HD functionality ((or 720 vs 1080) which believe it or not, is being used by a lot of top photographers I assist – behind the scenes bonus for their clients, candid interviews with talent… etc). Its our job to go that one step further and Nikon aren’t providing us with the ideal tools to do that. Not for us midrange users. i.e. their biggest potential market.

        They are shooting themselves in the foot. One toe at a time, with each passing conference.

        • rhlpetrus


          Around me? Are you kidding? 100 people w/o much to do on a Sunday (inlcuding myself) and few other at DPR (but much much less, check it). And always the same people complaining. Nikon and Canon have done a tremendous job for the past 10 years since the start of the digital era.

          We went from 3MP dslrs costing USD5K to 10-12MP ones costing 10x less, HD video and all, with a big assortment of new lenses, cheap kit zooms that pros couldn’t dream of 30 years ago.

          It’s the silly “new year’s model mentality” from the car/computer market spreading to an area where a new body used to take like 10 years to appear, even more.

          Disappointed? I say it agian: very very silly, likely people that don’t have more to do. The real shooters are very very happy with the D3s exactly todya at Vancouver. If you want a smaller body, the D700 is the best, if more pixels needed, 5DII and A900. Who cares about brands?

          • inteliboy

            uh… people who have invested in a brands lenses/equip? pretty stupid question from a “pro” imo

      • Bob

        I’ve been using Nikon for 25 years. I want to stay with Nikon but times have changed. They need to keep up.

        • rhlpetrus

          I’ve been shooting Nikon for 3 years, and I’m very very happy. Before digital I shot with Pentax then Leica. I couldn’t care less about brands, actyually. Just pick the toool you need (but make sure you really need it before wasting your money).


          • zzddrr

            rhlpetrus, it seems to me that you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer! You just offend people instead of trying to understand why they are pissed. Well, back in the film age you were able to change the film to a different resolution. You did not have to wait 4 yrs for better films. Now with Nikon since 2004 we stuck at 12MP. Now go and figure why people are pissed. On the top of it many us put serious money into Nikon lenses, flash, etc. You bought into a system that cannot compete in certain areas (note the certain areas) unless you are batman and need camera to take pictures in coal mine in middle of the night. Oh, you’ll say d3x, duh thank to sony for that.

            I bet sony will come out sooner with new product than nikon. Then wait 5-6 months once sony gives nikon a sensor and you can expect something new.

            In the meantime when we see an announcement like the one nikon published today we can only conclude that they cannot do anyhting alone and we won’t get what we have been asking for years! So go and defend this company since you do nothing else plus bashing others who criticize.

          • If we’re going to take pictures in a coal mine, that’d be the D3s, not the D3x. And a Nikon rep was just telling me that it was a Nikon sensor in there (and thusly, *very* expensive). So no thanks to Sony there.

            Sony can come out w/ something sooner than Nikon- if you want quantity over quality, then go buy Sony.

            “Now with Nikon since 2004 we stuck at 12MP. Now go and figure why people are pissed.”

            I truly believe you and a few others are a vocal minority. If you’re not printing huge billboards, then what’s with the high MP obsession? If you need high MP, go buy any P&S because they’ve got plenty 😛

            Have to agree w/ rhlpetrus on the “new year’s model mentality.” Ridiculous.

          • zzddrr

            Fried Toast,

            Two questions for you:
            1) If the 24MP is not good since Nikon figured 12 is enough then why on earth does not sell the d3x at least the same price as the d3s?

            2) Do you think that 24MP sensor gives more information (data) than a 12MP one?

            Have you ever actually enlarged and compared the results of 12 and 24MP? Try it out!

            Sometimes you cannot properly compose a shot and have to do enlargements. Also, sometimes the object is no longer available and a massive enlargement is needed for a partical area. You’ll have better results from the 24MP for sure!

            By the way, it is NOT solely a Nikon sensor the D3s’. Otherwise why on earth did they keep it at 12MP? They could have easily go up to 18MP. No they did not. Apparently the story behind this D3s sensor is that Nikon wanted reduce manufacturing costs and they were out for awhile to find a manufacturer who can do that and increase quality.

            I am not saying that the d3s sensor is bad, no, it is best in class but back in 2005/2007 not in 2010.

            Now the coalmine, yes i meant d3s. By the way the bloody thing actually looks like a big piece of coal. At least it has the same weight! I mean, Nikon could have used some different material to make the darn thing lighter.

            Or, can anione actually explain to me why we need the shutter mechanism in the d3s? Ok, i am fine with the mirror until the micro size display evolve but logically there is no need for the shutter. It is no longer film! You don’t have shutter in the m4/3. So why cannot Nikon innovate and just get rid of it. Not a difficult stuff. See my point here?

            If I offended any of you then I apologise I did not mean it.


      • zzddrr

        No, I am not a Nikon user. I just invested 15yrs and over 10s of thousands in nikon equipment so you can ask such a dumb question. But here is the problem, what I want to do Nikon only offers 1 item which is 7-8k. It is unacceptably priced! Now, go back to dpreview and have fun with those 12MP fanboys since your limited communication skills can only offend others!

        Now I know that you’re one those advanced tech guys who would be happy with 4MP if the mighty Nikon wouldn’t make 12MP no matter the competition already has 20+ MP for over a year. Good, I can understand you. So you can speak for yourself as well but since Sep 2004 Nikon is at 12MP! Jeez, that’s six years. Besided, without Sony we wouldn’t even have d3x!

        What do you think the hell the dpreview mentioned couple times in the d3s review that 12MP does not cut it in 2010 and it was a surprise back in 2007?

        So if your comments are smart as your first post then just don’t respond. I thought that you could do better than that.

        • rhlpetrus


          My limited comm skill may be due to the fact that English is a second language for me, or maybe you think my arguments are bad anyway. I can live with that, no big deal.

          I’m not an advanced tech guy, just like to read and learn about tech issues releated to photography. I’ve learned a good deal from many sites, DPR included.

          I’m not in the “12MP is enough” fanboy group, if you followed DPR’s forum you’d know about that. I didn’t say, in any of my posts above, that “12MP is enough”. Even though I, actually, think 12MP is enough for most applications, certainly for amateurs (I’m one).

          About the D3s, ask Getty, Reuters, AFP, Sports Illustrated, etc, if they think it’s enough for sports/action/PJ work. DPR’s editorial line is not about cameras’ market orientation, this is clear from their “value” ratings, comparing, as happened recently, D3s to D300s. You probably know the difference, in printing size, from a 12 to a 16MP sensor (D3s to 1D4).

          Nikon’s cycle for pro cameras has been 4 years, with an intermediate update (the D3>D3s was the most significative ever, the sensor changed in many ways, DxO Mark has shown that, in all aspects, noise, color and DR). So, one should expect a D4 with more pixels next year.

          So, if almost anyone following Nikon (or Canon) for some time gets upset that they didn’t do what he or she expected, maybe one should pay more attention to Nikon’s cycle system and, if that is really so upsetting, use another system. That’s the thing to do, IMO.


          • rhlpetrus

            Disregard this post, system fooled me saying not posted.

        • rhlpetrus


          My limited comm skill may be due to the fact that English is a second language for me, or maybe you think my arguments are bad anyway. I can live with that, no big deal.

          I’m not an advanced tech guy, just like to read and learn about tech issues releated to photography. I’ve learned a good deal from many sites, DPR included.

          I’m not in the “12MP is enough” fanboy group, if you followed DPR’s forum you’d know about that. I didn’t say, in any of my posts above, that “12MP is enough”. Even though I, actually, think 12MP is enough for most applications, certainly for amateurs (I’m one). And I agree that Nikon could have released a higher pixel D700 type already, they are missing some market (me, for example, I’m waiting for that to go FF). But no one here knows why they haven’t done it yet, there are many possibilities, you probably have read some of them.

          About the D3s, ask Getty, Reuters, AFP, Sports Illustrated, etc, if they think it’s enough for sports/action/PJ work. DPR’s editorial line is not about cameras’ market orientation, this is clear from their “value” ratings, comparing, as happened recently, D3s to D300s. And, regarding competition, only now, after 2.5 years the D3 was announced, Canon came with the 1D3 upgrade, from 10 to 16MP. And you certainly know the difference, in printing size, from a 12 to a 16MP sensor (D3s to 1D4). Think about that.

          Nikon’s cycle for pro cameras has been 4 years (Thom has alerted people about that many times), with an intermediate update (the D3>D3s was the most significative ever, the sensor changed in many ways, DxO Mark has shown that, in all aspects, noise, color and DR). So, one should expect a D4 with more pixels next year.

          So, if anyone following Nikon for some time gets upset that they didn’t do what he or she expected, maybe, if that is really so upsetting (the longer cycle), to move to another system. That’s the thing to do, IMO.


          • zzddrr

            That will happen. People will not wait 4 yrs for new tech. I am not going to wait 4 yrs. As I said before, the problem is the sensor! Back in the film age you were able to play around wiht different films. Now you stuck with 1 retard manufacturer. Yes, Nikon execs must be retards because the 5DII outsells in many places 1 to 10 the D700. Can’t they see it? Yes of course the can. But they cannot do anything about it since 1) Nikon is sensor cripled and 2) does not have clue about video.

            Back to the sensor of the D3s. According to many the manufacturer who produced the sensor used different technology. So it is quite possible that Nikon is trying to take credit for something that has not much to do with them. This is just rumor.

            On the other hand, when we look at the D3 sensor, it was produced and designed first in 2006. Yes, they released the camera in 2007 but the tech behind was from 2006 or before since in 2004 Nikon was at 12MP. See, now this 4yrs manufacturing tech cycle. I am actually surprised that the D3s did not improve more compared to the D3. See, that’s the problem. 4yrs and you have minor upgrade based on manufacturing tech. at the same resolution.

            Oh the Getty and Reuters. Well, they don’t shoot landscapes. Why would they need more to sell something that at 12MP is fine. But believe me there is a serious difference between 12MP and 24MP. I wonder whether sony will come out with a new 24MP sensor. That will blow away the Nikon line. Some say they have a backlit 36MP under the testing. So what will Nikon do when a 36MP sensor that has low light capabilities similar to the D3s would appear from sony?

            Also, read about the sony evil. They will go after the dslr segment they said. Thom was right, Nikon is in deep sh_t. Sony clearly said they will use larger than the m4/3 sensor. What is that????

            Now, why is Nikon waiting? Because they cannot produce their own sensor! Otherwise they would not surrender entire market segments to the competition. Don’t try to convince me that they can compete at affordable price with the 5DII

          • alexcornes


            Moores Law. Anyone else familiar with it?…

            Nikon have had 12 megapixel sensors for six years and at little price different to than what they were first released at, yeah retail a few hundred pounds, so what.

            The arguement is not, is 12megapixels good enough for most people? It’s that for some it isn’t good enough and why haven’t Nikon done anything about it?

            Nothing more should be said.

  • alfredo F.

    I really care on the lenses only…
    ive just bought my d200 for $550 in a special offer here in Peru..
    so, any news on the 80-400 replacement :S ???’

    • It’s in the pipeline. No mention on when, but a Nikon rep I spoke to yesterday specifically mentioned that lens.

      • zzddrr

        Goddamn Nikon reps! Shut up all of them! Let them deliver first and after have a big mouth. By the way, do you believe in car salesman as well? Because I do not even when they ask a question. So that’s about the reps too!

  • JohnnyWTF?

    Are you serious? I sold my D3s and D3000 yesterday in anticipation for this announcement. Thanks, Admin. Thanks for nothing.

    • Anonymous


    • alfredo F.

      he said that he was speculating , i now youre joking, but dont be so bad with him!!!
      everybody make mistakes!!!

      • JohnnyWTF?

        I’ve never made a mistaek.

        • alfredo F.

          there is always a first time 😉

    • Not such a big deal selling those. Go buy a 5DmkII. It’s what all the NikonRumor cool kids are doing!

      • zzddrr

        and you’re saying silly things. Many of these invested into a system. they thought Nikon will be competitive. Yes, they are competitively have big mouth like yourself.

        • I *am* saying silly things 😀

          One has to be careful of who to take seriously around here 😉

          • zzddrr

            Then if you wanted to crack a joke then just indicate it. Not with this sign “!” use something like this 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is bs! Damn it nikon, bring out the d700 replacement already!

  • Meh


  • Prosumer

    Nikon must be stuck at 12mp, while Canon will soon introduce a 32mp body.

    What a competititon, what a shame Nikon 😐

    • Prosumer

      “competition”, sorry for the typo, Nikon you drive me crazy

    • zzddrr

      yep, Nikon is at 12MP since Sep 2004! I don’t understand what’s the hurry? 🙂

  • standk

    now i can concentrate to my future 16-35VR N

    • rhlpetrus

      That’s the real thing, my next purchase, great offering, it took a while but looks like a real winner!

  • A press release about cameras they already announced, wow, what a new low.

    • zzddrr

      yep, that’s the new suprise. Genuinely disappointing the user base. I mean at least they should have said that Nikon started to distribute new sake to its workers to improve productivity. But not again the same plastic crap. We may see that Nikon will recycle old press announcements.

  • Adam

    FIFA World Cup is not far.

    • xcm

      when will it be? ( U know, I hate footbal)

  • papadope

    what a very pronounced f@rt on my face…

  • GeoftheGoof

    So, no ones jumped off a cliff yet. I reckon Nikon is screwed for sensors. I reckon they have lovely 18 or 20+ megapix cameras all on the drawing board, maybe even some prototypes. Just no sensors to put in them.

  • Ben H

    *Rolls eyes at Nikon*

  • Gary

    Nikon has always gone the route of being slower to come out with new products, but always making sure to deliver the highest quality. It appears they are not going to change.

    They are not always going to rush products to market, chase the latest fads, whatever…but when they do come out they will have a world class product. For now, you can get their current offerings, which are still terrific, or wait, or switch to another brand that releases more frequently, but offers lower quality.

    Nikon is kind of like the Mercedes or BMW of cameras; nothing flashy, but incredible engineering and performance.

    There are always trade offs…it just depends on what one is looking for.

    • alfredo F.


      • zzddrr

        You know that this is BS. I mean, name one company that can make serious profit in their own core business, their competitiors are on the market with the product taking away your business and you do not produce that product. My firend, I have no idea what you are smoking but that sh_t is strong.

        I think it is clear that Nikon cannot produce more than 12MP. Otherwise the d3x sensor base wouldn’t be sony.

    • inteliboy

      That argument is used. But at the end of the day, the image quality between Canon and Nikon is negligible.

      The actual real life difference, is that for the same price, if not cheaper, you get 10+mp more and 1080p video with a Canon.

      This is killing Nikon, and like many many others, I’m tired of waiting.

      It’s a shame, as yes true, Nikon’s do feel a lot better to use.

      • Maybe the difference is negligible. But at the end of the day, you’ve got a HUGE company (Canon) that can dump tons of money into products and stay afloat even if one or two of them don’t make a profit. Nikon isn’t a behemoth, so they *have* to take the slower, more measured approach. They don’t have the cushion that Canon has.

        But hey- that’s all conjecture. Maybe Nikon IS huge and they just don’t act like it 😛

        • zzddrr

          Another fairy tale….Canon is too big….little Nikon etc. You know what, in that case don’t mess with the big guys. Go back to Mama’s room and sob a bit. I am sorry but that’s what Nikon’s doing and you guys are buying that BS. OMG! Grow up, we are talking about business here, Nikon got screwed up years ago when they decided not to go with own sensor making.

          What do you think why? Because they thought Fuji which will lose its entire film business will be on the top of the game. Guess what, the film guys had no clue about developing the new skills necessary to compete in the digital sensor making business. They had to acquire those skills.

          There is a reason why you go to the dentist and not to Mike Tyson if you had to pull a teeth! Think about it.

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