Breaking news: Another Nikon press conference next week?

I am not sure about the exact wording since Google cannot translate this page, but according to the tipster Nikon is suppose to have another press conference next week on February 23, 2010 (last day of PMA):

"Nikon will have a press conference regarding new camera products and their strategy on February 23."

Here is the original source in Japanese. I have used this site as a source before on PhotoRumors and they have been accurate in the past.

This will be the first time Nikon will have three press conferences in a row.

Possibilities/guesses (unconfirmed):

  • The Nikkor 24-120 f/4 VR lens rumor said that it will be coming "soon".
  • They could be another lens in addition to the Nikkor 24-120 f/4 VR.
  • This press conference will be different - maybe they will just announce that they are working on a new product line.
  • Nikon D700 replacement.
  • Completely new Nikon D900.
  • Nikon EVIL system.

That's all I know for now. Stay tuned.

Update: I think this page has also some info on the upcoming Canon and Sony press conferences. Can someone translate please? Thanks!

Update #2 Translation clarification (thanks dhchen):

That "strategy" seems to be specific at "domestic (Japan) selling strategy". And they use "デジカメ新製品"(digital camera new products). In Japanese, デジカメ usually refers to "digital (point-and-shoot) camera". So cannot be certain whether Nikon will announce new DSLR... And, no Canon or Sony mentioned.

Maybe they will announce plans for the Nikon EVIL system (see previous Nikon EVIL rumors here).

Update #3 another interpretation of the Japanese text (thanks C):

Nikon will "announce" new digital camera and selling strategy inside Japan.  However, I should say the word "announce" in Japanese may have another meaning = "talk".  Therefore, it could be: Nikon just "talk" about their new digital cameras (that means the Coolpix just launched in PMA) and also the selling strategy inside Japan as well. This word is too ambiguous so I think it may not be firm enough to conclude a completely brand new Nikon digital camera will be announced on 23th Feb 2010.

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  • pieter

    It started 😉

    • rhodium

      Indeed it has 😀

      I’m looking forward to the D700 replacement.

      • Louis Rosenthal

        OHHH!!! hell yes! i reaalllllyyyy reallllyyyyy want one!!!!!

  • nikonmonster

    more toys.

  • photonut

    Hope it’s true.

    But it sounds too good to be true cause

    ““Nikon will have a press conference regarding new camera products and their strategy on February 23.”

    Their strategy? When did Nikon ever reveal anything about their strategy.

    That 24-124 f4 would weight a ton. The Canon 24-105 is already quite a brick.

    • Maybe it would be DX to add a new lens to the new line started with the 10-24 f/3.5-4.5 DX.
      In this case, it would be nice, and not too heavy.

    • Jay

      eh? you must be one weak ass person lol. Canon 24-105 is light compared to 24-70 2.8

      • Prosumer

        It depends on how long you’re going to lug around. 10 minutes or 10 hours !

        • Jay

          still its a light lens, if you cant lug it around then you will never be a pro sport photog lol. They lug 400- 600mm lens all day long haha.

  • Paul

    Now that’s exciting news!

  • Shuai

    any words on D90 replacement?

    Anyway it starts to be good now.

    • killa

      “any words on D90 replacement?”

    • enesunkie

      Yeh it’ll be interesting to see what they do with it., only because there is not that much wrong with the D90 to begin with. The one thing that it does get hammered on is the video and maybe we’ll see nikon introduce 1080i with manual control. I’m thinkin’ that a new DX sensor might be saved for the D400 late next year?

      • Davo

        Just a hunch. Nikon started the whole video thing with the D90. They’ve obviously am working hard to compete in this area since the competition has really raised the bar. Could the D90 replacement be heavily geared towards video?

        • enesunkie

          I happened to look at a C@&*^ rumors site. There’s talk of the articulating screen coming on the 60D. Maybe it’s the new thing to compliment video.

  • Absurd Burglar

    The US D700 + 200-400mm bundle?

    Hey! Everyone else got a bundle but us and I like this one! 😉

  • Seppl

    ah, it’s Paris H. demoing her new Coolpix.

  • We are waiting

  • Krzyś

    NEW D900 mmmmmm 😉

  • tim

    A D700(s?) AND a D900? Im going to faint!! PLEEEAAASEEE!! Im waiting here!! 🙂

    • tim

      Makes me kinda sorry i spent money on a AF adjustment for the trusty D2h im using..

  • dhchen

    That “strategy” seems to be specific at “domestic (Japan) selling strategy”. And they use “デジカメ新製品”(digitical camera new products). In japanese, デジカメ usually refers to “digital (point-and-shoot) camera”. So cannot be certain whether nikon will announce new DSLR…

    And, no Canon or Sony mentioned…

    • Thanks dhchen – I updated the post. Maybe they will announce the future plans for the EVIL system.

  • C

    Hi NR,

    Your translation is correct. Nikon will “announce” new digital camera and selling strategy inside Japan. However, I should say the word “announce” in Japanese may have another meaning = “talk”. Therefore, it could be: Nikon just “talk” about their new digital cameras (that means the Coolpixs just launched in PMA) and also the selling strategy inside Japan as well.

    This word is too ambiguous so I think it may not be firm enough to conclude a completely brand new Nikon digital camera will be announced on 23th Feb 2010.

    Clicking on the link shows no extra information regarding the news… So I am not that positive of receiving a new camera / lens on that day IMO…

    • Thanks!

      • Ubiquitous


        (Mr. Admin, that is your new nickname, btw 🙂 )

        I do not speak or read a word in Japanese and here is my translation: in the press conference scheduled for this coming February 23rd, the top executives from Nikon Corp, including the President and Vice-President of the company, will rate the top Geisha Houses in Tokyo – the traditional and the not so traditional ones – advantages and disadvantages of both.

        No, I do not believe that they will announce anything new; they would have done that at the start of the show to generate interest. Instead, I believe it is a wrap-up to the show, the state of Nikon, a possible future direction of the company, and a talk about the newly released products specially the exciting and leading edge technology of the P&S’s.

  • Mike

    I speak and read Japanese. The translation you received is accurate. At 13:00 hours, “Nikon will have a press conference regarding new camera products and their strategy”. However, I don’t see reference to a date, only that it’s in February. The header on the page translates to “The February Monthly Finance Report”. I’m not sure where that page came from, there are many different companies giving reports, not just Nikon. Toyota is listed there for example.

    • that’s correct – this sites lists all upcoming press conferences from Japanese companies, it is not only for photo related products

    • Jim

      maybe quarterly reporting and speaking to the financial industry?

  • Alex

    Not that I ever go there, but Canon Rumors is saying 1Ds4 announcement around the same time! Man this is exciting. Of course I am way more excited about the Nikon stuff, but without competition, Nikon wouldn’t be having any D700 replacement as soon as it is. Bring on the D900!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stan

    No big news, we were expecting an annoucement at PMA on Feb 23…

  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the EVIL system.

    • Prosumer

      The Evil system will need a complete new set of lenses.

  • siroyagi

    It is good news in me who is hesitating whether to buy D90 or to buy D300s.

    • jason

      im in the same boat regarding the D300s

  • Anonymous

    Spring’s coming. Can we please get on with the new vr tele options! Please…

    • enesunkie

      AF-S 100-500mm VR ! ?

  • edch

    Give me Sb-700 and more toys to beat Canon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really want that D700v, Evil would good too, but I really want a DSLR announcement.

  • ” in a raw” hahahhaah i caught that. ; ] good one admin

    • yes, I have raw on my mind 🙂

      • Louis Rosenthal

        this is making me feel like a noob i have no idea what you’re both talking about…. explain?

        • Rob

          RAW is a file format available in nicer cameras, it’s kinda unprocessed and uncompressed as opposed to Jpeg. Jpeg is the standard for all point and shoot cameras, it is compressed. A lot of serious photographers prefer RAW files as it gives a bit more leeway with exposure and lets them set white balance after shooting. Type RAW file into google and you’ll find plenty. Here is the wiki.

          • Louis Rosenthal

            ok i knew that but for some reason i thought there was more to the apparent joke…. maybe i was just too tired 🙂

  • Leaking Starfish

    The Starfish nearly voided on this news………….hope it’s a D3x sensor in a D700 with 100% viewfinder and video……………………………..

  • really now

    Wouldn’t it be funny if an F7 was announced?

    • T140Rider

      I’ve yet to see an F6 in the wild. Plenty of F3’s, F4’s & F5’s still going strong.

      But hey, we can all fantasize. Can’t we?

      I’m still using my 1978 Nikkormat FT3 just for the fun of it.

  • Joseph

    my wish list for what I’d like to see from Nikon:

    • D900 with 24mp & 1080p video
    • 70-200mm f/4 vrII
    • refresh of the 16mm f/2.8 fisheye (currently the DX version seems better)

  • thedude

    Really awesome news!
    Totally hoping for a D700 replacement and also curious if the D900 comes and what it will be like.

    Now just waiting for Tuesday.

  • Stevens

    @ Update #3

    Well, I just stopped dreaming 🙁

  • Jay

    a d700 and a d900? Interesting indeed…..

  • Bob

    Please Nikon NOT a point and shoot. Please.

  • lox


  • Dave H

    A colleague talked to staff at Jacobs, a UK photo retailer. They seem to think a new 400 2.8 is imminent. Small and lighter than the current one. They say it will be on the shelves within a month.

  • Andy

    Selling strategy may also mean what their next round of pricing and incentives will be and have nothing to do with new cameras. Yes, I want a replacement for a D700 but given how people here and on DP Review and elsewhere managed to whip themselves into frenzies in November, December, and February, please cool down.

    Cameras are made in large batches and barring a substantial upsurge in sales, Nikon and Canon probably have become quite good at estimating the burn rate of their inventories. They’ll probably release new cameras, as they often (but far from always) do, mid-year.

    Calm down, people.

    • Then let’s hurry and purchase the existing cameras on shelves to expedite D900 announcement :))

  • I was excited too, but… Anyway, even it’s not announced on the 23th, we must still stay tuned for a D900 + 24-120mm for the following weeks.

    It has begun!

  • Anonymous


  • AnOnYmOuSe

    me i , wondering , bout a small dslr , p6000 small witha d3x sensor

    • Prosumer

      Fine but how many compact & quality FX lenses are there out for a D5000-sized body. Maybe a 50mm. Or your lovely D6000 will look like an extention to the lens 🙂

      The answer will be the FX Evil system in the future. For now, let’s hope for D900.

  • eru

    well, isn’t Canon announcing 32mp DIV that day?

  • Pine Dakako

    My brother who is working at the Nikon factory said Nikon is likly introduce D4. What a suprise!

    • Pine Dakako

      i am sorry that forgot to tell you when. It will be in the future.

      • enesunkie

        6/99: D1 intro
        7/03: D2h intro
        8/07: D3 intro
        est. 7/11: D4 intro,

        • Prosumer

          Who cares the D4… Just bring out that D900 asap!

          • jane smith

            Who care D900? You don’t have even money for buying D900.

          • Prosumer

            Jane Smith, how do you know whether I can afford a D900? Huh!

          • Prosumer

            I don’t want to see another D-1digit series monster-sized body together with f/2.8 zooms on steroids plus flash system becoming as big as a lawn mower!

            Just get inspired by the Leica simplicity & wisdom 🙂

          • enesunkie

            I’m not getting a D3s or D4 either, but it’s that technology that trickles down to us “common folk” that exciting!

      • Ron Krapwell

        Wow. That’s really funny.

    • Louis Rosenthal

      now THAT would be a surprise – in fact i’d call that jumping the gun and calling the D3s a failure, which, quite frankly, simply not gonna happen.

      if it is indeed an announcement, it will be D700_/D900, D90_, lenses, or the EVIL system. no way will they come out with the D4 so soon after the D3s!

  • daylight

    Talk about timing, I am just in the process of purchasing the d700 in the next week or so. I know for a fact that I will be waiting for the new bodies if that’s the consensus before I buy. What do you guys think the new d700 pricing will be?

    • Bob

      Hard to say but you might as well wait till tuesday

      • Alfamatrix

        wait till tuesday..;)

  • le_eiji

    I believe those new products are compact digital cameras, and no DSLR will be involved in the announcement. D900 will only be available this summer, so no announcement for D900.

  • Tim

    d700s pleeeeeeease!!

  • LOL !
    I just got my 20MP Nikkon DSLR yesterday !
    I paid only $245 with shipping (F100, brand new !), the only difference is that the sensor is separate (Nikon coolscan V), and it’s a FX format, my 20mm f/2.8 love it !

    • ArtTwisted

      I would love to shoot a wedding on film these days eh, bring along 80 rolls of film, what a joy.

  • Anonymous

    Please be D5000 or D90 replacement, pleaaaaaase.
    I want to buy a DSLR and after canon new T2i I’m waiting for Nikon to make its move. Hurry up Nikon….

  • Vladi

    This just might be IT. New FX cam. Canon is supposedly going to announce 32mp 1Ds4 so maybe Nikon wants to counter with their own announcement.
    Fakechuckwestfall is complaining about this too 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The source seems Sankei Group, with its news paper division Sankei Shinbun being one of the big 5 national papers in Japan. The site you point to is so called an economic news calendar. Though we have observed an inaccurate comment saying ” I should say the word “announce” in Japanese may have another meaning = “talk”. “, such a possibility unlikely comes true. When a company predicts an announcement of new camera(s) to the press, it’s really to announce, never to simply talk.

  • Dweeb

    Nothing is announced the last day of a trade show. You can bet Canon will put someone to shame next Tuesday though.

    • 3space

      canon is quick on the draw but in the long run nikon will create a better product… in three years all these camera’s will have similar features… then all that will matter is what lenses your invested in…. Nikon is about refinement and perfection,,, canon is about features, price and marketing…

  • 3space

    my take… because its at the end of the show this move will be more of damage control and give just enough info to keep the people on the fence a reason to hold on. The 5Dmk2 and canon’s video line up has really hurt nikon and they must respond. So I’m guessing nikon has a nice 700x to take on the 5Dmk2 but its not ready yet but they can’t afford to remain silent any longer… so at the last minute they decided to spill the beans… I’m betting on a 700x 24 MP with 1080p video…. this would be the perfect compliment to the D3s. Later they will get to the D90 replacements

    • Bob

      How much for a D700x you think?

  • Davo

    Since the translation hints at P&S and Nikon supposedly talking strategy, could it be that Nikon’s MX line isn’t quite ready and Nikon’s spreading some FUD to slow the momentum of m43. Good marketing IMO.
    Whilst still vapour-ware, potential m43 buyers should correctly only consider what’s on the market for their choices. But if Nikon talks about something tangible with a mock-up or something saying its coming this Summer (northern hemisphere), a lot of potential buyers would probably adopt the wait and see approach. Unlike pros who need equipment for their living, I doubt ppl buying MX would “have to have it NOW.”
    But if they announce, they better not screw it up and delay it constantly like Samsung with their NX. Get the timing right, stick to it and deliver.
    Since this sits above the coolpix line, I doubt it’d deflate coolpix sales. I think coolpix buyers are different to potential m43 buyers.
    That’s my hunch on this press conference.

  • lincoln

    with all of the releases of these FF lenses I would think that we will se a FF dslr released on 2/23…am I right?

  • jane smith

    DCP has d900 picture.

  • I noticed the P6000 is listed as discontinued at B&H, maybe an update to this camera?

  • João

    Hello everyone I am an admirer Nikon will have 22 years, not discouraged with the flop of beginning of Digital Nikon cameras, I just temporarily go to Fuji-S2 & S3. Waiting for the new Nikon, but I am beginning to think that is a long time and nothing, nothing new!!!! The D3X an excellent machine, but $$$$$$$ very expensiv
    the D3s is excellent to…..but only 12 MP not enough and $$$$$ to, waiting for the equivalent of Canon 5D Mark II and similar prices and nothing, nothing ..Nikon forgets that people like me, professionals in Photoshop, get the same results, with Canon and prices very low. Nikon Sorry, but a lot of time and waiting and waiting and nothing.I did not want , but i think I’ll go for Canon, whith Carl Zeiss optics or the new Sony Cameras, whith same Sensor D3X. Is two much…….and attention, a lot of people think the same as I.

    • s3cx

      There’s D700 too btw

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