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  • New version of Nikon Message Center (v2.0.0) was released 2 weeks ago. Download here.

From the eBay listing (full specs also available):

Pixel LV-W1 device transmits the video signal, which is generated by Live View function, from the camera to the external receiver. The image preview from up to 100 meters allows to trigger the shutter in the most appropriate moment. What’s most important, the set – unlike other similar devices – is connected directly to the video output of the camera. Transmitted signal is of the highest quality and you do not need to mount camcorder on the camera viewer.

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  • "Nikon India is aiming to capture 50 per cent of the Indian market for D-SLR cameras used by professionals mainly but also by avid high-end amateurs" (source).
  • Nikon announced its financial results of the third quarter of the year ending March 2010.
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  • First :o)

  • Random Snapper

    Second 🙂

  • Selbosh

    Phottix have had the Hero and Hector (wired and wireless) Live View remotes out for a while now. They got some awards for it.
    These ones (by Pixel) are different though.

  • Zoetmb

    As for the high prices for antique Nikon rangefinders, just because something goes on eBay (or anywhere) for a lot of money, that doesn’t mean that there are masses who would buy a new version of that product. It only means that there are niche collectors willing to pay a lot for unique items.

    If Nikon did release a new rangefinder (and I’ll bet they NEVER do), I can see the postings now: “what a waste of money – it doesn’t show me the image as it’s coming through the lens!” or “when I use a long lens, the image is too small in the viewfinder” or “what a ripoff! I have to buy another viewfinder just to use this lens?” or “why doesn’t it have autofocus?”, etc.

    There are some aspects of rangefinders that are great, but there are very good reasons why the SLR became dominant starting in 1959. Rather than going back to the past, I’d rather see Nikon rethink camera design entirely and come up with something totally new. They’re probably trying to do that to compete with 4/3, but my bet is that they take too conservative an approach, much like they do with the Coolpix line.

  • KT

    Looks like April 30th is the new deadline for the next round of announcements, it keeps popping in several european sites as the end of one rebate or another.

    • zzddrr

      Lazy Nikon.

      • xcm

        “■New Nikon UK cashback program for the D5000 and D90 models from Feb 12th – Apr 30th, 2010”

        so that means, will not be any announcement in this clas (D90) until May?

        • Anders

          I’m hoping that they do like canon did with the 500/550D, i.e. announce before the offer expires and have the successor released when it expires. So with my optimistic thinking there might be an announcement soon and the camera to be released in early May 🙂

  • The PiXel thing looks useful, but what does it “control”? Just the shutter? I can’t find more info beyond the ebay site and the company website (which is almost a c&p job), anyone?

  • TheNEO

    Cashback on D5000/D90? Is this Nikon’s way of appeasing customers who bought a camera just before it was replaced by a new version? D7000 coming soon????? PLEEEEAAASSEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hobbit

    Does photo-arsenal ever make a sell? All I’ve ever seen from them are exorbitant prices on equipment that may be rare but no where near $35k rare. But hey, if I could fool some rich person into buying it for that price I’d be a happy.

  • Where’s my..

    D700s, I need my D700s. In fact I just need a rumor of my D700s. That’s why I keep hitting this site. All it needs to be is a D3s in D700 enclosure, and I want it now. I want it all. I want it all. I want it all, and I need it now. Ain’t much I’m asking – and I need it now.

    • What ?
      You’re not visiting this site only to read my comments ?
      I’m so disapointed !

    • Landscape Photo

      I definitely want / will buy a 24mp D700x, or at least 18mp D900. But not a D700s, another 12mp with video :-[

      If you need high-ISO performance, then why not D700? The difference from D3x is minor. If you need video, what’s wrong with D300s? Good enough for that job.

  • ZinhaEq

    Can’t wait the falling prices of Nikon D700. Can anyone tell me approximately, how much can it fall to? To 1700$, 1600$?

  • Jack

    In case you guys didn’t notice, they superimposed the image of that dog and the flowers in front of the camera. Its likely a scam; I doubt it actually works.

  • That Eric at Photography Bay is just clueless. Yet another article to highlight that fact. I found this site through PB, but other than that, that site has been useless.

    A lens with a 1.8 aperture needs a precision AF system calbrated to far tighter tolerances than Nikon’s motor free bodies and much more precise than the majority of the Canon line. Otherwise manual focus is better than the AF would be with a lens like that. Except with live view, which is available on some of the bodies now anyway.

    The current lack of a replacement for the 50/1.8 in Nikon’s current line up makes sense and will probably not continue to be a priority for these reasons.

    The 50/1.8 exists. If you want that focal length and aperture, buy it. The difference in size between a d90 and the d40/60/3000/5000 is negligible. Nikon makes the lens and makes cameras that focus it. If you want a fast aperture lens on a body without an AF motor, buy the superior 50/1.4.

    If you want AF with with a 50/1.8 and the cheapest possible body, but a d50.

    Otherwise quit yer whinin and make pictures with what you can today.

    • sometimes i wonder why they would not just make digital backs for F3 and be done with it :-).

      • ArtTwisted

        or the F4 🙂

      • They may not have the critical focus you think they did.

        I wonder if the F6 has a whole table for calibrating individual lenses like the digital bodies have…? The F6 only focuses as well as my d2x, which was pretty good, but not anything like my d300/d700. The newer cams are MUCH better in low light.

      • On some level I understand why they don’t do interchangeable backs. It would open the door to way more warranty repairs, and stats like that do drive many decision at corporations. It’s amazing we get stuff as good as we do with all the corporate bullshit.


    That’s it!!!! I’m going back to Contax N!

  • bred

    price watch is STILL broken… d90 for $699 at b&h… more like $780.


    • Bred, the software I use gets the prices automatically, once a day. If Amazon changes the price after that, it will not be updated in the price watch section till the next day. Also, very often retailers do the “add to cart to see price” trick – the software I use cannot do that, it just captures the price from the main product page and it does not take in consideration any discounts, rebates, etc.

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