Nikon Rumors giveaway #6

The time after an official announcement is usually very slow on rumors. I am busy on the background and have several updates pending for the blog and forum.

Since we are slow, let's have another giveaway!

The winner of the previous giveaway is Camille Miller. Congratulations! The winner was picked randomly by one of the forum mods.

Today you can win this Nikon D3000 book by David Busch (bibliography). The rules are simple - just leave a comment to this post. I will close all comments next week and will randomly pick the winner. Of course I still don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and I will ship this book anywhere in the world.

The same giveaway will be running also for Nikon Rumors forum members - you can enter each giveaway once (you can enter once on the blog and once on the forum - you just have to be a registered forum member).

I understand that the D3000 is not the ideal camera for most of the readers here, but I can assure you that you will like next week's giveaway.

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. is not responsible for anything.

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  • Give me the one! 😀 You can attach 24/1.4, please 😉

  • DatelineSeattle

    I want a D90 firmware update! Or a rumor of one…

  • Mike

    Nice book!

  • I Try 🙂

  • Tom

    Please count me in.

  • Love to have this book!

  • Fantastipotamus

    Yes please!

  • Andrew

    YES! Please

  • Tom

    Looks great!

  • Paul

    D3000 ain’t so bad

  • Ty

    It sucks being the last kid in kickball line. Pick me!

  • nch

    Why not… 🙂

  • Dan

    Not last not first but lost somewhere in the middle of the f. stop range… manual focus and no VR so life zooms by a little fast at times.

  • I need to WIN that book or else my wife will call me looser !

  • Shaun Ingram

    I have a D3000, it’s great, love to win the book

  • Louis

    next week’s giveaway is a D900….. i really hope i win. 😀 😉

  • Evan

    Nice giveaway – if I don’t win, congratulations to the winner!

  • Sergio

    Ok, D3000’s book is fine too.

    A good gift for a friend 😉

  • Andrei

    Can I has a shiny new camera =)

  • Nice One..

  • Chris

    I’m in!

  • Nice !!!

    I switched from D40 to D90 and because off size to a D3000.
    Love it, IQ is great and KR is wrong, great value for money.

  • Jean

    I’d like to win this book!

  • Michal

    another quick pick 🙂

  • I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • done

  • NSXType-R


  • Jur

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Brian

    Yay for the D40’s younger brother!

  • Book FTW!

  • JM

    Im in.

  • Richard

    Cool! Thanks. Keep it going!

  • SavageGuy

    Comment left.

  • Tom

    I like anything that’s free!!

  • A friend of mine purchased this camera, I would give them this book if I win 🙂

  • Matthew

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Sam

    Kevin is a Girl?

    • Son of FE

      Yeah. Kevin is a girl! You don’t remember the movie “UP” ?

  • jjolddahgoo

    I’m in!

  • Don

    entry level or not it still takes amazing pictures and it’s light too! NR rocks!

  • Mikael

    It’s gotta be my turn soon!

  • Son of FE

    Since I really could use the D300 book, if I win, just send me 10% of the pages and share the other 90% with 9 other D300 winners.

    Seriously, put me into the mix and thanks again for keeping things interesting!

  • Jon Paul

    Why not?

  • Charlie

    I’m trying my luck again….

  • Francis

    I’ll get the camera to go with the book!

  • Chris

    Nikon rumors is the best!

  • Cool…. I like that… 😉

  • Paul Rose

    Cool, oh yeah

  • Dumbledore

    Hell yeah!

  • Kai Kai

    I’ve bought this camera as my first DSLR!! Totally want this ^^

  • nomad

    in for one

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