A quick giveaway (#5) while we are waiting

Update #2: the winner is Camille Miller.

Update: this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be picked shortly by the forum mods here.

You can win this Nikon D300s book by David Busch (bibliography | more info). The rules are simple - just leave a comment to this post. I will close all comments on the day Nikon makes its next announcement (probably Tuesday, February 9th @ midnight) and will randomly pick the winner. Of course I don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and I will ship this book anywhere in the world.

More giveaways are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. NikonRumors.com is not responsible for anything.

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  • Would love to see what this book has to offer. Looks like an exciting tool. Now all you get out and take some interesting pictures.

  • jon

    my new D300s just arrived from J&R. Can’t wait to start using it. Moved up from my trusty D70s bodies. Want that book! Thanks

  • Long time lurker, first time poster…hope I win! 🙂

  • SZRimaging

    Thanks for this site and my new found addiction to it! Oh, and I am in for the contest also.

  • I could use this. Thanks for offering this contest.

  • winning comment get

  • xcm

    🙂 Nice Game!
    If I win, pls send me a D90 book:)

  • Rich

    I’m in! Hope I win, thanks.

  • Michelle Newell

    If I won this that would be a massive “SURPRISE”

  • Nick

    Only the book not the camera??

    Well, I’m in anyway. ;-D

  • Good for me. 🙂 not US-only! Greetings from Guatemala / Central America

  • necromagnet

    Me please!~

  • Melanie

    Excited about the surprise coming!!

  • mr.KIO

    Thanx I need something to read

  • nice.. i just got my d300s.. this book might come in handy…

    i’m in!!

  • Wahlroos

    Many Thanks for Admin for your excellent and very interesting site! Visiting here several times a day. Greetings from Finland!

  • tchar

    Surprise me send the book to greece along with a d900 announcement.

  • Dave


    I was holding out for a D400, but what the heck.

    Count me in.


  • pieter

    yeah! pick me, pick me, pick me 😉

  • bon

    Thanks a lot NR!

  • Mike Lemke

    I really enjoy your site & I can always use a freebe.

  • Derek

    Waiting to announce a D900

  • Felling lucky, punk? Well do ya?

  • Shuai


    This is the first post I saw so many comments.

    Lets see how randomly it will end. Hope I will win.

  • Preston Keller

    That was very generous of you to open this giveaway up to the world. . . but you know it’d be easier to just ship it to Boston! Thanks for the great site – checking it has become part of my preparing for bedtime ritual!

  • DDG

    I really need to lean how to take a picture! I do hope this book helps:)

  • Thomas

    Add this to the list of things I have never won….

  • Though I don’t have a d300, and i don’t think I would afford It too soon, it would be cool to win. 😀

  • Nikon Canon

    Waiting for my new lens…

  • Louis

    I WANT A D700__!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Nikon Rumors does a great job reporting.
    Will Nikon ever bring out a rangefinder to compete with Leica M9?

  • Christop Mayer

    I like my new D300s… and I want to win this book! 😉

  • Tim Dee

    I love Nikon and Nikon Rumors!

  • Great site , and a awesome gift i want the book to

    greets domi

  • ***** OFF TOPIC ******
    Does anyone have problems with the zooming ring getting hard to turn around 35-24mm on the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm ?

  • Kevin

    It continues to begin…

  • Roald

    Thanks for all the rumors and giveaways.
    Best regards from Norway

  • HI!

  • tomas

    I’m planning to attend the Nikon Capture NX 2 Seminar in Atlanta tomorrow. Hope it goes with the weather the way it is. The book would be a nice compliment to my Nikon knowledge as well.

  • Ken Katowik

    I always make this site the first site I go to…several times each day!

  • Klajjan

    Well, I’ll most likely buy the D700 or the hopefully soon to be released follow up. Still, it would be nice to win the book 😀

  • nomad

    Just got my 70-200mm VRII
    I’ve been waiting so long for a D700 upgrade version.
    Bring it on Nikonrumors and Nikon.

  • Jack

    Everyone likes this! Zero dislike!

  • I’ll do amazing things with it! What you ask? I’ll show you when I win 😉

  • GraffitiKnight

    Thanks Admin.

  • Kayle

    D700x with 1080, no more rumors please!

  • Carsten

    While I am saving up for replacing my trusty old D70 with a D300s, it would be awesome to have a book to to get up to speed on all the nice ‘new’ features and possibilities that will open up to me once I can afford the D300s…. 🙂

  • chad

    did someone say free…

  • Nikyvee

    Hey, it sure would be nice to win. Love NR. Love Nikon!

  • Willy

    I guess I dont need this book, since i am still using my D80 🙂

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