A quick giveaway (#5) while we are waiting

Update #2: the winner is Camille Miller.

Update: this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be picked shortly by the forum mods here.

You can win this Nikon D300s book by David Busch (bibliography | more info). The rules are simple - just leave a comment to this post. I will close all comments on the day Nikon makes its next announcement (probably Tuesday, February 9th @ midnight) and will randomly pick the winner. Of course I don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and I will ship this book anywhere in the world.

More giveaways are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. NikonRumors.com is not responsible for anything.

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  • Sean

    Bad Admin, if I won, I would have to buy a D300s to appreciate the book.

  • As a nikonist: LET’S TRY 🙂

  • Woah, free D300S. Would love to get into this video business D:

  • a book to win.

    Not bad. would be better if we could win the camera self.


    i have the D300 & need a second one.



  • Doug L

    Great site, great info, always a good visit.

  • All the best NR, nice site u have running 🙂

  • I wouldn´t mind winning this book. It would be useful to me. /Niclas

  • TJ

    wishing myself luck… I need a new camera.

  • bobalu

    ah want one a lot!

  • brenda helgeson

    i really learned to take pictures when i got a nikon as a teen, not as good as this one though

  • pablo

    nice gift!

  • Fredrick

    Just bought a new D300s and could use some help.

  • kfjm85

    Thanks for providing us all a chance to win another giveaway!

  • random


    i’m waiting 🙂

  • knight

    well figured why not i have a d300 so some more info is sweet.

  • mike

    thanx for the opportunity!

  • Austin

    I have his D300 book. Its very good.

  • daylight

    I just hope that Nikon releases a press release about the D700 successor, (if there is one) within the next two weeks. As this is when I am planning on making the switch to Nikon from Pentax to purchase either the replacement or the D700. I have already purchased both the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G & 85mm f/1.4 to compliment whichever body.

  • PI

    Sounds good to win something :-O

  • Robert

    <3 nikon

  • Always on my mac dashboard (widget) – loves the rumors 🙂

  • svein

    pick me, pick me 🙂

  • danpe

    If there ever was a way to get a flood of comments, this is the way to do it. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  • Wombats!

  • I would like one please …….

  • Mitchell Sherman

    Thanks. I appreciate the international nature of the giveaway.

  • Paul

    This is an great giveaway. It would be nice to upgrade my David Busch D300 book to match my upgraded camera!

  • jeff

    nice give away

  • Wow this is nice to compliment my first DSLR hehehe 🙂

  • Darrin

    Let’s hope they start talking soon……..

  • Dear Admin,
    your wisdom is a shining example for us all. (nice touch eh?)

    WOW, I just got the camera last month, and this would be a great addition. Pick me and I will always be grateful.


  • A thought occurs to me… seeing as how I just entered this drawing AFTER the winners were selected… MAYBE you should turn off the comment posting for this thread.

    … just saying…

  • D40-owner


  • jack c

    Just replaced my D80 with the D300s and would love to have this book knowing the quality of other books by David Busch.

  • hey give it to me!
    i love i love!

  • Frankie

    I want it!

  • Azmir

    I’m just surprised it hasn’t reached 1,000 posts yet. Can’t wait for Tuesday’s announcement.

  • Thanks!

  • Ric

    “Of course I don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and I will ship this book anywhere in the world.”

    Wow! Very few do that. Count me in. I’m in Bermuda.

  • Claude Felbert

    I learn best from books and have never found a photography book that can’t teach you something useful – this one looks very interesting.

  • Gotta love Nikon.

  • Shane

    Upgraded from a D70 to D300s and can’t believe that I didn’t upgrade sooner. Could use a great book to get me up to speed on this fast machine.

  • Danny

    I need them to hurry up on the 24 1.4!!!

  • Matthew

    Wow this book would be nice. I never win anything!

  • kanghong

    a “test” message, any chance to win as well?

  • George McBride

    I am always trying to keep up on the latest and greatest from Nikon and your site is it for me. I check in often for your expertise on Nikon equipment is the best. Keep up the good work.

  • Wow! Great giveaway contest. It would be a BIG step up from my Nikon D40 (which I love, BTW).

    Right now, I’m saving up for a 300mm telephoto and an SB-400 flash.

    Great site, I get more info from here than anywhere else. Thanks!

  • lucky 1000?

  • Browntrout430

    I just bought the camera and sure could use the book. Gave up waiting for the D700x… or D800. Keep up the good work.

  • Camille Miller

    This is pretty awesome i have been trying to decide for about 6 months weather to get the d90 or the d300s and here you guys are giving away the same guide book that i was hoping would be out by now, you guys ROCK!

    • MikeG

      Terrific! The D300s looks like a real winner and the book looks like one, too!

      • wei

        great!!! Long awaited publication. Can’t wait….

    • Patrik Einarsson

      Just bought the D300s a few weeks ago and could not be more pleased with my choice of companion, it was a superb upgrade from my D90. I’m still getting to know this sophisticated lady and the book would really bring the photographer with in me to life!

      /Patrik from anywhere in the world (Sweden)

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