A quick giveaway (#5) while we are waiting

Update #2: the winner is Camille Miller.

Update: this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be picked shortly by the forum mods here.

You can win this Nikon D300s book by David Busch (bibliography | more info). The rules are simple - just leave a comment to this post. I will close all comments on the day Nikon makes its next announcement (probably Tuesday, February 9th @ midnight) and will randomly pick the winner. Of course I don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and I will ship this book anywhere in the world.

More giveaways are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. NikonRumors.com is not responsible for anything.

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  • Glad about the “US abroad” point – greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  • jberk

    cool giveaway.

  • lox

    I’d take it.

  • Mike H

    Thanks for the great work admin! I’ve been following the site daily for a couple months now 🙂

  • TIm

    Always in for a giveaway. Checking out NikonRumors on daily base from The Netherlands.

  • f/2.8

    I am not buying the D300S until I own this book!

  • I have a D300 this book should be fine for that camera

  • LP

    Thanks nikon guy !

  • DYJ921

    Wonderful site you got there. Hope i can get my hands on the 35mm 1.8 soon, been out of stock forever in Singapore

  • Hope I’ll get it this time round! Yay!

    Thanks to Admin for all these giveaways! 😀

  • Picked up a 3 leaf clover.. now luck is on my side.. 😀

  • D

    would love to have this book.. count me in.

  • always keeping tabs on the fresh and new. thanks!

    300s is my next upgrade and it will be very useful to know what’s up before hand

  • Omar Chaudhry

    Let me be lucky! Please!

  • Ralf

    I ordered just today the d300s. Therefore, I need the book!

  • Steve

    I think I have the winning comment

    • John C

      I agree. Your comment looks like a winner.

  • Nix

    Keep up the good work bro! Have been a fan of your website ever since I first found it online. =)

  • In, ftw.

  • Colin Westwater

    Would love to have a copy of this book. Love the site!

  • I will be taking my D300s to Antarctica in November, so this book could help with useful tips to better photos!

  • What are you all waiting for?

  • Ali

    I’ll be the winner !!

  • Paolo

    The climate in Italy is gorgeous: please send the book here for a long vacation!!

  • Laurent

    Mine! Mine! Mine

  • erich

    24 f1.4 and 16-35 f4~~ I need you !!!!

  • NikonFan

    Great book!

  • Erik

    Will my first post ever on NR result in a book?
    If so: I’ll contribute more…

  • Bostjan

    Well, it’s sure worth a try :).
    Greetings from Slovenia.

  • Willis

    I never win these things. 🙂

    Perhaps today will be my lucky day.

  • Kevin Y

    you know i never seem to win these

  • Markus

    I’ll win. Be it the book or some laughs.

  • NikonFan

    Great Book!!!

  • Ukyou

    Cool book give away. Hope to win.

  • Paul’s_Brew

    Buying a d300s as soon as I get my tax return. This book would be great to go along with it

  • George

    Leaving a comment just for fun…I love my d300s but I am excited for the possible new bodies from Nikon.We just don’t know when and we don’t have a clue………

  • AlexVaib

    Lucky as usual, I’ll received this book for my new camera D300s just few time before the launch for the new D400!

  • mrcultureshock

    I’m actually thinking about buying the D300s so this book could come in real handy!

  • atleast nikonrumors is keeping things alive by doing something like this…

  • Davide

    Waiting to buy a D700…the “little sister” would not be that bad anyway…

  • bast

    I’ll make it a present for my dad …

  • R u sure? i don’t believe… prove to me please……

  • CatSplat

    Contests FTW!

  • It is nice of you!

  • HKM

    thanks NR for doing this..:)

  • tbscope

    This book would be a perfect companion for my new D300s.
    It’s already on my wish list but it wasn’t available here a few weeks ago.

  • Daksa Paramartha

    I hope 9th February Nikon make a big surprise and I have surprise too.

  • FaSt

    I don’t want a D300s book, i would like to have the maybe new D90 (D8000?) !!!!!!!!!
    ( …i joke)

  • SCREAM78

    Maybe me ?

  • Tom

    I’m in.

  • james zeng

    hope i win. lol

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