There will be more!

Let's just wait a "few days"!

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  • ABC

    Stayed up late hoping to hear a NEW FX SLR from Nikon….AKA the D900. If its does come out….when will it be available for consumers???

    • WoutK89

      My guess is seeing the tea leaves in my coffee cup, before the end of times πŸ˜›

  • rhlpetrus

    Admin, you know the goodies, just spill them! Anything besides the two lenses already mentioned? EVIL system? No dslr for a while, is that correct?

  • Simon

    Yeah, just you wait, there will be more :))))))

  • So am I advised to pickup a p6000 then?

    I want a camera with Geotagging that delivers better quality than a stock P&S without dipping into SLR range.

    • Dr SCSI

      Just wait for the EVIL camera!

  • SZRimaging

    I need more, darn it! I need a new camera and an 85mm lens!

    • SZRimaging

      I should note, there are plenty of acceptable 85mm on the market, so really I just need the camera.

    • the nikkon AF-S VR 105mm f/2.8 micro is the best lens I’ve ever seen.
      try it

      • SZRimaging

        For portraits? I will be in need of an FX portrait lens. I have been using a 70-200 f2.8, but I would like to move to a dedicated portrait lens with perhaps different bokeh. I am game to other suggestions, or for that matter, which version of the 85mm to get.

        Currently it is between the pre-AI f1.8 (I think that is the right aperture), Zeiss zf.2 85mm, or one of the current Nikkors.

        • JUST TRY IT !!!!!
          It’s perfect for portraits, on FX or DX cameras.

        • Dr SCSI

          SZRimaging, depending on how soon you need a portrait lens, you can either wait or get a great lens now. If you are a pro, and you make money with portraiture, then I can HIGHLY recommend the Nikon 135mm f/2 DC lens now. I am no pro, I don’t get paid for my pictures (yet), but I have several pro lens, to include this one. I can say this, my best portrait shots have been from this lens. It does things with the bokeh that you won’t believe. KR covers it very well in his review here….

          • SZRimaging

            Semi-pro. I have an art degree with an emphasis in Photography, but my day job is developing websites for a resort company.

            So yeah, working on redeveloping my portfolio to pick up side/weekend work. And I refuse to do weddings.

  • tom

    the only important thing is the d700 replacement, everybodyΒ΄s waiting for this… no coolpigs or evel shit..

    • I don’t thing any coolpix owners or buyers ever visit this website.
      The D900/D700x will come, we just have to be patient, anyways, that give us more time to save money for it.

      • tom

        ja, your wright.. just save the money and wait for the good stuff..

      • zeiss eterna

        Dunno, if the top compact does RAW etc i’m interested as a carryaround and backup. I’m waiting for a D4/D900 (with 100% viewfinder?) or something with the pro-megapixels + the high ISO. If they say theyre gonna stun the market then maybe it will be this DSLR most of us are drooling for..

        • WoutK89

          “the pro-megapixels”
          How are they different from any other megapixel? πŸ˜›

          • SZRimaging

            They make you money?

          • WoutK89

            If only, Nikon, hurry and patent these pixels NOW πŸ˜€

  • Dweeb

    By the large number of dislikes looks like people here aren’t too happy about point and shoots. Can’t blame Nikon though, this seems to be P&S week and they have to jump into it or be forgotten. I’m sure the better stuff will show closer to PMA to generate a buzz going into the show.

    Then again there’s been a lot of years Nikon had nothing. But I think the lenses will pan out based on the backlog.

  • Ken10

    I just want the supposed 100-500mm or an 80-400mm replacement. I will wait till mid year. If no show, I’m selling my lenses on ebay and will going to Canon. A nice hand held friendly 400mm+ fast focusing lens is a must in a line up. It’s been 10 YEARS since the 80-400mm was released. Great lens but the focusing speed sucks. It’s not a true wildlife lens. I think Nikon will have their head up their a@$! if they do not aid the situation. Please Nikon….please

    • Dr SCSI

      Ken10, I know this recommendation isn’t for most, but it is a semi-affordable lens considering the focal length. Sigma 300-800 f/5.6 – Neither Canon or Nikon has anything to compare with this. The closest is the Nikon 200-400 f/4, and it is probably Nikon’s most costly (least profitable) lens to produce with 27 lens elements. If pro super telephotos are out of your range, maybe you could go with the 70-200VRII with the new TC2. That will get you 140-400 on FF, or 210-600 (35mm equiv.) on APS-C with a f/5.6 max. I have the older 70-200VR and the older TC2, and I have gotten decent results with my D3 and D300. If you are shooting birds, you will need 500mm+ and f/4 or better. Even at 600mm (equiv.) on my D300, at just 20 feet away, I still have to crop the pictures of small birds to much for them to be useable; the noise is just unbearable. Birds are fast, and you need fast glass/high ISO/VR3 to get ’em in the picture.

  • maxthefrenchy

    Thanks for the update. At least, we do have some sort of answers…

  • carol yamamoto

    I think japanese industries are experiencing a serious problem with quality control reffering to toyota and honda. their labor cost is so high so, They have no choice but using cheap parts. Now we saw the inside of nikon 70-200 zoom lens baffle was falling.

    • Better not shooting with the 70-200mm from inside a Toyota !

      • Was just at Toyota last night. They denied there were any problems with my 70-200.

        • WoutK89

          Lol πŸ˜€

  • Here they are:
    I’ve never been so exited !
    I think I’ll unsubsribe to Nikon emails.

    • WoutK89

      What is wrong with Nikon, 399 dollar = 439 euro?

      • Dr SCSI

        If you live in the EU countries, blame your government. I live in Germany and it never ceases to amaze me that they charge 19% sales tax and customs (I think 5%) as well. Now I know that still doesn’t quite add up, but when you factor in the labor costs and facilities (brick and mortar), that 439 Euro price is about right for Germany. Socialism has its price, Americans will soon discover it. πŸ™‚

        • When I started photography (in France), not only the retail prices were about 40% more than New York prices, but we had to pay 33% taxes on top of it !


    Here are the NEW NIKON COOLPUX CAMERAS !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • This is funny, lol. If we don’t get anything by next week, I will post those online πŸ™‚

      • I am sorry, I am still laughing…. megapuxels….

        • NIKON COOLPUX !!!

          haha, they are some small hidden details also πŸ˜‰
          if nothing comes out more, we will all need to coolpuke one more time πŸ™‚

      • David

        Bet it was taken with a Coolpix. That is bad karma…

    • W8n4D900

      Aint that the truth!
      None of them take RAW (although they do show RAW pukage in the image!)
      LOL, still laughing


    thanks admin, this would be great πŸ™‚

    • Banned

      Ca PUXE les Coolpix !!!

      • NIKON COOLPUX !!!

        ca pue grave ouais en effet πŸ˜‰ !

  • Ken Roswell

    Hi here the cousin from New Mexico. I will buy the Coolpix S4000 for those occasions where an UFO crashes nearby. After all the best camera is the one that is with you all the time jejejejeje.

    Well I’m not Ken Rockwell cousin but I will buy the Coolpix S4000

    • Banned



    That’s it. I’m switching to Contax! With real-NEF.

    • WoutK89

      Contax, with an electronic format?

  • Ken Rosewell

    I want my Nikkormat FTn. Who needs digital?

    • Miguel McGowan

      Thank You Ken, first logical statement I’ve heard in awhile.

  • Miguel McGowan

    Everyone is so edgy waiting for Nikon to drop another bomb of goods on us. The only reason I really care at all is so you equipment junkies can buy your new gear, and start selling us cheap slobs your “bottom of the barrel, ugh this D700 is so outdated, God I can’t stand this D3x anymore, 12 mp are you kidding me” gear. If I was going to start getting really excited over gear, it would be the day that nikon starts making medium format film cameras. I know I can’t be the only person here that wishes they could use they’re nikon primes with a proper medium format 120 film camera!

  • Miguel McGowan

    D700 is selling at the Bestbuy clearance warehouse now too BTW, don’t know if this has been mentioned already.

  • Mr.Evil

    It will be EVIL!!!

  • eric

    now : ( few-1 ) day

  • Alfamatrix

    i want the 100-500mm!!
    nikon please hurry up.!!

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