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  • Nikon UK is preparing for its annual appearance at the Focus-on-Imaging photography show which will be held at the NEC, Birmingham from 7th-10th March, 2010.
  • Sigma reduces prices on 9 lenses in the UK.
  • Nikon updated its SDK for the Nikon D3s. If you are a software developer, Nikon SDK is free to use. You can see some interesting software based on the Nikon SDK here (not all of them are based on Nikon's SDK).
  • Started receiving reports about D700 and D90 shortages/not in stock from around the world. Both cameras are due for an update this year.

  • Something weird is going on in Thailand: it has become a hot topic in the photography community in Thailand when the authorized distributor of Nikon in Thailand decided to file lawsuits against customers alleging they made defamatory statements on the Internet accusing Nikon in Thailand for poor customer service. These lawsuits are the follow-up of the previous famous case of leaking sweat into D700 (covered already here) where people complained about bad service of the distributor. I have few links, but the Google translation is really bad.
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  • Finally some news! 😀

  • You get a free SB900 with a D700 ?
    That sound great !

  • The “Win a Nikon D700” is good only if you live in Australia.

  • Global Guy

    Re: D700 shortages –

    Since this is a rumors site, this may be weak evidence, but let me mention that SAMY’s Cameras here in California almost ALWAYS has Nikon cameras in its ads — and I’ve noticed that every time it does, the D700 is prominently displayed with full retail brick and mortar price proudly shown. Every that is, except… for this weekend’s ads.

    This week the D700 wasn’t mentioned anywhere, not even a small note, which struck me as quite odd and very unusual. [The D90 was displayed and listed as usual for those interested.]

  • I don’t think that D90 needs a replacement.
    Maybe Nikon should launch the D4000 (a real D40 replacement), with CMOS sensor and not very much megapixels, but with better ISO capabilities.

    • WoutK89

      “I don’t think that D90 needs a replacement”
      maybe it doesnt necessarily need, but it is expected given its age.

    • Zorro

      Laurentiu Ilie wrote: Maybe Nikon should launch the D4000 (a real D40 replacement), with CMOS sensor and not very much megapixels, but with better ISO capabilities.

      I agree. A clean-at-high-ISO 6 megapixels plus high speed flash sync (1/500).

      • WoutK89

        You know that camera will cost a fortune, just because Nikon currently doesnt sell those sensors (yet)?

      • 1/500 “real” sync speed is not possible on a cheap DSLR, not even the D3x have it (1/250)

        • WoutK89

          I am really starting to doubt your age 😛 Have you ever heard of the D40?

  • so… the probable upgrade of the d700 and d90… but are we still expecting a baby d3s… and the upgrade to the d90 is basically the d300s in a non-alloy body.. what happened to the supposed big surprise!.. thats not a surprise at all!

  • BenS

    Just when i thought my life has been quiet without any dslr rumors, out comes a whole lot of them. How am i suppose to get over this addiction.

    • WoutK89

      Go out and shoot photos

      • stephen

        yea taking photos > obsessing over gear that’s not even out yet.

  • F-stop

    Why have all the countries for the Win a D700 if it only works for one?…..

  • []V[] i k e

    I did great job. I bought D90 week ago, on sale 😉 I wanted something good with 2 years warranty !!!D700 doesn’t fit my expectations as it cost way to much. If I would want to spend 2000 euro, I buy Leica.

    Well Is that correct, that Nikon is suing customers? Well why in Thailand? I will give them a reason: Nikon service in Europe sucks too. Please Nikon pm me, I’m ready for battle.

    • WoutK89

      I am afraid in Europe we have more rights to become angry, and will not get sued that easily. The Brussels will help us fight the battle 😉

  • About the Amazon listing of the Kenko 2.0X PRO 300, its description states:
    “Common magnifications are 1.4 times and 2 times, but the Kenko teleplus PRO 300 AF converter has a 3x magnification.”

    That wrong is it not?

    It has a 2.0x magnification but is better suited for >300mm lenses then the other 2x TC, right?

    • WoutK89

      Sounds about right, is there any 3x teleconverter out there anyway?

  • Chaiitao

    @[NR] Admin: Regarding authorized distributor of Nikon in Thailand,
    I’m Thai. I can translate and summarize the pages if you want.
    Links you have are those from or other sources?

    I’ve got so many cool stuff from here, so, if you need some help, just knock me, I’m willing to.

  • Marco Ro

    Commenting on the D700 promotion in Italy…

    The promotion is for a D700 with a free SB-900 and is valid through end of april. This means to me that we’ll not see any D700x (or whatever will be) earlier than may. It also means that from may, D700 will be discounted and the D700x could have the same price tag (slightly higher, probably) of the current D700.

    • Sash

      Why would new D700x have the same price as discounted D700? there will be more features in new DSLR and I don’t think price will be as the “old” body.
      How was with D300 – D300s price?

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