All I got is some Coolpix specs

From what I hear, there will be no "serious" Coolpix camera announced this time:

  • Coolpix S8000 will be the slimmest 10x zoom with HD video available to date
  • Coolpix P100 has a back-illuminated sensor (Nikon's first?), 26x zoom

In the next few weeks before PMA, new compact cameras are expected from Olympus, Ricoh, Panasonic (new G model and even a possible LX3 replacment) and Sony (besides new compacts, the Ξ±700 is expected to be replaced).

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  • Gustaf

    i’m following this site as a madman! can’t get that new DSLR out of my head!

    • tim

      Same!! Neeeed gear update!!

    • HDZ

      ARRRRRGGHH Me too!! πŸ™‚

      • Marc W.

        Which DSLR are you guys waiting for? There will always be a new one down the road.

        I’m extremely happy with my current.

        • WoutK89

          In my case too, D80, still works very well

        • Gustaf

          I’m waiting for the D700 upgrade many people seem to be waiting for.
          I’m also very happy with my current gear, but any improvement is always welcome πŸ™‚

        • Tim

          Right now im on the D2h. Think i need an update?

          • WoutK89

            only you NEED it, I cant judge

          • WoutK89

            meant to say, “if you NEED”

        • Lawliet

          If people where really unhappy with their cameras they wouldn’t want a new model! They’d buy the current one or switch brands.
          But OTOH there is always the desire for new toys. We want to be motivated to spend a substantial amount of money…

  • No Nikon EVIL? What’s up with that?

  • Markus

    Evil this August. if Ithe info is true on DPreview

  • shivas

    EVIL that is compatible with our existing Nikkor lenses would DESTROY Panasonic, Olympus offerings. . .I’d be MORE than happy to wait for that!

    • Dave

      And if it uses a different crop factor so that your existing Nikkors change character? Or if it only offers aperture control with non-G lenses? Or if it won’t AF quickly with existing Nikkors?

      I’m sure you’ll be able to mount your lenses on whatever they produce. I’m not sure that those lenses will be particularly useful. Even 4/3 lenses on micro-4/3 cameras suffer from plenty of limitations, despite the 4/3 mount having full electronic control of focus and aperture, and despite 4/3 and micro-4/3 having the same crop factor.

    • JustAnotherMacUser

      As a Nikon-fan, I’d love to see Nikon release a small, GF-1 or EP-1|2 fighter EVIL camera as much as the next guy. And I hope the rumors of a Summer 2010 release hold true. I’ll buy one. And of course, if they do make one, it’s almost guaranteed that there would be a way to use it with existing Nikkor glass. It’s Nikon, after all. What else are they famous for if not their glass?


      The *point* of an EVIL camera is to have the ability to make a very small & portable camera that can achieve near-DSLR quality results. This takes both the body and the glass to make happen. If they made a GF-1 or EP-1|2 sized camera that only accepted Nikkor F-mount lenses, it would be a very awkwardly proportioned package, for all but the tiniest (50mm f1.8?) lenses. I mean, great IQ, yes, but it would sort of defeat the purpose of an EVIL body.

      If Nikon is going to do this *right*, they’re going to need to come up with a handful of good, new, “microF” mount lenses. Not a whole collection, just two or three to start. But make them great and make them unique; like a “kit” 30-80mm 35mm equivalent zoom (nice and wide to mild telephoto), a good 50mm equivalent f1.8, and maybe a light & fast 80-200 35mm equivalent telephoto. Then they’d have something unique & special in the market.

      • PHB

        It is certainly going to take both the camera and the glass to make the walkaround body pocketable. And there will be no point in putting an F-mount wide on it. But the wide and walkaround lenses should be cheap and light in any case.

        You lose the whole point of going to the EVIL format if you then use a lens that is designed to work around the F-mount mirror sweep.

        The lenses it is going to be interesting to mount are the longer ones. In particular the 80-400 and 85/1.4replacements. With the 2.5x multiplier you now have a 200mm and a 200-600mm in a vastly more manageable format than ever before. If the AF is fast despite the EVIL design, that is going to be the preferred approach for bird and air show photography.

        • WoutK89

          200-1000 even πŸ˜‰ 5x zoom factor

          • PHB

            Yes, forgot to check the math.

            200-1000 is going to be an awesome zoom range. Think ‘Astrophotography’: That is a longer focal length than quite a few telescopes.

  • getanalogue

    think the rumored “back illuminated sensor” is most interesting. it could be a quantum leap for new dslr as well

    • WoutK89

      But… DSLRs have too big a sensor to see any difference, it is about pixel pitch of the compact/camcorders that makes the backlit sensors useful.

  • Alex

    So I wonder how the S8000 will compare to the Sony DSC-HX5 which has 1080i AVCHD 10x zoom G-lens and takes stills at 10fps.

  • On Dpreview I’m hearing two different announcement dates (both within first 2 weeks of February). I guess the Coolpix stuff is announced on the first and dslr stuff on the second date. Guess we’ll be hearing more about dslr in about a week (just search for M Lammerse and Thom Hogan’s posts). Also don’t expect a too high MP count on the new camera (also lammerse).

    • Yes, but I cannot give 99% probability rating based on a dpreview post – I am waiting on my sources and for now all I got is the Feb 3rd date and four new compact cameras. We have covered all other possibilities in the past (in terms of lenses, bodies, etc.) but for now I cannot give them high probability rating of being released, that’s all.

      Hell, the D700 could be replaced in the Summer based on a 2 years refresh cycle – this also a possibility.

      • Admin, I am warning you, if you don’t promise us a D900 or a D800 for Febuary, I will send you one of my Test charts for your birthday. (no D700x please)

      • WoutK89

        I am still more interested in seeing the D90 updated/upgraded.
        Show us the D90s or D7000? πŸ˜›

        • enesunkie

          I’m more interested in the “D7000” too, just not optomistic that they are going to introduce a new DX sensor for it. The gimmicky stuff comes out in the low end cameras
          D60 Sensor cleaning
          D5000 Tilting LCD
          D90 Video
          The good stuff that effects IQ comes from the top and filters down.
          I just don’t see them stealing the thunder of a new sensor in the D400 in 2011 and putting it in a D90 level body. My quess is that they’ll put the swivel screen and a small improvement in the video and a couple other gimmicks that won’t improve your pictures.

          • WoutK89

            Sounds more like a D5000x, I dont want a swivel screen like the D5000 in a D7000 πŸ™

      • PHB

        The refresh of the D700 is not necessarily exclusive of the D900 launch.

        The different number strongly suggests that it is more than just a D700s.

  • Still craving for some “other” news :p

  • D90 DEAL:
    The D90 is only $788 at Adorama, I don’t think that Nikon will update the D90, but we may have a new body between the D300s and d90 (cheap FX body ?).
    I wish it was already february 19th !

    • jkl

      During the Holidays, you could get a D90 at a real bargain price in Sweden too.

    • WoutK89

      A body between D300s and D90 would be DX, a Body below the D700, would be the FX you are talking about πŸ˜‰

      And why wouldn’t Nikon do the same to it’s D90 as it has done to the D3s and D300s? There are some specs I could see being introduced, it has been quiet long enough in that segment of Nikon’s market.

    • This is what I am thinking now (only thinking, no informations):
      We get a cheap D700 next month (D500, D600 ?) with flash speed 1/200, plastic body, 3fs pictures/s, 12mp sensor.
      Few new FX lenses (300mm f/4 AF-S VR, 200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR, 28-85 f/4 AF-S VR)
      The price of the D700 drop at $1990 (to finish stocks until this summer).
      And then, the D900 for this summer, with HD video, 18-24MP, high ISO, metal body.
      Well, it was Martin Luther King day this week, so, can I also have a dream !

      • WoutK89

        “200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR”
        How old is the 70-200VRII? I dont think Nikon will do a 200/2.8 prime unless it is a micro or if its 180/2.8

        “28-85 f/4 AF-S VR”

        Not wide enough! Nikon needs to make the AF-S 24-85VR

        • There is still photographer who like to work with prime lenses, I have a 28-75 f/2.8 for quick indor shoots, but all my other lenses are prime f/2.8. If I had the choice between a 70-200mm f/2.8 and a 200mm f/2.8, I’ll take the prime lens.

          • WoutK89

            Nikon already has 24-85’s

            Nikon will tell you, go to canon for a 200/2.8 prime, our zoom lens is more versatile than a prime lens and has approx same sharpness

          • ap3

            The 24-85 Nikon has is old. I’m also waiting for a newer version.

          • WoutK89

            That’s what I am saying πŸ˜› They need not make a new 28-85, while they can update an existing formula πŸ˜‰

      • low

        we are looking at a 20MP cam.

  • Jay A

    I love the smell of boxing 24mm and 85mm 1.4.s in the morning, it smells like prime lens

  • photonut

    LX3 replacement? Sign me up !!!

    (of course it should have same resolution and better noise performance)

  • GlobalGuy – UPDATE

    Just an UPDATE on the teleconverters:

    Nikon has CORRECTED their “typos” –

    • Jay A

      Nikon has to read this site…good catch

    • WoutK89

      Hehe, Globalguy update πŸ˜€ here on πŸ˜›

  • NikoDoby

    I know all of you Dpreivew readers have been following mlammerse’s “Japanese uncle told him” a 20mp D800 is coming in early Feb2010 but why exactly is everyone so sure his “Japanese uncle” is right? Just because his “uncle” has access to “retail” info doesn’t mean the info is correct.

    It now seems that everyone and their mother has a “source” with info on a “new DSLR coming in early Feb” but no new concrete info has come out and we are only 12-13 days away from the Feb2-3rd date. Are you guys prepared for another “bad” year for Nikon at PMA if all we get are new COOLPIXes? I’m just saying I wouldn’t want any of you to jump off a bridge because there was no D700 replacement at PMA. πŸ™‚

    • WoutK89

      More DX primes, and a D3000x πŸ˜›

    • isitfebyet?

      Toes at the edge, waiting with tears of joy/sorrow on deck. D700s will produce tears of joy, anything else produce tears of sorrow… unless D700 price goes down, then tears of joy again.

    • Niko, exactly my point – in “normal” times I do post rumors from dpreview, but now few weeks before the announcement everyone is out of the woods and I don’t mean only dpreview but many other forums/sites/blogs. This is the time where I slow down and wait for the final word, plus every potential product that could be released was already covered in previous discussions, patent applications, shots from copters, etc. I do not speculate, I publish info based on information I receive. All we need now is the final 99% confirmation on the final date and products and I do not have it yet. Remember the 300mm f/2.9 update? I got the info just few days before the announcement (and I did not believe it). I will say it again, be prepared for the scenario where no DSLR will be released for PMA.

      • Mikael

        I’m just curious…. when was the last time Nikon released a DSLR for PMA?

        • NikoDoby

          PMA 2009 just a buttload of COOLPIXes
          PMA 2008 the D60 was unveiled and a buttload of COOLPIXes
          PMA 2007 the D40X was unveiled with a buttload of COOLPIXes

          There is a better chance we are getting only new lenses!
          2009 35mm 1.8,
          2008 16-85mm, 60mm macro, and the 24mm PC-E
          2007 55-200mm
          2006 105mm 2.8

          • WoutK89

            Uh, was the PC-E line not completely announced at once in 2007, with the new superteles? Just the release date may be announced during PMA.

    • low


      b-b-b-but, thom…oops, errr..i mean, my “resource” said there would be!!? πŸ˜€

      • NikoDoby

        Now Low we covered this before remember. Tom is lammerse’s source and lammerse’s is Tom’s source. Tom tells you and you go tell Father Bob and he tells all of you that you’re wrong because he read the truth on Nikonrumors πŸ™‚

        • low

          kelby spilled the beans didnt he??! damn that guy.

  • HCC

    D900 in February has the opportunity to issue?

  • Ken Rockwell

    I’m selling my 5D2 and want to buy a D700, should I wait for the upgrade?

    • NikoDoby

      I recommend you buy a 35mm Fuji disposable camera to replace the 5D-2 instead πŸ™‚

  • D900_Buyer

    D700 was previously reported as being out of stock at Walmart (although the “kit” was still available); now it is not available in ANY packaging…

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