Maybe I was wrong: Nikon event on December 10th in Slovenia


Maybe I rushed to judgement with my previous post "That was it for 2009" because I just received an invitation from Nikon Slovenia for a Nikon event on December 10th, 2009 (Thursday next week). The email invitation is legit and was sent to NPS members and journalists. Google translation of the invitation (updated):

"Nikon Slovenia invites you to meet and have a pre-new year get-together with appetizers, alongside journalists, NPS and professional photographers.

The event which will take place on December 10th at 11:00 at Nikon Slovenia’s new building in Ljubljana, Leskoškova 9e; will have Rok Gašparič the co-ordinator for Slovenia at Nikon Slovenia, presenting among other things, Nikon’s most powerful professional camera – the D3s and two more news (remaining a secret for now)."

And two more secret news? Nikon Slovenia just moved to a new building and the mystery news may not be related to a new product.

If anyone else (from a different country) has received an invitation for a Nikon event next week, please drop me a line.

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  • Andy

    Wow! I will follow this closely.


  • zeeGerman

    24 and 85mm f/1.4! Fingers crossed!!!

    • lox


      • +1000

        Sooo much boche. The type of stuff that makes ken rockwell cringe.

        • another anonymous

          gimme gimme gimme 😉

  • Does anyone really believe they are going to introduce new lenses in Slovenia?? :$
    Still interesting though but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much.

    • This doesn’t mean that new products will be introduced in Slovenia – after Nikon schedules a release date, each country decides individually if they will held an event or not. For example, I’ve never heard of Nikon events on the day of announcement in the US, but I know for sure that there is an event in the UK every time when there is an announcement. Austria and Denmark also have events when new products are announced.

      • Jim

        maybe that is why the prices are cheaper in the us vs many other countries. i’ll take cheaper prices over a launch event every time something comes out.

        • D800 is coming

          JIM you are right. We pay more then anyone else. That is why I shop in US, flight cost 500 and if I do shopping I still save minimum 600,-

  • low

    uh oh, i smell……..

    a new DX lens!

    • Alex

      Just what I want! Especially a 17-201 – for a bit of extra wide angle and a closer zoom! I would pay $5,000 for a lens like that!

      • Jim

        $5,000 US for a lens with that range? It would need to be a constant F4 or faster to warrant such a high price

        • Anonymous

          Not for being an FX-zoom it wouldn’t.

        • Chris

          Sarcasm, people. It’s 1mm longer each way than the current 18-200 (which many think was needlessly updated). And a punch at increasing Nikon prices.

  • Alex

    Well, I just received (from Nikon Co.) pictures of the new d700x, D800 and D4, but they asked me to keep it secret until December 24th at 12AM.
    That my have something to do with Santa, with Nikon, you never know !

    • Prove it…

      • Maddog

        Depends on whether you have been naughty or nice….

        • digital scott

          No D800 for you !!!!!!!

          • C Benson

            Just send a letter to St. Nick, you might get D800.

          • another anonymous

            did you meant St.Nickon, no? I will rather write to St.Nikkor

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Its probably a new credit plan to help us satisfy our NAS.

  • Dave

    AF DC NIKKOR D 105MM F2 info page is down for maintenance on Canadian sight!

    • Anonymous

      Also on the Canadian site, the 300mm F/4 (non-VR) is down for maintenance. I could warm up to that thing as AFS300 F/4 VRII . . .

      • Robd

        The 300mm F4 site has been down on the Canadian site for months.

  • On the PDN photo expo I asked on Nikon Booth about the 135mm f2. Because as I was going to buy it, one week before the show the lens went back ordered out of stock every where. I even asked the admin here at Nikon Rumors if he had heard anything about it.
    When I asked the guy at the photo booth (I wont say names for obvious reason) he said that he couldn’t say anything – but his jumpy attitude and all of the sudden after I ask giving his back to me and going around like a lost rat – gave the beans.

    I do hope its a new 135mm f2 – I will buy it in a heart beat.

    Canon aparently gave a upgrade to theirs 135mm f2 a couple of months ago – and It’s a very common lens among DX cameras (the 135mm would be equivalent a 200mm f2 – that costs US$5600.00)

    Lets pray to the Nikon Gods that the new 135mm F2 comes is. So I buy one and stick on my D300 and it would never again leave the camera 😀

    • WoutK89

      200 f2.8 more exactly 😉

      • Ok, if you wanna get nitpicky, it’d have the dof of a 200m/f2.5

        But really in actual practice it’s negligible. Just try it and see.

        • nobody

          No, it’s f3 (-:

        • WoutK89

          I meant it more like for DX, its smaller, and lighter, and would be an equivalent to a 200/2.8 lens for FX. I am not nitpicking, just trying to make a fair comparison, the 200/2 is a monster *heavy and expensive* while a 200/2.8 would be smaller and lighter (70-200 zoom but lighter).

      • PHB

        Unless its a non-DC lens with a larger aperture.

        The DC lens is not a fast seller. How many more sales might they get for a different configuration?

        Somehow I doubt adding AFS and possibly VR is going to affect sales much. Dropping the price or offering a larger aperture might though.

        I do not know what the tradeoffs are here. I doubt that the DC feature comes for free.

        If you look at the Canon catalog, their f/2.8 200mm is cheaper than their f/2 135mm

    • Anonymous

      The way Nikon is now it will be something F3.5 VR with plastic mount. Just look at new 85.

      • WoutK89

        WHAT? 85/3.5VR was made even more cheap in appearance by giving it a plastic mount? Why is the price still so high? The 105VR is almost equal in price here, has a metal mount, is gold ringed and is Full frame. Curious what the price will be in a month of the 85, probably 100-150 euro cheaper (60mm price).

  • ND

    vote for 135mm f/2 !

    • nobody

      Nikon still have no really matching standard zoom for the D700. (The 24-70 is too big and heavy, and the 24-85 and 24-120 don’t deliver the image quality.)

      That should have priority no.1, IMO.

      They wouldn’t sell 10% of 135mm f2 lenses compared to the 24-105mm f4 lenses they could sell.

      • WoutK89

        That sounds logic, replace the 24-85 and the 24-120 by one lens.

        • Anonymous1

          I agree.

          • NikoRyan

            Ditto. I have been hankering for a match to Canon 24-120 f/4.

  • xxx

    I don’t care about lens, I hope for new camera. For example successor of D90.

    • woble

      While you buy camera every year or so, we will be buying glass that lasts forever.

      • xxx

        Oh yeah. By the way I don’t have any camera. Even compact camera. And never had yet. So, you are wrong. OK, buy lens every year for forever.

      • twoomy

        If glass lasts forever, why is everybody chucking their old 70-200mm’s for the new one and getting all excited for a new 135 f/2 DC (that they probably won’t actually buy when it’s available).

        If glass lasts forever, how come so many people have dismissed the 17-35mm and the 28-70mm (once viewed as part of “the trinity”) and only talk about the 12-24 and 24-70?

        Just like cameras, even most “glass” falls out of favor.

        • Adam

          cause once you get a good glass, it’s entirely up to you if you want to upgrade or not. Not so with body, depending on the industry standard, you will eventually have to upgrade your body whether you like it or not

          • Joe R

            If you feel that way then you lack skill. It does not take a new body to make a competitive photograph.

            A skilled photographer with a D50 can out-shoot me with a D3x.

          • John

            Joe R —

            If you’re shooting great photos, you’ll be wanting to print them large at high quality, correct? I couldn’t do that on my D50. That’s the only reason I upgraded to the D90: resolution. It does matter when your customers are asking for 18×24’s

          • Mikey

            A mega-pro shooter could produce an amazing shot on a D1, you are absolutely right..and that would be fine for many purposes, but I don’t think Vanity Fair would accept a cover shot at 2.65 megapixels 😉

  • stuart bryce

    Nikon, I’m desperate for a new 135 f2, and like every one else a fast wide

    Cheers Stu

  • I’m from Slovenia and I will try to go to this event. I’ll let you know more when I’ll talk to the guy who knows Nikon co-ordinator in Slovenia Rok Gašparič.


  • Anonymous
    The D3s comparison test shots are online. Check them out!

  • Marko

    I’m also from Slovenia. Nikon is having the s.c. “Nikon days” in few places in Slovenia. I was present in Koper. The two extra news were two top models posing for visitors 🙂 No new lens, bodies,…. Case closed 🙂

    • Marko, I think this event is in the new Nikon building – do you think it’s the same event as the one you attended? Usually the Nikon days are in camera stores.

      • Marko

        Yes, I think this is more or less the same event.

  • Nau

    “two more news (for now remains a mystery).” camera bag and tripod

    • Anonymous

      I hope it’s the new 34mp tripod with VR and 1080p video.

      • WoutK89

        and the bag will carry the name of Douche, ha ha *-*

        • twoomy

          +1 Ha ha, thanks for the good laugh, I needed that.

          • NikoRyan

            LOL! Excellent!

  • alvix

    D3X-S with choice between hirez or low noise : 28mp iso1600 or 12mp iso51000etc.. phaseone style…+video etc..

    • WoutK89

      that would be D3x-x, not an S 😛

      • alvix

        yep..just like the Ferrari FXX ! 🙂

        • Hugo

          And D3xxx for the guys from the valley 😉

  • bjokerud

    Wouldn’t it be fun if Nikon just fools everyone and releases a D800 and an awesome lens along with it =)

    I for one is still waiting for the 85mm or 100-500, plus an sb-700.

  • Nau

    Nikon finally moving on with Sony sensors, all the stock left will be installed in to web cams that Nikon will announce on 10th Dec 🙂

    how is that for a rumor ? 🙂

  • Jon

    Nikon also having an event for members of the White House News Photographers Asssociation & NPS members in Washington DC on December 11. Supposed to be just Bill Frakes talking about video capabilities of D3s & D300s. Who know’s maybe something new will be mentioned.

    • WoutK89

      Yes, they will mention, you will have to do with this till far into the next year 😛

  • Anonymous

    I’d like a 28mm f/1.4 AF-S

    • NikoRyan


  • For the record, this type of link is why I visit for each day.

    D700 (s/x/800) would be sick.

    1.4 anything would be rad.

    2.8 zoom anything would be brutal.

    • btw, on my third whiskey of the evening, meant… gimme a break!

  • Gordon


  • Ken Elliott

    I think it’s the new F7 film camera!

  • rangefinder bob

    It’ll be another Blues Traveler concert!

  • Jabs

    I would love to see some new primes (24, 28, 35, 50-58NOCT or such, 85, 105, 135, 200 Macro, 300 F4) and maybe a new flash.
    We have enough bodies for now and perhaps next year on a D700sor x with video.
    The economy is crap and thus all manufacturers have to be careful, lest we be all stuck with point and shoot cameras and not the wide selection we have now in DSLR’s after Nikon or Canon goes belly up from trying to placate our wild desires.
    I see too many people complaining about weight and such on cameras.
    If you can’t lift less than ten pounds, then get an assistant or some basic strength training – LOL!
    For maybe forty years people have been complaining about needing smaller cameras and when they come NO ONE buys them and then they leave the market as failed products.
    CAN’T please everyone, so why bother!
    Boutique cameras always sink manufacturers in the long run!

    • Adam

      yeah, I wonder when we will see updated primes and SB700

    • Joe R

      Ha.. NOCT, I love it. I want a 24mm f .95 DX since the low-noise chips will be much more difficult on a DX sensor, just make super-fast glass. Something super-sharp when stopped down to f/1.2 -I’ll give you $500 for it.

  • JBL

    My guess is that we won’t see a body, Nikon announced a lot of new bodies (even if they are deceiving) this year.

    A D800 in early 2010 sounds much more accurate.

    Considering that we heard so much about the new 135mm f/2 DC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it…

    Also, I think the thing Nikon forgot to announce this year was some more FX lenses.

    I’d love some primes.. a 24 1.4, 28 1.4, remake of the 35 f/2 (or possibly an 1.4 version) etc.. etc.. but I think people are more into zooms… Nikon certainly sell more zooms so that’s their priority… A redesign of the 17-35… or some f/4 zooms maybe?

    • Adam

      well zooms is cool and all, but Nikon just complete their 14-200 f/2.8 FX zooms. I guess now they should update their primes (its sooo overdue) and maybe release their first f/4 zoom next year 😀

      • Anonymous1

        As far as I am concerned, they haven’t. The 24-70 mm is too short and 70-200 mm is not wide enough. I would like to see something that overlaps both ranges, even if it only goes up to 120 mm.

        • Twoomy

          Yes, if they intend to get more FX shooters, they MUST release a more generalist walkaround lens comparable to Canon’s 24-105L. (Nikon’s 24-120VR is a piece of cr@p.) And a perfect time for such lens would be around the announcement of a newer FX model.

          • WoutK89

            “newer FX model” in the lower end 😉 I don’t think the D4 deserves an announcement like the D3s with the DX lens.

          • Christina

            I love your thinking! Makes perfect sense to me!

            wouldn’t it be great if Nikon surprised us all and started delivering on what we really want???

            Imagine the money they would make…..

  • joe

    It’s nikon solvenia. They’re announcing the new D70

    • Solvenian

      In Soviet Solvenia, Nikon no introduce products, products introduce Nikon.

      • WoutK89

        porblem sloved 😀

  • Rich L

    no offense to Slovenia, but why on earth would Niko choose any major product announcement in that small of a market???

    • Marko

      Rich….visit slovenia and you will see. Small market has nothing to do with small sales. We live in a globalized world. No matter where you announce anymore. The matter is how. Remember this ! This is the new economy.

    • Pedro

      I totaly agree with you Rich L !!!
      No D700s/x/xs or D800.

    • Sash

      Rich, and you are now reading this thread. And now u’re asking yourself how the he*l this event get in public from such a small country and even into your ears (eyes), righT?

      hint: it’s a miracle


  • pinarello

    give me give mee babe…. D700x/s/D800!!! my christmas wish

  • rocco

    I attended a Nikon NPS presentation in Prague on Monday and there was nothing new there except the D3s. This is definitely going to be the same type of event for NPS members, so don´t get your hopes up…

  • tibor

    “It’s nikon solvenia. They’re announcing the new D70” so funny, but so true 🙂
    maybe a kievkon with some holga lenses

  • Anonymous

    they releasing the D700sex

  • Anonymous

    Today is Nikon day in Ljubljana, Slovenia – and Rok Gasparic will be there, i will ask him what is going on for december 🙂

    • WoutK89

      He will tell you it’s the season to be jolly 😛

  • Two more news? That means nothing. It could be a new service system or something or perhaps a new compact..

  • Who needs new nikon bodies? My D40 is just fine, it’s the best camera ever!

    Pro FX lenses? who needs em? my 18-200 VR is the best. Nikon is fine.

    BTW I’m still not paying $8000 for a D3x, I just bought a Leica for $7000, now that’s a total bargain.

  • gizmo

    Today I talked with Nikon distributor and he said there will be no new bodies in next 6 months (I asked for D700s).

    • WoutK89

      So, what you are saying, no new bodies before June 2010? That’s a long time, making plenty bodies in this time ancient.

      • I think this may be right – all the info I am getting is that there will not be a new body (D700 replacement) at least until Spring of 2010. This makes sense – the D700 will be replaced 2 years after it was introduced (July of 2008).
        We will probably see the new lenses earlier (PMA 2010 in Feb?)

  • Pat

    I want a 16-35 f/4. That’s it. Another few months and I would never believe in any rumor in that ‘affordable FX wide angle’ front.

  • Anonymous

    Any rumors about that nikon 100-500 Lena that we heard about a while back?

    • WoutK89

      Latest rumor: it is still a rumor 😉

  • Anonymous

    But even Thom Hogan commented about it on his site. Do you think that because of that it is even more credible that it will come out?

  • Andy

    Well, what ever you say, I have my own theories.
    D700 and all D700 kits has been out of stock for alomst three weeks in one of Norways largest stores. The ETA date has been moved foreward multiple times. The dates are now set at 8th and 9th dec.
    This just dont seem right.
    The one explanation I can think of is D3s has pushed back D700 on the production line.


    • Mark


      You may well have a point. I have noticed that B&H Photo had a small price drop on the D700 body (price drop was bout $50). Could just be pushing for more holiday sales or could be to thin down inventory for future changes?


      • Mikey

        What are the odds that this is due to even something like currency fluctuations?

  • onceuponanikonian

    It’s very unlikely that Nikon will introduce a new product at an even in a god-knows-where small country.

  • SZRimaging

    A 24-70 f4 would be awesome. But the only way they could announce something now is if there was already a distribution method to have them out there by Christmas.

  • Marko II

    Maybe a translation that makes more sense:

    “Nikon Slovenia invites you to meet and have a pre-new year get-together with appetizers, with journalists, NPS and professional photographers.

    The event which will take place on December 10th at 11:00 at Nikon Slovenia’s new building in Ljubljana, Leskoškova 9e; will have Rok Gašparič the co-ordinator for Slovenia at Nikon Slovenia, presenting among other things, Nikon’s most powerful professional camera – the D3s as well two more news. (remaining a secret for now)”

    The way it’s worded in Slovene, it can mean absolutely anything.

    Novost = something new

    Whatever they will be presenting, I will have to disagree with Marko. He mentioned the “Nikon Days” which took place in around 4 cities across the country. I attended the first one, but the “models” were far from a secret, nor any real news as it was known enough in advance. The last of these “Nikon Days” is in Ljubljana, and is taking place as I’m writing this. I don’t see why they would organize the same event twice.

    No, this is an invitation to see their new building, meet n greet, and show (or announce) something new. Personally I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a new Coolpix camera or maybe an SB450 flash. I really don’t know though.

    Maybe a book? Or a new line of UV filters? 😀

    • Marko

      Oh… the models news was a sarcastic joke 🙂

      • Marko II

        lol, I thought so. 😀

        Some were cute though… 😉

  • morphez

    pleaseee announce lenses…lots of FF lenses…:D

  • Marko II

    Wow hang on, let me rewrite that…

    “Nikon Slovenia invites you to meet and have a pre-new year get-together with appetizers, alongside journalists, NPS and professional photographers.

    The event which will take place on December 10th at 11:00 at Nikon Slovenia’s new building in Ljubljana, Leskoškova 9e; will have Rok Gašparič the co-ordinator for Slovenia at Nikon Slovenia, presenting among other things, Nikon’s most powerful professional camera – the D3s and two more news. (remaining a secret for now)”

    Nikon is also sponsoring a pretty big photography competition here atm, in which they’ll be giving out a D700, 24-120mm VR and about 11,000 eur cash. It’s called Picture Slovenia, and it’s meant to increase the number of quality photographs of the country. In true Slovenian style, the website is only in Slovene

    It might have something to do with this as well. However since the deadline to send in pictures is Dec 15th, I don’t think it could be that.

    • thanks for the translation – I will update the post

  • I just learned that Nikon UK website will be down for maintenance on or between December 8 and December 10th. Hmmm….. waiting on more details.

    • Andy

      Strangely, the D700 in a large store in Norway is out of stock till 8th (house) and 9th (kit) of december…… Hmmmmm


      • PHB

        Would not surprise me if that was the case. The market for the D700 must have had the stuffing kicked out of it due to the launch of the D3s/D300s.

        Nikon seem to be betting that informed D700s buyers are more likely to wait till after Xmas than potential D300s buyers, which is logical. Also I would expect that Xmas will dry up any remaining D700 stocks.

        At the moment the D700 is pretty much a dead duck. The D300s is the better camera, it cost less money, is faster, has video and has the same ISO response.

        I can’t see Nikon announcing the D700s until D700 stocks are really low, but if they are close to exhaustion it would make good sense to tell people that the D700s is around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna see some NEW focusing screens for FX format cameras

  • Red Benz

    Somebody told me that they gone announce the
    D800 and the AF-S 12-400 f/2.8 FX-VRII

    Then we will all be happy and can finaly start shooting and never worry about gear anymore…………

    • WoutK89

      but the 12-400 has bad vignetting from 12-50mm, and lacks sharpness from 150-400, so I wont buy 😛

  • Jose

    Nikon please, stop selling toys like D3000 and D5000, Be serious like canon and produce the semi professional camera that every body is waiting for. You well know Most people can’t afford a camera like D3x; s Don’t you listen the crow?
    Wherever it is D700s-D800 D700x…… please bring it out to the public.

    • WoutK89

      hehe, the D3x sold like hot cakes 😛 That you cant afford, doesnt mean no one can. And camera’s like D3000-D5000 are big money makers as well, barely innovative and re-using parts. If anything, they need to have more like those like Sony does, but that would just be weird, since Nikon has a pretty straight line in their line-up now.

    • PHB

      What an utterly ridiculous statement. The D3/D3x together amount to less than 1% of Nikon camera sales. The D300 sells a bit better but is far and away the most successful pro body they have, about 5% of total Nikon sales, more than all the FX bodies of all types put together.

      Without the sales from the D3000, D5000 and D90 there would be no Nikon flagship cameras at all. The gross profit margins on the D3/D3x are probably quite hefty but I very much doubt that they even make a profit if you count in all the development costs. The only reason Nikon can afford to make professional cameras that good for the prices they charge is that they can lay off the development costs by applying the bulk of the design to future budget models.

      When the Nikon-F launched it was a camera for the masses. Nikon has always been about making the best possible mass market camera.

      If you can’t afford a D700 then you certainly can’t afford the lenses you need to make full use of it.

      At the moment the D300s offers the same ISO response as the D700 for less money and provides a built in lossless 1.5x telephoto converter. Except for the ability to take landscapes with the 14-24mm, I can’t think of a reason to prefer the older model.

  • WR

    Any news like this is good. I hope the D700 upgrade/replacement comes soon.

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