Rumor: Nikon D800 instead of D700s/x

PhotographyBay received a tip that Nikon will not be updating the D700, but instead will release a completely new model - Nikon D800 with the following specs:

  • Video mode 1080p video recording (full HD)
  • High resolution 24.5 MP
  • High frame rate: 7 fps without battery grip (similar to D300s)
  • 51-area Nikon Multi-CAM 3500FX (same technology as D3X)
  • Expected to be released before the end of the year

At that point I do not have any reliable info on that rumor. All sources point that D700 will not be updated anytime soon. Maybe this really means a new D800 that could coexists with the  D700.

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  • NikoRyan

    Exciting, but not a chance *this year*. The rumor of D800 coming is likely, but it would be next spring or middle of next year.

    • NikoDoby

      I like your name but remember there can only be one Niko around these woods and that’s me 🙂

      • Nikoblunt

        what about me?

        JK its me fotosniper!

  • kaki

    what the price would be? I think it will be around 3500 bucks!

  • GlobalGuy

    This would be genius and is what everyone is looking for.

    If Nikon really wanted a perfection theyd do a D800 and then
    a D700s high-ISO D700 with video and dual slot.

  • Gary

    I agree that the spec list reads like a wish list. However, there still could be a D800 coming, just w/ tamed down specs compared to these.

    The specs would make sense if Nikon looked around and saw what Canon and Sony had released, and decided they needed a game changer release this year.

    Remember, the German Nikon rep stated there would be no update to the D700 series this year…not that there wouldn’t be a new D800 line.

  • John

    the perfect D700 upgrade would be…. dual card slots, 100% viewfinder, maybe video…

    • john

      Thats all it would take from me to buy, although mise well pass along that lowlight tech too.

  • rhlpetrus

    7 fps unlikely, unless D800 is only 12 bits. For 14 bits, I’d say at most 2.5 fps, like D300. The D3X ADC requires oversampling to produce 14 bits.

  • Gary

    I think Nikon is getting beaten by Canon in marketing moreso than anything else.

    Nikon releases the D300s and Canon the 7D, and Canon gets all the buzz. Nevermind that the 7D is largely playing catchup to what the D300 had 2 years ago. Nevermind that Chase Jarvis is shooting some video on the D300s, or that Scott Kelby is also using one for some of his work. All we hear about are the video guys using the 7D.

    Nikon releases the D3s and Canon the 1D4, and once again, it seems Canon gets the most buzz. Blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget trumpet the 1d4s low light/high ISO capability, even though the D3s is at least as good and probably better. And once again, on the video front, the new Laforet video w/ the 1d4 steals the attention. When Chase Jarvis makes a really cool video w/ the D3s do you think it will get a fraction of the buzz that the Laforet video has?

    Moreso than any new camera, Nikon needs to get its marketing dept into gear, and especially leverage the work and names of the pro’s that are out there using Nikon.

    Now I will say that a D800, if its competitive with the 5d2 in price, will be a great way to turbocharge their sales.

    • rhlpetrus

      I don’t know where you’re getting your news from, but IR has posted D3s’ high ISO shots and they are much better than what’s available so far from 1D4’s. Canon has not even posted a single shot from 1d4 over 3200ISO.

  • mantom

    I don’t buy this rumor for one simple reason – it would undercut the D3s.

    Think about it. The D800 would have higher resolution imaging, higher resolution video, faster framerate, and at half the cost. Although very desireable from the consumer’s point of view, it would be commercial suicide for Nikon….or at least suicide for the D3s. I’m sure D800 sales would go through the roof.

  • steve

    Wow, I think lots of people have their BS meters off today.

    Name one time Nikon completely trumped it’s pro bodies with a pro-sumer body. It just doesn’t happen, or the D700 would have outspec’d the D3.

    My prediction would be a D700s early – mid next year with a D3s sensor in it. Once the D4 launches, give it a year and they’ll put that sensor into a D800. That’s a realistic release path. This rumor is just a wish list

  • Richard

    A D800 can be a very smart – or even necessary – move!

    I don’t put much weight to those that say it won’t happen because it would cannibalize the D3X/D3s sales. The same people said the same thing just before the D700 was released.

    As far as the D800 might go, it could be a necessary move for Nikon. Too long there have existed small body, high-res alternatives from Canon (with video) and Sony. I myself, if the newer Canon TS-lenses was a bit cheaper, I might have switched by now, but I’ll hang on for now.

    • El Aura

      “I don’t put much weight to those that say it won’t happen because it would cannibalize the D3X/D3s sales. The same people said the same thing just before the D700 was released.”
      No, but the D700 did not exceed the D3 in any point. In the same way, I would not expect the D800 to exceed the D3x in any way (unless the D3x gets updated as well).

      • Gary

        The D700 is in many ways competitive w/ the D3. Many reviewers noted that one could get essentially the same image quality, in a smaller body, with some ergonomic improvements, and even the sensor cleaning feature.

        Sure the D3 can shoot more fps, but for many people, a D700 will work just as well…and if you add the battery grip, you pretty much have a D3 at a far lower price.

      • Richard

        Well, the D3X was probably too far in the pipeline when Canon and Sony released their high res small bodies, so it had to be released. Further it has proved profitable (as far as I’ve heard) so far. A full time studio pro will probably prefer the D3X because of its superior handling (I use the D700, but have also used D2/D3-style bodies, and it’s no contest; bigger body wins for handling).

        So Nikon needs to win the amateurs/enthusiast: D800

  • woble

    I talked to an owner of a local photo store recently and asked if he had any insights of any possible upgrade for the D700. Of course if he knew he wouldn’t tell, but he did say that there will was expecting a new shipment of gear from Nikon, which also included D700. So if Nikon were to release D800 this year, why would they dump all that old stuff on retailers. This just wouldn’t make sense. They would rather have it sold out to clear the stock.

    But then again, it could be all sales talk to lure me into buying a D700, which I would anyway very soon.

    • John

      it would make sense if nikon was trying to clear out old stock so they can clear out room for new stock…..

  • So the D800 would be all the positive things of the D3x and the D3s, plus HD movie. In a smaller body? Hmmmmmm what to get????? Wouldn’t this kill the D3 sales big time?

    • camerausercollector

      I totally agree with you! Who’s gonna buy the D3s or the D3X when you can get the D800 for a cheaper price? Did Canon started this rumor just to kill Nikon D3s and D3X market?

      • BillyBobJohnson

        Nobody, because this rumour is absolute bollocks.

        • camerausercollector

          I find this really humorous.

          • BillyBobJohnson

            Glad you liked it.

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty silly. It will mostly like be exactly the same as the D700, but with the D3x sensor, 3-4 fps, and 5 fps with grip. And have some sort of video. probably 720. It will still edge out the D3x a bit. But really, anyone who is going to buy a D3x for what Nikon is asking already has done so.

    So now they can continue both the D700 and D800 or whatever for similar price points, and neither will compete with the D3s.

  • John

    some of you guys taking this RUMOR too serious.

  • Nikkorian

    totally unbelievable for the near future – these specs exceed the D3X dont they? maybe in 2 years 🙂

  • rhlpetrus

    I’ll stick to what a poster at DPR has being saying (and he usually gets it right): no D700 + 24MP sensor. It’ll be a newer sensor.

    • John

      who is this DPR poster?

    • I did not miss your previous comment – this is the dpreview post you are referring to:

      I am monitoring closely 🙂

    • Gordon

      Going on Nikon’s past history, they have never introduced a new sensor whose megapixel count was not introduced on a flagship body first. I find it very hard to believe that Nikon would suddenly introduce a 18MP body (what M Lammerse hinted at in a different thread) and incur more production costs instead of re-using an existing sensor like they have done so many times in the past.

      Seeing as Nikon are using Sony sensors, there has been no announcements from Sony’s semiconductor division on any new 16 or 18MP sensors, nor any rumours of a new body sporting such a sensor. There is a a550 using a 14MP sensor but this seems hardly a substantial leap to the current D700.

      If there is a supposed 18MP in production, why did Nikon not use this in the D3X instead of the 24.5MP sensor? It seems to me Nikon wanted to leapfrog Canon’s 1DsMkIII, I would think they would use the same strategy against the 5DMkII and continue using the superior sensor.

      • rhlpetrus

        I’m inclined to think the next sensor in a D800 will be used in the D4 as well, around 18MP, so likely not a Sony sensor, but a home-brewed, just like D3/D3s/D700’s sensor. Some say made by Renesas (Thom Hogan has mentioned that, they have worked with Nikon:

        • rhlpetrus

          Here’s an interesting link about who makes the D3’s sensor:

        • Gordon

          Ah thanks for the links, I hadn’t read that before that Sony may not be the manufacturer of the D3/D700 sensor but did know Nikon designed the sensor.

          I agree though, we’ll definetly see a 18MP sensor in a D4 before anything else.

  • Nathan Shane

    I think that there could be some validity to a D800 – but I think it may be wrong to view a D800 as a successor to the D700. I look at it like this, the D3 was a costly 12.1mp FX sensor, followed by the D700 which was the semi-costly 12.1mp FX sensor, big brother little brother.

    Now we have the very-costly D3X 24.5mp FX sensor and it needs a little brother, so a D800 w/ 24.5mp FX sensor and video would make complete sense…perhaps everyone is hung up on the name D800. The point here is that Nikon needs to come out with a 24.5mp little brother for the D3X – and yes, it would probably cost upwards of about a $1000.00 more than the D3S but it would cost as much as the D3X.

    I think that the bottom line is that there are several Nikon shooters that would love to have a 24.5mp FX sensor but not have to pay out the full cost for the D3X. Granted, no matter how you look at it – a 24.5mp baby brother to the D3X would still be costly but not as costly and Nikon would make extra money from the battery grip it would require…and perhaps a brand new battery grip at that.

    • mark

      It need not be expensive. sony was able to provide that kind of resolution for $2000 and canon has 21mp for $2500

      • rhlpetrus

        Check body quality of D700 and those cameras. And maybe we are talking of a new sensor, not the 24.5MP from Sony.

    • mark

      Pricing does not reflect product cost. It is just how much the market will bear. D3x has a target market of high end professionals who make enough money to justify the purchase or the companies buy for them.

  • Alex

    I just go my D700 yesterday, the on-off-light button and some others (focus selection) are hard to turn (compare to D200).
    Is it due to the dust/rain sealing or I just got a lemon ?

    • John

      its harder to turn than the last gen nikons it feels cheaper… 🙁

      • Alex

        I’ll just put some oil (just kidding).

  • Kind of makes sense. The photojournalist camera needs 720 rather than 1080 because of upload speeds required for news/sports. But just like the D90 had 1080 first, so the first 1080p camera is not high-end. Just like Canon.

    • Jay

      ugh… the d90 doesnt have 1080p lol. Do you even know what your talking about?

      • BillyBobJohnson

        clearly not

  • Zoetmb

    If they didn’t get 1080p into the D3s, why would anyone think it would go into a lower level camera? That doesn’t make any sense to me. And 24.5MP doesn’t make much sense either because the ISO performance would be poor.

    Half the time I think these rumors are generated by “wishful thinkers” who actually have no idea of the impact of what they’re wishing for.

    • Gordon

      It could be a sensor issue, the D3(s) & D3X are totally different sensors so if the rumoured D800 is using the D3X sensor then your reason is right there.

      Of course it’s ISO performance will be poorer, it is designed for studio, landscape and architecture work where high ISO is rarely used, low ISO performance is what’s sort after. For high detail work you want as minimal noise and maximum clarity as possible.

    • BillyBobJohnson

      +1. This thread has the stink of a lot of dissappointed D700x wannabees. It ain’t happening folks. Go shoot some pictures with what you’ve got.

  • tk

    d700 high iso 12mp, high frames rate 5 pfs and 8 pfs. d800 24mp, movie, usable iso is 1600/ 3200. low frame rate 3 pfs . 5 pfs with grip full 24m.p or 5 pfs without grip 12pfs. BOTH COEXIST in da market would make more sense. d800 would be 3.2k$ while d700 is 2200$

  • John

    just like the d3x and the d3 co-existing…. not its the d3s and the d3x each with different capabilities and uses…

  • tk

    d800 . 24 m.p, movie, usable iso is 1600/ 3200. low frame rate 3 pfs . 5 pfs with grip full 24m.p or 5 pfs without grip 12 m.p only

  • Anonymous

    i just dont buy it….

  • Don

    7fps and 24.5MPx?

    The D3x/a900/a850 sensor just reach 6.5 transfer rate… how will reach 7fps?

    • Alex

      more memory and faster processing.

      • Din

        It is not problem of the memory or processor, is the sensor.

  • SimonC

    The more likely scenario (I hope):

    What if Nikon designed and developed a new 18MP FX sensor that used D3s technology? 18MP provides a nice jump in resolution without giving much up in noise. Given the 1-stop+ improvement from D3 to D3s, an 18MP FX sensor should do 200-6400, plus Hi-1 and Hi-2 and Hi-3. You get plenty of resolution with excellent high-ISO performance of the original D3.

    – It would be fab’d at the same place that makes the D3s sensor, thus increasing fab utilization and helps recover fab costs more quickly than the D3s alone.
    – 12-channel readout will allow the 7 fps.
    – Doesn’t kill sales of the D3x and allows for a future D3xs (with video) update
    – A killer line-up: D3s, D800, and D3x.

    – Those who wanted an affordable, 24MP FX sensor will “only” get 18MP 😉
    – Such a camera would be priced very close to the D3s and well above the 5D2, A850/900.


    • Gordon

      Nikon won’t trump their own flagship DSLR with a lesser model, you may see those features in a D4 but not beforehand.

    • Mark

      I like elements of your idea, I would not mind the “18MP D800” but Nikon really needs it to be under $3000, I think the $2800 price point is good.

      Along with this, the D700 should drop a bit, ideal would be $1999 to compete with Sony’s under $2000 camera.

      • Mark

        Opps, let me include regarding the D300s. It has video so that can be a divide for it from the FX D700.

  • albert

    Has this post just generated the most replies in the NR history?

    I think it shows something there. Quite a lot of people care about this hopeful camera.

  • Jer

    I love it love it love it❤ but I’m a lazy bastard & didn’t read all of the above posts. How much dinero do you guys suppose☺

  • Peter North

    I’m quite happy with my D700. I really hope this is true coz:
    1) New Lenses
    2) A temporary end to the whining on this and other boards 🙂

    • BillyBobJohnson


    • Daf

      lol at No 2 (which I’m fairly guilty of)

  • WoutK89

    hehe, Admin, I need something new to reply on 😛 All these people are starting to repeat what has already said before, *lazy bastards* dont even read through the few comments (just kidding) Doing a great job still, if camera rumors like the D3s and D800 evoke such great numbers in comments lately, I am curious what the lens rumors will so soon 😉

  • WoutK89

    has been said*
    will do soon*

  • This is an unrealistic JOKE. The limiting factor for todays cameras is the readout speed of the sensor. Canon leads by 160MP/s of their new 1Div.

    Since Nikon does not make sensors themself, they need large quantites in their orders, thus they reuse the same sensor. The D3x sensor does 5fps.

    Puting a new sensor in the D800 would mean a sensor designed for the D4. Such a sensor would need to do 10fps. Canon does 160MP/s, Nikon won’t du much more soon.

    It is much more likely that the D4 is released before, or together with a D800. In which case the sensor will probably go by 16MP@10 fps. To put less stress on the mirror in a D800, as well as distinguish it from a D4, they would probably limit it to 8FPS.

    If the rumour about skipping the D700s, that would be good, because it would indicate that we are closer to a new senor that is DESIGNED to do video.

  • Leo

    I don’t want VIDEO.I wish to see all the features listed exculding HD Video for bit lesser Price..

    • Why would the price be lower?
      There is no BoM (Bill of Material) cost for the video-feature. The only extra cost is R&D. And that cost is probably already payed for by the D90.

  • Gérard Menthor

    I buy IMMEDIATELY this D800, without any video, with 3 fps, for the Canon D5 price !!!
    I dont shoot, I make pictures

  • kevin

    You guys are living a pipe dream if you think Nikon is going to come out with a 24.5 MP camera that isn’t a D3x. For some Nikon shooters many of you seem to not realize something that Nikon seems to push, and that is image quality not megapixels. If you want megapixels on a body that’s half as good go switch to Canon.

    What is most likely, Is we’ll see a Nikon D4 and D4x next year along with a D800 that has the D4 sensor but won’t nearly have the same features. I think that would be int he neighbourhood of 15-18 megapixels. Once again though, who cares. 95% of people shooting with DSLRs really have no actual need for a 24.5 megapixel camera. I think some people honestly just want it to have to say they have it.

    I personally have a D3x and I’m waiting for the D3s to get in stock to buy one as a back up camera.

    • kevin

      Just an FYI you are all chiming in how good the 5d Mark II is because it has 21 megapixels. I know it’s so great that it also has an autofocus system that was designed in 2004.

      Having owned both Canon and Nikon and just recently having switched to Nikon. I can tell you I’d take the D700 over the 5D Mark II any day of the week.

    • Gordon

      The market has changed and I don’t think Nikon has the luxury to continue on with their slow to market strategy or release schedule they’ve followed in the past. On past history, typically we would be waiting until about 2012 or 2013 for Nikon to release another body with the same MP as it’s flagship Pro body but this resulted in Nikon losing market share.

      Canon is putting the pressure on Nikon again but it’s not only them this time as Sony are quickly find their feet also. I shoot primarily landscapes, Canon has about 80% of this market I’m sure of it, all in the form of the 1DsMkIII or the 5DMkII, Nikon is hardly to be seen despite having a D3X out now. Nikon is failing at catching this market because of the lack of high MP options for photographers. Landscapers always want more resolution to capture the detail, not less, the D3X is a costly option and the large body is hardly needed when using a tripod and L-bracket.

  • BusinessProfessional

    Enjoy your 1D crop sensor IQ & all of your noise sir… Ha I love you folks!!!

    • BusinessProfessional

      Ignore this as it was meant to be a response to nonsense.

  • YEAH

    They better come up with D700x or D800 otherwise I switch to Canon

    • zeeGerman

      If you need 20+mp so desperately, why didn’t you get a mid format camera years ago?

      • f/2.8

        But then there will be nothing to whine about. Worse, the problem is not the gear anymore when the pictures still suck.

    • BillyBobJohnson


  • Richard

    I find the comparison to the 5DmkII confusing.
    If Nikon were to make a comparable product, it would be a new line. Build and features akin to the D90 but with a full frame sensor.
    The D700 is a totally different line to the 5D IMHO and serves a different market. It just so happens that the prices are similar at the moment.
    Just as Nikon don’t make an equivalent to the 5D, Canon make no equivalent to the D700.

    If what people want is a consumer camera with a huge megapixel, full frame sensor, maybe Nikon will make one. They don’t at the moment though – they only make prosumer and Pro full frame bodies. Anyone who has picked up a 5D MkII will testify that it’s by no means even prosumer grade.
    With that in mind, why would the D800 be priced similarly to the 5D? Of course, it wont.
    I think what people really want is a 5D equivalent from Nikon and I hope one comes along soon.

    D800 seems incredibly unlikely before a D4 which I would expect in the shops next October.

    • Simon

      D4 not around till 2011.
      D700s if it comes out is late 2010
      D800 more likely 2012

      • BusinessProfessional

        I Agree 200%

      • Gordon

        I’m thinking D4 early 2011, D700s early/mid 2010, D4X mid 2012. I think we’ll see a D800 or something along those lines in 2010, 2012 will be too late as the market is shifting quickly now.

    • Gordon

      I can’t see Nikon putting the D3X sensor in a enthusiest grade camera first (ala D90), it would be completely out of character for them, especially when looking at past and recent history.

      If Nikon are going to re-use the D3X sensor, they will want to put it in a quality body because that’s what their brand is based on and I can’t see them pricing it the same level as the D700 either, they will still ask a premium for it.

      • Richard

        Me neither and I wasn’t suggesting they would. But, they could produce a D90 quality body with full frame and high pixel count. I don’t know how ‘in bed with’ Sony nikon really are. Maybe Sony wont let them to keep it’s own product line looking good value.

        My point was that the D700 isn’t comparable to the 5D in anything other than price. One is a well built, pro grade camera, the other offers consumers the chance to produce huge files. The D700x that everyone seems to want will not be comparable either as it will still be a pro grade camera and will be priced much higher than the 5D.
        People don’t really want a D700x, they want a 5D equivalent.

        On the point of the D3s having only 720p video. Surely it will be the D3Xs that gets the honour of being the first 1080p Nikon.

        I hope I’m wrong and a D700x appears at the D700 price point. But I doubt it.

        • Gordon

          I doubt a D700X would be at a D700 price either, it will probably be at least $1000 more and I still think worth it. I think people expectations of getting the D3X sensor at 5DMkII prices are unrealistic.

  • getanalogue

    D3x sales = much less than expected by Nikon
    Instead of decreasing the price dramatically – would be for Nikon as they would have lost another war – they launch D800. Very meaningful and likely.
    I’d buy one – would be fantastic.
    In the meantime I’m taking pictures using my Bentley F4/20-35, my super- smart D90/10-24, 16-85, 70-300 and Contax 645/80, 140, 45 Hartblei.

    • Gordon

      Nikon do need to reduce the price of the D3X, I think it’s premium price is counterproductive to them wanting to sell more units.

    • Bob Howland

      What’s your basis for saying that D3x sales are less than expected by Nikon?

  • Daf

    Wish they’d hurry up!

    I’m now itching to buy a new body, and my D200 is starting to fall apart (well the rubber grip is comig off anyway).

    I NEED to spend money Nikon – give me what I want! (D700x/D800 – whetever youcall it)

    • Mark

      Amen Daf!

      I got a D200 which has been great to me but I want to go FX with my next DSLR. I think Nikon needs to go D700x/D800 with more megapixel leave out the video and keep the price under $3,000.

  • Thuan Nguyen

    D700: 12M.P; Usable ISO: 6400; No MOVIE ; 1 CARD SLOT; 5PFS-8PFS( with Grips)
    D800: 24M.P. Usable ISO: 1600-3200; MOVIE; DUAL CARD slot 3PFS- 5 PFS ( 5 PFS at 12.PFS or with grip full 24m.p.)

  • Anonymous

    pls, if you have the money. JUST BUY A LEICA! would you bring all these monstrous cameras around?

    • Daf

      I have money to spend – but not THAT much money! lol

  • ???

    Um I know this isn’t the right thread but can someone explain why canon is taking down all the 1dmk4 test samples on the net??? Are they trying to hide something? Are they doing some last minute adjustments to their noise reduction? Did the D3s scare them ;). Very fishy, I don’t trust canon…

  • Simon

    Yeah right….
    Nikon roadmap again eh?

  • Anonymous

    nikon won’t do 1080p because it’s too hot for us.

  • Bob Howland

    Who will make the D800 sensor? Will it be the Sony sensor again or a higher-resolution version of the D3s’ “tweaked”sensor? If the latter, it could be spectacular.

  • Acend

    I don’t need those MP, other than that this is exactly what I’m waiting for. I’d happily pay $4000 for it, but it has to be released in the coming 3 months. It does sound to good to be true, but then hope is the last thing to leave a man 🙂

  • zeeGerman

    Little off topic, but is anyone else having problems with the RSS feed?

    • Acend

      yup, my RSS is broken as well… has been for a couple of days.

    • Daf

      Admin post on twitter feed says they hope it will be fixed by the weekend.

  • I’m happy that Nikon has turned things around and I love my D700; however, I would like Nikon to get somewhere in the middle with respect to megapixels. I do not want 24.5 MP… and I want more than 12 MP. The Canon 1D Mk IV is the perfect combination of EVERYTHING I want in camera body… if it were only full-frame. Now if Nikon would just make a FF body with all of the same specs as the Mk. IV, it would be perfect (for me).

    The D3s video (720p) is a complete joke (IMO). The 5D Mk II has had 1080p for about a year now I believe. Why would anyone pay twice as much for less on the video end?! I completely expect the D800 to be 1080p or it will be a failure in the Nikon camp’s eyes. I just can’t see buying a camera body that doesn’t do 1080p video… well, I mean, spending $5K on one. My $300 point and shoot does 720p in and out of water. I’m just saying.

    • John

      I agree I don’t have any idea why they are afraid to put a 1080p capability in their cameras. I this rate cell phones will have 1080p before Nikon.

  • hybris

    i 4one would love those 24,5 raws!!!
    and 1080p, 30fps plz

    what a monster!

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